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    BinJin Timeline: (Based on facts or sightings reported by Koreans/Korean Medias and not based on fan imagination that’s for sure) 2003: HB attended YJ ‘One Moment to Remember’ VIP Premier - The MC even asked about her to him even though he was actually invited by JWS. 2007: HB & YJ attended ‘Voice of the Murderer’ VIP Premiere 2010: HB & YJ attended ‘Mu Jeok Ja’ PressConference 2011: YJ appearance in ‘Secret Garden’ (Although no scene with HB) 2014: HB & YJ attended PIFAN and received Producers’ Choice Awards (First Meeting) June 2017: TN Script Reading (Second Meeting) and TN Filming Begin - HB was still dating KSR Dec 2017: HB broke up with KSR Apr 2018: TN Reshoot 9th Aug 2018: TN First PressCon; BinJin Hints: - YJ revealed they have a lot of things in common and that they can understand eachother without saying it to eachother - HB and YJ revealed they both bought each other meals/beer a lot of time 15th Aug 2018: Vogue Photoshoot 3rd Sept 2018: TN Showcase; BinJin Hints: - HB busy taking care of YJ during this showcase.For example,ask her to cover her legs like how a bf would act etc - HB revealed that they’re close 10th Sept 2018: TN Vlive and Media PressCon; BinJin Hints: - YJ revealed HB refused to call her Noona - HB revealed he was suprised by YJ personality.She’s more bubbly than he thought,she’s outgoing,simple/unpretentious and he loved it. - HB revealed they used to come to this one restaurant a few times and YJ confirmed it but by saying that It’s closed now. - YJ revealed her first impression of HB was that he has smooth skin and soft hair. - HB called YJ pretty in a subtle way 17th Sept 2018: TN VIP Premiere; BinJin Hints: HB basically revealed that he watched SITR in front of all the celebrity guests and greeting the SITR staffs too. 18th Sept 2018: TN CGV Star Live Talk; BinJin Hints: - TN Director accidentally revealed that “HB seems to like YJ more” - TN Director mentioned all of them when out to drink a lot to discussed the scenes during TN Filming. 22nd Sept 2018: TN Seoul Stage Greeting; BinJin Hints: - HB waiting for YJ to say goodbye before he left to film MOTA - First BinJin Post on YJ IG 23rd Sept 2018:TN Stage Greetings 24th Sept 2018:TN Stage Greetings; BinJin Hints: - Another BinJin Post on YJ IG - YJ called HB handsome infront of the audience. 25th Sept 2018:TN Stage Greetings; BinJin Hints: - HB’s Birthday.YJ leading the crowd to sing while HB focusing more on YJ than the actual crowd lol - Another BinJin Post on YJ IG for HB’s Birthday. 29th Sept 2018: TN Busan Stage Greetings 30th Sept 2018: TN Last Stage Greetings in Daegu; BinJin Hints: - Another BinJin Post on YJ IG - They all left in one car instead of a Bus and they were also spotted sitting next to each other in the car. (Just wanna add that throughout the PressCon and Stage Greetings,there’s not a day that they didn’t flirt and stay close to each other.Every time they were in the Bus,they were seated next to each other too) Sept 2018: -YJ revealed in an Interview that she and HB loves comedies and that’s he’s actually a funny person. - In another interview,she revealed that she and HB has the Mr and Mrs Smith Vibe and that both of them also discussed how they looked good together lol - YJ also revealed they met off camera alot too. 6th Oct 2018: - YJ posted a Photo of Her and HB with the Vast and MsTeam and also TN Director. 13th Oct 2018: - “I love you” - Yoon Mirae on YJ Notes (The lyric is based on falling inlove with a friend) 18th Oct 2018: - YJ attended HB’s Rampant VIP Premiere with MsTeam CEO who’s basically a family member to her. 7th Nov 2018: - HB and YJ first public Sighting.They were seen playing golf together at an exclusive golf club. This was posted on Naver and was also reported by the Korean Media in Jan 2019. Dec 2018: - YJ accepted the offer as Manyo Ambassador.Manyo is the Sister company of Mediheal (While HB has been Mediheal Ambassador for Years) 9th Jan 2019: First Rumour - -Affectionately Travelling Together in The US. -Was seen eating out together with that people assumed it was her Parents but later on it was most likely with Lee Jin Woo (HB Senior from the Marines) because at the same day people also spotted them playing golf with him. 21th Jan 2019: Second Rumour - - Spotted Grocery Shopping Together.It was said that they were spotted with a couple and a kid which was most likely YJ acquaintances. (Whoever said they decide to spontaneously do this like please...HB basically spare his time to hang out with her and her friends who he’s not even familiar with...basically they were planning on having like a double date with the small family or HB clearly had an intention to make his move and get closer to YJ because if they wanna catch up they could just do it in Seoul like how they always do) - Korean Media also reported that there was a lot of rumours about HB going to Daegu to Visit YJ parents not too long ago (Which most likely happened in 2018) - Additional Info: A Korean Journalist even mentioned when they first asked their agencies,they never said anything about them travelling.But then later on they said YJ is Travelling alone while HB has personal business in the US. Mar 2019: - HB meeting with CLOY writer. Apr 2019: -HB & YJ attended L&P Cosmetics Anniv. -YJ considering CLOY May 2019: -HB & YJ confirmed for CLOY -HB interview in HongKong where he was asked about being called ‘Public Property’ and how he replied with he’s not sure if he’s going to stay as Public Property. Jul 2019: -CLOY Script Reading Aug 2019: -HB Interview where he mentioned that he doesn’t want to get back to the past and that future will be happier.He also praised YJ alot in this Interview. “I wanted to act with her in the same room,while staring into her eyes and breathing the same air...” -Filming in Swiss Sept 2019: -Filming in Mongolia Oct 2019: -Filming CLOY Promotion Vids and also Netflix Photoshoot. (HB hinting YJ about happiness and happy life....) Dec 2019: -CLOY PressCon - Never Directly Denied the Dating Rumour -CLOY Vlive - Channel 20 and YJ said HB eats alot etc -HB inlove eyes throughout the Netflix Interviews -HB revealed that the scariest moment for him during shooting was when YJ suddenly disappeared. -YJ posted a BinJin Photo for Christmas. Jan 2020: -Marriage Rumour (Also a Break Up Rumour at the same time) -A Korean Reporter mentioned that she actually have heard this rumour since last year (2019) before the drama even started.She heard it from someone in the fashion industry that BinJin is planning to get married after the end of the drama. -A restaurant owner posted a photo of her and BinJin in her Restaurant.It was said to be a group dinner but you can see BinJin was basically attached to each other hip in the photo. Feb 2020: -CLOY Wrap Up Party - BinJin keep sitting next to eachother even when they switched venues and their shy and cute reaction to their Kiss Scene. -Hand Holding Under the Table rumour (From CLOY BTS) -HB and YJ donated millions to help fight COVID 19 on the same day (Feb 27) to the same organization;Community Chest of Korea (YJ to the Daegu Branch) -WomenSense Korean Article about BinJin - They mentioned the dating rumours has been heard since the promotional period for TN.The vibe between them seen as suspicious.They mentioned how HB is famous for being a celebrity who usually leaves right after filming but he waited for YJ to finish filming. Apr 2020: - HB Started Filming for ‘Bargaining’ May 2020: - HB accepted the SMART CF Offer - HB & YJ were mentioned on a Food Vlog that they ate at that particular restaurant before.It was located near TvN. June 2020: -HB’s SMART CF -HB talking about YJ and even bring her up in a question that doesn’t even mentioned her with a giddy smile and laugh -HB and YJ attended Baeksang.Both wearing Ralph Lauren,Sitting next to eachother,accepting the award together,taking photo together,using ‘we’ during their acceptance speech,HB looking for YJ during group photo and BinJin walking/leaving together after the end of the ceremony. -YJ Liking Spree of BinJin Posts even the one with the caption that said about them dating. (Jennyhouse_jenny [Who later we figure out have known YJ for awhile) also start liking BinJin posts,Hlscience following YJ and BinJin Fanacc for who knows what reasons lol) -YJ accepted the SMART Offer. July 2020: -HB flew to Jordan to film ‘Bargaining’ -Msteam Youtube Incident - HB vid in YJ Playlist -YJ Filming SMART CF -CLOY Director response about BinJin Relationship - He said he don’t know if they’re dating or not but they atleast seems like a very close friends. -A Ridiculous Rumour from China(actually it’s base on shippers imagination that got viral for no reason that has been debunk by lots) in relation to HB with an ex reported in Korean Media.Actually it’s an embarrassing rumour to the point that the agency have to bring up how the family and the people close to them were deeply hurt over the rumour.Vast Intial reaction was that they burst out laughing over the rumour because of how absurd/groundless it is (It was the quickest denial too) but the following denial actually mentioned about the serious problem of this rumour.For the first time,a dating rumour actually hurt a family and the people close to them...you know it’s that serious because that means there’s someone they’re trying to protect. And it’s clear which sides were negatively effected by it...i don’t want to touch a sensitive subject but I think we all can guess the