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  1. 23 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

    By the way, I have been wondering if YJ isn't behind that 2 classes from Witch's Kang have been cancelled? The assistent told her about the grading and the students' complaints and I am really suspecting, he might have used his influence in order to punish Kang, when she gave HS a D for the presentation. Because of her, HS lost her scholarship that YJ sacrificed for her. Moreover, I agree that the D wasn't deserved because myself as teacher, I give for each student a separate grad for group presentation! Besides, parasits like SC and MS will always use group work in order to take advantage of the others therefore it is really important to differentiate.That kind of people are really terrible and you meet them often unfortunately!


    I like this theory and I can definitely see Jung doing something like this behind the scenes. I understand [and appreciate!] when teachers give each group member a separate grade for group presentations but I also think that Professor Kang had a point. In the major that Seol is going into, you have to be ready to deal with all types of personalities, including leeches. It's better to learn how to deal with them in school, before you jump into the work force. I can't decide whether I agree more with the separate grade per student method [as I've been in Seol's situation during group projects many times] or with Kang's method of "sink or swim together" for that particular major. 

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  2. We already know that YJ is more the type to just let things play out rather than step in and stop it. This is shown during the very first episode where YJ just leaves the computer Seol was using logged in, which allows SC to change Seol’s schedule. In my opinion, this is probably what went on with the In Ha situation and the two phones. With the way In Ha’s personality seems [she was already acting very possessive of him, getting upset when she thought he was texting another girl] if YJ had made a move to take the phone anyways, he would have just opened a whole other nasty can of worms. YJ avoids confrontation as much as Seol does, just in a different way, and at that time he didn’t like Seol. I see no reason during that point in time that he would stop In Ha from what she was doing. Even if it wasn’t explicitly stated, we all know that YJ made YG stop stalking Seol and leave school once Seol confronted him about what was going on. So I can infer that once he discovered that YG was taking things that far, he put a stop to it. I do wonder whether YJ stopping YG from stalking Seol was before or after YJ started to like her…


    I guess what I’m getting at is that Seol already forgave YJ for the incidents in the past and I want her to stick to that. I do think that YJ needs to stop being so reticent about it all though and just sit Seol down and tell her everything that happened during that time so that she’s not always blindsided by this stuff.


    Also, I do like In Ho as a character. He’s bubbly and fun and I enjoy seeing his character onscreen, I just don’t have mad love for him with Seol like I do for Jung. I think In Ho and Seol mesh better as BFF’s but I agree with MrsSoJiSub, I want to hear more from those who ship In Ho and Seol. My username is a play on the word “fickle” for a reason. Sway me!

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  3. 2 minutes ago, Ayu Rashid said:

    My hand is itching to write what Seol thought of Jung after that big fight they had...haha. There's a chapter that tell us finally what Seol thought of Jung and he's not a psycho or creepy. I hv to agree with Seol's opinion on that!:D:P 

    Would you mind pm'ing me the link to that chapter? I'm really curious about it now. Finally broke and started reading the webtoon but I just barely hit season 2. ><

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  4. I'm really happy with the way Hyeri explained the character of Deok Sun and her feelings for Taek. I think it's really awesome that she grasped the feelings of her character that well, especially with most of the vocal support being towards Jung Hwan being the hubby. Can't wait to hear PBG's side of things. Maybe when everyone reads what the actors themselves have to say about their characters, they'll calm down a bit and realize that the story is perfect the way it is; bittersweet ending and all. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

    btw, do u mean selena gomez? that is internet hoax!

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe they were referring to Selena Quintanilla-Pérez who was a Tejano singer in the 80's and early 90's. The relationship between Selena and her murderer was very similar to HS and MS in CITT. Well, similar to how many people here see their "friendship" playing out. 

