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    Your Humble Way Made Me Tumble and Sway Poem by: RiRiGaGa Inspired by: BinJin interactions since TN throwback days Narrated through: Jinnie’s POV In the K-industry where any small scandals can ruin big careers I kept my cards close to my chest, afraid to show my inner fears Double standards exist for women who strive to break the glass ceiling So, I put in the blood, sweat, and tears; I toiled, I hustled; I kept on killing I speak confidently and smile brightly but I, too, get insecure and unsure But you didn’t get scared off or intimidated; you approach me, so mature We could only interact through a monitor, a difficult challenge for us both This pushed us to find creative ways to connect and inspired new growth In you, I recognized the same drive and true passion for our art Sparking a kindred fire, you captured my attention from the start Every genuine, small second we bond is "A Moment to Remember" in my book We got a "Personal Taste "of what we’ve been searching for from that first look I buy you food and beer often and we discuss roles we have never taken Through deep talks, we develop a close friendship that can’t be forsaken I compliment your silky and shiny hair, and your beautiful, soft skin You touch your ears in shy embarrassment, but you slowly let me in I draw out your meek smile and dry wit so the world can see what I see I flush your face with blush via my trolling ways and tease you to be free My sweet smiley eyes might be deceiving, but you see through the cracks, You know I’m competitive, but you shyly yet bravely fend my cute attacks You appreciate my quirky sense of humor and my dorky ways; you indulge Stripping off our stage personas, our intimate actor struggles; we divulge I like that you say I’m “pretty,” but I love more that you adore me for all that I am Just like I hear your words beyond the silence, feel your fun behind the “no jam” Like a bodyguard, you always follow behind me making sure I don’t fall Moving my water bottle, diverting electric cords; you take care of it all To hear my whispers, you lean in and bend down to make yourself smaller But your boldness in expressing how much you care makes you even Taller We smile like the world isn’t watching, our movements so insanely in sync We snap selfies and get lost in our own little bubble, so happy and pink You move me from side to side, so the cameras capture me in the best light But no matter from what angle, standing beside you is where I feel most right From the corner of my eyes, I can feel your eyes intently staring into my soul so deep But since this thing we have is so special, we both agree that this is our secret to keep You travel across the world to celebrate my special day; you were invested Your gesture too grand, your devotion too real; so, my defenses, you bested We boldly did not wear masks because we thought we were so sneaky and sly But our blatant domestic errand is so tough to explain away even though we try Though I stand grounded and firm on my own, I like being swept off my feet Butterflies in my stomach fluttering, you win me over, even I can’t compete I may be "The Classic" Nation’s First Love, but I also just want to be a girl in love Someone who appreciates my sass, my honesty, my ambition; all of the above You fearlessly yet humbly saw "The Truth Beneath" the girl who wants to have it all For you, my close friend, my poker face folds, and this strong woman let herself fall Into your gentlemanly gestures, showing me that you care in your gentle, humble way So, close friend, I hand you my strong yet fragile heart; you made me tumble and sway When you trusted me and slowly let down your guard, you also helped me lower mine Because beneath this "Melo, Chungmuro Queen", the real Son Eon Jin, you truly did find --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I would like to dedicate this poem to my dear friends who always make this BinJin shipping journey so fun and worthwhile! Thank you for encouraging to write and finish this poem even when it got hard! @PrettyNoona @TotoroSY @Felizak@t @celest1al @BJHope @Choisamsook @SHpectator @lovelyz @Elle R @hma .75 @girlpepper @sussieh @UPSGirl @Binjin2Ri Also, thank you so much to the entire BinJin Nation for continuing to keep us hydrated during this drought with sweet throwback videos, photos, and interviews! It never gets old reminding ourselves why we fell in love while watching these two fall in love! @Baylack Your TN throwback montage video was such a perfect fit for this poem! Thanks for sharing that sweet find! (I did reference 4 of YJ’s real works in the poem that I admittedly googled lol. I have not had the chance to watch any of these works yet so sorry if they’re out of context. They were used purely for the literary flow and to satisfy @PrettyNoona sweet request that I incorporate YJ's awesome works because she has so many!). Special thank you and shout out to my dear sister from another mister, @PrettyNoona for helping me create the awesome YJ banner you see at the top and the beautiful BinJin photo collage to go with my poem down below. She was also the first person to read this poem and give her valuable feedback as a dedicated YJ fan. Much appreciated, love! Hope the final product is to your liking! Author’s Notes: A few weeks ago, I wrote a poem through Binnie’s perspective starting from their throwback TN days entitled, "The Start Where You Stole My Heart." (I copied it again in the Spoilers to save space if you'd like to re-read, it's also back on pg. 932. That's how quickly this thread moves! 0_0). I had intended to write this corresponding poem from Jinnie’s perspective to mirror Binnie’s perspective because Bin wouldn’t be complete without Jin nor Jin without Bin. In light of the recent discussions on our forum about women “having it all” in love and career, what was interesting about writing these two poems from Binnie’s perspective first and then Jinnie’s perspective is that it was WAY easier to write from Binnie’s perspective. Binnie’s POV poem took me just one night to write while this Jinnie POV poem took me almost 3 weeks to complete. That made me think about why it took me so much longer and why I had much more difficulty trying to express Jinnie’s point of view. Yes, being a long-time HB fan vs being a recent YJ fan had something to do with it in that I'm not very familiar with YJ's works or interviews, but it was so much more than that. I think it was mainly due to me having great difficulty expressing a strong female perspective while feeling like I’m walking on eggshells. It’s very interesting that writing a female narrative even through the lens of being a female myself, I still felt like I had to be extra cautious about how I portrayed a strong female perspective. I felt like I had this moral obligation almost to meticulously portray Ye Jin as “strong” and “ambitious” without sounding “condescending,” to portray her as a woman who also wants to be girly and swept off her feet, having a crush or being happily in love without making her sound “weak” or “clingy.” I pondered and edited through every word/thought because I never realized that writing a strong female perspective requires such a delicate balance between "strong" and "soft." I wanted to do her justice because she deserves it. I wanted to portray Jinnie for both her fierce strength as a powerful actress but also portray her soft femininity of a woman who is love. I wanted her to have it all because she most likely does have it all. As far as we have come in developing strong female characters such Se Ri in CLOY and YJ’s countless other strong female roles, there still does exist that unfortunate double standard that women who are strong-willed, outspoken, intelligent, firm in her standards might be viewed or labeled by some (lesser men and jealous women) as “domineering,” “bossy,” “overly sassy,” “curt,” while men who express those same qualities are viewed or labeled as “strong,” “confident,” “bold,” a “go-getter.” You see it often in interviews with famous, successful, powerful women (such Lady GaGa, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johannsen, Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, etc.) being asked more about her looks or her clothes instead of focusing on the strength and merit of her work quality. I’m glad that Ye Jin never compromised her character nor backed down from her fearless work choices in order to make herself smaller, quieter, or try to fit herself into the narrow patriarchal box of what “success” and “femininity” is supposed to mean. She defied all of those narrow definitions and fiercely carved out her own badaS$ definition of what it means to be a successful female in a patriarchal Asian culture. More power to her! I’m also glad that HB is not that lesser man who boxed her in or held onto to his preconceived notions (that she is might be too serious or intense due to her Melo roles) of what he thought she might be like. I’m glad that he was not intimidated and scared off by YJ’s strength but rather was in total awe and admiration of her strong qualities. He admires that she freely speaks her mind, is fun and bubbly, and is so persistent in her pursuit of excellence in her craft. I love that for a man of such few words, the words that HB consistently chose to repeat over and over again in interviews was how much he wanted to work with YJ again and how inspiring, creative, and hardworking she is as an actress. It’s endearing that in those TN interviews, it’s the hosts who push HB to call YJ “pretty” which he shyly agrees with because (duh!) it’s obvious that she’s gorgeous. However, the first compliments that consistently come out of HB's mouth always had to do with YJ’s talent and skills as an actress. He was smitten with the strength of her character, the warmth and brightness of her personality before he even dared to even look into her deceptive, smiley eyes. He saw far beyond her skin-deep beauty and could not stop staring ever since. It's hilarious to me that YJ was actually the one who complimented HB's looks of "soft skin and shiny hair" before complimenting his acting talent. I loved that she flipped the gender script! She is such a troll, love her! I’m also glad that YJ sees beneath others’ perception of HB being too serious, “no jam,” and a stickler for “perfection” to appreciate that he is disciplined, a gentlemen, a patient listener, and is also so persistent in his pursuit of excellence in his craft. It is beautiful that the initial spark in their “close friendship” is one of mutual respect and shared passion, of seeing each other beyond face value and assumptions. They rise to each other’s high standards and challenge each other to be better together. That’s why their (practically) joint BAA thank you speech was so telling and precious: “WE, as a unit, will continue working hard to pay back fans’ love.” That is why even if they are married, they will keep encouraging and supporting each other in pursuing their passions. This is why I will keep shipping this power couple. They each took what some other people might have written off as weaknesses/character flaws and appreciated these traits as powerful strengths. Individually, they are already amazing but together, they are simply explosive magic. It’s funny that they both thought of each other as being too serious or too intense only to discover that they’re both dorky goofballs who can make each other laugh like there’s no tomorrow and that YJ can draw out this selective side of HB. This is why these two can so easily get lost in their own little world because in their eyes, all they see is each other, for everything that they are. This is why drought or no drought, we’re going to keep making it rain candy for these two because I refuse to believe that they don’t see what we all see when they are together. Hope you all are healthy and well, BinJin nation! Keep wearing those masks and thoroughly washing those hands! Only spread the BinJin love, please! Also, please take care of your precious eyes, guys! This dark theme is KILLING me! I'm already blind enough as it is! >_< Hope you enjoy this, @CartPusherInLA You asked for a new poem, you got it, ma'am!
