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    Great weekend catching up with friends! Today got dim sum and it was great. I hadn’t had in a long time.
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    Hello everyone I'm new here~ I'm a very newbie fan, I saw "The Chronicles of Evil" last year and since, i fell in love with Choi Daniel. I started searching more information about him and started watching more film and dramas where he appears. He became my favorite actor since then ! I feel like he's someone really humble, and he is so charismatic too I really really like him a lot ! I would really love meeting him someday but I live very far away~ Nice to meet you all
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    Today's ROY episode: Ahn Jeong Ha said, "When you are utterly focused on your job, you won't be distracted, but happy."
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    September 28th 2 years ago was the scarriest night in my whole life
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    I’m not sure how to use this but I have to get some opinions. I am 17 years old and have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year now. He has a sister who is 12 (6 years younger) and she likes me. There are literally no issues with him except for the fact that his sister always comes before me. I am an only child so I always put him first but I don’t always get that in return. Whenever we hangout at his house she always wants to be with us. She will make comments like “why don’t you ever hangout with me” (which he does a lot compared to some other people I know). She will also sit on his lap and hang all over him. Honestly, I sometimes feel like she is more his girlfriend than me. I try to be understanding because he goes to a boarding school 3 hours away so when he comes home we both want to spend time with him. It is just hard tho when I always feel I am competing for his attention. I am trying to hangout with him more outside of his house but it is hard because he can tell I am avoiding the 3 of us together. Mainly he blames me and says I am older and shouldn’t let it be a competition but I don’t know how not to because she’s the one who’s competing. I don’t want things to end because this is literally the only issues but I don’t know what to do. Suggestions?
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    Day 5 -the final day of my Online Work Conference. OMG hard to not space out. LOL. I am glad I met my restairant review article deadline . YESH.
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    A quick drop in for today. Song rec: A Slow Child sung by Jung Eun Ji. It's calming, especially in this fast-paced world.
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