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    Chingus I love our interaction here, and now I am sad that the drama end. I realy loves PMY act in all romantic scene in HPL. I notices something different. To prevent my self of being bias, I try to see any available clips from youtube of PMY and her previous co-star, U know for research purpose LOL. Turn out that I am right. A. Other story that Park Min Young did, involving the theme "we are not suppose to be together", so there were a lot of "goodbye kiss" or "dont push me away kiss", and "longing kiss". She did well in all of those kisses though, especially in Healer one. B. In WWWSK, the first kiss can be categorized as "don't push me away kiss". Other kiss is always passionate but may be the directing want it to be rather dramatic build up to something? PMY's reaction after kiss was as someone that receiving an overwhelming passion? She received it because she love him too. It did make sense with the storyline that YJ love and passion kinda erupting, after all he must hold it in for 9 years. C. Here in HPL, we can see multiple reaction to the kiss from PMY. And I think emotional delivery in every kiss she did in HPL was so vary and different from her previous projects. In HPL she managed to pull off different emotion. 1. In thumb kiss she has bewildered look in her face. 2. In imaginary blind fold kiss after she initiate the kiss her eyes express worry, what if Ryan did no feel the same way, then after the magic word do you want me and she nod, she express longing for Ryan afection so well. 3. In workshop kiss, after the first gentle kiss after Ryan said that he want it to be real, her teary eyes looking for reasurance that Ryan did like her for real. Than after that kiss that unleash all pent up passion and emotion. Her eyes said "ottoke" when the interuption happen. Then continuing kiss in hiding (coz the pent up passion and emotion had not been released yet). Than this is my favorite: smile and laughter after wood falling accident, never appear before in her previous kiss. The laughter and smile really emphasis that they are so happy together. 4. Stealing kiss after two wrist kiss, I love when she smiled afterwards. She smiled with her eyes and wrinkly nose to. Here she was naughty cute. 5. In 1st rooftop kiss, where she smiled while receiving forehead kiss and nose kiss, and then smile in between when he held her hand, then sime again when it ended, her eye looked up to his eyes, it so romantic giving me all the feels... One of my favorite. 6. Two lusty Sinagil kiss in the sofa where she takes the lead. Too bad there were bell and Cindy interuption afterward. 7. Kiss (peck) coz finding jealous ryan to cute 8. We can call sujebi kiss as playfull kiss. Here she also smiled in between kisses. 9. Studio kiss was so emotionaly charged. I love how both of them saying sarangheyo softly. She is so beautiful when her tears fall. Kiss after that, was more like them pouring all the love that they feel. Less passionate then workshop kiss but more in deep emotional level. 10. Lipstick kiss. This was also an playful all smile kisses. I love at first she kinda do stamping-lipstick kiss, then give up and do the real smochy kiss than fix the lipstick afterward. 11. Soft kiss after saying that Deok Mi was something more precious than his ability to paint. 12. Wall Kiss. She was the dominant one here: she asked kagoshippo yo? While Ryan leaning on the wall slightly sitting on the railing, she showehed him kisses, I miss U kisses. Here Ryan was seen smile in between while Deokmi just kiss and kiss. Here we see confident Deok Mi who already succeed in career and succeed as a breadwinner who support her fiancee to come back as an artist. (Bonus cut kiss scene after proposal) Other than those kisses, we also have two almost kiss, faking wall kiss and avoiding coffee alergy kiss. Other than lip kiss we also have, wrist kisses by Ryan, Go Stop wrist kiss by Deokmi, rooftop forehead kiss, snugling in the sofa forehead kiss, cheek kiss after breakfast delivery, bribing ryan kiss in the car, and forehead and cheek kiss after waking up on Ryan's bed. I love all PMY reaction after all that scene, whether she initiated or as a receiving end. So in my opinion in this Drama, PMY had the happiest kiss (with record number, tehe... not including ng etc that don't make the cut). FIGHT ME if you don't agree! Kudos to both PMY and KJW (after counting I can understand your blistered lip). Why I gives praise especially to PMY in all this kiss? 1. She has more experience as first lead in tv drama. KJW himself said in interview that he leaned to PMY a lot. After seing the BTS, i see her gave advice to KJW on angle and where to craddle her face so it will be pretty in camera. So she is a pro. 2. Given better character and opportunity to do add lib, PMY succeeds to potray Deok Mi as a women in love, albeith with insecurity at first, give love happily and confidently. It is so empowering, that in love relationship that equal, both can also be happy and content. She did her best given her character written in her previous drama, but wow did she shine in his drama as strong women. Off course I won't discount KJW roles. PMY said herself that KJW act with his eyes. So I think it was easier for her to potrays emotion by looking at KJW's eyes. They both did those amazing eye acting to each other. It also help that KJW has the best stare, compare to her previous co star. Handsomeness is relative, but eye acting and eye stare, hands on KJW is the best. Smile between kisses that I love so much, I think also influenced by how easy going KJW behind the scene, always smile and burst into laughter. Making PMY comfortable and easy to create happy kisses. On side note: Making KJW never get the girl in his previous drama is a waste dear Kdrama producer and writer! Less chance utilizing his kissing skill! He did select second lead coz it has more interesting characters. Then why don't you writer start to create more awesome character as first lead that would interest him? So I can see him more in my TV?
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    Watching the subs and the flirting is off charts. JUST GET A HOUSE WITH A COUPLE OF KIDS YOU TWO! 1. Ryan asks if they are really dating. Deok mi says: in Korea, if you don't go out with the person you kiss, you go to jail. 2. The way PMY says Ryan is so sensual, I'm pretty sure she'll use it to seduce the lion even when they are married with several kids lol 3. Also the way DM is like "you can badmouth me all you want, but not my lion jerk - I mean Director Gold" haha We stan SDM in this house. 4. Da Out needs to learn her manners: not only did she lie, she was adamant saying that "I didn't lie" in front of DM. Act as pathetic as you want, but DON'T BE SO BRAZEN! I want the second leads to have a storyline - they are perfect for each other. We have a saying back in my country: "two wicked people should get together, because instead of two houses sinking, only one will. i.e. दो घर डूबता, इससे अच्छा एक ही डूबे" - can it happen off screen though? I don't want to dedicate more than 60 seconds of camera footage to either of them in the remaining 6 episodes. 5. The camaraderie between DM and Cindy is funny - they are both against Cho DI. I am so glad haha. 6. The way they all intimidated Yoo Suk ssi into leaving work is hilarious. I love this tag team in the office so much! 7. "I like the night view. It's pretty. And the woman next to me..." DM gets ready for a compliment... "has no driving license". RG IS FUNNY AF! I absolutely adore him. 8. "I asked you to transfer, not to sell out your own wife!" I love SJ! Seriously though, I have seen it happen a lot of times in RL too. Giving gifts with an ulterior motive is a really hurtful form of betrayal. The receiver assumes it is because of thoughtfulness and love...and then find out it was in exchange of an apology contract they never agreed to... it hurts! Kudos to ramping up the laughs factor with "I am going to become a widow today". 9. THE WRIST KISS. holymolyrockapoly I am swooning! It was so smooth - so cute - I really fell in love with it! It was amazing! The tenderness, the impulse....the sweetness... I just need a RG desperately. I specially loved how DM reciprocated with a peck. It was so sweet. 10. Kudos to the direction and the writing. I am SO GLAD to see that DM clarified EG's position in her life - as a twin brother, as a family, with RG the day before the grand reveal. It really makes things so much smoother for the couple - no misunderstandings, nothing like "is she cheating?" - RG & DM are so much into each other that it is a delight, and with proper communication - I AM SHIPPING TWO ADULTS! He explained the situation to her, and she told him right back - asked if he was doubting her relationship with EG, and he said no and that EG might change. It is so wonderful how they are subverting ALL THE TROPES! This episode is sweet, amazing, and something I am going to watch with my RG the day I find him/her (if I ever do!). RG was able to clarify his position with Da Out too. COMMUNICATION! TRUST! I love you RYAN GOLD! 11. Two small things: it is so cute when DM is putting some of her stuff with RG in places where she used to store her Si An artifacts. It is telling us how she is slowly filling the places with her own relationship instead of fangirling over Si An. I think the writer needs to be given an award on how well they understand fangirling...and the position it holds in a fangirl's life. They have my feelings spot on. Secondly, the fact that our couple keeps their hands in their pockets at every opportunity might either be connected to their past or they just know how to act sexy haha 12. I love the siblings interaction...it makes me miss my brother so much! Don't ruin it EG! Also, the fact that DM didn't know EG knew he was abandoned...it just reinforces the fact that THEY ARE SIBLINGS SO PLEASE STOP IT EUNGI and get a damn life. Honestly I could have rooted for you if there was some normal hot headed terrible jerk of a male lead, but sorry - against RG...you are nothing more than shoe dust! 13. I am glad it was Director Kang who called her, and not RG before she turned off her phone. We don't need that sort of a misunderstanding in this house and I am glad directors agree. This drama has ruined me for all the others! Honestly, the only place RG will ever find me at 7am would either be on soompi, viki or in deep sleep. Why so early haha 14. DM...girl...YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I can't believe how good RG is to you...seriously. The fact that you cleared up your r/l with EG the night before, and RG actually coming out and comforting you after all that... I mean I love her, and she's extremely relatable - I mentioned in a post before...but really - what a man. Excellent specimen! REAL LIFE MEN, GO AND LEARN! Also, did you see how great he is? He goes for the kill(kiss) when he should, he's assertive against EG when he should be, he is comforting DM when he should, gives her space when he should, is concerned but can handle pressure - he has the highest EQ I have seen, especially in dramaland where people are ultra dumb. I am screeching - also...Ryan Gold... he didn't misinterpret her hiding for doing something wrong but as nervousness. I am sorry for ranting but so many things could have gone wrong here but it was handled beautifully by Ryan and I just can't praise him enough. 15. I don't want RG to be hurt again - he looks pained... look hun, Deok Mi...Si Na Gil Nim...keep him happy all his life okay? He deserves to be - he is such a great character it physically hurts me to see him frustrated, or crying or anything. Please comfort him. 16. So the fact that DM changed to RG's clothes...and I saw RG seducing her... DOES IT MEAN the thing my pervy self is imagining HAPPENED? YES? PLEASE! Excellent. Brilliant. The writers are the best we have seen. I don't know how people are calling it your standard romcom - it is the best one that could be, it chooses to work around existing tropes and yet be fun and entertaining. The only times they use some tropes is either for humor or for deepening the relationship, not for stupidity. Touch wood. It really shot up in my list of kdramas, and I have been watching them for a LONG time... Cheers to the team for being just so amazing.
