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    Haiya! So today we have a couple made and a couple broken. Scarlett and JiHwan are so cute, . I love how the lady just wails out loud, mouth open so big unashamedly. And then throws a fit in order to get him to speak casual. Are we sure she's supposed to be the older one here? Damn. Park MoGun and Bae Tami. So MoGun learns from his mom that she gave him up for his future and he finally understands TaMi's hesitance. It's not so much insecurity (although it does play a part) as the fact that she cannot and will not forgive herself for grabbing onto his ankles and holding him back from what she believes is his proper, happy future. The problem is not whether he's ok with it. The problem is that she's not, and it's eating her inside. So MoGun let her go. Argh. MoGun ah. You are very much loved. Their actions came from a place of love and shame, although it does seem to you who were so traumatized by being abandoned as they're throwing you away. What irony that Joseph had to tell TaMi right then that Barro is now 1 top against Unicon. Honestly, that last part between MoGun and TaMi is amazing. This writer has far surpassed Kim EunSook.
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    quick translation for CHxJH kiss scenes (Forgive me for any mistakes, I translated based on the clips I found from IG) (JH is looking for his phone who he lost in the subway. CH apparently also looks for his phone and they see each other in lost and found room.) (awkward silence between them after their farewell in ep 13) CH: I want to ask you something. Am I really just a fan to you, Ji Hwan? What do you think? I think you never say what you think about me. JH: I follow you when I think you are angry. When I'm happy then I'll call you. Walking you home and buying you a gift because I feel grateful. Just like you said, what kind of actor would do those to a fan? While walking you home, 'I wonder if you will come out again? Does she has a same thought as me and that's why she hadn't turn on the light? Is she hesitating like me? I'm still here, so she should just come out.' Who would do that for just a mere fan? But you know, when you said that you are my fan, I can't do anything. I can't go closer to you because you are my fan and I shouldn't do that (getting closer). But now, I don't know what to do when you are asking whether you are fan or not. After a month, I have to leave. I'm always receiving something from you and yet I can't do anything for you and it makes me going crazy because I'm mad. (CH kisses JH) CH: Every time I meet with you I think I'm going crazy, Ji Hwan. What I just did, I think I have lost my mind. I'm sorry. There must be a better way, but you said we only have less than a month, so I need to do something quick so I (JH kisses CH back) (and kiss) (kiss)
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    TL;DR: This is me rambling before the storm of Ep 14. I've been a long time lurker of this thread, and I use reddit a lot but the thread here has more active people so... I decided to join the discussions here too I guess the Ep 13 theme is letting go. I'll focus on our couple trio and I'm writing this down before Ep 14 airs. The most obvious one was for Ga Gyeong x Jinwoo. After all the years they spent in an unwanted marriage, they finally got their divorce. Ga Gyeong literally cuts her status and connections with KU Group, while Jinwoo frees both of them to the desires (for power, for money, for ambition) his mom/their parents) have. Though it's definitely a good thing for both of them, I believe this separation is bittersweet. In the unfair world their parents forced them to live in, they found solace knowing they're not alone in it- that they're together surviving, experiencing it, and maybe they're also together in hoping that one day it'll end. But because they were focused on just surviving and ending it- they didn't realize the budding affection that grew between them. And now they reached the finish line which is the divorce.. that affection probably become the only thing left. For Scarlet x Ji Hwan, they both took a step back from their desires. Scarlet tried to build a wall not only to save herself but for Ji Hwan also, since she brought up that there are certain things he shouldn't do to a fan. There's a thin line to cross between "a mere fan" (or so she says) and that person you're a fan of, if they give more than what is expected of them ie. walking them home, giving gifts, calling, etc. and it could lead to assumptions and confusion. Although she must've felt that what she feels is beyond fangirling, she lets go of this possibility when reality hits her with Dong-Joo's question: "Who are you to say that I can't like him? Are you two dating?" She knows she can't reply anything but "no". She's aware of that but saying it on her own hurt her most. It's too late to turn off the feelings she has for him, or to build the wall between them higher, so instead she lets go of her desire to be more than just what they are for now, a fan and an actor. In Ji Hwan's case, getting that notice for enlistment means letting go of: acting and time. He obviously loves and enjoys his job, especially now that he's getting recognition but he has to give it up because he needs to perform his duty for his country. As for time, I think it means a lot for him: he still remembers the time he spent with his dog, and as he said, he'll remember this year as the year he met Scarlet. He's spent a lot of time with her outside of his work and enlisting means not spending time with her. He gave up on postponing his enlistment for more time, for more acting opportunities, but it's sweet that he didn't give HER up. He didn't tell her to stop rooting for him. He even tells her that he'll look forward to her support after enlistment. That he'll take comfort that somewhere she's cheering for him and it'll give him strength and with that in mind he can do anything. I believe he'll treat this enlistment as a pause to whatever relationship they have and when he comes back, he'll continue where they left and hopefully Scarlet does the same. Ah... and lastly, our main couple. Tami and Mogun, against all odds like ideals, values, and half of the show's audience who seems to be getting tired of them, are willing to let go of everything else but their