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    To me, JI started dating GS because he asked her and she had no reason to reject him. Since she said that they were never lovey-dovey from the start which was confirmed by her colleague and friend YJ, I suspect that JI had no strong feelings for GS, when she accepted GS as her boyfriend. She just went with the flow... her sister got married to SH and SH was an acquaintance of GS. She might have thought: "why not?", since he showed interest in her. As for GS, JI could help him not to feel lonely as he had to give up his dream and his friends. Notice that he returned to his friends, the moment he realized that JI was leaving him. This is no coincidence that he visited his friends from the band. Right now, I don't think, he chose JI because she was strong-willed because she never showed anything like that before. She let him rule her life. I also noticed that when she felt uneasy/unhappy with GS (episode 1), she never voiced it, she remained silence which GS noticed. However, JI gave up and said that this was nothing. I have been watching the episode 1 again after knowing the evolution of their relationship, we can clearly see that JI had never expressed her feelings in front of GS that's why GS could often threaten her with the break up... she never expressed her disappointment. She allowed him everything therefore he could say that she had always been lenient towards him. To sum up, GS and JI never loved each other from the start that's why their relationship was doomed from the start. IT has nothing to do with a long relationship. In the first episode, JI even prefers spending time with YJ than with her boyfriend (first scene and in the scene 19:00 in the car). GS even chose work over her.
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    I actually sort of agree with the reviewer's comment about how KJW somehow "steadied" PMY's acting, although it's not exactly the term I would use. I remember thinking at one moment, although I can't remember which moment it was, in the latter half of the drama that PMY's acting somehow felt different, and I felt like it sort of had a KJW ~influence. Someone on another forum commented that KJW's acting had a similarity to Mads Mikkelsen in their "stillness", which I agree with (even the way they talk, a bit!) and I think that's what I felt at that moment in PMY's acting as the show progressed, and which I appreciated. It's hard to explain, haha. I think what KJW learned a lot from PMY was the comedy side of it. I disagree with the reviewer about PMY being uneven at the start; I somehow felt that it was KJW sort of finding his footing with the character and the comedy in the first couple or so episodes. I don't think the writing helped him either, but I think that's partly why I felt like RG had a personality transplant (a 90% transplant maybe) after that. In one of the pre-show interviews KJW praised PMY's comedic ability and how he thought that with rom com you needed to have a lot of expression, and that she could go through several expressions in the space of a second. So that seemed to be something he was trying to learn from watching her. (Btw I love the way he praises her acting in detail, like it's coming from someone who really wants to excel in their craft and appreciates the excellence in other actors.) So I think they both learned from each other, and isn't that the best kind of partnership, when you make each other better? Even when you're already good, there's always room to grow. And better yet, it looked like they had a lot of fun in the process.
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    Our cutest and adorable Father and Son, Ji Ho and Eun Woo. And the caption of this tweet made me laugh. “If next week you are still not with Jeong In, then let us be... please let me be!” MBC twitter update.
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    @bebebisous33, I like your first paragraph about how GS and JI got together; casually, mutual friends and why not? We don't know when GS started working with the bank, but the beginning of the relationship could have been when he was still in a band. If SH and GS were friends, JI may have been taken with SH and SI out to hear them. It obviously developed into a sexual relationship and that doesn't happen without some affection. So, they didn't start out passionately (lovey/dovey), but developed over time into a couple. At some point he started working at the bank and my speculation is that they started having friction then. He becomes too busy to spend time with her, they start arguing, somewhere he says he doesn't always win, and apparently he threatens repeatedly to break up because of his short fuse. When he says, "You can say you dumped me", it is probably because family (except his) and friends have accepted them as a couple and would expect some explanation. They were never really passionately in love, but lots of pairings and marriages are like this. GS refers to the honeymoon of the first month of a relationship, but says then it falls into a routine. He was satisfied with this, especially as his work life made more demands and I think he wanted to marry her because he didn't have the time, energy or even desire to start over. She expressed unhappiness to her friend before she met JH, friend doesn't really like her relationship with GS but JI tells JH later, that she had been confused for awhile, but just put off dealing with it. She has no role model relationships with which to compare hers. She wishes for "a passionate relationship where you don't get hurt", but she may not know if it is really possible. Then she refers to meeting JH as 3 seconds that can change your destiny. She has never felt this before and it pushes her to examine her feelings and relationship with GS. All relationships don't start out with this electricity, but it is hard to ignore if you keep running into each other. It is palpable and really hard to fight against. They are like magnets.
