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  1. 8 minutes ago, cooleet said:

    Lesson in life: while your husband is still strong and alive, make sure that the deed of your house is in your name and your husband. What happened to SW's mom is very scary... but it's reality... some in-laws are really bad...

    I love the dynamics of friendship in this episode... it's all about taking care of your friends in time of need. Like how all the ajummahs took care of Taek while his dad is away... how DS took care of Taek in China... how they comforted SW omma and how Taek's dad helped SW's omma anfld vice versa...

    I felt so awful during that whole scene where SW's mom is on the phone with her MIL. It was horrible of the MIL to jeopardize the house like that when there are kids living there. I'm with Mi-Ran; what a twisted old [censored]

    There's another instance of a smile when TK sees DS. Noting it here for future [personal] reference. Need to make a collage of all these smiles and hand holds still. 

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  2. 6 minutes ago, packmule3 said:

    Meanwhile, TK has his friends over at his house all the time, making free use of his things, eating ramyun,,, Of course, he only offers them ramyun, but he doesn't call them parasites.


    I think he only offers them ramyun because he doesn't have anything else in his house. If he had braised short ribs, he'd part with those for his friends too. During the Episode 1 food train, TK and his dad were the ones relying on food from the others to fill their tables. Iirc, they only had rice and one other dish before the kids brought things from their house. Would TK's dad even be able to cook the braised short ribs? We know TK can't cook ramyun. 

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  3. @packmule3 That's still high school so yeah, I did. Quite an early one at that! I just put that down as being a remnant from that era. Her dad was bragging about DS being 989th place in school so they clearly didn't expect much studying out of her.

    On that note: I really liked that DS's parents didn't really focus on her grades too much. A lot of K-dramas tend to show the parents being overly involved in their kid's grades so it was refreshing to see ones that were just happy that their kid was happy; regardless of the fact that DS was ranked so far down the list. 

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  4. @rhienz This is my very first fanfic ever so it may not be up to snuff but here you go!


    “Taek-ah, I won’t change. Will you?”

    Deok Sun had said those words to him months ago, when their families had been dealing with the shock of finding out about Bora and Sun Woo. Taek had wanted to tell everyone that she was his immediately. He’d suffered in silence for years, watching her go on dates with a multitude of guys but unable to do anything to stop it. Each time he saw her smiling at one of them, it felt like a punch to the gut. He hadn’t wanted to wait to tell everyone that they were dating but she’d managed to convince him with those pleading eyes and reassurances that her feelings wouldn’t disappear.

    Deok Sun was his.

    Sometimes it still felt like a dream, as if reality couldn’t possibly be this kind to him. “If it really is a dream, I never want to wake up” he thought. Bora and Sun Woo’s wedding was in 2 months and Taek wanted to tell their parents before that. He was tired of hiding his feelings in the neighborhood, though he suspected a couple of the parents had caught on already. In a couple nights, all the families were gathering for dinner and to help with more preparations for the wedding. It was the perfect time to let everyone know. He brought it up the next night while he and Deok Sun were on their usual neighborhood walk date.

    “Deok Sun-ah…” She turned to face him. “Let’s tell them. I don’t want to hide it anymore.”

    Silence for a moment as she stared at him, contemplating his words.

    “You’re right. It’s time to tell them.”

    Taek released the breath he’d been holding. She had agreed much faster than he’d expected but he supposed it made sense. After all, their parents had accepted Bora and Sun Woo already. He stared at her face a little longer, watching the ghost of a smile flicker on her lips, then pulled her close and gently kissed her. He pulled back, just holding her once more. The broad smile on his face betrayed his happiness at the thought of no longer having to hide how he felt about her. The only girl to cross the line into his world, the only girl he’d ever crossed the line for.


    A few nights later, the neighborhood was a ghost town except for the Choi-Sung household. With the wall divider cut away, the neighbors moved between the two houses with ease sharing laughter and conversation as they worked on decorations in the living room. During a lull, Taek and Deok Sun exchanged looks. Deok Sun took a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves but Taek appeared unaffected.  Before Deok Sun could work up the nerve to speak Taek looked at her parents and calmly stated, “Deok Sun and I are dating. We’ve been dating for months and I’m going to marry her.”

