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  1. Watch: Hello Venus Tries To Solve A Mystery In “Mysterious” MV Starring Seo Kang Joon And ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo


    hello venus


    Hello Venus is back!

    On January 11 at midnight KST, the girl group released their sixth mini album “Mystery of VENUS,” which features the title track “Mysterious.” The members star in the fun music video for the song along with actor Seo Kang Joon and ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo.

    In the MV, the members appear to be trying to solve a mystery on a train, with Seo Kang Joon playing the dashing man they’re investigating and Cha Eun Woo taking the role of an adorably concerned steward.

    Watch the video here!

    Hello Venus is a six-member group that is currently housed under Fantagio Entertainment, and are label mates with both Seo Kang Joon and ASTRO.

    What do you think of Hello Venus’s new MV?



    ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo Joins Seo Kang Joon In Hello Venus’s “Mysterious” Music Video


    hello venus mv seo kang joon astro cha eun woo


    It has been revealed previously that actor Seo Kang Joon will be starring on Hello Venus’s new music video, but he isn’t the only one. ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo is also supporting his agency sisters, Hello Venus, by making an appearance on their new music video for “Mysterious.”

    In the cuts provided by Fantagio Music, Seo Kang Joon is looking like a gentleman, while Cha Eun Woo is dressed as a train ticket agent and peering suspiciously into a train cabin. During the filming, Seo Kang Joon and Cha Eun Woo reportedly had the staff in awe with their detailed portrayal of emotions. The two men’s eye-catching visuals add to fans’ expectations about the music video.

    A source from Fantagio Music explained, “Seo Kang Joon and Cha Eun Woo agreed to appear on Hello Venus’s music video to support them despite their busy schedules. They have been helping each other out as agency family members ever since they were trainees, and that was why we were able to complete the recording amid a very pleasant atmosphere.”

    Hello Venus will be making a comeback with their sixth mini album, “Mystery of VENUS,” on January 11. They have already dropped their music video teaser so go you can go check it out!

    Source (1)



    HELLOVENUS 헬로비너스 - Mysterious M/V TEASER 2


    Seo Kang Jun and Cha Eun Woo to appear in Hello Venus's comeback MV




    Seo Kang Jun visits 'Roommate' noona Lee Kuk Ju!




    read article here: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2017/01/seo-kang-jun-visits-roommate-noona-lee-kuk-ju


    Hello Venus give their thanks to Seo Kang Jun and Cha Eun Woo


    Hello Venus chatted with fans via the 'V' app on January 10!  They were counting down to the release of their new MV.

    They talked about the MV, saying, "The members transformed into secret agents in the MV. The mysterious men in the MV are Seo Kang Jun and ASTRO's Cha Eun Woo. Although their schedules were busy, they came out for us.  We'd like to use this chance to say thank you."

    Make sure you check them out in the MV here!

    cr. allkpop

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  2. Recent drama 'Entourage' shares sweet unreleased still cuts of Seo Kang Jun and Sohee


    tvN's 'Entourage' came to an end this past weekend, so it looks like the drama is ready to dig out all of their unreleased cuts for fans to really bring it to a wrap!


    Lead actor Seo Kang Jun had to test out his chemistry with Sohee as a couple on the recently ended drama, and if these still cuts are any indication, the two did a great job working together! 


    Soak in the eye candy that is Seo Kang Jung & Sohee below! They made a pretty good couple in the drama. Didn't they?












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  3. I wish you a happy new year, too Jannuary0131! :) And Kangjoon was indeed very cute in Superman. :wub:

    Here are some translated comments from knetz.



    [+3552;-33] I want to call you Oppa too. Why are you born so early?

    [+3012;-32] Daebak is influenced by his older sisters. He is too sweet.

    [+2428;-18] The moment when Bakie sees Seo Kang Joon he calls him Oppaya. It looked really cute.


    Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person


    [+1018;-17] Ha... Daebak really cute!! ♥♥♥♥ Good chemistry with Seo Kang Joon!!

    [+909;-123] Look at how Seo Kang Joon is having fun while playing with the kids. It's nice to see.

    [+861;-16] Kangjun ... Even a handsome person is tender.


    Trans. via SKJ Vietnam fanpage

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  4. Seo Kang Joon Becomes Daebak, Seol Ah, And Soo Ah’s New Favorite Older Brother (Not Uncle, He Insists)

    seo kang joon return of superman

    A new not-uncle will be visiting Daebak, Seol Ah, and Soo Ah this Christmas!

    On the upcoming episode of “The Return of Superman,” Seo Kang Joon will be a babysitter for the three little Lee children, of whom he confesses he is a fan. As expected, the twins fall in love with the handsome actor the moment they lay eyes on him.

    The new babysitter also introduces himself as an older brother (oppa), rather than an uncle (samchon), as he felt that the latter sounds too distant age-wise, and the former would let him get closer to the children. It’s a sound reason, but it also becomes fodder for laughter when the ever-adorable Daebak starts calling Seo Kang Joon oppa, as opposed to the hyung term used by males.

    Stills for the episode have been released, giving viewers a glimpse of how Seo Kang Joon’s babysitting experience will go. An optimistic shot shows Seo Kang Joon rocking Seol Ah to sleep in a baby carrier, while another less optimistic but still very cute one shows the poor man unable to move even a step from all the children dangling off his limbs. But even though he’s sweating buckets, the actor’s smile never disappears.

    The episode will be aired on December 25, but in the meantime, you can watch the siblings master swimming and celebrate their father’s Asia Champions League win in a surprise event in the latest episode below!



