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  1. Looks like photoshop manips to me. I think these are taken from the wedding scene in Goong when Shin and Chae-gyung get married. Biggest tipoff is the robe for the bride is blue when in the period that Moon Embarces the Sun the monarchy still uses the red robe. Also, the edges around the faces a bit imperfect and look off somehow. Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but these aren't spoiler pics.

  2. Sorry to cut your post xD

    My thoughts exactly. Obviously what she did was not right but I give her a leeway of being so young and just pawn. I had a lot more pity on her before she told Hwon that she had absolutely no regrets... but I also thought: If Hwon were her, and Yeon Woo were Yeom, would he do the same? If he were put in the same position, what would Hwon do to be able to have Yeon Woo. From the looks of it, he's ready to give up his kingdom (just as MW is willing to be banished for Yeom's sake). I feel like he would have done whatever possible to have Yeon Woo by his side (especially if her were MW's age at the time as well). And like MW had said, she did not know that Yeon Woo would die; she did not know, until her husband was crying over YW's death. The terrible thing is after finding out, she was unapologetic. I thought at first it was just strong infatuation, but she really does love Yeom. More than anything in the world, and that is why she is willing to accept any form of punishment (though I still stick to my thought she was kind of guilt tripping Hwon out of a punishment), as long as she can first have Yeom's child (: I don't hate her, but I definitely do think she deserves punishment.

    I share the same thoughts as you as well. Hwon's love for Yeon-woo was so deep he never allowed for anybody to enter his heart since her death. I don't think it'd be a stretch of the imagination that he would have acted drastically were he put in the same situation at a young age. Not that this absolves Min-hwa at all. I'm severely disappointed that she said she would do it again, it actually makes me feel a bit depressed and at a loss. I know she had flaws and was at fault for not speaking up about the whole affair all these years, but I honestly thought the script writers would have had Min-hwa redeem herself since they did such a good job in showing her cuteness (in my opinion at least, I know there's quite a fair few of you who hated Min-hwa from the get-go). I still can't bring myself to hate her because I still understand her deluded point of views a bit. I sort of feel this turn of events for Min-hwa is a bit out of character and is more symptomatic of bad writing than the character itself. It's sort of hard for me to believe that Min-hwa is that heartless given that both her parents and two brothers have the biggest, kindest hearts in the entire kingdom and her husband and in-laws are the nicest people in the freakin world. I really hope that at best Min-hwa was just speaking dramatically since it was such an emotional moment and so much had been revealed in such a short amount of time. And in Min-hwa's world things tend to be be a bit dramatic. To say that she would do it all over again is sort of an easy statement to make since it's just talk and not action.

    But then again I could be completely wrong and it turns out she really is that bad. At the end of the day I just really, really, really hope the script-writers and the PD give her a chance to make up for her wrongs and that she follows through because I really did like her character and it breaks my heart to see her be this way.

  3. Here is my take on that also.......This is why I also think she prayed for YW death in that room......Remember  when Seol question YW aide she said that MW came by that same night to check on YW health and left........Now if MW didnt know what was going on and she did not pray for her death, Queen D didnt tell her she had to do anything, but just show up then there was no reason for her to go and check on YW, I think she was just scared after she did it, thats why she was looking like that............So this is why I feel that Queen D told her what she needed to do and once it was over by MW being a child she ran over there to see if anything had happen to her......Plus you have to understand this too she knew that the only way she could marry Yeom is if her brother did not marry YW *quoted image* 

    That's not my take on Min-hwa at all. We all see how manipulative and evil the Queen Dowager is. I would not put it past her to manipulate a child and twist it to her maximum benefit. Would she have outright told an otherwise innocent and upright child that she had to kill somebody just so she could marry the guy she loved? Min-hwa may be spoiled, but she's by no means evil. Most likely the Queen Dowager told her she had to participate in SOME sort of spiritual rites to pray that she could marry Yeom, but left out the part that what she was really doing is praying for Yeon-woo's death (the consequence being of course Yeom would be free to marry her). She would not have told Min-hwa what was really going on until it was too late. The Queen Dowager informing Min-hwa of her 'true' involvement was quite purposeful on her part as well. She knew the innocence Min-hwa had and by revealing that to her, she knew she would guilt Min-hwa into believing everything was her doing when really she was just being manipulated by evil granny. That's why you see her shaking so badly after Nokyoung had performed the ritual. As a small child what could she have done once things had gone too far? I think that's why she had gone to see Yeon-woo after Nokyoung was finished. Not because she wanted to see if the curse had worked to her benefit, but to see if that perhaps it didn't work because a child like Min-hwa would never want to be a killer.

