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  1. 10 minutes ago, KimSunny said:

    I missed posting here :wub: been busy the past few days, but every morning and night I'm reading here and always thinking of uri beloved YIN-LDW.


    Thank you for all your posts, my daily dose of vitamins :)


    YIN ranked 1 in Female Advertisement Model Brand on March, which I think why YG posted her bts in TYH to treat the fans. I'm so proud of her. She defeated the idols who are more internationally known. Anyway, I read somewhere that LDW ranked 2 in Male Advertisement Model Brand of the same month.


    So just a piece of my hypothesis and delulu (forgive me chingus, I'm going to hide it)


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    It is better if there is no dating rumor yet, or the two of them are so good in hiding, at least we can see them again in commercials, magazine photoshoots, and feed our shipping minds :D then just reveal the news after all these things. Lol.


    By the way, it's almost been one week since last episode and wrap-up party but...


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    There is still no clear picture and well-lit video of wrap-up party. I mean, WWWSK of same PD-nim had Park-Park couple sat side by side with clear video during their wrap-up. But the two denied immediately they were dating. If anyone watched Because This is My First Life, how was their wrap-up party?


    There were more shows who got lower ratings than TYH (it was a good rating actually considering they are in paid channel), but they posted a clear video of cake-cutting, wine drinking and interaction of the casts. I knew a drama who had a very awkward lead couple in wrap-up party but they still posted it :)


    Okaaaaay. I always watched on-going dramas but this is really my first time that I witnessed a very secretive wrap-up. Lol. Sorry, if I cling onto this so hard. Hahahahaha


    Hoping for future projects of these two, and they are quiet for the last week after TYH. 


    I watch tyh bcoz of yin n ldw.. but i like this pdnim too since i watch because its my first drama.. i really like that drama, really a good story and lots of chemistry between d leads.. wrap up party pic n vid everywhere.. d leads sat near to each other and even had a selca together..hahaha.. and finally d news broke that d female lead already had a bf.. hahaha.. thats why they didnt awkward at all at wrap up party..even they go to vacation together with all cast for a price bcoz a good rating..


    Seems like tyh wrap up party really different.. not even a cutting cake pic.. hmm..

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  2. 52 minutes ago, Kkkkkkkt said:

    Perhaps the reason why Inna is being cautious because LDW maybe has an image of really being  close to his Co.actress, that she might misinterpret his actions :)


    i remember when Nana and the other cast of roommate visited dongwook and met with DAhae, when dahae left, Nana even oppa-hugged LDW

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    To think dahae, his rumored girlfriend was there ( and i think its true, you can see his genuine happiness especially during their wrap up party. He was happy) ahhahahah

    he is that affectionate and caring to others hahahaha



    Me too . Cant help but wonder if Inna is single ahhaah you can say that she’s holding back or hmmm. But still holding on to what i have said in the past as my basis that she’s still single, when she took photo of lee dong wook when he was writing his note for jinshim (but then she took alot of selcas with dongwook when doing goblin) idk now hahahahah


    It would be weird to keep a guy’s photo, who happens to be your love interest in the drama, whom you have kissing scenes with, writing some notes with a Heart sign on it on your phone when you are seriously dating someone. Yes or yes? Hihi


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     I am also reminded when they were doing their goblin commentary. wherein inna said that, the bridge where they met was memorable to her,  i forgot what dongwook’s reply to her was, but she told dongwook ‘let US go back to that bridge?’ To which dongwook replied ‘ah lets just keep it in our memories’ (NV) hahahhahaha *scratches head*



    Is it true that he was in relationship with dahae b4? I didnt knew it and i think no news about them.. i thought she was dating seven right? 

    That answer from ldw when he refused to come back to that bridge, make me think that he didnt want to immersed in a drama role/story and really want to back to reality once drama ended.. he was honest n straightforward when he answer like that.. but why i feel sad..huhu.. in other hand, why he still teasing her with sunny character.. hmm..really unpredictable man..


    But.. destiny is really happen.. both did a teaser scene at a bridge right? Maybe not goblin bridge but that teaser really remind us of goblin scene.. plus both outfit was a bit same with goblin..

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  3. Yin is a very introvert person.. i think i can understand her bcoz i am an introvert person too..hehe

    Its not like she cant trust men at all..but its more like a lot cautious around men.. she can be friendly n casual to all male friends if there's no signal to be more than friends.. but she will more cautious if a man did an action that can lead to somekind of love interest.. she will be totally annoyed if she didnt like d man, but will totally shy if she like d man..

    Thats what i saw in tyh bts.. obviously that maybe she like ldw bcoz many times we caught her act shy towards him.. mostly laugh a lot in front of him eventough sometimes maybe he did such a lame joke.. lols..