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    https://m.cafe.naver.com/choissajustory/5573 this is ppc's marital compatibility(궁합) analyzed by a Saju expert before wwwsk(April, 2018). marital compatibility is Korean version matchmaking and person's destiny or fate can be divined by the two sexagenary cycle characters assigned to their birth year, month, day, and hour. it is Korean tradition so even was made into a movie 궁합(eng title is The Princess and the Matchmaker, cast: Lee Seung Gi, Shim Eun-kyung). in the past, marital compatibility is really important. so if it was bad, parents objected to marriage. and even now, most Korean couples check out their marital compatibility before marriage. not seriously just for fun. so please read it just for fun. -ppc's marital compatibility- general review : the reason why desert is beautiful is because there is a hidden oasis. desert and an oasis meet like a fairy tale. PMY PSJ 丁 庚 丙 乙 甲 戊 未 寅 寅 巳 子 辰 oh my...(ppc marital compatibility is) really good. It is difficult to meet a lover who matches very well in marital compatibility. but their marital compatibility is very good. they will date. the possibility is very high. PMY is 丁 and PSJ is 乙. it means they want to help and approach each other. and 寅木(PMY) meets 子水(PSJ) and finally blooms. a tree(PMY) meets water(PSJ). it means their body and mind(soul) are very compatible. PMY is desert so she needs water. PSJ is an oasis which has lots of water. this level of marital compatibility is in the top 10%. if filming(wwwsk) started now, they already feel a mutual attraction.
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    This afternoon I happened to be stuck in my office for a couple of hours and I didn't feel like working on stuff so I decided to re-watch episode one of Spring Night. I'm midway through, and I had to stop to share what I just barely noticed during my first watch: GS and his dad are a lot alike, in a bad way. The first time we see JI and GS together in his car, he continually puts her down in sly little ways. Like telling her that she is "always like that" and that she is the one at fault. He even tells her just to get out of the car and he leaves before seeing that she gets in the apartment entrance. He makes it painfully obvious that he takes her for granted and that he doesn't really care. On her part, JI acts as though she has been rained on too many times and that's she so ground down there's little point fighting. GS meets his father for lunch but GSDad has already ordered before GS arrives. This implies that he can't be bothered to take any extra time with his son and also that he doesn't care what GS wants to eat. He makes it clear that he wants GS to dump JI and find someone "better for business" purposes. He says things that are subtle insults about GS as well as JI. When GSDad shows up at JIDad's office, he is at it again subtly. It's JIDad's office but GSDad is very clear about taking the leader's seat. Yes, he is in charge of JIDad but taking his personal seat at the office is a big put down, and it shows that JIDad is cowed. GSDad then proceeds to make JIDad uncomfortable by letting him know that JI had better marry someone else. Before he leaves, he insists that JIDad meet him for lunch. He says "Don't you want to?" before JIDad even has a chance to respond. And then he adds insult to injury by saying, "tomorrow or another day" as though he is the only one with a schedule to keep. GSDad does all this to show who is top dog, and JIDad is left whimpering. GS is employing the same sort of subtle intimidation tactics with JI. He obviously learned this at home and he may not even realize quite how devastating it can be in a relationship. I knew I didn't like GS and his dad right from the outset, and I can see more clearly why on re-watching. That passive aggressive nonsense is the worst! And I was reminded of something I learned years ago about how Not to argue with your Significant Other: Don't use the words "always" or "ever" when you are upset and talking about the SO's behavior ("you always do this" or "you never do that") because it's aggressive and unfair; instead, you should say "I felt sad when you cancelled our date (or whatever the incident was)" because you need to express how you feel and not accuse about what SO has done. So hearing GS say that "you're always like that" thing really got on my nerves. I bet that's something he heard a lot from his dad at home when he was growing up. We fight with others the way our family fought with us. It's bad behavior that we can unlearn but GS doesn't seem enlightened enough to be aware.
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    can I add that I think JI becomes GS' gf just because a sort of rebellion against his Dad who doesnt like of him being a musician..JI being a rebound of his frustration .
