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    Reasons why i think HB & YJ are either dating eachother or totally close friends....with benefits lol 1. Denials: Since some keep bringing up about 4-5 denials...well obviously if you want to date privately you’re gonna deny until you’re ready and they keep denying because they keep getting spotted too not because of an absurd rumour based on fans imagination that goes viral.BinJin rumours are based on real sightings or based on media insiders...the only fan assumption was that hand holding rumour.And it’s always the third party that denied their rumours too not themselves plus even the denials weren’t strong enough...a strong denial is when they have to mentioned the family and people close to them were hurt over the rumour...just imagine how embarrassing that certain rumour must be to cause such reaction.I can mentioned a million reason why It hurt HB sides but it would touch a very sensitive subject so let’s move on but I’m sure everyone can guess what it is lol And also YJ is the type that will deny her dating rumour directly and usually won’t work with the person again after that.As you can see,both HB and YJ avoided getting Interviewed by Korean Press after CLOY even up until now...and they worked together again under one CF so in conclusion..... 2. BTS: I don’t usually take BTS that seriously but this particular BTS of BinJin clearly shows that they’re more than just friends.It was that moment when HB jokingly pulled YJ to bed...clearly suggesting a bed scene...we all know HB is such a gentleman and he won’t even joke or suggest a scene like that but he did it with YJ. 3. Keep associating themselves with eachother for 2 years and even months after cloy is over: Since everyone keep saying how it’s PR that PR this...bruh firstly they’re veteran actor/actress who’s also in the age where they need to find real partners to get married soon...doing PR will just mislead everyone and secondly it’s been two years and CLOY also has been over for what months yet HB still mentioned YJ even when the question was not even about her,YJ’s liking spree of BinJin posts with dating captions,Baeksang Moments etc If they’re dating someone else,they wouldn’t keep feeding shippers like this especially HB because he knows from past experience how toxic shippers can be and effect real life relationship.But here they go...keep feeding us shippers and it’s because they want more people to support them as a couple because ICBM lol 4. Industry Experts Opinions/Infos: Not just from Korea but also from Taiwan who actually has connection keep saying how BinJin is dating secretly or more like it’s an open secret in Korea that they’re a couple. Here’s some of my favourite quotes from them: “They’re supposed to get married after finishing this drama,I’ve even heard it myself.I once met a person in the fashion field,this was before the drama started the person told me “They’re about to film a drama...they’ll prepare for marriage after this drama finished” “It’s a rule of showbiz:Rumours-Denial and then come true” “For this issue,the answer is probably very simple but we just go on and on finding the wrong answer in complexity...they’re dating but they have reasons not to admit...we better understand them abit” “I think like this,SYJ has been working for 20 years and she hasn’t had any scandal up until now...HB has a frank style (admitting dating)..but if there’s a scandal,he will respect the woman’s standpoint...now probably because of his respect for SYJ so they couldn’t admit their relationship though it’s true” (Korean Journalists & Hosts,2019-2020) “We were there and observed their interaction and gestures including when they were behind the stage...during interview...we all actually felt...it’s really suspicious” “Were there many pink bubbles (feeling of love/love in the air)? “Yes,so many” (Taiwan Reporter,2019-2020) “They don’t want to reveal their relationship because they chose the mature,rational and an adult like love attitude.Like no need to disclose their private life to the press or grab all the attention on awards ceremony and instead announced it when they’re in stable relationship” “the way you’re saying this as if they’re real....” (K-Entertainment Expert (NOT A REPORTER) who’s in film publishing that brought ‘Late Autumn’ & ‘The Negotiation’ to Taiwan,June 2020) There’s so many more but here are just some of the important ones. Honest to say though,Even if they’re not dating eachother,they’re clearly not dating anyone else either... So in conclusion since they keep saying that they’re close friends but they also act like lovers...I’m just gonna assume it’s friends with benefits now lol friends that’s constantly going on golf dates,friends that’s affectionately travel together,friends that keep fueling their dating rumours since 2018,friends that’s probably planning to marry eachother anytime soon now and more and more hahahahahaha See how these reasons are solid and clear about BinJin and not even an assumption or crumbs wait a sec more like dusts from some friends of that friends of the other friends as if they all aren’t working in the same industry or even worse connecting plants and animals or matching things...if this is how people believe that a ship is real,might as well conclude that everyone in the industry are dating eachother at this point lol I guess some people just doesn’t know how to differentiate what’s reality and what’s wattpad story looks like especially those about a 10 year old expired milk but anyway whatever makes them happy I guess lol. + Since everyone is talking about Belma....Of course they’re all bff look at how she posted this during TN Era...and omg look at that caption too according to the insta translation but pretending as if i know hangul... “Believe it” yes believe in BinJin...omg this is such a cookie lol Maybe I should keep it to myself and hide it from those other shippers...but will hint it as if it’s something big... And here’s another cookie...another famous stylist (Known as Stylist of EXO,Park Hae Jin etc) who was at Belma wedding and I’ve seen him in some other Belma posts too liked this BinJin photo from YJ Instagram and he also followed YJ actually. See I can connect dots too using this “From that friend of that friend” method if I’m that desperate lol but thank god BinJin themselves are the one feeding us crumbs or more like cakes that things like this doesn’t even matter...Thank you HyunBin & Yejin for being the President and Co-President of this Luxury Ship. Anyway,happy shipping everyone!
