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    I’m officially convinced that the writer and crew are in on it and Crash Landing on You is just a prologue to the Bin Jin wedding announcement. At first I thought small things like grocery boy could just be a coincidence but the number of “trolling” moments at this point feels like more than just poking fun at the real life romance rumors between HB and SYJ. Otherwise, this is just cruel and unusual punishment for us shippers. Let’s recap for those of us keeping track. They included a series of scenes that directly parallel iconic BinJin moments The movie scene channel 20 The paparazzi catching his broad shoulders Now this unforgettable epilogue of today’s episode where they do the psych analysis of his behavior when their together His body and attention ALWAYS turned towards her Shielding and protecting her Mirroring each other’s movements Even the director of the negotiation didn’t need additional analysis to see what was going on In the end they are basically like you don’t need psychoanalysis or zoomed in brightened photos of under the table hand holding. Any regular person can see what’s going on here. He’s in love with her Even google knows the truth If it’s true and our real life couple finds themselves walking down the aisle together, how beautifully poetic is it that they started in a drama about the power of destiny when they have had so many random encounters with each other as the top actors in their generation but finally found themselves working together and falling in love after all these years. After all this VAST Entertianment better check their DMs and respond to my formal request for a wedding invite.
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    NO NO NO.. A big triple NO they will admit they are dating.. I prefer like this :- Vast post a letter on their ig "Hello,this is HB.I just want to share the happy news with my fans that me and Ye Jin-sshi already engaged and we will register our marriage by the end of this month.We are expecting a twins.To those who support me and my soulmate,i won't forget your support.To those who hate my woman, "do i care?".."
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    On how to save a life (by Ri Jung Hyuk) I AM NOT OKAY, GUYS!!! MY FEELINGS!!! I NEED TO TALK. Yoon Se-Ri hates her birthday. She hates her birthday so much that she attempted suicide on that same date a few years ago in Switzerland. She even tells her mother that it would have been better not to be born, and that hurts! Se-Ri knows that her own family has never loved her. Her mother left her on a deserted beach when she was just a little girl, and that day (on her birthday, again) lost all the confidence she could have in her entire life. Yes, surely that incident, together with the competitive corporate world, made her a fierce lioness, a woman of power and prestige. But that doesn’t make her insensitive to emotional pain and social pressure. And then we are in the present. And she is having a richard simmons day, like all her previous birthdays since she was a child. First, had to say goodbye to her boyfriend, ‘cause she knows he has to return to his country at any time. Se-Ri is devastated, of course. But then, her mother makes a rigorous visit, to have THAT conversation… To apologize? To wish her a happy birthday? We don’t know yet. We never know what that woman has in mind. But it hurt her even more. Then, she returns to her apartment that cold night in which everything seems to go wrong, and maintains the slight hope that perhaps Jung Hyuk will be there to give her a silent hug. Just like he did before. But what Se-Ri finds is a dark and empty house, with no soul, no heat, no light. And that terrifies her, cause she already knows that scenario. She has already felt that loneliness before, every day of her life. Since the beach incident. And then the light came back, and HE WAS THERE! Not only him, but her North Korean ducklings too! Her true family. THE REAL ONE. These guys helped her in times of danger in a strange country. This squad risked their own lives just to keep her safe. Not because their captain told them what to do and what to say, but ’cause they really loved her. And she knows that, but that is a lot for Se-Ri. That’s why she runs away for a moment. It is shameful. The most devastating thing in this scene is not to see her cry, but the reaction of Ri Jung Hyuk (to see how bad she will be when he leaves!). Se-Ri lied to him again. In previous days, she lied to him about her ‘loving’ parents and siblings and their 'warm’ welcome back. And that morning, she lied telling him that she would be fine when he left. richard simmons! SHE WILL NOT BE OK. No, Se-Ri is not weak, but damaged. That’s why he doesn’t go after her to ask why she lied to him, but to offer her an apology. To comfort her. And above all, to remind this precious lonely girl that there always be a person who every year will be grateful that she is alive. Someone who will never forget anything about her. I talked about the soju drink scene recently, right? Well, at that time (and in this one too, of course) he already knew about the voice recording (the suicide note) she made in Switzerland. He already knows that Se-Ri was the woman on the bridge. And that he helped her there for the first time. That is why it’s very important for him to tell Se-Ri how much her existence means to himself. Not only this year, but all the years to come. That is a vow of love. And it’s SO PURE. Jung Hyuk wants to say these words to Se-Ri again and again, every day of their lives, until she finally sees the sun rise on that lonely beach where her mother threw her away as a little girl. He just stays by her side so she knows he is there to support her, to hold her, to love her, OMG! I CAN’T EVEN! THEIR LOVE IS LEGENDARY. PERFECT HUMAN BEING #COME ON!!! #HYUN BIN #SON YE JIN #I WANT A HAPPY ENDING #PLEASE!
