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  1. This makes sense.


    After watching the preview of Episode 3, I probably have some pictures in mind. When Haeri and DalGun were chased by terrorists, her clothes were the same as when she went to the police station. On the other hand, the location that DalGun was attacked and fall down on the floor seen like at the airport. I guess DalGun and Haeri were attacked by terrorists and almost lost their lives, and even her colleagues had been killed. Haeri realized that they could not confront the terrorists by themselves and decided to return to Korea to report to the National Intelligence Services and seeking assistance from them. But DalGun was missing after being attacked by the terrorists at the airport. Then it was connected to the opening of Episode 1, and DalGun, who was temporarily lost in memory, was taken to the Kingdom of Kiria in North Africa and trained as a killer. Haeri also came to North Africa because of her undercover mission. DalGun saw Haeri, who had met before, and suddenly recovered his memory...…


    I guess they're going to make him another Jerom? A super soldier of sorts.


    We've seen some glimpses of that in the teasers.







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  2. Warning: These articles may contain some minor spoilers.

    Netflix's 'Vagabond' Is Unlike Your Regular K-Drama

    Political intrigue, espionage, and government conspiracies abound!
    by Maggie Adan | 17 hours ago



    PHOTO: Lee Seunghee for Netflix


    On a recent press junket in Seoul, South Korea, Bae Suzy, fair, long, and lean, and Lee Seung Gi, tall and dark oppa, sat down with Cosmopolitan to talk about Vagabond.


    Very much in keeping with the show's themes of espionage and conspiracies, the latest K-drama on Netflix is so shrouded in mystery, very little was revealed even to the press who flew out to Seoul to interview its stars. And the little that we did know, we were sworn to secrecy.


    At the press con, Bae Suzy admits, "When I was first offered a role and read the script, I was immediately very much intrigued. I [had] never done an espionage action genre, so I felt curious about what it [would] be like, and I felt excited. I was totally fascinated by the character of Go Hae-ri, so I wanted to play the role."


    Meanwhile, Lee Seung Gi reveals he was on board the moment he heard about the show, "Slightly before I finished my military service, I was having dinner [and] drinks with director Yu and director of photography Lee. I heard that they were preparing for this series called Vagabond. At that time I was completely into anything military, so I said the series sounded so fun, and the rest is history."



    PHOTO: Lee Seunghee for Netflix


    What We Know So Far

    In Vagabond, Lee Seung Gi plays stuntman Cha Dael-geon, who uncovers a government conspiracy when a plane crashes in Morocco and kills everyone on board, including his young nephew. According to investigations into the incident, the crash was due to a technical malfunction, but nothing could be further from the truth.


    Heartbroken and guilt-ridden, Cha Dael-gon continues to search for answers. As he does, he begins to unravel a plot that exposes government corruption up to the highest level. On his mission to find out what really happened, he crosses paths with Go Hae-ri, played by Bae Suzy, who was working at the Korean embassy in Morocco when the plane crashed…and is also an undercover agent for the National Intelligence Service (NIS). Is she friend or foe? Only time will tell.


    Meanwhile, Cha Dael-gon needs to dodge government agents and hired assassins hot on his trail before they can stop him from uncovering the truth.


    Unlike the K-dramas that Filipino fans usually get hooked on (i.e. the feel-good rom-com variety), this spy thriller is filled with action and political drama. But Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy reassure viewers that they still left a little room for romance. "Vagabond has many different genres mixed in it. We have a bit of romance, too," says Bae Suzy.


    "About a spoonful," says Lee Seung Gi in jest.


    "Maybe about two spoons, so stay tuned," counters Bae Suzy.


    Seung Gi And Suzy Reunited




    The two share an easy and obvious rapport, having worked together before in the 2013 romance fantasy Gu Family Book. Says Lee Seung Gi of their reunion, "I think many people are curious about how we felt working together again. [It] doesn't happen so often that you get to work with an actor that [you've] worked with [before]."


    Aside from getting to skip the awkward getting-to-know-you stage, Lee Seung Gi appreciated how their growth as actors in the years since they've worked together paved the way for a more smooth-sailing working relationship this time around. He says, "It was so great. We already knew each other. For those years in between, both of our acting careers matured, so it was a lot easier to shoot a scene together."