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    Just watched episode 14, and I have to say that I'm impressed with this drama right now. I think it takes the drama from being just another romance about two people figuring out they like each other, and takes it through an entire relationship arc in a thoughtful way. So, initially, it was about the JH and SH trying to figure out how they felt about each other, cocooning themselves in their relationship. Not because they were actively trying to keep it a secret, but because of their circumstances and their nature, they kept the relationship to themselves for the most part. Though people who were close to them slowly started finding out, as their relationship continued to flourish. Once they had established how they felt about each other, they had to face opposition from people who didn't really matter that much to them, e.g. WS, Director Choi, SH's mother, the public. These were all people who opposed them for their own reasons, and for whom neither SH or JH had any particular regard or feelings for. And, they were able to hold on against them because they were people who didn't really matter to the OTP. And, now they come across the last and hardest hurdle, the negative effect on and/or opprobrium from the people who are closest to them, whom JH and SH regard and love. So, it's JH's mother's opposition out of love and fear for her son, which SH had been expecting all along because she's the older divorcee who lives in a public fishbowl vs the sweet, young JH. It's JH's brother JM getting into fights over innuendos cast against JH. It's even SH's father who has decided to step down from his position. He phrases it as taking courage from SH's actions to do the right thing, but it's also a move designed to free SH from his ambition. If SH had stayed married to WS, then SH's father probably would have gone on to become the next president of Korea (as far as this drama is concerned). That is a momentous step to take any way one looks at it. JH is also becoming aware of how his decision is impacting his family, and I think that's an important step for him to recognize and deal with, which I think he's started doing. So, now JH and SH really, really have to look at it hard for themselves and into their own hearts. Is their love worth asking their loved ones to take the risk, with all of its potential pitfalls, along with them as well? I think I've written on this before, that relationships are about more than just two people, even though we like to frame it as if only the two people matter. In the real world, if your friends or your family don't like your chosen partner, it makes it incredibly difficult on anyone. So, you really have to inspect whether the relationship is worth it, or whether it would eventually end anyway, in which case, why have everyone you love suffer for its sake. So, JH and SH, having overcome all the previous hurdles are at the final one to overcome. I'm confident that they are going to overcome this hurdle as well. They are happiest and strongest when they are together. Also, they have a lot of people cheering them on now, including both fathers. And, JH was able to tell his mother how he felt about SH which may cause his mother to drink, but will also cause her to think. Now it's a question of how much does his mother trust JH to be his own man. I would hope that rather than going through with breaking up with JH, SH considers their love enough to ultimately fight for it, even if she has to to her knees in front of JH's mother every day until JH's mother relents. (Only because going to one's knees is such a big deal in kdramas. ) However, I could see that SH isn't confident that she's really a good enough person for JH, and thus carries through with the breakup. If that happens, both JH and SH will suffer greatly, and the people around them who care for them will notice. It may require SH breaking up with JH for JH's family's sake and then having to watch both JH and SH suffer being separated for JH's mother to relent and realize that they are serious in their love and care for each other as well as for those in their vicinity. I'm willing to wait to see how the drama decides to take it. However, I'm even more confident that JH and SH will win out over this last hurdle to be together, and having had to consider over and over again whether this relationship is the one that they both want. Btw, I have to admit that I really loved that the drama mentions that JH is SH's first love. SH may have gone through a marriage and a divorce already, but she never loved her husband. She was just doing her duty. So, JH is SH's first love, even as SH is JH's, as both JH and SH have both acknowledged now, even if not to each other. In that sense, it is a bit of an old-fashioned love story about love that is fated and thus can overcome all obstacles.
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    ======== They have this magnetic energy between them that tells us immediately that there is something special happening right in front of us.
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    The marriage didn't just fail because of the lack of communication between JWS and CSH, their education was the other cause. Both have never been taught to express themselves because of both mothers. CSH never dared to tell JWS how she felt, just like JWS. JWS had not realized that words have power. His education taught him that only money and connections were powerful hence he used his money to console his wife. If he had said something to his wife after the abuse, CSH wouldn't have felt lonely and pitiful. For JWS, words meant nothing that's why she perceived her ex-husband as weak. Now, he is changing a little as he tried to write a poem but let us not forget that the flowers were the main focus. JH appears powerful and manly because he expresses himself a lot... like for example "his greed has no limit" and he starts hugging CSH from behind. He tells her what he wants to do and waits for CSH's answer. She turns around and hugs him showing him that she is okay with it. Then in the episode 10, he complains that she has never told him how handsome he was. CSH has never learnt that expressing herself can have a good impact on the partner. JH is actually teaching her about that. That's why JH shows her after getting praised for his good looks, he feels loved and recognized. JH, although younger, is much more experienced and wiser than her. The reason is his knowledge of books. Books and indirectly words influenced him so much. He could gather knowledge and wisdom, therefore he used his books and words to woo CSH, while JWS keeps using gifts (flowers, dress, rings) to impress her. JH's behavior contrasts so much with JWS's behavior. JH tells her how he thinks and feels but he still respects her decision. Although our protagonist was hurt, when CSH asked him to keep their distance from each other for a while, JH accepted it. On the other hand, JWS keeps ignoring CSH's words and actions. CSH clearly expresses that she will never go back to him (episode 3, 9) and even how she views her ex-husband as weak man but JWS acts as if he was deaf. the ex-husband thinks that CSH will change her mind. He underestimates CSH's love for JH. In his eyes, since JH is a commoner, he is not worthy of CSH. He congratulated her for the good article and review but overlooked that JH's action was the reason for that. JH is someone below him and CSH. Imagine his feelings, when CSH totally ignores him and lets him wait for three hours. JWS thought, he is entitled to have CSH's visit. JWS needs to learn on the hard way that he is nothing compared to JH. That's why I am looking forward for JWS's meddling in the hotel business. I hope, JH can show him his skills. CSH is gradually changing as well... she is learning not to keep everything to herself. On the other hand, I hope that JH learns to confide more and more about his own struggles. It was hard to see how JH kept smiling, while he was hurting. CSH knew that very well that's why she asked HI about it. However, JH hadn't said anything to her. Since JH has been taught to act strong and responsible as his parents were working hard, I think, at some point he needs to show his vulnerability in front of CSH, when the latter is strong enough to fight for both of them. Until now, JH knew that CSH would worry so much hence he couldn't tell her everything, too afraid that she might run away. @twtwb @Yongzura @stroppyse @nubianlegalmind