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    So you would wait for a special holiday and post an IG photo taken with this person to prove you are not an item. That always helps shut the rumor mongers up! And then you would definitely do a second major project with this person, if you want to really prove the gossipers wrong. Of course! Who wouldn't? And follow that up by wearing matching outfits with this person at an awards show, a person you are definitely NOT involved with, because that will end the rumors. And then you, to be absolutely sure everyone knows there's no truth to this romance, break out the IG like button on lots of adorably cute photos of the two of you together. When you seldom use your IG like button at all. Sure, everybody does this stuff when they are wrongly and falsely accused of a romance. Duh!!! We can all probably name at least . . . ZERO people that have ever done this! Ever! They are so in love.
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    The Jenny Likes spree: I don’t buy for one moment the idea that Jenny’s Likes are clickbait and business driven. She is obviously a successful business person in her own right (and since many BJ fans are interntional fans, we can’t do much for Jenny’s business in Korea no matter how many Likes she clicks), she’s a veteran in dealings with K-ent (thus fully aware of the consequences of her socmed interactions) AND is a longtime friend of SYJ . I don’t think she would be flippant about her friendship with SYJ, considering how much in the spotlight SYJ already is. For me, I am simply content to sit in my little corner giggling and playing Happy Feet with mine, relishing how Friend Jenny is thrilled for SYJ to be lovingly linked to HB and we can too. I have been telling myself, “Pull yourself together. You’re not some naive, star struck teenager. You’re an adult, for heaven’s sake”. Yet, here I am feeling wobbly inside, struggling to find a coping mechanism for a possible upcoming BJ drought. With a shudder and a tremble, I drew up my BJ Survival Checklist for my own sanity: 1: Read (re-read) the first 300 pages of this thread, where the original sleuthing and analyses of evidence big and small were done by shippers who displayed the combined skills of private investigators, psychoanalysts and psychics. These form the CORE of this thread. Well worth the revisit. 2: Watch CLoY from Ep1 and re-experience the love journey that brought us here. Now that u have been in this thread and know more, some scenes will strike u differently. 3: Savor the CLoY bts for all episodes - here’s a reference list 4: Laugh along with BJ in the CLoY Youtube interviews - Couch Talk, Compliment Me, Mission Pong, DIY, CLoY TvN interviews and Netflix interviews. 5: Marvel the sweet flirtations of BJ in the TN promo era - Youtube, IG postings 6: Lie down, listen to soft jazz, close your eyes and recall all his gazes at her & her gazes at him. 7: Chuckle over the Metro Interview - the relaxed HB, the smile, eye squeeze, his thoughts of SYJ. 8: Gasp at the Tiktok interview. See the “Us” and the “We” sprinkled throughout like stardust. 9: Watch vid “5 BinJin Candies Last Baeksang That You Shouldn’t Miss” - Thank you to@GroceryShipper for it. This is a persuasive rebuttal to HB supposedly “being cold”, when in fact it was all Gold! Here it is again: 10. Rejoice at Yeijinhand’s IG Likes of Baeksang BJ pics with couple captions. Just LOOK at this one below. It was written in Korean, so no way for SYJ not to understand its meaning! Translation by celest1al: The large words on the pic say: “ Baeksang Art Awards, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin”. The caption says “Tell me it’s true that you’re dating” and yeijinhand clicked LIKE. Thank you @celest1al for your never-ending generosity to us shippers in translating stuff. We forget that you have a life and a day job and yet you make time for our incessant requests for translations! Hand to heart, thank you. Shippers, if you haven’t seen/done all of the above, you have missed out on some big guns in a BJ shipper’s arsenal but it’s never too late to catch-up (there may even be more that other shippers can add to). If you have seen them, the drought is the best time to refresh it all by going through the Checklist diligently without rushing it, soaking it all in, morsel by morsel, letting the achingly sweet tenderness between BJ seep through each and every pore of your being and by the time you finish the Checklist.... HB will be back in SK in Jinnie’s arms.
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    First thing first - Jinnie (this whole binjin family is so proud of u girl), be the role model that you are & show the world especially to all the ladies out there that no age can stop woman to dream and to achieve it . Break this stereotype too, like u have broken many others , professionally ( Hollywood at 38) as well as personally (finding true love at the age of 38, when Society expects only from woman to give up on love or the idea of family). We all are here and will be here waiting for you to take over the entire world with your talent , beauty and humbleness. Second thing- Binnie we binjin family is so proud of you , as your Jinnie said you indeed are Captain Ri in real life as well. You are truelly a gentleman , so secure with himself and not afraid to love a strong woman and support her dreams and be the proudest when she doesn't hold back on her beauty and talent . You are the role model for all the modern man out there and thank you on behalf of all the ladies you made some of us believe that there are indeed few man on this planet who can be the wind to our wings. Now binjin family about all your worries, I understand why most of us got so worried when we heard this news first, including myself.But it was short lived , now I'll tell you why 1.)She got the offer sometimes in 2019, binnie got bargaining offer in 2019 as well, binjin had one whole year , they definitely discussed it thoroughly and has something or more specifically some date in mind ( I am using" they" as they both are one unit and I believe they are at the stage in the relationship where they discuss everything as one's life impact other half of our OTP). Now all we have to do is wait ,it will be either after bargaining release at the end of this year or after Jinnie's Hollywood shooting completed( that might be actually one day in June next year). P.S.: @ElectricHearts okay I have corrected myself -from Hollywood release, it's now Hollywood film shooting completed Now be honest with me ,most of us anticipated these two timeline only so nothing has changed ,what are you guys worried about. 2.) It will be filmed in S Korea , so in terms of shooting it will be as similar as she would shoot for any S Korean movie and I think we all anticipated that she will take some movie in 2021, so why are we so shocked and worried. Drop all your worries guys and enjoy our OTP's success they are the most successful and popular couple in this entire Soompi forum. I am proud of myself for loving and choosing to ship this couple for the very first and last time in my life. Now candy time I knew Jenny house if asked directly would never confess anything ( obviously it's not their news to tell) but coming from marketing field and have worked with several popular brands liking the individual post of the model endorsing their product is encouraged and completely fine but they are liking binjin posts ( let's assume that they are doing as binjin is hot everywhere) but still it's never suggested to like posts which suggests something related to the model's personal life and they are liking posts with some very obvious captions. I believe Jinnie is endorsing only rebak but those likes are hinting towards something big. Also I have a gut feeling that binnie has left for Jordan , so keep you eyes peeled fellow shoppers, mom will be bored and she might lurk on insta and like her friend's post maybe in few days.P.S.( All the above speculations about Jenny house are based on my delulu heart and marketing mind and I am one of those people who think that the kisses in the drama were of riri not binjin they were playing their part and nothing more ( although I have rewatched it 1k times like a pervert), chose not to believe 2003 meet up rumor, peony and Smart ad connection nope don't believe it) , so consider myself a little bit less delulu than few others here. To all fellow shippers who liked to watch riri Kissing scenes do as much as you want , believe in 2003 speculation, peony connection etc nobody has the right to stop you guys, go crazy over their love story. But whenever you see people on other sns tagging vast or Jinnie ,just call out to them. We can go nuts in here but no need to tag them right? Happy shipping people, stay safe.
