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    Back on One Day in June (June 8), I created this math metaphor about counting the important things about BinJin, adding up their very long love receipt. I had originally only purposefully written this receipt to be 22 items long since we all know that 22 is an important representative number for our RiRi BinJin couple. But what is a shopper to do when this receipt just keeps getting longerrr and longerrr by the day? Well of course, I have to be responsible and keep crunching the numbers. If you add more items to the cart, then you need to keep adding onto the receipt. I’m Asian, we’re always exact with our calculations, am I right? Btw, this original post was posted back on pg.820 and more than a month later, we're now celebrating on pg.1116! So here was the original 22 item receipt (always nice to refresh and recycle especially during a drought..if we can even call that ) 1. I count my blessings that BJ had 2 back-to-back projects together within 2 years where they blessed millions of screens with their acting prowess and chemistry for 16 one hour-and-a-half long episodes, plus an almost 2 hour movie. 2. I count that Binnie flew 5, 953 miles (that's 9, 580 km for the Metric System folks, lots of international folks here so gotta be respectful) across the world to be with 1 close friend and pushed 1 grocery cart together. (Yes. I did indeed google how far Seoul was from LA! ) 3. I count that Binnie did 1 exclusive interview in 4 months since CLOY ended, and for that 5 minute interview, he talks about YJ for 2+ minutes. I count that within those 2+ min, he pulled up a 2 year-old memory from a 20-second excerpt of an interview from the words of 1 close friend and closed his eyes for exactly 2 seconds dimple smiling about it with a twinkle in his closed eyes. 4. I count that I have adored HB as a loyal fan for 15 years, watched all of his works, and this is the 1st time I have ever seen him this happy with smiles that last this long and measure this wide. It is only when Jinnie is his +1. 5. I count that between 3 BJ dating rumors, 0 direct denials from BJ have been issued. 6. I count that CLOY achieved a 22% rating on a cable TV channel, became the #1 rated in TVN's history, became the 3rd most viewed Korean cable TV show ever (despite getting lots of skepticism when the announcement of the story premise first came out). 7. I count that CLOY essentially broke the internet and the record for the Korean drama that garnered the most online views of 1.75 billion media clip views online (and I probably account for a 1/3 of that ). I count that it takes me 8 hours to get through an 8 min Swoonies video of them because my repeat button gets way too abused. 8. I count that between 3 TN interviews, 3 Netflix Swoonies videos, 1 live Kakao Talk, 1 Live Talk where the lights go out, 1 Press Con, and 1 CLOY Taiwan Netflix interview, HB stares at YJ 3894587554483 times, for 238477699854 secs, dimple smiles 8857846675943 times, they tease each other for 757883545937664 times, YJ scam smiley-eyes HB 487376467647 times, and both laugh 34598098023987983223409 times. In CLOY BTS, these close friends touch each other 99989937346375985873623858302947477448 times. 9. I count that it took YJ 3 seconds to name 3 HB movies. 10. I count 2 close friends who both watch channel 20 and remembered it at the same time. 11. I count that HB has 0 social media accounts while YeJin has 1 IG account where HB occupies 7 IG cover photos. 12. I count that 1 Christmas IG photo with 2 close friends, 3 subtle finger buttons, 1 gorgeous location, garnered 1 million+ likes on YJ's IG account. 13. I count that BJ broke down the 1 inch barrier of subtitles that the "Parasite" director was talking about and reached millions of viewers and gained millions of fans in 6 continents. I count that CLOY reached #1 in 6 different countries, and #6 in the USA (and only 1 of 2 non-English speaking shows on Netflix top 10 in March) months after its finale date, lighting the world on fire with their chemistry and bridging cultural gaps every where in unity of their love and magic. 14. I count that BJ donated $300 million won combined for the COVID relief effort. 15. I count that combined, BinJin garnered 3.16 million votes worldwide beating out young K-pop idols while being 38 and having fans in all age ranges (many of whom added 3 apps on their phone they don't even know how to use and grew 6 extra thumbs because the first 2 broke off just to vote) to win respective Popularity Awards. 16. I count that I spent 3 hours watching a Korean awards show I did not understand just to see BinJin onscreen together for less than 5 mins to watch them get an award, one of which I already knew was in the bag. 17. I count 3 stolen glances, 1 obvious TikTok glance, several sweet smiles, and 1 minute for 1 anxious, carefully guarded gentlemen to escort his 1 beautiful queen onto the stage for their 2 Popularity Awards. 18. I counted 1 teary-eyed acceptance speech and 1 "Thank you very much!" to International friends speech delivered by 2 humble, grateful, talented actors. 19. I count that they won 2 different Popularity awards but that morphed into 1 Best Couple Award and 2 hands held the 1 trophy, gave 1 conjoined speech, and practiced 0 social distancing. This picture went on to be shared from their 2 different stylists. And was then featured as the front news for numerous newspaper articles where the proportion of their picture was larger than the 4 Baeksang winners combined. 20. I count that these 2 amazing people have survived in the Korean Ent. industry for 20 years with 0 scandals and tons of accolades. And even until today, they are still a top trending topic! 21. I count that overnight, 40 new members (345 to 385) and 40 new threads were added onto this ship and that the ship became an International BinJin United Nations cruise (well at least we're 6 ft. apart). I also count that there are men, women, teens, ahjummas, even ahjusshis, cats, dogs, with all diverse backgrounds and careers, on this BinJin ship ranging from 6 different continents (Never know what's going on with Antarctica..where you at, brah?) So happy to see that our love for BinJin has united us all! Welcome, new shippers! Continue adding to the positivity and not vice versa! 22. I count that in starting this 1 month BJ shipping journey, I have gained 10 lbs., lost 3/4 of my sanity, have consumed 20 gallons of patience juice, helped clean up 40 gallons of Haterade, downed 10 gallons of coffee ice cream, written 2 love poems over the span of 3 weeks after not writing for 10 years, started out with 10 fingers, now down to 2 working ones, worsened by eyesight by 10 degrees, added 2 anxiety meds to my drug regimen, cried 22 buckets of tears, have rewatched CLOY 20 times and have signed up 5 new watching recruits, have 3 social media accounts that I don’t even know how to get on or delete, have slept 2 hours per night on a good night, worn 1 unwashed robe, have probably showered twice, and maybe have 1 less husband? Don't know, haven't looked for him. BUT I have smiled like an idiot for 6 months and gained numerous new friends from so many places I've lost count. Receipt printed on June 8. Adding new items onto the receipt: New receipt printing on July 31st: 23) I now count 461 total (76+ new shippers in 1 month and probably 1,000 more lurking!) BinJin shippers despite 48 hours of Soompi shut down. I count a 2-month drought between BinJin with 8,196 (5,092 mi) km distance between them yet it keeps raining 2 inches of candy almost every day. 24) I count 1 very overt Make-it-Rain-IG-Liking spree from 1 traditionally very evasive close friend. 25) I count 2 of the hottest Korean superstars, 1 BMW, 1 Bucati, 2 CFs that is seemingly merging into 1 combined CF for 1 SMART brand in a country that is 2,822 km (1,633 mi) away from Korea but where CLOY became the #1 most watched show on their Netflix list. 26) I count 1 hot AF Captain Ri endorsing 3 brands in 2 different countries (Philippines, Thailand) outside of Korea. 27) I count 1 identical eye squeeze, dimple smile from 2 different scenarios (1 from the MetroStyle interview and 1 from the SMART BTS) from 1 HB expressing pure joy at the mention of his close friend. I count 1 potential new interview from the other half of the equation that will hopefully feature similar adorkable eye smiles. 28) I count 1 cover photo of 1 Most Beautiful Woman in the World representing 1 JennyHouseWedding’s Twitter account. 29) I count 1 hour for 1 FAST-VAST agency to deny 1 Naver article. Game Over. 30) I count 222,222,222,222,222 reasons why BinJin Shippers like me all over the world are DYING for the last 29 receipt items to culminate into 1 wedding/relationship announcement by the end of 2020! I hope to count 1 Nation's First Love claiming 1 of the 3 National Treasures left. BinJin, we don’t really have to make it to 40, do we? Our biological shippers’ clocks are ticking away! Is it time yet? We're in line behind you waiting to check out! Move it along, close friends, let's pay up! The Pavilion will be closing soon, take all of your items to the front and check out, !!!