    Stunned silence took over the room briefly, then…

    “I knew it! See?! I told you something was going on between them!” shouted No-Eul.

    Bora silenced him with a glare and then exchanged glances with Sun Woo. The adults all waited with bated breath for a reaction from the parents of the two. The two fathers shared a smile; they had seen this coming for a few months now and neither was surprised at the turn of events.

    Deok Sun’s mother was the first to break the silence. “How long?”

    “Almost a year,” Deok Sun replied “since his tournament in China.” The mothers stared at them, stunned.

    Sun Woo’s mother sighed, and then nodded. “You two are always together. I suppose it was just a matter of time before it came to this.”

    Deok Sun’s mother looked at them and saw Taek glance over and slowly reach for her daughter’s hand under the table. Upon seeing that gesture, she knew there was no use protesting. Whether they became double in-laws or not, Deok Sun’s mother could see that Taek wasn’t going to give up on marrying her daughter. She nodded her head and Taek gave her a smile and a heartfelt “thank you” before he and Deok Sun stood up and walked out of the house to give the adults some time.  

    Outside, Taek and Deok Sun sat on the stairs with their fingers entwined. “It’s not over yet” Deok Sun said. “It’s going to take them a while to get used to this.” Taek simply smiled and watched her. This was the girl he’d loved in some form for as long as he could remember. As long as she loved him back, he would do anything to be with her forever. He knew there would still be obstacles ahead of them but whatever it took, he would keep her. She was his, and their hearts wouldn’t change. He wasn’t dreaming, he was awake.


    It wasn’t a dream.

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  5. 11 hours ago, packmule3 said:

    1. The timing wasn’t right. 

    At 18 years old, DS wasn’t mature enough to understand her emotional needs and inner motivations. The kind of love she would have professed at this point of time would be inadequate to survive in a long-term relationship with a genius like Taek. 

    This has to be said upfront: Loving a man like Taek is difficult and it takes a special woman to handle the day-to-day stress of being with him. DS needed a bit more self-understanding and growing to do before she could meet the pressure of loving a man attached to the competitive, cerebral world of baduk.  I’m not being sexist here; I’m being realistic. I would say the same thing had the genius been female, the husband had to play the supporting role. 

    Moreover, if the writer wanted to treat the character of DS like any other stereotypical heroine in love with a mere tsundere guy or a chaebol son, then yes, I could imagine a scene wherein DS would rush out of her house, in horror, from the breaking news. She would then push through the mob of anxious neighbors, and appear magically at Taek’s dad side to offer help. Like an Angel of Mercy.

    I could also imagine her grabbing the phone from SW's hand and frantically call up the hotel herself. After allowing his dad to speak to him, she would then rant at Taek for not getting to the phone on time. After all is said and done, she would retreat to Taek’s room to sob in misery. She would then lovingly finger each and every article of clothing of Taek, like a deranged woman, and choke on these words: “But I love you, Taek, and I never got to tell you.” After which, she would prostrate on the ground in supplication to the drama gods to return him safely into her arms. She would have bloody knuckles from gnawing on them through this ordeal. Her hair would be frizzled. She wouldn’t need geisha makeup to attain a pale face.

    See that? It would be easy for any scriptwriter to concoct a scene of desperate love "reveal." But I'd be throwing up in the nearest wastebasket because makjang plots never fail to make me bilious.... :D

    2. Episode 14 hinted at Deoksun’s trajectory. 

    For me, Episode 14 was integral to understanding DS’ personality but both Episodes 13 and 14 had to be viewed in tandem. 

    For instance, in Episode 13, when the neighbors were clucking like hens over a thief, she emerged out of TK’s house, asking if her dad had captured the thief. She didn’t drag TK out with her. She had determined that his baduk preparation was more important than this hue and cry so she let him be. Her ability to manage and cope with stressful time was again on display in Episode 14.  

    Do you remember that epileptic class president? The scene was a convenient plot device to show that DS could think on her feet, was most reliable in dire situations, and was compassionate. In both these two cases, she could be relied upon to be level-headed and prioritize, which augured well for a married life with TK.   
    Same thing when she had that conversation on the steps with DongRyung in Episode 14. To me, that conversation showed that despite her momentary self-doubt and confusion, she could be persuaded to look at setbacks with good sense. She could be level-headed then, too.  

