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  1. I wonder if there's a reason why CWK is wearing a red coat all of a sudden. From what I recall, she has mostly gone for pretty neutral coats up till now?
  2. Have there been any news of a season 2 for this drama? Seeing how SY's stepbrother was introduced in this latest ep, I feel like her story is being set up for another season? CWK's story will probably be settled in the last ep in my opinion.
  3. Hey guys, In the beginning of the latest ep, JH talks about he heard EH's confession clearly. Which part is he referring to?
  4. I feel for EH a lot. He was abandoned in such a pretty place (according to him) and then growing up with the director and the ori director. He was abused in many ways - physically, mentally, sexually.. No wonder he has such hatred against them and eventually became RC to serve as a guardian to abused children. He has experienced a lot of pain throughout his life and as such, believed that the only way the children could be truly free were if their abusive parents were killed even if the child e.g. Bitna loved her mother and did not want her death. EH wished to kill CWK in order to "protect" her from remembering her painful memories. He honestly believed that it was better to be dead than to recall such painful memories. This actually made me wonder about parent-child relationships. Sometimes, parents forbid their kids from certain experiences to "protect" them but that robs them from that specific experience. Of course, there are many dangerous situations that could possibly happen and this is a very grey zone but I truly wonder if it is better to "protect" the kids or to let them learn on their own. Towards the end, we see JH act differently towards EH. He definitely seemed less harsh towards EH. I actually hope that EH survives. I want him to experience love without pain from someone else though chances are slim since it is likely he will be in jail. I just feel a lot for him. He was a happy kid once too who did not know such pain.. EH mentioned that people who didn't suffer in life do not waver, hesitate or even have concerns. I wonder how he would feel once he realises that JH was abused as a child too. I figure that it would be an interesting conversation between the two of them if EH survives. I have followed N's acting career after seeing him in Cheer Up!. Even though he seemed pretty bland there, he still had something in him that made me think then that he would grow into a good actor. I was and am still truly blown away by his improvement in his acting chops as shown from the latest episode. His cold expression in the ori director's room with the desk he hated so much. The way his voice turned stony and almost like he couldn't control his anger when he said thanks to the ori director, he got to know so many poems. The hatred in his actions as he tore all the pages from the poetry books he hated so much. His forlorn expression during the ending scenes. Though there are still 3 episodes left, I am already excited for N's next acting job and I hope he gets more opportunities to widen his acting scope. I am sad that the ratings for this drama are not as good. If only it was, so that all of the actors in this drama could get the recognition they deserved. Yup, I would say so! It was implied in the scene where a young EH was reciting poems and the ori director turned around and placed both hands on his shoulders. That is how I interpreted it anw.
  5. Me too!! I didnt catch some of the things they said. There was something about the GDG at the end too. EH implied something about it! I should really go for korean classes for the sake of understanding live streams ahah.
  6. YO WHAT THE richard simmons, EH IS RED CRY!!!! Everything about RC was revealed today. He took CWK hostage and on the drive to their final destination, he explained everything to her. There was a confrontation between the police and EH while CWK was still with him. The ending did not show whether he died or not..
  7. Based on the latest ep, EH definitely plays a much larger role in the RC community than I originally thought. I do feel a lot for him though. If that abuse is all he has ever known growing up, it must be difficult for him to get out the director's and his father's clutches. Someone also pointed out the words of the director's father whereby he wanted EH to comfort him in a long while. I, too, took that to mean sexually. At this point, I still believe that RC is the psychiatrist/therapist. I do wonder how he came to know about EH.
  8. Woah, so unexpected! Looks like he was abused by even the director's father
  9. Just finished watching the sub version of the latest ep. At this point with the evidence, I would say RC is either EH or CWK's therapist. I am leaning more towards the therapist, mostly because RC was said to be psychologically analysing people in blackchat and this is definitely what we have seen of him so far in his sessions with CWK. EH might be reporting to RC possibly or maybe CWK talks about her patients in her sessions though I am sure that is not ethical.. We also received confirmation that CSK is not on good terms with her mother. I hope she starts on the journey of waking up so we can find out more!
  10. This is just the gist of it: SY definitely has had some abuse in her childhood. CWK logged onto Razorhead and managed to get into contact with RC. She was at home while JH, SY and comp guy were at the police station (they also logged in after obtaining all relevant information from CWK). JH and CWK had come up with a fake story previously involving Siwan (the young boy with the rich parents) to lure our RC. From what I gathered, some parts were made up but the general overview was that he was being abused. CSK reacted pretty badly when her mom came to visit her. She was tearing up and moaning/groaning. As a result, the staff was called and she was moved elsewhere. CWK then came to visit her but CSK grasped her fingers tightly and went into some kind of failure - her heart rate started dropping a lot. Again, staff were called. CWK started crying.. At the same time, JH, SY and a few other detectives/policemen were in a Christmas carnival/celebration, all disguised to catch RC who would be there to collect a package. An old woman came to drop off that package and everyone was keeping an eye on it but due to an unexpected crowd, RC managed to take it w/o anyone noticing initially. JH saw RC walking away a few seconds later and then gave chase. Everyone else followed but one of the guys was hit by a car, I think (went to get some water at this point so missed a few seconds) so JH was alone. RC walked into a tunnel with JH following behind. He must have noticed JH at this stage because he stopped and then started running away from JH. He managed to get up on a building using the lift. JH used the stairs and lost RC. He stood there for a moment and then suddenly, RC attacked him with a spanner. JH managed to look up into RC's face but it was all a blur as he was hit on the head. RC then walks away. I apologise for the boring way I wrote today's plot. Im not really a storyteller. I did miss some parts out too, mostly the first half of the show as it was basically shown in yesterday's teaser imo.
  11. Just watched the new ep live and Im so shook by everything. It has got me searching for pics of how VIXX's N's hands look like when typing . Also, the director's father who came by was wearing a Burberry shirt and a Gucci scarf. I was staring at them the whole time ahaha.
  12. I have seen a few posts regarding JH's abuse by his mother. Which ep did this come up in? I must have missed it..
  13. That is what I think as well. The person who pushed the little girl just seemed slightly older though and was definitely a kid as well. Doubt it was the stepmother at this point. No info on him, except that the stepmother blames WK for his death.
  14. Thoughts based on Ep 6: 1. I am really glad EH does not seem to be Red Cry. He does seem to be a red herring. 2. I do wish that JH was more sensitive towards children though. He seems too forceful with them sometimes. 3. I am still confused about whether the little girl in the green dress is the younger version of WK. She could possibly be the younger version of WK's sister based on the last scene - the little girl was pushed down by someone older and we already know that WK is older than SK. As WK said though, she does seem to appear whenever there is child abuse or uncaring parents present. Can I also say though that I love the budding relationship between WK and JH. He provides encouragement for her e.g. "WK, you did it. You saved a child." and also, checks upon her mental state. Unlike her husband, he does not find her crazy for getting delusions and instead, encourages her to find out the identity of the girl and the reason why she seems to see her. In saying that, I do think it might be a little weird if they end up together and Im hoping that they won't. I don't think the plot will go in that direction anyway. 4. WK's mother is weird.. I wonder how WK's father passed away though since WK did mention in a previous episode that she was blamed for his death. In this latest episode, the mother slipped her hand away from WK during the memorial scene. I can't wait for the next episode! Never thought I would find a good drama again after watching 'My Ahjussi'.
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