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    Ahhh binjin family the drought has not even started and I am already thirsty. Remember Binnie's Hong Kong interview, camera , Europe, romantic? Well a male friend of mine , profession-something to do with computers or numbers Loves photography like his non existent wife. Last year he chose to go Slovenia alone with his camera instead of joining us all on Croatia trip so when the HK interview clip was discussed here , I thought maybe it could happen , binnie might have went alone with his camera and it could be romantic for him. Who knows what goes on in all men's head. Yesterday Same Friend on phone- Whining about how he can't go on a trip and take pictures this year . Me- Hey , think hard and tell me , when you went to Slovenia and took all sorts of stupid pics , was it romantic for you and would you call it one of the romantic things you have done in your life Friend- R u "choco chip fudging me"( not the same words used by him), why would it be romantic, it was exhilarating,serene , peaceful , I would even call it one of the best days of my life but not romantic. Me- So if a guy says that he went to someplace in Europe with his camera taking pics and that was one of the romantic things he did? What do you think about this Friend- What's there to think , he DEFINITELY went with his gf or wife, might have took her pics there, that I would call romantic.My camera and gf at one place that's like my passion and my love together , it's romantic. Me- No you have answered too fast , think again Friend- Wait whom are u talking about , r u seeing someone blah blah blah Also since he was on a fake sick leave for two three days , I sent him some of the binjin clips bts and lied" u know many people think they are dating but I think they are just friends , since you are free and I am curious ,tell me what do you think about it" After watching few bts clips: he said Friend- Mila, we have been friends for years now , when did we behave this way. They both are certainly not just friends , it's so obvious they are in relationship. Hospital bts- He said "let's assume that hair smelling and head holding they were just teasing and being playful , but he leaned very intimately towards her ( although he leaned his head towards her arm but his head was too close to ahem ahem )and she was not at all uncomfortable she continued laughing.That never happens between friends. You or any other lady friend would have slapped me ". (Remember this is the very first time he acknowledged me as a lady in our entire 7 yrs of friendship , that means he was Hella serious and the BTS is hospital scene when binnie was eager to show Jinnie his scars while rehearsal and she hit him and he leaned and laughed towards her) I wish I knew how to post pics or gifs of the scenes here , but I don't know how to do it, if somebody understood all the scenes , please help. Koala jump bts- He said "I am not an actor , I don't know about this , you told me that they were deciding how to portray a scene so I can't say anything about their practice koala hugging , but standing so close that even her hair was touching his cheek while monitoring their shot on phone. Sometimes we ( 3or 4 people) watched certain videos on only one phone , even worked on one laptop for presentations despite that we have never stood this close ever". That cute binnie's " bang bang" bts when they fell down and even after cut he was comfortably resting his head on her chest and said " I must have vanished" Episode 2 beginning bts when he was holding seri caged between his arms at his house gate , after cut binnie continued looking at Jinnie with so much love and smiled without removing his hands. According to him all these things are very telling. His conclusion- They are definitely in a relationship , I know that guy likes her , and the HOT girl is smiling and so comfortable and shy when ever he does these gestures, means they are in a relationship it's not one sided. Disclaimer- All the above words was of my friend, although he is tall and belongs to male species , the similarity between binnnie and him ends here especially in the looks department he is nothing like our binnie or else I would have grocery shopped with him and instead of being just friends , I would have tried making him my "CLOSE FRIEND".He just shared what he thinks after watching few bts.I chose to believe him with my delulu heart. Period P.S.- We all friends including male female used to live together in a co ed university hostel few years back during our university years in Paris. So hand holding , hugging and kiss on cheeks is very normal and a way of greeting between people there. So the above mentioned skinship although very subtle , but it's very very intimate for us Europeans as well. Hang in there binjin fam, watch out for Jinnie she might be busy skyping someone in Jordan from Korea or grocery shopping in Jordan. Either of the two. Binjin Family- don't resort to the counting of leaves and matching bricks during this drought , take care and stay healthy.
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    @TotoroSY..I watched that video too.. One point caught my attention..YJ said that a lot of actors asked her out but she drew the line and said that she would want them to stay as colleagues only.. This clearly reflects that how her stance of not being romantically involved with co-stars changed after meeting HB..There must be something special in him which she couldn't find in any of her previous co-stars. Although they haven't confirmed their relationship but at the very least it is safe to assume that Binnie is definitely more than a colleague for her cause who goes for grocery shopping with ur colleague that too in a foreign land when you are such a big celebrity. Also, this sighting was months after their movie premiered ,so definitely can be counted as a leisure trip. Out of all her co-stars only HB is the one she had a real rumour and this indeed is an exception to her scandal free career of 20 years .
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    Greetings babes (and I saw one gentleman around too right?)...virtual wave o/ I found this forum when I started watching TKEM BTS & googled "Lee Min Ho Kim Go Eun" after getting more interested in the drama around episodes 7-8 and have been lurking here ever since. I like LMH and KGE both... I've watched most of their works including Goblin, CITT, The Heirs, LOTBS, Gangnam Blues, Tune in For Love, Canola... and to me, LMH is the most good-looking Kdrama actor out there & KGE is the cutest, most natural & talented (disclaimer: my opinion only). Even though I watch a lot of kdramas (watching It's okay not to be okay right now) the only other couple I've ever shipped is Song Joong Ki with Song Hye Kyo. Why? Cos I saw something there in their BTS that even the super professional actress that SHK is, couldn't hide. LMH & KGE totally give me the same vibes I got from SJK & SHK (even though right now, they are divorced, but I (and the shippers then) were right that they had something going on that lead to marriage. Of cos right now we all say that after LMH's super early-morning post and his before-midnight post on 2 July, we are all certain that it's a love proclamation from him to her. And I think we are right. Let's try to look at things from his POV. Let's say LMH either is wooing her or in the early stages of dating her. I oversee social media platforms as part of my marketing/media job... and there are tools (like Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Tailwind) for managing social media. I believe because SNS (Instagram) is popular in Korea, that's the social media platform he actively manages on his own. The rest (Facebook, Twitter, Weibo) can be programmed for posts on the main social media to flow through & I am sure he has staff for those (that's why they are posted at a later time, slightly different posts sometimes). LMH knows that he's a Hallyu star with 65 million followers all across all social media platforms and from the consideration that he often shows his fans, he also knows that it is his fans that make him into the success that he is today. Therefore, these subtle-yet-not-subtle posts of his, I feel, are his way of introducing his fans to the fact that "one day their oppa will love someone & get married". Song-Song did that too... with Hye-Kyo posting random pics of herself with Joong-Ki (in USA, after her fan-meet), getting her fans used to them being together. The fact that LMH posted twice on 2 July also pointed us in the direction of who his attention lies with right now. Why? Some doubters might say, nah, its coincidental, he doesn't know her birthday. We all know LMH knows... remember he said in the Swoon interview, he never lost anything since he became an adult... he's smart & has a good memory... and in their TKEM group chat everyone would have wished KGE happy birthday, he couldn't have not known. And I feel that he wouldn't ever do such an inconsiderate thing as to steal her thunder on her birthday, cause an "misunderstanding" such that fans are posting HBD on his SNS rather than hers. Like we all analyzed, he doesn't need to and if their relationship isn't true, imagine.... as a female artiste in a still-very-traditional Korean society, her "reputation" would be more harmed than his (and he wouldn't do that to his beloved TKEM mates whom he has become close to). And his second post, even after everyone and their grandma wished KGE HBD on his instagram, he continues to post close to midnight pictures of "what now people commonly refer to as their date night". On KGE's silence - if they are truly together, it is better she keeps silent (and acts as professionally as she is doing so right now from a marketing / PR perspective). Because whatever that she does, will always be scrutinized (and criticized by haters) so by doing nothing, it is really the best thing for them right now. It doesn't mean she doesn't like him or isn't appreciative of what he does though. We all know from past reports, she is the sweetest, buying gifts for her co-stars etc. So yes, I truly believe..... our stars are aligned, there is no smoke without fire... with fate, there are no coincidences. With regards to all that KGE or LMH bashing of the recent days, I urge all of us to ignore them. Do you know why the haters/doubters are starting all the ruckus right now? It's because they are getting desperate.... clutching at straws... more evidence than ever points to what we believe and feel. So it's like kids throwing tantrums, flinging mud at anyone and anything they can find. And what we should do is /ignore and /continue to support our main ship & sub-ships (LMH x WDH ) Very nice to meet all of you and read everything that everyone has been writing and as a last note, for those who had not had a chance to watch Woo Do Hwan's drama (with Seo Ye Ji & Tacyeon) Save Me and his movie with Park Seo Jun, Divine Fury - do go watch it when you need a break from re-watching TKEM. They are great!