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    Encounter - Episode 2 Episode 2 did a very good job in showing very smoothly, effectively and distinctively further sides of the lives of the two main characters. I like how the episode managed to demonstrate the professional qualifications of the hard working Soo Huyn and Jin Hyuk without spending too much time on it. I also like how it indicated the vast differences in terms of family context of Soo Huyn and Jin Hyuk without being draggy or dramatic. The family scenes were short, but meaningful as they revealed how lucky Jin Hyuk was to have such a warm family and how unlucky Soo Huyn was to have such a cold one, not to mention her former mother in law. A typical Korean drama would normally take a lot more time and much less subtlety in bringing out these elements. The two main actors continued to do a wonderful job in conveying all kinds of emotions in their own life and to each other in a very subtle, gentle yet impactful manner. The scenes between Jin Hyuk and his parents, or between Jin Hyuk and his friends, for example, might be overlooked or dismissed as being too easy, but if you take a closer look, for example, at Jin Hyuk’s reaction to the marriage idea of his childhood friend, you might find how natural and good Park Bo Gum’s acting skill is. Similarly, if you take a closer look at the way Soo Huyn talked to Jin Huyk, her mother, farther, former mother-in-law, former husband, secretary, driver and staff, you might find out how subtle and diverse Song Hye Kyo’s acting is. The interactions between the two main characters continued to bring smile and warmth to themselves, as well as the audience. Some might feel that their interactions were still a bit awkward at times; but it would be unrealistic and unreasonable to expect zero awkwardness between the two given the context, their feelings and the fact that they had just met for a short time. The two actors should be commended for being able to show that awkwardness while still creating a lot of chemistry in every scene that they appeared together whether in private or not (a good example is when Soo Huyn delivered the welcome speech and met eye-to-eye with Jin Hyuk). Some might feel uncomfortable that an employer is making friends with an employee, but that’s the aim of the episode, and perhaps of the whole drama as it presents the numerous barriers, hurdles and prejudices that the two main characters will have to gradually overcome in their upcoming journey. One might find it strange for a job applicant to mention his childhood or family background in the job application, but that’s what quite a few people do in their personal statement for a job or a scholarship (it is called “personal statement” because it is meant to be “personal”). One might also find it strange for an employer to personally meet to welcome a new employee, but that’s what quite a few employers do in real life and that totally makes sense in the case of Soo Huyn and in the way she runs her business and treats her staff. The episode continued to keep a very nice pace: it was quick when it needed to be quick and it was slow when it needed to be slow. The choice of music continued to be good. The directing and execution continued to be excellent. The introduction picture continued to be meaningful. All supporting actors did their job well; the interaction between Nam Ming Suyk the driver and Kim Seon Joo the PR manager was funny (Nam Ming Suyk: “I’d rather sleep than listen to this” -> Kim Seon Joo: “Sit back down. I don’t want to look like a woman with stories to tell”). The dialogues were interesting (Soo Huyn: “I might look strange to you, a CEO asking a sfaff for noodle, you might regret it tomorrow” -> Jin Huyk: “Would I be able to make you laugh wholeheartedly if I worked in a different company?” -> Soo Huyn: “it must bother you that I’m your boss” -> Jin Huyk: “It must be awkward to you that I’m your employee” -> Soo Huyn: “Not really” -> Jin Huyk: “Not at all”). It is another good and warm episode of “Encounter”. -twtwb- (Image credit: owner)
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    Y'all!! Whoa!! I didn't even bother with screenshots tonight because ...... DAYUM!!! Come thru sis! Come thru!! That kiss scene was spectacular!! He gave a small kiss with a smack, and I thought, hmm, where's this scene going? Then he goes back in for the kiss! She responds! The camera doesn't zoom out for a drone shot!! her arms go round his back! It's becoming more passionate! He's leaning in! They pause to stare at one another! And it went on and on and on...OMG!! Then the shot changes to overlook the bright hotel lights and I spy something at the corner of the screen!! OMO OMONA OMG!! She better be feeling nauseous in two months!! That kiss on the balcony is what I need to start the new year!! My soul is currently over the Atlantic, headed for Cuba because this is the year of Namja Chingu, my chingus!! They can barely stand straight, they're leaning against one another to adjust for stability, they're stumbling around...That scene sent me over the edge! I can't!!! I love it!! Also, whoever did KJH's wardrobe in this episode was determined to destroy me!! He looked absolutely exquisite in the black trouser, white shirt, grey sweater, black shoes.... His entire get up can cost 30,000 won for all I care, but men who dress like that , simple but elegant, they drive me slightly crazy!! Those visuals were meant for me!! I won't even bother watching any other drama tonight!! I'll just replay the last ten minutes!! Someone mentioned earlier today, around 20 pages ago, that KJH needs to step up and be the one to protect CSH otherwise he risks being seen as dependent on CSH. His going to Cuba and convincing the owner is his way of stepping up. It's very much in line with his character to take a long trip to see the important person, use words and letters as his tools to convince the hotel owner, just like JWS would use his power and machinations to solve CSH's problems from the shadows. EDIT: KJH should leave another note at the café, asking CSH to marry him. Then they can come back to Cuba and we can have Cuban passion and a proposal!!
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    ppc praised each other in individual interviews. I translated it a little. In psj interview, he talked about ep.15 pmy's drunk scene. "She acted so lovely at the scene. while looking at Miso(pmy), I couldn't help but smile(Miso). (i really loveeee his expression. i think my translation can't express his saying well. so let me write his saying in Korean "저도 모르게 미소를 보면서 제가 미소가 나왔어요") I knew she was good at inner emotions acting and comedy acting. but i admired she was even good at this kind of natural acting(drunk acting). In pmy interview "psj is the actor who is able to make a co-star look lovely as he looks cool and decent. He is not the kind of actor who has a thought that "i must beat a co-star(actress) and stand out only myself." He was considerate and cared for me. I think it's hard for an actor to do like this."
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    Hi everyone , I’m new here, enjoy reading all of your discussions, feel comfortable & peaceful here. I’m not a Shipper & love Min Young since Healer. [don’t mind to start my first ship!!!!!] To be honest I’m not a Kdrama lover, I enjoy movies more than dramas. I watched Coffee Prince & found KJW attractive, watched his movie “Antique” from an International Film Festival many years ago. Some period of time, I avoid to watch Kdrama, dislike those leading roles who will get cancer or keep crying. Can I share something here? My mom is an addict movie lover (SO DO I, I’m sharing my Top 50 movies with my son who is 10 now), she gives me an universe & taught me watching Alfred Hitchcock/ Charlie Chaplin/ Steven Spielberg's movies/ My Fair Lady/ West Side Story/ Somewhere in Time when I were 7-11 years old. When I became a teenager, she said I can digest more so she showed me “Godfather series”/Gone with the Wind/ Kurosawa Akira movies/ 8 ½ etc. She said better to feel & taste them, and she discussed the theme with me & we’ll share our point of view after the movies. [I appreciate God gives me such an intelligence mother who is also my very best friend] One day she said she found a very high standard Korea movie & brought me to a very small theatre, this is my 1st Korea movie “Christmas In August”, I won’t forget my strong heart beating at that moment. After this, I keep watching “Shiri” & other, start loving Korea movies more than Hollywood movies. [Of course I enjoy watching Avengers & other Marvel & Hollywood movies, but you definitely know what you exact want] After graduated, I helped to promote hometown movies & had unforgettable chances going to Biff/ Berlin/ Toronto Film Festival with the crew. I’m not sure if you know Tony Leung, a famous actor from Hong Kong, I love all his Wong Kar Wai’s movies. Tony’s eyes are full of emotion, happiness/ bitter/ sorrow all can read from his eyes. From HPL, I find KJW same sparkling eyes, I can read the beautiful story & passion from his eyes (I also find them on ‎Ha Jung Woo/ Cate Blanchett/ Jack Jordan etc) . KJW is This kind of talented actor, I can’t control myself & will start watching all his movies/ drama after HPL, not because he’s handsome or sexy, but eager to know how he performed in different roles. [surprisingly read from Magazine, KJW said he accepts offers if he thinks it’s attractive & interesting & doesn’t mind if he’s not a leading role] Tom Cruise, of course he is very rich/ famous/ high influence/ most said he’s handsome/successfully at Mission Impossible series, but he’s not that “Type” of actor, you won’t see his SOUL from his movies. I don’t really understand the taste of Korean & why HPL rating is not too high, maybe they think tvN release too many love stories “Encounter”, “Touch Your Heart“ these few couple of months? Just want to say HPL is really successful, I love MY & KJW’s amazing chemistry; HPL’s script is very good, not only narrowly mention about Fangirls, but is talking about a man (Ryan has a perfect character) with deep inside sorrow who meet a cheerful woman (Fangirl + Professional Curator), they get to know each other more on every episode/ how Deok-Mi goes inside Ryan’s heart/ with same passion on Art/ fall in love together/Deok-mi won’t be afraid of getting hurt & learn to love and accept love/ she will show more caring & to help Ryan overcome his sorrow. Some people are comparing HPL with MY’s previous dramas/ partners, said HPL rating is lower/ using kisses scene to draw more attention/ trying to downgrade KJW. Some said MY & KJW are just ACTING but not REAL. How did they know? It is ridiculous a pair of lovers (actor & actress) not showing their passion & real feeling, if so, you won’t feel their chemistry & HPL won’t draw a lot of attention from worldwide (gain more international fans). Anyway, I am more than happy Min Young accepts this Drama & pairing with KJW, I love her performance & Deok-Mi’s character more than Kim Secretary. Not a big deal if people don’t like HPL, probably they’re not mature age group/ it’s not their cup of tea or they’re hard shippers. No matter they’ll date/ be REAL couple or not from now or in the future, I wish them every success on their career, and KJW is deserved to get more attention, I would be grateful if more & more people will discover this “Treasure Box” namely Kim Jae Wook.
