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    IF I WERE AN NORTH KOREAN AHJUMMA... (THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY) Of course I'm #BinJin all the way. I love Gong Yoo too, but I love Hyun Bin more. But you know, as a woman, I know SYJ's body clock is ticking. Feminist views be damned, but she deserves marital and parental bliss after working like a cow her whole career. She has also admitted to wanting a family before she hits 40 so there should be no confusion in that. It's truth universally acknowledged that SYJ is a great actress but in CLOY, I noticed two scenes of misplaced tears on her part. One was during their talk by the fire on their way to Pyongyang. In that scene where she told RJH that he "will be a good husband and dad someday", her eyes suddenly welled with tears. I hope they cut it out for continuity (because her teary eyes sprang out of the blue), but they didn't. For a seasoned actress, why is she so emotional on the topic? The second misplaced tears was during the soju scene in her living room in SK. Even the BTS indicated that she teared up uncontrollably, just when RJH talked about marriage, twins, growing old. I think it's not just a coincidence, the lady wants to settle down already. I should know because I am a woman too. We love to have great careers but it is innate in our nature to yearn for family life, someone to care for and nurture for the long haul. There are women who are blissfully happy being single too, but Son Ye Jin has already expressed her views regarding her preference. I truly believe that she is ready. Now if I were an NK ahjumma I would have already smacked Hyun Bin in the head. No matter how stern the denials, I really think that they are dating (if they are not dating then HB should keep his naughty hands off her, it's not becoming of him to do that to a lady who is just a friend). It seems to me that Hyun Bin is taking his sweet time to act on it. Ye Jin is an outgoing and fun kind of gal but she obviously flirts and speaks honey exclusively to Hyun Bin. Even the denials from Vast Ent. can be a double edged sword. It may protect SYJ on one side but it may also paint her as the one who likes Hyun Bin more, thus, her lack of denial. Not all fans read HB and SYJ articles. Not everyone can read between the lines. So now to our real-life Capt. Ri. If I were Young Ae or any other NK ahjumma, I wouldn't be too understanding. This also happens in regular relationships involving us, mere mortals, right? There are guys (especially the handsome, popular ones) who say they are not yet ready to plunge because they still want to achieve more in their career yadi, yadi, yara. You see, if the guy doesn't want to do something, he will have a lot of excuses. If he wants to do it, not even Satan can stop him. It's all the same when it comes to love, even for normal folk or superstars. HB may be a superstar but he is still just a man. Some people playfully mentioned Gong Yoo because of his star power, one of the very few that can eclipse HB. Figuratively, people want someone to nudge HB to either propose or just let go of SYJ so she can find someone whom she can truly have a family life with. The "Gong Yoo idea " is merely a threat that will force HB into action. The ball is in HB's court now. Though I doubt if he will still insist on being "just close friends" with SYJ if he sees her with someone who's as handsome, rich, well-mannered and popular as him. And, yes, one that Ye Jin can legitimately call Oppa. A lot of us keep on mentioning "career." Is there ever going to be an end to it? Wanting more popularity? More wealth? Both of them are nearing 40. And if by this time, the fans and talent agencies still have a big say on how they are going to date, marry and have children... then Gangnam, we have a problem. I both love them equally but as a woman and an ahjumma, I am becoming more protective of Ye Jin. Of course, she would want to deny the rumors if there's no clear sign from HB. Problem is, HB is practically making love to her in front of the whole world, being touch-feely and all. If they continue with this, her reputation is going to take a hit while HB will practically be unscathed. Oh God, I've already written a novel. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, what the heck have you done to me?