many possible reasons why it hurt HB sides the most. Aug 2020: - YJ’s SMART CF.They mentioned how they know YJ is picky with her CFs.They mentioned how YJ might heard of SMART from HB and they think YJ trust SMART because she trust HB lol -HB posted a letter on TheSpace saying that he’s fine in every aspect etc and on the same day HB sides drop a big crumb that basically hinting a moral support towards YJ (After the recent rumour) and to me it also indicates that everything is fine in BinJin Paradise lol Don’t ask me about this because i won’t answer for privacy reason but just trust me on this...it came from someone closest to HB.And no I’m not talking about a stylist or some sort like please I ain’t going there ever lol (I know some of you guys are curious about this one but I truly can’t reveal it yet because I know how loud BinJin shippers can be...Please Understand.) - HB and YJ using the same bodyguard agency (It was recently revealed in this vid) (There’s actually more rumours especially from this year but I’m not gonna include it since I don’t want to be like a certain ‘World War’ Fandom...spreading unconfirmed rumours) So what should we expect in September?An Announcement?Seoul Drama Awards?HB’s Birthday? Anyway,I want to point out as well the reason why I’m writing this timeline is to show that BinJin relationship truly started from strangers to working relationship to friendship and then to lovers.Their first project together was an action film with no skin-ship at all and mostly acting through the monitor. So the attraction was born clearly not from being a couple in a romantic drama where there’s so much skins-ship and kissing scenes but it’s truly from being able to connect emotionally and in a personal level. Obviously most BinJin shippers started shipping them through CLOY but that doesn’t mean BinJin relationship started because of CLOY...they started way before CLOY. And the fact that they keep associating themselves to each other until now which has been almost 2 years it’s because they wanted to and not because of us or their current popularity as a pair. There’s only one reason why they want people to always see them as a pair too...and i think we all know the answer to that right? P.S This is also for our loyal lurkers out there...a more accurate information about our ship so please start spreading this correct infos instead of the false infos about our ship...you can used your imagination when it comes to yours but not with ours...ours are truly organic plus we avoid including ‘Flora and Fauna’ in our contents too that’s for sure. [And Sorry for the long post guys lol I just think everybody kind of needed this]
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    Blast from the recent past: Hello! In case there are any middlers and newbies who are wondering where the “older” BJ shippers have gone, we are RIGHT HERE with you everyday, relishing the grand feast of BJ-crumbs & cake in the quiet comfort of confidence in our couple. We are marveling at how brilliantly this ship is sailing In case some of you got a little unsettled with the baseless rumors, over-stretched theories and blurry photos in social media, remember one thing ~ BJ shippers have the luxury of a variety of receipts that include those from our couple, as well as those of friends and colleagues BUT the core of this ship lies in the evidence offered by HB and SYJ personally. A recap of BJ direct receipts (I won’t insert too many pics here because as shippers, they must already be burned into your memory for all time ): The TN Promo Tour: It takes two to consent to public displays of a relationship, especially when both have a history of being guarded about their privacy and extremely aware of public perception. And sometimes, Nature just does its work and reveals the truth through loving gazes shared. There are toooooo many pics to post here but you will remember how much BJ were into each other on the bus, on the stage, off the stage. The LA Grocery pics: Need I say more? They were seen together because they wanted to be together because they ARE together. CLoY: The interviews and the bts. You can fake closeness on-screen and occasionally off-screen but you can’t do it all day, 24/7, let alone from mid 2018 all the way to present day! Not forgetting that our HB and SYJ are known to be unpretentious, self-assured A-listers who crowd pull the masses from their movies/series and certainly don’t need bits of bts to do it. Post-CLoY: Think about the - at least 7 - joint releases of vids/pics on the same day/week by BJ or certainly with their permission. There is a plan here, folks. A BJ plan that shows no fear of HB and SYJ being associated with each other. A plan that seems to be reinforcing their couple-association. When CLoY ended, that was the best time for BinJin, if they weren’t a couple, to go their separate ways to promote their careers separately and go flat out not to be associated with each other so as to gain a “fresh” solo presentation of themselves. And yet what happened? The opposite. Remember the leave-together at Baeksang? And the TikTok interview where the “we” and “us” language were used by HB and SYJ when it wasnt a couple award. Then came the, not the crumb but the mighty 3-tiered cake complete with icing from SYJ via her IG Liking spree of BJ couple pics! WOAHHHH! While we were still picking ourselves up from the floor over that spree, wham came HB’s Metro interview where he spent 1/3 of the time talking about his lady love, SYJ. While we scrambled to get up from that giddily happy whammy, zzzoooosh came the joint endorsement of Smart by BinJin. Unprecedented. I mean HONESTLY! Did they have to? Those who deny BinJin are real, hello, are you awake?? So shipper family, ALL of the above evidence came from HB and SYJ themselves. They are not oblique, fan-created incidents. We don’t need to twist our brains into a knot to find signs of a relationship. It’s all coming from BinJin personally. THAT is how solid and strong our ship is. It’s the finest on the ocean and sailing on the high seas to dock!!
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    As i remember she wore the same brand (different model) during SiTR wrap up party. And Jung Hae In also wore the same brand ( during his fm). Funny at that time,i thought it was a couple watch with JHI. And tbvh,i dont want to believe someone is dating based on watch,leaf,tree,grass,chair,table,aircond,air fryer,crocodile,monkey,or any animal in the zoo.. ps : i dont like that site.
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    Hi everyone, I rarely post (mainly lurk haha), but I thought I'd share some inferences/deductions according to research I did hehe: 1. Director Lee Jung hyo's interview is very telling. In the Japanese interview he did post-CLOY, he was asked if he thought BinJin were dating, and he said something like "I don't know their relationship, but they seemed very close." But if you guys remember the CLOY press conference where they were basically asked the same thing (well it wasn't the same wording, but the reporters implied it by asking about the rumors), HB and SYJ said that they "laughed it off". Now, if BinJin really were not dating like they were trying to play off, and the director was there at the press conference with them, wouldn't the director just say "No they're just friends"? Why would he give this vague answer in the Japanese interview if he knew HB and SYJ really weren't dating? Also especially since we know from the Taiwanese reporter at the press-con that they screen the interview questions prior, meaning they must discuss/consolidate on answers prior. My theory is that he does know BinJin is real and didn't want to deny in case they are soon to confirm, so he decided to give this vague answer lol. 2. Vast's most recent denial of HB and his ex's rumor is also interesting. In the explanation by Vast, they said that HB's family and friends were hurt by the rumor. But logically, if HB was really single (or really in a relationship with the ex), why would anyone be "hurt"? He's a single dude about to hit 40; I doubt anyone would be hurt by him dating anyone, even if it's an ex. My theory is that it's an open secret in k-ent that BinJin is in a relationship, so when this fake rumor came out, his close ones were hurt. Because honestly, there's no other explanation for this part haha. For me, this is the biggest reason why I don't think HB is 'single'. 3. But even if HB isn't 'single', then how am I so sure that SYJ is his significant other? WELL, I think the SMART cf fully confirmed my BinJin theory. Now, if either SYJ or HB was in a relationship with anyone else (even that ex), then WHY would they agree to do an endorsement with SMART together? Yes we know HB was offered it first, but SYJ came soon after, and judging from SYJ's cf, it seems that SYJ knew that her cf would be related to HB's somehow (there's also more pics on VP Jane's instagram that hint of another CF; looks like it could possibly be a joint cf with that sunflower). Mind you, if I was HB's gf or SYJ's bf, I would not be happy with their continual shipping, especially because they already have had so many rumors together. Also, for those that think this is for promotional purposes, CLOY literally ended 6 months ago. They did nothing to promote it afterwards (no dvd/bluray, no directors cut, no commentary, not even an interview with the leads), so clearly this is not just a promotional thing. I pray that they confirm soon!!!