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    Ep 14  "The players in the ring have it the hardest. It's nothing for the onlookers." Jh appaa! Thank you for understanding, thank you for confidently even suggesting the dinner with "JH's Ceo" later! We have great male examples in him, Driver Nam, and even SH' dad, I want more female mentor-ship, till now I've only noticed teacher Lee. "Soohyun-shi. Why do you like me?" JH must have been called ordinary so many times this series- by Woosuck, Sh's mom, Sec Jang and even by himself "it must be tough for you since I'm ordinary" - during the breakup call when their relationship got revealed in press or wondering whether the ring he got her was enough last episode. Whenever it has happened he has just taken it, but his face always showed his turmoil and this ep he finally sought out Sh. He really needed to hear it from her to absolve his doubts. "It'll happen to us one day right?""I had to control myself last time" - Chinguuus, they might not have parked at boom boom town but they were nearby. He was so sleepy at the airport too last ep. And SH's answer-"I pictured it in my head, and it seems nice." "He's a human stimulant" Give me the Weddddding."Soo hyun has always had guts. She's just finally being herself again." "The presidential election is important, but my child comes first." So good to see Driver Nam tell it straight! And also admirable is Sh's dad willing to part with the election race because like an actual parent he cares about his daughter and is trying to make a mends. Contrast: Mrs Bampodong calls her literally panicking and weeping to attend the funeral meet. To sell her dignity for them like always. That utter desperation - it disgusted me. SH's repeated yearnings for a mother figure and affection hit me even more than before."Deliberately hurting someone you love, is that right?" "My wealth or power doesn't match yours. I'm an average 30 Yr old man. I will protect her in my own way." Jin hyuk owns up, makes it clear love is being considerate about the other person, and the ex is in an unhealthy self servicing obsession. Also including the scene later with WS and his mom, I hope some parts of this convo with JH register in his head later. He seems terrified of his mother but he's also observing her ruthless bullying maybe finally with new eyes? Maybe he can finally realise how his actions looked to JH. Is it too much to hope for him to turn his back on Taegyong aswell? Him and SH were birds in the same cage, this is their chance to get free. This episode just made me hopeful for everyone. SH: "Your feelings for me are what heal me. If I didn't have you by my side, I would've been scared and lonely. You told me that I helped you become clear about what love is. But thanks to you, my thoughts on fear have become vague." JH: "I cherish you very much." . . . SH: "Saranghaeyo." I have to confess this scene is really special to me. I tried livestreaming the show for a bit the first time for this ep and this was the scene it opened on. Initially I was like- oh SH and JH are hugging it out and then slowly, so quietly, she said "saranghaeyo". I don't know a lick of Korean, so the depth of the scene based on the dialog was lost on me, until she said that word. Of course now actually seeing it translated, the moment is tender, intimate, and everything I had hoped for. This show really has a way of making the milestone moments quiet and hopeful. I loved the silence in her office. The focus on the clock with Havana time. Even the way she said it- I see her as a bit reticent, holding just a little back, because it holds a lot of meaning to her, a bit like me. So that quiet confession and what it meant for their relationship, especially JH's confidence- was perfect for me. "I'm in trouble. There's no exit now.I'll never be able to escape your charms. "Boy u were in trouble the moment your eyes met in Cuba! Coming back to the scene, I was already spoiled by reading the forums but still nothing could've prepared me for it. I've been destroyed by sheer decency- just two, honest people deciding to bank on their love and faith for each other. So much has been said already about this scene and I can only vigorously agree. Triumphant! These two episodes dealt with their inner doubts and uncertainty. But those are conquered, and now they face their challenges together. And I want to see nothing more than Soo Hyun and Jin Hyuk's family enjoy a warm meal on that table. Really. Also, I've seen the truck of doom in many dramas. But this is first time I'm seeing the truck of love. Mijin pls get in, youre missing out. Chingus, it's so hard to restrict myself to just a few lines or pictures- 1 hour of viewing easily becomes 3 because there is so much detail to unpack in these episodes. I love this show so much, and love your posts as well.
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    I've gone long enough lurking, and to preface, lemme just say I'm probably among the most unlikely Kdrama romcom fan here. I'm a straight 31 year old male with a loving wife and daughter, I love and play basketball, video games are my jam. And man, do I love HPL. I recently got into Kdramas after watching WWWSK and instantly became a PMY fanboy. I've watched Healer, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter. I'm actually exclusively watching PMY dramas lmao. (only reason I haven't watched 7 days Queen is because it's a sad drama, but I'll probably get to that soon if the PMY well dries up). But WWWSK is still my favorite. Or was. I think HPL is ready to supplant it as my number one. It's such a good romance story, it's awesome watching these 2 characters' relationship develop, as they fall in love and learn about each other. Romcoms have always been my favorite movie genre, I usually go on Netflix binges of romcoms (to the ever amusement of my wife who's more into action/adventure movies and shows), but I never quite found a story I really liked. Until I discovered Kdramas. You almost never see Western shows or movies that portray and develop romance the way kdrama does. There's always some kind of overarching problem or deeper reason behind a show, the romance is always a secondary part of the narrative. In WWWSK and HPL, the romance takes center stage, and they both do it brilliantly. And PMY, man, I don't think I've ever had a celebrity crush quite like I've had on her. Apart from being drop dead gorgeous, she always dresses extremely well, and is an amazing actress to boot. I've always seen her called the Queen of Chemistry, and it's crazy how shippable she is with each of her male co-stars. Here I was thinking ParkPark couple can't be topped, and JaeMin arguably beats it. And her facial expressions, wow. So expressive. There was one scene in WWWSK where PSJ brings her food to her place, and PMY is super ecstatic to see him but is trying to hide her excitement. Then for HPL, there's also this ep 10 scene with the gallery staff badmouthing RG and she has all these expressions ranging from annoyance to surprise. And her kisses, I think most everyone has covered how good she is in all her shows. I apologize for this long af rant, just want to express my love for this show and for PMY while I'm desperately waiting for Wednesday to arrive. Unless the PD screws up the ending somehow, HPL is topping WWWSK as my favorite drama. WWWSK was funnier and more of a modern fairy tale, but HPL is by far more romantic, more mature, and more grounded. Already don't know what to do once the drama ends (probably re-watch it repeatedly lmao.
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    ohh..in the commentary of this scene, psj said "It seems like you have stars in your eyes..wow..look at that." melted.. i thought so too whenever i looked at her eyes..'wow..her eyes twinkle like stars.'
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    The Make-Up Session is such a TEASE! - Ends up on Make-Out CUDDLING -
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    That ending seems to have everyone squealing already so I won't talk about it further; I'd rather go through all the other things I loved in ep.10. 0. I'm really happy that they are happy. 1. SH+JH as a couple work because they are a pair of adults that communicate exceptionally well (this is particularly important when contrasting it to SH's marriage that failed largely because of poor communication). I love how they talk about everything, from the extra silly ("JH is the most handsome man in the world, so handsome that he makes my breath stop!!!!", by the way ditto) to the most serious ('I was sad because you asking for a break felt like you thought I was too weak to fight for you.'). They are so sane and healthy and adorable together. 2. I love how many of the hotel employees silently support them, from Mrs Kim in PR, to the Sokcho manager. (his matter of fact 'I get why our CEO is so fond of you' was hilarious. ) JH really is working his way back to her in his own way, and gaining everyone's respect in the process. 3. Mr. Nam+JH as co-conspirators in taking care of SH are extra cute. 4. SH started dressing more casually and comfortably at work, warmer colors too, and she picked red for the video call. ❤️ 5. Cutest video call ever! Also, as another chronic insomniac, I could totally use a human sleeping pill. (Any chance we can clone him?) 6. JH takes the job of protecting her very seriously. He was really the only person who could convince the owner. While WS knew about it and just chose to 'monitor the situation further', JH -who has none of his power or resources- flew over and got the job done. Now that's a manly man. 7. The look on JH's face seeing her smoothly passing through the gate instead of jumping over was priceless. That is rather characteristic of their personalities: he completely disregards the social norms and just goes for it; she assesses the situation and finds a way to make it work with minimal trouble. No wonder the boy was impressed. 8. Coming after his recent complaint that feelings are not there to be hidden, so one should express them, that 'I love you' was simply perfect. Also love how he waited to tell her first. (And I think Mr. Samuel sensed it - that he is the same brand of hopeless romantic as himself.) 9. Ha! I knew that he wanted to ask her out that first evening! That was nicely done. Also loved the epilogue. Trust Cuba to protect the magic of romance all the way. 10. I am happy for me too, because I get to experience all this. It's a wonderful way to start the new year. PS: is it too much to ask that she gifts him the playground as i love you back? [I can see her buying the land and donating it to the community under the clause that is should stay a playground.] PPS: I loved how they went back to the Omara Portundo song she listened on their first meeting and inserted the Kr translation of the lyrics in the video the same way they usually do with the poems. It's so fitting - this all or nothing kind of love, where you put your life on the line, the kind of love that is impossible to forget. I love also how it went full cycle: if the first time round the song was there to remind her of the emptiness of her past, now it symbolizes her courage to live a life of her choosing. bonus points since Si llego a besarte also happens to be my favorite Omara piece. Whoever did the music selection for the OST deserves a big hug. PPPS: There's another way of interpreting JH's answer 'I miss her' to Samuel's question. It's because he completely gets what the garden means for him: a space to connect with someone dearly missed. After all, JH spends all his lunch breaks in Sokcho revisiting the places he visited with SH. Who else could better understand what that feels like? PPPPS: I keep hearing people saying that JH should still quit his job and go work somewhere else. And at first glance it seems like the obvious and rational solution to their problems; only it isn't. If he did quit, CSH would still be a divorced older woman CEO who picked a boy toy among the new employees and then sent him away to avoid public criticism. Though he admits that he hasn't found the way just yet, his is actually the right path. Hiding away and dating in the shadows is not the solution; proving to everyone that he is worthy of her and that their relationship makes sense - that's how he can preserve her reputation and keep them happy on the long run. That needs to start by gaining the respect of her employees (he is already doing an awesome job with it). I love his way of thinking because even when he seems to not make sense, it later turns out that he was just playing a deeper game. He has his eyes on the prize at all times: the together happily ever after kind. PPPPPS: Both still have room to grow in terms of openly expressing their feelings: JH needs to learn to stop concealing all his struggles from the people he loves - that it's ok to vent and curse a little and that a trouble shared is a trouble halved; SH is still not quite there yet in terms of telling him how much he means to her. They're both making baby steps in the right direction though and I'm sure they'll get there eventually.