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    Pre- wedding photos Tvn are generous today
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    ******** Adding Crash Landing On You, Finale Spoilers! I have so much feels after watching the finale for CLOY. This is truly one of the best kdramas that I’ve seen and I’m so so so happy they are now the highest rated tvn drama (Goblin is dethroned omg). Truly well deserved. I think I teared up for the majority of the episode and I’m not even ashamed about it. Boy, the script and acting were amazing. Five minutes in and I’m already tearing up because of Seungjun. And then the tears got worse during that scene where Seri’s mom told her that Junghyuk never left her side when she was unconscious. And then we got to see how he was so relieved to see her waking up but edged away quickly from her view and left quietly…my heart yall. The scene at the line…when Junghyuk yelled at Seri not to run bc she was still recovering but she gave no fcks bc she was worried they were handcuffed…fck I cried??? In the middle of the fcking airport by the way??? This reunion was so beautifully PAINFUL, but props to Seri’s mom for talking her into meeting JH for one last time. I was screaming in the inside when Seri said she’d already said goodbye to him too many times ughh I love the continuity in this drama so much. They really paid attention to every single line ever uttered by the characters. Case in point:- When Seri started receiving messages from JH…and it helped her cope with the fact that he was gone. When JH MIRRORED Seri’s action of arranging the books to form the words “Yoon Se Ri, saranghae” UGHHH MY FFCKIJG FEELS AND WHEN JH sent her the Edelweiss plant and told her to say 10 good things to it every day. HE REMEMBERS EVERYTHING SERI HAS EVER DONE FOR HIM ISTGGGG I also lost it when the village ahjummas found out via Dan’s mom that Seri’s latest line of products are named after them and even had their faces on the packaging like fml Seri really doesn’t forget those who has helped her before TT the fact that she named the line “saudade” (keuriwo) I’m yelling I wished they could meet again one last time or something. I also need to give a huge shout out to all the 3 moms of CLOY - Dan’s mom (always wanting happiness for her daughter), Seri’s mom (redemption arc) and JH’s mom (loving mom, willing to eat poison without hesitation if things go south). I love them all so fcking much!!!! And of course, when Seri finally met JH again in Switzerland in the most CLOY way possible which is to crash land at the spot right where he was…how he found her as how she told her mom he would…and when he said “ah you didn’t fall, you descended” AGAIN, HER WORDS!!! HE REMEMBERS!!!!!!!!!! Bless you scriptwriters, directors, hyun bin and son yejin for giving us THAT kiss man I was ugly sobbing by that time and they did not disappoint with that ending. The epilogue. I’m so sad that Seungjun is really gone but I’m also happy that Dan has come to terms with that and is successful in her own way and of course at the same time, kept Seungjun in her heart always. They definitely deserved better though and I truly am sad that Seungjun really is dead…but can I also say that I love her uncle and mom so fcking much?? Her mom is so supportive and I laughed when she asked the fortune teller to find a man for herself HAHAHA Soldier gang missing Seri TT And of course…of course…our riri couple has a house of their own in Switzerland and the last shot of them with the flowers and Seri leaning into JH while he leaned down to kiss her…holy richard simmons it’s everything I have asked for. This drama is truly amazing and I’m so glad I was part of this journey. There was never a moment I found dull or lengthy even though it aired for 1 hrs 30 mins each episode. I laughed a lot, I cried a lot too, which is something that out of all kdramas I have seen, the first to ever make me bawl like a fcking baby. I don’t think I cried for Goblin and that used to be like my fav kdrama after SKY Castle. CLOY has officially taken over that spot ugh I’m so happy hyunbin and sonyejin took this offer and made this drama together.
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    Guys, you are right. They are holding hands under the table.
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    The separation anxiety from this drama is real. Some people are even clamoring for a Gong Yoo and Son Ye Jin project just to make Hyun Bin sweat his pants off. Only perfection can stand toe to toe with perfection, and not be blinded. Gong Yoo has major star power too and is of marriageable age. A jealous Hyun Bin. That's going to be fun to watch.
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    Hi Mazzy. Fancy seeing you here, on another ship. LOL. I'm glad you still use uri chaeyoo couple as your profile pic. I truly loooove your videos. And i know, that you are good at seeing what's special from dramas, couples, and their interactions. You always have on point scenes on your videos. And you see our BinJin also on point!!! I do agree with you, just stay happy and positive. And i'm going to ship them hard!!!!! Above is one of my favorite video made by you. And this one too. Oh how i love their interactions. For all shoppers here, chin up. Keep positive. We do have one OBVIOUS FACT. The groceries pictures. It's a fact. Not a rumor. Even though VAST ent denied it, it's still a fact that Hyun Bin flew (i googled it) 5,958.21 mile (9,588.80 km) from Seoul to Los Angeles. It's not like we are meeting our close friend in a local mall, or coffee place, etc. IT WAS SEOUL-LOS ANGELES for crying out loud!!!! There must be some serious problem if you come after your close friend and her/his family there. In my opinion they are together but keeping low and private. All successful celebrities relationship & marriage are all discreet and private. So, i don't mind VAST denied all dating rumor. Because S.K Entertainment agencies tend to said it. They have reasons. So, just let them be. It's THE OBVIOUS FACT that we hold on to.