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    Sooo..That SUPER awkward moment when it’s almost 4 AM and you can’t sleep so you pop in your headphones and your Caucasian hubby (who has never watched a single K-drama) who was fast asleep next to you gets woken up from the light of your laptop and he catches you watching zoomed-in videos of BinJin kissing. And all this time, during the day, the only shipping activities your hubby has seen you engage in is writing classy love poems, metaphors, and interpretative analyses about two classy Korean actors you really admire and would like to see end up together. Anddd then your sneaky, Pervy Ahjumma shipping night secret comes out. BUSTED! BUT being the true-blooded, diehard BinJinholic shipper that you are, instead of making excuses or trying to talk your way out of it since you're usually one with so many words...you shamelessly and unapologetically own your delulu perviness and say “Babe, you might as well wake up and watch this with me so you can learn a tip or two from Captain Ri.” Dayuummm..Shots fired. Savage BinJin shipper: 1 Poor innocent husband: 0 #sorrynotsorry #pleasedontdivorceme #blameitontheBinjinsionsymptoms #pressesthereplaybuttonanyway #noshameinthisbjshippersgame #Idontevenhaveatwitteraccount
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    Welcome to the ship. Rule #1: The captain of our ship is lmh. Rule #2: Mentioning other ships is never crossing the line as long as it doesn’t cross soompi lines . As you can or cannot see, we are in the middle of launching a ship, aka kgexJHI, to attack our own. It looks like some may really have an interest in jumping but it’s all good, we are too confident in our ship to feel any threat. Rule #3: when in doubt, refer to rule #1 Now that you understand how this ship works, let’s move on, shall we? My feet are tied to the anchor of this ship and there’s no way I can leave, neither do I have desires to leave. This is my first time shipping any couple and will be my last time. I see something special between these two that I have not seen before. They are perfectly matched in personalities, values and views in life. This is all great but the initial starter is attractiveness towards each other and well, as we have all observed from their interactions bts, they are attracted to each other like magnets. I support them because I see something that can last. My gut is telling me they will live a happy life together. So to answer your question, no, I will not jump ships in a few months or years. The only way out is to sink the ship and I will go down with it. But trust in the captain, this ship is sailing for life.
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    Please bear with me as i have read in a tweet describing HB as manly but soft-hearted and cannot hide his feelings while SYJ is described as a strong woman who makes decisions with her heart and mind and they balance each other. Sometimes when i come across such statements, i take it that it seems to make HB weak and SYJ strong so much like + and - equals neutral. My analysis and personal judgement is that HB AND SYJ are both having STRONG GOOD CHARACTERS. Thus, they click . They complement each other. They strengthen each other. Their PERSONALITIES DIFFER as HB has a QUIET one (as he says so) while SYJ has a SUNNY and ENGAGING personality. Often , strong personalities refer to stubborness and intimidating . SYJ can be intimidating to most men not because of how she behaves but because of her attainment and success. She is also thorough and meticulous but so is HB. You see them review their acts together keenly because they share the same passion - ACTING. HB is known for being soft spoken but his words are direct and honest. He said that he finds SYJ grateful and comfortable to be with. She speaks her mind but not obtrusive. HB is comfortable with SYJ. In the Three K astrology corner, it was explained that they are both leaders but because they are also both grounded, they will come as one. My leadership training reminds me of SHARED LEADERSHIP. So, HB and SYJ .... They are A-LISTERS , THEY COMMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER AND TAKE DECISIONS. No one less than the other.
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    I captured two lines only but these were also discussed by @ElectricHearts; @elizza and @TotoroSY. Let me just add that in 2011 , there was an interview where SYJ mentioned that she did not want to date men having the same job as hers but she accepted that it is hard and may not be true anymore. My take is that like HB's interview also, they both want their love one to understand the demands of their work and passion but many will fail here. HB is more open and expresses it so well that really he is GENUINE! He said that many (maybe based on past experience) can seem to handle the irregular pattern but there are some part that they( again maybe based on his past) cannot handle and he is just waiting for someone who is able to handle the uncertainty. He implicated too that to be able to do this, she maybe in the same discipline. SYJ on the otherhand mentioned in one on the spot interview where the reporter was so insistent that she finds a boyfriend and she said she tried hard but maybe they avoid her because she is famous. The sweet part was that SYJ mentioned that while filming The Negotiation, they had to meet with Dir. Lee Jong Suk to discuss the different scenes and during these meetings she found out that she and HB had similar experiences in the past about their careers. She is very smart in constructing her words during interviews because she is guarding her reputation . Do not call me on these statement because i have basis. In so doing, she expresses the truth but very subtle and because she has learned her lessons from past experiences. What drew them to each other is first, a natural physical attaction. I believe they admired each other even as young celebrities. They watched each other's work and in so doing, you can observe the person physically. I am pretty sure they read the news; celebrity feedbacks, internet so from SYJ, she was a fan and will always support and cheer for HB. Second, HB is a perfectionist in his acting. The reason that he was caught in SYJ's web is the unpredictable acting displayed by SYJ in a critical scene in TN. Here as HB described it, you will see clearly how he is passionate also about acting. His vocabulary is soooo Romantic! I do not know if he realizes it. I went past back his interviews but did not see this way of expression from HB. The so called "unexpectedness... " from SYJ was what made our HB fall in love. He said, SYJ is grateful ; comfortable to be with ; they have similar energy and passion preparing for a role but what made him want to work with her again is the joyful energy and enthusiasm that SYJ has and her eyesmiles. SYJ expresses her desire to be with HB differently. Her girly and loving gazes and looks betray her . I have observed all videos with them again and again and try to catch those loving looks and your heart will flutter! To conclude, the excitement in their relationship continues as HB discovers the wealth of good qualities his woman has. In the Master of the House , was a revelation for SYJ on keeping herself fit and attaining good stamina as most of her partners commented about her. Also, IF HB is organized and neat, also SYJ coming from the comment of the crew in Master of the House. I think, SYJ fell for HB not only because that guy showed her how to be loved but HB's handsomeness is "MANLY". Funny, i was watching a video where he was telling the audience that he is indeed very MANLY! Why? A strong woman needs a manly male then she gladly surrender . HB can be classified as a risk taker whereas SYJ is guarded and cautious . They balance each other. SYJ WANTS A KIND HEARTED MAN SHE IS COMFORTABLE WITH TO HAVE DISCUSSIONS WITH WIT - HB HB WANTS A KINDHEARTED WOMAN WHO CAN COOK AND IS FUN TO BE WITH - SYJ They both understand their passions; they both swim and play golf; they can both Travel. However, there is a CAVEAT to the above: HB IS VERY HANDSOME; GGW AND IS VERY ATTRACTIVE . Hmmmm.... SYJ said handsome men are BURDENSOME (comment on JWS) Irony: SYJ ROCKS THE WHOLE of KOREA ...... so Jinnie.... be fair. Love HB . So many women are envious of you!
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    About YJ's Hollywood debut, personally I think her team is on the verge of accepting the offer and just nailing the details right now. She must really love the script and role to seriously consider this movie, so let's wait for the final confirmation. As for the other SK movie due to start filming this year, if YJ accepts it, that's totally up to her. I will not even question her decision. She knows how to best balance her professional and personal life. We have been discussing a lot about YJ's Hollywood movie, so wanna bring back some Binjin crumbs, old but gold. A brilliant Binjin youtuber put together this insightful video of YJ talking about love and her ideal partner over the years, starting from 2008 till 2016. Some interesting points that stood out to me : - In 2008, the same interview where YJ admitted she dated secretly, YJ said it's hard to date an actor. That she's very thorough when she works and men don't like her (cuz of that). Also admitted some actors have asked her out but she said (to them) that she wants to stay as colleagues in the future. She also admitted she was lonely (guess this is before she made close friends in the industry). - In 2011, YJ said she don't date guys who are too young, max is 2-3 years younger. For older guys, 10 years older is OK. She also talked about pianist Baek Gun Woo as her ideal type cuz of how lovingly he treated his wife. - In 2016, she said her ideal type is a kind man, and appearance is not important. In this interview, YJ seems quite wary/ worried about very good looking actors as ideal partners (she was describing JWS as being too good-looking and perfect). It's quite insightful to see this ALL in one video. She really is wary about dating actors, and also wary towards guys who are too good-looking. What was very telling is how she said men don't like her cuz of how thorough she is when working. Makes me wonder if she meant fellow actors, cuz she is so meticulous, outspoken and full of ideas, so they kinda don't like that coming from an actress? Or is she talking about men in general? It makes me think about HB, and how he complimented her openly about that very trait of hers, of being thorough and passionate in her work. So in conclusion, despite HB being very good-looking and not older than YJ, plus he is an actor, which are what YJ do NOT want in an ideal partner, he more than fulfilled the criteria she DOES WANT, ie. being kind, understand her work and treats her lovingly and tenderly. P.S Has YJ ever said directly that Binnnie is good-looking? She only said he has nice skin and hair lol! But I recall she actually complimented other actors directly as being very handsome, but can't remember her saying it about Binnie. Thank you for reading my rambling, now let's watch the video !! LOL!!
