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  1. @taeunfighting that was my favorite part of the episode! As a policeman, he feels the responsibility to find Sang Hoon and get a good outcome for the case. As someone who lived through the pain, he finally found the right thing to say even if it was difficult for him to do so. He has watched her being abused, shouted at, struggled to continue on her own with little human kindness. A few words of encouragement and an apology from the heart will start the trust between them. I'm sorry that I can't find your husband. Just hang in there. This isn't what I want to say, but there's nothing else I can say to you Hang in there Seo-Hui Just hold up somehow
  2. Yes, that's a possibility about Sang Hoon thus why he separated himself from Seo-Hui to protect her. We don't know if the land is dangerous, @triplem is intrigued. Just don't know what all those circles are? Graves of victims???? I don't think Choi can be alive, he knows too much. They wanted him out of the country to begin with. Seo-Hui is learning. Bullet points, cuz this episode is the kind that throw things at you to ponder. Really dense episode again. @nrllee guess this episode confirmed for us that the land for the new renewable energy plant is across the river from the RMC plant. Lee Yo Young is fantastic once again, she nailed the emotions, conflicts, confusion... Seo-Hui is lost in this den of lions but showing strength and resiliency more than I would have in the same situation. She just needs an allies and a hug. Taesik has been slow and steady in his investigation but he has held back from being emotionally invested in the case for clarity sake. I like that the show is starting to give us more glimpses into his character. He would need more than just facts to see through all the deceptions Representative Hong has stepped out of the shadow to take over the presidential bid for Liberal Democratic Party now that its front runner Assembly Kim has passed away. Hong needs Song-Ju constituent votes for the general election, which he planned to obtain by rewarding Song-ju citizens with rising real estate after the renewable plant is built. Thus, the push to get the unsuspected Seo-Hui to pass the bill once she is elected. Can someone please confirm for me that In Dong-Ku has been secretly working with Rep Hong even while Assembly Kim was alive? Thus why CEO Jeong does not trust him? I can't tell whom he is pledging his allegiance to.What is the connection of the suicide girl to this story? Is it via Sang Hoon or Taesik? His missing sister? In's control room - he's been monitoring his boss CEO Jeong all along. What's up with the wall? Sang Hoon is more important missing than dead in relative to Seo-Hui but would the kidnapper release him alive after he gets his goal? Seo-Hui should consider getting proof that he is well with the next communication. Ratings have been not good the last 2 episodes E3/4: 0.978%/1.298% Keep going with my timeline, in case we ever need to refer back, by episode 16 (correct me please) Timeline (with new infos from E4 in blue)
  3. @nrllee thanks for amending the timeline. This question of yours has been bugging me for a while Problem they had was that they bought up all these other parcels of land (expecting the Solar operations to be built on open land) but for some reason the Plant location was to be built on an existing Factory location instead. Who decided on the move? If JQ was investing in the empty parcels of land there already why not just build on them? Why go through all the hassle of being roadblocked by Union members of an existing Factory? Who authorized the move? Was it SHoon because he wanted to foil the existing “build on empty land plan”, knowing they will encounter opposition and therefore buy time so he could gather enough evidence to bring to the Prosecutors? I think this is the question @triplem asked before. At the beginning of E3, Sang Hoon showed Assembly Kim a map of an area that he thought is bigger than expected. They must also show it to the rest of the world he said. What if the RMC plant in Song-ju actually has at its location a different source of renewable energy than solar. Building the JQ solar plant at the RMC plant side essentially buries this energy source and make JQ the only source of renewable energy in Song-Ju.
