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    Any translation for the characters' profiles?





  2. can someone find the video of si yeon singing in mnet Must, a new show hosted by yoon do hyun. It aired on last tuesday but i couldnt find any video of it. Does si yeon has a good relationship wiht yoon do hyun? He once posted a selca of him and her in a party.

    This is the preview of the episode








































































    btw clock, which part has the finger linking between ji hwan and shiyeon?? i couldnt find any in the bts videos












































































    please2, anyone has the link to the fake seduction bts and the bts for the gift you made, clockwatcher???





  5. I am totally squealing at those beach date pictures.

    Can't Monday come any faster? :D

    I need to see that preview. Have a link?

    I watched strong heart from dramastyle. but somehow the link is now broken. you might have to find other websites for strong heart ep60 and you can see the preview for the next epi at the end of the show

  6. Hahaha. I'm glad someone asked her to choose between Won Bin and Yoo Jae Suk :lol: So she chose Won Bin? Maybe that's her boyfriend :D :D

    You can watch their 2002 CF together here.

    Thanks for the screen caps and explanations, ladies.

    isnt that park si yeon's sister in the last pic. hehe

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