    DR advised her to reflect on understanding the reasons WHY she liked who she liked. She already knew who she liked  -- Didn’t she say that she liked TK? And hasn’t she always favored TK? Remember the manitto gloves? -- What she needed to do, however, was to deepen that level of perception. DR believed her to be capable of such discernment because she wasn’t dumb and she wasn’t a needy, overly-emotional girl. 

    Later on, when she met up with TK and followed his request to stay awhile in his room to chat, she saw his fan letters. It was funny that she inspected the envelope decorated with hearts, and readily believed TK when he said that he didn’t reply to any of them. Didn’t you notice? She was more upset with TK watching porn with the guys than with him receiving mail from adoring fans.  

    Again, what did this scene tell me? That she'd be reasonable and level-headed. She knew that TK didn’t have time to entertain those girls, but he certainly did have time to watch those X-rated videos with DR and the gang. She wouldn't die of jealousy but she would kill for smut eradication. lol 

    In TK’s universe where he was major star, she would require this mantle of equanimity and composure. In Episode 14, she was only beginning to demonstrate these traits. To me, then, any Eureka moment arising from her mental breakdown due to the news of Taec's demise, would be contradicting the natural progression of her character in Episode 14. 

    3. I prefer the kind of love they have: the “Just because” love.

    For me, any kind of love confession, made during extremely emotionally-charged situations and/or physical stress, is highly unreliable and unstable. That's why I deplored JH's public proposal in Episode 18.  

    I infinitely prefer the quiet moments when TK and DS both confirmed that they liked each other in Episode 14. I think we commented about this in Taeksroom, didn’t we?

    When DR had asked DS why she liked TK, she grinned and replied that she liked TK…just because.  She was smiling when she said this. The thought of him made her happy inside. TK mirrored this same sentiment earlier in the episode in a chat with SW. 

    He said that DS made him smile and made him happy.

    He also said that without her, he would die. Notice how SW reacted when he heard the second part of TK’s confession? SW teased him for being too “dramatic”.

    Back in Episode 13, JH’s dad also made fun of DS’ dad for wailing that without his wife, he’d die.

    That’s why I cringe at the notion of DS “discovering” her love for TK after that faux news report. In my opinion, which is shared with SW and JH’s dad lol, death+love declaration is too melodramatic. Even TK’s dad tried to cover up his initial emotional outburst with a stoic phone conversation with TK afterwards.  

    Yes, I also understand that the title of Episode 13 is Superman Returns. The obvious references here would be the fathers in the story. 

    But it could also mean Taec because he had his game on; he was in excellent fighting form. He was the Baduk Superman; and he was baaaack in his game.  But obliquely speaking, behind every Superman there was also a Superwoman. DS who was supporting from behind, standing guard at his door, ensuring that he ate, bidding him off to the competition, wishing him luck, making sure he was warm, assuring him it’s okay to lose… was very much a superwoman behind-the-scenes.  No, I don’t think she really didn’t need a Eureka moment to PROVE that she loved TK. Actions spoke louder than words. 

    I think the kind of love that the scriptwriter aspired for TK and DS was a mutual bonding that grew steadily in time, by choices made, simple but profound. Their love wasn't meant to be rushed. It was an ORGANIC love.  For me a Eureka moment in Episode 13 was moot AND inconsistent with the narrative of DS... as I understood.  


    On the flip side of this coin, TK was still growing in ways that he needed to in order to take care of DS too. He needed to change from being someone that DS saw as a kid and felt she needed to take care of/protect all the time, to being someone that DS felt she could rely on. He goes through this trajectory throughout the series; which is why DS and TK are the only two kids that I feel show significant changes in character by the end of the series.

    It went from DS saying “wait for Noona” when they go to get tteokbokki [ep 8], to TK standing guard outside the restroom for DS [ep 12, flasher], to TK forfeiting a Baduk match for DS [ep 18].

