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    I captured two lines only but these were also discussed by @ElectricHearts; @elizza and @TotoroSY. Let me just add that in 2011 , there was an interview where SYJ mentioned that she did not want to date men having the same job as hers but she accepted that it is hard and may not be true anymore. My take is that like HB's interview also, they both want their love one to understand the demands of their work and passion but many will fail here. HB is more open and expresses it so well that really he is GENUINE! He said that many (maybe based on past experience) can seem to handle the irregular pattern but there are some part that they( again maybe based on his past) cannot handle and he is just waiting for someone who is able to handle the uncertainty. He implicated too that to be able to do this, she maybe in the same discipline. SYJ on the otherhand mentioned in one on the spot interview where the reporter was so insistent that she finds a boyfriend and she said she tried hard but maybe they avoid her because she is famous. The sweet part was that SYJ mentioned that while filming The Negotiation, they had to meet with Dir. Lee Jong Suk to discuss the different scenes and during these meetings she found out that she and HB had similar experiences in the past about their careers. She is very smart in constructing her words during interviews because she is guarding her reputation . Do not call me on these statement because i have basis. In so doing, she expresses the truth but very subtle and because she has learned her lessons from past experiences. What drew them to each other is first, a natural physical attaction. I believe they admired each other even as young celebrities. They watched each other's work and in so doing, you can observe the person physically. I am pretty sure they read the news; celebrity feedbacks, internet so from SYJ, she was a fan and will always support and cheer for HB. Second, HB is a perfectionist in his acting. The reason that he was caught in SYJ's web is the unpredictable acting displayed by SYJ in a critical scene in TN. Here as HB described it, you will see clearly how he is passionate also about acting. His vocabulary is soooo Romantic! I do not know if he realizes it. I went past back his interviews but did not see this way of expression from HB. The so called "unexpectedness... " from SYJ was what made our HB fall in love. He said, SYJ is grateful ; comfortable to be with ; they have similar energy and passion preparing for a role but what made him want to work with her again is the joyful energy and enthusiasm that SYJ has and her eyesmiles. SYJ expresses her desire to be with HB differently. Her girly and loving gazes and looks betray her . I have observed all videos with them again and again and try to catch those loving looks and your heart will flutter! To conclude, the excitement in their relationship continues as HB discovers the wealth of good qualities his woman has. In the Master of the House , was a revelation for SYJ on keeping herself fit and attaining good stamina as most of her partners commented about her. Also, IF HB is organized and neat, also SYJ coming from the comment of the crew in Master of the House. I think, SYJ fell for HB not only because that guy showed her how to be loved but HB's handsomeness is "MANLY". Funny, i was watching a video where he was telling the audience that he is indeed very MANLY! Why? A strong woman needs a manly male then she gladly surrender . HB can be classified as a risk taker whereas SYJ is guarded and cautious . They balance each other. SYJ WANTS A KIND HEARTED MAN SHE IS COMFORTABLE WITH TO HAVE DISCUSSIONS WITH WIT - HB HB WANTS A KINDHEARTED WOMAN WHO CAN COOK AND IS FUN TO BE WITH - SYJ They both understand their passions; they both swim and play golf; they can both Travel. However, there is a CAVEAT to the above: HB IS VERY HANDSOME; GGW AND IS VERY ATTRACTIVE . Hmmmm.... SYJ said handsome men are BURDENSOME (comment on JWS) Irony: SYJ ROCKS THE WHOLE of KOREA ...... so Jinnie.... be fair. Love HB . So many women are envious of you!