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    This is the new ad of Ji Min. Wah! Jung In should be in cloud 9 if their drama relationship getting more intimate. credit to author
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    Exactly! And he's so much about the "convenience" in a relationship that he takes sex for granted, too--not sure which episode it was but the line was unforgettable: couples don't need permission. He is so wrong. And GS is also so wrong-headed when he takes pot-shots against JI such as you mentioned. It shows how little respect she gets and how much he thinks he deserves. At the end of the first episode, it was impossible not to notice how very different JH is with JI. When she wants to meet at the pharmacy, there's no question: he's running to her, even though he doesn't know why she wants to see him. He won't talk outside in the cold weather either because that's not good for her. Then he gets her a cup of tea (un-asked) to see that she's warm and welcome. How long has it been since GS made her feel warm and welcome? Has he ever? It's no surprise that she would immediately fall for JH's kindness since that is something she has been starved of. Some people have mentioned JI's difficult personality. It's true that she can be hard to read. She's tsundere (gruff at first but kind underneath that), and I think that must come from growing up with a dad like she has. He's just as controlling and demeaning as GSDad; becoming tsundere is a means of self-protection when you've learned as a child that others cannot be trusted. To a degree, JI has some similarities with her dad because she tends to order people around (like her library buddy and like JI when she corrects his parenting). Speaking of the library buddy, I don't entirely trust her. The first thing we hear her saying to JI is that she would like to trade for GS. A lot of truth comes out in jest, and I'd bet she's jealous of JI. That is likely to mean she could make trouble (either intentionally or accidentally) with JH. Hard to believe we're at the halfway point with Spring Night. I'm gonna have to re-watch the rest now.
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    I read someone comments i think in dramabeans that the writer trust us to remember the conversations that are mentioned few episodes back. That is why the civil servant want to be is so embarrased. I find the sentence interesting in ep 13-14 (extract from dramabeans): "she admits that she still wants to hope for a relationship where she isn’t the only passionate one, and a love where she doesn’t get hurt." Somehow i felt that she did put in effort before but slowly erode to become what it is and no desire it to end up in marriage. I find that GS temper also tamed by JI as he knows very well when she is angry but i guess she always gotten hurt in the end after their fight and end up like what we see in ep 1. She just remain silence as a way of disagreeing but avoid any arguement. if i remember correctly, gs is attracted by ji because of her strong character. But i guess he also tamed her in many ways. i agree with all the not so good examples surround her. She should feel very disheartened with marriage too.
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    You are welcome dearies!! The pleasure is all mine Val! Aww love love @ajboomer28's edit!! Makes me rofl every single time. Thank you for reposting it dearie!! Lmao uri co - captain was so daring! When their Bts is more romantic than the actual drama scene Chincha these two!! What are they doing holding hands! ctto
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    I agree with your observations but since GS was the only one who pointed out the first month of the "honeymoon", it actually clearly shows that GS had more feelings towards JI than she had towards him and he was the one who asked her out. JI remarked that they were never lovey-dovey from the start which implies that JI's heart had never been so touched like it had with JH. But GS didn't love JI that deeply because he didn't really respect her. However, in the first episode, we clearly see that JI has definitely a romantic side which she hides pretty well. She is annoyed, when GS mentions the marriage in a casual way. Then with her colleague, she declares: "The first encounter could be all you need to be smitten by someone, like destiny". And the fact that she doesn't believe in horoscops indicates her strong will. She explains to her friend that she doesn't like horoscops because she feels restrained: "don't do this, don't do that". This didn't catch my attention during the first viewing, but it already showed that JI has always been strong-willed and doesn't like being told what to do but she allowed it with her boyfriend.