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    Dang... it's been a crazy span of 24 hours! Even though one half of our couple is in Jordan, we still continue to have consistent crumbs and news!!! We are truly blessed. I've read many Korean articles on Naver and so this is the last time I'm also going to mention this because I want to get back to focusing on our ship: Most importantly, we can focus on how we haven't had any denials for our couple since CLOY ended even though there continues to be so many crumbs. My personal favorites include HB recalling that memory of what YJ said two years later with the cutest giggle, the awesome glances exchanged on BAA stage and their joint backstage thank yous, YJ's liking spree of couple photos with captions that talk about them dating, MSteam's "accident", and their decision to do the Smart CF together. The small confirmations and constant crumbs on our side even up until yesterday is a better receipt than any denial from any ship/side including ours. So let's just enjoy (because let's be real, there is so much to enjoy) and not engage in any more negativity since we stan the nicest, most precious couple.
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    Those comparison photos taken at the LA supermarket and posted back in late May are some good sleuthing by lemontree. I am one of the elder shippers, from East Coast USA. Old enough to be grandmother to both HB and SYJ and admittedly addicted to all things HB and SYJ, lol. I am a relative newcomer to Korean drama and so far have found it a wonderful antidote to having to stay inside since early March. Found The Negotiator right after moving and was totally shocked once I read that these two incredible actors filmed the majority of the movie on different sets and only saw one another toward the end of the movie. WOW. Let's hope for smooth sailing and a happy landing!
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    Hello everyone, Hope that everyone is doing well. I haven’t been here for so long, so am really surprised at how Soompi works now. Even the new layout confuses me. Anyway, I am elated to hear the official statement issued by VAST yesterday. It was precise and concise, loud and clear. Though if I’m being honest, this whole incident taught both ships not to over analyze things and make a mountain out of molehills because sometimes it is completely groundless. In a way I felt bad towards the person whose photo was being scrutinized and being circulated by others because it could be anyone of her acquaintances. Not every post of hers is related to Binnie or other artists that she styled. It is her Instagram account and she has the right to post whoever and whatever she likes. Also, this incident also taught everyone not to waste their energies on fueling up the fanwars as it also contributed to the trending of unnecessaries. True, one might be triggered by the other parties’ tantalizing or bait or negative actions. However, instead of fighting and leaving negative comments at the others’ IG or any other social media platform (be it the ladies’ IG or the other camp’s respective fan accounts), we might as well channel our massive number of shippers’ energy towards positive things, for example trending Binjin on social media. Use this window that we surprisingly have now towards positive things, heck, the SMART reveal is coming on Monday! It would be nicer to celebrate this in that manner, no? Show both Binnie and Jinnie our support instead. That will be the best gift we can give our OTP, and the biggest slap on the faces of their detractors. Nobody shall steal their thunders this Monday. We do this fair and square. Fight hate with love instead, because love can build a bridge, even at high altitudes like the Sigriswil. This is my two cents over the matter, and as always, I hope for the best for the two of them, and may amazing things be coming their ways and ours soon. Take care and happy shopping. Until we meet again.
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    Just wanted to share a few thoughts on shipping and what it means to ship two people because I think there is a lot of confusion around this concept lately. Anyone who has read this thread regularly knows it is often mentioned that shipping is not for the faint of heart. You never know whether your ship will sail or sink no matter how sure you may feel. Ultimately, everyone is free to ship whoever they want. Look around this forum, there are ships based on actors where one or both are in confirmed relationships with other people. There are ships where agencies and sometimes even the actors themselves have denied the ship is real. There are ships where months and even years go by with no updates or receipts of any kind. Yet these threads are active and people continue to ship! Are we all delusional? I dont think so. People ship for different reasons and as long as its done respectfully and people follow the rules it's all good and we shouldn't judge. Some history for those who may think this ship was created because people cannot differentiate between real and reel, check the date on the first page - July 25, 2019. This was before we ever saw HB and SYJ at the CLOY script reading, before we ever saw a single still or promo for CLOY, and certainly before the show ever aired. Shipping for this couple started based on a little movie called The Negotiation where HB and SYJ played, not lovers, but a hostage taker and negotiator who did not even share a single frame together until the last 10 minutes of the movie and that involved not even a moment of romance or skinship. Instead, people started to take notice of their cute banter, chemistry, and closeness during the promotion period of the movie. Then came the biggest reason this ship was born - LA sighting + grocery photos. It was not based on them as a romantic pairing on screen, but just two people with a lot in common spending their personal time together on vacation. Obviously the success of CLOY, their chemistry on and off camera made everyone take even more notice, especially on an international scale. Many started to revisit their previous work together and started connecting a lot of dots, reinforcing their feeling that there is something here despite the multiple denials as well as understanding why those denials may have been necessary in the first place. While obviously we are all here because we believe and/or hope HB and SYJ are a couple, we know at the very least they are good friends who deeply admire and respect one another. We know this for a fact due to many reasons: - they have told us they are close using their own words. Their agencies also confirmed they were close friends as part of the reason they were spending time together overseas. -they have repeatedly stated how much they enjoyed working with each other and have learned from each other, so much so that they openly talked about wanting to work together again and then following through and actually making it happen soon after their first project. -despite being caught up in romance rumours, they confirmed during CLOY presscon that it did not impact their decision to work together again at all, meaning whatever continued media attention they would continue to receive from their dating rumour was worth it if it meant they would have the opportunity to work together again. -post CLOY, they made a point to accept the TikTok award together and present a united front to fans, effusively thanking them for their efforts (their speeches both during the award and backstage were well coordinated to ensure they were covering all bases). While the mood of the event was somber and they couldn't sit together, there were still numerous little smiles/glances/laughs caught on camera showing all was well in their relationship (whatever it may be), and they were seen walking together after the event was over. -post CLOY, they seem to continue having no problem being associated with each other and accepted the same CF project when they know rumours persist. All to say, they have a great relationship whatever the nature of that relationship may be. I can only speak for myself, but if for whatever reason they are not a couple, sure I would be disappointed, but I will still be happy with what they have given us both on and off screen, and knowing what a great team they are and how humble and classy they are as individuals. Ultimately, I ship HB and SYJ in whatever form their relationSHIP exists. ETA: sorry this was so long, guess I had more than a "few" thoughts
