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  1. @Dhakra Yes and no. My lifts increased a bit but I'm not hitting the goals I wanted to hit because of my diet. Working on getting it in check. I still go though, aside from a 3 week break I just took due to being sick and going on vacation. Tonight will be my first day back. Fingers crossed I didn't ruin all my progress.



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  2. I like to read mostly scifi and romance, but not bodice rippers. Those are boring to me. :lol: 


    I am currently working my way through Jane Austen's works. I've finished up Sense & Sensibility and Pride and Prejudice. About to start on Mansfield Park. 


    I also have a weakness for those "choose your own adventure" stories. They're usually really short but I like that I can read the same book over and over and have a different story every time. 

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