    But bcoz her personality, she is always cautious.. thats her habit as an introvert person so i think it cant be gone.. :D it maybe will getting worse if many people pay attention to her.. so its just okay if sometimes she act awkwardly.. its d real yin :D

    P.s: look how she was really aware or surprised if she saw yg bts camera is on..

    And with this personality, i can tell that she wont confess first to d man she like.. she will just act as a loving n caring person towards him.. but dont u remember her intrvw when she said she would like people to congratulate her at a wedding in 3 years? She said also that she had to "work hard".. what did she mean by that? I think she refer to her personality that she will try to open up her heart or break down her wall which is d hardest things to do for her..


    About ldw, its hard to read him.. i think he is an extrovert type.. but he can manage a celeb life n a personal life, which is good.. i think he prefer to keep his personal life apart from media.. thats why he tends to bother / annoyed if he caught bts camera in some bts scene.. and was it coincidence that he was annoyed when d scene of him n yin? Its different when he was alone, bcoz bts was just fine eventhough he was tired, he still waving or talking to d camera..

    About all flirty teasing from ldw, i can tell that he really likes her more than a friend or co actor, bcoz his flirty doze is just too much.. hahahaha.. yes i agree for most of u in this thread that maybe he was testing d water.. i hope he already got d best testing result then and we will hear d good news soon..

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  4. 9 hours ago, MsMagic said:


    I think it's because they both get self-conscious and cameraman-nim wanted his videos to be as genuine as possible (again, thank you cameraman-nim! I can tell you are also a shipper :D)


    For example, LDW seemed like he got annoyed for bit here: 







    This is really something.. why ldw looked upset / annoyed when he saw yg bts camera was on? He can just smile or wave to camera right? But i think yin knew that he was upset and she just smile to d camera.. what a kind woman she is..

    previously Ldw also looked upset when bts camera was on while both were sitting on d swing boat right? And i think he also upset about something when both shoot tyh teaser in front of christmas tree.. yin always looked like a caring gf who calm down him.. :D


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  5. Omoo... ige boeyoo?? Hahaha

    For a moment i was surprise when i saw this bts.. lately i knew its from yg, made me more amazed.. wae? If this is a "gift" for yin's fans, then they should post pic or video of herself.. but why so much couple scene they post? I'm not complaining tho..but its really "something" if they did this.. yg is so strict about dating rumor.. maybe they more strict for idols but i think for actors too, bcoz dating rumor is known as "scandal" in entertainment industry.. i cant understand why they mention that way (scandal) but i think it will impact more or less to actors career.. just like d story of tyh.. so i'm still amazed we've got this bts from yg.. and for kingkong bts, i think its more cute than suspicious behaviour of yin n ldw, and clearly they post most of ldw "alone" bts scene.. so i can say its just a "safe" post, just to promote ldw..


    For this bts, b4 sofa kiss, ldw n yin laugh and yin yelled "yaa..." to ldw. That would answer how close they are.. dont forget ldw also yelled "yaa..." to yin in drama chat when she teased ldw by thank staf for shooting inside to keep her warm.:D

    After both laugh, yin looked right at d camera, and ldw did d same.. i think both knew that bts camera is on there..


    But d epic bts is bouncing bed.. hahahaha.. this is real bts when both not aware bts camera is on.. lols..

    I have to agree that ldw is super flirty with yin and its happen already way back 2 years ago when goblin era.. but d level of flirty of him is more n more in tyh.. bouncing bed? What was he thinking about? And why he did that tease for about 10 seconds? Hmm.. its surprising to see yin didnt yelled at him.. she was just smiling n give a shy look at him? What was she thinking?

    If ldw is just my friend/buddy, then i will yelled at him very loud if he did such thing..haha

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  6. Still wonder why yin said "save me..save me.." with a cute tone? Maybe ldw was joking before with her, that she should prepare tonight bcoz he will did "something" more? They should be giggling when read d script.. and thats cute save me line could be their adlib.. lol..


    Everytime i saw them laughing n play around just like no other people there.. pdnim was at their side, but feels like invisible for them..haha..


    And i notice when they play to put their hand to each other shoulder, ldw's eyes still looking at her lips..omo.. i dont know but i feel their gesture (with a bit of awkward) shows a lot of attraction more than a friend..

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  7. I think yin is a very private n considerate person.. look how she was being ninja when she came to wrap up party? She didnt like attention.. maybe she felt that tyh team is her family so she want to celebrate privately.. i think thats d real yin.. maybe this character that she didnt want ldw to reveal to public.. i remember 2 momments of her rejection to talk about that topic.. first when goblin prescon when ldw is about to talk about her and she shout nooo...dont... and second when tyh dramachat with mc seulgi when she asked wether yin is d same with ojs character in real life? Yin didnt answer but asked ldw, and d answer we all know that he gave d safe answer like d same is cute n bla bla..but she is smarter (n both laugh)..