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    Halloooo... Thanks @PRNforhappiness for let me know about this. @ElectricHearts,congrats dear. My English is limited. Hahaha so i just drop a short comment. Btw,remember this will be our reaction once BinJin announce something.
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    So um... @lovelyz... what's it like to be queen atm??? Must be nice... LOL! Seeing the timeline listed out like that further confirms that we BJ shippers... we have no need to stoop down to the level of insecure and jealous shippers. Of course we have a plethora of crumbs that we delulu about for fun, but these ones here are the facts. Tangible receipts. Multiple sightings. Actual words spoken. Undeniable actions. Exactly. It's easy to be attracted and maybe even fall in love when acting as lovers, but they literally acted in a film where it was the complete opposite situation. Not a romance. Absolutely no skin-ship. Not even in the same space most of the time. Their friendship/relationship was born out of pure respect, admiration, and trust in each other as actors and just fellow human beings. YJ literally said that he's a fellow colleague whom she loves who is on the same boat with her at one of the TN press conferences. HB says in the Esquire interview that they connected similarly on so many levels that it resulted in a lot to talk about and a deep empathy towards one another. And like you said, they have been basically tied together at the hip from then until now in many ways. Of course, we are ultimately outsiders to their private lives, and so even though there's a slight chance that they may be close friends (which we are all highly doubting), we know for certain that they are truly not dating anyone else and that they are comfortable and supportive of being associated with one another in these ways. If that's not enough... then I don't know what is? Our ship is no doubt sailing as smooth as HB's skin and hair. Let's enjoy and wait patiently.
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    Don't worry Chingu, there is always a first time for everything, back in May, my friends also wonder why i have been seem inactive on Instagram, little did they know i’m entering binjin universe And I haven't found the exit gate yet, Me before cloy, January, Life is good, the sky is blue, life is life. Me after cloy ; February, BINJIN, swoon vid, TVN, BJ FMV, TN promo, OMG HB STARES AT YEJIN FOR 13 SEC STRAIGHT!!!!! March, OMG!!!! she posted orange lemon, OMG OMG OMG!! (i swear to God I never felt excited over a... Orange lemon, or whatever it called) April BINJIN where are you???, I miss binjin!!! (Watching BJ FMV from Edelweiss YT channel and cried in the middle of the night) May WTH!!!!!!! am I in the national park or zoooooo or WHAAAAATT?!!!!! Arrggggghhhhhh!!!!! (if you know you know, *wink *wink) June, BAA finally!! but i don’t understand, but ok, hyun bin speech, I don't understand but ok, yejin speech.. ”thank you so much” ok got it, (For the first time in my life Watching awards show without subtitle (don't understand anything apart from kamsahanida) like a pro) Also in June, OMG!!! JINNIEE LIKING SPREEEEE, OMG BINJIN MWORD!!!!!!!! (Hyperventilating over liking spree) July, Jenny house where are you??( I Never feel depressed For waiting a shampoo ads) 10 minutes later Omo!!!hyun bin side cut!! Also me in July, OMG!!! Jenny house liking spree, yipiiiiie Jenny house is my friend! First week of August YAAAAASSS!!! In grocery we trust, in ”thats not true” we trust. Second week of August, Ring On index finger Mean...ok hmmm... (super close to becoming a ring detective) Just now, 12 Auguts, 11.30 ZT Wait what??? Late of September ? Nooooo.... (Crying over someone else’s boyfie, while singing “wake me up when September end“) Thank you Binjin For giving me so much emotions since Feb, love yaah! mwuaaah! Get The Mword soon! Pleaseee! _____________________ To be continued... And yeah, that's pretty much my life since Feb, so your not alone chingu, *cheers^^
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    I have a different perspective on this one. I have been thinking hard what message they were trying to convey. Some facts.....CLOY WAS SUCCESSFUL in Korea and very very successful outside Korea. ......The two leadstars are rumored to be dating and fans are not convinced of the denials neither are the majority of the reporters in Korea and even Taiwan, including the BinJin Nation. ...... The BAA ceremony confirmed that the two are close and even the Entertainment world witnessed it ......The TIKTOK acceptance speech was done as one couple and KBS called them the COUPLE. ......The LIKING spree of SYJ confirmed that they are a couple. She even liked a photo of them saying that they are dating! .......Now, a joint CF of the couple where SYJ confirmed that she trusts HB.,,thus she accepted . My take on this one..... They accepted the CF together to show to the Filipino in the Philippines and Outside how grateful they are for the Love and Support. The same for China;Thailand.....more to come. Their TIKTOK SPEECH was very clear. SYJ wants to shoot in the Philippines for the CF but COVID 19 was the obstacle. Same case with HB. I heard that both Bench and SMART wanted to shoot the CF after CLOY since the popularity was still fresh with the people but they needed to agree on the strategy, Once HB said that to express his gratitude to the fans, he would like to have more projects be it movies,drama or CFs. i have read and re-read the TIKTOK speech. The Fandom is important to them. I would like to take the money out here because being A-Listers, that is what their names command.They have earned it through hard work.That is their ... WORTH from years of dedicated work. In our parlance...their Market Value. In business, there is no such thing as expensive. It is called INVESTMENT! HB was willing to do "I am Happy" with hardly any compensation. SYJ added 3M$ to THE Last Princess not an investment initially but to enlarge the budget for the comfort of all the staff involved. Their humility and sincerity is admirable. That is why i am in this ship. Just read the interview with SYJ recently. It tells you who she is. In twitter, many talked about the risk they are taking....but my take... the calculated risk taken by our OTP is so far successful. Go with the FLOW! They are indeed a SMART COUPLE. .
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    Queen @lovelyzfirst of all... ^that^ is a long as$ receipt that could fill Binnie's grocery push cart! I am absolutely floored how many receipts we have as of date! Hopefully our shippers, old and new, will stop neglecting them and just continue sailing with our ship and even in these troubled and shaky Soompi waters, we will prevail... we are definitely nearing our port of call, so buckle up shippers, it's gonna be a helluvah ride!!! Again Lovelyz for gathering everything in one glorious post complete with your annotations..im keeping your post bookmarked, its something we shippers can always go back to for some sugar rush coz damn that is one treasure trove of sweet BinJin goodies! Best of all it's a mighty slab of concrete evidence we can slap pests and tree animals anytime they tryna take our ship down.. second of all... that crumb from HB's side tho'?! Shippers be like... Waaaahhhh!!!! and it's very recent, as in, just this month August?! As in as recent as the ex denial?! Somebody close to HB?!? Ohhh pray tell!! C'mon now... Pretty sure tree animals would be losing sleep and overthink themselves to death until you spill! Any clue? No?! Ugh! Do you take bribes?
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    Young HB and YJ Tax Administration Volunteers.... possibly from different locations and date but I just want to applaud these two for being a good citizen.