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    (https://h5.video.weibo.com/show/1034:4539407890579493) I want to add more to this new crumb or can we say cookie?But before that I wanna thank @TotoroSY for this details! This K Entertainment Industry Expert (NOT A REPORTER) was asked about BinJin during a Radio Show back in June 2020.Let me explained more about who he is first.He’s in Film Publishing and he was the one who brought in ‘Late Autumn’ and also ‘The Negotiation’ to Taiwan.So the possibilities of him knowing the truth about BinJin is quite high because he clearly has alot of connection to start with.Now back to the Interview.... The host asked about what he thought of BinJin and also why they seems cautious and more reserved during Baeksang then this expert proceed to say that it’s because there were too many people paying attention to them during Baeksang. And there’s conversation about how alot of people want them to announce their relationship,that they’re compatible and they even got spotted in LA together.The expert then said the reason why BinJin doesn’t want to reveal their relationship is because they chose the mature,rational and an adult like love attitude.Like no need to disclose their private life to the press or grab all the attention on awards ceremony and instead announced it when they’re in stable relationship (which i personally think it means Marriage).And then the host suddenly stopped him and asked “the way you’re saying this as if they’re real....” and the expert laughed like “oh you caught me there...did I spill too much” lol And then he started explaining that the rumours about them has been heard since TN Promo days....just to add on this Women Sense Korea also said the same thing that BinJin rumours has been heard since TN Promo Days. The expert also mentioned that both of the agencies had thought of revealing their relationship after the LA Grocery Photos but they decide not to at the end. Just to have a clearer picture of that day.The first response from the agencies was that they wanna check with them first and it was around 1pm in Korea that means it was around 8pm (prev day) in LA.And it took them hours to finally released a denial statement.Do you guys really think BinJin were already asleep at 8pm thats why it took them awhile to deny?Let’s be real here lol The most important bit about all this is actually the way the expert says it.He was so confident talking about BinJin and basically confirming they’re real...he was saying it as a fact and not as speculation that’s why the MC was surprised and had to stopped him and asked why he’s saying it as if it’s real...and then proceed to ask him whether he can spill more lol At the end he just said just look forward to it/wait for it..... Honestly,It’s clear that BinJin is an open secret in Korea and in my opinion I feel like the korean media is tired of waiting for the confirmation too that’s why they even published an absurd rumour from china which is clearly a fan assumption probably as an intention to pushed BinJin to admit. Another reason why I’m sure Korean Media knows whats going on with BinJin since the start too is because of this moments too...Remember this MC who asked HB about his closeness in real life with YJ during TN Promo... It’s the same MC who saw that moment when HB asked YJ to cover up her legs during TN PressCon.Just watched his reaction to this and also how he asked HB about YJ...like he was truly suspicious about them. Both of this events were on the same day btw. So In conclusion,the truth is obviously right infront of us and i want to encourage everyone to focus on BinJin only and just ignore those other shippers.They’re mostly bluffing too and just want us to react and give them attention.Please just ignore them...whatever their crumbs or more like dusts are...who cares...every time we figure it out,we ended up face palming ourselves about it so the best way to avoid more fanwar and more unnecessary hate towards BinJin,don’t give them any attention at all.Unless they’re crossing a certain line of course.Anyway,I hope we’ll be hearing good news soon from BinJin. Have a good day!
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    Hi, BinJin fam! It's been a while! Hope everyone is doing well and are keeping their Binjinsion symptoms under control. I know it's hard! The struggle is REAL! It appears that the lovekpop article that was shared used Google translation so it's not very clear. I just wanted to offer a clearer translation of what the Vietnamese celebrity said in her FB post: "OMG, I have HOT news since April but I've been uncomfortable (like exploding inside) because I couldn't expose anything and also, I was afraid the news I knew would not come true. I just hope that Bin oppa and Jin unni are stable with each other and stand by and support each other as they weather the storms together because K-entertainment truly is very toxic. And if they truly do not want to expose the truth and they don't want to share the news of their dating then our audiences should respect that because only they know each other best and only they know best what to do to keep their happiness and their relationship strong and lasting. Shippers like us should keep standing on the outside/sidelines and keep strongly and happily supporting the two of them as that is all we can do. I will forever love BinJin." Here's the translation of the article: A Vietnamese social media influencer who works in the Vietnamese Entertainment biz (she is not a just a shipper), wife of Dang Khoi (Viet singer/actor), is saying that she knew from a insider close friend who worked in the K-entertainment business for a long time and worked on the set of CLOY that BinJin are dating (she apparently knew this news since April). The article mentioned that BJ's dating rumors/news is the hottest trending news right now. She said that lately, there have been a lot of rumors circulating HB's dating status but that she trusts that HB is a really stand-up guy. She said that everyone who works with him in the industry highly and admires respects him and that HB is a very well-mannered, good guy who treats everyone very kindly. She said that BinJin want to keep CLOY as a special memory of their love. She is essentially saying that she knew that BinJIn has been dating for a while now and that she continues to believe that they still are dating. She trusts that none of the recent questionable rumors about HB are true as she has gathered from her insider knowledge that HB is very famous actor (so he has a lot of reputation at stake) and is very well known among colleagues in the K-ent for being a standup, kind man who treats everyone on set with the upmost respect. ***Please keep in mind that this article came from a Vietnamese gossip type of website and that of course we have no way to confirm the insider showbiz sources. So please read it for fun and do not take it as official news. But this Vietnamese celebrity seems supportive and respectful of the crumb that she got about BinJin dating since April but chose to not reveal/expose this news. I think the reason she is choosing to speak out about this crumb now is because she wanted to address the rumors that have been surrounding HB lately and wanted to set the record straight and wanted to defend HB's character as being a respectable, standup, well-loved and well-admired actor in the industry. Her post seems very supportive of BinJin and respectful of their desire to keep the news secret. She urges that if BinJin truly feel that it's best to not reveal their relationship since K-ent is very toxic, BinJin shippers and fans (which she acknowledges to be one herself) should just support BinJin and be happy for them as long as they can stay happy because only they will know best what's best for their relationship. I must say though that I never thought I'd be able to offer translating services about BinJin here as I am not Korean lol but it comes to show how internationally loved BinJin is and how celebrities/media all over the world are talking about them and are supportive of their love whether it is confirmed yet or not. Whether the news sources are true or not, one thing is true: BinJin is HOT all over the world! They are a naturally trending topic that ppl simply cannot hush about. It's funny because usually with gossipy celebrity news, you hope the news isn't true because it's usually something trashy/defamatory, but with BinJin news, you always hope the news is true. Added: It's also awesome to see that BinJin can manage to be a top, constantly trending hot topic that is free of cost and hidden agendas. Their explosive yet humble star power and natural chemistry alone is what keeps them a hot trending topic in not just one country's news outlet but international news outlets globally. Now that's what I call some A-mazing A-list A-ttraction (AAA). So, BJ + AAA = ICBM. Add it with numbers or letters however you want. BinJin generates their own noise by always silently working hard and staying scandal-free. True class always speaks much louder volumes than yelling obnoxious noise. BinJin's love is truly an international language that brings us all together!