    I also prefer the “organic love” that evolved between DS and TK. Nobody stays the same for their entire life; nobody. Growing up, having kids, major car accidents or historical events [9/11 anyone?] all change how people think and behave. If TK had just fallen for DS because of certain traits of hers, what would happen when she changed? She could possibly lose all those traits and there’s no guarantee that she would retain/build other traits that TK liked. This is completely hypothetical of course because they grew up together and saw changes in each other from childhood to adulthood, but I’ve always been of the mind that a love built on a basis of friendship is much stronger than other types of love.

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  6. Here's some more timeline dates for anyone interested [since the DC gallery link seems to be down]. Reposted from Taeksroom.

    Hotel Kiss = 10/25/1994!

    DS and her flight attendant friends were there for 2 nights. The first night was when they arrived and DS brought TK’s manager the porridge for TK. The other flight attendant was talking about wanting to go see the Baduk match tomorrow. That was the night before his match, so 10/24/1994. The date of the match is listed on the poster in the background. Hotel kiss happened after dinner the same day he won that match. =D







    If I’m not wrong about the timeline, Dreamlike kiss was April 15, 1989.

    DS was lamenting getting hurt on the weekend and not being able to miss school + school holiday in April [April 15th, Arbor Day] + thinking about the Bridal Carry [April 14th] + her foot was still injured when she went to visit TK in his room = it happened on the school holiday, April 15th. Oh, I forgot to mention, the day after the dreamlike kiss TK was waiting for DS to leave for school. Definitely could only be the school holiday.



    Also, you were right about the “Deok-Sun Annyeong!” being on Feb. 14th too. 

    Cursing lessons/Korean wedding = Feb. 9th. Fell on a Thursday that year. DR says lets go [to the cutlet restaurant] on Tuesday. The next Tuesday was Valentine’s Day.


    And for those who followed @packmule3's chocolate theory:


    More evidence that TK was/is DS’s first love. Sept 24th 1988 is the date of both the BR jacket incident and the Tom Cruise love game. Isn’t that smack dab in the middle of the time DS is supposed to be crushing on SW? It’s also the date of the chocolate incident.



    Comparison pictures of SW and TK’s jackets.


    They’re almost identical. The differences that are readily apparent: the buttons are slightly different, coloring is slightly different, and TK’s hood is lined in white while SW’s is the same dark color as the coat. [But there is also a picture of SW in another coat with a white hood]


    Combine that with DS inhaling the most carbon monoxide and adult DS being absolutely certain she gave the chocolate to TK…



    *Credit to Oh Miho for the SW white hood pic*




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  7. I’m not upset about the ending itself so much as I feel like I was scammed. I came to this drama knowing nothing about the webtoon. I didn’t even start reading it until around episode 10 and even then I purposefully stayed far behind the drama so that I could enjoy the drama itself without comparing it to the webtoon.

    From the very first time I read the drama synopsis, I was drawn in by Jung’s character. He’s so unique from every other male lead in drama-land that I couldn’t help but wonder about him, just as Seol was doing. I think this is true for most others as well because the character himself sparked many discussions in multiple forums that I frequent. A morally grey male lead like this is virtually unheard of in K-dramas. With this ending, I can’t help but feel that they cheated me out of learning more about the only character I was really interested in.

    Don’t get me wrong I like In-Ho as a character too, but there was nothing about him that drew me in or struck me as atypical. I’m okay with the way his character arc went but I feel like they spent way to much time on him practicing piano while not giving any clues whatsoever into the most mysterious character; Jung. Half of the piano scenes could have been cut and the character arc still would have been good. That would have left plenty of time for more background on the character that needed it.

    Plus Jung was virtually ignored in the finale. I’m fine with him having to break up with Seol and learn to love himself before trying to be in a relationship again. I’m even fine with him having to go to another country to do it. What I’m not ok with is not being able to see anything about how he goes about improving himself. Does he do it alone? Does he see a specialist? Is he any better with his emotions now or is he the same Jung we knew before? I have so many questions like this floating around in my head that are left unanswered. They didn’t even give hints about what was going on with him during those 3 years. That’s what irritates me the most about this ending. I was expecting an open ending so I’m fine with that part, it’s all the unanswered questions vs piano time that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

    I’ll admit that I don’t follow the controversies on set, the interviews or anything like that so I have no idea what was going on behind the scenes, nor do I really care. What I care about is that I get a good story and I feel like that got pushed aside in favor of Baek In-Ho piano fanservice.

