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    THIS SHOULD BE CLARIFY: Some people will always gonna try to dismiss BinJin relationship and their receipts too until they confirmed their relationship.Sometimes there’s no point at all having an argument with them because they’re clearly just don’t like BinJin in the first place and some also just wants attention.The best we could do is to not engaged and mentioned them again in this thread or anywhere else tbh because that’s what they want.They want our attention.They want us to shift our focus on them and their favs instead of BinJin.So please please I beg everyone in this forum and even all those too on Twitter and Instagram to just focus on BinJin. It’s gonna be a good week.Please try to spread positivity for the whole week rather than anything else.There’s HB’s Birthday and there’s also YJ’s FM to look forward too. We all know for sure BinJin is still going strong and it’s all that matter.
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    Hello lovely BJ diehards, CHOICES: Ours is a simple one We can use our energy to celebrate our ship OR we can spend it warring with other ships. One brings joy and fun; the other is a sweaty gutter wrestle where everyone involved comes out dirty. By all means ship hard but ship smart. We have been gifted with a steady stream of positive signals from BJ themselves (not just 3rd parties) for no less than 2 whole years. Folks, we BJ shippers have the luxury of feeling confident and gracious, while we accompany our ship to dock. THEREFORE, no need to get lured into fights. Recognise bait and don't get hooked. Ideally (at least to me), steer clear of other shipping lanes and remain within the blue waters and sunny skies of ours! Why meander off and risk being shipwrecked? Aren't there enough ghost ships out there? Besides, we need you at FULL strength to party deep into the night when our ship docks! BinJin are Invincible. BinJin Forever.
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    On her own merit, for me we all know SYJ's admirable qualities: 1. Career - longtime Chungmoro/movie queen and new Hallyu queen (to me, it doesnt matter if it's just recent or if there are others. No one has a monopoly over who brings on the hallyu wave. The impact of her being a hallyu leader now is immense). I prefer a steady career, then going on an fabulous incline than a great start then going on a decline over the years - same goes for a relationship (even HB and SYJ ) slow and steady wins the prize. :-) The amount and quality of work she has put in over the years has even earned her the nickname Cow Ye Jin (as mentioned and admired even by HB). Even praised by HB as the best actress from Daegu Skinship - making romantic dramas involve different levels of skinship, it depends on the story, scene written by the writers and directed by the directors and brought to life by the actors. One may involve a lot while another may be more wholesome in terms of execution. It is better to have that in the movies or drama only but in real life she has not had any personal scandal (except for the dating one with HB - an exception we like :-)). SYJ is a versatile actress so she can act in a wide range of roles (melodrama, historic, action). In terms of her career so far, she is first and foremost a great actress. 2. Awards - 50+ awards, no question, up till now, she receives all sorts of recognition - from her peers, the industry and fans 3. Attitude - based on her interviews over the years, her admirable ethic towards work (how she does her acting, positive energy she brings to the set, insights), attitude towards colleagues even newbies, and charm and warmth her fans love 4. Physical looks - photos from the start of her career up to now, many exclaim that she still looks the same as when she first started (or maybe it got even better). Looking at past interviews and even interactions with fans who praise her beauty always, In and out of Korea. But SYJ herself is very humble about her looks. I think looks become defined over the years, evident especially if you are looking at photos from teenage years, the jaws, the plumpness of the face and the thinness or thickness of the nose when you gain or lose weight, the pluck of the eyebrows or absence of it (who doesnt have not-so flattering photos from pre teens to teens? Except for Hyun Bin, maybe). SYJ has even said before that she will try to work hard at being a great actress on the merit of her acting skills, and not her looks, apparently she thought she was not as beautiful as others (but she is!!). Of course, it's a given that celebrities take care of their looks and their bodies very well. Like our queen, confident even with the perceived imperfections - I believe it is what keeps one on his/her toes but inspires one to always strive to be even better. September has been too busy for them up until the fanmeet and they are probably busy catching up with each other so I don't think the announcement will be very very soon (i would be very happy to be wrong though, no one really knows) but before the year ends (i hope). After two years of dating rumors, the marriage announcement would be well-thought out. While waiting, we are being fed well.