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    Let me re-iterate too that i support your statement and i admire your candidness for putting on the table a valid fact. i also ship them because they both mentioned to desire having a family. I also understand that we are in 2020 and technology can enable a lot of things. Since i have personal experience on this, i will prefer and pray that they set up their family in the natural way of pro-creation. I just firmly believe that when a woman reaches 30, she understands her biological clock and what it means. SYJ is no exception. In an interview she said that she dated a lot and wanted to get married in her early thirties because that was the expectation. It did not happen then she said maybe another 3 years. In the last interview in 2018, she said she was not worried so she is not desperate and she mentioned that if she gets married with the right person coming along, it must be before 40. It also worried me like the others but then i had to re-read the interviews. HB really is a man who wants to have a family and have dreams of having children and how they will be brought up. I remember in an interview in 2019 i guess, he mentioned that he may not be a public figure any longer. This was the interview when the reporter said that he was the 4th actor where the fans did not like them to be married. I am not quite sure with the word description but that was the meaning of what was discussed. He is very open about marriage and having a family. Funny thing, he planned it in his mid-thirties but did not also happen so in 2019 interview, he said "before 40". We are in this sail because we want it to dock. We will not be in a shipping forum if we do not discuss what we have in mind for our OTP. True, we have "delulu times" but that is a privelege we have . However, being in this BinJin nation for sometime, i am very PROUD TO SAY WE are a Great Team!!!
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    @Choisamsook You will be branded a perv and an outlaw by certain segments of this thread but I want to say “I LOVE YOUR POST”! (pg 1014) It’s clear you are a fearless, formidable, flag-flying BinJin shipper, who comically makes the serious but valid point that we should simply enjoy what is offered by CLoY itself and its bts (even in slo-mo), instead of fretting too much over shippers' discussion on those candies. Please bear with me y’all – I’m a hopeless BinJin romantic who respects the fact that HB & SYJ are accomplished, mature actors who would well know how to juggle a career and marriage BUT until they are married, I kinda prefer them to remain in each other’s orbit. So, when I read about SY’s latest Hollywood movie offer, I had mixed feelings: On the one hand, it is positively COOL that she is making inroads into Hollywood. A new experience, another gold star to her glowing resume. On the other hand, what about the BJ wedding? Then I read the articles on the new movie more closely – Oh, it’s 9 months away before filming is expected to start (plenty of time for a wedding in the meantime), It will be filmed in SKorea (oh goody, less likelihood of the need for a long-distance relationship); The character she is expected to play is of a single-mother with a kid (unlikely to have a love-interest/any awkward skinship ); A shipper friend looked up Kdrama (thank you @lovelyz) and reported that many actor-couples marry and go straight back to work or even marry in the midst of filming (!!). So it’s not like BinJin have to set aside a long period of time for them to get married before resuming their careers. The BJ wedding that we are all hoping for can be nicely fitted into this year or even the next, notwithstanding movie Cross or anything else in between. Ahhh, that soothed my momentarily ruffled feathers that are currently a little fried due to the drought. This is not a new pic but whenever I feel a tad insecure, I look at how they look at each other and the world is right again.
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    Yes, as a Chinese (though already left my hometown for almost decade), I approve this message LOL Here’s my Chinese lesson 101: Kim Go Eun: “Kim” & “Go” in Chinese are “金“&”高”. Min Ho: “Ho” in Chinese is ”鎬”, which is the combination of Go Eun’s name “金”&”高”. You tell me what is fate!!!!!!
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    about the theme Night mode is supposed to be easier on our eyes as compared to day mode (default white theme) which emits more blue light that hurts/damages the eyes with prolonged use. but i think the simpler explanation is, night mode will not damage our eyes because we will get drowsy faster, or resulting difficulty in reading will discourage visiting night-themed sites (like sompi) which will eventually lead to less screen time, to no screentime.. no shipping... onwards to better eyesight! In conclusion... Binjin fighting till we go blind!
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    Y’all, just look at the difference. Who is grabbing who?
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    @eLizza Totally agree!! YJ has said SO MANY times over the years that she will not date an actor. Also not surprised that actors has asked her out for dates before, cuz she is just so attractive and gorgeous since her debut. Her rejecting them shows how sceptical she is about dating actors. Maybe people in the industry knows about this too, so fellow actors will not really dare to court her, esp as her status grow higher and higher. So yeah, the fact that Binnie invited her out for golf dates, and went all the way to LA to meet up for grocery shopping (and more, like golf, eating samgyetang with parents/ older couple friend, possibly celebrating YJ's friend's daughter's birthday).......means he has override that wariness that YJ has towards actors as potential partner. Indeed HB is YJ's only real love rumour. Here's YJ talking about how she is very thorough when she works so men don't like her And here is HB's reply to that :
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    I think it would be nice for all of us to take deep breaths, take one step away and think of this news logically. People saying women can do it all, you're all right. I absolutely believe that women can perfectly balance work, marriage and children if they plan it all well and we all know that uri Jinnie is a great planner, so I am pretty sure if she chooses to do a Hollywood movie AND get married and have a child, she can perfectly do it all and very well too. Same goes for Binnie too, if he chooses to start a family and commit to a Hollywood project or if his wife does it, I am sure he can balance it all well too People who are concerned about her age and them starting a family, I think you're all right too. It is a valid concern and as a person who is 38 years old myself I can perfectly understand how we all think that Jinnie's biological clock is ticking. I also think when people talk about this they don't mean that Jinnie should give up her career and have kids and become a stay at home mom (edited to add - I am a stay at home mom myself and I don't think there's anything to looked down upon if you're one). They just speak out of genuine concern and I don't think it is an invalid concern. We are so quick to jump on people and call out their names immediately when they even remotely say something that can be misconstrued. All of us are here because of our love for our OTP and most of them here (at least people who are actively commenting, can't speak for lurkers) have their happiness in mind 100%. So I think it would be nice to stop arguing about women balancing marriage and career. It is hard but it has been done. It would be hard for YJ and having concerns about it is valid, but she can and if she chooses, she will do it too. So let's all please stop arguing with each other about it and celebrate the fact that our girl is going to Holly freaking wood
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    Okay.. I’ll try to give a scientific journal to all of you about this pupil dilatation. Actually pupil can dilate physiologically (as normal response) or pathologically (because of certain diseases, side effect of certain medications, etc) So, Let’s just discuss about the physiology one. I’m pretty sure our Capt is in healthy state. Here we go, The pupil changes its size in response to three distinct kinds of stimuli: it constricts in response to brightness (the pupil light response, or PLR) and near fixation (the pupil near response, or PNR); and it dilates in response to increased cognitive activity, such as increased levels of arousal or mental effort (the psychosensory pupil response, or PPR). Let’s discuss about this PPR deeper. Types of psychosensory pupil responses (PPR) : 1. Orienting response Sudden events (sounds, movements, painful touch, etc.) trigger an orienting response (Lynn, 1966; Sokolov, 1963): 2. Mental effort and arousal A. Mental Effort: In one study, Hess & Polt (1964) had participants perform mental calculations of different levels of difficulty; for example, 7 × 8 would be easy, whereas 16 × 23 would be difficult. They observed that pupil size reflected the difficulty of the calculation: the harder the calculation, the larger the pupil. (reviewed in Beatty & Lucero-Wagoner, 2000), showed that pupil size reflects mental effort, cognitive load, or cognitive intensity. Many different terms have been used, but the general finding is clear: whatever activates the mind causes the pupil to dilate. B. Arousal: Hess & Polt (1960) reported a related finding for arousal. They had participants look at images that varied in how arousing they were, and whom the images were arousing to (based on the authors’ subjective impression of the images). The results were clear: when participants viewed arousing images, their pupils dilated, but only when these images were actually arousing to them. Importantly, whether arousal is triggered by something negative or positive makes little or no difference (e.g. Bradley, Miccoli, Escrig, & Lang, 2008); that is, pupil dilation depends on arousal (intense v neutral) rather than valence (positive v negative). Pupil size also correlates with other physiological measures of arousal, such as skin conductance (Bradley et al., 2008). In terms of pupil size, the effects of arousal and mental effort appear to be similar: both activate the mind, and both cause the pupils to dilate. *if you wanna read more about the physiology of pupil dilatation, here is the journal: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6634360/ My Conclusion: My POV. Purely my POV based on the journal that I read. LMH’s pupil dilates b/c of the physiology reflex (sympathetic pathway from dopamine and oxytocin hormones that produced when we were happy or in love). Most likely , it was happened through the PPR (Psychosensory Pupil Response) as already being explained above. I hope this can help us a bit, to be more rational when we see pupil dilatation from now on.. sorry if it sounds too scientific. But just wanna help us to understand a little bit more about the physiology of pupil dilatation.
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    "During the beheading kiss, I found it weird that LMH did not get up right away even after the director called cut. KGE was beneath him laughing, so I was wondering if he was also laughing when he wasn't getting up. It was also weird, out of all days, why does he have to post on her birthday as if he waited, and he posted "Dancing Universe." And then right before the day ended he posted again. In the The King OST there is a song titled "You Are My Beginning and My End" and I thought of that when seeing his two posts. The King also mentions "universe" a lot, so how come out of all the ballads he could have chosen, why "Dancing Universe?" LMH said he won't be dating publicly anymore and it seems like Dispatch is not working these days because of Coronavirus."
