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  1. Good observation. Unlike Koo who almost instantaneously claps back at AJH's IG post, it takes him quite a while before he reacts. Without going into the rightness / wrongness of having such a public exchange, it nevertheless highlights Koo's spontaneity and transparency against AJH's calculated and stymied moves. Says a lot on who's being truthful on one hand, and deceitful on the other.
  2. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Like most people in here, I throw my support to Koo. She probably feels used, abused, disrespected, betrayed and of course, hurt by the man who promised to protect and love her. Ouch! While it is unfortunate that things between them have become overly complicated, I believe Koo can still rise from the ashes sooner than later. She's uber talented and multifaceted. On the other hand, AJH is bleh AJH and his company underestimated Koo's tenacity and spunk. They probably thought Koo would just let things slide in silence even if she was maligned with half-truths and lies. Big mistake! More than anybody, AJH should have known that his wife would never run from a good fight. It confirms what we now know about AJH. Koo was trifle and dispensable in his eyes. Insofar as the public is concerned, AJH disappointed miserably. We all thought he was at least a well-brought up gentleman. Apparently, he's just a selfish man who would throw anyone under the bus to clear himself. But as that Newlyweds' Director said years ago, AJH is someone who "adds fuel to the fire". In hindsight, the Director's description was the "real" AJH afterall.
  3. I've just been quietly lurking for fear I might unnecessarily spoil the suspense by comparing with the American version. Anyways, am glad the K-version has slightly veered away from the original series in many aspects. Sec. Cha's US counterpart actually resigned, so am happy to see him stay in the Blue House. Agent Han Mo's counterpart and son both perished in the western version, but still much alive over the East. Minister Oh's ending is not as pathetic as what happened to his counterpart. I definitely prefer this K-version over the American progenitor. The series is almost over, yet it's still very exciting. I hope the great reveal on who the VIP is will not disappoint.
  4. I have a confession to make. I could not resist checking out the American version and I watched it through the end. I promise not to disclose anything and will put "spoiler" warnings if needed. As mentioned by @ryanallright a few comments ago, the K-version is thus far still faithful to the main storyline but with a few tweaks to accommodate the socio and geo-political differences between the two settings. @Carmarie also echoed a similar observation. I really wonder how far and how deeply the parallelism would run. More importantly, I am curious how they would handle the character development of OYS. Afterall, I started with this drama because of LJH. Thanks @joccu for your reply. I went back to the episode and you're correct. It was a picture of a pregnant first lady with another man. Suffice it to say, this will later on become a significant sub-plot. Personally, it's easier to relate to the characters of the K-version. It's probably because I am Asian and because the cast are more endearing and all very effective actors -- except maybe for a few instances when NIS officer Hana came across as too standoffish or too one-dimensional. Anyway, am sure we'll see her get better through the series. (And please don't get me wrong. I've liked actress Kang Ha Na eversince I saw her get along so well with Song Ji Hyo in Running Man.) Looking forward to the next episodes.
  5. Another good episode it was, Ep 5. I need some clarification though. Who were those in the picture found by Pres Park's son in his mother's (the First Lady) purse? I couldn't recognize them nor make sense why the son asked if the President has ever lied to him after seeing the picture.
  6. Just saw Ep 3 over Netflix and it didn't disappoint. We finally get to see LJH, albeit very briefly. The political push and pull continues to excite, but the minor characters are the ones who really suck me in. I love the speechwriter aka Kim Nam Wook, BH Chief Han and Cha Young Jin (the BH secretary). Am still guessing where their loyalties lie. Looking forward to Ep 4 tonight. Can't wait to finally meet LJH's character.
  7. I decided to check out Ep 1 because of JJH and LJH ---- and with zero expectations. Am happy to report that I thoroughly enjoyed the 1st episode and now plan to watch Ep 2 and beyond. See you all around.
  8. I feel you @lu09. I was chuckling over that butterfly who flew from the resthouse to the hospital. It could not have been NJ as he was still alive that time.
  9. @nohamahamoud2002 Can't blame you for hoping for a better ending for NJ. AR and Esther were afterall given a new lease on life, so why not NJ too, right? Anyways, the end finally came. As predicted, OSH's father got NJ's corneas and he is fondly remembered. The storytelling was far from perfect but it still left me with generally a cheerful vibe. I enjoyed it most of the time, the most important reason why I keep watching K-dramas. Thanks everyone for keeping me company. I really had fun reading your comments and watching the interactions here. See you all again in some of the other threads. Ciao!
  10. I just watched the raw version of ep 102 and if I could give only one acting award, I would give it to JTY/ NJ hands down. He is really the best actor in this series. AR comes a very close second. Am happy that the series seems to be ending on an exciting note. I will willingly gloss over its many weaknesses if tomorrow's episode could pack a wallop.
  11. I liked that scene. I think the writer used the jacket as a substitute for a comforting embrace or even a tap on the shoulder. You could see that PSH was conflicted. While he felt sorry for AR who was shaking, he was understandably hesitant to go near her because of all her sins. So the jacket was PSH's innate kindness still showing through. That was a good move on the writer's part.
  12. From the preview, it seems the operation would fail. I will stick by my prediction that NJ would end up being the donor of the cornea. He needs something "big" as that to redeem himself somehow. I also think having another villain is a bit off being too late into the game. With just a few more episodes left, it's not the best story-telling style to introduce new twists unless maybe the intention is to give AR a chance to self-redemption. Maybe she'll end up 'saving' Aura from the new villain. Maybe.
  13. No need to defend NJ, @nohamahamoud2002. The fact that he is getting a lot of hate goes to show how effective Jin Tae-hyun's acting is. You should be a proud fan and will leave this thread with some additional fans am sure. The actress playing AR is also very effective. I already said this before, she and JTH are the best actors in the series not only because they have more complex characters to play but also because they are truly good at what they do. Acting wise, am pleased with most everyone except Esther. Although she has improved of late, her acting during the first 2/3rds of the drama was painful to watch. All she did was contort her face and/or made her eyes wider. The mental lapse of NJ is hopefully not an indication of another amnesiac in the show. Should that happen, in any degree or form, I might start thinking the writer is uber-obsessed with the subject. He probably suffered from amnesia in his previous life. Am liking the pace and story development again. However, I miss having Gon / Chan and hope to see more interactions between him & his newfound grandfather. Looking forward to a satisfying finale.
  14. The highlight for me in last night's episode was OSH's dad requiring cornea to transplant. Am guessing NJ's headache and cornea would later on play out significantly together. NJ might have his chance at "redemption" afterall. Re cause of death of PSH's mom. I already said it before that it was likely accidental, as in many K-drama's where characters claim killing someone not because they actually did it but only because they feel responsible for the death.
  15. Tonight's episode was fun to watch, if only for the much-anticipated reunion between SH and SH. It didn't surprise me that OSH has decided to continue playing along as Jemma despite recovery of her memory. PSH's dad still needs to be rescued on top of the battle over Aura Bio. What struck me more in this episode is NJ's headache. He also had it an episode ago just before he 'proposed' to Jemma. Am guessing this is a glimpse into NJ's inevitable end. I wouldn't be surprised if the writer would also give NJ amnesia.
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