    Bae Suzy, so soft-spoken you have to physically lean in to hear her at times, adds, "We were able to meet up again, years later, for a great series. I was so happy to see him again. I felt way more comfortable on set, and we made a great team."


    "They had great chemistry, perhaps because they had already built a relationship while filming Gu Family Book together," says Director Yu in a separate interview. He praises the pair for being likable, candid and not the type to put on airs. "When filming, the mood on set is determined not only by the crew but by the personalities of the lead actors, too. And in that sense, both Lee Seung Gi and Suzy are very down-to-earth, determined, and hard-working people. They managed to surprise me again and again," he adds.

    Moroccan Flavor

    It's a good thing they work well together, too, as filming took them from Seoul to Morocco, which brought with it its own set of challenges. Bae Suzy confesses it was not easy in the beginning, "We spent about [one and a half] months in Morocco. At first, it was a bit awkward, hard to adapt, and uncomfortable at times." But she was able to adjust eventually, revealing, "[As time went by], it felt more like home."


    She also mentions how the location helped sharpen her focus and give her energy. "Anywhere you look was so picturesque, so I was able to immerse myself into acting even more."


    Like Bae Suzy, Lee Seung Gi says that spending time on location in Morocco helped his performance, "This was the first time for me to go on an overseas [shoot] for such a long time. Since I was living there, eating there, and filming there, I was naturally able to focus better and engage in shooting in a different condition from when I was shooting in Korea."


    According to Director Yu, they filmed in the same location as The Bourne Ultimatum and a season of 24 with Jack Bauer. "We wanted our Korean production to be on a similarly grand scale," Yu says, adding, "I found that Monaco was very exotic, and was a great place for filming."


    Aside from the location, Vagabond shared a location manager with the Bourne series as well, "They didn't know what to expect from a Korean drama team at first. And then they saw our footage—its quality—and the way we work; and I can proudly say that we finished everything on schedule while shooting there. They were very surprised by that," reveals Lee Seung Gi.


    He also recalls an amusing little anecdote: "When we were shooting at night in Morocco, some fans came along and gave us some snacks, which made the [location manager] think, 'Who are these people? This never even happened with Matt Damon.'"


    Getting Physical

    Aside from the inherent difficulties shooting in a far-flung and unfamiliar location entail, there was also the physical demands of their roles. When you have to do action scenes with a fellow actor, training and great teamwork come into play.


    "Suzy and I trained at action school every day for about two to three months. Also, I wouldn't call this a huge preparation, but fundamentally, I had to get my body ready for action, so I prepared a lot in that regard," says Lee Seung Gi.


    Bae Suzy recounts how training not only helped them prepare physically for everything they had to do while filming, it also boosted camaraderie. She says, "We practiced action scenes a lot all together before shooting. We would exercise and go hiking on a not-so-high mountain together, which brought us closer. I think such time created a good atmosphere and chemistry on set."


    Director Yu says of the action scenes, "All the actors really went through a lot. The martial arts team took on the role of action coordinator. Dangerous stunts were done by stunt doubles, and the less dangerous ones were done by the actual actors themselves. But the scene in which the main character jumps off of a building and the scene in which he is hanging off a car were actually done by Lee Seung Gi himself."


    He continues, "Because both Lee Seun Gi and Suzy attended stunt classes and trained regularly to stay fit and flexible, neither suffered any serious injuries during filming."

    Going Global

    For Yu, it's nerve-wracking enough to premiere Vagabond to a Korean audience, let alone to an international one, but he believes the show's universal themes will appeal even to viewers outside Korea: "This espionage action drama is not about international issues or inter-Korean relations. The setting may be in Korea, but the events could happen anywhere, and we believe that love of family, and the will and drive for uncovering the truth are themes that are relatable no matter what country you are watching from. It's a universal story, and I hope people will keep an open mind and approach it as such."


    Lee Seung Gi thinks that Vagabond is a fun series that people will enjoy watching, and is excited that the opportunity to release the series on Netflix means more people around the world will see it. "I feel eternally proud that this excellent piece of work made in Korea can reach global audiences. I have high expectations for the viewers' reaction," he says.


    Bae Suzy is equally hopeful fans will embrace the series, saying, "I feel very excited. Vagabond is a rich series, full of spectacles and charming characters."