relationship. Tami asked Mogun how they'll end up now but he simply said they'll probably love each other. After a huge fight, that's his realization. But her's on the other hand, was again.. about letting go. Mogun knows he's going all out for this relationship to work. He's aware of this all the time and quoting both of them.. "knowing doesn't mean you don't get hurt." He's practically begging her, to be with him, to stop being sorry, to let go of her inhibitions. But she can't. Not yet. Not again- and that's why he's hurt. Because she failed to understand him and his feelings for her. I love how he can't look at her when he asked if she organized her thoughts already. Maybe ecause he knows Tami always has one foot out the door since Day 1. She will try to break up again and he's afraid that this time, they really could. Did Mogun let go of his dream to get married and live happily with a family? No. Just like how we all have dreams that are still on its way to be fulfilled, I believe it's the same for him. What did he let go then? He lets go of yearning for that kind of future with her. He realized that's the only thing getting in his way. He gives this up because he loves her, though he hasn't said it explicitly yet. Mogun said that he doesn't care about marriage nor values, he just wants to be with her. And at this point in his life, that is the only thing he's certain of. Like how he doesn't have power over the future in regards with work, he knows this relationship is vulnerable in the future but that doesn't matter: he wants her and he will continue to until he doesn't. Since he spilled his views on marriage, that thought has become his weakness (to Tami and to us, the audience). Add to that his abandonment trauma, it's a burden he doesn't want other people, especially Tami, to bear for him. Before, Tami mentioned the reasons why they couldn't be and he realized he wasn't the reason why Tami doesn't want to be with him. It was her and her thoughts and beliefs that time, which he managed to break down. But with this weakness, he gave her a solid reason to leave him. Yet, she doesn't. She called him first. Like how she went to the pier when supposed to be, she's the one angry. Did Tami let go of her life ideals and views on marriage? No. I think it's fairly shown from the start that she won't change her ideals over anything. And I accept this, wholeheartedly. *But that doesn't mean they can't reach a compromise, does it?* Anyway, what did she let go then? First, her pride. When she came to him with an excuse of the earrings. Next, her guilt. I guess her guilt never really left since she felt it for him when he lost his job because of her. She just learned to call it differently: pity, affection, and maybe even love. But it's there. She is guilty of accepting to push through the relationship even if it will eventually reach to an end because of her. And that hinders both of them because she let her mind focus on that while Mogun doesn't. The partner to her guilt was respect. She respects Mogun's dream of having a family and being married so much that even though he was no intentions of using that against her, she feels it as if choosing to be with him will take away the only thing that will make him truly happy. So how dare she tells him she loves him? That is just selfish on her part. And as someone who doesn't want to step on others or hurt them in any way- she can't accept this. All while she's preventing this to happen, she realized how much she hurt him. Letting go of her pride, guilt, and that respect for Mogun's dream led to her "I love you." That night, she realized what Mogun gave up for her and for this relationship to work. And she decided to do the same. No, she didn't change anything about herself and her views on marriage and relationships for love. Nor did she compromise anything. Instead, she let herself be selfish, be complicated, and be human. After her confession, she lets him know that she didn’t change. That she will keep on worrying about their "marriage" problem, that she will be continue to be critical of their relationship-- but she won't hold back anymore. She knows the bearing of confessing to him: it will complicate their relationship and for others, too, who won’t understand them right away. That it is such a huge step from just simply "dating". She wants him, like how he wants her and she accepts the shame of holding on to him with the burden of marriage that won't happen anytime soon. She accepts it because Mogun accepts her as she is too, I want to believe since he saw her at the arcade. To those who wonder the point of Tami x Mogun's repeated and tiring arguments, remember that the point of arguing is not to win, but to understand where they’re coming from and why this issue matters to them. With each fight, we get deeper into their character' thoughts and they improve in communicating their side and explaining why they acted or thought that way. I think that's lovely. The writers definitely spent time thinking and writing everythingㅡ everything they do is according to the parameters they set for each character and the dialogue is so real and cuts across cultures that I refuse to believe Tami and Mogun doesn't exist as actual people in the writer's life. I wonder to what extent is the script fiction or if the writer is portraying one of them in real life and is rationalizing her views about marriage, romance and life though the scenes depicted in this series. At this point, I have full trust to the writer and her script. I feel that no matter what each character end up or decide in regards to romance and life will be justified and be for the better. It’s funny also how our KU couple is the opposite of the mains’, just like their characters. They wanted it to end because they started unwillingly and not on their own, while the latter had a rough start and is contemplating on how they will continue. And now they reached what they wanted, what happens? As for the main couple, who will let go because we know neither of them will cave in? To me, it is not the ending that matters but the moments that led to it. Anyway...This got long. I just want my angst fest for Ep 14 and have fluff in the last 2 eps than prolonging the frustration we have for each couple to Ep 15 or even 16. I'm ready to cry tonight. --- And yes, I cried tonight, like Cha Hyun haha!