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    ******** Adding Crash Landing On You, Finale Spoilers! I have so much feels after watching the finale for CLOY. This is truly one of the best kdramas that I’ve seen and I’m so so so happy they are now the highest rated tvn drama (Goblin is dethroned omg). Truly well deserved. I think I teared up for the majority of the episode and I’m not even ashamed about it. Boy, the script and acting were amazing. Five minutes in and I’m already tearing up because of Seungjun. And then the tears got worse during that scene where Seri’s mom told her that Junghyuk never left her side when she was unconscious. And then we got to see how he was so relieved to see her waking up but edged away quickly from her view and left quietly…my heart yall. The scene at the line…when Junghyuk yelled at Seri not to run bc she was still recovering but she gave no fcks bc she was worried they were handcuffed…fck I cried??? In the middle of the fcking airport by the way??? This reunion was so beautifully PAINFUL, but props to Seri’s mom for talking her into meeting JH for one last time. I was screaming in the inside when Seri said she’d already said goodbye to him too many times ughh I love the continuity in this drama so much. They really paid attention to every single line ever uttered by the characters. Case in point:- When Seri started receiving messages from JH…and it helped her cope with the fact that he was gone. When JH MIRRORED Seri’s action of arranging the books to form the words “Yoon Se Ri, saranghae” UGHHH MY FFCKIJG FEELS AND WHEN JH sent her the Edelweiss plant and told her to say 10 good things to it every day. HE REMEMBERS EVERYTHING SERI HAS EVER DONE FOR HIM ISTGGGG I also lost it when the village ahjummas found out via Dan’s mom that Seri’s latest line of products are named after them and even had their faces on the packaging like fml Seri really doesn’t forget those who has helped her before TT the fact that she named the line “saudade” (keuriwo) I’m yelling I wished they could meet again one last time or something. I also need to give a huge shout out to all the 3 moms of CLOY - Dan’s mom (always wanting happiness for her daughter), Seri’s mom (redemption arc) and JH’s mom (loving mom, willing to eat poison without hesitation if things go south). I love them all so fcking much!!!! And of course, when Seri finally met JH again in Switzerland in the most CLOY way possible which is to crash land at the spot right where he was…how he found her as how she told her mom he would…and when he said “ah you didn’t fall, you descended” AGAIN, HER WORDS!!! HE REMEMBERS!!!!!!!!!! Bless you scriptwriters, directors, hyun bin and son yejin for giving us THAT kiss man I was ugly sobbing by that time and they did not disappoint with that ending. The epilogue. I’m so sad that Seungjun is really gone but I’m also happy that Dan has come to terms with that and is successful in her own way and of course at the same time, kept Seungjun in her heart always. They definitely deserved better though and I truly am sad that Seungjun really is dead…but can I also say that I love her uncle and mom so fcking much?? Her mom is so supportive and I laughed when she asked the fortune teller to find a man for herself HAHAHA Soldier gang missing Seri TT And of course…of course…our riri couple has a house of their own in Switzerland and the last shot of them with the flowers and Seri leaning into JH while he leaned down to kiss her…holy richard simmons it’s everything I have asked for. This drama is truly amazing and I’m so glad I was part of this journey. There was never a moment I found dull or lengthy even though it aired for 1 hrs 30 mins each episode. I laughed a lot, I cried a lot too, which is something that out of all kdramas I have seen, the first to ever make me bawl like a fcking baby. I don’t think I cried for Goblin and that used to be like my fav kdrama after SKY Castle. CLOY has officially taken over that spot ugh I’m so happy hyunbin and sonyejin took this offer and made this drama together.
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    IF I WERE AN NORTH KOREAN AHJUMMA... (THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY) Of course I'm #BinJin all the way. I love Gong Yoo too, but I love Hyun Bin more. But you know, as a woman, I know SYJ's body clock is ticking. Feminist views be damned, but she deserves marital and parental bliss after working like a cow her whole career. She has also admitted to wanting a family before she hits 40 so there should be no confusion in that. It's truth universally acknowledged that SYJ is a great actress but in CLOY, I noticed two scenes of misplaced tears on her part. One was during their talk by the fire on their way to Pyongyang. In that scene where she told RJH that he "will be a good husband and dad someday", her eyes suddenly welled with tears. I hope they cut it out for continuity (because her teary eyes sprang out of the blue), but they didn't. For a seasoned actress, why is she so emotional on the topic? The second misplaced tears was during the soju scene in her living room in SK. Even the BTS indicated that she teared up uncontrollably, just when RJH talked about marriage, twins, growing old. I think it's not just a coincidence, the lady wants to settle down already. I should know because I am a woman too. We love to have great careers but it is innate in our nature to yearn for family life, someone to care for and nurture for the long haul. There are women who are blissfully happy being single too, but Son Ye Jin has already expressed her views regarding her preference. I truly believe that she is ready. Now if I were an NK ahjumma I would have already smacked Hyun Bin in the head. No matter how stern the denials, I really think that they are dating (if they are not dating then HB should keep his naughty hands off her, it's not becoming of him to do that to a lady who is just a friend). It seems to me that Hyun Bin is taking his sweet time to act on it. Ye Jin is an outgoing and fun kind of gal but she obviously flirts and speaks honey exclusively to Hyun Bin. Even the denials from Vast Ent. can be a double edged sword. It may protect SYJ on one side but it may also paint her as the one who likes Hyun Bin more, thus, her lack of denial. Not all fans read HB and SYJ articles. Not everyone can read between the lines. So now to our real-life Capt. Ri. If I were Young Ae or any other NK ahjumma, I wouldn't be too understanding. This also happens in regular relationships involving us, mere mortals, right? There are guys (especially the handsome, popular ones) who say they are not yet ready to plunge because they still want to achieve more in their career yadi, yadi, yara. You see, if the guy doesn't want to do something, he will have a lot of excuses. If he wants to do it, not even Satan can stop him. It's all the same when it comes to love, even for normal folk or superstars. HB may be a superstar but he is still just a man. Some people playfully mentioned Gong Yoo because of his star power, one of the very few that can eclipse HB. Figuratively, people want someone to nudge HB to either propose or just let go of SYJ so she can find someone whom she can truly have a family life with. The "Gong Yoo idea " is merely a threat that will force HB into action. The ball is in HB's court now. Though I doubt if he will still insist on being "just close friends" with SYJ if he sees her with someone who's as handsome, rich, well-mannered and popular as him. And, yes, one that Ye Jin can legitimately call Oppa. A lot of us keep on mentioning "career." Is there ever going to be an end to it? Wanting more popularity? More wealth? Both of them are nearing 40. And if by this time, the fans and talent agencies still have a big say on how they are going to date, marry and have children... then Gangnam, we have a problem. I both love them equally but as a woman and an ahjumma, I am becoming more protective of Ye Jin. Of course, she would want to deny the rumors if there's no clear sign from HB. Problem is, HB is practically making love to her in front of the whole world, being touch-feely and all. If they continue with this, her reputation is going to take a hit while HB will practically be unscathed. Oh God, I've already written a novel. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, what the heck have you done to me?