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    I usually don't make these types of posts, but all I have to say is... no one is forcing anyone to stay on this ship. I can understand occasional fleeting doubts or some impatience during droughts, but if you're going to believe in and take to heart every, single baseless rumor... then please jump ship for your own sake and everyone else's. You can either jump off yourself... Or we will gladly help you... And for those who have jumped ship and are being loud about it, we hear you loud and clear: Hope y'all don't drown in your own misery once this ship docks. Meanwhile, HB and YJ waiting to do this after his quarantine...
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    Hyun Bin - The Perfect Husband Material for Yejin - There were a few times that YJ mentioned about the condition to be her future husband and she seems to be very detailed about it too to the point that people around her were all like “there’s no one like that!” lol But here are her statements regarding her Ideal Husbands over the years: • “But her ideal husband would have to understand the demands of her career, the long work hours and frequent trips.” The same with YJ,HB also mentioned that he’s looking for a partner that will understand his job as an actor. “Well,the woman I'm waiting for is someone who would understand and respect my job as an actor. Because of my job, I have an irregular life pattern. And I just want someone to be here for me and to understand that and stay with me” (HyunBin) So In conclusion,BinJin Married hahaha joke kind of lol but it means that they’re looking for the same thing...a partner who understand eachother job as an actor/actress. • And the latest one where she discussed about it was back in March 2018 during ‘Be With You’ Press Interview: “First, I want him to be someone I can comfortably lean on, to always be attentive to what I say and do, and for him to think I’m cute even when I seem strange/unusual. I want someone I can communicate and connect with, who is enthusiastic/dedicated to their work, and who has strong life values. When I say these things, everyone tells me, “Why are you talking about great men from biographies?’ This may be why I can’t get married Hahaha.” “When I was young, I liked macho guys more. But now, I would like someone who I can easily converse with and is humorous. I think it is important to have a similar sense of humor. My sense of humor is unusual because there are times when I burst into laughter by myself when no one else is laughing. Personally, I really like Yoo Byung Jae’s (comedian) humor/jokes. (laughs)” 1. Someone she can comfortably lean on, to always be attentive to what she say and do: Do I have to even explained this lol You can see for yourself how YJ can comfortably lean on HB and how he’s always attentive to what she say: “...and he’s a good listener, not only for me but to other people as well. I am thankful that I am able to film a great work with a great actor pleasantly.” (YJ about HB,The Fact Interview 2018) and to what she do: 2. Someone who think she’s cute even when she seem strange/unusual: Again,do I even have to explained how HB can’t help but fall for dorky YJ lol I mean his reaction to all her antics....but let’s be honest,he probably find her cute all the time even when she’s not doing strange things or being her dorky self lol 3. Someone she can communicate and connect with: HB and YJ mentioned so many times especially during TN Era how they have a lot of similarities and how they can even understand eachother without saying it to eachother and how they relate to eachother on a lot of levels. 4. Someone who is enthusiastic/dedicated to their work: HB is someone who is very passionate about his job.He takes it very seriously and recently he also mentioned how he’s been even more interested and curious of his job.And here’s a thread of people talking about how dedicated and enthusiastic he is to his work. A whole meal....a guide how to be YJ please someone lol I could go on and on too how perfect HB is and how he’s such an Ideal future husband but then might as well write a book about it.People in the industry really think highly of him too.Everyone seen him as this guy who basically has everything...except a wife lol but don’t worry he won’t be a Public Property for too long...atleast that’s what he kind of hinted last year. (In his mind: “Kim Tae Pyung will be Son Eon Jin Property soon..”) Ending Note: BinJin please get married soon so we all can take a vacation for awhile lol Anyway,there’s a rumour that HB will be back on Sept 7th...Well I hope it’s true.HB need to spend his Birthday with his wife. Also Thanks @RiRiGaGa for the accurate translation.Don’t worry we’re not like those shippers who will believe everything 100% and even without this it’s pretty obvious that BinJin is an open secret in Korea anyway and it’s not like it’s the first time we heard of this too lol Plus WE aren’t the one connecting the dots and spread it as facts like those other shippers here.Whether this news is true or not,it came from someone who has a name and image out there so they would know the consequences if they’re spreading fake news especially if they’re talking about BinJin.I’m just glad this person defended HB...because that rumor was such a bother and embarrassment...it’s no wonder too the agency have to include how the serious problem that came out of that was that it hurt the family and people close to them.I’m glad that majority of people are not buying it too especially K Media and it all died down now. It seems like people are just taking advantage of HB current popularity especially this year....there’s so many things that the guy has to go through.Stay Strong HB and also YJ. Anyway,i feel like we’re getting crumbs everyday without even trying. Maybe the announcement day is getting nearer who knows right lol I feel like not just the fans but the media and people in the industry want them to just admit it already lol So BinJin whenever you’re ready.... Have a great day everyone!