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    This person translated YJ’s entire 2018 Esquire interview. I know probably a good number of you are familiar with this, but I didn’t realize she was the first female actress to grace the cover of Esquire! It’s a long and in-depth interview that really shows how thoughtful, introspective, and passionate she is, while also being candid and honest about her strengths and weaknesses too. The more I learn about her, the more I admire her. Just like how YJ and HB give off similar vibes in their written letters to their fans, I continue to sense how both of them are deep thinkers time and time again. It makes sense that they have both expressed how they bonded and found to have a lot in common. In HB’s 2019 Esquire interview, I remember him touching on that and elaborating that it led to many conversations (this is a man who says he doesn’t talk a lot) and they grew to empathize with one another. She also shares about her thoughts on actor Kim Joo Hyuk’s death. I know they both attended his funeral/wake since HB has worked with him as well, so I’m sure they mourned together for him as friends at the time. This couple never fails to amaze me individually and also collectively and as tiring as shipping can be sometimes, I know I made the right choice to support these two. Also, I love this thread and the cameo of Director Lee (CLOY)! Twitter fans can be so creative! Hahaha.
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    Yess she didn't buy her followers and they are quite active as well.For evidence,take the example of all the polls she had won..from Baeksang to Starmometer, King's Choice, etc.. What is the point of having 10 m+ followers if they are inactive and seems to have forgotten about u.. (Sorry guys ..just a bit triggered by few irrelevant fellows).
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    Hyun Bin's girlfriend is Son Ye Jin period. Binjin antis can count the stars , clouds, squirels, trees, dogs, ...they can even say that jin is fun of media plays, users, etc...etccc....who cares.. As far as i know , Bin anD Jin are enjoying eating that cake with picture of them..Hyun Bin eats the half part where jinnie is and jinnie.eats the part where binnie is. Both are adorable in that cake..how much more in personal?. many anniversaries being celebrated ithis september...what a comemoration they have haf since The Negotiation Days..?As the other says here, we are now receiving cakes, no more crumbs..again! Even without verbal confirmation, the girlfriend of hyun bin since 2 yrs ago is Son Ye jin..call me delulu? Am ok with itt..
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    Happy 2nd anniversary. BinJin - a beautiful love story which has inspired millions of people around the world. Metro Poll: YJ is leading with a 12k gap
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    @BinjinHome actually no one did it intentionally..A fellow shipper from our MT accidentally posted in their thread about YJ's ig update cause just like everyone else ,she got excited..It is a mistake and can happen sometimes.. Plus it was just regarding her IG update and nothing else..No shading of other actors. People having an ounce of common sense should figure out the difference between a troll and a long time Soompi member in Binjin thread.
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    YJ's July 22nd Instagram post just reached 3.3M views, and she's 3.3M followers right now. That means most followers are active followers. YEAHHHH! I'm so proud of her!!!! The more I observed our queen, the more I love her. She's one of the honest and confident actresses that did not use money to buy "followers". If you work in social media industry, you know buying "inactive followers" is a piece of cake. Try to google it online. She used her past 20 years to focus on her acting skills, not doing other side businesses. Her popularity is gained by her hard works and various projects. I admired her more and more.
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    Media plays.. my foot! Tell that to marines... cloy ended months ago hahahaha.. just so you know antis, yejin doesn't need media play..she gets 50 awards coz of her hardwork and talent.. she doesn't have dating scandal for 20 years of her career.. she's a good actress with good reputation in K Ent.. stop talking sh/t about her.. focus on your faves..
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    I promised myself that i will only post something when Binjin announces. But i cannot take it anymore. I could not believe the kind of evil that the other fandom has been throwing at Son Ye Jin. I honestly fear for her life as these forces of evil could actually do her harm. I have been working at the local entertainment industry and i have seen war. But nothing like this. This is a whole new level of hate. Has anyone ever reported these antis to yejin's agency? I don't know exactly how k ent works, but if our local artists are treated like that, then my god, the legal team will be up their noses.
