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  1. Thanks @Lmangla & @partyon for creating this event !! I had a blast reading all these memes Posting some Tagging @mirmz
  2. ohh memorist and my oppa. Finally you will watch one of my oppa's dramas I haven't finished it yet, I've watched half of it .It aired in March but I was busy then, I resumed watching it in September but I got sucked into the turkish drama I'm currently watching. I put it aside. Since you will start watching it, I shall finish the series. Yeah @Berou sweetie, we need your help again! Correct. In 2017 subbers always lost. I don't know if between 2017 & 2020, things changed. I don't mind helping/ changing rules to make it fairer -2
  3. Nooooo What is this ? I'm coming to your rescue and you're going... -2
  4. -2 Coming to the rescue haha
  5. The 20 characters rule exists to ensure what is posted is worth for readers reading time. It does not matter if there is one pic, two or three pics. So posting only pics without text or some words ( 2/3 words) with the aim of filling pages infringes soompi rules. This is a discussion platform, thus discussion is prioritized. If there is little or no discussion, then what is posted should be insightful and worth for everyone's reading time. In addition, I had trouble loading pages due to the amount of posted pics. Here, in soompi we try as much possible to prevent this. We kno
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