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    Son Ye Jin - The Perfect Wife Material for HyunBin (Additional Info) - • There’s another old Interview that I forgot to mentioned in which HB described what kind of Husband he wants to be. “Whether a woman is considered pretty depends on her cooking skill, the way she dresses and her husband. Which means, when a woman cooks well, wears sexy clothes, and there is a charming husband standing beside her, she'd look exceptionally pretty. I hope I could satisfy one of the three requirements in order to make my woman prettier. The first two requirements she'd have to work hard on her own, I'd be responsible for the last one." - This was a really old interview and I’m abit skeptical if he really did say wear sexy clothes lol but since this translation seems to be everywhere I’m just gonna go with it.But honestly don’t you just love the way YJ dresses.She has the image of Innocent yet sexy since the beginning and it really shows with the way she dresses but overall still classy. • Also remember how HB mentioned his ideal woman should have a healthy appetite or who eats well....so here’s a behind the scenes convos during CLOY PressCon in which YJ mentioned she’s really good at eating and then there’s HB laughing at her answer lol • And lastly,HB had mentioned a few times in the past that his parents approval is very important... “Relationship that my parents disapprove of is an absolute NO. Actually, I'm the MOST realistic person ever.” - Well thank god Hyunbin dating and even marriage rumours with Yejin didn’t hurt his family...it’s probably because there’s some truth to it lbh hahahaha And who would not love YJ...It’s known that Koreans Ahjummas really love her...they all probably want her to be their daughter in law. But honestly when reading all their interviews about their Ideal partner and also marriage...don’t you just feel abit of goosebumps because how they matches so well.Especially reading HB Ideal woman since the beginning ...basically 10 or so years later his Ideal woman really crash landed into his life. • Here’s another Quote that I loved from HB about YJ/BinJin: “While working with her on the project and doing promotion with her,I think we share alot of similarities.As a result we have many things we can talk about and we share similar views about a lot of things” HB (Esquire 2019) - The reason why i love BinJin relationship so much.They’re first attracted to eachother not due to skinships while filming a drama but due to admiration of eachother as a person.The fact that HB said they have similar views about a lot of things which means not only for work but most likely about life in general....ICBM lol + What BinJin did during Quarantine Time (Before HB left for Jordan): + BinJin secretly planning their Honeymoon in Africa since 2019 lol: Q:If you were to crash-land anywhere in the world, where would you crash-land and what would you bring with you? Hyun Bin: Hopefully it’s somewhere completely new, somewhere I haven’t traveled before either for a trip or to shoot anything, and hopefully there’s nature around me—I would love that. As for the objects…my cellphone, passport, and cash? (Laughs.) Son Ye-jin: I would love to crash-land in Africa. It’s actually one of the agendas on my bucket list, and also I really love animals. I’d love to visit Africa and hopefully I could take with me a notebook so that I could write a diary. - She actually mentioned it again in her recent interview with Forbes that she really wanted to visit Africa. + The Power of BinJin and BinJin Nation: Bonus: Hyunbin Exs praising Hyunbin’s Future Wife AKA Best Actress Son Ye Jin in their past interviews: “I also want to try acting with fellow actors Jun Ji Hyun and Son Ye Jin since their styles are very distinct from mine, and they already have a strong career in the movie industry. It would have been nice if I had been given those kinds of opportunities when I was younger.” - SHK (2017) “I love Son Ye Jin and Kim Min Hee.It is my hope to show you such a feminine and intense acting” - KSR (2012) And of course Hyunbin himself will forever be praising his future wife.... - HB (2018) “There are times when I feel great charm and thrill from seeing the actor opposite me show unexpected acting. There’s also a thrill to my own reaction to that acting. While filming ‘The Negotiation,’ I saw that in Son Ye Jin, so I thought, ‘I want to try working with her again.’ At the time, [we had filmed separately], so I wanted to try acting with her in the same space, making eye contact, and breathing the same air, and that opportunity came quickly.” - HB (2019) “Son Ye-jin is a good partner to me. I’ve seen and learned a lot more as an actor in working together [with her]. She has a lot of ideas and makes me inspired.” - HB (2020) P.S I haven’t posted in awhile and i hope this brings some positive vibes to this MT.Also I would like to remind everyone too...please don’t bother anyone related to BinJin.Commenting on their Instagram posts/live/story or even DMing them for whatever reasons.Please that’s not responsible shipping.Let’s try to be more lowkey shall we just like how BinJin is with their relationship atm. Have a great day yall!