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    in bed scene bts, that psj's whole body(shirt on~haha) is touching and pressing pmy's whole body is reallyyyyy hot. and kiss sound is so real. I understand what director said in commentary.."because the (kiss) sound was so loud(?) that i couldn't make the scene be no bgm scene like ribbon kiss scene. and there is a short moment in bts where shirt off psj is on pmy's body..so tightly...pressing her...pmy's hand is on psj's naked back..he stares at her and kiss..and then director said "cut~" it's sure 100% that the beginning part of this bts was deleted!!!! there must be soooo hot shirt off kiss in the beginning of bts. because pmy's blouse all messed up...psj said "so long...i'm even sweaty.." and ppc are really shy just after director said "cut"..haha and patting her hair is pmy's request. she said "i want you to pat my hair."(she looks shy when she requests that) so psj said.."of course. I'm already going to do that."
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    I volunteer to be Deok Mi’s body double for that last scene KJW is such a good kisser. There is no ‘dead fish kiss style’ for him. Lucky he met PMY whom could catch up with his kissing style. That last kissing scene.. Whoaah! They have been kissing since episode 7 (6 if you count the one with thumb ) until the last episode. They have been kissing for 10 episodes! Daebak! Stealing @jeonghyang gif here Btw, what is he giggling about here? Why is he smiling when Deok Mi is busy kissing him? Is he like “finally my I found my kissing match!”?
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    The influence of The Little Prince in Encounter (part 2) The picture above from The Little Prince represents the street lighter turning on and off the light. He lives on the smallest planet and the latter turns around one cycle per minute hence the worker has no time to rest. The street lighter is blindly following the instruction. He never questions the meaning of this instruction or tries to change it hence he is unhappy. As you can sense, the street lighter represents the workers' social class in reality. But what does he have to do with our favorite drama Encounter? First, let me remind you that the story written by François de Saint Exupéry contains a lot of drawings which makes you think that this book is for children. So the drawing above is the perfect illustration. And Encounter has the same approach: it uses drawings in each episode in order to illustrate the topic or the main event of the episode. Looking at such a drawing, you can't help thinking about fairy tales and we all know that fairy tales are stories for children as well. As conclusion, both works give the appearance of being stories for a younger audience (one a fairy tale, the other for little children), while in reality the purpose of these stories is different. On the one hand, Encounter is actually using fairy tales elements in order to demystify the fairy tales, on the other hand the writer and director want us to reflect about life and happiness. And The Little Prince has the same purpose: the adults should question their own values and even not forget their inner child in order to be happy. The adults portrayed there were all very flawed as they had forgotten what was really important in life. In Encounter, CSH is in the end the perfect illustration of such an adult. She is trapped in her own world, too focused on others and forgetting herself in the end. This explains why The Little Prince is still so popular after so many years, its message is timeless. And this is what the writer and the director tried to do with Encounter: they used books, paintings, poems from different times so that a certain intemporality can be perceived. Besides, this drama made you think of an old film, a classic due to the music (intro) and the drawings. Sure, there is a difference with the story The Little Prince, like for example the use of the cellphone. Remember that I had pointed out how the cellphone helped KJH to get closer to CSH (first texts, then phone calls, thirdly pictures, then video calls, then song over the phone etc). In the book, there is no description of the plane f. ex.... and the planets explored by the prince seem to be too unreal making us think that this is a story for children. This difference can be easily explained: we are not reading a book but watching a drama so the story is embedded in its time But now let's go back to the street lighter. So far, The Little Prince had more sympathy with him than with the other adults (King, drunkard, the businessman or the peacock) hence he wished to have become his friend. One of the reasons was that the worker was not selfish, due to his work he is not self-absorbed. He takes care of others in reality. Besides, his work shows a certain utility: in the prince's eyes, turning on the light is as if a star would be born/shine. It looks beautiful and nice. However, the little boy doesn't stay on that planet because it is too small. And who resembles to this character in Encounter? @stardustvoid thought, it could be CSH's father. However, to me, the street lighter reminds me of KJH's mother. First, the mother belongs to the same social class: the workers' class. Then she is not someone who questions values and traditions, just like the street lighter who never questions the absurdity of the instruction. She sticks to her role as mother and wife: helping her sons and husband. That's why she can be perceived as not selfish. She lives in her own world, too scared to disobey or even question anything. When The little Prince offered advice and help in order to improve the street lighter's situation, the latter clearly refuses it. He was too scared to change anything. The refusal of any change, even the rejection reminds us KJH's mother. She rejected CSH claiming that she belonged to another world, she said that she wanted to keep her family as it was. To conclude, she has a lot of similarities with the street lighter: - the lack of judgement, the prejudice - the refusal of any change even if it means discomfort. Both are prisoners of their past in the end. The street lighter had a nice life in the beginning, yet it changed as the planet turned around much quicker. - the same social class - the fear: The Little Prince even got aware that the worker would be looked down by the others (peacock, king, businessman) due to his situation and KJH's mother had this fear. But if CSH's father is not the street lighter, then who resembles him? I have the impression that CJH could be the geographer, the scientist. Both have a similar work: the geographer writes books, CJH was a journalist. Both love books as well. The flaw of the geographer is that he never explores himself the world, he keeps writing and reading books, yet he never experiences the beauty of the ocean. He never leaves his desk hence he doesn't know his planet at all. He represents the uselessness of the science if someone is forgetting the real purpose of the science. He is actually a prisoner too, just like the street lighter... but not of the past but of the future. And a politician is often too focused on the future, forgetting the present. Yet the geographer is the one who encourages The Little Prince to explore the world and discover things. He is not different from CJH. The latter encourages his daughter to face the world, to experience new things... and at the end he realizes that he should change his life as well, not focussing too much on the future but enjoy the present. Another similarity is the presence of the star. We have the poem "Enchanted" where the star is mentioned, then this illustration where the sun and moon are reunited which creates a shining star. Their love transcends time and space. And at the end of The Little Prince, the narrator asks the readers to think of The Little Prince if they are in Africa in the desert and a start shines... the little prince could appear anytime. The star as symbol is used in both works. Finally, I would like to remind that each adult in the philosophical tale should be seen as a different part of ourselves. They just represent a certain flaw and the adult has to keep these aspects in check in order to enjoy life and be happy. @dukesa1122 @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @avondale16
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    Sadly, I have been trapped in meetings all day and missed the live run with you all. I least I can go through your posts and review the dialogue, Gifs, Screencaps, and most importantly your commentaries & reactions. I will enjoy reading them at my leisure this evening. Thank you all for doing this. I know it is a lot of work on your part but it really makes watching Encounter such an amazing group event. Last night my wife was making me crazy asking what happened. I told her she had to wait until we watched it together later that evening. Now she is texting me trying to find out what happened in today's episode. I told her our OTP took another break. I have not seen text cursing like that in a long, long time.