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    I have a different perspective on this one. I have been thinking hard what message they were trying to convey. Some facts.....CLOY WAS SUCCESSFUL in Korea and very very successful outside Korea. ......The two leadstars are rumored to be dating and fans are not convinced of the denials neither are the majority of the reporters in Korea and even Taiwan, including the BinJin Nation. ...... The BAA ceremony confirmed that the two are close and even the Entertainment world witnessed it ......The TIKTOK acceptance speech was done as one couple and KBS called them the COUPLE. ......The LIKING spree of SYJ confirmed that they are a couple. She even liked a photo of them saying that they are dating! .......Now, a joint CF of the couple where SYJ confirmed that she trusts HB.,,thus she accepted . My take on this one..... They accepted the CF together to show to the Filipino in the Philippines and Outside how grateful they are for the Love and Support. The same for China;Thailand.....more to come. Their TIKTOK SPEECH was very clear. SYJ wants to shoot in the Philippines for the CF but COVID 19 was the obstacle. Same case with HB. I heard that both Bench and SMART wanted to shoot the CF after CLOY since the popularity was still fresh with the people but they needed to agree on the strategy, Once HB said that to express his gratitude to the fans, he would like to have more projects be it movies,drama or CFs. i have read and re-read the TIKTOK speech. The Fandom is important to them. I would like to take the money out here because being A-Listers, that is what their names command.They have earned it through hard work.That is their ... WORTH from years of dedicated work. In our parlance...their Market Value. In business, there is no such thing as expensive. It is called INVESTMENT! HB was willing to do "I am Happy" with hardly any compensation. SYJ added 3M$ to THE Last Princess not an investment initially but to enlarge the budget for the comfort of all the staff involved. Their humility and sincerity is admirable. That is why i am in this ship. Just read the interview with SYJ recently. It tells you who she is. In twitter, many talked about the risk they are taking....but my take... the calculated risk taken by our OTP is so far successful. Go with the FLOW! They are indeed a SMART COUPLE. .
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    It's understandable to feel frustrated regarding the wording of the article however I feel there is a huge element missing here. - The timeline suggests per SMART that HB joined first - thereafter the company realized how much the fans wanted a CLOY reunion and decided to gable and get YJ to join. At the time HB filmed : a. there wasn't a more complicated scenario per say , thus he probably felt it would be more adequate for him to say less and be more active as image than a voice as well, plus it doesn't matter if he knows and speaks English well . It's a telco CF - I felt the male voice fitted the project and HB added the presence with few words in the native language . It wasn't about him not speaking the language or feeling he wouldn't do justice, he did speak English in CLOY and in MOTA as well. Its more about the project itself at that time. Just feel sometimes non English native speakers in the case of the person writing the article despite ace level of English we all miss the point when writing because our brains structure in our mother language and type in English. Something just got missed that's all. b. YJ joined later ( probably negotiations underwent for awhile ) and they had to create a continuation of the CF - where as per MR CEO himself , she is full of ideas , plus she filmed the CF/ voiceovers in July post - announcement of the Hollywood debut where if not a lot - several K-netizens questioned whether or not she can pull through a project in full length only in English. So she decided to risk in this and go more ENGLISH - yes she does speak the language but even in interview abroad - China , Japan etc prefers to speak in Korean. Also she said so herself : picky princess strikes again . She is really thorough especially when something contains SCENARIO. Someone get this woman to direct ? Once chungmuro , always chungmuro. c. I didn't expect the CF to be connected - it makes sense though - running two parallel products and bridging them through this. Its a big project. they managed to get two A listers - aka movie box office king-queen of Korea + global hit duo of CLOY. Congrats to them.... d. now we can sit and speculate as far as we can , and dissect word by per word but Im actually happy months post CLOY - months post a storm of rumors/denials and back again , YJ who in fact is the one most careful for I don't know 20 something years - she is not turning down an offer - as most of us assumed she would due to the whole thing, rather its surprising how she is been handling the whole thing post Baeksangs. Like I wasn't expecting her to thank us - look so happy for an award when mind you she gets awards every year ....be active on SNS with videos - her agency probably gave out - they still upgrading their main computer to windows vista per moment, waiting for the windows 10 upgrade at some point - and saying up front , straightforward her motivation of accepting. Majority of Kdrama pairs that have rumors - true or not - post drama/movie barely interact ..... been there , witnessed that and was left heartbroken because you don't have to ship a duo to wanna see them on screen together. The fact she accepted the project for the fans means a lot , people can call it fanservice however again she is entitled to do whatever she likes with her fans yeah? if her form of communication and appreciation is this , we should all be glad . But again what fans is she catering? Her main YJ solo fanbase ? I mean we got a CF hours before and we all had a meltdown.... however the CF of SMART is a different story.I don't think there is a deeper meaning , girl has been clear with her actions , words and always reminds of the fans. If she was feeling uncomfortable several things wouldn't have taken place post Baeksangs . Just a reminder.if said "friend" and her are in a level of communicating post storm of rumors - and her joining a campaign of a joint CF then - at least we know they are not COLD with each other as people keep using as counter argument - I hope their "friendship" continues to giving out candies . Considering the drought we were left post CLOY with them being MIA ? That's water in the dessert , cherish and appreciate it as much as you can.
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    I am so happy and I need to celebrate by inviting you to flood my DM for more candies...