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    I don’t think he is a ladies man. He has had more public relationships than SYJ but I don’t think that makes him a ladies man. Besides, when you look like he does, you cannot blame the man for having a lot of women gushing for him. Even if he is a ladies man, I know plenty of “ladies man” who settle down after finding the right one. That’s all it takes is to find your soulmate and his body language toward her speaks for itself. However, this isn’t a relationship where one is better than the other. I think for the first time, HB has met his match in every way possible. As much as HB is a looker, I have to admit SYJ also takes my breath away—and I am a woman! They are both equally as successful, equal in terms of finances, and now both have CLOY as their most successful drama. This drama could not be what it is without them both in it together. And now I need both of them to be together IRL...and I will forever never ship another couple
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    Official stills from tvN. RiRi couple looks so blissful and happy.
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    credits: Untitled_628 credits: View_gif_ Credits: Untitled_628
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    Lol same here! To me it didn’t look like he was stiff or awkward or shy. He looks like he was wary and absolutely conscious of their actions. Being careful might be the right word. I mean just in case it gets to another level because to me... why does it seem like YJ is used to doing this?? HAHAHA and Bin was like “omg must control and hold it in or we’re gonna get caught” lol The annyeong was sooo cute! Man, I want more of these adorable silly videos. What I love about these selfies YJ uploaded is that they’re always glued to each other like his head was literally leaning on her head, elbow to elbow, her head leaning on his shoulder. Ahhh major couple vibes tbh. This is what made me ship them. Yejin was right. HB is literally 100% RJH. He does whatever YSR/SYJ wants.
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    @charray I'm sorry but i have to say something. As HB fan i can say he is warm and nice just like ri jung hyuk. Being distressed about the dating rumors doesn't make him less nice and warm. I have personally witnessed how nice he is to his fans when i saw him in person. And based on his co actors' testimonies, he is a person with great personality. Celebs are also humans, they have feelings. I guess its normal to feel distressed if rumors are always popping out of nowhere. And we don't have proof that those words came from Hb's mouth. Print media can twist any statement just to gain readers. Thank you
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    hyun bin and son ye jin watched the finale together
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    Thats why i am so so so so emotional whenever i read a news about CLOY huge success. It will remind me back to those days.... The days people say it gonna be flop. The days people labelled its already flop when the first ep. got only 6%. The days people criticize my Yejin’s acting. The days people compare CLOY with the other drama that airing before that. The days people compare 6% with other first episode drama. And once CLOY hit 14.6% on ep. 10, i feel like i want to write on banner “CLOY GOT 14.6%!!” and go show off to those haters face! CLOY has a special place in my heart.