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    JH and SH at the movie theater. This is the second scene on this link. https://tv.naver.com/v/4940046/list/294323 (in the lobby) JH: Oh, would you like some popcorn? SH: Wasn’t it dried squid that you liked? (teasing him from his drunk night before) JH: Please have some popcorn. (inside the screening room) SH: There aren’t many people here. JH: Is my taste a little strange? (meaning his choice of movies) SH: No. I like it. (love how he so casually grabs her hand and clasps it, then she leans her head on his shoulder, and he grins and leans his head on her head )
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    These first 5 episodes have sort of pulled the lid off of the typical noona trope. Someone else said it too. This is not simply a drama about an older woman and a younger man. This is not simply a drama about someone rich dating someone who is poor. This drama is tackling prejudice against women in society. First, CSH is seen being SOLD to a wealthy family so her father can fully transition into being a powerful politician. Anyone who knows anything about politics knows that the selling is on both sides. The rich maintain their status by getting cutbacks and tax cuts from said politician in exchange for money needed to run and win their race. It has been 25 years since this transition has occurred. 25 years is a long time in politics. And if her father hasn't come close to conquering the Blue House in that time, it may never happen. Women are expected to marry, have children and keep EVERYONE happy, especially their husbands, their in-laws, their children, families, etc. CSH has had this responsibility for a long time and the misery that is often tied to constantly having to put other's first can kill you. I was just watching a news program about how women aren't living as long as we used to. Number one reason, stress-related illnesses. I really felt CSH's stress when she was in the car driving around. Maybe it is because driving helps me relieve stress as well, but you could feel the air slowly being let out of a balloon as she sighed and desperately tried to hold it in, but ultimately failed. There has been a lot of discussion about she and her ex-husband, but let's face it, that marriage was NEVER going to work. We now know that he loves her, but my God is he passive-aggressive. He isn't direct with her about anything, and instead has chosen to sit back and watch and do little things behind the scenes and then he's stuck with his mouth open when it doesn't work out the way that he wants. Marriage is about bringing two families together, and his family SUCKS! His mother is power-hungry, elitist and she is a bully. He sat idly by and watched his mother pull them further apart. Had CSH loved him, she would be even more miserable because his mother would use those feelings to control her and their marriage. Now, the hotel, which was a weak parting gift in the divorce, is doing quite well. It has brought more money into their family and more attention on CSH as a viable business woman. Now, she doesn't need them because she is making her own money and doing it quite well. The MIL knows this and sees the power structure slipping which is why she wants them to get back together. If CSH gets fired or let go, some other hotel brand will just come along and scout her hoping she will bring her brand of success to their business. CSH is doing this, all while being in an insufferable fish bowl, being miserable dealing with her family and ex-family and while holding it in. CSH needs to realize just how awesome she really is. The person to show her that is the only person who truly cares for her and that is KJH. Yes, I am omitting her father because in his desire to be president, he allowed his daughter to be sold to this horrible family and he (much like her ex-husband) sits passive-aggressively in the background inquiring about her from his old friend. KJH is brave and stands WITH her, by her side and allows her to be her awesome self and he isn't intimidated by it. He is always thinking about what she would like and he worries about her well-being. He comes to her. He meets her where she is. That is enough. He doesn't have to be wealthy. She already has money. He doesn't have to wield control, he can allow her to take the lead sometimes. He isn't trying to change her or tell her what to do. He respects her and makes her laugh and has opened up her heart and her mind to the freedom of life. Misogyny often tells men that they have to be in control, be the breadwinner, be successful, and that women needn't worry about things like that. This drama is showing that women can be the breadwinner, be brilliant and successful, have friends, have a man by their side that they don't need those things from and it is okay. CSH is fair, she is smart, she is honest and she is sincere. Because of this, the workers of the hotel have a safe and solid environment to work in, and they have a fair chance to succeed working there. Another role in misogyny are women who buy into it. I really hate that the ex-MIL has found that sleazy director to try and succeed CSH. The fact that he confronted her about the message board comments in front of all of the employees should be enough to show them that he isn't fit to lead. Then the stills show her ex coming in there and taking over getting celebrities for the event. Doesn't he have a job? A title? Why does he have so much time to sit around stalking her? Because he isn't the one actually doing the work like his ex-wife. He is comfortable tasking all of these things out to his secretary and throwing his money around. Honestly, that is all he has to offer. Another moment from episode 5 that was telling was when the news show came on and they were discussing the ramen date and KJH was sitting with his family and his brother recognized the sweater because he was wearing it. KJH's mother made a comment about not liking powerful women and that a woman should just take care of her family. This is definitely a foreshadowing. I get the feeling that KJH's mother at some point imagined another life for herself. Also, at some point, I see her and CSH's mother having a conversation that will be very interesting. I will be glad when this is no longer an anomaly. A woman who is not dependent on a man for money or lifestyle, but simply for love and companionship. What say you chingus of our JINSOO couple!
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    Having established Ryan Gold is the perfect boyfriend/husband ever for 10 episodes, we got two episodes establishing why Deok Mi is the best girlfriend/wife ever. This is something I really appreciate - it took a while for RG to open up, and the delay was necessary I think(even from production's view considering it's traumatic for him), and DM was there all along, to improve his mood, to comfort him, to help him, to watch out for him - and he finally came across and told her what all things are bothering him, and she was there to hold him. My girl will never let me down, and I am pretty sure she'll come up as his biggest support in the final episodes - LEARN KDRAMA WRITERS, LEARN. The relationship isn't the conflict here, it is the relationship that is the solution to the conflicts, and if not the solution, the support that keeps you from breaking. On a side note, this is setting such a healthy example for relationships for everyone. You care for each other, you respect each other, you accept their quirks and are there for each other, and most importantly, you trust each other. You don't need to get along all the time, but you have to put your ego aside and look at what matters the most. I know there are not many young people in the forum, especially of my age(early 20s) who have just stepped in the "adult" world(I come from a conservative country) and are looking at relationships from this eye, but this is setting such high standards of how you should be if you actually love someone - and the amount of respect and space to give and accept from people... I seriously think I am lucky this drama came at the point when I am at this juncture, and as a fangirl nonetheless.
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    Honestly, I don't really get the disappointment with DM. She, like any other girlfriend or fangirl on the planet wants to show her object of affection the best side of her. EG is HER BROTHER(idk if she knows he likes her, but his confession in front of RG seemed to be a surprise)! That's what she considers him. I am pretty sure I'd definitely use my own brother as a shield in such a scene if I was as nervous. You don't need to show off to your family - they know you in and out. Also, let's not forget - "what guy would accept himself as second to your idol crush?" And her getting dumped over it multiple times (it was in the official summary) - Obviously she likes RG too much to lose him too soon, and EG again played dirty by taking advantage of her situation, and confessing where she couldn't react. You would want to show off to someone you are dating, so it wasn't more about her being uncomfortable with RG. It was about her considering RG a "MAN" and EG "FAMILY". I am glad RG was having none of it though - he's seriously perfect. He handled it so well - he could have gotten angry but he understood her emotions and comforted her with the fact that her secret identity is known to him and he's all okay with it.
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    The influence of The Little Prince in Encounter (The Little Prince part 2) The presence of this philosophical tale is only really revealed at the end of the episode 14, where CSH is reading the book next to KJH. However, it appeared much earlier with the painting in CSH's bedroom. This is the biggest painting on the right. I didn't know that there was a sculpture of The Little Prince with the fox in South Korea. As I had mentioned it before, the fox is not visible in the painting. The little boy is the main character which shows that CSH has always felt a certain closeness towards this extraordinary character. Another visible trace is the bouquet, it is protected just like the little prince protected his rose. To conclude, the writer and director used different visuals to create a connection between the philosophical tale and this drama (bouquet, painting, the book). But it goes far beyond that. The title of this drama has a lot in common with this French story. Encounter is what actually defines the work from François de Saint Exupéry. Because the aviator had a plane crash in the desert, he met casually the Little Prince. Then the little boy meets the fox as a coincidence as well. The appearance of his beloved rose is not something planned either. One day, she appeared on his planet and the little prince had no idea how it came to life. So far, he had been busy taking care of his planet (see the picture above): - cleaning the volcanoes, - taking out the roots of baobabs as they represent a thread to his planet Therefore when he saw for the first time this flower, he was clueless what she was and where she came from. As you can see, due to encounters, The little prince changes little by little, is forced to make decisions which leads him to leave his planet, to explore other planets and to meet new people. He leaves his planet because the rose due to her vanity, carelessness and arrogance took him for granted and thought, he would remain by her side despite her behavior. And this leads me to the third aspect, the brevity of the encounters. The Little Prince never stays very long on the different planets he visits. First, the adults he meets are very flawed hence not interesting. They are even more self-absorbed, which the main character realizes. Secondly, even after meeting the aviator and spending some time with him, The Little Prince decides to leave the desert and to go back to his planet. By announcing to the aviator (the narrator) his immanent departure, he forces his friend to leave the desert too. As you can see, even if their encounter was very meaningful because the Little prince became a meaningful person to the narrator, they don't stay together in the end. Their separation is indeed painful. He knows that the aviator can leave the desert with his plane hence he forces the narrator to do it by announcing his own departure. And here we have the difference between The Little Prince and Encounter. KJH wants to remain by CSH's side no matter what and he keeps telling her that in order to reassure her. CSH had a lot of encounters, but all of them were with the same person: KJH. For the Little Prince, it was different... he met different people which made him realize how adults were, what friendship and love was aso. On his journey, The Little Prince makes a lot of new experiences which changes him little by little... he becomes more mature and wise. At the end, he discovers in a painful way what love is. Here, I also perceive another similarity with CSH, our protagonist. Thanks to KJH, she discovers love, cart food, average dishes, sand game, the joy of the salsa dance, an open-air gallery aso... Thanks to KJH, her horizon is broadened and enriched. She can feel again, her heart can see things which she couldn't before. And it is the same for The Little Prince. Since I had already compared KJH and CSH to the Little Prince, my main focus will be elsewhere here in order to avoid any repetition. Another similarity between these two works are the characters. I have the impression that certain people from The Little Prince resemble a lot to the characters from Encounter, like for example Chairman Kim. She could be compared to the King. The latter lives alone on his planet but he needs to have subjects in order to act as a King. And here, the Chairman Kim acts and lives like a queen. For her, she is royalty and her subjects have to follow her orders. Once she no longer needs them, she can discard them. Yet, at the end she ends up alone because she had abused her position. She didn't realize that for her position, she had to act reasonably in order to keep subjects around her. And The King in TLP (The Little Prince) is well aware of that. He knows that his demands have to be reasonable, yet he tends to abuse his power anyway. The contradiction is visible in both stories. Their sense of superiority