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  6. 15 minutes ago, MrsSoJiSub said:

    Younggon purposely called Jung there and his plan was to provoke Jung, rile him up, and get him to confess to having sent him the text that sent him stalking Seoll (that little boy needs to sit down with that mess cause his crazy richard simmons knows he was coming for Seol the moment she showed him some kindness and left him the drink). He wanted to record Jung saying that Jung doesn't really care about Seol and is just using her etc etc (that's what the recorder pen was for) and then go play it back to Seol to hurt her, have her break up with Jung, and then proceed to run into his (Younggon's) arms. The boy is delusional as richard simmons and truly unhinged. He is in desperate need of psychological help


    Hear hear! If YG really wants to win, he needs to spend a little bit more time inside his opponent's head instead of rushing headlong into brash actions like this. If he had taken the time to think about it at all, he would realize that Jung is no hotheaded Eun Taek, to go visibly nuts as soon as Seol's name is mentioned with an implied threat. Whether or not there are hotheaded emotions going on behind the facade [and I firmly believe there are] Jung is not one to forget how the game is played, especially not in front of his opponent. 

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  7. I don’t quite understand how Seol and Jung’s relationship can be labeled as abusive as it stands right now. Sure when they first met and Jung was manipulating everyone around her to make her life miserable, that was an abusive relationship, in a way. I don’t personally count that phase of their interactions though because they weren’t actually dating. As far as I can tell, they stayed as far away from each other as possible. As their relationship stands right now, I don’t believe that it’s abusive. You have Seol going into this knowing that Jung can be manipulative. She’s seen it firsthand and has had plenty of chances to back out of the relationship at this point. As someone above pointed out, she hasn’t necessarily crossed any of her personal moral lines in order to forgive him yet. Even as she forgave him, she said that she didn’t want him to do it again, establishing a firm line there that he shouldn’t cross. So far, Jung has not crossed any lines that Seol has established for him. Considering that both of them are used to holding back all their thoughts and true emotions, they are working on learning to talk out their problems like the rational adults they are. I will admit that Jung trying to control the people around Seol [not wanting In Ho around, telling Seol’s old roommate to go back home, trying to keep the TA away from Seol] is not a good thing for the relationship but I firmly believe that when Seol finds out that he’s been doing that, she’ll read him the riot act or at least give him a reason to reflect on how wrong those actions were.


    YG has definitely learned the art of manipulation in the time that he was out of school. Whoever said he was spinning his web hit the nail on the head. Seol seems like the bait to me. The trap is set but I have no doubt the master will win. YG may have gotten good with manipulating those around him but Jung is the master. Can’t wait to see where this goes. Also, it appears I may have to eat my words about Jung not being involved in the stalking incident. I’m reserving my final judgment until I see more though.


    I’m still debating my life jacket order. I guess if the ship goes down, I’ll be swimming!

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  8. 10 minutes ago, st4rdust said:

    That is also why she cried so bitterly but didn't really cry about JH later, because she was only testing out her friends' theory instead of already having feelings FOR him. She only wanted to confim, and then decide what to do. hehehe


    I have to disagree with you there. I think DS was crying bitterly specifically because it was Bora that SW liked instead of her. DS has grown up in Bora's shadow her entire life. Everything she does is compared to what her sister did before her and DS feels like she doesn't measure up. To me, this was just another manifestation of that. SW doesn't like DS. He likes Bora. Therefore DS once again feels like she's losing to Bora. 

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  9. I haven’t read the manhwa so I may be totally off base with this but I feel like the whole thing with YJ “telling YG to stalk Seol” is misconstrued. I get the feeling that it’s just like Sang Chul described to Seol; YG was talking about how Seol is the only one on campus who likes him and they were agreeing to be polite. YG comes off as VERY deranged to me and I could easily see him taking something as simple as polite agreement to mean “Yes, she definitely likes you. Go for it”. With a lot of people saying that YJ is creepy, I really don’t see it. He gives Seol space and doesn’t push her for anything she’s not ready for as well as listening to her concerns and trying to fix issues with himself that she points out. Meanwhile, here’s YG popping out from behind her [and startling me too], sending her gifts even when she’s pretty much screaming at him to stop, and causing poor Seol to pretty much have a meltdown. To me THAT’S scary, not YJ’s cold and calculating side.

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  10. @naruto89 Adult DS said it herself in a voiceover in episode 5. “True love doesn’t allow one to be concerned over one’s pride and causes one to cast it [pride] aside”. If JH had truly loved DS, he would have gotten past his pride to prove it to her. Instead he hesitated and lost his chance.

    (Side Note: Whether or not JH actually had a chance with DS is a whole other can of worms)

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