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    CLOY is getting BBC & New York Times coverage! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-51526625 https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2020/02/21/world/asia/ap-as-skorea-cross-border-drama-1st-ld-writethru.html
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    Hello Shoppers! (u know it... grocery personnel voice!) If you are reading this I want you to take a deep; breath... stand up and do some stretching. (Capt. Ri's orders) Everyone must need a breather right? Most of you must have been working from your desks and if not being a couch potato one thing is for sure Capt Ri wants you to move and do something progressive.( hehe i will do that after typing this) (Now that I've done my stretching) let's decipher more... a lot of you have been disappointed with the v4st announcement... but let me tell u this... this is HB being (over)protective. Have you forgotten d videos of negotiation promos? the skirt, the wirings, the mic??? this is just him protecting her and their Professionalism... YJ does not care about fame she cares about her Image as a professional A-lister who's not just beautiful but can deliver! (coughs) So HB is there for both of them and those reasons. If you think solely . there are definitely a lot of things not to be sad... in fact the evidences are many compare to other SHIPS... just because v4st denied 3-4 times (again translation were lost in context sometimes) does not mean we'll just be hopeless. Remember a lot of k-couples have denied stuff many or more times. if you wanna count stuff that happened since 2017 then we are winning... from filming... to breakup... promo tours, presscon, selfies, heart filters, bday greetings, golfing, chicken dinner in La, LA grocery shopping, REMEMBER THE KOREAAN TOWN IG PHOT0? Who's suit/jacket is she using? it was quite oversized... i only know one broad shouldered man... lol then came CLOY reading, Waiting in the airport, pretending not to know each other in the airport, those BTS videos .... my favorite swoon videos... channel 20..... AHHHHHHHH there are so many... so let us not be disheartened. FIGHTING XOXO YANIPIE
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    you know why i think the epilogue kiss is ad libbed? I feel like YJ was looking at HB and it took him a split second too late to respond-if it was planned he would have executed it immediately when she looked up at him. it was like "hello~~.....this is where you kiss me" and he's like "riiiighhhttt, on it now" haha. that's how i felt! like it was a second too slow for it to be preplanned;)
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    I understand why vast had to respond. Coz people might bash hb and syj saying they're unprofessional on set that they held hands under the table even when it's not part of the script. Vast just wanted to protect their reputation as credible and professional actor and actress. And i don't want BinJin to admit just because of some articles online. I want them to admit when it's already the right time for them
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    Grocery pics were taken by Taiwanese fan; the pics were released in 2 batches (the 2nd set were taken from a different angle). The time (of the sighting) was January 20, 2019 at 5pm US time. Their 1st sighting in LA (by 2 different accounts) was on January 9, 2019 (Ye-Jin’s Birthday: Jan 11) (1) Someone saw them traveling together in LA (2) another person saw them at golf place, and ate with her parents. Most celebs don’t get to date comfortably - many said they mostly stay in the car (I guess many live with their parents). (in interviews) they both prefer casual wear (only dress up when the occasion calls for it) Ye-jin’s house
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    I am actually a frequent visitor of this thread because I find the rainbow of varied opinions and reactions wonderful. I am especially curious to read about opinions that are the opposite of mine or those opinions that I don't agree with. New eyes, new angles, new point of views, new ways to look at things. Top to bottom. Bottom side up. It makes my mind work harder and because it gets kind of boring if all the things I read is always the same . Good thing there are funny/bitter/out of this world posts here that make me say... OMG, she feels it too. I am not alone in this. Thank you so much haha. I hope people will not be scared to post their varied opinions here for fear of judgment because reading the mundane / smart / weird / frustrated / speculative reactions has become the highlight of my day. Just as long as they're written respectfully. We all don't know #binjin personally so it is but normal for all of us to have different takes on the matter. That's actually where the fun comes from. As a fellow shipper and delulu, I can't wait to read more of your thoughts and varying perspectives.
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    Ok I’m going to delurk and admit I’ve been shipping them since the start of the drama. The last time I shipped korean celebs this hard was 7 years ago and the ship never sailed so I was scarred from then Hoping for better news this time... My fave two parts from the latest BTS: PD: What about turning one round? HB: ...what? (Pretends to throw Seri away) Caption: flustered JH YJ: Then she has to paraglide here again. Attempting the turn: HB: Just look like this? PD: No, rather than just looking... you have to do this! (make some head movements) YJ: What are you doing? (joking) HB: I’m just gonna (stand) and look. YJ: Just standing (at attention) HB: Stand at attention and look PD: It will look pretty (the scene)
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    And Se Ri is pregnant!!!! This is what they didn't want to air because of political pressure. I'll camp out here a bit in the shippers thread while I heave a huge sigh of disappointment after knowing from the CLOY thread that political interference was made to alter the ending. That's why I said last night that the ending was anti-climactic. It was an unlikely characteristic of the show to gloss over very important details about the reality of SK/NK politics and I've always praised the writers for their determined actions on the matter as reflected in certain episodes. I guess this is the compromise granted to them (after taking a lot of jibes at SK/NK political situation) by management given all the troubling factors external to the CLOY story. But I accept the ending. It's still a good one but you know an important fact was missing. Still thanks TVN for trying to comfort us by showing what should have been the real ending had it not been badgered by pesky politics.