can only exist as long as there is someone besides them but they are not aware of that. Then we have the businessman who could be also linked to the Chairman Kim who wants to possess more and more. Her thrust for money is endless that's why at the end, she is caught for bribery. But the most important character from TLP resembling to a character from Encounter is the fox. You might wonder about his identity in Encounter.... In my opinion, teacher Lee acts a lot like the fox. The first connection is her title. She is a teacher and the fox is the one who teaches The Little Prince what friendship is and what love is. He listens to him and gives explanation without giving him real advice. He doesn't just explain what friendship is, he teaches him through experience. He asks the prince to tame him and as such to create ties between them. The fox is the wise teacher, the one who is there for him and who declares that the colour of the wheat fields will always remind him of The Little Prince. And teacher Lee has a similar behavior in Encounter. She doesn't interact much between CSH and KJH, she always listens to both and explains things without giving any advice. She never stopped CSH from breaking up with KJH. She felt sad and sorry but she said nothing. Then in the dark room, she is the one who reminded CSH to enjoy the present because death could occur anytime. She mentioned missing her husband after his death... Yet she never told CSH to visit KJH. She let CSH make her decision. And that's exactly what the fox did too. He always let the little prince come to his own conclusion. He only helped him by giving him valuable information. Finally, the last comparison is the place. KJH and CSH met in Cuba, a country where they were on their own. So for them, Cuba was like a desert as they only interacted with each other. For them, the others were like inexistant. Don't forget that CSH and KJH didn't pay attention to the dancers during the sunset, they were both focused on the beautiful scenery. CSH didn't see the couple dancing. Then later, they walked barefoot without paying attention to others again. So they acted as if they were alone all this time. And to me, the desert from The Little Prince resembles a lot to Cuba. Although it is a desert, The Little Prince is able to meet the narrator, the fox, the other roses and the snake. It is not an empty place, it is a place where it is difficult to live. And the evening spent together in Cuba was exactly like that. CSH had trouble to walk to the top of the hill, she had lost her cellphone and purse therefore later they hadn't much money, it was quite difficult to manage to eat and have a good evening. Her situation is really similar to the aviator's situation: his plane needs to be repared and he has nothing. Yet despite everything, CSH was able to survive and to enjoy the evening: experience new things. And this is exactly what happened to the aviator and the little Prince. Despite the loneliness, the harshness of the environment, they were able to survive, to overcome the loneliness as both became close, just like CSH and KJH. @dukesa1122(Did you like this comparison? I am asking as you were wishing to read it as soon as possible) @stardustvoid@jl08@celebrianna@xu_lyfe@dreaminsince1998@thistle@Yongzura@roshzanna@lolipop86gorgeous@nikir@shyguitar @thadora @NongpeeP @rosiepeonie188 @twtwb @Tasia @msbae81
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    I think we can all agree that the way episode 13 ended was a total angsty downer but I'm choosing not to let that ruin my day by concentrating on all the positives instead. • CSH finally getting her wish to enjoy a home cooked meal in a familial atmosphere. • CSH coolly addressing KJH's lie and telling him she would've just told him not to go. And KJH being an awesome and emotionally secure boyfriend in telling CSH that everything she does is meaningful and whatever she does, she has him in her heart. • KJM being a supportive and loyal cheerleader to his brother, referring to CSH as sister in law and asking about a wedding. He may be a bit of a goof but he is really sweet and well meaning and I suspect a closet romantic. He did help LDC and JMJ get together. • CSH's Appa continuing to support and reassure his daughter and being genuinely happy that she has found her happiness. Looking forward to seeing him execute his plan to protect his party and take down Taegyeong. • CSH teasing KJH about the camera. • CSH telling KJH that she is usually picky about food but she never says no to anything he wants to eat and enjoys them all and him telling her she's even prettier when she does that. • KJH acting like an adorable kid with his new camera and CSH getting a little jelly! • Couple cameras! • The sweet exchange in the ballroom with CSH asking KJH for advice, KJH telling her that he is guilty of thinking about her more than his work, CSH telling him he is a model employee and and KJH stealing a quick kiss as his reward! • LDC showing up at Donghwa and charming JMJ on their impromptu date. • KJH stepping in for the photographer like a total pro, proving again what a multi-talented and capable employee he is as well as continuing to be a valuable asset to the PR team, Donghwa and CSH. • KJH giving the bouquet to CSH and essentially "proposing" to her. • KJH's Appa understanding the significance of CSH showing up to dinner at their house and giving his approval to KJH. Thank goodness one parent has some sense and sees the light. • CSH getting to the bottom of the Cuba situation, heeding KJH's advice and turning Mr. Lee into an asset. He needs to repay her kindness with hard work and loyalty in Cuba. • CSH in bad a$$ CEO mode, taking down ED Choi and JWS subsequently throwing him under the bus.. • The "family" dinner at CSH's flat with Sec. Jang and Mr. Nam. The food looked amazing and such cute conversation. • CSH and KJH totally looking like an old married couple cleaning up afterwards and cozying up on the couch. KJH telling her that her past doesn't matter to him. All that matters is her and all he wants is to spend every day with her. (please let this be foreshadowing to their future!) • KJH must be making something marvelous at the end. This drama has been really good at being unpredictable so I didn't see KJH's Umma being the big obstacle in their relationship coming at all. Like I said before, in her mind, she is well meaning but the way she went about it was super shady and she knows it! It's fine if she can't accept CSH since she doesn't know her but what's really disappointing is that she would be so close minded and not even give CSH a chance or get to know her before effectively foisting her own will on her as well as her own son. She is taking away all choice from him. And this was after she overheard KJH telling his dad how much he liked her and how he couldn't imagine living without her. Those aren't just words! Lady his heart will be broken if he's forced to be without the love of his life not because of idle gossip! We can only infer so much from the preview but let's keep the faith for an unexpected pleasant surprise with a speedy resolution. The more I think about it, the more I can't see a breakup happening. There is just no way KJH will ever accept it and be able to walk away from her. JinSoo Hwaiting!
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    The report said that in this scene JH and SH will confirm their strong heart to each other . https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=382&aid=0000701135
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    One could interpret it that way, given how passionate the balcony kiss was. I mean they could’ve just kissed regulary, standing up but no, they had to kiss oh so passionately while swaying side to side. The body language said so much! Loved it! Anyway, yes the writer may be trying to tell us something, so I’m guessing it’s safe to assume that they did have sex that night unless we are told otherwise in the next episode. Or the ending image could also allude to the scene where JH was lying in the garden reciting that poem about the stars, and CSH could represent that one star staring down at him, coming down to the earth and giving him a kiss @dukesa1122 I kind of got the feeling that he wanted to kiss her again too in the movie theater and inside the car before he left. That’s why it was so satisfying to see him actually run back to her just to kiss her despite the freezing cold I can’t seem to move on from the kiss. Help? Lol
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    When the old Cuban gentleman asked KJH if he loved CSH and KJH wouldn’t give him a straight answer, he said he missed her a lot. I think the reason why he wouldn’t say so isn’t because he wasn’t sure about his feelings. It’s just that KJH is that much of a romantic that he wouldn’t feel right telling someone else that he is in love with CSH before he can confess to CSh outloud that he is in love with her. Two episodes ago he told her that she was the reason behind him understanding the true meaning of love but he didn’t say he was in love with her. KJH, you are such a fluffy marshmallow. Interested in everyone else’s opinion about why KJH wouldn’t say he was in love with CSH to ole Samuel.
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    Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense I mean the girl hints and hints and HINTS and hints some more I mean EVERYONE around him hint when it still doesn't work she even tells it straight AAAAAND? He doesn't get it I never thought I would say this but CS take some lessons from Mira!
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    A translation of the BTS for eps 13, 14. Translation in the spoiler since it's lengthy. I have to say that HB and PSH make a really cute couple from seeing the BTS-es. They both clearly take their roles and this drama seriously, and it shows in how they both break down every detail and rehearse before they shoot. However, they also play around and joke quite a bit. They don't come across as a rl couple, which is good given that at least one of them is in a committed relationship already, but there is a level of comfort there that allows them to take liberties with each other and does translate into good chemistry on film. The last little bit of the BTS, btw, which is HB teasing PSH about how JW is in such a hurry that he's just eating up her lips in their kiss scene made me laugh. tagging @stargazer187 and @sweetnona since they have asked for translations of the BTS clips in the past.
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    cr : _in__your_dream Do let me know if you're getting tired of me posting all these gifs.
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    The sole reason why Woo seok will never get SH back to him is...
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    Is there a need to compare here because every moment in every drama is different? If PBG is able to express his longing differently in different dramas, it's called "Skillful" acting, isn't it? By the way, what's with all the hullabaloo for KJH's "I miss you"? It's poignant and meaningful coming from a simple, honest being, isn't it? Why the dissatisfaction that it's too early or bland? It can take 3 seconds to fall in love, not to mention 3 episodes! Cliche? Lack of details? Are we so used to having a MANUAL even for falling in love? Step by step? Must LOVE be laid out like a robot with a timer for execution of its chores? Lol... I wonder why the double standards when some people just love dramas where the lead couple frolic in bed and kissing endlessly....even though it's at lightning speed! No complaints there. But when you have a drama where there are lots of eye contact, deep and intense emotions expressed silently through hands, eyes, shoes, etc...where one does not need to resort to words all the time - isn't it a gem of a drama for once?What's the point of meaningless conversation of "I love you" and "You love me" all lovey dovey if it's just surface words? I'd prefer a deep sense of inner communication any time because I will feel its sincerity. @gumtaek did a good job in laying out all the evidences of deep attraction between KJH and CSH, starting from Cuba. You don't have to see everything in black and white. There are underlying signs of deep attraction between 2 people that need not be spelt out clearly. For me, that scene where he said "I miss you" is the best in ep 3. You could feel his deep emotions as he fought to say it out loud. Did anyone think that it was so easy for him to say those 3 words? Nope, it certainly wasn't, trust me. I love the last part totally. CSH's facial expression as she listened to his expressive words - she seemed uncertain how to react all at once. She even tried to distract by drinking her soup. It speaks volume of the turmoil that went on inside her. She, who has always locked her emotions away after all the sufferings, is now face to face with an honest, direct "I miss you" from a guy who is simple and unpretentious. That confession must mean a lot coming from him. Was it too fast? Nope. Not for me because the it was built up from the time he first saw her through his lens. He's young and honest. He doesn't see the point to hold back his honest feelings. It's as simple as that, especially as he was attracted to her from the start. As for CSH, she's obviously fighting against her own feelings for him. It's obvious that she has good feelings or she won't dash to keep the appointment and missed him in Cuba. We have a cherished drama with old-fashioned lines and deep communication with feelings and expression between 2 beautiful beings. I'd say that this drama is really very beautiful and the lead couple is doing such a great job communicating without words, their attraction and feelings for each other. It's so touching and poignant and special moments between this lovely couple has much more meaning than a dragged-on love story or blatant PDA between its lead for commercial purpose. A shout to Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo and PDnim - keep up the great work and we look forward to a great love story; a unique and beautiful love story that viewers will identify with and feel a sense of beauty and warmth each time they remember it. Cheers and fighting, "Boyfriend/Encounter"!