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    Here’s some BinJin crumbs for everyone... • So remember this BTS.... They were trying to act for an emotional scene yet they somehow find it really difficult. And suddenly this situation reminds me of these statement coming from 2 Hollywood Married Couples (about working together).... • So In conclusion,BinJin is Married lol Joke...but I guess we should always be grateful and really appreciate BinJin for giving us CLOY...I mean even though it must be enjoyable for them but it must be difficult too at the same time.But they probably didn’t expect such situation in the first place...it’s clearly their first time working together with their own bf/gf hahahaha just sayin... Anyway,Have a good day everyone!
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    I knew it!!!! ...They kissed again..... PD nim..we need to talk..... ..CLOY nation robbed of properly shot kiss scenes.. .. I hate those zoomed out shots so much .. Anyways..COMRADES.. enjoy...Uri Yejin is a master of AD-LIBS.. She surely suggests many innovative techniques and our whipped Ahjushhi won't complain either.. #RIP replay button.... I may sound as a pervert but I actually counted total number of Kisses in CLOY when it ended..Oops ..it has got up by one now...The tally stands for 7 rn..
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    even makshimus had enough. 16eps too much. Lovebirds. see ya imma find another pheya
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    I just want to write my thoughts here after being a fangirl in this korean entertainment industry for 11 years. The last time I came back on this thread is such a long time ago.. So grateful to see more people supporting these two cuties. I really love Lee Minho.. He is definitely the cutest actor for me. He never disappoint his fan with any scandals. What I like about him the most is his attitude. He's always like this since he was born I guess lol. You will love him if you read his interview... his answer is always sincere, mature, serious and sophisticated. His answer is getting better and better every year. And not like other celebrities, he is what he answers in the interview not only about his favorite food or just ordinary questions but his love life as well. I've been watching kdrama for 11 years and ship 7 couples. 3 couples caught dating together (With pictures!) but I dont ship DOTS cuz I didn't watch it till the end haha sorry. Yes this is my 7th ship ㅠㅠ I've been his fan since BOF and I've never shipped him with his costar before. But don't get me wrong lol I'm not OIMC. (I just dont see any offcam chemistry lol) If you have watched him from BOF as well you know that he is always a gentleman since his debut days ( yes he's such a sweet) He always take a good care of his costar and staff. He is really funny, playful and friendly while doing an interview. BUT This time its different! I can feel the genuine feelings like he really enjoys shooting in TKEM (I feel that hes really happy too) I think this is the first time I saw him being shy towards his costar... I mean he's always professional and have that filming manner (I dont' know the exact word for this sorry haha) Its like you have to stop everything you are doing when the director say cut!... It's quite normal for korean actor for doing this like manner hands (you can search and read about this) but if the actors are closed then its fine. So if they aren't dating or developing into something beautiful in the future, Im sure that she will be his last long friend like Dohwan who was introduced to his BFF squad. He is always really professional when it comes to kissing scenes (deep kissing or just a single lip kiss). After the director say cut he can look at his costar right away without any shyness or excitement. Just continue to discuss the angle, position and so on. But in TKEM I saw that he's definitely nervous even it's just a peck lol. He even laughed to cover his shyness and sit like that (forgive my dirty mind) for beheading neck kiss. I think he's really adore her as an actress. Usually actors in korean don't watch drama (Yes they don't. They will watch it when they wanna get to know or study their co star acting style.) They normally watch movies. So I think he watch Goblin when he knew that she is his leading. I start to be her fan when I watch Goblin as well cuz I can't resist her charm and eye smile in Goblin. About that Birthday IG post I think its really lovestragram but I dont think he post it to announce his relationship. He is quite a private person when its come to his private life. And he said it himself that "He wont reveal his relationship although there will be many wishes. He still have to deal with unnecessary negative problem." Then Why he posted photo with her? Cuz they work together! So he got an excuse to post it. (yes im serious hahaha its about an "excuse") and for me its not for promotion... if its for a promotion he should write a caption like hers lol or just put #TheKingEtetnalMonarch. For me its just like his lifestyle lol I don't know how to explain. That Birthday post. Its just you know the things you do when you're in love. These little small details like frame ... the thing that he and she only know the real meaning. There are some actors and artists having this lovestragram but we have no idea about it until dispatch come and expose that they are dating. After that the netizen looked at their IG and then realized They were having their lovestragram all along... but this time we already know that these two are closed in TKEM and we are shipper so lol. But I have to say that some of comments are too much... And I think he didn't aware that the comments will be that far lol. I mean other ship would stay lowkey even BinJin. But I guess TKEM has attracted a lot of people who never watch kdrama before which is SO COOL! On other ship I was sailing (haha) they even ask others to stop commenting on their IG post or tagging them. Its just how it goes in this kindustry. I have a lots of korean friends when I went to study as an exchange student. Its kinda like their culture. They are very protective of their privacy. One of my korean unnie asked me "Why some of the shippers go and comment that on his IG? I dont think it's appropriate" and some korean shipper on Twitter also agree with that as well. I mean yes you can support these two together but the best thing is staying low key... And FYI Dating news in Korean is considered to be a scandal. Its not help to gain rating in the show or anything thing. Actually dating scandal damage the CF contact and so on... (only few couples give a great feedback after exposed by the media) If they are dating, they won't announce it til the day they will get married. You will never get the confirmed or denying statements from their agency if the media don't caught them dating or write anything about them. So this is the reason why their agency neither MYM nor BH will say anything about that IG post. Because the korean media haven't write anything about them dating yet. They don't have the reason to take action for that IG post. But I dont want them to get caught by dispatch or any media. Why? Do you know that there are a lot of couples breaking up after the news broke and attacked by knetizen? (These knetizen they are crazy I HATE THEM!) Have you ever read the comments from knetizen when the actors confirmed to star in TKEM? (They are just disgusting...) Now there are more knetizens who support these two cuties than before. But If they were really dating and the news broke... sometime you will have no idea where those negative comments came from. Ps. You can google and read about knetizen... Thank you for reading this. I hope this will help you understand how this crazy thing goes in this korean industry. And keep sailing for these two cuties. I really want my actor who I have watched him for long time get married and have his own family ㅠㅠ. Stay low key! Ps. Sorry for the grammatical mistake im not native speaker ㅠ..ㅠ
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    I am with you all the way! I got married at 39 too because of my career so i understand I believe she knows the consequences. Our OTP , if we believe they are together, they. have discussed this. I do believe that they will get married before 40 as they have both expressed in interviews. They both want to have a family and SYJ said that if she had one, she will be too involved. She is also aware of the fact that it can affect her career. Let us trust that they know the direction they have to take! For me, since both of them were laughing when reporters asked why they are still single, and they both answered they hope to be married before 40, I BELIEVE THEM. When the news 2 to 3 months ago that SYJ was carefully choosing her next project after the success of CLOY and that there were international offers, i also believed it. How can she ran out of projects when she was labelled as "COW Ye Jin" and that some actors even envy her because she can select what role to portray. Let us be happy for SYJ, she deserves it! HB will always support her partner as he knows the passion of SYJ about acting and because he shares it too. I go with the others....i enjoy the discussions here be it trivial like the luggages; and the interesting timeperiods; travels; ...relating past interviews to the present.... these are what makes this forum interesting We have shippers who come out from lurking because of the diversity of topics ! It is just fun during the drought periods! TIMELINES: I am also interested here as with @Intuition1 because if we know and we can re-create what happened, the more we can appreciate the love story of our One True Pair! We just have to be careful though because I BELIEVE A LOT of people are interested to read what we post here! Let us support and continue our love for BinJin . Do not forget to pray desperately and WAIT! ( The Captain speaking)
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    I can see where you're coming from, because personally i did see the shippers of LMH-XFactor suddenly active lately for whatever reason and dropped this and that in MinEun shippers accounts. Gosh. I've also had more things to add from what i observed during these past days: - many said that the female voice in LMH's bday video was X-Factor's - they made a YT with a fortune-teller claimed to see the 'visual' of LMH and X-Factor actually got back together secretly and still going strong - based on your information, last year they had pictures from what seemed like similar location but uploaded at different time. Their shippers said the matching pictures were their secret code. Now I don't really know what LMH's projects/activities were around june 2019 (perhaps minoz ladies could help on this), but in my personal opinion the location of the photo seemd to be a studio, idk for shootings or photoshoots. It was something normal if two or more actors/actresses had to attend similar location for their work. In this case perhaps LMH used that studio around june 2019 and X-Factor used that later on, around August 2019. Meanwhile, MinEun shippers got this: - MYM and X-Factor's agency had confirmed official statement that both didn't get back together or such - KGE is still the only woman in LMH's ig beside LMH's mon - He posted twice in his ig during KGE's bday, romantic song and a bordered photo that was not his style (we knew whose it was), and choosing specific time as if to greet her at the opening and ending of her special day I think you can see for yourself the difference between MinEun shippers' receipts and other shippers' receipts as i mentioned above. Not to mention receipts you got from watching their BTS. It just doesn't make sense to me if LMH and X-Factor kept their reconciliation a secret. I also believe LMH is a respectable guy. If it's true he had reconciled with his ex, he wouldn't treat KGE extra special like that. I hope this can give you some peace. You may find other receipts too while backreading if you'd like.