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    Chingus I love our interaction here, and now I am sad that the drama end. I realy loves PMY act in all romantic scene in HPL. I notices something different. To prevent my self of being bias, I try to see any available clips from youtube of PMY and her previous co-star, U know for research purpose LOL. Turn out that I am right. A. Other story that Park Min Young did, involving the theme "we are not suppose to be together", so there were a lot of "goodbye kiss" or "dont push me away kiss", and "longing kiss". She did well in all of those kisses though, especially in Healer one. B. In WWWSK, the first kiss can be categorized as "don't push me away kiss". Other kiss is always passionate but may be the directing want it to be rather dramatic build up to something? PMY's reaction after kiss was as someone that receiving an overwhelming passion? She received it because she love him too. It did make sense with the storyline that YJ love and passion kinda erupting, after all he must hold it in for 9 years. C. Here in HPL, we can see multiple reaction to the kiss from PMY. And I think emotional delivery in every kiss she did in HPL was so vary and different from her previous projects. In HPL she managed to pull off different emotion. 1. In thumb kiss she has bewildered look in her face. 2. In imaginary blind fold kiss after she initiate the kiss her eyes express worry, what if Ryan did no feel the same way, then after the magic word do you want me and she nod, she express longing for Ryan afection so well. 3. In workshop kiss, after the first gentle kiss after Ryan said that he want it to be real, her teary eyes looking for reasurance that Ryan did like her for real. Than after that kiss that unleash all pent up passion and emotion. Her eyes said "ottoke" when the interuption happen. Then continuing kiss in hiding (coz the pent up passion and emotion had not been released yet). Than this is my favorite: smile and laughter after wood falling accident, never appear before in her previous kiss. The laughter and smile really emphasis that they are so happy together. 4. Stealing kiss after two wrist kiss, I love when she smiled afterwards. She smiled with her eyes and wrinkly nose to. Here she was naughty cute. 5. In 1st rooftop kiss, where she smiled while receiving forehead kiss and nose kiss, and then smile in between when he held her hand, then sime again when it ended, her eye looked up to his eyes, it so romantic giving me all the feels... One of my favorite. 6. Two lusty Sinagil kiss in the sofa where she takes the lead. Too bad there were bell and Cindy interuption afterward. 7. Kiss (peck) coz finding jealous ryan to cute 8. We can call sujebi kiss as playfull kiss. Here she also smiled in between kisses. 9. Studio kiss was so emotionaly charged. I love how both of them saying sarangheyo softly. She is so beautiful when her tears fall. Kiss after that, was more like them pouring all the love that they feel. Less passionate then workshop kiss but more in deep emotional level. 10. Lipstick kiss. This was also an playful all smile kisses. I love at first she kinda do stamping-lipstick kiss, then give up and do the real smochy kiss than fix the lipstick afterward. 11. Soft kiss after saying that Deok Mi was something more precious than his ability to paint. 12. Wall Kiss. She was the dominant one here: she asked kagoshippo yo? While Ryan leaning on the wall slightly sitting on the railing, she showehed him kisses, I miss U kisses. Here Ryan was seen smile in between while Deokmi just kiss and kiss. Here we see confident Deok Mi who already succeed in career and succeed as a breadwinner who support her fiancee to come back as an artist. (Bonus cut kiss scene after proposal) Other than those kisses, we also have two almost kiss, faking wall kiss and avoiding coffee alergy kiss. Other than lip kiss we also have, wrist kisses by Ryan, Go Stop wrist kiss by Deokmi, rooftop forehead kiss, snugling in the sofa forehead kiss, cheek kiss after breakfast delivery, bribing ryan kiss in the car, and forehead and cheek kiss after waking up on Ryan's bed. I love all PMY reaction after all that scene, whether she initiated or as a receiving end. So in my opinion in this Drama, PMY had the happiest kiss (with record number, tehe... not including ng etc that don't make the cut). FIGHT ME if you don't agree! Kudos to both PMY and KJW (after counting I can understand your blistered lip). Why I gives praise especially to PMY in all this kiss? 1. She has more experience as first lead in tv drama. KJW himself said in interview that he leaned to PMY a lot. After seing the BTS, i see her gave advice to KJW on angle and where to craddle her face so it will be pretty in camera. So she is a pro. 2. Given better character and opportunity to do add lib, PMY succeeds to potray Deok Mi as a women in love, albeith with insecurity at first, give love happily and confidently. It is so empowering, that in love relationship that equal, both can also be happy and content. She did her best given her character written in her previous drama, but wow did she shine in his drama as strong women. Off course I won't discount KJW roles. PMY said herself that KJW act with his eyes. So I think it was easier for her to potrays emotion by looking at KJW's eyes. They both did those amazing eye acting to each other. It also help that KJW has the best stare, compare to her previous co star. Handsomeness is relative, but eye acting and eye stare, hands on KJW is the best. Smile between kisses that I love so much, I think also influenced by how easy going KJW behind the scene, always smile and burst into laughter. Making PMY comfortable and easy to create happy kisses. On side note: Making KJW never get the girl in his previous drama is a waste dear Kdrama producer and writer! Less chance utilizing his kissing skill! He did select second lead coz it has more interesting characters. Then why don't you writer start to create more awesome character as first lead that would interest him? So I can see him more in my TV?