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  5. Seo Kang Jun to star in Hello Venus's MV again



    Seo Kang Jun is going to be the male star in Hello Venus's new MV!  The girl group revealed they'll be making a comeback in January.


    On December 21, agency Fantagio revealed, "Seo Kang Jun will be appearing in the MV of Hello Venus, which plans to make a comeback in January.  The format is not that of a drama. Seo Kang Jun and all of Hello Venus will appear.  The filming is planned for next week."


    This isn't their first time working together as he previously appeared in their MV for "Do You Want Some Tea" back in 2013. 




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  6. Seo Kang Jun and Seolhyun continue their hot chemistry for 'Zig Bang'



    Seo Kang Jun and Seolhyun showed off their great chemistry once again!


    You probably remember Seo Kang Jun and Seolhyun from 'Laws of the Jungle', where they had a love line. Now, the two stars are continuing to show their great chemistry as the new hot models for real estate app 'Zig Bang'.


    'Zig Bang' revealed two cuts of their new models; one formal and one casual concept. Of course, Seo Kang Jun and Seolhyun look amazing in both. 


    Don't the two models look great together?










    Additional pic


    cr. MakeMe5urprise

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  7. 'Laws of the Jungle' couple Seo Kang Jun and Seolhyun reunite as models?


    Seo Kang Jun and Seolhyun made quite the beautiful pair when they enjoyed a light love line on 'Laws of the Jungle' in the past!  Now it looks like the two are going t reunite as models!


    On December 15, an entertainment rep claimed that the two have been chosen as the new models together for a real estate app.  They have already finished wrapping up a CF shoot and are awaiting its release.

    The rep said, "Seo Kang Jun and Seolhyun became friends through SBS's 'Laws of the Jungle in Tonga' back in April.  Even though they've seen each other again for the first time in a while, there was no awkwardness."


    Do you ship?



    Nope, I just see them as good friends. :keke

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  8. On 13.12.2016 at 11:05 PM, kawaii_bunny said:


    I'm not watching it yet, but I'm planning to watch it after I finish some of my other dramas. I hope it's as good as what people say. LDW seeing as grim reaper is also something what I look forward to. :)


    It's really good so far. But for now, I can't tell where the story is heading. The characters and their interactions are certainly the best thing of Goblin imho.  Especially the bromance btw the Goblin and Grim Reaper. They are the highlight of the show for me. :wub:

    On 13.12.2016 at 9:39 PM, sera43 said:

    Brings back memories of Roommate. SKJ and Lee Dong Wook :wub:                              

    On another note, is anyone watching Goblin? LDW is amazing as Grim Reaper there. :)


    Yep, I'm watching. I like it a lot. LDW does an amazing job as the grim reaper. :glasses:

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  9. LOVEY DOVEY facebook



    Bild könnte enthalten: 1 Person, lächelnd, Text


    Another article about the return of Superman


    Seo Kang Joon becomes 'Babysitter Uncle' on 'The Return of Superman'




    'Entourage' rising actor Seo Kang Joon is reportedly next in line to make a guest appearance on KBS reality program 'The Return of Superman'. He is said to be filming together with soccer player Lee Dong Guk's family in Songdo, early this morning (13 December).


    The Songdo family consists of 2 sets of twins; older sisters Jaesi and Jaeah, younger ones Seola and Sua as well as the youngest and only boy, Si An (affectionately known by his nickname, Daebak). In past episodes, the family has warmly welcomed Lee Dong Wook as well as CNBLUE's Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jong Hyun as babysitters.




    The episode with Seo Kang Joon is set to air on 25 December, just in time for a Christmas special. So keep a lookout for it!


    Meanwhile, Seo Kang Joon is in tvN's pre-produced drama 'Entourage', a remake of a popular American drama series. For fans in the Asia-Pacific region, 'Entourage' airs on channel tvN every Monday and Tuesday, at 9:15 pm (GMT+8)You may also catch the episodes free on the VIU app! 



    161213 Entourage BTS


    tvn drama

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  10. Seo Kang Joon To Become Daebak’s Uncle For A Day On “The Return Of Superman”

    Seo Kang Joon Lee Dong Gook

    Seo Kang Joon will be acting as Daebak’s uncle for a day!

    A representative from KBS’s variety show division revealed that “Seo Kang Joon is at Lee Dong Guk’s house in Songdo for KBS 2TV’s ‘The Return of Superman.'”

    The actor is said to have started filming for the variety show on the morning of December 13, with news of his arrival spreading quickly throughout the apartment.

    “The Return of Superman” has had several “Uncle babysitter” episodes in the past with celebrities like Lee Dong Wook, and CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa and Lee Jong Hyun. Seo Kang Joon is set to be the next uncle up to bat, spending the day with Lee Dong Wook’s five children.

    Seo Kang Joon’s appearance will be included in the show’s Christmas special on December 25.

    Are you excited to see him as an uncle on “The Return of Superman”?

    Source (1) (2)


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  11. 161210 Entertainment Weekly: Pics and Gifs










     see more: http://10seol12.tistory.com/101 +  http://10v-v12.tistory.com/110


    161210 Entourage BTS: Pics and Gifs









    see more: http://10seol12.tistory.com/100













    see more: http://10seol12.tistory.com/99

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  12. Fanmade videos from the Beanpole Outdoor event

    Note: I'm posting some of the clips as links to avoid loading problems.

    1.FMV PART 1


    1.FMV PART 2


    1.FMV PART 3



    2.FMV PART 1


    2.FMV PART 2



    3.FMV (short clip)


    Other short clips from the Beanpole Outdoor event


    2nd clip: Kangjun greeting his fans and talking



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