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    Preview 15 translation. Scarlet: We’ve really done it, Tami. TM: Really. We had waited so for this day. JH: I was able to overcome the separation after her nursing me, but the military service… Scarlet: Don’t go. Don’t go, Seol Ji Hwan. Brian: Don’t you want to go to the Blue House with me? (me: Blue House is the residence of the SK president) TM: Why do you want to look through people’s personal data? GG: Let’s move in conjunction with Unicon. Man: CEO, an article has just been published. (seems he’s speaking to GG) JW: When I want to see you, what should I do? Despite my being pissy over the TM/MG story line, here is a translation of the preview. It seems Scarlet will have a hard time with JH's military service which he has to do. So, does that mean that we'll get a scene of Scarlet going to visit him while he's in uniform or a time jump of some kind to show them happily back together? GG and JW's divorce seems to finalize and an article released about it since they are both high profile people, thus JW's rather wistful wondering what to do when he wants to see her, or perhaps he's asking when they want to see each other? Korean tends not to use pronouns, so it's harder to suss who the speaker is talking about without more context. And, the shot of MG's sad face just makes me want to cry with him.
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    The only problem for me with this whole thing is that MG's mother was his mother, Tami is MG's lover, not his mom. Right or wrong, a mother doing what's best for her child is one thing since the child is really too young to be able to make determinations for himself/herself. However, this drama has Tami treating MG as a child still with this, and that makes me a bit upset because it's not giving MG agency as an adult. Plus, I think MG had it spot on when he mentioned that in all of TM's deliberations, there is no consideration for the present, the only things that figure in her deliberations are her concerns of the future. In the present, they love each other, but TM is so worried about what the future may hold that she doesn't live in the present. She can't live in the present. And, that all of a sudden makes TM seem rather pathetic to me that as a strong and independent woman who is living life on her own terms, that it's fear that seems to be characterizing so much of her motivations. I have some sympathy for her concerns about the age difference, though I do think that other dramas have addressed age differences better. (IHYV is one of my faves on this.) However, that she deliberately keeps crushing MG for his own good is a tired and silly plot point. I disliked it when they have male leads to it to female leads, and I dislike it now. I dislike it enough now that I'm not sure that this drama will be able to salvage the MG-TM relationship for me, if they do intend to do so. MG has been an excellent, thoughtful, loyal boyfriend, and I'm glad that he's finally tired of persisting in the face of TM's constant actions to push him away despite loving him. TM isn't his mother after all, and while he can be understanding about her angst, I'm glad that he realizes that TM is too narcissistic about herself to truly give him consideration other than to think that she knows what's best for him. Okay, I only saw a couple of the MG/TM clips and got a bit upset at the direction of their arc, enough so that I'm not giddy with joy about Scarlet and JH though I should be or even curious as to where GG and JW are going with their love now that they're divorcing arc. I may not watch the rest of the episodes for the time being.
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    Omg i'm totally root for Seol Ji Hwan and Cha Hyeon kiss scene lol. Such a fangirl. Lee Jae Wook nailed it. He has a bright future. I think this project will open a new door for his career. In the drama, Seol Ji Hwan career changes after "What's wrong with mother in law" and in real life Lee Jae Wook career changes after "Search www"
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    They're having the wrap up party today! The fans' reactions to the actors are quite funny. When Jang Ki Yong arrived, all of them kept saying "He's really handsome" Next one arrive is Jeon Hye Jin... the rest of the arrival are in spoilers.
