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  1. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1699500373530518&id=169800533167184 What a line-up.
  2. Well you don't have to say anything. Reality can be crude and harsh, not the "fairy-tale" they wanted to sell you. But you can keep supporting them unconditionally. Just don't think it's all sunshine and roses, because it's not until later that you come to realize the true state of things. It took 2-3 years here for her to give a response, not a very convincing one at that. But she put herself in the line of fire willingly, but that's also a way to protect oneself, also by describing it as "blissful and happy". I wouldn't break up with someone I'm happy with
  3. Don't concern yourself with that. You're not saying anything controversial. Just pinpointing out things. That's what this thread is for. Still together as in they never really broke up or got back together? I'd say that's 50/50. It's not the end until it's the end. You've read the thread/my posts I take it? So you know what I really think and how I really feel about this, about her.
  4. Hey, there's no need to write (Just Fan Prediction) every time. You can keep doing it though if you wish. Netflix must have an advertising and promotional contract with them. That would be the reason.
  5. As I was saying.. https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/lee-seung-gi-emotions-crying-sadness/ "Small moments of happiness can’t be saved from my experience. No matter how much I try to collect small moments of happiness, it doesn’t return to be as big happiness." All while Yoona sang "A Little Happiness" which mirror her feelings toward him while being all hesitant and looking sad. These two are in need of some help. They've been sending distress signals for quite some time now. It's astonishing that those around them just let things be.
  6. We know this is not the case here, we've known the true reasons and motives for years now, but I understand that at the time, people were contemplating all possible scenarios (with very few hits (if any) and a lot of misses, even though all the answers were in his songs and could be perceived, but most didn't make the appropriate connections) having been deceived by all; LSG (claiming that he didn't break up and was still together with her - January 2015), YoonA (Yuri saying his name and acting all happily - July 2015), and SM (claiming that they were still together - May 2015). Hook never sai
  7. Will the misuse of the non-existent word "casted" ever end? Guess not if people keep on using it. The past of cast is cast.
  8. lol I never considered Slave with her in mind or took it literally. Always thought of it as a fun and upbeat song. Prisoner and slave can be interchangeable.
  9. We've said enough about her and we've already said everything that could be said. LSG knew the kind of person she is/was ("there were so many guys" Alone/Time for love), knew who her ex-boyfriend(s) were, yet he was fine with it anyway. I think by now a lot of people have learned to see right through her. Now on to him. I'm going to be my crude self, you know me by now. Some I already said in the past, but they bear repeating since he keeps on having these moments of self-pity and deep self-reflection. If he ever takes the initiative to break up:
  10. One of the (what are the other ones?) efforts to protect her? How and why is that supposed to do so? Why and from what does she need protecting? Is she an endangered species? The first one is obviously going to generate more buzz/interest and critics.
  11. You already posted that. "Private" heh. There's very little that's private here. They should really stop making use of that word. History teaches us that YoonA can't stay alone for long without dating someone. I still remember Taeyeon acting like she was all alone on Healing Camp when they asked them if there'll be any more dating news. We all know what ensued afterwards. Always presume that she's dating someone, you'll be on the safe side and you won't go wrong. The people around her and her mouthpiece of a manager tried to sell a
  12. I don't know if this has been posted and I missed it but I can't find it. Can someone link me to the full image? Or video in case it's a screenshot.
  13. It's pathetic to still be self-pitying after 6 years. I've already done so at random times albeit not in list form, but if I were to make a list of all their contradictions, it'd be endless. He also keeps saying the same thing. Unless they're crazy over heels for you or madly in love with you, and even then, girls hardly if ever come to you and confess to you. They almost always wait for the guy to do so. Even if they liked you. He must be playing dense for the sake of it. Some things don't need to be said, they can be understood with a simple glance.
  14. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDIVt7EHopO/ and Nichkhun's IG story. Were they there at the same time? I'm presuming that's the same puppy.
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