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    These scenes were deleted from drama, but appeared in official MV 'Because of You'. His eyes already killed me
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    This is a bit long. I'm *really*, *really* new here compared to all of you. But I think that gives me some perspective. I've seen on reddit ('Why are Kdrama couples shipped') that we are some of the most admired shippers because we don't bring the drama and are supportive and positive. I think we are shipping in the right way and I 1000000% support all of you. This is great space and I don't think we don't really need to respond to further comments like this. They deserve a response because we are considered good shippers and we should not, would not continue shipping if the rumours were true (yes there was backlash but that does not mean that he did anything wrong or shameful). @Shipper07 I appreciate that you have concerns about JWC's private life. We all did when that news came out... In fact I was watching SP for the first time when the news broke... it was how I found this forum. The response you are receiving from fellow shippers isn't because people haven't read those articles and comments that you mention but because it was cleared up so quickly--even with SBS clarifying and apologising for insinuating any connection between JWC and the BS scandal. Furthermore during the Fan Meet he specifically (if not directly) addresses the scandal: (thank you @Changsky for posting the translation and Riri and Excitedgal for the translation itself) As everyone has rightly said, it is perfectly fine to go clubbing and have a social life. But to let rumours dominate your thinking will only make you more likely to believe those rumours. So I hope that my post has helped reassure you that 1-he has reflected on his behaviour and 2-with the help of friends and family decided that he is living a good life. He also would have lost all of those magazine features and photoshoots if those publications even for one moment believed that the scandal was real. As a final thought, I sincerely do not believe that someone like Hyunnie would go within a mile of him if the scandal was even remotely true. Yes it did come out after her trip to the musical but I can't imagine she would want to post anything related to him on her ig if there was any truth in the supposed scandal. (her ig post of her wearing a dress that she danced with Wookie in is very much a connection to them... k actors are hyper aware of things like that because fans are so involved--that isn't delulu but a fact). At the end of the day, perhaps shipping here isn't going to be the right thing for you as a shipper. I wish you the best and hope that you continue shipping in your own way. x
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    I love reading everyone's thoughts on this. I love how daily mundane interactions have so many meanings in this drama that displays characters' personalities. What is everyone's thoughts on how JH's refusal to pay for JI's meals? I didn't think much when I first watched, but now I believe it meant something like if i am buying a meal, it's a date, and we're dating.
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    @thistle I had a lot of free time today hence I started watching the episodes from the start again, just like you. You are so point on about the similarity in the behavior between GS and his father. Both act as they are superior to others and keep looking down on others. While GS's father is trying to meddle in his son's life, GS is doing the same with JH's life. In the episode 3, he even makes the comment that they should find a lady for him. He is definitely not different from his father. He doesn't respect JH and his feelings. While in the past, I used to think that the coincidences of GS's appearance around JH could be a clue that he was already aware of JH's attraction towards JI, I realized that these scenes had a different purpose. GS's words and actions actually reflect something else: 1- When he visits JH at the pharmacy, he asks for vitamins because his girlfriend is recently stressed. His words outline that he is blaming JI for the momentary struggle in their couple. His words show that he doesn't even question his own behavior. 2- When at the restaurant, he asked her if there was someone else, it was the same. He is indirectly implying that someone else could have attracted JI's attention/affection. So here again, he was implying if she was cold and distant, it meant, someone else was responsible for the struggle in their relationship. At no moment, he even asked himself if he hadn't done anything wrong. Either JI or someone else was responsible that JI was not so happy with the marriage. To sum up, he is clueless because he doesn't listen to JI's words. She asked for more respect but he kept pressuring her. Furthermore, something else caught my attention about GS's words. He considers marriage as a duty because from the start, he keeps mentioning "we should get married". "We have been together for so long hence a marriage is inevitable". It is all about duty and convenience. In other words, just like his dad, he considers this marriage with JI as a business, while he keeps saying to his father that he wants to marry for love. He is a hypocrite. As for the father, he complains that his son is immature but in reality, he has become like that because of his father's remarks. Like the father, like the son...
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    Yes, even JI said that after seeing her sister's marriage, she was kind of disenchanted by marriage. I have the impression that JI did put a lot of effort to maintain her relationship with GS like you pointed out. However, deep down, it was no real big love. I have the feeling that JI is someone who has a great sense of responsibility hence she always tries to do her best at everything. This explains why JI accepted all these threads of break up coming from GS. By doing so, GS made her feel guilty somehow... as if she was to blame for the break up. Furthermore I realize that she is always attempting to solve her problem with GS on her own. She aks for advice from her friend and sibling, yet she wants to solve her problem on her own. Now, JH is teaching her to rely on him which she never did before. And that is the major reason why GS is so lacking. In their couple, they never acted together, GS led his life without telling what kind of work he was doing. She had no idea about his job, there was no real communication. He told her what he was doing but that was it. When he was busy, he was happy that JI would spend time with her friend YJ so that he could work at home. As conclusion, GS and JI never had deep conversations and never spent time together, except eating and going home together.
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    ======= “Pursuing happiness not thru others, instead i’m looking for the happiness by myself, to become happier” -Ji Chang Wook The Big Issue Korea vol. 205
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    Thank you very much chinggu. Appreciate it. But can't find it lol. Can you email me the link. Thanks again. @Koosleethank you chinggu too I hope the links work tomorrow.