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    @lovelyz You got me at "not based on fan imagination"!! We have our fair share of delulus here, but sometimes we forget the AMAZING amount of "clear as day" receipts from Binjin themselves, and people around them who have observed their interactions with each other. Straight from the "horses" mouth and not from imagined evidences! Thanks for the precious reminder!! Really? You are gonna leave us hanging there? LOL! Well, believing this is true, HB's "real squad" sure is showing how protective they are towards YJ, esp since it happened right after the rumor in K-media. That's very much just like HB himself, the ever protective boyfriend! Which brings me to the bodyguard theory that we have discussed endlessly. And whaddaya know!! Our "delulu theory" turned out to be TRUE! The bodyguard (or the agency) handed the receipt to us!! Even Binjin's names (Hyun Bin, Son Ye Jin) came out side-by-side on the screen caption hahaha!! Our Binnie's protective boyfriend mode was full-on cuz I bet he recommended the bodyguard agency (incl. his most trusted bodyguards) to his "close friend" Yejin. Talking about protective boyfriend, here's one of my MOST FAVOURITE Binjin receipt, when HB so naturally reminded YJ to cover her legs before sitting down for the TN event. Look at the Korean fans reaction - they can TELL immediately that something's up with both of them, hahaha!! THIS!! One of the reasons why I support and believe in Binjin so much, besides all the receipts as lovelyz outlined in her post, is HOW Binjin's journey started. It was not because of the "character's romance, love scenes and skinship" which threw them together, but instead their relationship developed organically, naturally, from colleagues with deep admiration for each other, to friends, close friends, very close friends and we believe they are now a couple deeply in love. CLOY, to me, is almost like a little peek for us fans into their love story, which started way before CLOY filming. And I am forever grateful for this "privilege". What I love about BinJin Shoppers, is how we try our very very best to love and understand both HB and SYJ individually, and not just one of them. And because we are fans of both of them, we are confident that the actions they have taken esp post CLOY and post BAA, is not because they are tapping on their popularity but because they WANT to do things together. Cuz this makes them happy. We know them well, their values and honesty, their sincerity, their love for fans. At the very least, their actions show HOW SUPER CLOSE THEY ARE. And at the very best, they are a couple for life. Our dream, and we all hope it is their dream too. Dream on SHOPPERS!! Our grocery cart is making its way to the cashier counter!
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    Hi, I am newbie here. @HalinakoreaI tend to agree with you that Binjin already together during the TN promotion. During press con 9 August 2018, I think HB uncomfortable when MC mentioning previous co-star of SJY, even tough it is common query from K-ent (correct me if i am wrong). I believe SYJ aware of HB’s feeling, by saying that the TN shooting process was not easy but they trust of each other, for me it implies that they already in the another level of relationship (maybe it was started during SITR or TN re-shoot). In Showcase 3 Sept 2018, it was the first time HB mentioned about his wish to act with SYJ again in melodrama romcom genre, yet SJY did not even surprise with his statement. In one of interview, HB also clearly stated that they are close and SJY denied the dating rumor with KNG. I conclude it was coordination move from them to clear their path from the previous rumors or to be linked with the other co-star. Together, they said (again) their wish to meet again in melodrama rom com, in every interview they have. Why melodrama/rom com? when HB works were more focus on action genre? in my opinion, it is clear that they want to be associated as a couple. Dec 2018, Mediheal and Manyo has agreed to sponsor for the upcoming project (CLOY). Thats why (maybe) SYJ agree to be endorser of Manyo. For me, CLOY is their project, their love story. I think HB really clear up the memorable romantic scene from SYJ’s project. 1. Tying hair scene (Summer Scent) 2. Umbrella scene (STIR) 3. Soju scene (AMTR) 4. Running in the rain (The Classic) 5. Bicycle scene (Be With You) 6. Market Candle scene (fireflies scene, maybe in The Classic or Summer Scent). The ex rumor were unexpected for both of them. In Metro interview (back in June 2020), by mentioning SYJ in the most of interview, for me it was a denial from HB to the ex rumor. Thats all only my opinion...i can be wrong.
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    @bin-jin Huh how I wish Binnie send us his shirtless or pantless or bothless pics with his awesome dimples on display. Judge me freely , yes I am a perv**t and I'll chose binnie's pic over any other pics . Saw billboards pics ( in Manila) on twitter of our Mr Dimples and Ms. Eyesmile . This song is for all Filipinos here from us non Filipinos. Manila ooh naa naa , half of my heart is in Manila Manila, Binjin chose to go Manila ooh naa naa , so all of my heart is in Manila Manila. Cr- Camelia Cabello , For fudging up the song -ME @MASTERPIECE 100% agreed with each and every thing you said . 1) Before jumping on this ship or claiming to be either bin or Jin's fan , please go and research on their respective history , their personal lives , the stories shared about them by people closest to them and I guarantee you that you all will be so proud of yourselves to be stanning the two most already rich ,humble and grounded celebs in the world. So your questions about them doing this for media play , popularity and money will vanish on your own . I will not entertain with the answer to these stupid things as to how rich they are , how much they are into media play . I have binjin candies to munch on . 2) About SMART convincing Binjin to sign a deal with them , I don't think so we binjin family have taken it as their marriage announcement. We genuine members of this family know they will never ever do it via a CF . We are just celebrating that two people with awesome chemistry whom we ship have accepted to appear on screen again defying all the petty people's thinking that two people can't do their job together , if they are in a relationship. Also we are celebrating that these two chose to work together even after continuously three years of their names romantically linked with each other . It clearly means if they prefer their names to be attached with someone , it's them and not a third or a fourth person . Putting two celebs portrait with their respective autographs on a wall doesn't mean that SMART execs are sending out the invites for their wedding. It means she is their fan first who got the opportunity to work with both of them together. Last - About all the people who are professionally close to binjin , it might be shocking to us but it's true , they have a life of their own, own families, own happiness own sadness which they share on their respective sns. Any cloth piece , hair strand, food, blurry pictures or animal birds pictures are not related to our OTP. Sad but it's true . SO LET'S RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY PLEASE. We have candies by binjin themselves , we don't have to go to make up artists, managers, cooks stylists, P.As for our reciepts . So let's wait patiently binjin themselves will do it for all of us . Waiting impatiently for a Dimpled , tall , tanned and broad shouldered man's pictures or Interview from Jordan as I am overdosed with a very tanned , gorgeous , eyesmiling beauty from last two days . Stay healthy peeps . One day in August , we have reached one step closer to the dock.
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    It's definitely not a squirrel. I think the only thing we can say is that they've used the same agency. Otherwise, assuming anything more is like comparing trees located in different countries. Also, it's nice to always see their names side by side.