  4. My guess is as the company's CEO, Sang Hoon must have discovered accountant discrepancies pointing to a slush fund for Choi to buy the land parcels. He exposed its insider trading to Song-ju's prosecutor. He also knows about the Choi-In-Jeong deal to buy RMC and subsequently rendered all those union workers jobless. This is where he approached the union leader Kim Pil-Yeon, last time at the teahouse, to work with him and Assemblyman Kim. I think it was only an exit poll results showing Seon-Hui rebounded. The kidnapper wanted to remind her that she should only follow his orders and to not be intimidated by Hong to run his agenda. Feels like the kidnapper is opposing JQ's plan. In doesn't know where Sang Hoon is (he beat Kim Pil-Yeon for his whereabout). In may have noticed that Sang Hoon is digging into JQ's misdoings. I think he may have followed Sang Hoon to the teahouse but could not stay and has to return to CEO Jeong. He had to change the appt that day to emails because he was following Sang Hoon to Song-ju. However, he left not knowing what happened to Sang Hoon. @imgreatgal @noor1 What if it is Sang Hoon who is orchestrating his own disappearance with the help of maknae Ho-Kyu? Sang Hoon recruited Ho-Kyu to help him uncover the corruptions; started off by sending him to take a job at the police station. Sang Hoon and Ho-Kyun worked to make the video sent to Seo-Hui (Sang Hoon knows the computer password). He sent the bill to his wife. You maybe right, the coroner could be working with the prosecutor and Sang Hoon.
  5. I updated my timeline with what we saw in episode 3, please correct me. Months before: Choi Chi-deok (Song-ju RMC CEO) bought parcels of land where future solar plant will be (est 20 billion won) with money funded from unknown source (JQ?). Kim Pil-Yeon (RMC union leader) took out gamble loans, funded by Choi as kick back. Choi holds 1000 constituent votes in Song-ju, which he plans to give to Kim Seo-hui's party for the upcoming by-election, and has a close working relation ship with Congressman Hong. Congressman Hong (in same party as Assembly Kim) holds allegiance to JQ CEO Jeong. 1 month before (~2/19) Song-ju prosecutor received tip off (from Sang-Hoon?) that Choi bought land parcels from insider trading. Sang-Hoon may have already traced the sale back to his father. Kim Pil-Yeon dismissed 15 union members, essentially disbanded the union (to ease Choi's RMC sale transaction to JQ). One RMS union member sets himself on fire in front of Assembly Kim's house (not sure who, timeline uncertain). Days before: girl's suicide (possible whistleblower?) Days before: argument between Sang Hoon + Assemblyman Kim; Sang Hoon left to Song-ju that night. I think after this Assemblyman Kim decides to hatch plan with SH to take down JQ (?). Hence the reservation at the hotel where they meet and discuss how? Days/weeks before: divorce paper given to Sang Hoon. (I am not so sure about where this fits, they are still in the abandoned car?) 2/25-3/2 reservation at hotel; Sang Hoon's apt in Song-ju is clean but the fruit in his hotel is fresh, indicating he was there recently. He did not check out, meaning he was to return to the hotel on 3/3, not flying out to Germany. Both men were cordial on 2/25 (working on something together - to take down JQ?). Clue about what they were working on from shredded paper pieced together again “Relocation of of SongJu Renewable Energy Business Site” (were they intending to relocate it so the existing factory could remain in operation?) 3/3 PM? In changed his meeting to email, unaccounted for 2 hours per Young-Min 5:26pm both Seo-Hee and Sang Hoon are seen on CCTV on the way from Seoul to Song-ju 5:30-6pm Seo-Hee stopped Sang Hoon on freeway, his head wound has healed. Confrontation. He tells her to just wait. ~6pm Sang Hoon's last phone call to someone while on road to Song-ju (assuming with the man whom he met at the teahouse) It's the same day because he wears the same tan jacket/pink polo shirt that we saw on freeway with his wife. Man could be connected to Songju mixed concrete. SH’s car is abandoned at MiriDong after he meets with this man. Lady at HuiSuk tea house says they had an argument. The man (Kim PilYeon?) said he shouldn’t have trusted SH. SH reaches into his jacket and pulls something out to thrust into the man’s hand (looked like papers) but the man doesn’t back down, takes the papers and storms off. Assemblyman Kim’s name was brought up many times. Presumably this was where SH was taken/kidnapped (he couldn’t have left that rural area without his car...it was abandoned there). Not sure if SH followed Kim Pil-Yeon. Car is abandoned unlocked with mint condition divorce paper in manila envelope. 