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  1. 新手村 Green Village 神之领域 蜘蛛洞穴 Spider cave 个人竞技场 Battle Arena 空积城 Congee City 空知林 Congee Forest 琉璃之地 埋骨之地 Boneyard 帕克小镇 Sorry I don't know all the english translations for the name of the places.
  2. Collective Character Stills from air date to today. I plan to binge on the drama once The Untamed finishes. How's the drama so far? Is it living up to the title of sister drama of 10miles of Peach Blossom? 07/22 (NiNI's weibo) 07/22 07/19 07/18 7/17 7/16 07/15 李东学 Li Dongxue's weibo From 刘芊含 Liu qianhan's weibo 07/14 07/13 07/12 07/11, refer to post on page 2
  3. New still updates. 杨洋 (Yang Yang) as 叶修 (Ye Xiu) 江疏影 (Jiang Shuying) as 陈果 (Chen Guo) 赖雨蒙 (Lai Yumeng) as 苏沐橙 (Su Mucheng) 李沐宸 (Lin Muchen) as 唐柔 (Tang Rou) 赖艺 (Lai Yishi) as 包荣兴 (Bao Rongxing)
  4. [Dance Battle TENCENT BTS Link] DANCE BATTLE RULES: Xiao Zhan has to remember and dance to Wang Yibo’s move then add his own Xiao Zhan “who said I will lose in this dance battle?" "oh did I hear that right? Lan Zhan goes first after letting Wei Ying lose in a game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS 3 seconds later “I lost”
  5. Lan Zhan knew WWX's golden core was damaged but he didn't know the specifics (prior to WWX's death). LWJ found the out about the entire truth at the same time as JC (after WWX's revival). The author didn't go into a lot details regarding the character's weapon. The seal was derived from the sword stabbed inside the turtle, in the novel, it's assumed that WWX went back to the cave to retrieve the dark sword. However, in the drama WWX took the sword with him went he left the cave. As for the flute, I dont remember if it was an after word from the author or that one noticeable line the novel, WWX found a piece of wood in Yiling and made into a flute. There was no other seal in the novel. I think the drama added Wen's seal to bypass the censorship with zombies because the drama made it very clear the 'zombies' are living humans with a void conscious. EP 26. Briefly:
  6. @dreamxx GIF is from one of the trailers, the scene hasn't air yet. I guessing you are correct, it should be LWJ asking for punishment after saving WWX @NEVERending WWX is mostly like going to die by or at the end of next week. So Ill wait one week and binge on the 12 episodes. Im okay about the part with WWX dying but the arc with Jiang Ling's parents is what tears my heart apart. This happy bubble final burst. I cant handle it. @BreezeC He moved away from Nie Huaisang because he lost his 'spirit core' or whatever it's subbed as. WWX is now very weak physically, so he dodged the touch from Nie in case the latter might sense something. Remember how he fell from a single light push from JC, that's mostly like why he doesn't want anyone to touch him. I don't think it's the 'dark spirit' since he has no problems cuddling with Jiang Yanli.
  7. For those reading the english translation, keep in mind which edition the translations are from. There are 2 official editions of the novel. Many of the details and arcs are completely removed or just breezed through in the 2nd edition. Perhaps it is a web version ver published version type of thing. The drama is some what in between the 2 versions plus its own adjustment. The major change so far is the appearance of another seal or whatever it's called that's owned by the Wen sect. ALL the stills for this week: WWX x LWJ Others characters How am I going to survive watching next weeks episode? Im 99% certain WWX is going to die by next Wednesday. TT_TT
  8. The anime is only 20 mins and maybe even a bit less, while the drama is a solid 40mins, so other than the drama having a couple more detailed glances between WWX and LWJ the friendship level is pretty much the same. Ep 19~20 stills. Tonight's episode was EPIC. I can't wait for next week's battle scenes.
  9. New trailer. Looks like Tencent updated with english subs, time to watch again. *Here's my translation* STILLS Ep 17~18 New set of poster. @BreezeC
  10. Stills for ep 15 & 16. I just finished watching the 2 episode, I need to find a corner. It's too painful. Shoutout to Wen Zhuliu who drinks the wine despite knowing it was drugged.
  11. In case anyone is having a hard time waiting for next week's update.
  12. Stills for tonight's episode 07/02/2019 (Remainder of the stills are hidden in spoiler)
  13. There's a change in the broadcast date in response to the high demand. The drama will now air from Mon TO Wed 2 episodes each. That's a total of 6episode per week, the vips are still 4 episodes ahead. So the new finale date is Aug 14th for the VIPS and non-Vips on Aug 20th. Full schedule from July to August. // Today's Episode (9~10). The Xuanwu turtle is a little smaller than what I would expect. It's not very threatening. Relationship Chart
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