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    I know we have read many many reviews of CLOY, but I just came across this one via a tweet post, and love how simple this review is yet capture everything we love about CLOY and our RiRi couple. Have a read and dive into the Magic of CLOY once again. I know we are approaching the 6-months condolence period (Finale ended Feb 16th, so 6-mths after is Aug 15th Sat), but I don't think anyone of us here are going to be successful in getting over CLOY anytime soon. Especially love how the writer described Binjin's chemistry: "Last but not the least, the chemistry between the leads is totally effortless and sizzling!" https://desipardesiviews.wordpress.com/2020/08/09/fan-based-recommendations-the-joy-of-cloy-by-sk/ Fan Based Recommendations: The Joy of Cloy by SK 09SundayAug 2020 Posted by Paz's Views in Fan Based Recommendations/ Guest Reviews Crash Landing On you might just be the comfort your soul has been craving for… I have been a silent reader of all the tweets and news surrounding K-dramas for the longest time now. Looking for a distraction at the end of a busy, stressful & anxiety-filled day in July, I wandered into the world of K-dramas on Netflix. When I stumbled upon Crash Landing On You, I was instantly reminded of all the rave reviews posted by some mutuals on Twitter, and I started watching it on a whim. Little did I know, what was in store for me over the following 2 weeks. Looking for a distraction at the end of a busy, stressful & anxiety-filled day in July, I wandered into the world of K-dramas on Netflix. When I stumbled upon Crash Landing On You, I was instantly reminded of all the rave reviews posted by some mutuals on Twitter, and I started watching it on a whim. Little did I know, what was in store for me over the following 2 weeks. The premise of CLOY is pretty simple & might even sound cliched to some. It’s the story of romance between star-crossed lovers, set against the backdrop of the social, cultural, economic & geo-political divide between North Korea & South Korea. However, it’s the unique & captivating on-screen adaptation of the story, that came across like a breath of fresh air, drew me in & before I even knew it, I was emotionally invested in the lives of Captain Ri & Yoon Se-Ri. The drama starts with a paragliding accident & the subsequent crash landing of an affluent South Korean businesswoman ; Yoon Se-Ri, into the North Korean portion of the DMZ. She is rescued by an unassuming & charming North Korean soldier; Captain Ri Jung Hyuk. The events & adventures that follow, keeps the viewers hooked. The twists and turns, the cliff-hanger climax of each episode will have you on the edge of your seats. First half of the drama shows how Yoon Se-Ri adapts to a completely different way of life in the North Korean military village and slowly but surely, charms her way into the hearts of Captain Ri, his comrades and the villagers. It is entertaining & delightful to watch. The halfway mark or intermission if I may call it so, is a crucial juncture in the story & will have the viewers eagerly looking forward to what comes next. Second half has viewers witnessing the thrilling cat & mouse chase between the leads and a despicable villain, in Seoul; South Korea. There’s a love triangle (sort of) leading to a second lead romance that brews in the background all along with some family drama. There’s comic relief every now and then, so perfectly timed, that it makes you laugh out loud, often when the going gets too tough & intense for the audience’s poor hearts to handle. But what’s most magical is the love story between Captain Ri & Yoon Se-Ri. It is a sight to behold, over the course of the 16-episode journey. It is not love at first sight. This is precisely what makes for an emotional & exhilarating watch. Both Captain Ri & Yoon Se-Ri are 2 lost and broken souls, fighting their own demons. They learn to let their guards down, allow themselves to fall in love & fight for it. It is the kind of love that grows on you, slowly & steadily. It is the kind of love that is meant to be, despite the insurmountable odds. Every time they get separated, they are miraculously re-united by life & destiny. The flashbacks at the end of almost every episode, depict this so beautifully, that my heart fluttered and skipped a beat every single time. I was swept away by the sincerity and growing intensity of their feelings for each other & rooted for them with every fibre of my being. Without giving away too much, let me just tell you that CLOY is an emotional roller-coaster ride that I thoroughly enjoyed. The locales are breathtaking. Performances from the main & supporting cast are riveting. Screenplay is pitch perfect. Dialogues are heartfelt without being too heavy or melodramatic. The direction & editing is top-notch. The soundtrack is hauntingly beautiful. Last but not the least, the chemistry between the leads is totally effortless and sizzling! All of this & more, makes CLOY such a compelling watch that I swooned, laughed, cried and gasped in equal measure. When I was done watching, I came across a new phrase coined by CLOY fans – “Post-CLOY depression”. I was clearly suffering from it, so I re-watched the drama and have sunk deeper into the rabbit hole now. Sigh! It’s only the 2nd time in the past 7 years that I’ve felt this way after completing a drama, but that’s a story for another day. Drama Type : Romance/ Comedy/ Drama You can watch on : Netflix Desi Pardesi Rating for CLOY: 10/10 as it ticks all the boxes for its fans! Recommendation : Keep a box of tissues at hand as it is so sweet that you may find yourself tearful! Thank you SK for a great Review
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    Wow, your terms are very romantic. I can visualize them and i am in awe! That's the way to go @Choisamsook @lovelyz Thank you for the very well organized presentation of our OTP's journey . During this times, we need always to go back and reminisce where it all started. .....Can you share more on that big crumb ? We do not need to know who .... but the 'How" was the support to SYJ done? Let us complete our excitement , please? MY TRUTH..... 1.) I believe when SYJ said that HB was the actor of her life and that she had watched most of his project since GangKook days , so as such... the admiration was already there for a longtime! HB also watched her projects as he admitted ... "Thanks to her works...." so he must have admired her as an actress... BUT .... whenever you watch a movie or any play....you do not only say.... "that was a good one" but also some physical attributes like "the actress is so beautiful or the actor is handsome or wow they are cute together "..right? So, my conclusion ... before 2017, they already had admiration for each other. 2.) PIFAN 14 was the first close up meeting side by side but they were too shy to even smile at each other .... but they did when they were on stage. Being conservative as they are .....no one started a communication between themselves. With SYJ looking at HB like that, she would have wanted to talk to him but HB was his stoic self !!! 3.) 2017, The read-out. Both SYJ and HB were in their normal self. Looking at them, i was so surprised that SYJ was very simple in her short hair . The Negotiation shooting were observation time. They were both focusing on their roles . After shoots meeting over alcoholic drinks reveal that they started to talk and started to share stories. The Director was observing. This is the time when HB found SYJ even being a big star is easygoing and lively. The contemplation on the part of HB started on SYJ. 4.) HB and KS called it quits in December publicly but i read somewhere that it actually happened in October but for some considerations according to the agencies, December was the public announcement. I believe in this process. 5.) HB visited SYJ while filming SITR, this is between Feb. to May of 2018. SYJ mentioned that he met him while filming SITR and then again in April for the re-shoot so they met before April! This is me.... Why in the world would HB visit SYJ before the re-shoot? i guess between Feb and March if they have not stayed in contact after the TN shoot? I conclude, they were communicating as new acquaintances from Sept. 2017 t0 March 2018. SYJ was becoming a special friend where he was comfortable with . According to SYJ, it was easy to cooperate with HB because they started within almost the same timeframe and their experiences were similar. Why? SYJ transformed ahead to other Genre of acting and HB did the same thing after the military service. They must have a lot of experiences sharing. The only difference is that SYJ has the Cinderellas to share with and HB was looking for someone he can talk to. In other words, SYJ filled - in that "wanting" in HB. IN one of the articles i read, HB would wait for SYJ to finish work and the staff were saying, he normally heads home or leave at once. I can only surmise that they agree to meet and talk. 6.) The rest is all visible in the TN promotions. They praised each other openly and you can see the respect and admiration of HB towards SYJ and the joy of each other being together. On September 03, HB admitted they were close in real life. Is it too sudden?? No... No. Maybe 50% of each other they knew already because they were watching each other's work. In fact, SYJ said there were projects she would have liked HB in it but HB did not accept those ones. Destiny has its own time and i believe FAITH can make Miracles happen. I hope they announce this year. We all want them to focus on themselves and start their family since they both want it before 40. BEFORE.... means Now.
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    @Restless_Hearts Thank you for highlighting the YT vid of SYJ’s Smart interview and @lovelyz for zooming in on some key words of SYJ’s from that interview. A quick yet irresistible comparison: In 2019, during the CLoY Couch Interview, SYJ was asked how she keeps healthy and her answer was: 1: Exercise 2: Eat healthy During the Smart interview, SYJ was asked the SAME question on how she keeps healthy and this time, her answer is: 1: Spending quality time with the people I love (*ahem, yes?) 2: Exercise 3: Eat healthy. Doesn’t her revised answer and priorities make you feel warm and fuzzy? I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to BJ, thus sharing this comparison with those who are likewise.
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    SYJ caught this guy staring at her when he should’ve been looking at Jung Woo Sung who was talking...and her reaction? Bursted out laughing
  19. 54 points
    I sometimes fantasize about the point of view of each of our couple when they started to work together. Today, I have been thinking about HB's first impressions of SYJ when they were filming TN. We all know what he said about her professionalism, how he admired her acting skills, and how prepared she was, even bringing in new ideas to improve the film. From all this, I am inclined to believe HB realized he was working with another level actress that he never worked with before. The creme of the crop. He might have understood why she won so many awards and was considered to be one of the top Korean actresses. This impression might have left an indelible mark on him. As he got to know her more, he noticed her great personality and humbleness. I wonder if he thought she was a rare gem that had beauty, personality, talent and brains. A rare package almost impossible to find. He might have envied the man who will receive her love. I wonder if he thought, 'wow, I had a huge crush on her 15 years ago, and now here I am floored at how amazing she is. Why the heck it took me so long to realize she could be the one?' The thought of pursuing her might have excited him and at the same time terrified him. For most of us it is scary to pursue someone, because we all fear rejection. But it is much more scary if the person you want to pursue is in your circle. You know you cannot avoid meeting this person and how uncomfortable it would be if they reject you. Moreover, he did not know whether she was in a relationship or not, since she was always so private. I can imagine the difficult task he went through to get close to her and tentatively ask her the important question of whether she is single or not. And as he bravely decided to court her, I wonder if he learned he was not the only one courting her. What if the competition was stiff, with equally handsome and successful men after her? Then, finally his dream came true. She felt the same way about him and chose him above all the other men. I feel this fantasy of mine is close to what happened simply because of how he stared at her at TN promotions and during their CLOY promotional videos. His stares were of a man in love and overcame major struggles to attain the love of his woman. His stares seemed to say, 'I can't believe she is mine'. Anyways, I will try to share my fantasies of SYJ's point of view at another time. I am glad I can freely express them in a forum where there are people like me who would understand them and not think I am nuts.