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    Lee Da Hee And Lee Jae Wook Can’t Take Their Eyes Off Each Other In “Search: WWW” Jul 18, 2019 by Y. Shin Lee Da Hee and Lee Jae Wook may be sharing a kiss scene in tvN’s “Search: WWW”! In the drama, Lee Da Hee plays Cha Hyun, the fierce and beautiful manager of Barro, while Lee Jae Wook plays Seol Ji Hwan, an actor in Cha Hyun’s favorite makjang drama. On July 18, tvN revealed new preview stills of Cha Hyun and Seol Ji Hwan at a lost and found center located in a subway station. The tension between the couple is palpable as they face each other in the dimly-lit room. In the photos, Cha Hyun and Seol Ji Hwan stand with their heads pressed together and eyes glued to each other’s lips. more https://www.soompi.com/article/1339567wpp/lee-da-hee-and-lee-jae-wook-cant-take-their-eyes-off-each-other-in-search-www
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    That's true. I agree 100%. But it's also true that MoGun coming to understand how TaMi thinks means the end of their relationship because there's just no going forward with that any more, which is why I really liked that ending dialogue. As much as this is a TaMi problem, it's now MoGun's turn to let her go because he loves her. There's nothing else he can do. TaMi's the only one who can fix this. Honestly, I do think TaMi is very well characterized though. Just because you're a lady warrior at work doesn't mean you're just as strong when it comes to relationships. Because success at work can largely be something you can control independently or if it doesn't work, something you can leave pretty easily because it's just work, but when it comes to relationships, it's something you can't do alone and you even have to take account of another person's perspective so that your good intents aren't misconstrued and the thing about relationships is even if you do everything right, the other person might still leave and the whole thing falls apart. It's that vulnerability inherent in emotional relationships that TaMi is too emotionally immature for which results in this. I mean, people over-compensate. Work is where she traditionally excels and what she's confident in but relationships is like unchartered territory and so I'm not sure if she is ready to believe in a relationship that, given all signs and signals, is gonna fail. It doesnt make her any less badass though, in my books. Just very complicated and frustrating.
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    Wonderful, wonderful dialog! So different from the usual lines that are so cliche. Dialog with substance and positive energy. These are characters that one would not mind having as real-life friends. People with integrity, dignity, pure values and understanding of why choices are made.
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    Signed in once again with tears !! My heart ached for both MG and JH. They have been trying very hard to get to the loves of theirs. It happened to be like they ran into the invisible walls that both their loves, TM and SC, are building around themselves. For Tami, MG just crushed into walls after walls she has been creating within her mind. While JH ran into a big thick wall that Scarlett has created. D….ng, this is depressing. Being older.. so what.. if the man is that mature and wise enough to comfort you through many of your difficult times (MG) .. if the man has a very kind heart same as yours (SC). I am really depressed and want next week to come fast so that so I can scream, curse the writer, or can sigh out my happiness at the end. (kind of let get it over with .. lol) By the way, I don’t like the piano teacher. I suspect that she might know that TM and MG is in some kind of relationship. If not and if she is truly a decent person, how come she lost someone else belonging (TM earrings) without remorse. This kind of person will be happy if she can have someone else belonging, either things or men (sorry .. it’s my bias saying .. haa)
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    That's true that MG has come to understand that he can't fix it, and that he's letting TM finally go, or rather letting TM finally let him go, because he loves her so much. I can still dislike the arc in what it shows about TM. Plus, I can still be sad for the pain that MG is going through.
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    Ok. Now I can’t wait to watch it. I’ll even watch it unsubbed, but looks like it’s not uploaded anywhere yet. I don’t get it. Why isn’t tvN pushing this drama like it has for other dramas in their channel? Seol Ji Hwan and Cha Hyeon - my new fav couple. Cha Hyeon did not disappoint and made the first move! Yay! And Ji Hwan reciprocated! Double yay! And he’s quite smooth ah, the way he gently held her hand down while kissing her. *swoon* The sexual tension between them was getting so thick you could cut it with a knife. Took them long enough!! I hope the remaining 2 episodes will focus on their relationship! To heck with everyone else!
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    tvN showing the other (drasticly different) roles WWW's actors played in other tvN dramas. I knew all of the other actors' other dramas, but did not recognise Ellie was also in Mr. Sunshine! OST 7 Kim Na Young - I Get A Little Bit Lonely
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    C’mon Jae Wook! Live up to your namesake and give us a good smooch!!