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    I was thinking about what the violin symbolizes in episode 7 and overall but especially in this episode. In my mind the violin represents Song Ah's heart. She loves the violin so much and she puts all her heart into playing it. In this episode when Joon Young and Song Ah enter the campus building, so she can wash her hands, he asks her to give him the violin case. Song Ah hesitates. Maybe because she doesn't want to bother him but also it's not easy to let go of something that is so dear to her. In the end Joon Young promises her he won't run away with, so she gives him the violin case (her heart). But as soon as Joon Young hears Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung fighting he runs away/leaves and puts the violin case (Song Ah's heart) away, he leaves it behind. So when Song Ah leaves the restroom she finds Joon Young and her violin case gone and finds them in the room with her violin case abandoned on the table. She takes it and leaves. It's like she took back her heart and asks Joon Young whether there is still space for with Jung Kyung holding so much space in Joon Young's heart. Later in the bus, the elderly lady asks Song Ah to give her the violin case (it's pretty common to offer this in public transportation in SK) but Song Ah remembers how Joon Young left with it, so she refuses the offer. So she is already protective of her heart. I'm probably reading too much into it but this is what came to my mind. Source: DCGall, credited as labeled
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    Waking up to those stills with Song Ah and Jung Kyung, and then I remembered that it's what happened in episode 7 that Lee Soo Young told Song Ah she would be taught by a professor candidate... called Jung Kyung. I think we can all agree Jung Kyung is problematic and doesn't earn much sympathy points in episode 7 but what we also learned is if she is willing she can give corrections and advice. We didn't get that from Song Ah's current "mentor" who keeps falling asleep and instead of giving her corrections cleans her office. As some sad, myself included, she makes our blood boil because Song Ah deserves proper lessons and proper advice. So how ironic would it be if Jung Kyung is redeeming herself at least a little bit by teaching Song Ah? Not sure if that will be the case but weirdly I would want it and right now we have no other possible mentor in the picture who could do it. The only good advice Lee Soo Young gave Song Ah was to find herself a good pianist to accompany her during the exam and I'm with @celebrianna that it might be Joon Young in the end who will do it. Meanwhile Joon Young struggles as well. Asking Cha Young In for money and his former teacher to give him lessons. And those lessons are just as painful as Song Ah's lessons. The quality of Professor Yoo's comments is much better but still... it feels halfhearted and patronizing. I loved the confession scene even more because Joon Young finally told Song Ah about the significance of the musical piece "Träumerei" and about his feelings and his friends, basically how complicated it is. I liked that Song Ah told him that the accident of Jung Kyung's mother wasn't his fault. And I liked he said it's still not that easy for him. It was also not easy for him to ask if Song Ah could wait for him. I think he knows how difficult it is to wait when there could be nothing to wait for. But I think in Joon Young's and Song Ah's case we don't need to worry. Can we appreciate though Song Ah's humor in this episode. How she just said "Who are you?" in with such a deadpan face. And then later she is like "Why don't you join the club" and Joon Young asks "Is it okay for me to join 2 months before I graduate?" and she answers "Of course not." And then at their ice cream date, she tells him "I told you not to laugh" and Joon Young stops laughing and she starts walking away laughing. Song Ah got a nice sense of humor. Plus I love that it almost sounds like Song Ah is the one who wants to ask out Joon Young and then Joon Young jumped in and asked her out. Their date was lovely until the scene with Hyun Ho, Jung Kyung and Joon Young happened. Like @ponderings said it was signficant that Joon Young promised to not run off with Song Ah's violin but the moment he entered the confrontation between Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung he left it right on the table. To get caught inbetween the emotional turmoil... even without her being there... it's just too much. And the way Joon Young hesitated when Jung Kyung told him he loves her and he should tell her. It was painful. So like all of you I enjoyed the most how Song Ah stood up for herself. She kept quiet when it comes to Min Sung and Dong Yoon but she cares a lot more about Joon Young to ask him whether there is still space for her and who else wanted to shake him and tell him to say "yes". But I also appreciate he was unable to give a definite answer. It's much more honest. And in this first half of the episode he was like the title restless and unstable in his feelings. But very glad he understood the meaning behind the handkerchief from Jung Kyung and why Song Ah didn't accept it. As for the second part of the episode: I loved we got to know the adults in this drama more. Like Jung Kyung's grandmother. I'm glad she isn't as stuck up in her social circles as I thought her to be. She knows exactly what she is doing and why she is doing it. Loved Song Ah's and her dad's conversation. I love that he just wants his daughter to be happy and no matter what path she takes, as long as she is happy he will support her. Then the small moment between Jung Kyung and her father. I think we don't give him enough credit. He is barely there but it's not like he doesn't know his daughter. But he also seems to carry a lot of pain inside. Hyun Ho's parents are just what I expected, loving and caring. Hyun Ho's shame not telling him he and Jung Kyung broke up... I felt it. Just like I felt the conversation between Hyun Ho and Jung Kyung. I think it was important for him to say his piece of mind, so he could also break up with Jung Kyung. The fact she was crying makes me think she made a mistake for the wrong reasons. I actually believe she loves/loved Hyun Ho. I've never seen her like this. But I felt more for Hyun Ho when he just broke down. When love ends it hurts... Overall it was such a strong episode. How can this drama be so good!? I love it so much. I love how Song Ah struggles with her feelings but also puts her own goals above those feelings for Joon Young which doesn't lessen their importance. And I love how Joon Young struggles but seems to come to terms with what he wants in his own pace. Can't wait any longer for episode 8 to air!