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    @bin-jin Huh how I wish Binnie send us his shirtless or pantless or bothless pics with his awesome dimples on display. Judge me freely , yes I am a perv**t and I'll chose binnie's pic over any other pics . Saw billboards pics ( in Manila) on twitter of our Mr Dimples and Ms. Eyesmile . This song is for all Filipinos here from us non Filipinos. Manila ooh naa naa , half of my heart is in Manila Manila, Binjin chose to go Manila ooh naa naa , so all of my heart is in Manila Manila. Cr- Camelia Cabello , For fudging up the song -ME @MASTERPIECE 100% agreed with each and every thing you said . 1) Before jumping on this ship or claiming to be either bin or Jin's fan , please go and research on their respective history , their personal lives , the stories shared about them by people closest to them and I guarantee you that you all will be so proud of yourselves to be stanning the two most already rich ,humble and grounded celebs in the world. So your questions about them doing this for media play , popularity and money will vanish on your own . I will not entertain with the answer to these stupid things as to how rich they are , how much they are into media play . I have binjin candies to munch on . 2) About SMART convincing Binjin to sign a deal with them , I don't think so we binjin family have taken it as their marriage announcement. We genuine members of this family know they will never ever do it via a CF . We are just celebrating that two people with awesome chemistry whom we ship have accepted to appear on screen again defying all the petty people's thinking that two people can't do their job together , if they are in a relationship. Also we are celebrating that these two chose to work together even after continuously three years of their names romantically linked with each other . It clearly means if they prefer their names to be attached with someone , it's them and not a third or a fourth person . Putting two celebs portrait with their respective autographs on a wall doesn't mean that SMART execs are sending out the invites for their wedding. It means she is their fan first who got the opportunity to work with both of them together. Last - About all the people who are professionally close to binjin , it might be shocking to us but it's true , they have a life of their own, own families, own happiness own sadness which they share on their respective sns. Any cloth piece , hair strand, food, blurry pictures or animal birds pictures are not related to our OTP. Sad but it's true . SO LET'S RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY PLEASE. We have candies by binjin themselves , we don't have to go to make up artists, managers, cooks stylists, P.As for our reciepts . So let's wait patiently binjin themselves will do it for all of us . Waiting impatiently for a Dimpled , tall , tanned and broad shouldered man's pictures or Interview from Jordan as I am overdosed with a very tanned , gorgeous , eyesmiling beauty from last two days . Stay healthy peeps . One day in August , we have reached one step closer to the dock.
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    I just wanna point out something. BinJin clearly wanna keep being associated with eachother. Even if they’re not in relationship with each other (which i highly doubt lol) they’re clearly not in a relationship with somebody else because they wouldn’t want people to be mislead plus they’ll be disrespecting their relationship with their own partner.And they know how the shipping world is and the amount of people shipping BinJin...and there’s those toxic ones too who would bash their real life partner but here they go and keep fueling it and wanting people to keep focusing on them as pair. The fact that it’s been going on since 2018.... So In Conclusion.... + “She knew of SMART because her friend Hyun Bin is an endorser.... I guess she trusted the brand because Hyun Bin trusted the brand.” (YJ be like #InHyunBinITrust )
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    Thank you - you're the best. This is awesome (if a little painful to read) Guys, this line from SYJ's grocery shopping denial killed me: "Meanwhile, she heard that Hyun Bin was also traveling, so they spontaneously decided to meet and went grocery shopping together. The two of them were only left together at the moment they were pushing the cart, and their other acquaintances were in another section of the grocery store.” DEAD x_x guys, how have we not discussed how hilarious this line is? It's so unnecessarily detailed, like when you're making up a story to cover up a lie and you start adding details to make it sound real. I'm trying to imagine what happened at the agency, the news comes in, they freak out. SYJ says deny it. They scramble to deny it and go like oh I know let me explain it like this: soooo she heard from a friend - a mutual friend btw - that he was traveling and sent him a Facebook message (wait is he even on Facebook? let's stick to phone). He just so happened to be in the mood to grocery shop, and the store was RIGHT UNDER the place where she was staying. So on her way downstairs to pick up a newspaper, she ran into him and started walking around the grocery store with him and putting some items into his cart, because she's such a troll. Also there were others in the store. Friends and such acquaintances. None of it was planned. It was all serendipity, and the camera happened to catch them the moment they were ALONE. It's a coincidence. Nothing to see here, guys. That sounds good, let's publish that. This is so funny, I'm dying.
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    Hi Friends.... what a great day it was yesterday... I kind of forgot that Binnie is away... why does he still feel so near to us ? Heheh for someone who has kept her love life secret all these 20 years.... now showing her love openly. I love it! You can be a successful, almost 40 actress in cut throat Korea and you have worked hard, I believe too she’s the kind who is Grateful and contented w life and what she has Even when she was single and dear Binnie loves it! He is at the height of his career and being so dashing , lots of women must have professed their love for him. But he’s got eyes on the one whom I believe will enhance his life. if you watch the Masters in the House episode that Jinnie planned, she planned for each person to do a short sharing of what they are good at, so she can learn. She said she believes she can learn from anyone. Isn’t that so crazy attractive and rare? A lady who wants to hear and learn fm others, who goes beyond the superficial. It’s very nice to see how she is really someone who engages the heart. Now.... It’s already August! im at this point in my life, I love them both though we don’t even know each other. And to be honest we don’t know the true them or how they are truly like so whatever they choose - to be or not to be Together, or to be secretly Together and never let us know forever... I’ll still be thankful I got this secret forum plus all the fun and laughter u guys brought me... through Baeksang... through the voting for Binnie and Jinnie on Kings choice.... through the indignant when we feel unjustified for how Jinnie been treated... its been great how this united us all... even as we are all dealing w this Covid from around the world love you guys! praying for better days for each of us!
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    Ring Ring Hello! Is that my little munchkin? honey, how are you? babe! I have never felt better. Why? Where have you been babe? Oh... I took your mum to a spa today. We had such a good time together. Oh . So haven’t you heard anything? No, I didn’t check my phone. Should I be worry honey? No. Not at all. I’ve just cleared up something. It’s not worth mentioning. OK. Well, please tell me about your filming schedule then. How are you doing? The weather is very hot but it’s babe! Filming is a bit hectic but when we have some quiet moment I miss you so much! I miss you too honey! We have never been apart this long... I can’t wait to see you again babe! Me too honey! I love you! I love you too babe! I love you more than I can say! #InGroceryWeTrust #In2FacedPeopleWeDontTrust
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    AT LAST..... We need translation of the below article.... https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/015/0004390730
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    Super amazing SLEUTHING SKILLS by this fan to show the connection of the SYJ and HB's Smart CF! Click and follow the story below: My thots - Smart has already secured the endorsement with both HB and SYJ from the start (maybe they might be ironing out some details with YJ) - But the Smart CEO was teasing fans that they are looking into tying the deal with YJ as part of their PR strategy. By doing this, they pro-longed the interest in the campaign for at least another 2 mths (HB's CF in June to YJ's CF in Aug). - I say this because its getting obvious that the 2 CFs are inter-connected. Which means the storyboard of the 2 CFs had to be ready or 80%-90% ready before they shoot HB's CF. They might have shot ONE indoor/ green screen scenes with SYJ and HB together for that last final meet-up scene which will be done TOP SECRET (or they may do that after HB returns) - All this is my speculation haha!! But I am willing to bet on it.