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    What a beautiful episode... Kudos again to the writer, such an intelligent script. The dialogue between our OTP is deep, heartfelt, bittersweet and yet so real. Relationship is a risk an individual takes, no matter what age. Values and mindsets definitely play a big part. You don’t always have ready answers. For GG & hubby, just like brilliant Ahpheng had complied all his husband-worthy qualities, it seems like they can only be free to love after the divorce. Only then can they express their love without the clutches of any binding contract/deal. Actually I can imagine why he loves GG and wants to protect her so much... Raised with rejection by his critical and merciless mom, who doesn’t give him any respect or won’t hesitate to crush his pride/manhood in front of others, he can see and feel GG’s vulnerabilities. He believes, for once, there’s someone he can protect from his mom... And for Scarlett & Ji Hwan’s loveline...it’s sad to watch. Not in a bad way but that we know they want to be together so much... I’m crossing my fingers that with the random comic fortune-teller scene, the writer is hinting that there’s hope in this relationship yet. Besides, why do kdramas make military enlistment sounds like the guy disappears from the face of the earth? Only from screen time/dramaland, silly...not “real life”...hahaha they can still see each other during some weekends no? Anyway, I hope Scarlett makes the first move, she’s gutsy that way right? Because her noona-dongsaeng romance seems to have a bigger age gap than Ta Mi & Morgan’s...And since Ji Hwan is still a rookie actor, growing in popularity, it’s understandable that he lacks the confidence and security to profess his love. Our 3 couples - Hwaiting!
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    Asian Mom weapon of choice when it comes to fighting. Sushi Weapon of Choice 584
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    Just watch some clips of ep 14 and i got killed by JH for that kissing scene!!! OMG!! he is such a good kisser.. muaks! hahahahahhahha 1. I am glad and sad that Morgan let Tammy Go (Break up) .. even though it is just a short clip but i cried though.... 2. JW and GG dates got interrupted by the reporter.. I am glad that i manage get to see GG smiling face .. man! JW really a good husband 3. Scarlet watches drama with JH?? and there is a kissing scene .. she loves that scene.. and sudden remember that Min Hyuk is actually the guy she is dating now.. HAH! i can't stop laughing here.... can't wait for tmorrow for the sub to release and i get to watch full version!!! i got to prepare tissue for TM and Morgan's break up part
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    Oh thank goodness. I was dreading tonight if JH didn't get a chance. His puppy eyes are so clearly adoring and Scarlett just doesn't see it.
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    Well.. one good thing about ep13 is... Brian A. The ever funny Brian, knowing Tammy and Morgan holding hands the first time they met B. Coming bk as CEO of Barro in style C. Wonderful and meaningful voice and song lyrics D. Supportive to his colleagues even though he has 'left' the company Next episode, i guess Morgan is going to give up on Tammy (must be something about their relationship again - marrigae, age difference, etc sigh)... hence going to the spot where no wifi/mobile could penentrate his thoughts and sadness... its time to give up, its tiring... let's move on Morgan ..... your heart has been crush too many times, and holding up your heart on your sleeves when she just took a knife and keeps slicing it off....hahhaha... ok, im just tired to see more push from Tammy side if it is... sigh Tammy likes a challange and she wouldnt let it slide.... right right? Haha
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    I am also loving all the stuff @mylovekge and @jakey09 have been adding on IG and twitter. I saw this one, for Baidu Chinese fans, for example. I especially loved this one becoz, of all the clips I have seen of her, this one seems to catch her at 'being herself' the best. If you listen to her voice, saying, "In Korean? Hello ... Bye, Good bye", she has her non-acting voice, which kind reminds me of a prepubescent teenage boy's voice (in fact her nose and lips reminds me of this one adorable distant nephew of mine, LoL). Although she can do anything as an actress now, I really do like her best in all the BTS / off-screen stuff (the guerilla date or the radio interview right before ALML), becoz there we can kind of see what she might be like in more off-guard moments, and you can tell she's really really down to earth and approachable. I can totally see why KMS has a crush on this pretty noona who can cook more than ramen in real life. So in tribute, a couple of gifs the way I like them - but go listen to the audio and see what I mean. Love those hand motions,too! In Korean? Hello... Thanks, thank you. It's really this adorable bow-wave and smile that tells me she's completely relaxed, happy and rightly proud to have finished another amazing production in her breathless non-stop sprint since fall of 2015. Such a cutiepie! Thanks @jakey09 - keep posting, there's years' worth of stuff to rummage thru on your feeds.
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    @Lawyerh , @sushilicious My new yoga instructor @sushilicious wow you planning to finishing all 4 episodes, i am starting on you Level up @Sejabin she would still need the doctor but she may save money ,for the massage session & therapist -2
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    BTS with english subs are up! Thanks @mellowcatskj for the hard work! The cast is really an amazing ensemble of funny and nice people! Their chemistry on set is as good as on screen!