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    Hi Everyone! I really hate this dark theme so it’s really hard for me to post lately.. Suddenly, out of curiosity, and also because we already quite sure that our couple is already one set now.. I want us to vote, based on your instincts : “When will be the time for our couple official announcement ?” (Cry emoji) : Never (Shocked) : July-Sept 2020 (LOL) : Oct-Dec 2020 (Like) : Jan-March2021 (Love) : Apr-June2021 (Awesome) : July-Sept 2021 (Insightful) : Oct-Dec 2021 (Thanks) : Jan-March 2022 (Twerk) : Apr-June 2022 (RickRoll’d) : July-Sept 2022 (Naughty ) : Oct-Dec 2022 (Off Topic) : After 2022 *please give your vote based on the reaction that you gave into this post *announcement can be dating/engagement/wedding, whatever comes first For me, my answer is “/LOL”
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    I'm loving this photo book The king is slaying all other ships y'all. In his sword we trust
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    My husband got very jealous of my Binnie obsession until he found that I am equally obsessed about Jinnie, then he just decided that I am weird and left it at that. He would definitely be the president of the Husband club, the one that's competing with HB club He also tried hard to become a fan of Jinnie or some other korean actress just to compete with me, but unfortunately he has a tough time remembering names and gave up on that too. The other day in the car I played "That man" on loop while out on a drive, my husband and kids' faces and reactions were something to remember
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    I so agree with her he is never been so goofy on his previous post why sudden change minoshi !!!!! the mukbang was so good
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    Brace yourself with many new and great photos of HB from HLScience CF released by VAST. He looks so young and radiant in these photos <3 Credit: VAST and https://post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=28741278&memberNo=32146648
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    Sending light to this dark mode thread to cleanse our eyes And this...just for fun. I love GY ajhussi...
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    they look at each other's eyes with adore and affection adorable bromance ROYALTY
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    ======== who's the biggest threat from our MinEun ship?
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    Wow.. another..article on CLOY'S reception in Japan... I still remember some naysayers in this forum saying that though CLOY is good but it can never achieve the status of other Hallyu hits and will be forgotten soon.. They even said CLOY'S popularity is nothing compared to some other hit dramas aired in the last 10 years.. Atleast they should've given CLOY some time before saying all those things..and now Lol!! here we have CLOY being directly compared to Winter Sonata... Some points from the article: *The dramas that didn't air in Japan's terrestrial network never recieved such a craze.. * This phenomenon is happening when Korea and Japan relations have hit the worst phase in the last few years. * Male viewers are drawn to it even if they are not fond of rom-com. Read the full article here..It is quite amusing. http://m.jpnews.kr/23069
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    Tho I read somewhere that people flocked along Han River in case LMH shows up again in an ungodly hour. How can these lovebirds date in peace?
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    @RosesAreRed you know what this reminds me of? It looks like an effing wedding album. My wedding album looks similar. I ---
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    Binnie FINGERS crashing landing on YJ shoulder since 2018... Only Jinnie can make our shy Binnie SMILE SO WIDELY showing his teeths and crash landing his fingers on her shoulder marking his terrority.
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    @AgentQuake haha my magic marker has gone into retirement haha Now I just do small photoshop creations instead hahah such as LMH and KGE's favorite "handsome" bodyguard: I think if I were to do for real photoshop projects on LMH....it might get too hot to handle in here
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    yessss agreed with your points correct About that press con since you bring it on then as a person who handle media here in one of my duties then I will say KUDOS to him with his courage to do whatever he did in press con back then.... When you deal with media whether it is press con, media briefing, virtual media meeting, Skype interview, doorstop interview, you always need to be extra meticulous with the answers, the timing given to media, the scenario, the recorded version of your own due to make sure the news released will be correct as the actual events. We don't want any miscommunication, twisted story-line, etc. Hell you know all that He, Lee Minhoo was the main attention to the press con wanted to prolong the time frame and he personally asked the media to do so even said that internet media can give more time for him..hahahah... I was like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt So you can notice the reaction of other cast including our Queen hahahhaa... But I was happy to watch his attitude in his honest gesture to enjoy his time there..getting to know more of his Queen... Then the Oppa thing....Omaigattttt How could a senior Hallyu super star ask his leading lady directly in media press con to call him OPPA???? He tried to get Dohwan in between but still all those things made me cringed a bit on how their public officers will make sure the news still in the limit hahahaha...from media relation's point of view not Oppa the King's point of view...He obviously didn't care at all as long as he was happy with her and be near her hahahha...WHAT A BOY IN LOVE
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    WOW!! Thanks for posting this!! I still recall that both of us were some of the CLOY fans who defended the impact of CLOY, and asked the naysayers not to judge CLOY so fast, and wait and see. We also argued about how cultural impact is not measured just by fashion and OST getting viral, but in the case of CLOY it was influencing social-political conversations which is even more important. And now our patience and also confidence towards CLOY has finally paid off!! I still recall when Winter Sonata was brought out as a comparison, and we were even humble enough to say that of course we cannot compare with 1st generation hallyu wave where there was also a first-time advantage. WELL, I am glad to be proven wrong!! So many japan media has compared CLOY's impact with Winter Sonata. I thot it will need terrestial TV airing for CLOY to achieve that same impact, and its almost impossible these days. But because the world has changed and due to the digital TV age, coupled with Covid19, all the factors work together for the amazing CLOY impact in Japan. There was also another article in CLOY drama thread that shows Filmarks rating for both overseas and domestic drama in the 1st half of 2020 in Japan. CLOY scored the HIGHEST for both overseas and domestic dramas satisfaction rating! So its both high viewership and high quality rating!! Congrats to the CLOY team and of course to Binjin !! I am quite sure there are many invites for interviews and photo ops, even fan meets in Japan (and many other countries). But since there is no traveling right now, hope they can at least have some online interviews with media..... ====================================== I really love this tweet about YJ looking for a nice guy who makes her laugh, and then she found HB. A supposedly "no jam" sort of person but has become a comedian, just for YJ.