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    Hi guys, F.Y.I, but I hope that we don't further discuss about this issue here and focus on our ship only. Looking forward to Sep 2020 when HB is back from Jordan.
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    Please welcome Binjin founder from CA era
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    Wait that caption... HB, why are you so giggly? And then she put #InSmartWeTrust And then the song is "Love is Where You Are." And then she put a dang SUNFLOWER emoji because #projectsunflower. Are we about to get a video call edit between HB and YJ or what?? Because HB... LOVE IS WHERE YJ IS?! @TotoroSY The gif you shared earlier is me LOL: Yes! You're absolutely right! In the caption of her latest IG post, she put "Jennyhouse Weddings 2020 pictorial/photo collection is here," and asks people to follow her jennyhouse wedding account. She's YJ's hair stylist, so I'm guessing she was in charge of the hair styling for the pictorial? AND THEN SHE PUTS YJ'S PIC AS HER WEDDING ACCOUNT PROFILE PIC... WHY... NOW THOSE VIDS THAT YJ UPLOADED THAT STILL HASN'T BEEN RELEASED ARE... OMG SORRY I'M WRITING IN ALL CAPS LOL BUT BASICALLY... Anyway, no need to worry about or engage in fan wars with other ships... let's be grateful because we might be the most well fed ship... wow.
  19. 52 points
    Smart CF : Binjin Mini Love Story. Real Life : Mega Love Story. It was meant to be. #InGroceryWeTrust #InBinJinWeTrust
  20. 52 points
    This twitter user might be troublesome at times, but this particular thought is gold imo. Power couple indeed
  21. 51 points
    The poor guy obviously typed too fast and quickly deleted his Tweet but not before some sharp-eyed shippers screen grabbed it. Not sure any of us would have anticipated this pairing. Very excited for 8/3. My hope for these two is that they will always make each other this happy.
  22. 49 points
    Dear Diary, It's day.... who cares here in very hot Jordan. I have very little money left but I intercepted a report. I immediately scoured the school supplies section. Now, me and my cat is going around throwing confetti. Our gas can carry us up to Petra. Then from there we'll ride the camel....still throwing confetti. One. Of. The. Best. Days. Ever! Hungry but happy, Agent Fk@t and Agent BRN P.S Agent @binjinhappypill pop the champagne and drink a little. It's Friday anyway.
  23. 48 points
    @slowpoked So I went into SHOCK when I saw YJ's pix in Mijung's new IG account called jennyhousewedding_mijung Two more things about YJ's hairstylist mijung Insta (her original one) : 1) She posted Binjin's BAA couple award pix (around same time as Belmakang, HB's stylist), at the #5 pix. This was on June 5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBDVVwSp8IP/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link 2) She reposted YJ's selfie video where she was doing the funny eye-roll, in that white dress.The one where jennyhouse have YET to release the pictorial. This was on June 23. https://www.instagram.com/p/CBxet2FphoU/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link @celest1al I am still hyperventilating!!!! Breathe in, breath out, breathe in, breathe out!! What a BIG CANDY CRUMB we are getting from Mujing. I mean why is she trolling us by putting YJ as her profile picture in her new Wedding-Focused Insta account? WHY WHY WHY?? Will try to keep calm and wait.......impatiently. And the Smart CF producer from Phil, posting HB's bts as he giggles away with the crinkly eye smile similar to the MetroStyle interview when he talked about Yejin......with that OST love song and Sunflower emoticon (project name for YJ's Smart CF). They are ALL TROLLING us now!! I feel weak..... Yes no need for any fanwars or comparing receipts. No other ship has it better than Binjin Shoppers when it comes to candies!
  24. 47 points
    Golly! She's just so mesmerizing...beautiful inside and out indeed! I'm very selective on who I will use my time to stan and Son Ye Jin is worth my time. Such a cutie pie! Wow those huge billboards of her bring good vibes and charm to the country! Good job China. I was there few months ago before COVID hit US. I hope all is well now over there. Also I just want to say to the true BinJin fans, from the first day I joined this forum I sensed right away how classy, smart and responsible you are. Thus I signed on to this page to flock with great minds. You are as classy as Bin and Jin. I don't troll or lurk on other social medias as I don't have one and don't intend to do so. Lurkers or trolls, please do not muddle this beautiful ship and pretend a BJ stan. Remember bad karma begets bad karma so please be wise.
  25. 47 points
    Anyway, wow I haven't really posted my long rants here for a while. The last time I posted something really long here, it got deleted by mods. Weird how our ship and SYJ get bashed from time to time but those comments stay. Also, if any BinJin shipper missed my deleted post, I have a draft saved so DM me if you're interested. (hint, it's about the Weibo thing). But forgive me, I'll only send to those who've shown themselves here to be a real BinJin shipper...also I'm open to DMs if anyone wants to debunk what I wrote (looking at you, antis) All I'm gonna say is, wow I think I really riled some people up LOL Going forward, I think we should just protect our OTP as much as possible. Let's not care about other people's opinions because let's be honest here, we are Michael Phelps....we don't need to worry about those who are just learning to float.
  26. 47 points
    Totally with you. I also think When people share information that is wrong they do it because they are more interested in the emotion the information evokes. What people share (emotion) and what people want to find (facts) are often in contradiction. There is misinformation and then there is disinformation. We should be really careful and mindful of what we put out there because it greatly affects people’s lives in ways we don’t know. Rumor has it, but Reality is always interesting. Let’s focus on that! Let’s end the rumors on a happy note! Yejin would totally agree by simply saying - SIMPLE.AKO.RIN Yay!!! to Yejins smart CF and now we wait ...