    I do agree that Min-hwa has some burden to bear since she kept silent about all that's happened and her involvement after all these years, but at the same time I understand and sympathize with her as a well. She was so young when this happened, it's easy to see how confused she would be. Also, when you're a child you're more likely to follow the orders of authority rather than fight back since you're still learning your own strengths. Evil granny obviously told her to keep her mouth shut so that's what she did. Do you think she would avoid speaking with her grandmother as an adult if she was okay with what happened when she was a child? So now you see adult Min-hwa battling her guilt. I don't know how things are in the books; perhaps she was more of a despicable character, but from what I've seen in the drama she's rather likable albeit flawed. I imagine that what the script writers have in store for her is that once she finds her resolve she'll speak out against the Queen Dowager and confess to everything and accept the consequences and in so doing will have redeemed herself.

    I really don't understand the deep-rooted hate against Min-hwa. Dislike, possibly, but outright loathe her? I just don't get it. A lot of people say she's just a spoiled, selfish brat. She is spoiled and selfish to a point, but not to the extent that I see a lot of people ranting about. She is quite devoted to her husband and her in-laws and not in a "he's the man I've always wanted so I need to do this to look good" kind of way, but in that she truly cares for her new family. The guilt you see her battling and the tears she shed upon learning just how much Yeon-woo's parents suffered at Yeon-woo's death is proof of that and that's why I find her a sympathetic character.

    PS sorry if this reply is a bit late. I started typing this earlier, but I got preoccupied and couldn't finish until now.

    edit, wanted to answer this question below:

    i saw people talking bout the couple, i know seol seems like she likes Yeom since they young, but...somehow.. i want her with Woon. btw, can woon get married? since he work with the king, is that possible? or its forbidden for him to get marry?

    I believe the only males who can't get married are probably the Eunuchs (e.g. Hyung-sun), but then again they couldn't even if they wanted to because well...they're eunuchs. Otherwise I think the only restriction on marriage is that you have to marry within your class. Considering that Woon is from a noble class (despite being the son of a concubine), he is allowed to get married in general. The only hitch is that most likely he would never be allowed to marry Seol because she is of the slave class and that's worlds away from where Woon is. I know there are exceptions to that, but I doubt his family would allow it to happen and Korean culture is big on the familial approval. In an ideal world Seoul and Woon should just elope. And I agree with you, I think Woon and Seol would make a great couple :)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    ~So, a wedding scene was supposed to be shown at the end? But they filmed it late. I'm dying for a DVD D-cut now. Please?































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































      Song Seung Hun, "'MP', the wedding was the epilogue"
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































      송승헌 "'마프', 결혼식 에필로그 있었다"































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    *quoted image*






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    *quoted image*






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    (AP) yungoeun reporter = "Some loss at the end? It also Park Hae Young  (Song Seung Hun) and Lee Seol (Kim Tae-hee) was attached to the epilogue  of the wedding. But do not have time I took it."
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    (서울=연합뉴스) 윤고은 기자 = "결말이 좀 아쉬웠죠? 대본에는 박해영(송승헌 분)과 이설(김태희)의 결혼식이 에필로그로 붙어 있었어요. 그런데 시간이 없어서 못 찍었습니다."
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Song Seung Hun ended the February 24 MBC TV 'My Princess' released at the conclusion of dwityaegireul entangled.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    송승헌이 지난 24일 막을 내린 MBC TV '마이 프린세스'의 결말에 얽힌 뒷얘기를 공개했다.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    In his recent interview with Yonhap News, "I've got a plane drama  ahswiwohaetda many people. I was sorry to see" and "I was actually  shooting a wedding in the epilogue can not not have time to shoot," he  said.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    그는 최근 연합뉴스와 인터뷰에서 "비행기 안에서 드라마가 끝나니까 많은 분들이 아쉬워했다. 나도 보는 데 아쉽더라"며 "사실은 결혼식이 에필로그로 있었는데 촬영할 시간이 없어서 못 찍었다"고 말했다.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    'My Princess' 24 am to 6 pm shooting was in progress.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    '마이 프린세스'는 24일 오후 6시까지 촬영을 진행했다.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    "The last day of filming of Lee Seol and Park Hae Young at the the fountain in front of the palace was the scene of a conversation," he  said.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    그는 "마지막 촬영은 박해영과 이설이 궁의 분수대 앞에서 대화를 나누는 장면이었다"고 전했다.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Only 4 hours ahead of time to broadcast the final finished filming 'My  Princess' just in time to edit the broadcast after the accident was  averted. But the epilogue to the time of the shooting will be never. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    방송시간을 불과 4시간 앞두고 마지막 촬영을 마친 '마이 프린세스'는 간신히 제시간에 편집을 마치고 방송 사고를 피했다. 그러나 에필로그를 촬영할 시간까지는 없었던 것이다.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Song Seung Hun: "This did not seem like a tough shoot. Always feared it  might have an accident broadcasting" and "still in one piece, but the  Wave finished, in order to evolve good drama should be taken to improve  the environment," he said.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    송승헌은 "이번처럼 힘든 촬영은 없었던 것 같다. 늘 방송 사고가 날까봐 두려웠다"며 "그래도 무사히 마쳐 다행이지만 한류가 발전하기 위해서는 드라마 촬영 환경이 개선되야한다"고 말했다.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    How could they--? But it's--! GAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! :angry::angry::angry:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Might as well have just not said anything, this is pure torture knowing what could have been.




































































