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    Mad respect for LMH KGE. Imagine filming the whole day/night, riding horse, fight scenes, emotional scenes, but still all smiles behind the cam! Oh love!!! 2 people in love, each other's happy pill.
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    Will they release an ebook version? Agh... Snippets https://m.dcinside.com/board/gunju/88523 @KGE fan 1217 -I agree with what you said with the ‘blinking LMH and KGE’. Those are true but I can’t quote since I was way past the pages it’s difficult now to backread. And this might be late as I already saw the constant blinking analysis on the previous pages during my backreading in this darkness—a person’s average daily blinking is actually 13000 plus and we do that unconsciously throughout the day. But in a comparative research conducted between couples and strangers done by relationship counselors sometime in 2015-2016 (I forgot the name of the actual study), one of the results is related to a person’s trust level. A person blink twice as much and as fast when they are in front of someone they trust and comfortable with. It’s because a person is around someone they like, trust and love, they are more laid-back and their guards are down. That is compared to when someone is surrounded by strangers or people they fell less emphathetic with. That’s when humans tend to be more alert with all visible movements. Have no time to search for that study again because this shipping already pinned me down. But what I’m saying is...how can we not believe these two are meant to be?
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    Also I see different vibes in his pre and post TKEM posts. He used to post a lot travel or work related pictures. Recent posts seemed to be reflecting his moods and relationships with other people.
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    Overload of beautifulllllll. Im woman but im fall in love with her. How abt u, "lmh ssi ????" Kkk
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    As far as I read online, though there are no reports from mainstream media, there are a bunch of Chinese shippers online (in Weibo and YouTube). Some fans even did a Tarot video about our couple! I guess a large portion of both of their fans know one thing or two about their relationship. Also, Mr Giddy is a bit too obvious most of the time, not that I have any complaints though lol I am betting on LMH having a deal with the media or something else. Otherwise I think most probably they should have been got caught already. But now, it’s still so quiet from all fronts. Not knowing why, I have guts feelings that if they come out, it would be an engagement or even wedding news, rather than just a dating announcement. Lol Perhaps I am a bit too biased.
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    Oh gosh, shy adult Binnie will be the death of me Why so adorable, be still my heart No wonder Jinnie teases him so much, just imagine standing next to him and seeing him go all shy, those dimples making their cute appearance, I would want to tease him over and over again too (Also, if my husband ever asks, I was never on this forum, OK, you're all my grocery sisters, keep this comment to yourselves)
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    Ahaha, don't forget to swipe for the punchline ladies https://www.instagram.com/p/CCX-0zYpOOr/?igshid=ckt1i2hypqp8
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    That's a very good point about there being some sort of hype around our ship DESPITE TKEM not "doing well" in SK. Meaning the hype is all about the pairing by itself and the show has little to do with it. It adds credibility to the whole pairing.
