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  1. Without the bracelet, I'm pretty sure Oh Gong isn't in love with Sam Jang just yet but if left alone, he would be in time. The bracelet just extends the time frame he has to fall for her [since he can't eat her after his allotted 14 days or whatever it was].

    There's just those looks that he keeps giving her whenever she mentions that she has no family, friends, or lover. A combination of sympathy, empathy, and awe that make me think she's vocalizing things that Oh Gong has felt for the duration of his life. He doesn't really have any family, friends or lover either and that has to be a really lonely existence. Not to mention he was trapped in that house that only "special" humans can see/enter for who knows how long. It's sad really and I'm kind of glad that they're both going to find what they need with each other.  

    Honestly, I think him understanding her more than he thinks/wants to is what brought him to protect her in the first place; not just because she's his 'prey' like he said. That and his conscience pricking him about forcing her to be lonely rather than being by her side like he promised. :lol: 

    As much as I like the antics going on while he's stuck with the bracelet, I kind of hope it comes off soon. I want our Monkey King to protect her/love her based on his own will, not because he's forced to by a bracelet. I've got my fingers crossed that Sam Jang takes off the bracelet rather than signing that contract with Ma Wong. 

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