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    Dear Diary, You won't believe what has happened! I'm telling you even if I die and reborn like a phoenix, I will be telling this story for as long as I live. You really won't believe this! So I went to Petra to continue my confetti throwing mission. As soon as my cat and I got on the back of the camel, it won't budge. The owner told me it can only carry one body. I gave him a serious look but he gave me a much serious look like a no nonsense kind so I know he meant business. I can't let my cat go on foot coz it will look like a procession and I'm throwing confetti? So it's me who'll walk so that the king Cat can travel the miles comfortably. And this is where things got awry. Nobody told me a camel can run that fast! I chased it around (while throwing confetti ) coz it has my cat on it! I'm a runner but that thing was on a mission to reach the finish line with a good distance. I swear I saw my cat laughing while taking pictures of me throwing confetti. He even captured me falling on my face. My poor, poor fake eyelashes got ruined! I finally caught up with them coz they've slowed down. My cat is whispering to that camel with some Jordan fauna language. I'm really becoming suspicious that my cat got some serious agenda. He's looking at me with his slewed eyes while sharpening his claw. It gave me the chills. If there's some good news about that 3 folds marathon, I covered the whole area and delivered some important messages for Yejin-ssi's CF and it brought me near Dead Sea. A bird chwit that this is where Bin-ssi will be filming. Finally, I'm near my ward again. The bird also chwitted that my friends @CartPusherInLA @Samsam @EdelweissTX wanted to send me postcards. I don't even know where I will sleep tonight. Where is Agent @binjinhappypill? I better get manicure. If push comes to shove, I'm gonna fight my cat at his level - meaning scratching.
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    Golly! She's just so mesmerizing...beautiful inside and out indeed! I'm very selective on who I will use my time to stan and Son Ye Jin is worth my time. Such a cutie pie! Wow those huge billboards of her bring good vibes and charm to the country! Good job China. I was there few months ago before COVID hit US. I hope all is well now over there. Also I just want to say to the true BinJin fans, from the first day I joined this forum I sensed right away how classy, smart and responsible you are. Thus I signed on to this page to flock with great minds. You are as classy as Bin and Jin. I don't troll or lurk on other social medias as I don't have one and don't intend to do so. Lurkers or trolls, please do not muddle this beautiful ship and pretend a BJ stan. Remember bad karma begets bad karma so please be wise.
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    JAW DROP!!!!! whoever that is HUZZAAAAAAA!!!! In someone closest to HB I trust!
  23. 53 points
    Alright obligatory Flashback Friday to TN days... HB smiles at YJ like all of his facial muscles from the side of his eyes to his bottom chin are getting flexed = genuinely happy Anatomist Duchenne's study has showed that a smile he called the "smile of joy," the muscle that is just to the side of the eyes (called orbicularis oculi) is activated. When this muscle contracts, it creates creases, sometimes called crow's feet. He called this the "true smile," the pure smile of enjoyment. Duchenne concluded that the mouth smile obeys the will, but the eye smile does not. He said, "The muscle around the eye ... is only brought into play by a true feeling, an agreeable emotion." https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2013/01/how-smiles-control-us-all/272588/ So while SYJ has us mesmerized with her infamous eye smile, HB always gifts us his "crow's feet" smile of joy whenever he's with SYJ. They truly compliment each other. TGIF shippers, happy weekend! waaahhh i missed using these gifs!
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    hi everyone, below is an observation made by Chinese fans on Zhihu, which kind of blew my mind, so I'm transferring the wisdom here. Not sure if it's been discussed before. It may be a delulu observation but I've watched it a few times and I don't think it is delulu. Use this video for reference. Fast forward to 16:25: 16:25 – the host was mentioning HB's old works. 16:35-16:40 – everyone laughed at the mentioning of Secret Garden16:41-16: 44 – THE KICKER. HB's eyes quickly looked left when the host mentioned his 2008 drama, and he stopped smiling. (16:42-43 to be specific) This guy was just laughing a few seconds ago when Secret Garden was mentioned. Hmmm.....16:52-16:53 – HB reflexively turned to look at SYJ. Why would you turn over to your female colleague when talking about your old works? What's it gotta do with her?18:05-18:20 – After he answered the host's questions, he looked kind of down and remained silent (18:17-20 to be specific) 18:20-18:24 - SYJ nudges him to tell him about the mic. This guy's face suddenly lights up.18:24-18:32 – HB has a huge smile on his face, turning to SYJ around 18:30. Please tell me why being reminded about the mic makes him so happy?C-fans analysis: He looked a bit uneasy when his 2008 drama was mentioned, for reasons we can guess. So he reflexively turned to SYJ around16:52 to check up on her. After answering the host's question, he looked kind of down maybe because this particular past drama was mentioned, and he probably was wondering how SYJ might've felt at that moment. SYJ sensed he cared for her feelings so she gave him mic advice as an excuse to tell him it's okay. Thoughts?
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    @Jbelr together with my 3 favourite girls @thi2018 @firstaid @peggygordon... I dont have anything to update . I am glad sooooooooo many people join this thread and we can depend on all of u gals to update this thread.
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    Another BinJin Crumb for everyone + YJ SMART BTS Interview: “It’s important to stay healthy.Could you share how to maintain a healthy body and life” YJ: There’s a health issue that the whole world is facing today.I also need to be healthy to be able to work.And health is the most important thing to be able to spend quality time with the people I love.That’s why I’m constantly exercising and trying to eat good food. (Yeah like playing golf constantly with your ‘close friend’ right?) - YJ also mentioned once again that she’s a well planned Traveler...In conclusion,Grocery Shopping in LA was on her schedule
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    I had dinner already but that’s alright, i will take this as my dessert, Keep talking, I’m listening, If tree animals smart enough and less Obsess over nuts for sure they’ll find out. @HappyForLove ”do u think by the TN promo period if they am were already together or not yet?” we talk about this hundred pages back, but since the TN era was my favourite and i think everybody’s favourite as well, let me add my opinion, Together as couple? that something only binjin knows, but during that golden moment, to me for sure they already come out clean with everything, past and future, they did not carry dirty luggage with them, so all I can see is two adult who clearly not afraid to show their feeling to each other. I like to call it the stage where you wake up in the morning and can not wait to see your favorite person, where motorcycle look like a unicorn, where your morning coffee tastes like wine, isn't it nice, yess!
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    Friends and family were hurt by the rumor with ex, but not with the rumor with Yejin (which has been going strong despite the half hearted denials). I wonder why.
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    @lovelyzyouhave been one of the early supporters of this ship and I thank you as much as I thank @cybertron for starting this thread when there was barely anything to support your desire for them to be together. Now that you are retiring your responsibility and handing it off to @ElectricHeartsI know you are proud of what you have started and while there were many challenges along the way, the BinJin nation has held steadfast in the belief that this is indeed a very very strong solid ship. I feel that the ship will dock before we reach the allocated 2k pages. The timeline provide for us is really there to anchor the ship when it docks as these are FACTS. Not delulu, which we are still allowed to have. Most of these are all supported mainly by the two biggest receipts we have- our OTP themselves! If I may add some of the other receipts we can add to the cart: 1) Christmas Greeting. Even if her message says "filming today" .. the picture says it all. Christmas is a couples holiday in Korea and this is even referenced in CLOY. It is a photo taken in August with his fingers peeking over her shoulders. I doubt Vast would have sent her message to remove her post 2) Couples matching outfits. Again a Korean tradition. Several sightings of them with matching outfits. 3) Matching tan complexion, including golf tan lines 4) Her scarcity of being on IG. And when she is suspected to be with him there is that double heart emoji There are many more receipts but these are the ones that come to mind. I am not sure if I know what you may be referring to as a close acquaintance of HB but I think I have an inkling but am not hundred percent certain. I have mentioned this in my posts how grateful I am for this community. We not only support the best human beings we can take inspiration from, we also have each other, Revelation time is fast approaching. For those with weak Hearts, better be ready! And yes where is that funny member with a cat? Come out of lurking @Felizak@tor are you really in Jordan fulfilling a mission?