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    S E P T E M B E R 22, 2018 。。。 Jinnie posted 2 selcas with Binnie and built the GREAT WALL OF HYUN BIN in her ig. HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY If Binnie has a gf, Jinnie would refrain from posting selcas with Binnie in her ig for the past 2 years as a respect to his gf. BINJIN once said....
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    Credit to Joey on youtube that translate this: Translation: Jungkyung: I had originally prepared a Brahms piece but you don't play Brahms so I changed it. Joonyoung: It doesn't matter to me. Songah and I are dating. Student: It's because you guys are always together that there are false rumours about you two dating floating around. Joonyoung: They're not rumours. This is what ended up happening with me and Songah. Team leader Cha: I hope you will be different towards Songah. Since you never say anything when you're having a hard time. Professer Yoo: Stop getting distracted and just play the piano how I tell you to. Joonyoung: I hate it when the people I cherish suffer and have a hard time because of me. I just want them to think that I'm doing well as always. JY really has the hard times because he bottle it up all those years Hope SA will bring the changes in him He is not talking actually hurt those who loves him more
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    Being single and watching Joon Young smiles so bright with his dimples on his face like that makes my heart flutter uncontrollably. Oh holy poo in toast. Jung Kyung recalled her memories with Hyun Ho. What a waste to break up with this caring man. Whole year he used to care her so much but she couldn’t. She swayed because she didn’t think the meaning of love that Hyun Ho gave to her.
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    This is my favorite underdog drama of the year. And my favorite characters of the year as well. I’m still surprised how in love I am with Joon Young. I once mentioned on Dramabeans that he is akin to a standard Second Male Lead; kind hearted, stares at the main Female Lead from afar and missed timing. But instead of losing the girl, he might be getting the girl. As much as I love Song Ah as a character too, I’m still totally taken by Joon Young. He has a certain charisma that I didn’t notice before. I first saw him on Persevere Goo Hae-Ra and I fangirled over his beautiful face. But then I watched Second 20’s and I loved him as the main lead’s son. Then I watched My First Time and fell for him in absolute. Even if Choi Minho (the main Male Lead in My First Time) is from my bias group SHINee, I wanted Kim Min Jae to win Park So Dam so much. Ever since I’ve noticed him not getting the girl and it hurt so much for my poor noona heart. And now finally he gets the girl and not acting as a jerk, but as a kind hearted man who actually deserves the girl and for that only I’m happy. Meanwhile, Chae Song Ah proves to be one of the strongest female leads in KDrama history. The fact that she goes against the meaning of her name makes me admire her more. She fell in love one time and didn’t have the courage to confess, maybe because she knew deep down that he was not the person she should love. But with Joon Young, she didn’t waste time. She told him the bold truth, to get it or not. And no matter how many times I keep telling it, but Joon Young asking for time is one of the most underrated moments of the drama. The fact that he didn’t create any kinds of misunderstandings (with his feelings for her and about Jung Kyung’s pathetic accusation) and cleared all misunderstandings between them ASAP proves how amazing the character is and would be in real life if everyone can get their own Park Joon Young. I wish all of us are lucky enough to get a Park Joon Young.