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    Exclusive Interview: Song Hye-Kyo On Fame And Fate By Charlene Co July 18, 2019 South Korean superstar Song Hye-Kyo speaks to Hong Kong Tatler in Monaco, where she gets candid about fate and self-care, and reveals one of her birthday wishes . It’s a glorious day in Monaco and we’re in one of the suites of the famous Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo, waiting for South Korean superstar Song Hye-Kyo to arrive. As I’m told it’s Princess Grace of Monaco’s favourite hotel, I look to admire the suite’s Murano glass chandeliers, sleek wooden floors and Louis XIV-style carvings on the walls and think that it’s a perfect place to meet South Korea’s very own modern-day princess. Ranked 6th in Forbes magazine's Korea Power Celebrity list, Song has made a string of successful TV dramas, but is perhaps best known for her role in the series Descendants of the Sun. Today, she is one of South Korea’s most sought-after actresses, whose fame has spread feverishly across Asia. I had a brief encounter with Song the previous day, during a photo call at the Grimaldi Forum where Chaumet had just opened their patrimonial exhibition and she is a special guest, and again later that evening at the extravagant gala dinner held at the Casino de Monaco, where she stunned in a simple but sophisticated white lace dress that she paired with a suite of diamond jewellery. Constantly surrounded by people, she seems understandably guarded, but at the same time exudes elegance, confidence and a sense of calm that makes her appear approachable but also rather enigmatic. She arrives at the suite wearing a rose-pink dress and diamond jewellery. “Hi, it’s so nice to meet you; I remember you from yesterday,” she says smiling, stretching her arms for a handshake. I’m admittedly giddy at the recognition, and at the same time pleasantly surprised by her candidness. We sit across from each other and Song gets into the conversation with ease, and right away I understand why everyone is enamoured by her. Read highlights from the exclusive interview here. Is it your first time in Monaco? I did a shoot many years ago in Europe where I was travelling from Italy to Nice. Then I only passed by Monaco very quickly so it’s the first time I’ve really spent time here and I am having such a great time! It’s a beautiful city—its buildings have a lot of beautiful details, and a lot of history. I like it here. And you were also at the Chaumet exhibition—what did you think of it? I’ve worn a couple of tiaras by Chaumet at photo shoots and I’ve also seen their beautiful jewellery in books, but it’s the only time I’ve seen that many pieces in one place. It was an amazing experience for me. There was so much history and beauty. One day, I wish I will be able to wear one of the tiaras I saw! (laughs) See also: Sneak Peek: Inside Chaumet's Royal Masterpiece Exhibition In Monaco Was there a particular piece you liked? There was so much variety—from classic to modern pieces—but I am personally into more classic jewellery. One part of the exhibition I particularly enjoyed was the section that featured the pieces the Empress Joséphine wore. Those pieces really spoke to me. If you were allowed to wear one of the tiaras, when would that be? If I were allowed, I would love to be able to wear a tiara on my birthday, on November 22. When I put on a tiara, I feel like a princess. What kind of jewellery do you like? My style really is very understated. Of course when I’m working, I wear a lot of luxurious jewellery but for every day wear I keep it minimal. I think I am personally simple, and so is my style. I particularly like the Chaumet collection with an “X”—I think that is the Liens collection—because of its simplicity. How do you decide on what projects to work on? With any project that comes my way, or does not come my way for that matter, it’s because it simply was meant to be, or not meant to be. And I find this is true with any project in my life. They happen because the stars align for me, the timing was right. Fate comes without any big effort, it just happens. And this how you came to work with Chaumet? Yes, apart from the fact that I’ve always had a good relationship with the brand, and I like the brand, it happened very naturally and it was just good timing for everybody. What are you plans for the rest of the year? This year, I will take some personal time off. I need to have some time for myself. Apart from events like these, I will take it easy. And next year, I will start a new project—maybe—but nothing has been fully decided yet. Let’s see if the stars align.
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    Actually Jihwan the character is 30, that's why he can't postpone his enlistment anymore. Scarlet is 37. Tammy is 38 and Morgan 28. In real life the actors for both couples have a similar age gap, one is 13 years (Dahee Jaewook) and one is 14 (Soojung Kiyoung).
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    Kyo for HK Tatler, still can’t get over how gorgeous she looked!