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    @thanie , @sadthe1st , @hibiscus23 only night they shared bed , would results on twin after month of the incident # let’s look at The twin scan
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    Watching the subs and the flirting is off charts. JUST GET A HOUSE WITH A COUPLE OF KIDS YOU TWO! 1. Ryan asks if they are really dating. Deok mi says: in Korea, if you don't go out with the person you kiss, you go to jail. 2. The way PMY says Ryan is so sensual, I'm pretty sure she'll use it to seduce the lion even when they are married with several kids lol 3. Also the way DM is like "you can badmouth me all you want, but not my lion jerk - I mean Director Gold" haha We stan SDM in this house. 4. Da Out needs to learn her manners: not only did she lie, she was adamant saying that "I didn't lie" in front of DM. Act as pathetic as you want, but DON'T BE SO BRAZEN! I want the second leads to have a storyline - they are perfect for each other. We have a saying back in my country: "two wicked people should get together, because instead of two houses sinking, only one will. i.e. दो घर डूबता, इससे अच्छा एक ही डूबे" - can it happen off screen though? I don't want to dedicate more than 60 seconds of camera footage to either of them in the remaining 6 episodes. 5. The camaraderie between DM and Cindy is funny - they are both against Cho DI. I am so glad haha. 6. The way they all intimidated Yoo Suk ssi into leaving work is hilarious. I love this tag team in the office so much! 7. "I like the night view. It's pretty. And the woman next to me..." DM gets ready for a compliment... "has no driving license". RG IS FUNNY AF! I absolutely adore him. 8. "I asked you to transfer, not to sell out your own wife!" I love SJ! Seriously though, I have seen it happen a lot of times in RL too. Giving gifts with an ulterior motive is a really hurtful form of betrayal. The receiver assumes it is because of thoughtfulness and love...and then find out it was in exchange of an apology contract they never agreed to... it hurts! Kudos to ramping up the laughs factor with "I am going to become a widow today". 9. THE WRIST KISS. holymolyrockapoly I am swooning! It was so smooth - so cute - I really fell in love with it! It was amazing! The tenderness, the impulse....the sweetness... I just need a RG desperately. I specially loved how DM reciprocated with a peck. It was so sweet. 10. Kudos to the direction and the writing. I am SO GLAD to see that DM clarified EG's position in her life - as a twin brother, as a family, with RG the day before the grand reveal. It really makes things so much smoother for the couple - no misunderstandings, nothing like "is she cheating?" - RG & DM are so much into each other that it is a delight, and with proper communication - I AM SHIPPING TWO ADULTS! He explained the situation to her, and she told him right back - asked if he was doubting her relationship with EG, and he said no and that EG might change. It is so wonderful how they are subverting ALL THE TROPES! This episode is sweet, amazing, and something I am going to watch with my RG the day I find him/her (if I ever do!). RG was able to clarify his position with Da Out too. COMMUNICATION! TRUST! I love you RYAN GOLD! 11. Two small things: it is so cute when DM is putting some of her stuff with RG in places where she used to store her Si An artifacts. It is telling us how she is slowly filling the places with her own relationship instead of fangirling over Si An. I think the writer needs to be given an award on how well they understand fangirling...and the position it holds in a fangirl's life. They have my feelings spot on. Secondly, the fact that our couple keeps their hands in their pockets at every opportunity might either be connected to their past or they just know how to act sexy haha 12. I love the siblings interaction...it makes me miss my brother so much! Don't ruin it EG! Also, the fact that DM didn't know EG knew he was abandoned...it just reinforces the fact that THEY ARE SIBLINGS SO PLEASE STOP IT EUNGI and get a damn life. Honestly I could have rooted for you if there was some normal hot headed terrible jerk of a male lead, but sorry - against RG...you are nothing more than shoe dust! 13. I am glad it was Director Kang who called her, and not RG before she turned off her phone. We don't need that sort of a misunderstanding in this house and I am glad directors agree. This drama has ruined me for all the others! Honestly, the only place RG will ever find me at 7am would either be on soompi, viki or in deep sleep. Why so early haha 14. DM...girl...YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I can't believe how good RG is to you...seriously. The fact that you cleared up your r/l with EG the night before, and RG actually coming out and comforting you after all that... I mean I love her, and she's extremely relatable - I mentioned in a post before...but really - what a man. Excellent specimen! REAL LIFE MEN, GO AND LEARN! Also, did you see how great he is? He goes for the kill(kiss) when he should, he's assertive against EG when he should be, he is comforting DM when he should, gives her space when he should, is concerned but can handle pressure - he has the highest EQ I have seen, especially in dramaland where people are ultra dumb. I am screeching - also...Ryan Gold... he didn't misinterpret her hiding for doing something wrong but as nervousness. I am sorry for ranting but so many things could have gone wrong here but it was handled beautifully by Ryan and I just can't praise him enough. 15. I don't want RG to be hurt again - he looks pained... look hun, Deok Mi...Si Na Gil Nim...keep him happy all his life okay? He deserves to be - he is such a great character it physically hurts me to see him frustrated, or crying or anything. Please comfort him. 16. So the fact that DM changed to RG's clothes...and I saw RG seducing her... DOES IT MEAN the thing my pervy self is imagining HAPPENED? YES? PLEASE! Excellent. Brilliant. The writers are the best we have seen. I don't know how people are calling it your standard romcom - it is the best one that could be, it chooses to work around existing tropes and yet be fun and entertaining. The only times they use some tropes is either for humor or for deepening the relationship, not for stupidity. Touch wood. It really shot up in my list of kdramas, and I have been watching them for a LONG time... Cheers to the team for being just so amazing.
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    Guys, you are right. They are holding hands under the table.
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    VAST denying dating rumors: Peace, VAST. Don't DM me.
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    Watching Hyun Bin's videos through the years , I figured I'm not so into his personality in real life. He's very reserved, distant and too professional for my taste. It's like he's there in interviews and press conferences just to do his job as an actor. He looked like a very boring person to me, just drifting. That's probably why I never noticed him before Memories of Alhambra. He was just so good looking in MoA that I had to watch the show haha. But now that he's with Son Ye Jin, it's like he has finally come to life. He's playful, fun and affectionate in almost all videos I see with her. I mean, he's a really good actor but he can't even bring himself to pretend aloofness with SYJ. He is so extra when he's with her. Sometimes, I wanna ask him what's there to be so giddy about Hyun Bin? It's such a waste if they won't end up together because SYJ really brings out the fun in him. I'm not used to watching an aloof and stoic Hyun Bin anymore and I'm not looking forward to seeing it the moment CLOY ends. I'm really gonna miss his easy laughter and honeyed smile. I doubt if any other female can make him act that way in the future.