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    I know we’re a fandom that literally celebrates every day/moment but this day, September 22 is a very special day for them and me. This day two years ago SYJ being the most secretive person ever had decided to give us a sneak peek into her life. Happy anniversary you lovebirds hope to see the great wall of HB live on for many years to come. Their heads were literally stuck together like glue and the heart filter is making me emotional haha. Today is a good day to reminisce about this beautiful love story that has been unfolding in front of our eyes for the last two years. it’s late where I am so hope to see some good news when I wake up but I have learned that in this fandom it’s best not to expect anything because when we don’t SYJ herself will feed us a whole cake (literally!) so I won’t expect much since she posted yesterday but let’s see what will happen today maybe something huge maybe nothing at all. But it’s so nice to start the week with an update from miss yejinhand and we are going to end this week with her too so yay. Is it really HB’s birthday week or ours because she fed us so much already and I just know that she’s going to feed us even more on Sunday. I honestly think the announcement is coming very soon (hope I don’t turn into a clown again plus let me be right this time )
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    JY really needs to open up more If not it will just end up eating him alive He is already getting more & more depress when playing the piano If he didnt talk, SA will not know how to help him It will just create more misunderstanding Like how it happen tonight again & again JY really needs to talk to SA Whenever SA ask if he is okay, he never explain it beyond Its okay. I dont think that is right especially when you becomes a couple The other party wont know whats you are thinking if you didnt talk or explain it Communication is the key I always feel like pulling my hair when those misunderstanding in drama happen because they just wont talk
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    Every time when Sunday decides to leave us Hi @mirmz, @MY15, @Berou +2
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    2 years ago today Special shout out to HBs manager(?) in the back who is trying to duck the camera
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    To my fellow BinJin folks, It has been a great day today, our unnie posted all the beautiful flowers and tasty cakes sent to her by her solo and BinJin fans. I would like to request to whoever reads this is to please be happy for them and with them. No need to go around other threads of other ships even if you're not in favor of what they say and do to either YeJin and Bin. There is no point in fan fights. Let's just be content and provide a positive vibes to this forum. A classy Bin, Jin and BinJin stans would never go low like bashers or antis do. That's who they are, that's probably how they live...but not you my fellow BJ ones... There is nothing to get from it other than hates and probably heart murmurs Let's just continue to spread love for our OTP. What more you want today that she posted this
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    JY seems so lost in his purpose of playing piano Right now its like he plays to win in order to win the prize money Plus the baggage he has carried all the years when playing the piano The inhuman professor also is not doing anything good to him JY has the skills but not the right mind set in pursuing piano right now He needs to be happy when playing the piano Not to be like some sort of robot SA is a someone insightful like how she gave a piece of advise to the violinist's mother But in order to do so, JY needs to open up to SA Really hope JY will accompany SA I feel like he will find the happiness when doing it together with someone he loves That will kind a unblock those unhappy feeling playing over the years Love Conquers All
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    Waiting for those GIFs to appear! EVERYONE!! We got a kiss! @vangsweetie637 And I only said it in joke but apparently.... we're lucky!!
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    I guess rather than running from her maybe Joon Young wants to face JK. Or, maybe he thinks it’s the last thing he can do for her as an old friend. I suppose the subbed episode will shed more light on his thinking.
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    Song Ah finds Joon Young outside the lecture room removing the orchestra seating announcement and he hides it from Song Ah when he notices her. Song Ah: "Is the world class artist and the person who sits at the end of the orchestra not the right class/level?" Joon Young had been told before by Professor Yoo only to play with people of his class. "There are so many people these days who care about levels. I don't care about that." Song Ah: "Then why did you remove the orchestra seating announcement?" Joon Young: "I hated that Song Ah-ssi would care about that. That you care about something so meaningless and it will hurt your heart/feelings." Song Ah: "The orchestra seat means a lot to me. I just wanted one more seat next to me. You wouldn't understand. I lost my confidence that perhaps I could stand side by side with Joon Young-ssi." Joon Young: "Then why did you tell me you would wait. When you're pushing me away these days. Why did you tell me you like me and you would wait for me?" EDIT: OMO, @vangsweetie637! We got a kiss!?!?!?! OMG!!! YES!?!?!??!
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    “Song Ah ssi, are you doing well ? Are you in house ? Why you’re in Kyung Hoo. Please stay there. Dont go anywhere because i want to say something. “ Joon Young calls Song Ah MY FEELING GOSH Young In asked Song Ah for wait Joon Young a little longer. It might be hard but it will definitely worth it. DID YOUNG IN KNOW THAT SONG AH AND JOON YOUNG RELATIONSHIP???