    Come September 20, you will be able to see the fruits of their labor on Netflix. There are more twists and turns to be revealed, and surprises in store. The show's creators promise thrilling action, political drama, romance, and humor—or as Lee Seung Gi put it, a mixture of genres.




    No drama like ‘Vagabond’

    Ruth L. Navarra

    SEOUL—It took 11 months to shoot the newest Netflix Original series “Vagabond.” It’s the same total of months that artists Lee Seung-gi and Suzy Bae had been teasing their fans about the series.


    It’s all over their respective Instagram accounts. Suzy posted her staring contest with a cat in Morocco. We think she lost to the orange tabby because the cat did not budge while she broke into a smile. We also know that the actress spent her birthday shooting because she shared a video of her blowing out a cake’s candles after exploring the streets of the country.


    Seung-gi, on the other hand, has been teasing about it most consistently. Not content with his regular “Vagabond” Instagram posts, he also talked about the series on his variety show “All the Butlers.” This is how Airens (Seung-gi’s fandom) were updated about the drama.




    “Vagabond” director Yu In-sik said that they have been eyeing the actor for the part of Cha Dal-geon as soon as he joined the Special Forces. The series is about a stunt man seeking answers as to why his nephew had to die in an airplane crash. His journey reveals an conspiracy and corruption.


    “I told him I’d like to shoot an action drama with him. He said that he’d love to. We were very fortunate to cast him for the role,” In-sik said. He also said that the production team have been formulating this drama about four or five years ago.


    The director described having Suzy in the series as icing on the cake. He added that the project took off because of her. Super interviewed Seung-gi and Suzy on Sept. 11 at the Imperial Palace Hotel, Seoul. We had to ask the actress about her thoughts on working in this drama.


    “This was the first time for me to work on an espionage action drama genre, so every moment of shooting was exciting for me. I really enjoyed it. Every time that I went on set was full of fun. It was exciting to do gun-shooting scenes,” Suzy said while making heart- pounding gestures.


    Chemistry on set


    There are a lot of expectations about the chemistry of the two lead artists as the drama serves as a reunion of sorts for them. They worked together in the drama “Gu Family Book” six years ago.


    Suzy promised that their chemistry for this action series is better than the first time. She had great memories from working with Seung-gi in the past which is why she was excited to work with him again.


    “It is not so easy to work with the same actress for the second time, especially if the actress is a household name like Suzy. I was so happy to work with her again on ‘Vagabond.’ Her acting was great but I know this already from six years ago. There were many scenes that were physically demanding but she didn’t frown even once,” Seung-gi said.


    During the press conference for the series on Sept. 16 at SBS Headquarters, a journalist asked the actor what sets his character Dal-geon apart from the other action genre character.


    Seung-gi answered that the biggest difference is that his character is an ordinary person. He is not a trained, retired or amnesiac agent who is physically trained as a spy. He added the director Yu refrained from doing unnecessary scenes just for the sake of it.


    “His motivation comes solely from his heart. When we were shooting in Morocco, my character would run on the roof, drive a car and was supposed to drive a motorcycle, too. On site, though, director Yu said we should completely remove motorcycle scenes because it is too fancy. An ordinary man would just run,” Seung-gi said.


    He added that they made an effort to create action scenes from which the audience can feel the emotions. This is what sets “Vagabond” from the rest. He said that this is why he did not have much to refer to or take from other action characters.


    Loving her role


    On the same press conference, Suzy talked about how she fell in love with her character Hae-ri. She said that it was a love at first reading.


    Suzy’s character Hae-ri is a National Intelligence Service agent. In the opening scene of the series, we see Seung-gi aiming a gun at her but hesitates when he sees that the target is her. How their lives intertwine is something everyone will find out as the drama progresses.


    Super asked her if she could ever be friends with her character Hae-ri if she meets her.


    “Hae-ri can be a good friend. I think she is a very passionate person. She has this wonderful personality inside her, which she isn’t even aware of. It can be completely different from what she thinks of herself; so yes, I think I can be friends with Hae-ri,” she said.


    “She’s all good, but she has some bad drinking habits,” Seung-gi piped in.


    “Hae-ri has some drinking habits but this is a spoiler!” said Suzy while laughing.


    “This is a spoiler, yes. You can check that out on the show,” Seung-gi said.




    (Contains ultra high resolution images)



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