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    it's been a while i didn't post in this thread after the drama ended... I'm actually successfully moved on from this drama because i was too concentrate compiling KJW's laughter clips from his previous drama.. But i come here and i really need to tell you guys this before i forget about this...i actually wanna tell you guys one thing about the proposal scene.. When Ryan was on his knees and when Deokmi do the talking while crying, i can clearly see from this side that he is so emotional and nervous looking at her with his red eyes while so hard trying to hold his tears... But when the camera focus on his face, the mood is different from above shot. This shot, not the same mood from the above pic. Did you guys understand what I'm trying to say here? I think they have done a few shot and this probably after KJW couldn't hold himself and he cried during PMY turn to do the talking ..so they made this shot again after he wiped his tears. Because it's so obvious that we can clearly see that a his eyes a bit swollen after crying. Geeezzzz i don't know how many time they have to do this scene .. Must be so emotional for both of them when doing that proposal scene ..My Goshhhh the most surreal, emotional and sincere proposal scene in kdrama I've ever watched so far!!
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    @masthu queen of gifs, thank you for brightening our day and being a wizard and conjuring the best gifs ever. On a lighter note: I’ve been debating about posting this because I don't know if it has been posted before and I can be a bit lazy... However we need a pick me up. In an interview 2014.12.20 with Entertainment Weekly for Healer, PMY says that she isn’t like her character because her character is tone deaf and can’t dance and makes havoc when she drinks. Wookie chimes in saying that he finds that cute and lovable. PMY gives him side eye, like ‘really you that is cute?’ (Start watching at 1:10... ) Therefore since 2014 he has said he finds women who can’t really sing and can’t really dance cute and lovable. And this is before Hyunnie's adorable duet with PHS (2014.12.31)--where our co-captain couldn't stop smiling-- and before Suspicious Partner even existed (or was a glimmer in any writer or director's eye). It gives a whole new meaning to having waited 8 years to meet her... Now, since I have so much to do today in real life, I am going to take a two hour break and write a treatment for a drama that will surprise everyone with how similar it is to real life... you might even think that it is based on real people...
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    @2handsintertwined, please don’t be sad. You absolutely belong here like every ALML’s fans. About hubby and wifey, don’t worry. They are not (officially) dating yet, so you still have time to catch up on their sweet moments.
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    I love all your insights about GS's father. Actually what i liked about this drama is the characters are not really bad except SH. They are just flawed, which is only natural as we are all humans and nobody is perfect. That is why I can't really hate GS. His views might be different but that is how he was brought up in a well to do family. He is not naturally bad compared to SH who is a real jerk. I hope he will not be made into a character where we can easily root for JH because he has gone nuts. It is only now that he is realizing what JI is to his life. And losing her will really make him alone and lonely. The problem is JI has seen someone who has given her the attention and that love that she is really longing for. GS will find it so hard to accept because JH has this flaw that even considering as rival did not cross his mind. He will continue to cling to JI but JI's heart is with someone else and that would be so hard to accept. @Pmyonlythank you for the gifs. So lovely
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    @fauna Well said. PMY is indeed a very capable actress. I first saw her in City Hunter and have been a fan ever since. There is no doubt that KJW did an amazing job with Ryan Gold. But the reason we enjoyed the tandem so much is because both KJW and PMY are seasoned actors. It is a fact that KJW received the lion share of the attention and oftentimes credit for HPL and I get it. He is such a brilliant artist and has been overlooked for so long that it is only fair that he is receiving the much deserved accolades. But that cannot undermine the fact that PMY made Sung Deok Mi such a lovable fangirl. In the beginning there were a few scenes where PMY overacted, but I think it was what was expected of her. If you try to reason why as 33 year old woman is squealing in joy over meeting a 20 year old idol, it would seem ludicrous. But fangirling does not follow logic. As you said, the swing scene was heart-fluttering (even though none of us really wanted or even expected the outcome to be different) and it was a very thoughtful suggestion. So I'm not sure if KJW really steadied PMY's acting. they fed off each other's energy and created some memorable moments as Ryan-Deok Mi. Love them both to bits!!!