7pm Sang Hoon's flight to Germany for solar energy conference (who booked it?) 9:15pm Choi was seen on CCTV at gas station near Song-ju buying gas; has lawyer from Jang&Jang firm presented statement from mistress for alibi claiming that he was with her that day, stopping at gas station to buy gas. 10:55pm Assemblyman Kim’s accident near Song-Ju; Sang Hoon did not picking up his phone. ?time? Kim Pil-yeon might have fought with someone in his hiding. I found this strange. If the person had wanted to kill him, why not just do it and then set fire to the building? There was no fighting when the scene played out to the audience? The guy came in whilst KPY was asleep, poured kerosene, lit it and left? When did the fighting happen? The owner said he heard fighting, left to ring the police and by the time he got back, the place was ablaze and KPY was seen fleeing the scene? So it sounds like there were 2 things that could’ve happened? There was an altercation with KPY, SH fled (this was the “fighting” owner heard). KPY went to sleep, some other man comes back and sets fire to the premises and he flees? ?time? Kim Pil-Yeon fled after the building was set on fire. He was asleep so I put this timeline after the altercation. 3/4 Kim Pil-Yeon hides at his grandmother house in Ansan... which he later left? WHY? 3/5 Funeral 3/7 Memorial (hand is delivered, pathologist time of amputation ~ 1-2 days ago 3/19 Kim Pil-yeon found dead in shipping container after contacting Seo-hui to extort $ 4/3 JQ CEO Jeong Yeong-Mun purchased Song-Ju RMC factory from Choi via his right hand man In Dong Koo and he suspects In kidnapped his son Sang-Hoon. Date is from the business contract. JQ appeared to have control of all land needed for the solar plant. Choi prepares to leave Song-Ju to the Philippines, from his office. 4/3 A man left RMC office in a black car 4/3 8pm Seo-hui received a text on her cell phone about the present at the election HQ. Choi encounters the package of severed left foot in the elevator on his way down. The squad. For some reasons, we didn't see everything in the preview for E3, is it from E4 then?
  6. I noticed the Paju town on the ID several episodes ago... I had a thought that Dong Baek family is of North Korea heritage because of Paju location. Could it be that Dad is not around because he is in NK? Tis reason why Mom had to drop DB off at the orphange?! Ohhhh better yet, Mom is NIS super agent ala Vagabond!
  7. @40somethingahjumma @bebebisous33 great character dive there with JR. We get 10 episodes of bullying cases from many perspectives, including one who both receive and give, our governor to be Ja-Young. DB is an easy target for blame. It’s easier for the women to release their frustration at her instead of husbands. I don’t think they want to admit that they are the reasons for the hubbies visits to Camellia. There is also an issue of trust toward newcomer to town, a lack of inclusivity and misunderstanding. JR does have a little of a savior complex. He prided himself as the first person to stand in her corner, saving the orphan that no one loves. I don’t doubt that he did love DB, but it is not a love anchored by mutual respect to her. It’s too bad that his actions are driven by his own opinions of what he thinks things ought to be. He just cannot accept that he can no longer be the primary decision maker in DB’s life. I agree that he identifies a lot with image, whether it is tied to a loser or hero. JR stepping back into their lives lacks patience because he wants to have a second chance at being the hero that hit the homerun. I do appreciate that he takes responsibility for PilGu and seems to love him genuinely. He just doesn’t realize that small fatherly things like tucking in his son’s uniform or fixing his belt touched PilGu more than materialistic things like abalones, phones or toys. (Sideline, PilGu is quite a perceptive reasonable kid when he accepted his friend’s mom olive branch food offering! lol) JR lives in the spotlight of TV. He doesn’t realize that he is similar to Jessica in that way... the public, his agent, his mom, his wife all have an investment in the man. Celebrity is a double edged sword. Now that he is tired and burdened by it, JR wants to throw it away to go back to the simple happy life that he under appreciated. Yes, I agree that it is about power where he thinks he has regain this control, something he has with the old DB. So like you said, he hasn’t truly reflect on DB’s confession cuz his mind is still wrapped up in what he considered the solution to get out of his marriage. True too that he doesn’t plan for the consequences. @grapefruit7 the building where the esthetician worked must have cats roaming nearby in the past, thus why he puts cat food tray there. I think he must have worked in the building next door... people open window to air the inside... like what you would do after you PAINT a place!!! or forgot to close it after you reached out to remove the CCTV camera. If we go back to 2013 when he was at Camellia writing the msg, his shoes are speckled white...could it be from ashes of the fires besides paint?