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    Thanks for the find! I glanced at it and didn't read all 500 some comments, LOL! A few things I wanted to point out: 1) I have not personally read all comments, but all in all, it seems like a lot of people are supportive. Obviously, it's going to have hate comments too, but people are saying "Wow I've never seen a post about a celebrity couple receive mostly positive comments like this before, seems like a lot of people are rooting for them." 2) Top 3 Most Liked Comments (Direct Translation) - "I've been a Minoz for 10 years straight and I've never seen LMH this unfocused before. Usually he is very focused and professional towards his leading ladies. It is very unfamiliar to me. Having said that, he is getting older and because it's KGE, I acknowledge it and will let him go." @Heretorant is that you, writing in Korean??? - "I've also been watching these two for a while now and they are a match for each other and I can tell that LMH really likes her. Since they are getting older (34 yrs old, 30 yrs old) I hope they can date a while and then get married like JS and LBY" - "WOW! I've heard that LMH's type is like Suzy and Park Minyoung - someone who is bright and energetic - KGE is actually like that, no?" 3) Most Polarizing Comment (Direct Translation) - "If you only look at looks, LMH is definitely better than KGE." 4) My Personal Favorite Comments (Direct Translation) - "He and Suzy broke up???" - "I heard he's going into military soon" LOL WHERE HAVE THESE PEOPLE BEEN? hahahaha 5) Based on how much attention this Korean post is getting over two days, if either of their agencies did not know, THEY FOR SURE DO NOW. Yes - this person is saying they've reported these crazy people for creating rumors. LOL. Than like half of the world needs to be reported - they only need to look at IG and Twitter in addition to Naver .
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    I am all ears of this topic thus I have invested my precious time and efforts in juggling between my workloads, mom-things, wifey stuffs and this shipping hahaha...so here we go to add my thoughts on this loveliest couple of us ...I need to speak up more to make my sanity in check .. as a research scholar so proof n evidence after discussing with others is very important. Here stuffs has been bottled in my head: 1. There were 2 phase of their relationship I might say. If you look at all the scene from 1-6 episodes and the rest of the scenes then you will detect the difference of their level ambiances.. First level showed kinda reluctancy was shown from Kimmy side almost awkward feeling. But he sure shows he is pretty attracted to her..and been very attractive. Thus those BTS on MinHo side he was still playful and always teased her gently then changed to being gentle and shy and sometimes you can see him sooo giddy too thos he already is but more after ep 6. But from the later episodes her body language, their chemistry is magic. Do you remember when kimmy said saranghea... In the BTS.... She is so convincing that he was acting but even feeling it for himself. He just was forgetting his line is a big give away...he must have imagine kimmu telling MinHo the words instead of tae Eul to lee Gon 2. In hospital scene - He ruffles her hair from the front. I always thought ( when I first saw it my instinct told me) it was just his way of showing his affection it was not part of the script. I think it is an adlib from him just to tease her again) the ruffling of her hair on the back then after the cut he gently touched or patted her hair that one for me showed so much affection on his part. There was at least 3 different takes from that scene where he knelt and fix the mess he caused her hair...But messing it again is something...the very visible adlib for me was the forehead kiss tae Eul did...that sure is adlib too. I feel Kimmy was really blushing after the forehead kiss (first time when I viewed, my instinct again). It seems like it was her way of saying I do like you ... I mean that smile as well says that. There's no cam angled in MinHos face but side profile sure showed he is pleasantly glad with that adlib. - The hugging bts scene gave me lots of feels...the way MinHo hugged her even during rehearsal is already intense (during rehearsal most actors don't do the real act but with MinHo he sure did it all with kimmy and that there is saying he really has a romantic intention with her. The way he smiled and that gentle look in his eyes after that high is already very different plus their hands lingered to each other after the scene. I watched it like sooo many times and just one word came to mind love is surely in the air big time already both sides...one is sooo obvious the other one still careful but feelings is there. She's shy here too... It just let me to believe they have both confessed their likes for each other in real life and every intimate touch or hug says it. Unlike those first episode 1-6 where she was so tactful and letting go quickly...but that hospital hug when she waited for him...she just let's MinHo hug her and touch her intimately without care meaning girls will not allow that if the relationship has not progressed...right? We would be so uncomfortable for a longer hug esp if it's the guy we admire or have a CRUSH on. We will blush to death... I mean Kimmy and us here...we all are shy types, isn't it? 3. The beach scene, she was so confident in asking staffs to take their pics and asked him to look at the sky pose..I can understand some Korean Hangeul because I lived in Seoul for 4 years as my work assignment so meaning Kimmy knows her place in MinHos heart and she can do anything with him because there is already a silent agreement between them. And he was like a puppy. Kimmy has a upper hand on this relationship... Do you know that??? Minho agrees to everything she says.... She's Woman of substance.Yes this boy surely was whipped big time and kimmy has the upper hand big time since all he can do is post cryptically because lady love doesn't yet agree for official announcement...and when man tends to act this way...making their woman happy because their life will also be happier that way just means...MinHo has more serious intention in this relationship and already found his period and his lifetime and forever... So shippers, I am on the same wavelength as you and that what I feel is true and sense so we can conclude from them May 2020 both have confirmed their liking for each other and Kimmy is careful about her gesture .. by last week of May.. they become very comfortable with each other that's why the hand holding pictures on the beach. Oh my God... We can read them like a book.... I sure will write a novel based on this. I mean like I never assessed someone this far. But there was always hidden message in the TKEM left by them. MinHon didn't hold back anything when he is with kimmy...he show his interest and admiration to her and shows how happy she makes him too in all BTS, also...with fancams when they have scenes together he always attentively talking to her...some Minoz knows that when they are on standby he plays or sleeps until his part will be taken...but he never wasted precious time when they are on standby...he wants to know her more and be beside her more. That's my analysed autopsic for our couple and will be waiting patiently for their cryptic codes hahaha PS. When I first watch DOTS I was 110% sure they are in love. Though I don't know anything... Then I heard they were in a relationship and soon to marry. I wish her on her Instagram post because I used to feel sorry for her. She's like a goddess but trying too perfect guys find it too unrealistic. But since it happen I did. But when they good married I thought. Isn't it too early? Oh boy it won't last even a year. And it really does happened. Even those Lee don Gun and Jo yoon her marriage... They were saying he forgot their 1st year anniversary and the girl cried ... Then I realised ha these two won't last, I give them 2 years... True to this. They filed fir divorce this year. So I listened to my instinct from this time. And try to wanna help both to be in this journey. I wish the best happiness for our mineun couple and will support them..especially her side. Sorry for my long thoughts guys...we can share our journey here and getting to know more on my insta queen.kimmy2020...A lot of haters bashed her so need to stan strong for her.
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    Personal reactions to the last several days of pages... #1 My Initial Reaction, Then, Nope. I am not having it today. NOT-TODAY. Kim. Go. Eun. You supermegabeautifulcuteyadorablefineassthingyou! I have several questions about this picture... First of all...How DARE you?? Secondly, I have feelings too you know?! Third, for the Love of GOD... #2 Me and my last brain cell... Those who were late getting on the ship... Those who were already here... #3 The bromance between these two is wholesome and also escalating... #4 *sigh* Lee. Min. Ho. Sir. #5 Oh my, those hands tho, but the way he's looking at her tho... Unfortunately, after seeing the beheading kiss in Ep. 12, my television suffered a tragedy... After which I decided to dedicate myself to prayer and but that didn't last long, because then the Ep. 16 camera room scene came out and it had me handing out blessings like.. God is Good! Finally, you are starting to ease up about this ship. Found a gang of shippers and you think, "The drama ended a month ago, I need to move on..." Then, someone posts this nonsense... and I''m like, I am SO. DONE. with these two! Then my Mom is out here like...