    @soju_chic: oh please don't put ideas in my head. Having these two together again in a drama, and no less in a Hong sisters drama? I would die of happiness. Too bad there's news of their next drama being this summer and is supposed to be a Lee Seung Gi vehicle, otherwise I would have hope. Korean dramas don't have a very good track record when it comes to reuniting couples like I've seen with Taiwanese dramas. I think we're just going to have to re-watch My Princess for more HeonHee interaction. Bless the writer for giving us tons of cute to get us by for the rest of our lives :wub:








































































    @JoluxiFairy: woah, those pics. Judging from the last picture, it seems like they're gonna make good on that Dae Jang Geum parody. Methinks these pictures of her are fantasies someone dreamed up and are imagining what it would be like if Seol actually lived during a historical period. How very Hong sister-esque of them.








































































    You guys are seriously depressing me with all this finale talk :tears: All I can hope for is that somehow the drama gods will bless us with another rom-com that Song Seung-heon and Kim Tae-hee will star in so that we may join together again and bask in their cuteness. A second drama for these two has the added benefit of having them be close together again and having them spark something in real life (a fangirl can dream can't she? :lol:).




























































    And goodness, all the shoutouts have made me feel so loved. All of you guys who helped contribute to this thread have really made watching this drama extra enjoyable. Because this thread is so lively and fun, I always find energy to devote some time to working on goodies for this drama. Here are some more for you all to enjoy!




























































    Deluxe (over 40kb) versions can be downloaded here: http://www.still-frames.net/goong/avatars.php






























































































































































































































































































































































    Now, let's bring on episode 15! More kisses and couple scenes please!








































































    Seeing all you guys still spazzing in this thread even though it isn't Wed/Thurs makes me happy. Y'know, I'd probably be photoshopping wallpapers right now if only I had HQ pics from their posters. Tried googling/checking DC gallery and not much came up *sigh* I really love the pictures from the posters with Tae Hee wearing the Audrey Hepburn style dresses with Seung Heon, but the only ones I've been able to find are the ones with text all over them or they're too small. Ah well, I'll stick to making icon gifs then :sweatingbullets:




































































    That is when the kiss scen is made and they shoot from several angles and to keep a good shot they keep the actors




























































    standing at the exact same spot while the camera is moved.




























































    Its to keep the authenticy of that scen.




























































    On top of that its darn cold and they have been shooting for a while and since they do hug why not keep warm together :)




























































    Seol has a lot thinner clothes on then HY.























































































































    If that's the case, why does he have a script? It's not like you have to remember much when it's just "hug now, kiss there, move tongue after, continue for 10 minutes". Whatever the case may be, it's still pretty darned cute that he's hugging her and keeping her warm :lol:




































































        me2day status ~ 20110218


















































































































































































    "We all know what scene is this, right? ^^























































































































    There's not much time left!!  > _ < Be sure to watch the broadcast Oh!!!!























































































































    *quoted image*
























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It's so cold yet so "warm"! I'm so melting right in front of my screen! *quoted image*


















































































































































































    Lol, why does he need to hug her while looking at the script? It'd be one thing if it was in between takes, but she's wearing a blanket so obviously they're not filming quite yet. See, it's stuff like this that makes me like the rest of y'all and really, really, really want to see these two get together in real life. I know I end up doing this for 95% of the couples I see in K-dramas, but it's not my fault these two just go so well together.




























































    Oh, I also forgot to mention how much I loved bad@$$ Seol in my last post. Most dramas I'm begging for the writers to add some backbone to our leading ladies, but this time they finally did something right. SO SATISFYING how Seol fired Yoon-joo and told her to get out of the palace. "내궁에서 나가" Awesome. Although I do wish that Seol would use traditional court language on Yoon-joo. It would feel extra authoratative, plus she'd be speaking down to Yoon-joo using the highest form possible. I want Yoon-joo to feel as small as the way she tried to make Seol feel when she was being so gosh darned condescending to her.




