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  1. Play screenshoot game on tvn post Got this pict. I am so into HPL ❤ You all should try this
  2. Have anyone post this fanart here? Her concept is really great URI LABIT COUPLE ~~ So Lovely . 4 days to go, to say goodbye to our fav couple
  3. Typically korean rom-com drama. It always be more comedic on first half and turn to be more dramatic/romantic on second half.. At least, up to now, we are not disappointed with the story. Hopefully, more lovey-dovey scene on the last two episode The bed scene can be shown on next episode, remember their first kiss scene This week story focus on RG childhood trauma healing. And still going to revealed lost memory of their childhood on the next episode. Also Cindy's problem with her mom. I think marriage is not possible. Not enough episode to build the emotion. It will be better if writer-nim wrap up the drama with exhibition or RG being a painter again. If my memory is right, we never know RG's painting. I just want to know his painting, how can he take 'a genius painter' title. Having PMY's potrait on exhibition can be a great idea @MaybeLatte0402 Their emotioon toough. So lovely, the moment when DM shed a tear. Need subs to understand their emotion better. But, they're SO LOVELY
  4. OK. I need BTS from this scene!!! uri Ryan Gold yepponeee
  5. I replayed that scene. You are right. He was ready to go, with dark navy suit, and suddenly change when he met DM. They want to matching with DM outfit to make a great visual, but forgot that RG is ready to go. Or maybe RG text DM beforehand, asking what she was gonna wearing that day. She said black and suddenly RG changed his outfit into black, "I'm gonna matching your outfit"
  6. What is bothering me is after that confrontation, Lion still calling LS as LS painter, not omma. Okay feels like I'm so into this childhood story. But having a new still RG gonna draw DM (as her muse), I'm happy. His childhood trauma will be resolved in this week. It won't be instant tough, HPL story always so realistic. They do it slow but sure, but it feels good, no dragging. Ah I do really want to be GF like DM. She is so mature. She know how to behave as understanding GF, she know when to give comfort, when to be playful, when to be lovey-dovey. She never complaint about anything RG do. Indeed, RG and DM is match made in heaven (why uri writer-nim have to perfectly potray how man and woman should do in relationship). Gosh this drama can be a best guide to become a perfect GF and BF. Anywaaaay, thank you PMY and KJW. Hope you date in real life. Eh.
  7. I believe our writer-nim won't make that kind of story. It will make all of HPL fans disappointed. I'm not sure, but i think Lee Seol is RG omma. But, yeah,there is something going on between RG and EG in their childhood. Maybe there is another reason why their name is Eun (silver) and Gold. The moment at the church, when RG see the last paint of LS, can be a picture of their childhood played bubble together (RG, DM, EG, SA). We don't have many hint tough, bout their childhood memories. Just hope the story won't make any of us feel disappointed. And please, they should resolve all of these memory lost story in this week. I suddenly remember they haven't do their exhibition. I think their gonna make the exhibition as the last scene of HPL drama. Can be the best moment to all of the cast be shown together for the last time..
  8. But, PMY just make a cute, yet funny, meme from this scene. I keep laughing watch her expression, so cute And KJW naturally stroke PMY's hair. I think it becomes habit of him, like, he has done it so manyy times
  9. I'm so loove with Ryan. Instead of thinking by himself about what is going on about his childhood life. He is trying to ask to her mom to clear everything without misunderstanding. I really love this drama, no dragging about their childhood story. And we still have the chance to watch our OTP lovey dovey scene. Thanks for all of recapers @rcalma @selen4ever @SC2019 @luvcrabbieshinhwa @Kasmic and everyone who share so many gif, picture, video, etc from this episode. Big love
  10. Can't stop myself from refreshing this page forum. Can 9.30 KST come sooner? I'am counting on you all of live recapers.. FIGHTING!
  11. I have a thought that DM soon will call Ryan with his childhood name, maybe. Soon as she knows RG's korean name, she called Yoon Jae-ah on chat. Ryan Gold is a sexy name, but Yoon Jae isn't bad. Yeah, she should try calling him by his name instead of "Gwangjanim" when they are alone.
  12. Thanks for the research. This information really give me hopes. If that was the reason why RG omma let him adopted overseas, i think RG will understand. It can be the best solution for his childhood trauma. For the first time, i saw Lee Seol as CSA omma. I thought she wasn't the type who will abandone her own kid. There must be a strong reason why she let RG adopted by others. Hopefully, RG's trauma will heal for good.. No more trauma. Just focus on your future, and that cute little bunny beside you
  13. KMJ-PMY visual is so great. They should do magazine photoshoot together. KJW was a model and PMY is a goddess.. aah and have photoshoot on Paris, the city of love... I'm so thankful to both of stylish. You've done a very great job *Have I mentioned it before? I think KJW looks more sexy wearing stylish sunglasses
  14. Indeed.. And TVN realize it, and have more post about our OTP. It makes us go fanatics and hoping them date IRL. I slighty thought bout that. Realize it or not, this drama have lot of kiss scene (altough most of them just a peck), but it still feels right, not too much. All those kisses make us want more, not tired with those KMG also my fav. They have similiar personality. I am just thinking uri PD-nim have similiar taste like me. PD-nim had work with KNG before right.. I know it has been said so many times, but seriously it really such a good idea having KJW and PMY together in rom-com project
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