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  1. @triplem I'm around, just very quiet. About to flip my schedule at work to days so I'm prepping for that and also getting ready to go back to school to finish my degree. 


    Haven't really had time to watch dramas so I just lurk a lot. :lol: 


    @ktcjdrama I've watched When a Snail Falls in Love. It's cute! I'm a big fan of the book so there was no way I was missing the show. :lol:


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  2. @Dhakra Yes and no. My lifts increased a bit but I'm not hitting the goals I wanted to hit because of my diet. Working on getting it in check. I still go though, aside from a 3 week break I just took due to being sick and going on vacation. Tonight will be my first day back. Fingers crossed I didn't ruin all my progress.



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  3. I like to read mostly scifi and romance, but not bodice rippers. Those are boring to me. :lol: 


    I am currently working my way through Jane Austen's works. I've finished up Sense & Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. About to start on Mansfield Park. 


    I also have a weakness for those "choose your own adventure" stories. They're usually really short but I like that I can read the same book over and over and have a different story every time. 

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