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  1. Not to burst the bubble, but in all probability they had already broken up by the time that interview was given.


    IIRC, that was way well into 2015, around March/April, so yes, 99.999% break up had already occurred.


    Most of the reactions/teasing you see of them post 2015 were all pretense. Sad reality/truth.


    Just like her fake smiling on Knowing Brothers when Heechul owned her and SG spilled the beans, mindscrewed her, and muted them all.


    To make another example, Song Joong-ki was giving out interviews saying how beautiful and supportive SHK is while in reality he was preparing to file for divorce lol.


    And about "the fact" that he liked her for a long time. Yes, but it's actually the opposite. He only started saying that once he realized that she liked him, hence YoonA thinking he was only doing it for the broadcast.


    It's all in their interaction on Strong Heart's first episode.

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  2. 2 hours ago, luffie said:

    @incoty i did not know much about LSG till recently. why did they break up? LSG and Yoona? She seems so adorable too! Seemed like an ideal couple. 


    Not everything is what it seems. Not everyone is what they seem.


    You can easily deduce the reasons of the break up by reading their song's lyrics.


    YoonA is claiming she didn't know his heart, she didn't know/realize it was love, she didn't know/realize how love looked like. Note that she's saying this after 2-3 years of having broken up with him. She had all the time to think, calculate, and try to come away cleanly. Needless to say it was a futile and uncredible attempt.


    Despite the fact that he made his heart clear in 2011 by writing Alone in Love and with And Goodbye, where he specifically mentions his heart in both songs.


    Despite the fact that she went on Healing Camp claiming how she always thought him picking her as his ideal girl was just for the broadcast and how he never portrayed direct interest.


    LSG's understanding of love was just being by someone's side. If it wasn't obvious enough, these two never went beyond holding hands and leaning on one another. I.e. They never kissed.


    The line in the track Love "I couldn't express all that I wanted" and her MV make that abundantly clear.


    He reaffirms that on Mom's Diary when he said he doesn't want someone who makes him feel like he has to do something, he wants someone who makes him relaxed, even without doing anything.


    The real issue here is not the supposed fact that they broke up. That's acceptable and understandable. The real issue here is the fact that YoonA kept leading him on for years, acting like she likes him, loves him even, only to end up claiming "I did not know it then, your heart."


    That begs the question: If she didn't know his heart then, how does she know it now? Vice-versa, if she knows it now, how didn't she know it then?


    As you can see it's nothing but nonsense.


    YoonA has had rumors with various guys. One being Lee Jong-hyun, the other being Donghae. I'm specifically mentioning these two because she was seen together with them again on "friendly" terms. LJH in 2015. Donghae pretty much on most years. (There is a lot of evidence pointing in that direction.)


    I've observed, watched, listened, read, caught, and the one and safe conclusion I've arrived to is: YoonA has no credibility.


    If she's lying, of which she most certainly is, eventually it will all come out.


    This doesn't exclude that they could've gotten back together or that they could get back together in the future. It's only pointing out how inconsistent and untrustworthy she is.

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  3. On 8/6/2019 at 10:20 PM, Lsg/ yoona said:

    Getting back together for them is a very big step they both have to take... because that step shouldn’t go wrong it will spoil their image so they might have  become cowards.


    I do agree with that.


    Except for the fact that their image has already been spoiled. Especially/mainly hers. Not much his in truth, if any.


    Because at this point anyone should be able tell what happened. All the pieces of the puzzle are at everyone's disposal.


    But I tend to overestimate people's deductive abilities, even when everything is blatantly obvious.

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  4. It's been a long time since I've felt such interest, involvement, and excitement for a drama.


    “All of the production staff members worked hard to condense the start of the epic story in just one scene. We are working hard in order to complete the sense of immersion that makes your hands sweat from the moment you watch the first scene and first episode. Please look forward to ‘Vagabond.'”


    The fact that they're talking in such a way is highly promising. We could already tell from the little snippets we've seen (It's good that we haven't been spoiled much), but reading them say it just reaffirms it and confirms it.

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  5. It's coming.






    “Vagabond” Starring Lee Seung Gi And Suzy Raises Anticipation With Powerful New Poster Ahead Of Premiere

    Aug 21, 2019
    by Y. Shin

    Upcoming SBS drama “Vagabond” has released a new teaser poster!


    “Vagabond” is a spy drama that tells the story of a man who uncovers the dark truth and hidden corruption behind a mysterious plane crash. It is an action melodrama featuring the dangerous and candid adventures of “vagabonds” who have lost their families, groups, and even names.


    The teaser poster shows an enormous plane flying in the dark sky, tilting slightly as it plunges to the ground. It is a dangerous situation as a huge fire catches on one of the wings of the airplane.


    In addition, the powerful yet significant phrase, “It was the beginning of a huge conspiracy,” raises tensions and piques curiosity for the drama. The overwhelming scale and colorful visuals of the poster raises expectations for a high-profile drama.


    After their joint projects of “Giant” and “Incarnation of Money,” director Yoo In Shik and writer Jang Young Chul reunited to work on “Vagabond.” The drama also stars Lee Seung Gi and Suzy as its lead actors, as well as Shin Sung RokMoon Jung HeeBae Yoon ShikMoon Sung GeunLee Kyung YoungKim Min Jong, and more.


    A source from Celltrion Entertainment said, “All of the production staff members worked hard to condense the start of the epic story in just one scene. We are working hard in order to complete the sense of immersion that makes your hands sweat from the moment you watch the first scene and first episode. Please look forward to ‘Vagabond.'”

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