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    @Sejabin @Lawyerh @thanie @sadthe1st , @hibiscus23 wrong bed arrangements go sleep with your girlfriend let baby jump on the bed
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    Their dating announcement may not sit well with the public after the multiple denials. On the other hand, I feel like everyone in korea already knows about them so if they go out with someone else, they may feel betrayed and throw a fit about it. Our couple is left with no choice but to go straight to wedding annoucement I guess Praying circle for the day we can hear the wedding bell to come soon anyway I came across this comment about their chemistry in one of the swoon vids, which is so funny.
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    Hi Mazzy. Fancy seeing you here, on another ship. LOL. I'm glad you still use uri chaeyoo couple as your profile pic. I truly loooove your videos. And i know, that you are good at seeing what's special from dramas, couples, and their interactions. You always have on point scenes on your videos. And you see our BinJin also on point!!! I do agree with you, just stay happy and positive. And i'm going to ship them hard!!!!! Above is one of my favorite video made by you. And this one too. Oh how i love their interactions. For all shoppers here, chin up. Keep positive. We do have one OBVIOUS FACT. The groceries pictures. It's a fact. Not a rumor. Even though VAST ent denied it, it's still a fact that Hyun Bin flew (i googled it) 5,958.21 mile (9,588.80 km) from Seoul to Los Angeles. It's not like we are meeting our close friend in a local mall, or coffee place, etc. IT WAS SEOUL-LOS ANGELES for crying out loud!!!! There must be some serious problem if you come after your close friend and her/his family there. In my opinion they are together but keeping low and private. All successful celebrities relationship & marriage are all discreet and private. So, i don't mind VAST denied all dating rumor. Because S.K Entertainment agencies tend to said it. They have reasons. So, just let them be. It's THE OBVIOUS FACT that we hold on to.
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    The separation anxiety from this drama is real. Some people are even clamoring for a Gong Yoo and Son Ye Jin project just to make Hyun Bin sweat his pants off. Only perfection can stand toe to toe with perfection, and not be blinded. Gong Yoo has major star power too and is of marriageable age. A jealous Hyun Bin. That's going to be fun to watch.
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    I don’t think he is a ladies man. He has had more public relationships than SYJ but I don’t think that makes him a ladies man. Besides, when you look like he does, you cannot blame the man for having a lot of women gushing for him. Even if he is a ladies man, I know plenty of “ladies man” who settle down after finding the right one. That’s all it takes is to find your soulmate and his body language toward her speaks for itself. However, this isn’t a relationship where one is better than the other. I think for the first time, HB has met his match in every way possible. As much as HB is a looker, I have to admit SYJ also takes my breath away—and I am a woman! They are both equally as successful, equal in terms of finances, and now both have CLOY as their most successful drama. This drama could not be what it is without them both in it together. And now I need both of them to be together IRL...and I will forever never ship another couple
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    https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/behind-scenes-crash-landing-bloopers-uwu-hyun-bin-son-ye-jin-shipping-hard/ These Behind-The-Scenes of “Crash Landing On You” Will Have You Ship Hyun Bin X Son Ye Jin Even Harder Who else isn’t ready to say goodbye yet? With only one final episode of Crash Landing On You left to air, viewers are already feeling anxious and sad about having to let go of 2020’s hottest K-Drama couple yet, actor Hyun Bin and actress Son Ye Jin. To help you cope, here are 10 GIFs from the show’s behind-the-scenes and bloopers that capture the undeniable chemistry the Crash Landing couple had. 1. Unstoppable Smiles These two had to re-do the scene because Son Ye Jin couldn’t stop smiling at Hyun Bin’s face! That is… who would be able to? 2. Private Piano Lesson? Sign Us Up! While shooting the scene when Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin realize they met in Switzerland before, these two got quirky on the piano as Son Ye Jin tested Hyun Bin’s perfect pitch. 3. That Dreamy Height Difference With Hyun Bin towering over her at 6’1″, Son Ye Jin asked him to spread his legs and bring it down to her level — but he playfully stiffened up even more and made her 5’5″ self look teeny tiny. Even their silhouettes look good together.
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    Official stills from tvN. RiRi couple looks so blissful and happy.
  21. 34 points
    credits: Untitled_628 credits: View_gif_ Credits: Untitled_628
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    Yes I agree. Once they go public with their relationship, especially with their marriage, it’s gonna be insane. Knetz are always ready to be up in arms if their favs announce to be in relationship/get married to someone who they consider beneath him/her or basically them being not on the same league. When judging if a couple is compatible enough, they’d look for the equivalence in terms of look, morality, fame, wealth and talent between the couple, not only one standard but all of those combined. it’s true to most cases although very few couples can fit that ‘compatible’ category. I remember the first gf that hb went public with got tons of hate as she was considered unpretty and a nobody in the industry. She even said in an interview it was hard to deal with the melicious comments cuz hb was very famous at the time after the huge success of kim sam soon. I was actually surprised that they could last that long due to the unwanted hatred she received from that relationship. And even someone like Rain was considered ‘not good enough’ for KTH before they got married. But with Binjin, I’m convinced that would not be the case cuz they’re at ‘match made in heaven’ level based on those knetz’ artificial standards. - look: do I have to start on how great they look individually or together? But more than anything, you can feel the glow from the positive energy, the joy and fun when they’re at each other’s company. - morality: they have a clean past without any major scandal. The only sins hb’s ever committed are ‘dating around’ (lol 3 public gf in 17 years, why is it even a thing) and being friend with jdg. -wealth: they’ve been famous for a long time with some major hallyu hits so of course they’re rich. -fame and talent: hb is more famous internationally and does better drama wise, but in korea, yj is at goddess level. She’s a top box office grossing actress and gained herself a long list of prestigeous awards. Therefore I believe even if they were to announce last year when the photos of them in the us surfaced, most of the knetz would’ve still supported them becuz they love that compatibility. But now after this succesful drama, they would gain even greater support from the drama lovers, like one of the comments in korean said that the whole nation would congratulate them. Their brand power would skyrocket and they would become a powerhouse couple. I doubt if they ever get married, they’d keep it a secret. Anything secretive doesn’t sit well with the public in long run as sooner or later, the truth will be unveiled. They’re too famous to conceal such secret.