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    I have been in Soompi for ten years but only Kim Woo Bin and Kim Min Jae made my heart goes doki doki Hyun Ho got called from Kyung Hoo’s staff and he didn’t know that Nah Director is sick. So the rumor starts between Song Ah and Joon Young even her classmate asked her How dare Haena said why a world star like Joon Young date an ordinary girl like her ? The hell. Nothing is impossible in this world. I might be dating with some idols if i lived in Korea. The insecurity starts again and eat her alive. Joon Young doesn’t mind that. So why he acted so nice when she got rejected in orchestra last time. Why Song Ah ? Why She is not confident around him. He asked him why you want to wait for me, eat together with me and even told me everything but you feel like it’s a burden for you. THE ANGST IS HERE GUYSSSS he left her in disappointment and disbelief Dong Yoon called her and asked her where is she right now because they had promise to meet but she totally forgot. Dong Yoon already stood in front of her. DONG YOON CONFESSES THAT HE LIKES HER he liked her since beginning but he never realized and always think about her. He was afraid to confess his feeling because he might break their friendship
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    So the whole scene between Jung Kyung and Song Ah when she is playing the song. Jung Kyung actually gave her a good and fair advice. She told her that Song Ah played the song well but there was no confidence in it. She should own the song and play like that. And Song Ah asked Jung Kyung how she can play with confidence/find the confidence and Jung Kyung said that it's not an easy question to answer and that if she (Song Ah) should find the answer tell her as well. After the master class Joon Young waited for Song Ah and asked her if she did well and she answered she learned a lot. Joon Young tells her: "I waited. I was worried. I care about Song Ah-ssi's every little word and every little action as well. I will make sure you don't need to wait any longer. So can you please wait a little more?"
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    Jung Kyung gave Song Ah compliments but she asked her not to work hard only but she only didn’t feel the emotion in the song. Hell Jung Kyung Jung Kyung gave her the partiture of the violin sonata that she had wrote where is the tempo and other. She gave her like she gave her student a homework Joon Young wait for her and asked her to wait for a little longer. EXCUSE ME SIRE. and Song Ah just nodded. This girl is so obedient
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    Forgot watching Record of Youth, Do You Liks Brahms? last night because I started watching Empress Ki +2
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    @Berou I have to admit I put Record on Youth on hiatus for now. I will binge-watch it as soon as it's done airing and it's put in Netflix in my country. OR I might watch the episodes later than Mon/Tue. Looking forward to your post though! 560
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    560 My friend baked a butter cake. Looks yummy. Deciding if I should drive over to get a slice hmmm...
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    @MY15 @mirmz @Jillia @Sleepy Owl @Lmangla @H0ney Tuesday is still far from Friday, but at least better than Monday @Jillia I've just finished watching ep 5 of ROY. I know I told you I would post my thoughts, I'll do it tomorrow ( after ep 6 airing) -2
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    Hi, @Lmangla , @Berou, @MY15, @H0ney, @mirmz! Me right now: 566
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    566 My migraine is hitting in again.... yay!
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    This confession scene will now be one of my favorite romantic moments in dramas because it was so raw and felt so real. And because it was true to Hye Jun’s character. He has always been a straightforward person. So his confession of his feelings at that moment was not surprising. What was endearing about it, was the way he hesitated. Maybe because he knew that saying his feelings out loud will take their relationship to the next level. Sometimes, that can be a little scary. Especially when it could come at the cost of ruining what they already have — a meaningful friendship. On the other hand, it takes courage to express one’s true emotions. And in doing that, they could discover so much more. “I’ll be the light to guide you” I find the poetic backdrop of the falling rain very appropriate for what is forthcoming. A storm on the horizon for what will happen to Hye Joon and Jeong Ha. They will have to deal with Hae Hyo on top of other things. I think this is where the strength of Jeong Ha’s character will come. She will be the person who will stand as a pillar for Hye Joon. Something that I think his former relationship wasn’t able to do. And from what I can see, maybe also the tie that will keep the bond between Hye Joon and Hae Hyo together. They have just crossed the boundary between friends. The way he looks at her and both of their smiles say it all.
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    Guys do not mess with the other ship, apparently a member of the binjin Nation or although an SHK hater infiltrated announcing the marriage or rumors of the relationship of our babies the truth is not very clear because they deleted the message but it is given to understand that...They got angry and although they call for calm, many have expressed wanting to get into our soompi thread with publications such as that Binnie feels ashamed of yejin (alleged interview he gave about the rumor of Binjin holding hands under the table ). Do not mess with the other ship, let's not cause war, in time we will see the results while we pray for our partner and wait for their confirmation. More than anything this is a call for peace, we have confidence in our boat and let's focus on our journey, that, I love you
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    I need to have a man with voice like that. Noona agreed Song Ah called Dong Yoon after Min Sung told her that he rejected his blind date. She even asked Song Ah about Joon Young. She gave her and advice to have him as a pianist for her exam lol. You go MinSungiieeee
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    I understand your frustration when he smiles. I fell for him for his smile too. That darn smile. I bet she will feel the connection only with Joon Young
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