  27. 47 points
    Here's change of topic. A very interesting article in Japan media on the impact of CLOY on the perception towards North Korea, and many stories by NK defectors on how CLOY's depiction is very close to life in NK. CLOY may be a rom.com but its political-social impact is really wide reaching. I believe this is one of the reason why HB and SYJ accepted this drama, cuz of the script and the scenario. http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/13532595 A South Korean drama that may yet alter hearts, minds of North By TAKESHI KAMIYA/ Correspondent July 31, 2020 at 07:00 JST A scene from “Crash Landing on You” (Provided by tvN) SEOUL--A massively popular South Korean TV drama series that raises complex issues about enduring antagonism between North and South offers intriguing insights into what reunification might entail, despite the harsh realities of combining two opposing political systems. "Crash Landing on You” has taken South Korea, as well as Japan, by storm as it sensitively portrays a love affair between a man from the North and a woman from the South. It also depicts “daily life” in the reclusive nation based on accounts of those who fled. The sprinkling of North Korean defectors living in South Korea who have watched the drama series unfold say it offers hope for the future, especially if copies make their way across the border. Two defectors, one of whom plays a role in the drama, offered their take on the realities of life for North Korea's 25 million citizens during recent interviews. LIFE FAITHFULLY DEPICTED In “Crash Landing on You,” a woman from a wealthy South Korean conglomerate family crash-lands in North Korea in a paragliding accident, and promptly falls in love with a commissioned officer of Pyongyang’s military. The story may appear absurd, but it struck a chord with South Korean viewers impressed by the attention to detail in portraying daily life in the North. Yun Seol Mi, a defector who arrived in the South via China in 2014 and now lives in suburban Seoul, plays the role of a woman playing an accordion on a North Korean train. “There are some factors that can never be found in North Korea, but overall the details of daily existence there were so finely recreated that I got goose bumps,” said Yun, 34. Noting that a canned drink called “sweet water” is offered in one scene, Yun said a member of the film crew told her that staff members had “obtained the actual beverage from somewhere.” In another scene, the commissioned officer who plays the protagonist's love interest scouts a bustling open-air market to purchase an aromatic candle. Yun explained the background for the scene. “There is a saying that ‘everything except cat horns is available at markets’ in North Korea,” she said. “Cat horns are, of course, imaginary objects, so the metaphor refers to the fact that just about everything else can be found.” Even cellphones are available, according to Yun, who said they are called “son jeonhwa” (hand phone) in the North. Born in Rason, in a northeastern province of North Korea, Yun's father served as a senior local official in the ruling Workers' Party of Korea. “We had a Hitachi-made refrigerator and a Sony TV set at home,” Yun recalled. “My family were part of the local elite.” She said the fridge doubled as a bookshelf due to frequent power outages, which feature in “Crash Landing on You.” (rest of hidden article in spoiler)
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    Ummm.... first of all, I know some of you have nothing happening on your end so you have nothing to talk about and maybe that's why you feel there's a need to rain on our parade so I get it, must be hard. Please don't mind me, I'm REALLY just talking into an empty room here Secondly, about the CF, like some others I'm a bit perplexed at why we sort of have to say this out loud but the whole money argument is so irrelevant here, it feels like an outsider brings it up but suddenly leaves the room, only to leave us arguing with each other? Also personally, I agree with some others that the CF isn't a be all receipt per se, personally I am just really excited to have them together in a project yet again! and that they're willing to spend more time together! Although, I don't quite agree with Binjin selling the idea of their status with all these crumbs... I think I know what is meant or intended but if we're true to that word, it can sound a little off. There's no need for them to sell the idea per se, if anything to me they have been protecting their relationship so for it not to be treated as a public commodity (which there's always going to be the tendency given their popularity both individually and as a couple). So, to me, it's more about them carefully and strategically relaxing the k-ent atmosphere (and now more possibly the international platforms that they have attracted) into allowing them the space for their relationship in the future once they want to make it official. Anyways, whatever it is, as each day passes, don't we all feel that bit closer to the D-day? EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!!
  29. 46 points
    I don’t think Binjin filmed the joint cf yet IF we do have it but Yejin did film the “cafe” part already so maybe they’re waiting for HB to come back to film the rest of the date part? so hopefully we’ll see a joint cf but I see somewhere on Twitter that someone at SMART said they don’t have plans for it yet but Miss Jane is hinting at it heavily so I’ll choose to believe her instead since she’s basically the captain of this ship now on the other hand, I’m still amazed at her cf and how well connected it was to HB’s and I love Love LOVE the fact that Yejin signed up for the brand because her “friend” trusts smart and so she trust them too next time when I make a big decision about my school/work I should ask my friend first to see what they think before making my decision if that’s true friendship then I guess not only am I single but I’m also friendless finally together (reunited and it feels so good~)
  30. 46 points
  31. 45 points
    Nice!! Her end tag line is connected to HB’s. His is Smart Ako (I am smart) and hers is Ako Din (me too). It makes me think that a joint tvc is highly possible to tie the whole campaign in
  32. 45 points
    I know we’re not supposed to discussed it but I just wanna say they’re the one asking for it and now they get it and I love how HB side responded so quick and straightforward.I feel bad for HB too that he’s been getting into alot of ridiculous rumours this year and I’m glad that YJ is sticking by him through it all.It shows how healthy and strong their relationship is too. Now let’s wait for the announcement and hopefully it’s this September.We got BinJin crumbs from JennyHouseWedding and then the CF too.I’m sure we’ll be getting more crumbs in August.I’m looking forward to YJ possible MetroStyle Interview too like the one HB did and also HB interview from Jordan. Keep supporting this ship yall
  33. 44 points
    VROOM VROOOM here come our SLAYING QUEEN... better not mess with her....
  34. 43 points
    Coming out of lurkville again cause I want to celebrate with you all! I just woke up from my side of the world and I’m usually sleepy when I do but now all my senses are wide awake because OMG Yejin is so friken sexy and cute in her SMART ad. I caaannn’t I’m so proud and impressed that her English has improved a lot too! I had quite a hard time understanding her English speaking lines in CLOY tbh but she surprisingly pulled her Smart ad off flawlessly! She’s most likely taking classes for her upcoming hollywood film and I could tell it is already paying off. I’m super impressed! On HB’s english, I’m pretty sure he’s just probably not as confident as it’s been a while since he had an English speaking project. I used to teach English to Koreans in my younger years and one of the things I noticed about them is they tend to be too overly conscious with their English skills (hence I get why Ye Jin seemed a bit embarrassed when she said ‘thank you very much’ during her Baeksang speech - she was soo cute btw aaahh! Lol) and one of my students mentioned they easily forget it because they don’t get a chance to practice on a daily basis. Back to the SMART ad, I’m soooo kilig! I can’t wait for their joint CF, my poor weak BINJIN heaarrt and anybody’s getting a feeling YJ’s ring is maaaaaaybe a wedding ring? She probably just put it on her index finger during shoots to avoid people talking.
  35. 43 points
    Man, malaysia currently is like totally whipped, Right now, we have popular drama airing and ongoing, was said to be the hottest drama in my country right now, and everybody nonstop talkin about it..but #SmartYejin trending the the first place and the drama is second? Man, seeing that happen is totally insane and mindblowing
  36. 43 points
    IF they are not together and simply just friends, then SYJ and HB should open a bakery because they are leaving CRUMBS all over the place. I don't know about you guys but I feel like we are getting officially baked bread soon!
  37. 42 points
    Good morning!!! Posted by Smart SVP Jane Basas on her IG just now. She is a certified shipper! Framed photos of our OTP. Side by side. I’m hoping for a “same frame” photo next time an important edit. Jane replied to one IG user and hinted at a VIRTUAL party SOON. And with a sunflower emoticon!!!