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    WITHS2 is making HARD SUBBED version of MP..
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    You can DL it in FULL :)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    here is the link:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    they are little behind on soft-subbing teams like viki, drama-smurf..
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    but their quality of subs is superb since they don't release soft-sub versions..
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Episode 9 is out from withs2 :)































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm not exactly sure you understand the terminology when it comes to the subbing world, but I'll clarify things for you: soft-subs are subs that are not encoded into the video file and usually come as a separate file (usually in the format .srt, .ssa, .richard simmons, etc.). This means you need two files to view soft subs, the sub file and the video file. Hard subs are subs that ARE encoded into the video file so you don't need two files in order to watch the video with subs. The subs WITHS2 produces are soft subs as it would be illegal for them to be distributing video files. They decided on this policy a couple of years ago when Fantasy Couple was being worked on.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Anyways, on to my comments for episode 14: AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! *fangirly squeals* XD XD XD So much great Hae-young/Seol moments plus the cute party with all the supporting members totally made my day! And I noticed a lot of you wondered what is going to happen in the next two episodes since it seems a lot of stuff was resolved already. I know some of you already mentioned there's Seol having to officially take the throne again, but I'd just like to add that in addition to that I would love it if Hae-young proposed to her and the two get married. Please, please, please have a big grand, wedding! Not sure if I'd want it to be a traditional royal ceremony or if I'd prefer it to be a big white wedding, but I'm sure I definitely want to see a wedding (although to be honest I'd love it if they had two ceremonies :lol:). Oh, oh! And an epilogue showing their kids with their little prince and princess. Or, if they don't want to do the epilogue thing with their kids, then at least show us their honeymoon. I need more Hae-young and Seol lovin on my screen (rawr =3).




































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm spazzing out like crazy right now. Super duper romantic when Seol fell asleep in his arms and the way he laid her down. And of COURSE the kiss!! The confession leading up to it and how he just grabs her when she comes out... kyaa!!!! XD XD XD My favorite though was how he kept calling her Seol-ah. Yay for first name basis! Now if only we can get Seol to call him Hae-young or Oppa we'd be set :D




























































    PS Only three more eps :tears:





  13. Ahhh!!! All these pictures and previews are killing me!

    The whole cottage part is probably going to be ridiculously cute since it's just Hae-young and Seol together in a confined space, but I am NOT looking forward to when Seol's memories come flashing back and she decides she can't be with Hae-young anymore and give up the throne. The whole forced separation thing is probably going to carry through to the end of the drama too, so I can only imagine being in agony watching these two be apart. And it's a total Catch 22 too. On the one hand, I want the finale to come sooner so that way I know all this will be resolved and I can see my main couple be together, but on the other hand that means the drama would be over and I'll no longer see the cutest royal pair together in the world. *sob*


  14. Good evening everyone! While we all wait for next week's episodes to air (oh my gosh, only 4 left :tears: ), I'd like to share more animated icons I've made for eps 9 to 11 (I would have done 12, but not too many scenes I could pick from).

    Deluxe and originals can be downloaded from my site here: http://www.still-frames.net/goong/avatars.php

    Reminder: Animated gifs don't work as user icons on soompi, but feel free to use them in your signatures or as your user icons on other forums :lol:





  15. i dont know if its already posted or something because i am right 5 pages away from the current page but regarding the DNA testing issue, could it be possible that there is a twist like Lee Han was cremated? so it is not possible to get a sample from ashes.

    I say that's 99% unlikely. There is clearly a burial mound for his body that we've seen several times when the Chairman and Hae-young have gone to visit it. I think the main problem with the DNA testing is lack of samples from Lee Han's body as it's probably uncertain whether or not they retained any before he was buried and it'd probably be impractical to dig up his body to get one (and probably a big no-no in terms of respecting the dead).