    In secretary video case, if bcoz of her real character like that, she always avoid anything that could lead to suspicion.. thats when d last group photo shoot with all d cast.. i remember yin stand at ldw's left.. but when secretary video is on, she avoid it and go to his back n slowly to his right side.. its really weird.. she was really cautious.. wonder why..

    Some reason i think:

    1. She was standing "too close" with ldw or maybe both did "something" on d while and she was a little suprised that camera is on.. :D note: after that she welcoming selca with that secretary n some cast right?

    2. She didnt want to create rumors with him, considering of ldw career or maybe herself (we all knew that YG ent already hit by a very big problem now)..


    She is more relaxed when kingkong ent filmed themself like in this video


    Yes, both took selca with inna's phone.. that white casing is d same in this pic.. she was holding it..


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    I just saw this video (swipe to d video after this pic).. when that girl (always secretary) taken a video of d cast, yin look like avoid d camera and hide behind ldw.. do u think its another strange action from her? 


    And this sofa scene bts is so short.. where is their hot kiss scene bts? Hahaha.. i wonder how many takes that day.. hihihihi.. both look so excited n happy when filmed this scene.. lols..

    About ldw still so playfull but yin look a bit shy.. whe  ldw play with her neck, she cant play around with him, but said "help me..help me.." wae? She keeps her head down, maybe she was shy?

    Btw, did u see d different of bts when d lights on and when its off? Ldw looked cautius when d lights was on.. but when its off, she start to play with her neck.. lols..

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  9. So deep.. every woman at mariageable age will have d same thought.. what love is? Hmm.. thats sound a bit similar to tyh ost, what if love? That song lyrics also mention what IS love? Is it coincidence but why i think tyh drama was made for them (yin n ldw)?? :D


    Btw, do u all already saw eps 14 bts?  There's not a single bts scene of ldw n yin.. why? I have a feeling maybe ldw asked pdnim to cut their bts scene.. he maybe concerned about d little issue if haters at his insta that gave negative comment about yin.. maybe he felt sorry for her since its bcoz he/his manager or agency who posted his crying bts scene with yin comforting him.. if my assumption is true then i'm very sad it happened.. why i felt tyh more n more describe their own real life? Like in drama when oys received bad comments n haters too.. 

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  10. 1 hour ago, o10orio said:

    Speaking of catalytic push, Wookie can learn from what SongJoongKi did to convince SongHyeKyo to be in a relationship.  SJK stated his intentions early on that he doesn’t want to date, he wants to get married.  That’s the kind of declaration that you give to a beautiful woman in her mid-30s who is sought after and is the ideal type of a lot of the male population.  Most women who are beautiful and who are that age won’t be interested in dating by itself.  Who would want to spend time with a guy who’s not serious enough to be thinking about marriage at that point?  


    My shipper radar perked up too as to the timing of InNa’s comment that she wants to be congratulated on her marriage in 3 years.  Didn’t she say this for an interview at the start of the drama, Touch Your Heart?


    I think that’s her sending a message to Wookie and all the other males brave enough to try and approach her that she’s not interested in dating but in getting married within 3 years.  No matter how good/great their off screen close friendship is, it won’t progress much unless the guy’s intention is less than marriage.  After all, she knows he’s not getting any younger either.  If indeed that comment was meant for Wookie.


    I hope Wookie is taking the hint if he hasn’t done so.


    Do u watch songsong after prescon intrvw of dots? When mc asked shk what she would like to choose? "sorry" or "confession"? (This is referred to sjk lines in dots).. and she said ABSOLUTELY "confession", bcoz she cant wait any longer (considering her age).. that time sjk looked smile after heard that.. and we could see what happen after right? Bcoz dots was pre prod drama, so when this intrvw, both were already dating..


    So... what about our pichi couple? 

    1. Yin loves that pichi couple name soo much, and didnt want to change it with simple couple name..lols.. i never saw an actor/actress did such thing (adore her/his own couple name)..

    2. Yin suggest a new name for them.. "heart couple"? I also never saw actor/actress who exciting to create a couple name..

    3. Yin didnt took a drama for a long time after goblin.. 2 years? I wonder what took her so long to choose 1 drama? I believe she receive a lots of offering after goblin.. BUT if our theory was right about ldw n yin relationship after goblin, then maybe she would think twice or discuss with him before decide?

