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  1. Hey lovely lady. Was just on the +/- thread and it got me thinking about you. Miss your wit and zingy convos with @abnoch. Just missing you really. <3


    1. abnoch


      you posted right at 5 months since, thank you

  3. Thinking of you, lovely lady. Can't believe it's been two weeks already. :( Wish you were still here spazzing with us and teasing abnoch. Miss you. 

  4. 8854bfaa37925b0ba80373d8f5de0058.gif

    You have to wake up soon. We all miss you! :wub:

  5. How's everything going? I haven't seen you in a long time!

    I had to stop hosting the rewatches because my work schedule changed to interfere with them. Didn't make it to the end before everyone lost interest too. =/

    Hope everything is okay over there!

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