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    @Kari omg I’m so glad you woke up that sounds like a total nightmare and please don’t ever change your name to KSHM it sounds so familiar and the name just leaves a bad taste. I think I heard it before but I hope we don’t see it here ever again. Anyways this is totally random but I decided to do a series of why and because to show how much HB values Yejin whether it’s as a friend or wife. This is based on facts and crumbs that were given to us by BinJin themselves and NOT their “squad” stylist or assistants so take it or leave it it’s up to you Warning: To the shoplifters out there I would strongly advise you to look away because you won’t be able to handle it. And don’t come for me or call be delusional because these “Because” are as clear as sky. So here it goes Why was HB in the states on Jan 2019 when he had no reason to be there? BECAUSE it was Yejin’s birthday month and he wanted to spend time with her. WHY did HB mention Yejin on his MetroStyle interview even though they didn’t even ask about her? BECAUSE she’s on his mind 24/7 simple as that. WHY did HB say that he looked forward to lunch time the most during TN shooting? BECAUSE that was the only time he was able to see her (his words not mind) WHY did HB say “we” many times during his BAA speech? BECAUSE they are now one and comes in a package so if you’re a fan of one of them then you’ll have to accept the other person. If you don’t then guess you’re not a true fan after all WHY did cloy become such a huge hit and is still talked about to this day? BECAUSE of the chemistry between HB and Yejin. Their love story unfolding onscreen for the world to witness WHY did HB tell Yejin to cover her legs during TN promotions and Yejin actually listen to him? BECAUSE he has boyfriend privilege WHY Is there still so many shippers even though they “denied” so many times BECAUSE the receipts kept coming even when we didn’t ask for it. (*cough* liking spree *cough*) WHY did HB want to act with Yejin again and this time be able to breathe the same air as her when they just did a movie together? BECAUSE He wants to spend more time with her and was starting to fall for her. There’s so much more but I’m tired and it’s late where I am so I’m just going to leave this here. But noticed how all of this came from HB himself? That’s the difference between a peaceful ship that’s sailing straight to shore and the titanic. I will try to write a why and because that came from Yejin another day but for now have a good day/night everyone and let’s wait patiently for HB to come home safely. His quarantine will be over on the 26th and a special someone has a fan meeting that’s going to take place on the 27th so expect them to be ninjas for the next 2 weeks . I wonder if this was planned? Somebody must’ve wanted to be the special guests (okay this part is my delusional side speaking so ignore it if you want) #InBinJinWeTrust #In2FacedPeopleWeDon’tTrust
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    One Day in September To The Last Princess of my life, I could have typed this up on my phone but it takes too long to poke with my index finger. I know, I know, I should be using my thumbs too but I only want to reserve my thumbs to rub your delicate hands. You know that I much prefer writing old-school letters to my fans. And who’s my biggest fan but you? Yes, this ahjusshi loves to write you love letters and you know you love it. By the time this snail mail makes it to you, I might be back in your arms already. I am crying Secret Tears right now because your sweet Summer Scent is too far away from me. Although I’m not sure anything dealing with you and me can really be a “secret” anymore. It seems that our epic failure to be covert in our affections for each other has bred this international nation of sleuth fans who can successfully unearth every small crumb that we’ve left for them to find. They have found more clues than even we have ever intentionally left. I know that you often like to point your pretty little fingers at me for being the one to break my poker face (did I really ever have a poker face when it comes to you though?) and giving our truth away with my unsubtle glances but who was the one building an IG wall of my face all these years? Who's the giving out likes on our pictures like they’re Oprah at Christmas? Who's the one watching old videos of me and leaving it on their public playlist? Who's the one telling people that they chose to represent the SMART brand because they trusted me? Who’s the more obvious one now? Your scent of sweet peaches was still lingering on my mind so I ventured to the local grocery store here in Jordan to buy a big bag of peaches. Some lovely fans even ran into me and asked for an autograph. I gave it to them but they were so kind in respecting my privacy so they did not ask for a photo with me. It’s nice when our lovely fans support us while still respecting our privacy. We really need to do better about staying conspicuous while shopping in grocery stores. We try to stay hidden in the dark but we expose ourselves like a White Night. They’re onto us. Ever since my heart made its Crash Landing on You, you have moved into my mind rent-free and I can’t seem to get you out. You are like a Painted Fire in my brain and heart that never stops burning. Not that I would ever want to get you out of my head because every moment we share is A Moment to Remember. You’ve got me Spellbound by your wit, charm, humor, intelligence, beauty, and kindness and I cannot seem to escape your natural mastery of The Art of Seduction. Being with you, I can reveal The Truth Beneath who I really am. Together, we composed a Lover’s Concerto that only we could hear. But apparently, our actions have been speaking louder than our words and now the whole world is dying for us to turn up the volume of our secret duet. I know that your Personal Taste did not involve wanting to date an actor but I had Great Ambition to prove to you that everything else about me fits what you have been looking for. Our mutual passion for acting and the way that our senses of humor is always on the same wavelength is so rare to find like experiencing April Snow and finding four-leaf clovers. When I’m away like this, I am reminded that though we lead busy actor lives that will require us to be apart at times, we will never be Alone in Love. The naysayers, the squirrels, the leeches, the Sharks, and The Pirates might try to break down The Tower of our love and poison our Secret Garden of blooming tomatoes and Edelweiss. But The Bad Guys Always Die in the end and so they can keep trying to rain on our parade but Something in the Rain tells me that the forged bond we have is thick as Blood and Ties that we have worked hard in knotting cannot be easily severed and undone. Nothing is getting in the way of the way I feel about you. I thought that I understood what love was before but it was not until connecting with you that I found my Crazy First Love. My past relationships have taught me what I want and what I want is to Be With You. In my 20s, I was