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    I have a theory that maybe they are already married and wanting to have a baby ..they will just announced their status until syj is pregnant heheheh...there was a scene where rjh was holding a door at a department store and when asked by ys to go with her ..he said he is holding on until the baby comes out..i don't know the line sticks out in my over the top delusional mind hahaha
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    I have come to a point where I am already planning to save up and go to Switzerland. This 6-month condolence period is killing me. Send help.
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    in reality, there are so many Kbiz couples in the past that consistently denied their dating rumors before they actually got caught by Dispatch or until their wedding confirmation. even though I had never shipped any couple before (BinJin is my first and only), i was so shocked the day Song-Song couple confirmed their wedding because i only saw their denying news with such straight statements from both agencies. so, that is to say, i'll patiently wait and focus on their careers. time will answer everything. believe in your guts and observation. don't bash.
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    The thing is whatever "delusions" are thought up here, they validate them on CLOY. Like mirroring, the groceries, holding hands under the table, thumb rubbing while holding hands, what else?
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    https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/behind-scenes-crash-landing-bloopers-uwu-hyun-bin-son-ye-jin-shipping-hard/ These Behind-The-Scenes of “Crash Landing On You” Will Have You Ship Hyun Bin X Son Ye Jin Even Harder Who else isn’t ready to say goodbye yet? With only one final episode of Crash Landing On You left to air, viewers are already feeling anxious and sad about having to let go of 2020’s hottest K-Drama couple yet, actor Hyun Bin and actress Son Ye Jin. To help you cope, here are 10 GIFs from the show’s behind-the-scenes and bloopers that capture the undeniable chemistry the Crash Landing couple had. 1. Unstoppable Smiles These two had to re-do the scene because Son Ye Jin couldn’t stop smiling at Hyun Bin’s face! That is… who would be able to? 2. Private Piano Lesson? Sign Us Up! While shooting the scene when Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin realize they met in Switzerland before, these two got quirky on the piano as Son Ye Jin tested Hyun Bin’s perfect pitch. 3. That Dreamy Height Difference With Hyun Bin towering over her at 6’1″, Son Ye Jin asked him to spread his legs and bring it down to her level — but he playfully stiffened up even more and made her 5’5″ self look teeny tiny. Even their silhouettes look good together.
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    Just to clarify things to you. First of all, HB and SHK don't have a dating rumor and getting caught together with picture before shooting Worlds Within. Both are young at that time. So what I'm trying to say is it is a different situation for hyunbin and yejin because they have dating rumors (spotted golfing together, eating out with yejin parents (this one have no picture) and getting caught doing grocery in LA with evidence picture together before CLOY. Logically, it is very obvious they are more cautious with their action in CLOY behind the scene. Sometimes their sweet/uwu moments slips here and there. That's why some people said don't compare that situation with the recent one. I hope this explanation helps some of you.
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    Last Warning This thread will be locked down for a period of time for excessive image and video quoting which are against the rules if this warning is not heeded. I've posted a warning before about this. I've issued some 0 point warnings to some individuals. If the next time this thread is visited by a moderator, the quoting of images is still excessive, this thread will enter a temporary lock down period. Please read and follow the rules while we're still asking politely. @angelangie @LavelyShai @youngatheart
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    Sometimes I just want to skip a few months or maybe a one or two years, waking up with the news: "Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin had tied the knot in a private wedding! Wish them well." Then i don't have to live in uncertainty anymore. I can have a very genuine happy smile looking at all of their interactions during my shipping time. That would be the best thing that could ever happen in my entire life.
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    I don't know, if just only me.. the more i read that, the more romantic its sounds.. something like deep desire and longing.. “I wanted to try acting with her in the same space, making eye contact, and breathing the same air, and that opportunity came quickly.” — Hyun Bin about Son Ye Jin
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    There is no way HB would spin SYJ around and look lovey dovey like that in those Swiss pics if there was someone around; coming from a 38 yr old herself. We past that player stage. Speculation ended. Thank you shoppers. Come again. she is just the cutest !!!
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    I would like to add this video to why ship BinJin reminders list. I love this one because watching this makes me feel like an outsider looking into their pink bubble world and some one here made a gif of the nudge at the end... I have yet to finish reading all the post so keeping this short for now. Peace Y'All!