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    ppc praised each other in individual interviews. I translated it a little. In psj interview, he talked about ep.15 pmy's drunk scene. "She acted so lovely at the scene. while looking at Miso(pmy), I couldn't help but smile(Miso). (i really loveeee his expression. i think my translation can't express his saying well. so let me write his saying in Korean "저도 모르게 미소를 보면서 제가 미소가 나왔어요") I knew she was good at inner emotions acting and comedy acting. but i admired she was even good at this kind of natural acting(drunk acting). In pmy interview "psj is the actor who is able to make a co-star look lovely as he looks cool and decent. He is not the kind of actor who has a thought that "i must beat a co-star(actress) and stand out only myself." He was considerate and cared for me. I think it's hard for an actor to do like this."
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    Hi everyone , I’m new here, enjoy reading all of your discussions, feel comfortable & peaceful here. I’m not a Shipper & love Min Young since Healer. [don’t mind to start my first ship!!!!!] To be honest I’m not a Kdrama lover, I enjoy movies more than dramas. I watched Coffee Prince & found KJW attractive, watched his movie “Antique” from an International Film Festival many years ago. Some period of time, I avoid to watch Kdrama, dislike those leading roles who will get cancer or keep crying. Can I share something here? My mom is an addict movie lover (SO DO I, I’m sharing my Top 50 movies with my son who is 10 now), she gives me an universe & taught me watching Alfred Hitchcock/ Charlie Chaplin/ Steven Spielberg's movies/ My Fair Lady/ West Side Story/ Somewhere in Time when I were 7-11 years old. When I became a teenager, she said I can digest more so she showed me “Godfather series”/Gone with the Wind/ Kurosawa Akira movies/ 8 ½ etc. She said better to feel & taste them, and she discussed the theme with me & we’ll share our point of view after the movies. [I appreciate God gives me such an intelligence mother who is also my very best friend] One day she said she found a very high standard Korea movie & brought me to a very small theatre, this is my 1st Korea movie “Christmas In August”, I won’t forget my strong heart beating at that moment. After this, I keep watching “Shiri” & other, start loving Korea movies more than Hollywood movies. [Of course I enjoy watching Avengers & other Marvel & Hollywood movies, but you definitely know what you exact want] After graduated, I helped to promote hometown movies & had unforgettable chances going to Biff/ Berlin/ Toronto Film Festival with the crew. I’m not sure if you know Tony Leung, a famous actor from Hong Kong, I love all his Wong Kar Wai’s movies. Tony’s eyes are full of emotion, happiness/ bitter/ sorrow all can read from his eyes. From HPL, I find KJW same sparkling eyes, I can read the beautiful story & passion from his eyes (I also find them on ‎Ha Jung Woo/ Cate Blanchett/ Jack Jordan etc) . KJW is This kind of talented actor, I can’t control myself & will start watching all his movies/ drama after HPL, not because he’s handsome or sexy, but eager to know how he performed in different roles. [surprisingly read from Magazine, KJW said he accepts offers if he thinks it’s attractive & interesting & doesn’t mind if he’s not a leading role] Tom Cruise, of course he is very rich/ famous/ high influence/ most said he’s handsome/successfully at Mission Impossible series, but he’s not that “Type” of actor, you won’t see his SOUL from his movies. I don’t really understand the taste of Korean & why HPL rating is not too high, maybe they think tvN release too many love stories “Encounter”, “Touch Your Heart“ these few couple of months? Just want to say HPL is really successful, I love MY & KJW’s amazing chemistry; HPL’s script is very good, not only narrowly mention about Fangirls, but is talking about a man (Ryan has a perfect character) with deep inside sorrow who meet a cheerful woman (Fangirl + Professional Curator), they get to know each other more on every episode/ how Deok-Mi goes inside Ryan’s heart/ with same passion on Art/ fall in love together/Deok-mi won’t be afraid of getting hurt & learn to love and accept love/ she will show more caring & to help Ryan overcome his sorrow. Some people are comparing HPL with MY’s previous dramas/ partners, said HPL rating is lower/ using kisses scene to draw more attention/ trying to downgrade KJW. Some said MY & KJW are just ACTING but not REAL. How did they know? It is ridiculous a pair of lovers (actor & actress) not showing their passion & real feeling, if so, you won’t feel their chemistry & HPL won’t draw a lot of attention from worldwide (gain more international fans). Anyway, I am more than happy Min Young accepts this Drama & pairing with KJW, I love her performance & Deok-Mi’s character more than Kim Secretary. Not a big deal if people don’t like HPL, probably they’re not mature age group/ it’s not their cup of tea or they’re hard shippers. No matter they’ll date/ be REAL couple or not from now or in the future, I wish them every success on their career, and KJW is deserved to get more attention, I would be grateful if more & more people will discover this “Treasure Box” namely Kim Jae Wook.
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    OK so my own ending is that RJH can't live in SK due to his family tradition. Then Seri will go to NK, open a franchise fried chicken. Then - Pyo Channel will be responsible for delivery. - Gwangboem is the brand ambassador - Eun_dong will be responsible for online order. - Mok Joo will be responsible for fanpage - Man Bok will be responsible for call enter. - Ahjumas will be responsible for stores. - Seung Jun will be beer supplier and Seo Dan gave her customer Fried Chicken Coupon as loyalty program. Everyone will be happy when Jeong Hyuk and Seri just sit down together, eating chicken, drinking their favorite beers and looks at the twin run playing games with grand parent. they will live happily ever afterrrrr!
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    I don't know the source from where this person found out the but can someone confirm whether this is true?? If it is indeed true I think this calls for a celebration and if it's not let me cry in the corner
  27. 33 points
    The scene that I’ve been repeating for almost 3 days. And the ring. Case closed.