just a boy trying to find my place in the world. After the time I got to recharge and find the real Kim Tae Pyung in the Marines, I am now a man who knows what he wants. And what I want is The Classic real life love story that is ours. What I want is you. How long will I have to wait until you let me win The Negotiation we’ve discussed and allow me to shine the Spotlight on our open-secret relationship? I cannot wait to reveal The Truth Beneath our charade. You asked me to act cold at the Baeksangs but keeping up with that charade is demanding more of me than any other acting role I’ve ever taken on. Please relieve me of this role soon. I suck at it. I just want to be able to hold your hands in the Open City and love you freely. The only role that I want to sign up to play next is to be your husband. I just want to shout out to the world that My Wife Got Married! To me! You know that I have had a Delicious Proposal up my sleeve for some time now so just be ready for me to rock your world when I get home. I am ready to make you, The Last Princess of my life, the Queen of my life, always and forever. You are my family, my home, my everything. Not enough words in the world can fully express how much I miss you. I cannot wait for my barbecued arms to be in yours soon. Hopelessly yours, Your Daddy Long Legs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Man, Binnie's English writing skills have sure improved since he's been in Jordan! Someone's been practicing! Disclaimer: This is a product of my delulu shipping mind during a drought anxiously waiting for an announcement and Binnie's long anticipated return. This drought has given me the chance to start watching more of YeJin's works. She's incredible! I can totally see why he insists on breathing the same air and staring into her eyes on-screen and off-screen. He doesn't blink because he doesn't want to miss a thing. I thought it'd be fun to try and incorporate most of Yejin's filmography throughout this letter because I could just imagine HB instead of packing a luggage full of ramyun packing a luggage full of all of Yejin's DVDs (b/c he's an ahjussi and probably can't figure out how to stream them online ) and watching her work in her magic in his hotel room while he unwinds after a long day of shooting in the heat and he's missing his girl. I miss him. I miss her. I miss them. Come backkk, Binnie! Jinnie's response letter to her Daddy Long Legs is still in the mail lol. It should be arriving shortly. Snail mail takes a hot minute.
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    • “If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would....” • - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB joke about wanting a bed scene with YJ by pulling her to bed in CLOY BTS? (2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB grocery shopped with YJ back in Jan 2019?Whether it’s only the both of them or there’s YJ Acquaintances (According to the Denial Statement)...HB spare his time to hang out with her and her friends who he’s doesn’t even know at all...and it’s grocery shopping outside korea ffs Plus this was during her Birthday Month (2019) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would YJ still be constantly working with HB after their rumour when she usually avoid working again with people who she got somehow rumoured with? (2019-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would YJ did that liking spree of BinJin posts where there’s captions about wanting them to date or about them dating each other if she has a bf or if she knows HB has a gf? (June 2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would the TN Director exposed how “HB seems to like YJ more”? (2018) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB hand placement be allowed to be like this? (2019-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB keep bringing up YJ with giddy reaction when the question wasn’t even about her at all? (May 2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB keep fueling his rumour and associating himself with YJ until now when he knows from past experience how shippers can be brutal to their own real life partner? (2018-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else (especially about getting back with exs),Would HB said he would never go back to the past and that his future will be happier?Would he talked about happy life and immediately looking at YJ afterwards? (2019) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB looked at YJ like this like he’s effin inlove? (2018-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB and YJ basically attached to eachother hip everytime they’re in the same room/events like during Wrap up party and even Baeksang? (2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,would that korean reporter even revealed how since last year she had heard (from someone in the fashion industry) that BinJin is planning to get married after the drama ended? (2019-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,would that K Ent Expert from Taiwan also revealed how BinJin relationship is basically an Open Secret in Korea?Not only experts,this is what Knetz were saying about BinJin when the topic was about 2020 New Years Dispatch Couple....They all don’t want it to be BinJin because they all know those two are an open secret anyway (June 2020) So In conclusion,if they’re in a relationship with somebody else,they must be a really bad boyfriend and girlfriend to their respective partners because allowing all these to happen is being super disrespectful and they clearly doesn’t care at all to protect their own partner feelings or maybe the case with them is that they’re dating somebody else but inlove with eachother lol.Am I right or not?But we all agreed both HB and YJ are good human being right...so does it even make sense to assume they’re dating somebody else except each other?Please think as a sane person with an actual brain... Anyway,I rest my case....I don’t even need a lawyer to conclude this situation and solve such case. Actually,I could go on more or even wrote a book at this point just to discuss this matter but look how all these came from HB,YJ,Medias and even people close to them and not based on fans assumption and opinions?There’s nothing to prove about BinJin tbh because it’s all clear as day...nobody needs to connect dots when you ship a real couple + #Quote of the Day: Just a suggestion let’s try not to engaged or in any way response to attention seekers anymore...those people who clearly can’t face reality and who loves to bluff 24/7 just to seek attention.There’s alot of trolls hanging out and lurking on this BinJin thread too...so be careful with that as well.They’re not worth our time...they’re a disease at this point.They know they have no rights soon because when BinJin finally announce...It’s game over for them.Let’s focus on BinJin only and spread out positive vibes...you just never know whats gonna happen in the next months.I know I said to lower our expectation but it’s good to be positive and hopeful about things too right? Happy Shipping everyone!
