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  1. Kim So Yeon And Uhm Ki Joon Make A Deal In “The Penthouse 2” Although their relationship was on the rocks when viewers last saw them in “The Penthouse 2,” the villainous couple played by Kim So Yeon and Uhm Ki Joon manages to come to a business agreement in the upcoming episode. SBS’s “The Penthouse 2” is the second season of the suspenseful drama about the solidarity and pursuit of revenge among a group of women at the top of the social pyramid, who will stop at nothing to protect their children. Spoilers
  2. I didn't state WHO has breached rules repeatedly. Some posters still do it although we edit posts violating rules. Mr Queen commentary is more appropriate for a shipping thread. In case you are unaware, there is a shipping thread for KJH and SHS actors: This thread should contain posts only related to KJH, not KJH with another actor or actress. Hopefully I've clarified enough.
  3. M O D E R A T O R N O T E It has come to the staff's attention the following rules have been breached consistently despite the moderators edits : - No quoting of pics/gifs/videos - No posting of unrelated/off-topic content. This is an actor thread where fans of Kim Jung Hyun should only post content related to the said actor. Anything else is considered off-topic and has been deleted. - No posting of more than 3 images/videos/gifs. The rest should be hidden under the spoiler tag. Please heed the above-mentioned rules, the staff will tak
  4. Nana Transforms Into Rom-Com Queen For Upcoming MBC Romance Drama MBC’s upcoming drama “Oh My Ladylord” (literal title) has released stills of Nana in the role of Oh Joo In. “Oh My Ladylord” is a romance drama about a top thriller drama writer named Han Bi Soo (Lee Min Ki), who chooses not to date, and a rom-com actress named Oh Joo In (Nana), who is unable to date. Nana’s character, Oh Joo In, is a top rom-com actress who is a favorite with all audiences, young and old, male and female. In real life, however, it’s not that she chooses not to date but that she can’t date.
  5. Watch: The Children Of Hera Palace Play Around Between Takes On “The Penthouse 2” SBS released a behind-the-scenes video of the children of “The Penthouse 2” having fun filming with each other between takes. “The Penthouse 2” continues where “The Penthouse” left off in a thriller about the ambition, greed, and revenge of the wealthy elite living in a penthouse building called “Hera Palace.” Kim Young Dae plays Joo Seok Hoon, the son of Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon) and Shim Soo Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah). Han Ji Hyun plays Joo Seok Kyung, his twin sister. Choi Ye Bin plays Ha Eun Byul,
  6. “Sisyphus: The Myth” And “Mouse” Drop In Ratings Amid Fierce Competition From “Miss Trot 2” JTBC’s “Sisyphus: The Myth” saw another drop in viewership ratings, while tvN’s new drama “Mouse” According to Nielsen Korea, the March 4 episode of “Sisyphus: The Myth” recorded average nationwide ratings of 4.972 percent, the drama’s lowest rating to date and the first time it has entered the 4 percent range (...) Skipped unrelated content https://www.soompi.com/article/1457626wpp/sisyphus-the-myth-and-mouse-drop-in-ratings-amid-fierce-competition-fr
  7. I feel so bad for him . He has such a hard childhood on and off set. He became such a strong and principled person due to his harsh experience. He is a survivor of bullying
  8. Song Joong Ki's 'Victory' debuts at #1 on Netflix Article: Movie 'Victory' hits #1 on Netflix's world movies rank just a day after release Source: Kyunghyang News via Naver 1. [+1,090, -151] It was a lot better than I thought ㅋ 2. [+558, -86] It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that the movie showed potential in Korea's SF movie market to play up to par to that of Hollywood's SF. I personally love the SF genre and enjoyed 'Stranger Things' as well as the Marble and DC series. Recently, I've been enjoying 'Sweet Home' and 'The Uncanny Encounter' on Netfli
  9. I watched the movie I got to understand why they call it korean first sci-fi movie and why KTR said when she thinks of sci-fi movies, she thinks of the hollywood movies. Space Sweepers is a very ambitious movie for korean standard, they had to cast a lot of foreign actors aside the CGI effects. I don't know its reception in Korea and in the rest of the world. Hopefully it will be a hit ' cause I want more sci-fi movies from Korea ! Sometimes when I want to watch a korean movies, all I see are thrillers, so it would be nice to have more diversity.
  10. He aces villain and second lead roles. But I don't know why he keeps getting casted for them, it's long overdue for him to become the male lead. Thankfully he is still in his early 20s and probably won't enlist until he is in his late 20s... thus he has some time to graduate to male lead roles.
  11. Stopping by here, hey @DrBooger long time no see I need to say I have forgotten neither KTR nor this thread. I am looking forward to the release of space sweepers tomorrow. It could be the first thing I do -watching it- when I wake up. So excited for new KTR content I was busy with RL and Soompi, doing bts work
  12. It feels like ages ago . I've been waiting since September, when you told me about it
  13. R E M I N D E R Several posts have been hidden for violating Soompi Forum Rules. Please take note off-topic discussion is against those rules. Anything not related to the drama itself should either be talked about in private or on the appropriate threads. Thank you for your understanding. Re: @Jillia
  14. Finally we've got some casting news Yoo Seung Ho In Talks For Leading Role In New Historical Romance Drama Yoo Seung Ho may be making his return with a new drama! On February 1, Ilgan Sports reported that Yoo Seung Ho would be starring in KBS 2TV’s upcoming drama “Thinking of the Moon When the Flower Blooms” (literal title). A source from the actor’s agency Story J Company shared with YTN Star, “Yoo Seung Ho has been offered the role of the protagonist i
  15. NOTICE After carefully reviewing the thread, the forum staff has taken the decision to lock it indefinitely. Re : @Jillia & @Admin
  16. Hi They are both not connected. However you can sign up with your google & Facebook accounts for the main site and the forum
  17. @DrBooger I have thought of this, I don't know if you will agree with it. I want to change the pictures of the first post for prettier ones Mr Sunshine press conference short clip Diggle
  18. Frontrow 18SS Campaign FRONTROW 19 FALL DRAMA COLLECTION FRONTROW T Collection [Lyocell] - 18 Summer 2019 Spring Frontrow Drama Collection 18 FRONTROW Summer Edition
  19. It depends on which direction you want to take. First posts are different from threads to threads. Some are more focused on aesthetics while other are like an encyclopedia where you can find pretty much all information. Some others use default font instead of a specific one. The standard is : - introduction : name, date of birth, age, etc. - dramas -movies -advertisements - awards - music videos and appearances if any - interviews Some fans want to be comprehensive and add more information/sections I took a quick
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