    4. Ldw next project after goblin was LIFE, where not even a romantic scenes there.. wae?? Just suspicious..hehe.

    5. Yin agreed to join tyh first n then followed by ldw.. not even a single male actor name be mentioned in pdnim offering except ldw? and ldw just agree to join right away bcoz of yin? Is this make sense? Wae? Wae? :D

    6. Yin who we knew as introvert person, act differently towards ldw, she even can called him "pabo", asked him not to always play around, shy shy in bts, touch his lap so natural, smile so sweet n shy when ldw took care of her and many more.. wae?

    7. Ldw who we knew an extrovert n cheerfull person, can be playfull but also give sweet action n took care of yin, knew when to be silent if saw a "stare" (absolutely a bf action towards his girl..haha), always very obidient (did anything what yin asked), and d most shocking for me is he can cry A LOT just when imagine he will break up with her (only in drama..haha).. or should i say bcoz he cant stand when saw yin cry?

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    Is this video had been share b4? 

    I just watched it, and i'm soooo like it.. so cuteee.. i cant stop smilling from beginning till end.. 

    Notice again how close they are? When he open up water for her and she didnt said nothing.. not even nod to him? :D

    also when ldw put that doll behind her, both gave suspicious smile..hehe. 

    When both took second selca, yin put her hand on his lap.. omo.. :D


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  12. 14 hours ago, intrariver said:

    OK that kissing scene....




    LDW giving YIN legatimately a real HEART:heart:ATTACK!:


    Look at her face, mouth and body....she is BREATHING HEAVILY OMOOO ! :love::sweatingbullets: (I can evel FEEL her breathing heavily when watching this scene):


    Maybe u should see her hand's gesture.. i think she felt a bit nervous when they did back n forth kiss scene since it was another take right? Pdnim cut from first take n followed by this.. so i'm pretty sure they kissed A LOT that night hahaha.....


    P.s: eventhough yin used high heels, i think she was hard to reach ldw height.. look at her neck when both kiss.. lols..

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  13. 22 hours ago, Alice Mendoza said:

    Actually, Dispatch, PLEASE LEAVE THEM ALONE in REAL LIFE! :lol: BUT they are SMART NINJAS, so, just date and ANNOUNCE THE WEDDING ASAP!! :wub:


    Since goblin, ldw already flirty n naughty.. yin looked a bit shy, but after that she can look straight to his eyes, n vice versa ldw who getting shy.. lols..

    But yes i can say that i really like this "i love u" kiss from eps 14.. i can feel that kiss so warm n sweet.. and its so nice to look yin kiss him back and their body closer to each other..

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  14. 26 minutes ago, o10orio said:


    I just want to share the deep kiss in our forum:P.


    Saw a tweet about people complaining to TVN and director in  Naver that there’s no closeup of the kiss.


    It reminds me of SongSongCouple’s kiss from Mars aerial view in Descendants of the Sun.  The one on top of the bell tower.  It’s a little bit suspicious that there is no closeup of this  important kiss scene in Touch Your Heart too.  I wonder why???


    For delulu reason is bcoz both of them were TOO SHY shy to be seen closed up.. both also affraid if they caught up did "something" during d kiss scene that will make all of us crazy..haha..


    I love u (fourth) kiss scene is really sweet.. i think pdnim asked them to kiss more than 1 times bcoz there were several different angles of them kissing.. d more passionate kiss scene maybe when camera zoomed out.. its when their head going left n right.. hahahaha.. i think yin kiss ldw back nicely n smoothly tonight.. :D

    and d most precious thing was b4 that i love u confession, when yin asked ldw to start over again but he keep silent, i can see that yin'eyes being teared up "again".. wonder why? Her acting is so real.. just a simple scene but i felt so deep.. maybe she teared up again bcoz ldw also teared up just like eps 13 bts?

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  15. Waaa.. new bts is GOLD.. what happened to our oppa? Thats absolutely ldw not kjr.. hahaha..

    I think tyh is a very simple n sweet romcom.. not so much complicated story that force an actor to use their acting ability so hard.. but see this 2 beautifull person, yin n ldw, all i can say is both r so immersed in their character.. d feeling is so deep indeed so u can cried like that.. wae? wae? Why its going to be that level of deep feelings between this too? I'm very touched by this bts.. its more deep than d real scene.. i remember some people said both r lack of skinship in real scene, but in bts its so different.. hmm.. now i understand why ldw can cry like hell at eps 13 ending..huhu..


    I think i watch or read somewhere that ldw said whats inspired him for making crying scene so well, his answered that he remember about his dog who already died.. but i think in tyh he didnt used that trick right? Why he easily cry n cry everytime he said oys name? Or maybe he cry when he saw yin face? He can stand if he see her crying.. omooo... otoke... r they a real couple n he thought about breaking up with her in this scene so he cried that much?

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