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    Ring Ring Hello Hi babe, how are you doing? Oh hi honey, I’m good. I’m about to call you. , we are really telepathy... Yes, sometimes I wonder why. There are so many coincidences between us. We are mean to be babe. Yes, I believe you. So how is your filming? Anything too difficult for you? Uhm, . A bit physical but it was great to act in a foreign country. The weather is getting hotter and it wasn’t easy to film in a middle of a desert but we managed. Yes, I know that feeling honey. We were so lucky to be in CLOY together. I would never forget all the excitements in Switzerland and Mongolia. Beautiful sceneries, wonderful team and you were there with me... Ah, I miss those days too babe. We are trying so hard here. I hope we will be able to come back to SoKo on time. BTW, your Smart CF is great. I watched it so many times. You looked amazing in it. Thanks honey. I missed you during filming too. Hope we can be in another Smart ad together. Of course we will. Do you know where else can we be together? Hint! hint! Ahihi you know very well Mr. Kim! Yes, and I can’t wait Mrs Kim to be. I love you! I love you too honey! Very much!
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    YJ looks so fresh and gorgeous in new CF. Promoting Rebak with her wet hair unlike HB promoting Vita shower but was staying dry from head to toe lol.
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    Ummm.... first of all, I know some of you have nothing happening on your end so you have nothing to talk about and maybe that's why you feel there's a need to rain on our parade so I get it, must be hard. Please don't mind me, I'm REALLY just talking into an empty room here Secondly, about the CF, like some others I'm a bit perplexed at why we sort of have to say this out loud but the whole money argument is so irrelevant here, it feels like an outsider brings it up but suddenly leaves the room, only to leave us arguing with each other? Also personally, I agree with some others that the CF isn't a be all receipt per se, personally I am just really excited to have them together in a project yet again! and that they're willing to spend more time together! Although, I don't quite agree with Binjin selling the idea of their status with all these crumbs... I think I know what is meant or intended but if we're true to that word, it can sound a little off. There's no need for them to sell the idea per se, if anything to me they have been protecting their relationship so for it not to be treated as a public commodity (which there's always going to be the tendency given their popularity both individually and as a couple). So, to me, it's more about them carefully and strategically relaxing the k-ent atmosphere (and now more possibly the international platforms that they have attracted) into allowing them the space for their relationship in the future once they want to make it official. Anyways, whatever it is, as each day passes, don't we all feel that bit closer to the D-day? EXCITING TIMES AHEAD!!
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    Anyway, wow I haven't really posted my long rants here for a while. The last time I posted something really long here, it got deleted by mods. Weird how our ship and SYJ get bashed from time to time but those comments stay. Also, if any BinJin shipper missed my deleted post, I have a draft saved so DM me if you're interested. (hint, it's about the Weibo thing). But forgive me, I'll only send to those who've shown themselves here to be a real BinJin shipper...also I'm open to DMs if anyone wants to debunk what I wrote (looking at you, antis) All I'm gonna say is, wow I think I really riled some people up LOL Going forward, I think we should just protect our OTP as much as possible. Let's not care about other people's opinions because let's be honest here, we are Michael Phelps....we don't need to worry about those who are just learning to float.
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    HB was actually filming MOTA during this period.He was even filming that drama during TN Promo so yes she could be talking about him in this case.It couldn’t be about SITR staffs or friends unless they were already working on a new drama project at that time. Anyway,wanna bring up this moment again...HB saying he watches SITR infront of those celebrity guests during TN VIP Premiere... We know what you were trying to do HB..... + QuoteOfTheDay: “Be with someone who motivates you to be the best person you can be. Who believes in you and wants to see you succeed. This person will help you get there without pressuring you. They will positively inspire you with their kind words and empowering actions. This person will make you dream big and believe that anything is possible.” “She has great qualities,” Hyun said about Son. “I was curious about so many things about her like how she prepares for and acts out the scenes. When we meet on set, she has a lot prepared for the scenes we’re about to do. This challenges me to do better and I learn a lot from her.” (HyunBin - CLOY PressCon 2019) Have a good day everyone!
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    Hi guys! Have been reading this forum and became my routine every single night before going to bed. I wonder what kind of syndrom is this lol. I am almost 50 and never felt this way since my teenage years sigh... Well I guess we all here must have the same symptons of Binjin syndrom. Wonder when the cure will arrive. My heart is growing weaker every day.
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    I think same as you, that they are guidding our shipping now. Coincidences don't happen so often. What we saw as coincidences in the begining ( their consistent coordinated release of CFs, interviews, press releases and posts) is obviously following a well design plan of releasing information about them so the final notice don't come as being too abrupt. As a consecuence of Cloy, more people (thousands, sure it's millions by now) are in favor of them being a couple. His and her fans in the majority has accepted each of them as a favorable match for their idols, many being now fans of the two. The increase of followers of SYJ in IG is a good example of this. BJ doesn't have SNS, so there are no comparison, but I suppose it would be the same. The press and the SK ent industry, seems to "know" the real deal and respect their privacy. Having pass the CLOY era that required their total discression in behalf of the Kent position about couples costarring in a drama, they semms to be more comfortable and open about their relationship. (About CLOY, I also belive the hints and references of their real life and their starring on the drama are not coincidences either, but that's maybe a discusion for another time.) If we analize, they have been slowly, step by step guiding their followers into knowing they are together. They could have shut the rumors down as they have done with others in the past and just recently, but insted they are milking all the BinJin couple rumors. They have turn a situation that could have been a disaster for the majority of stars if not well handled, into a joyly expected event. Little by little we are now acustomed to their proximity, their cojoint works and subconsusly asociate one with the other. When you hear Hyun Bin, you think inmediatly Son Ye Jin and vice versa. We have been trained to asociate them in BinJin, as a couple. Even though we know they are two superstars that can shine and thrive by themselves, its just they decided to do it together. By now, every body is just happily waiting for them to become public and anounce their wedding dat... I mean, their future plans. A very good strategy from the begining and a very smart guy behind all. So, grab your americano, your soju or your beer and sit comfortably waiting for the good news.
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    Great post. Thanks for this exerpt specially. Many people think BinJin began in CLOY, but they are far from reality. That's very important. Actors usually get too inmerse in their characters, and that can lead them (specially if they're not seasoned actors) to confuse their feelings, specially when acting in romances. That's why you see around the whole world, many actors having affairs with their co-stars after a steamy movie or drama. And that's the same reason why they don't last. Of course, there are many that get to know each other in a project and have realationships that last, but that is no my point here. What I'm stating here is that it's not the case with BinJin, their first colaboration was not a romance, they were antagonists in that play without any skinship and just one scene together, but their conection was stablish then, and with time they evolved in the couple they are now, as you clearly stablish in your post. For me this is one of the cornerstones of my shipping for them. Because I saw a relationship evolve with time. Our shipping is not a fictional delulu based on a good acting in a romantic drama. It is a shipping based on real people, falling in love in front of our own eyes, confirmed by their own actions, even if not by words. So, thanks for your super well written post. That's what is so great of this forum. Every day people enlighten others and share their own insights on diferent isues concerning BinJin. Many things have happened in the time this group was stablished, it has been a real roller coaster to be here. But I'm sure that no matter what comes ahead, I won't be the last delulu standing because my fellow shippers are going to be here until this ship docks safetly. We're almost there, Fighting!
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    Regarding 3th September 2018. #InMomTannedArmsWeTrust
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    First time I've heard of this story. During his military discharge, HB was very touched by the many fans who came to welcome him back, incl from SK, Japan and China (and may be more of other countries). He actually went up all 17 buses to thank the fans and had an impromptu fan meeting at the next rest stop. This is really pretty awesome and amazing of him!!