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    The best thing you can do is listen to your instinct. I often put off dramas until I know what the ending will be--if it's gonna be sad and if I care about the drama a lot, I know I won't be able to take it. Take best care of yourself; if you don't, nothing else in your life will work. I'm worried about the ending of this drama, too, and I don't think that's childish at all. Several posters have mentioned that they are reminded of the movie City of Angels which does not end well. Here's the best part about waiting for a drama to end before you watch it: 1. If the ending is bad, then you will have spared yourself the pain of watching. 2. If the ending is happy, then you have something to look forward to watching. So, Either way, it's win/win. Although there are a lot of posters here who are huge fans of this drama, I'm still on the fence about it. I find the storytelling uneven and I don't necessarily like the characters, although the main leads are talented. It's okay to watch. It's okay to wait. And it's okay to like a drama only a little bit even though other people are over the moon about it. Do what is best for you. By the way, welcome to posting!
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    When OTP share same habit! I bet a certain insect interfering can’t beat that!
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    I think she was kidding. There are lots of episodes but it is no need for this show to go makjang. I like it because of that. In the preview, Sun ja is talking with In Sook. I think she is telling Sun Ja to don`t say anything about her. It is the first to see in kdramas a confesion sitting down on the asphalt.
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    My history research so far. 1. Asa Sin (Great Mother, Asa clan) and Risan = original 'mother' and 'father' who went to south (Iark) 2. Aramun Haesulla = God of union, Asa-sin's envoy, represented by (hammer of the wind, lonicera flower, and kanmoreu). It's clear that ES and Tanya are Aramun Haesulla who will bring end to the world. 3. Great White Wolf = I believe she is Asa Sin (Great Mother) , Wahan's mother. She came from Arth, thus explained why she said 3 rules that Wahan's tribe must obey (not climbing the cliff, not planting seeds, and not taming animals). This explains why Wahan speak same language with Saram because they are same descendants. 4. Wahan's Great White Wolf prophecy: “The one who breaks the shell shall appear on the day the Azure Comet appears, along with death. And the Wahan tribe shall no longer be the same.” This is confirmed to be a curse, the cursed children, ES and Tanya are the one who will bring end to Arth. 5. Cheonbuin (heaven items): It is said that 3 heaven items were giving life to the world and shall be the end of it as well. It appeared 20 years ago (assuming when ES and Tanya were born). Those are: sword, bell, and mirror. Asa Sakan said Asa Sin brought those things with her when she left to Iark. I believe the byeoldaya that Mubaek found at sacred tree in Iark is one of them. Hence, Choseol Mother told Tanya to find it and draw the symbol that can only be found on the back side of real byeoldaya (not the fake one in the white mountain). Sword and bell are currently unknown. What we know is, Asa Sin and Risan went to Iark, away from Arth. Aramun chased them there, riding his horse Kanmoreu. Question is, why they went to Iark in the first place? They were quite similiar to Asa Hon and Ragaz in terms of blood (although Risan is prolly a Saram, not Neanthal). Before, I think Aramun is their son but in eps 2 it said that he is Asa Sin's envoy. Hence what is the real identity of Aramun? If he's an igutu, who's his parent? Anyway, it's clear that it's Tagon (Saram, eventhough he's an igutu) versus ES and Tanya (Aramun). Why does Aramun come back and want to end Saram (Arth) whilst he's the founder of it? While we all know the cliche answer, but really what does he want? For people to go back and live freely in nature like Wahan Tribe? Or to have monarchy, king and all? (cos Tanya supposed to be the first politician or something). Looking forward to next episode and how things will turn out! I just rewatched eps 1 and I found something interesting. It seems like Neanthal's language is reverse version of Korean. Pay attention to Sanung and Rankruv scene. When Sanung said he wants to 'join hand' Rankruv said "ekk mah" which is reversed from "ham kke" = "together" in Korean. Also Rankruv said "human" as "ma ras" which reversed from "saram" = people / human I can explain this the whole day but I think the evidence is enough. Haha. I can't believe I just realized it now.
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    Reading someone's post just made me lose all my brain cells! I hope that fly never returns! While in NamJi land.... Never mess with NamJi! NamJi together screams DANGER Lmao the casualty rate is so high. Poor SP crew
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    Amazing Jung Hae In and no sleeping Han Ji Min. The article is more about jung hae in credit to author
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    I also feel now it's a running joke between them, something they talk about in jest, like an insider thing. I find it cute.
