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  1. Let's wait for the subs. (If they'll translate that part) She probably did that because she messed up her lip syncing.
  2. Since it's such a recurring occurrence, I'll never get tired of posting this.
  3. Stars-themed clothing again!? I didn't notice them at first glance because they're skin-toned lol.
  4. This was on her birthday. She was the last member to go to France. Bruise on forearm.
  5. The biggest and most famous korean celebrity women tied the knot between the age bracket of 32-36. If she wants to get married like she claims, if she wants to achieve her dream of being a good wife like she claims, realistically she will have to do so in the next 5 years. If that is truly her dream and what she wants to achieve in her life, she's going to have to start acting on it now that she's hitting 30, regardless of any possible outcome. She should already be on the job as we speak, but let's put that aside for a moment. For that to happen, she will either have to meet someone new with mutual interest in each other and get to know them very well, and that will require time, or, someone she already knows or has already met. But here's the thing, excluding him, if it was someone she already knows or met, and if there was mutual interest, in theory, she could have done so in these past 3 years, but we know she hasn't (161006-161008 phone activity, 170106 reaction, WTWB). I feel as long as she sticks to what remains of SNSD is going to lessen to chances of her achieving that goal, but that's the least of her problems.
  6. It must be extremely awkward to ask these type of questions to celebrities who are already with someone but isn't public knowledge yet. It's like when he was asked about the meaning of And Goodbye, despite being extremely obvious and the whole world knowing, he still managed to say a half-lie at the end by claiming the song can have many different interpretations. They must know that they've lost a whole lot of credibility so anything and everything goes lol.
  7. Welcome @htnmsngg1314. The truth is in their songs. Don't need to look anywhere else. Don't trouble your mind too much. It's better to just wait and see. Time will give an answer to everything.
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