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  1. moderating and trying to decide which project to work on next
  2. @Dhakra Usually when I go, my gym is empty except for me and a couple other people. The past week though, it's been hella crowded. Like so crowded that I rearranged my workout in order to make sure I could use the equipment as soon as it was empty. >< Not going to lie, I'm hoping as soon as March hits the new years crowd will die down a little bit. I applaud them for coming/trying but I miss my empty gym! I go by myself but there's a couple guys there that I'll hang out with and who will spot me when I bench. Also, I have 3 separate workouts, depending on the day. Each is full body but they all have different things in them. A: Warm up, Hip thrusts, seated cable pull, squat, normal grip bench, romanian deadlift, side lying abduction, plank B: Warm up, Glute bridge, lat pulldown, walking lunge, military press, back extension, seated hip abduction, sit ups, horizontal rope chop C: Warm up, Glute bridge, horizontal row, sumo squat, close grip bench, sumo deadlift, seated abduction, sit ups, horizontal rope chop. They're arranged in supersets so I'll do the first lift immediately followed by the second with 2 min rest between sets. Then third lift followed by 4th with 2 min rest between sets again. Followed by the rest in order but not in supersets. And then my weekly schedule is A, B, Cardio, A, C. I did not try the russian twist yet. I was planning on subbing it for situps on day C [tomorrow]. +2
  3. No time. My workouts are strictly structured for 2 reasons; One: I can basically work in with the others who are there at the same time as me so we're rotating through equipment and I'm not waiting for anything. Two: Because I go so late, I have an extremely strict time limit I can go by in order to get in, get out and get home to bed. I already do multiple exercises per muscle group plus compound lifts. I am barely making it out of the gym on time right now, let alone if I add in another exercise. Yeah, 3 sets of 15 seconds isn't that bad but there's still rest time between sets plus cooldown and everything else. =p +2
  4. I think you just gave me my new plank replacement! Difficult, yes but that's the point of working out! Test your body limits and force it to be in the best working order possible! +2
  5. Hi @packmule3! Long time no see! [mostly my fault. I've been very much MIA other than mod duties] +2
  6. Well, technically, California isn't the sunshine state.... That would be Florida.... Last year.... I replaced the master and slave cylinder in my car. Is that what you're talking about? That was super easy though. I made a bunch of scarves for Christmas gifts last year. They're kind of boring to make if you're not doing a pretty intarsia pattern [intarsia = weaving different colored strands of yarn into a project to make a pattern/picture] or cables or something though. +2
  7. Yes... Yes you do. SEE vvvv I have never tried it because nature and I don't really get along. I like hiking in the summer/fall and that's about it. I don't do that camping thing. I like electricity and warmth! I am... a decent mechanic I suppose. I know enough to keep my car running and I have google fu for everything else. I suppose this means it's time to reveal another talent eh? I'll post a pic of my current knitting project when I finish it. Soooo I'm Princess Merida now? Odd but I love her hair so I guess I'll take it! 178
  8. Yes to the first. There's a reason there's a bear on the state flag. =p No to the second. Are you crazy?!?! +2
  9. Yeah, I can't do cardio just for the sake of cardio. Especially not running. It's too boring, which is why I picked up weight lifting. Even without music, I'm too focused on whatever lift I'm doing to even glance at the clock really. Go to the gym at 1am and next thing I know, I'm finishing up and it's already 3am but I haven't looked at the clock once. It works for me. +2
  10. Ooooo. Those are good ideas! I might pick those hobbies up next! Nah. Bodybuilding and knitting. +2
  11. @lynne22 I'm still alive, don't worry. Been fighting off a cold or something the past few days off so I haven't been participating in threads as much but I do check my pings every day. Plus I picked up a couple new hobbies a few months ago and have been trying to progress in both of them. 162
  12. Edit: It's nice to see Seungri's voice get some credit and be featured in an english song.
  13. Ya'll are so far ahead. It's barely noon on New Year's Eve here. >< +2
  14. Thanks for the warning @kokodus! I feel like that's a common thing with the longer Chinese dramas. But as long as the ending is good, I'll eventually push through until the end. Happy New Year everyone! +2
  15. Oh @Dhakra, you crack me up. . Upper 20's but not quite 30. I'm just messing with you though. @sushilicious So you've replaced @kokodus as the baby of the add/subtract family? I'm clearly way behind the times here. This is what I get for letting real life make me so busy that I can't even keep up on one thread. >< 528
  16. @Dhakra Hey now! Iirc, you and @TRaNz are the same age..... which is still older than me! Don't you make me older than I really am! ./grumble. 528
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