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    @lovebirds I do agree with you and hope you will not be offended by some of the posts indicating it was HB who started or helped SYJ get certain offers/ deals etc. I believe there was no malice intended but more of a romanticised view that HB and YJ seem to be paired and do everything together. Totally agree that YJ is her own woman, strong and independent, super successful and respected in K-ent and beyond, including Japan (which is probably one of YJ's biggest overseas fanbase). She does not need to depend on HB for any of the works or CF offers or deals that she has received. Instead of comparing, we should be celebrating instead 2 very successful, independent actress/ actor who are very talented and have worked hard to get to where they are now. And the fact that they share the same passion and love for their craft, and have the same values and principles in life (as far as we can tell), and that miraculously they found each other, became very close friends and (we believe) have fallen in love with each other. Let's respect and love both of them first as individuals, both as human beings and also as artistes in their own rights. And of course, we believe these 2 amazing people are destined to be together, and we hope they will and have already ended up together as a couple.
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    “BinJin still going strong” (2020 Edition) CLOY Wrap Up Party (February 2020): - Look at how they keep sitting next to eachother even when they switched venues. - Look at their reaction during the Swiss Kiss.YJ went all shy and you can see through HB hand gesture that he’s trying to cover his grin.And of course the other casts and staffs reaction too. - At one point,HB turned towards YJ in the middle of watching the final.They were probably whispering at eachother lol - HB and YJ looking and smiling at eachother after the ending then HB decide to hug YJ.Look at the reaction of the other people who saw them too lol Especially the one right behind them...they were grinning. - Both decide to drink water for who knows what reason lol I guess they will have their own celebration afterwards hahaha HB Metro Style Interview (Filming: May 2020 - Vid Released:1st of June): - HB mentioning YJ when the question wasn’t even about her and his cute reaction when the question reminds him of YJ. Baeksang Awards (June 2020): - HB and YJ interaction when they didn’t realized the cameras were on them...full of laughter. - HB and YJ glances and smiles on stage - BinJin speech where they use ‘we’ and how they decide to take a picture holding one trophy together instead of holding their own trophy - Both HB and YJ wore Ralph Lauren - HB looking for YJ wanting to stay close to her during group photo session.Yes,he was looking at her if some people still doubt it.He was looking at her while walking towards her and then somebody seems to call him and then he looked at YJ again. - BinJin walking together after the ceremony which basically indicates they left together. - YJ liking spree of BinJin posts with “Dating” caption on it. - K-Ent Expert (NOT Reporter) from Taiwan hinting about BinJin Open Secret Relationship in Korea and why they’re being cautious during BAA. July 2020: - HB left for Jordan and YJ finally more busy with her CFs. • These are the only obvious receipts.There were alot of crumbs even up until now from the people around them and there’s other rumours too.And yes real crumbs where you don’t even need to connect the dots.Even after that embarrassing rumour created by the dinghy,there’s still even more clear crumbs about BinJin that came from the people close to them. (My Short Rant AKA the real reason why I bring up 2020 timeline again - Don’t read if you feel like you can’t handle it lol Feel free to ignore) - Anyway,happy thoughts...HB will be back soon...he’s coming back in the mid of sept.Let’s hope for the best and all of our wishes and their wishes came true! Have a good day!
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    Yes that is also my main concern. I completely agree with you on this! In my humble opinion, I don't find that to be quite the same. She/they can always find a different grocery store (there's nothing wrong with revealing Pavilions esp since a lot of us knew this already), but when we use YJ's photo and compare it to and reveal a place that she clearly stays/vacations at and put it all over social media, I find that to be closer to an intrusion of privacy and it is now a place that she may not feel entirely comfortable going to after seeing it everywhere. Sure there are a lot of lurkers here, but we all know Soompi Forums is not even close to being as popular as Twitter and Instagram. A lot of things do stay here and don't necessarily leak out, especially since this thread moves fast, people don't back-read, and it's not widely known. In my opinion, that kind of info, as well as details of that recent crumb from someone close to HB, are things that should be talked about in private with other shippers (in a group chat for example), and not plastered everywhere on social media just for the sake of shippers having fun, esp at the expense of BinJin's privacy. I'm all about fun shipping and being overly delulu over certain things, but this crosses the line for me. Fake sub videos, wedding photo edits, etc (although I'm not particularly into these LOL) don't necessarily affect their private lives... but revealing and spreading their potential private vacation spot directly affects them. This is just my 2 cents. --- Onto BinJin things... Thinking about BinJin's privacy reminded me of a conversation I had with another shipper recently. HB and YJ are both known to be private people when it comes to their personal lives, and I do think they’ll strive to protect their privacy when they get married. That led me to question why they’ve been so open about their relationship... but when I thought about it more, they actually haven’t! They’ve been much less open about their actual thoughts on each other on a personal level compared to the TN era. Even though they got caught grocery shopping together, acted in CLOY together, decided to represent SMART together (and the list goes on)... technically we still don’t know anything about the details of their relationship. We make our assumptions by observing their loud and undeniable non-verbal actions towards one another, and their constant verbalization of how much they admire one another esp in regards to acting. They've been intentionally tying themselves to one another since 2018 under the guise of being "close friends," and give us enough to let everyone know