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    interview from Kanryu Magazine translated in Indo by husnulme at instagram hope someone can check the translations (its in Indonesian) Reasons why LMH x KGE has the potential to be "One True Pair" Please check No 3 answer of LMH.......she gives me "calmness". It just confirms the observation we have made with them together, he acts very gentle with her and the vibe is very at ease. its not a rollercoaster of emotions, but feels at home and calm, from the bts to instagram photos, to all their interactions with each other... may just be delulu and reading too much into things, but this is the emotion I felt when I knew my husband was the right man for me (and he felt the same too) and this response I also get from other married couples, just my two cents... Then I remember KGE saying on the first presscon, he always made her feel at ease from the start and didn't feel like there was an "awkward part" of getting along, and hit right off. https://www.huffpost.com/entry/what-it-feels-like-to-connect-with-soulmate_n_5beb6559e4b044bbb1a9f7c1 curiosity: (plus also in the interview, LMH was always curious to work with her and KGE also found him attractive and is a longtime fan of LMH....) sense of humor: they laugh at the same jokes, and on sbs, they have same answers attraction: and can we forget their kiss scenes (with their eyelids fluttering non stop) good day everyone!
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    Hi chingus, Logged in w/ the new dark skin made my eyes too fatigued. Somehow, still wanna share this thread which I'm not sure if someone else posted b4. Happy tears w/ her along the award since now I know what her words are
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    Hoping for an actual photoshoot together in the near future https://www.instagram.com/p/CCYZIv7JG7w/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link https://twitter.com/starrymineun/status/1280843822348419073?s=20 This was so funny to me, I wonder how LMH reacted seeing this photoshoot https://twitter.com/itssoggone/status/1280842409358749697?s=20 Tweet translation: Gon your boyfriend will reprimand you, wear something longer to cover your legs
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    What happened to the evolution mode? Is it taken back? My feed suddenly become dark mode SUZANA CURSED THIS SHIP
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    Hi everyone! There are a million things I want to write about, but first, I’d like to talk about the drama title. The Korean name is literally “Psycho but It’s Okay”. It was probably chosen for its dramatic impact, but I very much prefer the English name “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”. Because while most of us don’t qualify as a psychopath, all of us have been, at one point or another, not okay. IOTNBO came from OK Psychiatry’s Hospital Motto: Hospital Motto 院訓 Are you in pain? I’m in pain too. 아프냐? 나도 아프다 Feel like dying? I feel like dying even more. 죽고 싶냐? 난더 죽고 싶다 It’s okay to not be okay! 안 괜찮아도 괜찮아! OK Hospital 괜찮은 병원 I think what this drama is really trying to say is this: we may look and behave differently, but deep inside, we are all the same. The Zombie Kid, too, is a story about all of us. We were all once the Zombie Kid, at least when we were babies. All babies are the same – they cry when they are hungry, like little monsters that only want to eat. And for these little monsters, human touch is especially vital for their physical, emotional, behavioural and social development. Babies who lack human touch can stop growing, and even die. This, again, raises the question of whether KMY’s ASPD was a result of nature or nurture. “In Romania, where national policies on childbearing led to a skyrocketing birth rate, thousands of unwanted children were raised in crowded orphanages with little to no physical human contact. Harvard researchers Mary Carlson and Felton Earls, who traveled to Romania to examine the effects of this type of environment, later described “the muteness, blank facial expressions, social withdrawal, and bizarre stereotypic movements” they observed.” Read more: https://www.thecut.com/2018/06/the-lasting-damage-of-depriving-a-child-of-human-touch.html I die a little inside every time I see someone labelling some characters as “normal”. IMO it’s no different from the mother who called ST a lunatic. “Normal” is a concept that is highly dependent on societal standards and expectations. 200 years ago, slavery was normal. Even from a psychiatry POV, what’s considered normal is constantly evolving. Homosexuality was once considered a mental illness. According to a statistic quoted in IOTNBO’s Namuwiki page, 80% of South Koreans suffer from mental illness. Now then, wouldn’t it be more “normal” to be mentally ill? Regarding KMY’s mother, I’m more inclined to thinking she’s still alive, because of this figurine which KMY stole from the director’s office. This figurine is called Cheoyong, a character in a folktale from the Silla dynasty, who is believed to dispel evil spirits and invite auspicious energies. KMY took this figurine not because it’s pretty, but because she wanted to dispel her mother’s evil spirit. She knew she would experience sleep paralysis when staying in the cursed castle. But even with Cheoyong’s protection, she was still haunted by her mother’s ghost. This suggests that her mother’s ghost isn’t real, but a figment of her traumatic past. In the same episode, the show also blurred the line between reality and hallucination. In Kwon Gido’s eyes, he saw the hospital director dressed as the club manager, and the line was said in the hospital director’s voice. However, in the epilogue, the hospital director didn’t say a word, and Gido heard another voice reading the line. How do we distinguish reality from illusions? Psychosis is defined by a loss of contact with reality. People with psychoses do not realise that their experiences are products of their minds, and are not real. To them, their hallucinations and delusions are their reality.