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    Thoughts re: Episode 5 Talk about a crash course in politics for Park Mu Jin... I have so much time for Cha Young Jin and often I am grateful that there is someone like him alongside PMJ to not only watch his back but also to drive home a few home truths where needed. Honestly he doesn't need to be there. The fact he's been headhunted by the other side is testament to that. But he chooses to hang around for some reason. Just having him there makes the show much more watchable for me. In a real enough way I feel like he speaks for me on all the issues I have with PMJ. The main issue I have with JSJ is that she's almost too besotted with PMJ to be a good chief secretary. She's a fangirl. Sure she's been very supportive of him but she has yet to develop that razor sharp political savvy that's absolutely needed in the role. On that note, PMJ, to his credit... listens to reason and I imagine he must be tired of being pushed around... and falling victim to the schemes of others. The great economist Thomas Sowell once said that there are no solutions, only trade-offs and he's right. The show does a reasonable job proving the observation and it's something PMJ is coming to grips with as he gradually comes to the conclusion that there are perks to be in-charge. But it's not all hearts and stars. Even when he does what is "right", it can work against him as well. O Young Seok is quite the intriguing figure. Fascinating actually. Because there is a kind of frustrated calm that belies the charming frankness. However it's not clear to me if he's angry enough to have masterminded or conspired in the bombing event. He certainly has the audacity and the know-how to have planned and participated in the bombing although in some ways he is too perfect a candidate. Then there's that cryptic comment at the memorial when he whispers to what appears to be the picture of the late president, "I will make sure this was not for nothing." As far as story goes, the character is a much needed addition to the show. He's a bit of a wild card and a dark horse which injects some measure of fun. I'm now convinced that the title of "designated survivor" has a double... or maybe triple entendre. It's become a recurring motif in this series. The obvious designated survivor would be PMJ who was left to govern when most of the rest of the party went up in smoke. The mantle fell on him accidentally as no one knew that he wasn't going to be in attendance. So is he really the "designated survivor"? Then there's OYS who is himself is a survivor not once but twice. He's not just a highly awarded heroic figure in combat but also a saviour to his subordinates. He has the scars the prove it. But are they just physical scars? Are the mental ones so deep that it drove him to become a part of the conspiracy to blow up the government in vengeance. At this stage I don't see it. Not because I believe him incapable of it but more the fact that everything I've seen of him (so far) suggests to me that he wouldn't. Unless he's a much better actor than I credit him for being Why did he go into politics if all it took to change things was to blow up the assembly? I'm not ready to pin the whole thing on him just yet. The eulogy was quite instructive I thought. The camera work was deliberate in giving the impression that OYS was directing his comments at everyone. But I kept wondering if he was directing them at someone in particular. Is it just survivor's guilt? Is it a veiled statement to claim responsibility for the bombing? Or is it just what it seems... an accusation of government incompetence leading to national shame? I've also been wondering too if his subordinate with PTSD, IJH (?) and/or the one in the car with Agent Han are involved in the bombing. I have no doubt that people in the military are involved but who... it's early days yet to come to any firm conclusions. I don't mind admitting that I shed a few tears when we saw a flashback to when President Yang explained to Chief Han why he sacked PMJ the day before the fateful event. It was lovely although odd... because I've been watching Kim Gap Soo in Chief of Staff being the quintessential scoundrel. Here he is a reasonable human being who had a consistent moral compass. Very surreal. I must apologize for the faux pas I made in my last post re: Assemblywoman Yun. I called her Assemblywoman O and that must have caused some confusion. YCK (I will hereon address her) seems to me to be yet another variable in the bombing incident. I'm not ready to acquit her of any kind of involvement with the bombing at this stage although she's largely portrayed as the consummate political wheeler dealer than a suspect in the bombing.
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    I’m still on my way, but one thing for sure, to me everyone have secrets in here. Not sure how they are going to reveal it, but I honestly feel that the main culprit is someone who is around the three. Like always around the three. Have that gut instinct. And I don’t think it’s Jang at this point. Feel like he is the typical ocn scapegoat who is there to cover up the actual person. You know what is weird? It is said that it’s Kim’s father.but we don’t see his face. It could also means that his father could very well be alive. But nothing is set and stone at this point. I’m pretty confused because as of right now everyone feels suspicious to me....Hm...
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    If there is a time skip, either we will see TM/MG moving on without each other or TM/MG find each other again...it will be open ended. Perhaps the found earrings would bring them back..who knows. I do not want him with piano teacher. This is realistic views of relationships and not much fluff so I will go om watching till the head. I sort prepared myself yesterday for heartbreak with TM/MG. All relationships does not have happy endings and I'm glad we had three couples to watch. I was pulling for TM/MG to fight for happy ending. Relationships takes work.