    Even if you put the story aside and just look at the technical aspects of the show, the last two episodes were not executed well. The editing went from smooth transitioning to choppy, so much so that I had to rewind my stream to make sure that I didn’t miss something. It felt like the previous scene still had something more to show but the video had cut it off for some reason. It was so unlike the previous episodes and very jarring.

    To think that the show that had me re-watching every episode multiple times and the one that I had to work to convince myself to watch the last two episodes are one and the same. Ah, what could have been.

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  8. 1 hour ago, lclarakl said:


    It's one of my favorite scenes as well.  From what I could tell in re-watching episode 1 through a new set of eyes and not letting just seeing it from Seol's point of view who thought he was cold from the moment she laid eyes on him, despite the fact he was smiling. For me, going back to episode 1 helped me realize that Jung liked her from the beginning. Just the way he tried to shake YJ off his arm when he bought Seol that drink. It was like he was telling YJ, here is the person I like and to Seol, I don't like YJ--we are not together  (any who that's the romantic in me...LOL!).

    I loved the scene that was highlighted by @mgicc, because it meant that Jung changed his schedule so that he could be in the class with Seol. Although she thought that he had dropped her from the class until she found evidence otherwise, but in reality he just wanted to know her schedule so he could change his to match hers when possible. 


    This was my thought too. Even when we learned that someone dropped her from the easy class, I instinctively knew that it wasn't YJ who did it. He was giving off too many "I like this girl" vibes as you said in your post. Them having the second class together could just be coincidental but dropping out of the easy class into Witch Kang's class? That just cemented it for me. He only wanted to know her class schedule so he could see her more! Seol says it herself; he always appears at mealtimes. If he didn't memorize her schedule while it was up on the computer screen, how would he know when her mealtimes are? :phew:  It's highly unlikely that every class breaks for meals at the same time. Poor boy just wanted to get to know her better!

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    1 hour ago, lclarakl said:


    @MrsSoJiSub  and @NRGchick, this is the problem I have with Seol and her interactions with In Ho, she had just met him when Jung had asked her not to hang out with In Ho. I always felt that Seol rebelled against Jung in this regard because she really didn't trust Jung and thought the problem was him. Also, Seol is not stupid. She knows that she doesn't like the idea that Jung may have dated In Ha and likes it even less that he may be still associating with her.  If she saw her mother or father hanging around another man or woman and interacting with them the same way she has been with In Ho, she would be suspicious of their relationship because she knows the behavior is not appropriate for people in a relationship.  

    In Ho isn't like Seol's other male friend who she has known for years, he is some new man in her life that she just met.  In Ho in his own way has been combative with her boyfriend (Jung) where she's concerned--trying to protect her from Jung when he was taking her home; to make sure Jung didn't try anything with his OWN girlfriend.  He forced himself into her life. She questioned why Jung wanted to eat with her and tried to avoid him,  and yet when In Ho would tell her to buy her something to eat after causing her to fall and break her laptop, she just does it--never questioning why is he constantly hounding her.

    I also think the reason YJ is hesitant to show his jealousy is because of the fact that Seol is always, always believing the worst  of him. He's probably afraid that if he shows his jealousy, Seol will again see him in a negative light. I'm happy that in the upcoming episode he's going to just let her see how her actions are being viewed by him.  I truly think in this relationship, she's failed him many times, he's done some things to but I begin to see hers over and over in several episodes.  I like Seol, but she's allowed herself to be influence by the people around her and their view of Jung.

    That's why I'm happy that in the recent episode she's finally beginning to try and understand him.  No boyfriend or girlfriend want their significant other constantly hanging around with another man or woman where romantic feelings can development.  It's nice that Seol is trying to help In Ho redirect his life, but she has a boyfriend who needs her influence and she also needs to focus on her own life

    Sorry to keep rambling....