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    I've gone long enough lurking, and to preface, lemme just say I'm probably among the most unlikely Kdrama romcom fan here. I'm a straight 31 year old male with a loving wife and daughter, I love and play basketball, video games are my jam. And man, do I love HPL. I recently got into Kdramas after watching WWWSK and instantly became a PMY fanboy. I've watched Healer, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter. I'm actually exclusively watching PMY dramas lmao. (only reason I haven't watched 7 days Queen is because it's a sad drama, but I'll probably get to that soon if the PMY well dries up). But WWWSK is still my favorite. Or was. I think HPL is ready to supplant it as my number one. It's such a good romance story, it's awesome watching these 2 characters' relationship develop, as they fall in love and learn about each other. Romcoms have always been my favorite movie genre, I usually go on Netflix binges of romcoms (to the ever amusement of my wife who's more into action/adventure movies and shows), but I never quite found a story I really liked. Until I discovered Kdramas. You almost never see Western shows or movies that portray and develop romance the way kdrama does. There's always some kind of overarching problem or deeper reason behind a show, the romance is always a secondary part of the narrative. In WWWSK and HPL, the romance takes center stage, and they both do it brilliantly. And PMY, man, I don't think I've ever had a celebrity crush quite like I've had on her. Apart from being drop dead gorgeous, she always dresses extremely well, and is an amazing actress to boot. I've always seen her called the Queen of Chemistry, and it's crazy how shippable she is with each of her male co-stars. Here I was thinking ParkPark couple can't be topped, and JaeMin arguably beats it. And her facial expressions, wow. So expressive. There was one scene in WWWSK where PSJ brings her food to her place, and PMY is super ecstatic to see him but is trying to hide her excitement. Then for HPL, there's also this ep 10 scene with the gallery staff badmouthing RG and she has all these expressions ranging from annoyance to surprise. And her kisses, I think most everyone has covered how good she is in all her shows. I apologize for this long af rant, just want to express my love for this show and for PMY while I'm desperately waiting for Wednesday to arrive. Unless the PD screws up the ending somehow, HPL is topping WWWSK as my favorite drama. WWWSK was funnier and more of a modern fairy tale, but HPL is by far more romantic, more mature, and more grounded. Already don't know what to do once the drama ends (probably re-watch it repeatedly lmao.
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    MY Shipping Heart Then oppa # did you get the message
  30. 32 points
    Another thing I find YSR character is amazing is her adaptability. Maybe because the way she was brought up that she needs to adapt herself to the family who don't really want her and surviving alone at a young age, her adapting skills is amazing. Look at how she can control RJH underlings and become so comfortable with them. And how she adapts with the neighborhood ahjumma and befriended them almost immediately in one gathering. She really know how to blend in, she didn't wear something flashy to note that she is from South, she wear the similar clothing to them but of coz with some style. She is just like a flower who adapts well to the surroundings and continue to grow beautifully regardless how harsh the environment can be. Just like the lyrics of Yoon Mi Rae OST, she is the flower that came to RJH life.
  31. 32 points
    The Make-Up Session is such a TEASE! - Ends up on Make-Out CUDDLING -
  32. 31 points
    EVERYTHING ABOUT EPS 14 IS DAEBAK!! but i just can't tolerate if another gun shot wound on our OTP. What a cliffhanger. I’m betting CCG is the who get shot not RJH since he tried to pull the trigger. Maybe there is something plan between the investigator and RJH. But by the look on his face he would kill CCG right there and then if he could. Sigh... The impending separation of our OTP is finally here. I guess they wont meet again, i have a feeling RJH will go back safely to NK and YSR will come home from the hospital to an empty nest(but filled kitchen). RJH you’re so thoughtful. So... until they meet again. How and when and where..Writer nim do your magic. Surprise me. I have my own prediction how the story goes but i hope you’ll put your twist in it Sigh.. 2 more episodes.
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    in bed scene bts, that psj's whole body(shirt on~haha) is touching and pressing pmy's whole body is reallyyyyy hot. and kiss sound is so real. I understand what director said in commentary.."because the (kiss) sound was so loud(?) that i couldn't make the scene be no bgm scene like ribbon kiss scene. and there is a short moment in bts where shirt off psj is on pmy's body..so tightly...pressing her...pmy's hand is on psj's naked back..he stares at her and kiss..and then director said "cut~" it's sure 100% that the beginning part of this bts was deleted!!!! there must be soooo hot shirt off kiss in the beginning of bts. because pmy's blouse all messed up...psj said "so long...i'm even sweaty.." and ppc are really shy just after director said "cut"..haha and patting her hair is pmy's request. she said "i want you to pat my hair."(she looks shy when she requests that) so psj said.."of course. I'm already going to do that."
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    Guys, instead of hating on that villain CCK, I have finally decided to support him. RJH, as ardent a loverboy as he can be, is such a naturally timid and reserved character that it almost always takes a ruthless villain or horrible emergency to push him to action. Without pressure from CCK, Jeong Hyeok might not even be obliged to move his little finger. I can honestly imagine him proposing to Seri while the poor girl is abducted at gun point, or during an magnitude 7 earthquake, while the whole world is on fire. He is that melodramatic. Let's face it, RJH's grand love gestures are all borne from fear of CCK hurting Seri. This CLOY villain is like rice, we know he is bad for us but we have to eat him because he goes really well with the main dishes. Think about it, we actually owe most of our heart-fluttering moments to CCK. * RJH pulling Seri inside his house to avoid CCK, leading them to co-habitate * RJH lying through the skin of his teeth, telling everyone "She's my fiance" * Our OTP paragliding off the mountain to avoid CCK, hugging each other and whispering sweet nothings * That rescue scene involving trucks of doom that proved how much they love each other, with Seri passing on the chance to go back home to give her blood to RJH * RHJ breaking out of prison to bless us with a "break-up" scene capped by a very tight hug in the snow * RJH going through a 10km tunnel for 20 hours just to save Seri * Hyun Bin blessing us with some appetizing visuals during that parking lot scene Ep 11 ending. I mean if you took off Seri and RJH's clothes and rotated them horizontally, it's already the bed scene we all wanted-- panting, reddish face, deep sigh, bulging blood vessels... treating us to a very satisfying climax (pun intended) That's all I can think of anything more because I got stuck with the last part I wrote.