  16. Wow thanks! Now I know.. I'm really learning. I really want to learn Korean words. Nim is the way of them to address someone with respect. I also hear (Gong-joo-mama) in Princess Hours and I'm so confused here in MP because sometime they are using gong-joo-mama and sometime its gong-joo-nim now i know. Thanks for clearing it up. :)

    Oh i have mistaken "jinja" i thought it was "achincha" LOL what kind of ears do i have. haha. So its "ah... jinja" that's why i thought it's achincha. hahaha. I always hear it to HY. It's her expression all the time "ah jinja" while LS "Oho!!" So cute! :D And i remember the word nomu nomu nomu  I heard it in My GF is a Gumiho. That's also cute. :)

    Thanks for the infos! :D

    Actually, in Goong/Princess Hours Chae-gyung was referred to as Bin-goong-mama. Gong-joo refers to a princess who is direct offspring of the King by the Queen (Ong-joo being a princess born to the king by a concubine). Bin-goong is the wife of crown prince. Crown prince in Korean is referred to as 'Seja', so sometimes you'll hear the Crown princess referred to as "Seja-bin". Thus two terms could be used for the Crown princess, "Bin-goong" or "Seja-bin". Korean royal terms are kind of complicated since they have a lot moremore terms to refer to different positions than the English monarchy system westerners are accustomed to, so a lot of times it's kind of difficult to translate the Korean terms. Thankfully it's just Seol in the palace so it's not too confusing. But I imagine if there were more royal family members running about we'd all have to have a bit of a vocabulary lesson to learn before watching :lol:

  17. How does LS call her Proffesor? Is it Kunjang Nim? In english does it mean "sir"?

    It's so cute of LS everytime she shouts "OHO!!!" :D Hahaha. So cute with matching cute facial expressions. I guess "OHO" is just a simple expression? Or maybe it means "Hey!" Hey in korean is like "Ya!" i guess. ;) I always hear it in kdramas also the word "Pabu" (fool) and achincha (really). I really want to learn Korean words.

    Seol refers to Jung-woo as "Kyo-soo-nim" which translate to "professor" (sometimes "Nam Kyo-soo-nim as in Professor Nam). So she's literally calling him professor. If you want to be really literal, the suffix "nim" is a respective term you can tack on whenever you're speaking up to someone. Notice how sometimes people refer to Seol as "Gong-joo-nim". Princess is just "Gong-joo", but sometimes they tack on "Nim" when they're not calling her your highness (Gong-joo-ma-ma). Idk if calling her "Gong-joo-nim" is really appropriate since I've only ever heard royals referred to with the ma-ma suffix, but I'm not Korean so I guess the drama writers know what they're doing.

    As for Oho, you're right it's akin to saying "hey" although I wouldn't say the two terms are equal. It's more a term to use when you want to silence someone and have them heed your words. I've only ever really heard it in sageuks when someone of a higher position speaks down to someone in a lower position. PS, 'fool' is better romanized as 'pabo' and 'really' as 'jinjja". I think what you're hearing is when people realize something and say 'ah' before hand, like 'ah, really'.

  18. I really hope they find a way for Seol to still be the princess AND be with Hae-young. As much as I loved the animated Anastasia movie, I'm scared that they'll do the same thing and have her give up her throne to be with Hae-young. I'm hoping if anyone has to give up anything, it's Hae-young making the sacrifice so he can be with Seol. Because if Seol gives up being a princess, that means Yoon-joo and Dan win and I can't have that.

  19. Hello Loves, I've got some animated gifs from 7&8 to share!

    TO DOWNLOAD: HQ and Standard can be found found at my site (all previous icons can be found there too).

    REMINDER: animated gifs do not work as user pics on Soompi at the moment. Feel free to use in your signatures tho =)




    sovereignn: those spoiler pics are killing me! I wonder what is going on in the second pic @____@

  20. QUESTION!!

    hey guys!! so i'm loving all the comments about ep 8 and HY's feelings towards LS and etc. BUTT i had a really...kind of lame question..xP you know how LS is pretty big on the "warm milk" and she even makes it for HY? i was wondering how you make that! if you heat milk does it automatically turn foamy like in the dramaaa??? if someone could help me out that would be greattt(:


    you're gonna need a milk steamer that they use in Coffee shops to make the heated milk + foam on lattes and other stuff.

    I'm well aware of that, but I still took that as it's been ten years since they've known each other. And probably have had an on/off relationship ever since then. That would explain the casual sleeping over. I see no issue with that.

    I'm still clueless about HY lack of recognisition of JW though. There's no friggin way to explain how's it possible for him not to know JW at all >.>; Even if he studied abroad. If you're close with someone you'd think that person would come across more than once, actually. So yeah, I think ... well, I think there's a hole somewhere lol.

    Even if there's no 'exclusive' relationship, how the heck can you *not* know your gf is dating someone else? For such a long way? That's nearly impossible.

    Probably for the same reason Jung-woo didn't know Yoon-joo had kept the Emperor's letter from him all that time. The woman is very sneaky and is very capable of keeping people from finding out things she doesn't want to. Doesn't seem as if the Chairman or her father have met him before, so my guess is while she may have run around with him around the country looking for artifacts, whenever she went home for vacations she never brought him with her to meet her family.

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