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    I love every part of what you said and I agree. SHIPPING IS NOT FOR THE WEAK!! The ocean waters may be rocky at times but come on, we have a SOLID SHIP! It can't be sunny skies all the time - SYJ is super private and I 100% understand out of respect for her. HB may have been ok with acknowledging his past because his partners were ok with it, but SYJ is a private person. So let's just respect that BTW I felt so bad for the 2nd lead actress - HB barely gave her a high five and then was focused on something else already - his face looked away. That was the end of it. She didn't even get a proper chance to say goodbye or good job or it was nice working with you LOLOL whereas SYJ has gotten way too many physical touches (pat on back, hand/thumb rub, etc)
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    Usually after ending a drama series, I can start another series after 1 day of grief. But it has been 2 days and it feels like this post CLOY grief is gonna stay for another month which is a good thing so that I can wean off my K-junkie habit. I'm really loving RJH's and Seri's well written characters. Any other dramas to recommend where the male lead AND female lead is as endearing as them? (Side note: I really like the leads in I'm not a Robot.) Anw, reflecting on the time when RJH went to SK to find Seri, I found it a little bit uncomfortable that she was spending way too much on RJH like a sugar mummy. As a viewer, I reflected how is it that RJH on the receiving end didn't seem uncomfortable at all? And how is it that Seri goes all out without a worry that his pride will be hurt. Then I realised the flaw is not in the written characters, but rather, it is how my perception has been skewed by the countless K dramas I watch where rich girls hurt men's pride, and only the men should spend lavishingly on the females. Then it hit me that's how much RJH and Seri truly loves each other -- to the extent where RJH's pride isn't hurt despite Seri forking out money for all his coats and even the yearly music scholarship (must be a bomb) And that Seri is comfortable with RJH, and trusting in his character that he won't be hurt by her strong alpha female qualities. This is why I was so invested in this couple because both of them are equals. Both of them are alphas in their fields, and have equal footing in their relationship. In times of need, they don't feel threatened/lesser by the other. Rather, both of them RESPECTS each other's strengths and motivate each other to improve on their weaknesses. In NK, Seri is the (typical poor girl) who met a Chaebol. And in SK, RJH is the (typical next door guy) who met a woman with strong personalities. Yet, even though both of them were stripped of their wealth/power in each state respectively, neither of them felt threatened, but rather, fleshed out their instinctive self-sufficient traits to find different ways to show their love for each other (Seri learning to pawn to gift RJH a watch, and RJH getting rings even though he is broke in SK) Because of CLOY, goodbye to the days of financially poor females feeling unworthy to Chaebol-boys, and financially poor boys feeling threatened by strong females. Need I say more how much I love this pair of beautifully written characters???
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    Look at HB avoiding attention when SJH wants some more handshake with him
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    I kind of found Son Ye Jin's acting more convincing in the swiss scene.Throughout the series both of them were at par in terms of acting.But in the finale scene SYJ nailed it.She managed to outshine Hyun Bin by a little margin.It really shows how great as an actor she is.She remained connected as Seri throughout the 16 episode and her acting felt according to the timeline.Even HB was great but the last scene felt little out of the place for me, like it was not in continuation.SYJ definitely deserves a daesang.HB already has one though.
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    May I check our ship has First Aid CPR kit??? If they continue teasing us like this, how our little hearts can bear. Love is on the air. So sweet with all these photos of “ just closed friend” couple. Look at how they gazed at each other and hugged each other. So natural. If this is called acting in front of the camera, i have to say They are Master of Master of Chemistry !!!
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    Writer~nim, can you give us a beautiful ending just like how beautiful these pictures
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    People to blame for jumping on board this ship: 1. Hyun Bin for all of sudden having the desire to consistently and comfortably look at his co-star in interviews (where has this been the past oh, 10+years?)... shooting hearts for that matter. And yes, I do know he's laughed, looked and joked previously with his co-stars but not the way he does at his good friend, SYJ. 2. Son Ye Jin for being so goofy and laid back said guy might unknowingly shoot hearts. I really do applaud you for your poker face and your I don't care that the guy next to me is hot, I'm just here to do my job ... but sometimes my eyes may betray me attitude. 3. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin for being spotted in early Jan 2018 and then not caring and getting caught again about two weeks later. 4. YouTube. Enough said. I hate you Swoony and tvn. *Note: I haven't even taken into consideration some of your adorkable BTS moments either. My vote is for #1.
