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  1. To be honest Cho Yeo Jeong has oozing chemistry with everyone. She's like dripping with elegance, i kinda love her Anyways, onwards and upwards to new TV shows and watching Cho's works! Kinda childish, but it can satisfy your current lack of romance (you are talking about Haeundae Lovers right?)
  2. I asked for it and i get what i want: a bloodbath And a bittersweet end, more bitter than sweet tho
  3. You are so right, they continuously said she should choose one or other. Probably the show will end on that note, SY will choose between money or TW. And I keep remembering when she talked with HJ: "in one year i will host a party for people like you". So choosing money is a high probability. Or she will choose TW and then from some other way she will obtain money. I am so excited
  4. Preview with eng sub so now SY knows who Leon is and tells TW i think. And she is going to danger herself just to catch Leon and make amends about TW's brother. Pretty predictable, but i want something more!
  5. well just two episodes left, they can kill the character now i just hope it will be at the very beginning of the episode. (this does tell me that JWI is a really good actor though, props to him) For next weeks episodes i want a bloodbath, deaths double crosses, prisons and lots of crying, but since i am not the writer, here are my guesses as if i am the writer: Dead: Taewoo (will give up his life for SY), Inpyo ( just because he is an a** ) Prison: Leon (well, because of basically everything illegal), HJ (because of bribes and richard simmons, or death i am on the fence with her), Hosung (heeju's dad, again bribes) Barely escaped death and sad now: SY, JH happily got his surgery and lives on her lockless home: Geumja halmoni doing illegal stuff but because it is not "that" illegal, walks around: Daeyong doing kid stuff and meanwhile getting psychologically damaged because of her parents: Yoori still very dead: Taehyeon and electrocuted Einstein (aka Dohak)
  6. Random thoughts on ep 14: I hate Hong In pyo. I just purely hate him. I am writing this as i am watching his scenes. When he was tied to that chair i was screaming at tv like "kill him, kill him now! ". And he didnt die. Again. And also, doesnt halmoni has a lock on his door? Anyone can enter as pleases.. And that scum Hong In pyo enters. God i hate him.
  7. I am just gonna say what everyone is thinking: In his b*ttcrack? Like maybe he went to a bathroom and one thing led to another Because that scene doesn't make sense at all. There is no air for him to breathe under all of that dirt. Have any of you watched the movie "Buried"? That movie gave me so much claustrophobia. But then again this is a drama, if the writer writes, then it happens even it is impossible. So i am saying in his b*ttcrack. Donde Voy. Part 5.
  8. She said it to him. He offered that they go away together and she refused telling about his brother.
  9. Here is the preview. From the looks of it, i think TW learned that SY let his brother die.
  10. They didn't show us the exact burial of Inpyo, they just showed us the the unconcious body dropped in the pit and the pit they put him is too deep to get out by himself. Either someone else will save him, or he ise dead. Other options will be unrealistic. This comment might be too childish but Leon is really hot with his beard. Like, really hot.
  11. I watched the new episode and quite frankly i like it.. There is of course some awkwardness not hearing things that you supposed to hear (aka CTH laugh) but i like the chemistry between guys and the episode overall.. The toilet thing made me laugh a lot and i wouldn't know someone can drink Kkanaricano 3 times
  12. seeing kim jongmin somehow makes me feel relieved.. idk why.. I am gonna watch it see you guys soon! (btw i heard timeslot changes about programmes including the return of superman and 2d1n, i hope the ratings won't be affected)
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