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  1. Uruk, I have fond memories of you but boy is it nice and refreshing to see them back in Seoul!!! Kyahhh! But is it too much to ask for to start episode 13 with the balcony kiss?!?! Also show them returning to the shipwreck beach or something! Geezzzz! I won't get my hopes up too high but I'm really wishing that's what's going to happen! Besides that scene seems open ended! 

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  2. Thank you all for explaining. :) my translations were a little off. I spent a long time rewinding and watching that scene just to try to understand it but failed to. LOL. Was confused why Mo Yeon would call Si Jin oppa. Although it was kind of cute. Though SHK is older than SJK, I can totally see SJK playing oppa to her. He just has a manly feel about him that makes him appear mature in contrast to his pretty face. 

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