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    There's a Naver article about this: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003422856 (Google Translate version here) PMY selected the fake dating photo shoot and the shadow drawing scene; KJW selected the "Annyeong" scene at the writer's house and the crying Ryan hug scene. According to Google Translate, he said that "It is a realistic and idealized expression of how great a blessing and comfort in our lives is for a lover who understands, works and loves me. The embrace of the two people who gave comfort and strength to each other showed a greater sense of urgency than any other kind of attitude, and showed the true spirit of 'real adult love'." I'm more inclined towards KJW's picks, although my personal picks would be the flour-smearing scene, because I love that WGM type of ish, and the wood shop makeout scene and aftermath.
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    Ryan and Deokmi, relationship allow the other partner to have a personal space at the proper time. Being in love doesn't mean to be clingy all the time. Ryan Gold is a rare standard of a man, but I want to give credits to Deok Mi character too. DeokMi is a positive person and her ability to love even from afar it's what makes lonely Ryan fell for her. Another relationship goal. We only got two episodes left... HerPrivateLife is finishing way too soon When you realize HPL comes to an end next week
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    Hahaha and Ryan handing her his milk to wash the coffee from her mouth. Hungry Lion! OMG I clicked the link without even thinking. looks like we have the same thoughts about that And love Deok Mi when she said he should confront Lee Seol instead of keep it by himself. She will always be on his side. She even volunteered to take revenge together if he wants it. if another female lead always judging the male lead if he is making bad decision, but not DeokMi. She was like "WE CAN GET REVENGE TOGETHER!!" Good thing Deok Mi isn't dating Mo Tae Goo. She will be collecting hairs with him.
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    Park Bo Gum's interview excerpt " I don' feel the age gap between us" How do you feel about working with Song Hye Kyo? First of all, it's a magical feeling to be able to work with her. She took care of me well, because she acted well as Cha Soo Hyun, i was able to focus fully as Kim Jin Hyuk too.What can you learn from Song Hye Kyo? When i heard Song Hye Kyo's senior reciting her lines, i thought that i really need to work hard and learn as much as i can."Eventhough our age gap is quite huge but we can converse well. Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk's chemistry is great, that's why you can't feel the age gap" " Green grapes are light ,sweet and maybe a bit of underripe flavor. I was worried about how can i portray the this character well but i gradually understand the character when i was acting with Song Hye Kyo senior in Cuba." " I am surprised that my long hair will attract much attention.It's hard to manage but i think that hairstyle suits Kim Jin Hyuk at certain point so i decided to leave it ." During the interview, Bo Gum asked the journalists " When you were watching our drama, did we really not have chemistry?" His frank question created an atmosphere during interview. He first received scripts for first 4 episodes, Kim Jin Hyuk's character is just like Don Quixote. He is not aggressive/ forceful but tenacious. Regarding ratings, he says " I mentioned before during press conference that i don't really pay much attention/care much about ratings( insist on getting a certain ratings). I just hope that the drama can bring warmth to many and a relaxing one. That's why i am grateful to see the results and i think to have this kind of ratings is really wonderful. Nowadays, we have a number of great dramas, i don't have any regret whatsoever. I am most grateful towards viewers and fans who diligently watch our drama from the start till the end."
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    Alright BOYFRIEND CHINGUSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's reel this thing back in before we all fall off the boat. Let's not be like JH's omma and assume a bunch of things that has NOT happened yet. I really feel for CSH because when a woman falls in love with a man, instantly the most important thing is how his family will accept her. She was right when she said this to the tea lady. That type of thinking implies that she saw JH in her future from the very beginning as well. When you feel unsure about something or someone, the best thing to do is educate yourself. This is what JH's appa did. He went to CSH when they stayed at the hotel and he asked questions and let her know what his concerns were, but felt reassured once he spoke with her. JH's mother had ONE conversation with a neighbor who is trying to help her son find a job (face it, she would've done the same for JH) and now she is acting like their entire lives have been turned upside down. Like someone pointed out, I could see if the press was camped outside of their house or by his father's fruit stand. I could see if pictures of the rest of the family were all over the Internet. But, for the most part that has not happened. SH and JH have been dating quietly and innocently. But from the beginning the writer has used JH's mother as a mirror of how that generation in Korean society feels about a woman's place. His mother already said she doesn't like ambitious women. She comes from that generation that bought completely into misogyny, where women are worthless unless they are tied to a man in some way. They should just get married and have children and focus on being a wife and mother and busy themselves with domestic work. The tea lady raved about JH's mother's cooking skills, but we found out the last episode that CSH can cook as well. She is capable of preparing all types of dishes for her family due to her training, she just doesn't have the warm family to prepare it for. JH's mother is a very simple woman. She cooks and cleans and takes care of her children and bragged about her son the moment he got a job at Dongwha. Yet, here she has a potential daughter-in-law who is smart, successful and kind and instead of getting to know her, she hit her with the idea that SH is somehow just playing with her son and that alone will bring too much unwanted attention on her family and she's scared so they must break up.Not only does this imply that his mother is misogynistic herself. But, it also implies that she doesn't think as highly of her son as she let on. KJH is the type of person who was never just going to be ordinary. Look at what he's done at the hotel and he hasn't worked there that long. He's already been featured in an international travel magazine within his first year. Her son doesn't want to live a quiet life. He doesn't care about what other people think or their expectations. He is extraordinary in his own right, which is why he ended up dating the CEO in the first place! Anybody can plan a trip to Cuba and go there and explore, but it took someone like him, with his instincts, his pure heart and his appreciation for beautiful things to capture the heart of a woman of SH's stature. The reason why the two of them just work together is because while CSH navigates a world of VIP's, politicians, CEO's, employees, etc., she too appreciates the simple things in life. She wants the balance of coming home to a man that loves her and having her own little quiet family. I really wish JH's mother had just given her a chance and gotten to know her better. I really believe that she will like her a lot. As far as how episode 14 ends. Look at CSH's face. This is the face of a woman who loves her man and hasn't figured out a way to keep him without messing up his family's life. She feels compelled to do what his mother asked of her, but she doesn't want to do it. Now, if this was the old CSH, she would've obeyed and just broken up with JH. But, she's changed. She carries his heart with her and that's why she can only think of breaking up with him and it pains her to even do that. I don't think she is going to go through with it. I don't think she can. Maybe before that happens, his mother will have a change of heart. Maybe before that happens, she will realize what she did and will ask SH to give her another chance. Maybe she will see that this is the only woman for JH and leave them to love freely. At this point, everyone knows they are dating, it would bring a LOT of attention to their family for them to suddenly break up. JH's mother has a lot to learn about how the world works today, especially when it comes to love and family. I think her son and his lovely lady are just the ones to show her. Sidenote: SH has been wearing a lot of red the past few episodes. The color of love looks good on her.
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    Well, I have always felt that JH was too close to his mother. And this is where JH needs to show to his mother that he is no longer her son, but a man. So far, JH has always put her first (see the birthday, the way he announced that he had to move to Sokcho) and deep down, he knew that she might not like the idea that he had a girlfriend. I hope, JH realizes on his own what his mother did behind his back. The huge disappointment will mark the moment, when he is a real grown-up man and he tells his mother that she crossed the line.
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    @NongpeeP Don’t get too emotional with us of course we know that that scene was shot the 1st month in Cuba. And we know that they are just superb actors. Thats the whole point of what we are saying They are so believable, you cant help but close your eyes and remind yourself that they are just acting @allythefangirl glad you love the drama. Keep going and it gets better. You might wanna read @bebebisous33‘s posts to better understand how deep and well thought of this drama is. ——————————— About the balcony kiss... i know it is hot and steamy and they are in 1 bedroom with no one watching. It is not impossible for lovers NOT to do the deed, though. Making out and slowing down is the key. and maybe a nice cold shower, ALONE. @Jemrie let me borrow this
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    @triplem , @ktcjdrama , @Sejabin & @Lawyerh & @cenching @Sarang21 @lu09 .. that plot I would gladly discuss .. @sushilicious Take a note
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