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    I am sure this may have been posted before, but I just want to reiterate this. This is the Binnie we love. A kind and considerate man with a grateful heart. The gods must have been really having a good day when they created HB, as they did not only gift him with intelligence, outstanding looks and a great personality, they threw in so many extras. The man cannot only act, he sings and plays the piano. He formed VAST and now serves as its CEO. He appreciates his fans, writes them letters, send them postcards. He remains humble despite his superstar stature. The list can go on and on. Nobody is perfect, but ths man certainly comes close. HB, best boy!
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    @Felizak@t BinJin Spy Headquarters KRIING KRIING KRIING Operator : Password, please Agent HPill : Red Hen's teeth Operator : Code name, please. Agent HPill : This is urgent, I need to be directed to Agent EntreWid8X2, please. Operator : Agent, you know the drill. Code name, please. Agent HPill : Erin Whillum Operator : One moment, please. EntreWid : Agent HPill, we are aware of the explosion at base. Has the mission been compromised? Agent HPill : Negative. All Clean. i was able to get out on time and saved all of our surveillance tapes from Agent FK@t's room. I am requesting for a new HQ credit card and cash. Cho placed a tracker on my previous card .Agent FK@t is still MIA. Entrewid : Alright. Go to the usual drop off location for your new HQ card and cash and instructions . Leave all surveillance tapes for another agent to retrieve at same drop off location for review. Agent FK@t must contact me asap. please try to locate her ! Is everything clear? Agent HPill : Affirmative. Thank you. **************************** KRIING KRIING KRIING HB : Hello, hello, love. SYJ ; Hello, love. How's everything ? HB : So far so good, though missing you a lot as always ! SYJ : Ugh ! This is really hard . When exactly are you coming home ? HB : Very soon, love. A couple more weeks and it will be over. SYJ : I am just really bored to death here ! HB : Stop worrying ! Let me cheer you up with a good story. SYJ : What story ? It better be good ! HB : Just listen. Are you there? SYJ : Yes, I'm listening. HB : Ok... this story was shared by a good friend a long time ago. SYJ : Wait, which friend ? HB : Eon Jin ! It was a guy friend, relax, and stop interrupting me ! SYJ : Ok, ha ha, please continue. HB : Ok,love, the title of the story is Two Wolves. "One evening, there was this old Cherokee grandfather telling his grandson that everyday, inside all of us, there is a battle between two wolves. One wolf is Evil,. It is anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego. The other wolf inside of us is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope,, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and and faith." SYJ : Ok, stop right there ! If it is a battle between two wolves everyday, which wolf wins ? HB : Good question, love ! Sharp Yejin-sshi as always ! SYJ : Ok, again, which wolf wins the battle? HB : The one you feed. SYJ : Woooo ! That was really good ! Thank you, love ! That pulled me out of my boredom ! Ok, I feel fine now, and I think I will let you go and think again about the two wolves. HB : That's my girl ! Good night, love. Will talk to you tomorrow ! ************************** Ok, chingus, beloved fellow shippers, i thought I would share this story with everyone, using HB's POV. "How often are we faced with a choice about how to react to each day's challenges ? Do we rail at the outrageous winds of "fate" that pound us from time to time, falling into the pit of self-pity; or do we look upon these moments as opportunities to learn and grow, and broaden the humanity within us?" "The good news is that we do have a choice. We can choose to feed the wolf of envy and resentment, or feed the wolf of humility, benevolence and compassion. We can choose to be happy or to be miserable. The choice we make colors our days, our work and our relationships with those around us." Which wolf do you choose to feed today? Stay safe everyone, keep sailing, keep smiling, keep deluluing (there's no shame in that....) Love and happiness to you all ... Over and out, BinJin Nation Delulu Headquarters Agent BJHPill Master Spy
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    @cybertron You will always be the Founder of this wonderful shipping lane. Please continue to post here. Never mind about the English language - we all speak the language of love for our BinJin here and it is thanks to you!!
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    Wow!!! @lovelyzthanks for putting everything up so nicely..Looking back ,all these contents were given out by Binjin themselves and by not any third party..We don't need cryptic messages!! To make the atmosphere more giddy ,I would like to share an article about celebrities who were rumoured to be together and later on confirmed their relationship.. Pretty soon Binjin are going to enter this list and they will have to write a separate article to mention all of Binjin nation's reciepts. https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/5-dating-speculations-ended-coming-true/ I can't be the only one who got Binjin vibes and were reminded of some of our OTP crumbs from each of these 5 dating stories.. It would be an understatement even when I say that the number of reciepts we have will outnumber the combined crumbs that people got from these 5 couples.. LMAO...Even after all this , people still have the audacity to call us delusionals..
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    Yup..it has been so long that they were caught red handed while grocery shopping..How many years have passed?? 12-13?? ..I guess just like HB and SYJ, I m also not good in mathematics.. Whatever ...*rolls eye* it is an old news..Vast has really moved on and has issued some other denials as well.. Infact CLOY is also long forgotten..What if people are still talking and praising it.. after all it started airing in 2019..Come on..it has been ages since 2019 happened..FYI this is 2020. PS: I was just joking ..Maths used to be my favourite subject in High School and I still like it ..I guess you figured out what I meant .. PS 2: @Kari 2.0 version is on fire ..Bravo girlllll!!!
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    Someone asked me to suggest a drama (first K drama to watch). Of course I recommended CLOY but together with another genre closer to the work field of my friend. She watched the other one first and found it interesting at least. Then she went on with CLOY. While starting the first episode, prejudice was already strong, assuming that it was yet another soap... and CLOY magic just happened. With the magic touch of Binjin together, by the end of the first episode she was hooked already. No way back. Her experience makes me thank God once more for the people giving us CLOY, and especially our Binjin. I didn't mention at all about the "couple guess" to my friend, as she is completely unaware of K media and culture. However she couldn't help but guessing herself, finding their chemistry extraordinary. This made me jump at once into a delirious talk with her, including explaining a bit of timelines, reccommending TN videos, previous movies and all, all of that talking about the "power of love", smiling and all the giggles you can imagine. I guess she was a bit "surprised" and told me: "you are a romantic after all, aren't you?". Of course I am! And that's every Binjin shipper on earth! Dear friend, if you're reading this and recognize yourself, you've found your way on board of this ship by your own means. The more I think about it, I would call Binjin as a movement. A movement of love. Happy sailing, everyone! And keep praying desperately for Binjin and all of us
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    @eLizza yep yep based on the change of expression in the video, HB is really onboard with sailing 2.0, methinks. Omg, I'm actually not really good in mathematics, even though I use statistics in my daily life. I really thought 2019 was 10 years ago, not 10 months ago. Damn, I blame this pandemic. It's making me delirious. Oh no, we better shut up now. As BinJin shippers here, we must really moderate ourselves. Let's go practice our 1800s women's etiquette. *smiles shyly behind a fan*
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    This person has become totally whipped for Hyun Bin . Didn't we say earlier that CLOY opened the door for K-dramas to so many newbies around the world... It is the new Hallyu Wave..Antis fight me..
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    Also YEJIN answer related to work, before and after. YEJIN single answer, YEJIN taken answer Thank you Yejin, I never felt this single, ______________________________ diclaimer, the source of this info from tweet below, if anyone know the real source for this article, feel free to add.
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    Do u mean on Baeksang KHA won,so high chance for her to win this one too?? Baeksang 2018 : Kim Namjoo won Best Actress.Although YJ didnt nominated at that time,but i guess KNJ role stronger than YJ in SiTR.She also won over YJ in The Seoul Award. But in Seoul Drama Award,YJ won for SiTR.KNJ also got nominated that time. So i personally think,both have a chance to win Hallyu Category eventhough if Baeksang winner get nominated too. Let just pray the best for them.
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    Wow ..kmedia reporting about Binjin's Smart deal.. https://m.anewsa.com/article_sub3.php?number=2193973&type=&mobile= They better let CLOY sweep the hallyu category in SDA this time..Come on!! what can topple CLOY in terms of International popularity..
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