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  1. 19 minutes ago, liesl said:


    It's actually semi uncut though. Like for example, episode 1, 2, 5, 6 on Viki are not the uncut version. I can see that some episodes are the uncut version but some are sadly not.

    Going to tag @tompark on this. I've been meaning to tell him about this for a while. ^_^


    You're right, the videos were given by the content provider so there's nothing that VIKI can do about that. But like said above, if you'd like to help the production team that made this beautiful drama, one way is to watch it on VIKI since they got payed to give the license. 

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  2. 10 hours ago, skeletonworks said:


    Oh no worries. No need to credit. I just thought it's someone who's not from this forum. At this rate I think it'd be hard to find volunteers. Unless you're the one who's going to segment and sub it. Are you? I'll try to publicise the channel if you're looking for volunteers. Quite surprise that Viki allows homosexual content. It's gonna be quite wild too isn't it? Hehehe. 

    I have some friends who can help out, but yeah it is hard to find volunteers within' LGBT dramas. It's not surprising at all for me, they have quite a few LGBT dramas on it. All the help is needed so, thank you for that ^-^

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