    I completely agree with the rest of your points however, iirc Bora introduced Eun Taek to Seol the same night that Jung was introduced to her. So Seol has only known him for a little over a year as well. The difference here though is that Jung is fully aware of Eun Taek's love for Bora [Jung was there in the hospital and at the basketball game]

    This is the one thing about Seol that I can't really wrap my head around. She has experience with random weirdos latching onto her, first with YG last year, now Min Soo and YG both. So why exactly is she not more cautious around the random people she meets? Especially if someone she knows [or knows better anyways] is telling her to stay away from him? Granted, we know In Ho isn't a bad person but how did she know that when she first met him? If someone who had caused my laptop to be broken and stolen my phone number [because lets get real here, she didn't voluntarily give him her phone number] was now coming up and trying to force me into buying food for them, I wouldn't be putting up with it like she does. I dislike confrontation as well but the first thing going through my head would be "and who are you that I'm responsible for feeding you?!"

    I'm really glad Jung is going to show his jealousy in the upcoming episodes though. Maybe it will knock some sense into our girl about just how her overt friendliness with In Ho comes across to everyone else. It's fine to hang out with him as friends but some boundaries need to be set and she needs to get her priorities straight. Seol and Jung barely have any time to spend together right now anyways, with his internship, work and school, how can she easily spend so much of that free time with In Ho? Even getting to see her thought process, I don't understand what's going through her mind sometimes. 


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  10. 13 hours ago, coffeeboy said:

    On the other hand, who's with me when i say that Inha will probably end up with Jaewoo (the nerd who is often bullied by Sangchul). I was pleasantly surprised when she came to Jaewoo's rescue.


    I was pleasantly surprised with this as well. This is the first episode that I've actually liked the In Ha scenes. A couple from the last episode made me laugh but today it was like I was seeing a whole new side of her. I also feel like she wasn't seeing Jae Woo as anything but a guy with money to use, until she saw the art book. It seems like he could be the one to open her up again after In Ho crushed her dreams and sort of made her the way she is now. In Ha clearly already has a soft spot for her "peanut" and the fact that she took the initiative to defend Jae Woo when she really didn't have to makes me think that there's still good in her. He could be the one to help bring out that "good" in her, kind of like what Seol does for Jung.


    Also, I think it was @MrsSoJiSub who said they wanted to see some OT4 action. Well, I'm right there with you. Bring on the OT4!

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  11. I’ve noticed in the adult scenes that TK and DS do not wear wedding rings. The wedding ring typically symbolizes a lifetime commitment in a standard relationship but TK and DS do not have a “standard” k-drama relationship so they don’t have the standard props either. [flowers and candy vs mittens and a trophy vase] Instead they have items that are unique to them and therefore more meaningful. Could this be the writer purposely doing the opposite of what the audience expects to show that just because a relationship goes a certain way, doesn’t mean it’s the “right” way or “right” relationship? Sort of poking fun at the audience for being so caught up in the JH/DS loveline just because it's standard k-drama tropes? The lack of a ring can’t be explained away by Baduk because a wedding band is typically worn on the left hand while TK plays Baduk with his right.

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  12. 16 minutes ago, packmule3 said:

    Did he call her SooYeon or Dukseonah?  If I remember correctly, DS turned back to give JB a letter. Then, DS' father shouted at her to follow quickly.


    If I heard correctly he didn't say her name. He just says "Hurry up wench" [I could be wrong on the meaning of the "wench" part. It's not actually translated in my subs for that episode but it's definitely not Deok Sun or Soo Yeon]

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  13. 16 minutes ago, hushhh said:

    I have three and a half pages single pages written on the subject. I just have six more to go and then i'll post it.  I can hardly wait to hear what you think.


    Haha! Glad to know I'm not the only one! I had 2.5 pages written out to post when the ban was lifted and then my computer decided to go and  give me the blue screen of death. So my notes got chopped down to the three paragraphs that I could remember writing most recently. 

    Eagerly looking forward to see what other people noticed that I may have missed or overlooked as "not important" 

    Was it just my eyes playing tricks on me or did the dots on DS and TK's shirts multiply as the series went on? It was almost like the dots on the shirt represented the growing amount of feelings between the two. 

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