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    Btw, i just remember what the director said on CLOY press conference "If they're dating, they'll get along very well" seing how well they're get along on every BTS that we watch, sometimes, we just don't need any statement except a wedding things #InDirectorWeTrust
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    Hi I'm new here, first time shipper and would be the last time,I think shipping is not easy thing.Been silently reading threads for a while, some post makes my heart jump for joy and some makes my heart break. But anyhow still hopeful for HB & SYJ ending up together. Also I have a thougth that SYJ said in an interview about dating she stated that "I'm waiting for a good match" .And pooooffff Hyun Bin came along. His not just a good match but the BEST match for her. I'snt it amazing? How love moves in mysterious ways. #ingrocerywetrust #inagenciesdenialwedonttrust #innonshipperthougthwedonttrust Fighting y'all
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    Those grocery pics are such hard evidence , every time I feel negative or discouraged I look back at those lmao. I refuse to believe what the agency claimed that they were there with other friends , like that’s kind of a weird place to hangout at with a group of friends . If it’s all friends eating together wouldn’t you go out to a restaurant , I think mostly couples would go grocery shopping to cook together. Also take note that it’s just Yejin’s backpack on the cart and there is ONE WINE BOTTLE ONLY LOL
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    a true and close HB friend would know 1. HB is a very private person and 2. Considering vast has denied many times, that close and true friend would not be speaking to media knowing this. Lol. I question that true friend. His or her words could have been twisted as well. If HB did say he was surprised, it would be about the holding hand and that’s it. Lol. aso like I’ve said many times there’s no way they can admit dating u til a period of time has passed. It is frowned upon to date while filming.
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    @phoenixember you are right, someone should've warned me before I signed up for this ship! Hahaha Aww y'all where do I even begin? @Kyoya @lavanta @BinjinFTW @binjinunnie @BINGO_O @Xoxo @itspeanutbutterjellytime @Dramanoona @Winny @Sianna @BoyzwithLuv @avocado yum and anyone else I may have missed mentioning! We are such a down to earth and reasonable group of shippers, I love it. This must be because of our target OTP, and the age group they represent. Thank you all so much. I kid you not when I say I read all your insights/replies and my heart is full, just like when I watched their happy selves in the last ep, I am all smiles . You are ALL right, whether they were dating at the beginning, are currently dating, or will be dating or even better #tothealtar, i will be supporting them nonetheless. I think what makes this ship all the more believable and addictive is the fact that these two just bring out the best in each other (and I don't mean brilliant. heart wrenching. convincing. acting skills). Who else loved how he mimicked the director in this video? Reminds me of his goofy self that we only ever see in his interviews and BTS when he is with SYJ To turning SYJ as suggested, but then not stopping even when CUT was called? (2nd video) Just all the previously unwitnessed goofy sides of HB, to the aegyo filled and fun natured SYJ, like I cannot even!
  48. 19 points
    Let's leave everything up to fate. Like what Ri Jeong Hyeok said on the drama "pray desperately" and eventually it'll happen if its meant to be. I am just hoping and rooting for happiness of them whether together or not. Both Yejin and Hyunbin brought so much happiness for the past months and they deserve to have that too. Hence I decided to stop overanalyzing everything and pray desperately instead wishing that one day it will all come true. Wishing for everyone's happiness. It was good journey spent with all beautiful people like you.
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    Translation: "I won't get married then! Why do I need to marry Sechan?"
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    Hahaha indeed! Honestly, I think that this kind of gestures will help positively to prove that they are been fully professionals. His “manner hands” in this BTS is helpful to both their relationship and professional image . hahaha But let’s not forget... It's still clear as day that they have feelings for each others. @AnnieCheesecake don’t worry chingu! He definitely has not rejected SYJ! LOL To me, he is the most obvious and clear to read of the two hahaha. HB’s gazes, smiles, protectiveness and patting, are clear as day! As NIS guy said... No needed to hire an analyst to conclude that he is a man in love LOL. He is even mimicking unconsciously her gestures! Hahaha
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