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    Confession: I went out and got me Kit Kat’s yesterday.
  36. 30 points
    now I want to know what they looking at I can’t wait for BTS for this scene
  37. 30 points
    Having established Ryan Gold is the perfect boyfriend/husband ever for 10 episodes, we got two episodes establishing why Deok Mi is the best girlfriend/wife ever. This is something I really appreciate - it took a while for RG to open up, and the delay was necessary I think(even from production's view considering it's traumatic for him), and DM was there all along, to improve his mood, to comfort him, to help him, to watch out for him - and he finally came across and told her what all things are bothering him, and she was there to hold him. My girl will never let me down, and I am pretty sure she'll come up as his biggest support in the final episodes - LEARN KDRAMA WRITERS, LEARN. The relationship isn't the conflict here, it is the relationship that is the solution to the conflicts, and if not the solution, the support that keeps you from breaking. On a side note, this is setting such a healthy example for relationships for everyone. You care for each other, you respect each other, you accept their quirks and are there for each other, and most importantly, you trust each other. You don't need to get along all the time, but you have to put your ego aside and look at what matters the most. I know there are not many young people in the forum, especially of my age(early 20s) who have just stepped in the "adult" world(I come from a conservative country) and are looking at relationships from this eye, but this is setting such high standards of how you should be if you actually love someone - and the amount of respect and space to give and accept from people... I seriously think I am lucky this drama came at the point when I am at this juncture, and as a fangirl nonetheless.
  38. 30 points
  39. 30 points
    Honestly, I don't really get the disappointment with DM. She, like any other girlfriend or fangirl on the planet wants to show her object of affection the best side of her. EG is HER BROTHER(idk if she knows he likes her, but his confession in front of RG seemed to be a surprise)! That's what she considers him. I am pretty sure I'd definitely use my own brother as a shield in such a scene if I was as nervous. You don't need to show off to your family - they know you in and out. Also, let's not forget - "what guy would accept himself as second to your idol crush?" And her getting dumped over it multiple times (it was in the official summary) - Obviously she likes RG too much to lose him too soon, and EG again played dirty by taking advantage of her situation, and confessing where she couldn't react. You would want to show off to someone you are dating, so it wasn't more about her being uncomfortable with RG. It was about her considering RG a "MAN" and EG "FAMILY". I am glad RG was having none of it though - he's seriously perfect. He handled it so well - he could have gotten angry but he understood her emotions and comforted her with the fact that her secret identity is known to him and he's all okay with it.
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    lmaooo this twitter user hahaa I wanted to cry from imagining it but I've run out of tears to cry so I'll just pray LOL
  41. 29 points
    Lmao manner hands don't apply where Ye Jin is concerned
  42. 29 points
    We've already discussed about the writer's style and how there are some similarities between CLOY and her other dramas. In episode 12, there's a scene wich I loved, this one: And It gave me the same vibes that this scene of My love from the stars: Both are bittersweet scenes. The couple is making plans for a future together although they know that what they're saying is just impossible. I really hope that SR and JH's wishes come true.
  43. 29 points
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    Seriously how come that all guys in the hotel are so dense I mean the girl hints and hints and HINTS and hints some more I mean EVERYONE around him hint when it still doesn't work she even tells it straight AAAAAND? He doesn't get it I never thought I would say this but CS take some lessons from Mira!
  45. 29 points
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    Pretty sure there are some coincidences like -JH drank beer at night like hb does -HR’s birthday which matched YJ’s birthday on set cuz I bet the scripwriter planned to write it long before But some are definitely not coincidences like: -Penguine stuffed animal on SR’s birthday. This refers to her character in Be with you. -Same with JH playing game. It’s meant to pay homage to his last drama MOA -And the rumor/paparazzi situation is definitely not coincidence. I dont think the writer was trying to imply anything. She was just being witty with her plot writting by combining real life elements to it. All of these neither deny nor confirm their rumor. And tbh only shippers/fans realized all these ‘coincidences’. Casual audience would not even bat an eye cuz they might not be aware of all these facts or not able to link one and one together. If anything, selling their romance is the last thing binjin need to do. They’re veteran actors so why they need to resort to such tactic while having denied multiple times. And in fact, if the script was crap then nothing could help it, it would be still crap. YJ already said ratings was sth they have no control over. I bet at first they didn’t set the bar too high for this drama cuz North Korea elements are involved. The director only expected 10% of ratings. HB might hope for more but I think he spilled out 22% cuz it sounded like 2Ri/Dooli only. Binjin accepted this script at first place was definitely becuz they wanted to act together. If they were so bothered by the rumor, they wouldn’t have accepted the offer at all.
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    Ryan and Deokmi, relationship allow the other partner to have a personal space at the proper time. Being in love doesn't mean to be clingy all the time. Ryan Gold is a rare standard of a man, but I want to give credits to Deok Mi character too. DeokMi is a positive person and her ability to love even from afar it's what makes lonely Ryan fell for her. Another relationship goal. We only got two episodes left... HerPrivateLife is finishing way too soon When you realize HPL comes to an end next week
  49. 28 points
    Hahaha and Ryan handing her his milk to wash the coffee from her mouth. Hungry Lion! OMG I clicked the link without even thinking. looks like we have the same thoughts about that And love Deok Mi when she said he should confront Lee Seol instead of keep it by himself. She will always be on his side. She even volunteered to take revenge together if he wants it. if another female lead always judging the male lead if he is making bad decision, but not DeokMi. She was like "WE CAN GET REVENGE TOGETHER!!" Good thing Deok Mi isn't dating Mo Tae Goo. She will be collecting hairs with him.
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    @thanie , @hibiscus23 @mouse007 @sadthe1st @Sejabin@Lawyerh @Sarang21 @cenching @triplem Oppa playing hard to get
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