  8. YS' conversation with his mom is a continuation of previous convo when Deok Soon advised Dong Baek to live her life separate from being Pil-Gu's mom. Deok Soon gave the advice yet she still live attached to memories of YS as a child. Part of it is her being thrifty, I think part is her being a mom wearing her son's old clothes because she misses him. Now that YS rarely visits the restaurant because of DB, his clothes are reminders of her son. When he comes for lunch, she still feeds him. Motherhood is not a role we easily discard even if our children grows to be adults. Most of time, it will be the children who have to remind their parents that it's ok to let go and live putting their needs first. GT's mom is a controlling mean old soul. GT's marriage is a way for her to gain social status. Her lack of respect toward Ja Young I suspect is her shifting the power dynamics for her son in his marriage. Instead of being happy that he married a successful professional woman, she clashed with Ja Young because she wants to retain the same control over her son. I think it's sad but an archaic continuation of power struggle between MIL and DIL. In this day and age, hsb and wife contribute differently in the marriage, may it be financial, emotional, status... It's already hard to maintain a relationship between 2 people, the best thing parents can do is to get involved only when are asked. Let the children live their lives. Yeong Shim's case was about what you've noted, which owner does the new pups belong to since the parents are from 2 different families. I am curious tho, why there is no cat in Ongsan? Hiii. I agree with you here. I don't think the village women cared much about DB's status as a single mother. She proudly said on her first day that it was nothing to be ashamed of. They pretty much accepted it, with no concern about Pil-Gu's father. Their jealousy seems to be related to their husbands' visits to the bar. I do think there was prejudice, strong disrespect for the mere fact that DB sells alcohol. Would they have given her the same bullying if she has opened a restaurant instead? I think it would have been the same since her restaurant would compete with their crab business. I chalked it down to competition and the natural tendency of women outcasting other women whom they don't like. It's a mob mentality for sure, a power play that persists due to DB's initial timid personality and lack of self confidence. Once they have seen how she fought back against GT's sexual advances, they gained new respect for this shy girl who is actually stronger than she looks. It's something they can identify with, as strong women, head of household. Yeah, we don't know who the father is. I also have no real understanding of her mom's actions either. I feel the same so was happy to see how this was addressed in Episode 10. I like how YS's tendency as a nice guy growing up without a father gave him a better perspective than DB on the fact that it is a choice Pil-Gu deserved to have. The choice to have JR as a father or be a part his life. The episode dealt with how DB finally got the chance to air her fear, hurt, and anger at JR. She used the pregnancy tests to gauge JR's reaction. Seeing how he obviously didn't want a child changed her love for him. It leads to her thinking of even ending the pregnancy. Ever since then, she doesn't believe JR is capable of loving his son. The main reason for her refusal for JR to become a part of their lives is to protect Pil-Gu just as the boy is to protect his mother. JR is trying hard but he is doing it all wrong because he didn't have a clear understanding of their break up. Now that DB revealed what happened, I believe it will start the healing for both of them. I'm glad that she acknowledge their relationship has run its course since they are different people now. Along with YS' declaration, things should be clearer for all. Whatever happens moving forward, JR's relationship with Pil-Gu should be able to flourish on its own without placing guilt on the boy. Ratings (E 19/20)= 12.1%/14.9% (that's a new high)
  9. @imgreatgal Excellent, yes, you are correct. She said she followed him to give the divorce papers but we actually saw him drove away. So either the divorce paper was already delivered days before or was planted there afterward to give her an alibi. The envelope was not wet so could not have been given or planted on that rainy day. In either case, she lied or what happened in the beginning is not the truth, not sure who recalled the highway meeting (if it even happened at all). The weird thing is he disappeared after the teahouse meeting abandoning his car. I don’t think he purposely abandoned the car because it is not locked. He would have locked it before walking to the teahouse. Did someone pick him up from the teahouse? If he was running away from someone, wouldn’t he run back to his car?