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    This Girl is slayyiiinn! She's making me want to cut my hair too!
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    cr theswoon This is what we do, when we have too many things to say That's the law in MY WORLD
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    CTO. Every day is sweet and thrilling Minhossi, So We are Waiting ...
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    THEY ARE DATING AROUND END OF MAY...But I am with agreement with your words tho that if all of sudden the Knetz and Asian paparazzi notice their things so it will make such burden for our couple but one thing that need to be concerned. OIMs will do something so we better stan with her..even I knew Oppa will do his things over his Queen etc. He is such totally different man from what I think he is...because I don't know and care bout him before then now I have to admire his guts, honesty and Kudos to him
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    As I said she was already in such comfortable sphere WITH HIM after episode 6 so please keep updating all their pictures while waiting their cryptic codes to be solve..BRING IT ON SHIPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I heard that Hyun Bin is already in Jordan for The Bargaining shooting. Stay safe!!! Anyway, a little something from our Jinnie during TN promotion days. Look closely at how her eyes soften and how her smile brightened when she saw him. The eyes can’t lie
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    Ggone's nephew and niece, just doing what kids should be doing, lol https://www.instagram.com/p/CCYEFQ_pi9k/?igshid=ym8n38p2l6 Perhaps we should ask these cuties too whether uncle handsome *cough* accompanied their aunty when she visited them
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    Well my GUT is telling me that they will be heading straight to the altar tang tang tang tangggg~~
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    Hahahahaha I gave @SweetButters her name “The Gardener” That’s awesome that knetz are finally noticing and most of the comments are positive. However, now that more of the domestic fans are picking up on the sparks, I’m kind of worried the media or Asian paparazzi will start to really hound them. When it was just international fans, we were looking at them with binoculars. With the Asian based fans, they are going to follow them with magnify glasses and microscopes! I personally believe they are already dating too, so I hope since the majority of domestic fans sound supportive, they won’t feel as much pressure in their relationship and it can grow smoothly. I guess one positive is that the Korean paparazzi seem less invasive than Hollywood paparazzi and also seem more respectful in some ways?
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    I sincerly believe that they are already dating. LMH maybe doesnt care if all of the world know if they are really dating. But once again, our captain wants to protect our queen. Maybe he waiting for HERO release? And then he will tell the world? Lol. But yeah i belive he thought that he must wait until HERO movie release or maybe until that film not in theatre again? Lets see and keep praying. I dont care if they not announce it any sooner, but please GIVE US CRUMBS OR BREAD INSTEAD
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    @AgentQuake @Kdramatic @extrodinairey @mychoiyoung All I got to say is that I raise the best kind of veggies....nice, thick, juicy, and long
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    Ohhh Just realised the boy in Tune in For love was also in the photoshoot Our king needs to make his territory by sending flowers huh? LOL https://www.instagram.com/p/CCXtPXtD8y4/?igshid=1cxt1x2ivsa4c
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    So what I read somewhere (I dunno if it’s true or not)that coz of these rumors and backlashing to celebs and k-pop idols there is an increase in suicidal tendency in celebs and they are going in depression.... that could be the reason that the media is keeping it low overall.... so now when the knetz have picked up I also feel things will change in there own country but I am also sure that both the agencies are damn prepared for the action as I always said MYM (Specially)is doing all kinda preps to handle it..... I also want to thank @Ima Imo for sharing such amazing deets about wht sk ppl think about our couple but babes keep those comments coming they are a way to soothe in times of scarcity..... now the important part so the source of mine said that Korean ppl have the tendency to move on very fast they can’t Stan a particular pair or drama if they don't get a grip of it ....... tkem didn’t do well in sk as per her (why I don’t wanna discuss here) so there was not much hype about the whole bts vibes and camaraderie of our couple..... now I think they must have realised the whole wave going around our couple and so they are catching up ....... but in a way I am scared and happy it’s a mixed feeling scared coz they have to be on toes until one of them become bold and open.... happy that whatsoever we all think and say recognition from your own country and ppl are the biggest reward for any celeb,,,getting love from worldwide is an extra bonus...... enough with blabbering back to snooze mode this theme is effing irritating......
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