  38. 42 points
    For sure!!!! You never, ever, ever, would never agree to this double meaning, alluding to Binnie, RiRi couple reference stuff in a CF (because duh, she knows what people will be thinking) if you are not 1000% comfortable with people jumping to conclusions. She is comfortable talking about what is "meant to be." She wants us jumping to conclusions! She's encouraging our jumping! Woo Hoo!!! We are going 180° away from denials these days, all the way to intentional connections!!! We're docking, we're docking, we're docking! Yeeessssssss!!!!!!!!
  39. 42 points
    While waiting for the big reveal which is "Meant to be".....Let me present to you my GREAT admiration for Hyun Bin who never ceases to praise Son Ye Jin in public even if they were just " new friends". It was collated by a fan and came out Beautiful! One listening to him feels the sincerity of his heart. He may be quiet and reserve but with Ye Jinssshi, he never runs out of nice words said in a soft romantic and sincere voice! i miss them!
  40. 42 points
    She looks GORGEOUS!!! Yes I think its legit! Either a video call with the Smart team or CF producers etc!!! Look at the happy and adoring faces of those in the call. They are in love with her!! Our Smart Couple!! They are really MEANT TO BE and with this Smart CF endorsement, they are telling the world that !!
  41. 42 points
    Their agencies’ denial statements after the grocery pictures came out reminded me so much of the scenes in CLOY when Mr. Hong tried to explain to the press about the hug between Se-ri and Jeong Hyeok at the hospital. Even he couldn’t believe the explanation he came up with. With those LA pics, it was so obvious that they were really trying so hard to come up with a denial. The pictures spoke for themselves though and the only way they could deny it was to make a rambling explanation that really didn’t explain anything. They really tried so hard but their statements were pure comedy.
  42. 42 points
    A big round of applause to the 2nd most awarded best actress in Korean industry.. We know who is the boss..
  43. 42 points
    RiRiGaGa you are an amazing counter! LOL, I had so much fun reading your post and agree that many of your symptoms occurred for me. My children and grandchildren, with whom I now live, have recently threatened a K-drama intervention program! I then signed up for Korean language class, ha!
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    It is worth mentioning that Mun-yeong became a writer too but not of (adult) crime fiction but of children's books. Although the mother's influence on the daughter was palpable, the daughter resisted and held on to a piece of her childhood that she remembers with fondness. The one time her father read Sleeping Beauty to her and called her a princess. It was the one time she felt loved and had a sense of belonging. Mun-yeong clung on to that memory like it was her lifeline to some semblance of sanity and it came through in her books which were a cry for help all these years. She was Sleeping Beauty who was waiting to be rescued. She was never an empty can but she was forced to be an empty can to be filled by her psychopathic mother. Except that she managed to salvage a sense of self and is now waking up to the possibilities of belonging to a loving family. Child abuse reared its ugly head again today when the spotlight fell on the normally acerbic Yu Seon-hae reverting to her eight-year-old self. She suffers from dissociative personality disorder and her father shows up to cajole her into donating her liver. It seems rather galling (no pun intended) on some level that he would do this after abandoning her. Of course she doesn't want to as she suffered horrible abuse under her mother's hand and her father stood by and watched. In the end she was sold to a shaman because it was believed she was possessed by spirits. Yu Seon-hae's story is meant to parallel that of Mun-yeong's. Two dads who stood by and did nothing. They failed to protect their daughters from their mothers' destructive influence. The thesis for this comparison is that those who stand by and do nothing while tragedy unfolds is worse than the one who inflicts the pain first-hand. The implication being that cowardice or indifference are among the worst of all sins because turning a blind eye gives oxygen and credibility to immorality. They are more culpable in that they remove all sense of hope for the vulnerable. In a world where bad things are a reality, the only hope for the victim is to experience justice. But it's doubly cruel to deny the victim their grievance their right to justice. I don't want the show to take the easy route. It shouldn't because it would completely undermine its own messaging. Life is filled with tragedy. There is real evil in the world no matter what words we use to name it. Human beings do terrible, irreversible things to each other that have long-term ramifications, that do permanent damage. I don't want Do Hui-jae to turn out to be misunderstood especially after the fact that Ko Dae-hwan confessed to killing her in response to her cavalier behaviour about Gang-tae's mother's death. As far as the past is concerned there should be no deus ex machina. Because that would be consistent with the rest of the show. It would tie in with every other patient's individual arc. Ko Dae-hwan got no "last minute" reprieve even if his actions could be interpreted as being protective of his daughter. Mun-yeong didn't go to see him. He didn't ask for forgiveness and she didn't give him any. Perhaps his guilt was somewhat assuage in his confession. Still it's a bleak, existential universe where individuals wrestle their way through thorns and thistles to eke out a bit of meaning for themselves. There's no certainty that complete healing will be found by everyone before they "shuffle off their mortal coil". It would be cheating if Do Hui-jae was really a nice lady who was unfairly demonized by her husband and her daughter especially after the world-building that's taken place. As the show nears its end, everything is set up for the final showdown in Ko Mun-yeong's and Moon Gang-tae's own Sleeping Beauty story. Whether Park Heng-ja is really Do Hui-jae might still be up for grabs but it doesn't detract from the fact that she represents the malevolent force that has to be contended with. She might not be Mun-yeong's childhood Maleficent but she is the dragon that has to be slayed in Gang-tae's odyssey. It seems to be the show's contention that the abyss can't be sidestepped, it must be overcome step by step. Otherwise the happily-ever-after will remain a pipe dream forever. It does boggle the mind as to how Do Hui-jae could have survived that fall on such hard flooring and with all that blood loss. However, I don't hold out much hope for a logical scientific explanation for all that. If indeed Do Hui-jae has come back from the dead. As an aside, the cover illustration of the monkfish reminds me of the ones that I've seen in Dr Seuss books and perhaps that's deliberate. A children's book with layers of meaning with lessons for the young and the adults alike. The monkfish story presents itself as an echo of the theme that runs right through the drama about parenting. It's the culmination of an ongoing conversation that Ko Mun-yeong has been having with her parents in absentia, all the time she has been writing children's books positioning herself and speaking through these chimeric characters. They have represented aspects of her self. She was raised in extreme fashion to be her mother's puppet, sculpture or empty vessel. The limbless child that's no better than a monkfish is an immobile beast that can't do her mother's bidding or function in the real world is discarded. The analogies are explicit in their condemnation that parents might bring children into the world to do their bidding... to be their "works of art" to show off to the world. It reminds me of Kwon Gi-do's siblings who can be shown off to the world with pride during an election campaign while the black sheep of the family has to be hidden in a mental institution never to be referred to in polite company. For me the most important