  10. @nrllee lol to your cartoon! Funny! Tae Sik will mentor some common sense into him. Hope lady detective gives him some respect soon BTW, @noor1 thinks the hanging photo is taken by Seo-hee, which is plausible and makes sense why Sang Hoon loves it. Also, there’s a green dot, blemish, in the photo. Most photographers avoid taking photo looking directly into the sun.
  11. LOL, I'm sorry, maybe I am totally off base. I laughed out loud when he tried to do police work, like asking the teahouse lady... You are right, guy wipes his desk, packs lunch, probably never had a speeding ticket... not one who thrives on danger and excitement that comes with being a killer! @cherriesblue I think Kim Pil Yeon has a gambling problem, thus the call to Seo-Hui for the money tho make you wonder what secrets/infos is he using for leverage over her. @nrllee thank you for the translation of the characters.
  12. In photography, there's a time during the day which is the best for taking photos. It's usually referred to as the Golden Hour, the ~1hr or so right before sunset, where lighting is optimal. It's the beautiful soft hue that basks everything and gives awesome backlighting for someone whose style is natural lighting. Taesik noticed it With the large framed photo hung on the wall, one would think that it's Sang Hoon's favorite or his best work... yet it is taken during early afternoon, the sun is still high up in the sky (not only is it harsh, there's a lot of shadows cast if we were try to take pictures). That didn't make sense to TaeSik, it's an amateur mistake for someone who studied photography like Sang Hoon, why would he be proud and displayed it prominently. (there’s a green dot in the pic too!) Notice TaeSik did a double take against the framed photos on the shelves, where all of them were taken at dusk during that golden hour. See how Seon Hee is framed against that backlight as well so the above is an anomaly. It's not like Sang Hoon doesn't know how to photograph, he took his wife picture beautifully. @liltash85 Hong Kyu's past with JQ was brought up twice. When the Capt asked him about his transfer and when Jin Kyung went over Sang Hoon-Seung Cheol's relationship history.
  13. Thanks for updating the timeline, made things clear for us. JQ solar plant in Song-ju is a joint venture which required government oversight of the plant run by a private company. What JQ wants is someone that it can bend at its will. Assemblyman Kim supported the unionmen who worked at the Mixed Concrete company. He also is not one who supports big conglomerate and businesses so Sang Hoon was supposed to buffer the relationship for JQ. Why kill him if you don't have a plan to replace with a man that will work for JQ? That's a little odd for me. Why would JQ chairman kill his inlaw with no one to replace him? Who was going to be their candidate? Seo-Hee? But she is divorcing Sang Hoon. BTW, Assemblyman Kim was going to leave his district seat open anyway if he wins so JQ could have waited until then to "shuttle" in its own candidate. The person who kills Kim perhaps is doing the opposite, harming JQ's collaboration and progress. I see all your points regarding a plan that originated by JQ to kill Kim went array with Sang Hoon going rogue. We'll have to wait for the next episodes to see if the puppetmaster is a union sympathizer. The only one that is computer savvy to send the msg for me at the moment is Ho-Kyu. I watched Secret of Forest, the person on your team is the person you least suspected @triplem Kim Yong Pil is being set up as the fall guy to make others see Kim's death and Sang Hoon's kidnap originated from the disgruntled union worker. Why did Seo-Hee marry Sang Hoon? Is it out of love or to benefit her father? Her mom did state that her father is not as honorable as we all think. Did he win his district with JQ's help? Going in back to the scene at Sang Hoon's apt. As a photographer who shoots natural light, Sang Hoon would have some knowledge of lighting and solar paneling. I am guessing he already has an idea of the alternative site for the solar plant. We still don't know how the dead girl is involved in our story. @jongski welcome on board, good to see you. Post away.
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