  35. 7 points
    ...and strangle me.... ooooo mr dimples new drama will replace DS60. Team Kim on the move. 584
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    So. Scarlett and Ji Hwan - FINALLY! I was wondering why at the Lost & Found, the camera kept slowly cutting Scarlett off... was bugged by it and Ji Hwan just kept talking, then I realise... (I guessed it right)... that Scarlett is going to fly over to kiss him. Then the camera did it again when it's Scarlett's turn to speak, and I knew it instantly Ji Hwan will kiss her back passionately, LOLLLL. Nicely done, cinematography-wise. Not to mention all the phones start ringing and the colours, hehe. And ROFL at Scarlett squealing at the TV of Ji Hwan's kiss scene, and belatedly realising he's kissing someone else. BWAHAHAHA. Man, now then I realise he's gonna be kissing A LOT of actresses in future. Scarlett has thought of that, right? HAHA. Last part of Morgan and Tami - The Feels. Jang Ki Yong delivered an excellent performance. Seeing Tami sobbing her heart out breaks my heart. I was hoping she'd run back to Morgan & share with him the Barro's news, but obviously Show wouldn't do that so soon, we do have two more episodes left. Agree with both hands & feet. For her a debut script - she has already exceeded expectations. The quality is good enough for a nomination in the Baeksang's panel next year. Preview for Episode 15
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    CHAUMET - what a classy and elegant pieces of jewelries that bespeak of character... for the rich and famous beautiful people...thats where Ms. Song Hye Kyo is Now... Beyond the reach of cynic and egoistic people... Thank you Chaumet for giving Ms. Song Hye Kyo that Distinction. Haters will continue to hate, but who cares, not me though...
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    @Sejabin & @Lawyerh him crying for Sarang is funny @Sarang21 you need to watch love affair in the afternoon , they keep calling your name , Sarang where are you -2
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    Another line I live by!! Loyal to love! 572
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    @mylovekge you are too awesome! Thank you!! Such beautiful and artistic work, I wonder if they ate the macarons with such pretty pics on them - I couldn't eat those - I'd shrink wrap and frame them, LoL. So while I was too busy to add much here, seems there were some very unfortunate banter and some gnashing of teeth, but I am going to ignore everything of that 'incident' because I simply don't have anything good to add, and want to move on, really. I am grateful to all the fans here adding positive vibes and happy thoughts and continuing to make it a safe space for those who like SHS for any and all reasons. Just add a few more letters or a couple more words to your counters to get over the 20 character minimum lazy@jakey09. Or as I've mentioned, just add one of these to each counter - Hundreds, now thousands, to choose from. Or just paste your tweets here too - I like them all.
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    SHK - Quotes to ponder: - " Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else life. Don't be trapped by dogma, which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, '" - Steve Jobs - "' You have just one life to live, it is yours. Own it, Claim it, Live it, do the best you can with it." - Hillary Clinton - " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not." - Andre Hide - " I love those who can smile in trouble." - Leonardo da Vinci - " Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened," - Ludwig Jacobowski - " I'm not crying because of you, you're not worth it. I'm crying because my delusion of who you were was shattered by the truth of who you are." - Dr Steve Maraboli - " People have to pretend you're a bad person so they don't feel guilty about the things they did to you. God forbid they are accountable for their B'S'." - " God will put you back together right Infront of the people that broke you."
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    I’m with you on this. Don’t get me wrong either — I’ve liked this drama for the same reason and still like it, but as you have pointed out, I’m not so sure I like how Tammy has become so seemingly debilitated by this relationship with Morgan. I get that the relationship is meant to juxtaposed against her strong career-woman exterior, but it seems to be crippling her a bit too much. Even Morgan points it out - she can’t decide if she wants in or out, and truthfully, it’s getting tiring to watch. Personally, if he wants a family and she at 38 feels she doesn’t, it’s actually more responsible for her to be out of that relationship and move on. I too don’t want some sudden cop out unless he manages to get her change her mind about marriage and family. So far that doesn’t seem the case and there’s only fear gripping them at the centre of this relationship. Not very healthy. As Scarlett points out, “C’mon, Tammy! Being depressed doesn’t look good on you!” Now the relationship I’d really like to see moving along is the one between Ji Hwan and Scarlett. I’d love for her to tell him she wants to be more than a fan to him because she does not want to watch from afar. C’mon now! Take charge and stop moping about you two! It’s painful to watch!!
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    Loll of cause. IU is Joon Gi’s irl friend. Joon Gi will do anything for IU with a drop of his hat. Lol 572
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    dear moderator, posted this an hour after my last post, so I hope it's not considered a double posting or posting consecutively
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    This is a thriller drama Coldcase style but I find it witty when sunbaenim Han Suk Kyu deliver his lines. Its all passion same with Kim Hyun Joo - their chemistry is perfect!
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    While I agree that love and sexual attraction are not always enough to make a relationship work, I don't know that I would say that TM and MG should never have met nor been together. As MG said at the end in this most recent episode, they did love each other and their love had been meaningful. Whether they can actually be together or not, however, takes both of them to be committed. Heck, with any couple, even if they are committed to each other, the relationship will probably go through hard times. One can't start a relationship with nothing but reservations, however, as TM seems to have done.
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    Ok, let's take a deep breath..,...................... OMG .... Awesome..
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