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    Hi Everyone! I really hate this dark theme so it’s really hard for me to post lately.. Suddenly, out of curiosity, and also because we already quite sure that our couple is already one set now.. I want us to vote, based on your instincts : “When will be the time for our couple official announcement ?” (Cry emoji) : Never (Shocked) : July-Sept 2020 (LOL) : Oct-Dec 2020 (Like) : Jan-March2021 (Love) : Apr-June2021 (Awesome) : July-Sept 2021 (Insightful) : Oct-Dec 2021 (Thanks) : Jan-March 2022 (Twerk) : Apr-June 2022 (RickRoll’d) : July-Sept 2022 (Naughty ) : Oct-Dec 2022 (Off Topic) : After 2022 *please give your vote based on the reaction that you gave into this post *announcement can be dating/engagement/wedding, whatever comes first For me, my answer is “/LOL”
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    Just sharing a perspective from a non shipper male's point of view. for reference My Husband and i have been married for 19 years. And this is his point of view so to speak. We watched TKEM as it was airing and he loves it. By the time beheading kiss on Ep 12 were shown we got a tame version of the kiss that was broadcasted. And when they released the behind the scenes of the Kiss it was scorching hot. And i mentioned it to my husband and he got curious and he said wow why didn't air that footage what a waste he said LMH is totally in to her. This last weekend we were watching LMH other drama TLOTBS with Jun Ji Hyun and he saw the kissing scenes and he said why does LMH kiss feels different like he's just "let's kiss and get it over with" unlike his kisses with KGE on TKEM he's said he's more like enjoying it and the kisses seems more natural. I said to him hello JJH is married with 2 kids he might feel uncomfortable with her compared to KGE as they were both single while filming TKEM. So there you have it. Coming from my husband's statement he sensed something is different with LMH and KGE kisses. Mind you he's not a shipper he's just a casual KDRAMA watcher.
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    And so it begins! They should’ve made these shirts instead. Bench, it’s not too late.
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    It crossed my mind and suddenly I have attained some inner peace with this revelation of my thoughts. I think it is right and fair for LMH not to be proclaiming his outright love for KGE now. In fact, he is being very respectful to keep their relationship under wraps for the time being. 1. Both are still in a somewhat an early stage of a relationship and it is always best to handle this delicate moments with care in private. There would be tremendous pressure on both of them if they make their relationship known now. They still need to get close and comfortable with each other. She still needs to know she can turn to him when in need. But if they are exposed too soon and issues arise, she may not still yet be able to show him her vulnerable side, and they will both have reservations to open up and resolve issues. That is why it is difficult for new couples to withstand issues - they are still not used to handling matters as a couple. 2. Many things may be planned for KGE after TKEM. What we know now is her Hero premier. If their relationship is announced now, the focus will no longer be in this new upcoming movie, which may not be fair to those who put time and effort in it. Relationships are private matters and not everyone is interested in that. LMH is a big star and any news about him will be amplified. They surely do not want questions about dating during her Hero interviews, right? 3. From what I hear, KGE is a private girl and she already had a bad experience previously with fans from her co-stars. Hence, LMH is tactically paving the way to the eventual announcement. Nothing is done without thoughts or planning. He is slowly but surely easing the news to his fans. He knows how some fans behave. Even my husband who has no knowledge of LMH or kdramas said those IG pictures on KGE's birthday are posted with a purpose. And do we really think he did not see the shadows in the picture? We are mere amateurs in the entertainment world. He is the experienced one. Why would we think he doesn't know fans will scrutinise each inch of his pictures? All in all, lets just enjoy whatever that comes our way. The only solace we have is ranting here and rewatching all related LMH and KGE clips.
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    Give her that damn award already for remembering her lines after this. I'd have blanked out and my system would need to "reconfigure settings" to be even 2% coherent after being kissed on the neck by this gorgeous AF man. On another note, I love how the BinJin page that was started last year is like at 1050 page something and this one is already at 900 in 3+ months LMAO. I love BinJin, don't get me wrong, but the constant denials and secrecy is honestly boring. And then we have our Captain wearing his heart on his sleeve and doing all the cheesiest shiz possible which is such a refreshing change from other obsessively secretive K-celebs. How could we not stan a man who's that crazy about his woman. I'm sure people like to keep their relationships private, but I'm living for this man being completely, visibly & deliriously in love and wanting to tell the world, albeit, in the most secretive way he can!
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    My boi asked out of sarcasm and... jealousy but..... Hahahahahahahhaha! That's not what he meant Pd-nim!
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    The common shades thrown from the individual fandoms of LMH and KGE towards the other are that 1) LMH is not at par with KGE in terms of his acting ability/lacks substance and 2) KGE is not at par with LMH in the looks department (not a visual match). One thing that LMH x KGE shippers have shown is that they recognize that these "faults" are actually in themselves STRENGTHS of LMH and KGE respectively! LMH wouldn't be the hallyu star he is today if he lacked any substance or was just good-looking. KGE on the other hand, is very beautiful (inside and out) in her own special way! The more that I think about these things, the more I'm convinced that they would be really good for each other.
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    Agree on the protection part. Realistically though, I don't even think any celebrity couple would need their fans' blessings. At the end of the day, if a couple find themselves ready, willing and able to commit, the blessings they will seek are their respective family's and loved ones, right? And there is something I want to address to ALL of us here: Although this is a shipper's thread, I hope that none of us actually thinks that LMH or KGE owe us an explanation on where they stand re their personal relationship. We can only hope & look forward to some exciting possibilities. If none, then we wait right? And while waiting, we re-live fond memories, share creative presentations of their team-up or speculate on re-affirming what-ifs or dot connections. That means not disparaging LMH or KGE and not putting down others not even party to our OTP (like exes, other ships). HOPEFULLY WE DO NOT INVENT TIDBITS, especially unfounded ones just so we can support further shipping. Nope, not even as a joke. The way I see it, we fans are given the privilege of partaking in the joy of a celebrity's or a couple's chosen direction - be that dating, engagement, marriage or any type of life-changing commitment - should they choose to share. We also partake in the sorrow if they break-up or not come together at all. Even if they are public figures, the status of their relationship is something personal that is not owed to us or that we can even influence as fans or shippers. After all, they are human beings 1st before celebrities that we love. And despite the love that moves us here as supportive fans, the element of uncertainty is the hard part of the hazards of the shipping trade. So let us be careful of what we write & say and it is probably good to consider this next line as a golden rule -- if it does not add value or joy, then it is probably not worth throwing to the ether.
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    My husband got very jealous of my Binnie obsession until he found that I am equally obsessed about Jinnie, then he just decided that I am weird and left it at that. He would definitely be the president of the Husband club, the one that's competing with HB club He also tried hard to become a fan of Jinnie or some other korean actress just to compete with me, but unfortunately he has a tough time remembering names and gave up on that too. The other day in the car I played "That man" on loop while out on a drive, my husband and kids' faces and reactions were something to remember
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    For people commenting on SYJ not giving her personal life priority/attention. She has not had a project since February 2020. And this new project is just over a year from that date (March 2021). Thats a whole year without taking on a role (who knows if the other Korean film later this year will work out and how big the role is). I don't count CFs here and there since they just take a day to film. And before CLOY filming she did not work from when TN promo ended (Sept 2018 to August 2019) which is another nearly 1 year off in between. Seems like the past 2 years or so she has actually slowed down quite a bit and has had a lot of personal/down time (and a good chunk of that time coincides with a certain somebody also having free time or promo/filming done on the same projects They have spent a LOT of time together the last two years).
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    just wanna drop in to share some interesting facts Both Lee Min Jung and Lee Jung Hyun (members of SYJ's famous Cinderella group) have some projects a few months after their wedding days.For Lee Min Jung,she got married to LBH in 2013 but only gave birth to their first child in 2015. i dont understand why people expect women to give up their career pursuits after marriage .HB and SYJ are workaholics and dedicated to their craft& never stop challenging theirselves in diverse roles and genres.I believe in the future they will get more and more offers & further strengthen their position in the acting industry.
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    Why even bother packing? Bruno, put down your life jacket.
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    Haha just kidding! BinJin, palli palli! BinJin nation, fighting!
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    I've been away for a while and this! Take my money! If these aren't the receipts that you guys have in your shipping arsenal, get these pronto! You'll understand why you don't need a lot to sail this SHIP. Okay, I'm recharged but with a looming migraine attack now with this background. I want to think they don't want me to visit here anymore and wanted me to have swollen eye part 2.
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    I am not use to this dark theme.....I am a light/ plain background kinda person.... give me back my white background!! Jokes aside, I want to share this really lovely video of Binjin, titled "Why do we say FALLING in love"? It will really make you fall in love with Binjin all over again.
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    Translating this hot mess - keep in mind my Chinese is dreadful so it's not 100% as nuanced...but the gist is there. Troll: After kissing my girlfriend, why are my lips turning white? After a few hours, they go back to normal. (Male, 22 years old) Doc: Hello! I'm happy to help you understand your lips problem. Doc: Are you feeling unwell? Doc: At the moment? Troll: Not now, it's just every time after I kiss my girlfriend, my lips will turn slightly white and won't look like my lips usually look. Doc: You used too much pressure Troll: I don't know, I don't know if this is normal like this Doc: If you're not feeling unwell, then don't worry about it Doc: If it goes back to normal eventually then the issue isn't big Troll: Is it possible that she has some sort of disease? Doc: x 3 Troll: I understand now thank you Doc: If it persists, use less force Troll: Thanks, I understand now. Doc: Me: And this is why I drink heavily
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    Never seen this still before....... waiting for HD one.. cutiesss
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