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  1. Good morning/ afternoon/evening everyone ! How are you ? I stayed away from Soompi for a few days due to RL. Is it malaysian/indonesian ? My home country doesn't sell teh tarik. I would need to go to asian market in order to find it. The idea of tea mixed with milk is - 2
  2. What is teh tarik ? Teh o'? Hello @partyon, @Jillia even though I said hello to you somewhere else -2
  3. Im fine, except Im suffering from the heat -2
  4. Happy wednesday to you and everyone else Ohh I didnt know my DP would get such reactions. @mirmz likes it too. I hesitated between the one I chose for my DP and this one : -2
  5. You got me hungry @H0ney @Lmangla, found this kdrama sheet on reddit. It made me think of the kdrama tropes event held a while ago It seems the trend now is mental health issues, goofy/brooding/narcissists MLs, badass females with peak fashion. Wanna bet what type of mid-life crisis drama will be the next ratings hit ? To compare to some years ago kdramas tropes : Cr: u/teacherghost -2
  6. oooooooooooooh @Berou love ur new profile pic!!!!

    excited fans GIF by Billboard Music Awards

    1. Berou


      Thank you sweetie :fullofhearts:


      It's from bleach anime :)


    2. mirmz


      ur welcome!


  7. Everyone is using pet gifs, is it because of funny pets meme week ? Hello @mirmz You really got me curious about ROY. Is PBG character as good as his hello monster's ? -2
  8. Aww you are a sweetheart It's still too early to go to bed here. I will watch some dramas or watch YT videos while relaxing and resting - 2
  9. Yeah. A rest is long overdue. If I keep working I will never watch ROY first ep and the next ep of Memorist - 2
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