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    @titania1000 He awesome , man with little words, he never disappoints me - maybe secretly I have crush on him * how can someone have this affect on someone
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    Yes, it takes two to create incredible chemistry on the screen. Truth be told, I enjoyed the couple interactions even more than the kissing. Thanks to the ad-libbing, those teasing and loving scenes felt so real, so natural, so intimate, and she is the master of ad-libbing. KJW even had trouble keeping up with her at one point, during the bts where she was teaching him Hwatu. He also said in the bts that he found the fake relationship breakup scene to be more difficult than he thought. Ahn Bo Hyun said that despite the ratings, the crew looked forward to seeing the ad-libbing of these two great actors each day. PMY also gave ABH the idea to pull the chain of her swing to him during his confession scene. I think she did a great job acting like his sister in the drama, and the awkwardness after his confession. Their sibling vibe was very genuine on her part. PMY had the more difficult role, having to portray a professional curator, a squeeing fangirl, a loyal sibling, and an insightful girlfriend, all contained in one person. She also had to be someone who suppressed the memory of her dead brother, with her fear of driving and dreams of playing with a third boy who was not KJW or ABH. I’m so grateful that these two wonderful method actors got to do improv with each other with a director who wanted improv from them, resulting in the most realistic falling in love scenes I have ever seen in Kdrama. They deserve all the kudos!
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    I think it’s KBS plan to sell Director’s Cut Blu-Ray by including those deleted scenes plus more of - Yeon Seo , Matil dancing scenes - Dan's funny moments - DanYeon lovely scenes - BTS of KMS + SHS sweet scenes - Non-broadcast scenes from Guerrilla date - 2nd press conference video I hope I can afford to buy that. Anyway, good night
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    Actually the oldest co-star playing as main lead againts Park Min Young was Kim Myung Min (1972), but there was no love line between them. Other OTP whose older was Sung Seong Heon (1976), followed by Jang Dong Geun (1979), Chung Jung Myung (1980), Kim Jae Wook (1983) and Yeon Woo Jin (1984). But the most popular of PMY drama (sungkyunghwan scandal, city hunter, healer and wwwsk), paired her with same age to younger costar. But I agree that this is the first time Kim Jae Wook ever got the girl in Kdrama. So PMY was special for KJW. PMY herself said it in ep 0 that KJW was generous.
  42. 8 points
    @babyval22 She did for the 2017 one for sure but I don't think that Hyunnie was working with Aluu then... maybe(delulu-ing, delula-laying) she saw Hyunnie (and the way Wookie looked at her) and was like: 'I need to get my hands on her right now!' ... also, you'd be totally forgiven if you stumbled across the Aluu accounts and thought you'd found a JiJi shipping account
  43. 8 points
    LMAO. Thank you dearie for always bringing the cheer to our MT. HAHAHA. Reminds me of this clip that @ajboomer28 did! Hehe. Hehe. Yeap if i didn't remember wrongly we did discussed it before. Haha. It was really cute how Wookie was just looking at H doing her thing on stage smiling at her adoably even though at that time, there wasn't anything between them. And then boom fast forward 2 years later, fate worked her magic with them. Haha. Okay.. maybe at that time, H was already with ALUU so they greeted each other and i was pretty sure orabeoni meant orabeoni until she started calling him oppa, hence those kinda adoring look (i may be biased) that he wore while watching her perform. LOL. But hey, it's a logical theory especially if she was already with ALUU at that time. JMY must have been dressing both of them at the same time since they went to the same awards. LOL.
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    Being so busy & so tired lately & wanna have something sweet!!!.... Such a delightful taste for overcome the bitterness!!! I love vanilla cake! (Modeling, texturing, lightning & rendering all by me) Dear @triplem @Lmangla @Ameera Ali @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 @phoenix24 @gladys0710 @Pyar @parkeunbinchoidaniel @Heidi Seow & all other chingus here... Enjoy!!!!!
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    This scene was very haunting. Shin Hye Sun is soo good.. The part when she cupped his face thinking him Dan KIm, I thought oh my, is she going to kiss him?
  46. 8 points
    I just love this scene they are so in sync of each other. Han ji min in her new jewelry ad is just so elegantly beautiful
  47. 8 points
    Celebrating Father's Day with daddy Ji Ho! Now re-watching episode 7 and 8!
  48. 8 points
    @jakey09 He is really giving her a cheeky expression that feels like only they know the meaning behind it. 100% Agree and love how it was shot. My favourite is when she jumps into Dan embrace ....sorry I have watched this part to many times now and cannot still get over it.
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    “The prettiest thing I’ve ever seen” -------- ---------- “This is a dream, isn’t it?”
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