reason why Do Hui-jae has to be the killer of Moon Gang-tae's mother or at the very least believed to be her murderer has more to do with Gang-tae's identity and understanding of what family means. I could say that it is important for Gang-tae to know how much he loves Mun-yeong... or for Mun-yeong to know how much he loves her to bear those wounds for her sake. For her to know that he would be prepared to overcome all the anger and hate to spend the rest of his life with her, is an enormous gesture on his part. It's mind blowing. It's absolutely inhuman. But it is meant to bear testimony to the transformative power of love. Whoever Park Heng-ja is isn't so crucial in the scheme of things. What is important is what kind of man Moon Gang-tae really is. Or who he wants to be. As he said in the last episode, he was forced to care for his brother and then to work as a caregiver but now being a caregiver... is really what he wants to be. That is... if you like... his true calling. His whole, better self. He wants to be the one who stands between vulnerable and their darkness as he did for Seon-hae, Jung-tae and A-reum. His confrontation with Park Heng-ja is a vital part of that authentication of his truest self and his protection of his new family. A family worth suffering for... worth fighting for. Park Heng-ja who could be Do Hui-jae, wants him to run away from Mun-yeong. That's her goal undoubtedly. To remove the obstacle between her and Mun-yeong... her knight in shining armour... by ripping on his wound and dancing on it. He is the one standing in her way. So this is a test of his mettle. What he couldn't be to Mun-yeong as a boy... can he be that person now... as an adult and a man who is better equipped to rescue her from the clutches of her Maleficent figure. To the mind of Maleficent Gang-tae's influence is unwanted because he is gradually eroding and destroying the darkness that had consumed her by bringing light in. This is the fight of Gang-tae's life. His biggest battle wasn't finding out and processing the fact that Do Hui-jae killed his mother but to convince Mun-yeong that he loves her by what he does afterwards with that knowledge. This is the fight that will determine who he is and what kind of future they have. I am reminded here of the Do Hui-jae's final manuscript... The Murder of the Witch of the West Vol. 10. With that my thoughts turn to Dorothy, the Lion, the Tin Man and the Scarecrow all heading towards Emerald City to fight the Wicked Witch of the West and free her slaves. Whether Gang-tae represents the Lion, the Tin Woodman, the Scarecrow, or even Dorothy it probably doesn't matter much. Mun-yeong calls him a "coward". He has to stand his ground. He has to stand firm against the onslaught of the malevolent Park Heng-ja, the doubts of Mun-yeong and his own fears. It isn't just Gang-tae who has stepped up to the plate but Sang-tae too. He leaps into the role of the older brother with great gusto. He notices when she's lying. He notices when she's scared. He brings her food and feeds her. He is no longer the monkfish. He now has hands and legs to be a support to others around him. Do Hui-jae, in the flesh or in the spirit... whatever form she takes... is contrasted with Kang Seon-deuk (Ju-ri's mum). Her goal was always to tether her daughter to herself by shaping her into her own image. To keep elements and threats out. But the kindly Seon-duk brings people into her circle by her genuinely inclusive disposition. Her castle is welcoming of those who need a place to stay and hang out. She adopts strays as a matter of habit. She mothers them with her wisdom and her cooking. She wants her daughter to meet a nice man and encourages it. She brings cheer and light. She is loved by giving love not by demanding it. She is the quintessential Mother archetype. She is the Good Witch of the North. The true north where all lost ones gravitate towards. The true north that those who have lost their bearings find their way back to.
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    I’ve been away for too long. I came here to say one thing. Turns out, rumors on social media CAN lead both parties to issue a denial. Isn’t it all over the place that MinEun are dating? Isn’t lmh’s Instagram flooded with fans speculating that they are dating? Isn’t there a very popular korean thread that is all about how MinEun is an item? No news is good news y’all. This ship has sailed long ago. I’ve got lots of backtracking to do. p.s. I’m not saying anything about that couple. They could or could not be dating. I don’t believe in agencies denying sometimes. But with MinEun, why not deny when the rumors are right in front of him? Imo, it’s enough for him to deny if the rumors are not true. In my completely sane mind, sitting next to @HR., our couple is as simple as 1+1=2. They are dating! Should they ever release denials, I would say they are dating but want to keep their relationship a secret lol.
  48. 41 points
    Binnie Basic House Intv 2005 Q: What were your childhood wishes? HB: When I was young, my wish was to be a garbage truck driver. This was because I would always see the garbage truck driver just sitting and driving while the others will be running around emptying the garbage bins. So I thought the driver was of a higher position and was in his own clean area separate from the others. That was my childhood wish and I remembered get hit by my mom when I told her. LOL glad that he changed his mind and became an actor and CEO. A CEO owning his 925 bldg, sitting in his own clean area office separate from the other and having his staff running errands around for him, carrying his bags, umbrella and pushing his peachy grocery cart.
  49. 41 points
    Smart Signature isn’t really that new; it’s their 4G-powered postpaid plan that’s been around quite a bit, but they’re launching their 5G service today, so I think it makes sense that they’d reveal SeRi’s Signature Choice ad around this time, too. Hi all! Been an SYJ fan since Personal Taste, an HB fan since SG, a Park Ji-eun admirer for some time, who eagerly waited for the three to work together, became a BinJin shipper after LA, and crash-landed here on this forum during the Great Drought. I’m a Manila-based/DC-based mainstream journo, who happens to be a K-drama addict on the side. So, as they say in K-dramas, “Please take care of me.” ☺️
  50. 40 points
    Someone asked about the SYJ IG page awhile ago and at the time, the page had been taken down. It's back up at the handle sonyejin.fashion. I checked it out because I really love her in the white dress she wore to the 20th Busan International Film Festival. Turns out it's from the Jenny Packham bridal collection. I don't know Jenny Packham. What caught my eye were the words "bridal collection." I guess SYJ really likes the designs because she wore 5 dresses from Jenny Packham bridal (from various seasons) in the span of a couple of years. Sorry for the image quality. I think some of the integrity was lost from various edits I attempted. I then checked out the Jenny Packham bridal page and saw that she does a lot of simple sheath dresses with interchangeable overlays. They're variously called capes or tops. It then made me think back to SYJ's IG post from 6/23 where she was wearing a sheer overlay. It could be a part of the dress or just so her makeup doesn't stain the dress. I think the consensus is that the white dress she wore is not the same as the Manyo CF dress based on the neckline and straps. I know many have theorized the IG post is for something related to jennyhousewedding. The jennyhousewedding_mijung IG page just recently launched, and uses the tags (as interpreted by Google): #upstyle, #performance hair, and #wedding photography. So, I'm gonna make a guess that the 6/23 post is for the mijung page, and SYJ will be wearing a Jenny Packham dress. This is not how I imagined I'd spend my Friday night, but it was actually more fun than I expected. Also, in case anyone wants to back read without manually scrolling, you can click on the upside down triangle next to the page numbers and type in the page you want to go to.
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