how much they respect and love one another, without having to disclose anything personal about their actual relationship. I really do believe they are paving the way as pioneers of sorts because it seems like they are learning and striving to strike up that perfect balance of being public while protecting their privacy as a K-Ent couple. Even though this is my first time shipping hardcore, I've casually followed many K-couples over the last 25 years, and I can't really compare another couple to them. Some of you may argue Rain-KTH, JDG-KSY, JS-LBH, or LBH-LMJ, but I am pretty confident in persuading you that HB (considered one of Korean's national treasures in terms of actors) and YJ (one of of Korea's "Nation's First Loves." You can go here for a history of them: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=404&aid=0000092111) are so equal in terms of being loved, while being known for their acting. This is a GIF that reminds of their public/private relationship. We can observe how in love they are, but there will always be a glass wall preventing us from invading their privacy. Enjoy you two, and we will enjoy from the outside looking in. When they finally reveal their relationship (in their time)… I think I will feel pretty emotional. I'm in so deep hahaha... I thought I was just dipping my feet into this shipping business, but I’m fully submerged. ME:
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    Oh WOW!!! I can't believe that Binnie is finally back in Seoul after TWO MONTHS!! Binjin REUNITED and it Feels So Good Indeed!! (well, after14 days quarantine but at least they are breathing the same air in the same space!) Also, can't believe Dispatch filmed a 4-minute video of HB arriving back at Incheon! All those flashlights, media and fans chasing with their cameras, and the little girl giving HB a gift. Everyone misses Binnie, and I bet a Miss Hallyu Best Actress missed him the most!! HB looks really happy, relaxed and buffed! Not as dark or tanned as I thot - more reddish. And seems he has shaved his beard? Cuz seems clean-shaven from the side. Love love LOVE all the witty and funny posts here today. Bravo to @Kari for keeping ONE FACE and ONE HEART. And TQ to all you intelligent, funny Binjin shippers for making me laugh and cry at your wit at spilling the TRUTH! So take a bow @Kari @peanutbutterjelly @lovelyz @Krystal. @PrettyNoona @celest1al @eLizza So apt on this day to remind everyone that Binjin Ship is STILL sailing strong, and all the deserters can rant and create all the fake rumors they want, cuz Binjin Shippers' heart are as STURDY and STEADY as ever. #InGroceryWeTrust #InBinjinWeTrust #In2FacedPeopleWeDon'tTrust As a celebration of HB's return home to his Last Princess and Forever Queen, I want to share a summary translation of this fan who is a mom blogger staying in Jordan. You might have seen the link to her FB post (in Mandarin) about her encounter with HB and the Bargaining team. Initially I hesitated to share the translation here as Soompi is a public forum (albeit with only 450 followers for this thread) but since the FB post is a public one and has been shared on twitter, IG, and weibo, plus another fan encouraged me to share it here as it's a GOOD DAY for fans! So here it is!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading her funny post! Some background - from one of her FB story, if I am not mistaken, either her husband or one of the uncle (she called the person 2nd uncle) is a professional golf coach with UK PGA Golf Coaching qualification. This is the coach that HB (and other Bargaining cast/ crew?) got golf lessons from. Here's a summary of the FB mom blogger's account of her encounter with HB (not exact translation). 1) In her FB story, it seems that HB (and maybe a few others) engaged her husband (or 2nd uncle) as golf coach, and they started at 6am. She was still in bed (haha). I think the husband (or 2nd uncle) took a pix with HB but the manager asked them not to post the picture. 2) Throughout her account, she calls HB as Zheng He, which is the chinese name for Jeong Hyuk haha! 3) She also called out ppl who said that HB looks like a middle-aged uncle. She said that in Jordan it's important to grow a beard. If you want to grow a beard, must have a full beard and not just a few strands like plucked chicken butt (haha). Or just leave it clean-shaven. She said there's no one as charming as HB in middle-east. So gentle, polite, strong and charming. Most importantly, his skin is fair*, and so handsome until he shines! (LOL! She's a real fan girl, defending HB's looks) *(When she said HB's skin is fair, I think he is tanned but the way a fair skinned person get tanned ie more reddish. We can see that from today's pix/ video of HB at Incheon) 4) That night she was already putting her daughter to sleep, preparing to read her a story. Then suddenly she got a phone call that the Bargaining team/ HB is eating at her restaurant. Her hubby and child was nice enough to say let's go there together since no one can sleep anyway. So they drove fast over to the restaurant. When she saw HB she wanted to scream. 5) At the restaurant, she slowly moved her position so that she is facing HB, and she wanted to scream again (haha). He seems to be looking at her, then she realise he was looking at her daughter. All the crew/ cast was also looking at the daughter who was playing hide and seek. HB was also looking for her that's why he looked at the mom. She felt so shy. The blogger used her eyes to indicate to HB that her daughter is behind the pillar, so he tilted his head to look for the child. She wanted her daughter to take a pix with HB but was blocked by the manager (here the blogger funnily said, the manager should just eat his meal haha) 6) Finally, her family's queen (not sure who this is, her mom, husband??) helped request for signatures. But still couldn't get close to him. It's OK though cuz she made eye contact with him - so no need to wash her eyes anymore (haha). Also she said "There's only one phrase in my heart ...... he is really very handsome!! 7) Kang Ki Young was also there, and he was very kind and friendly. Also gave his signature. She said she will watch his dramas next time. ================/================== Postscript : Binnie really love kids so much! His eyes are always turning to kids around him, even today at the airport he kept looking at the little girl who gave him the gift. Please get married and have a kid of your own soon! (but all in you and your Last Princess and Forever Queen's timing of course)
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    I so agree with what lovelyz posted of how rumors can start anytime and anywhere. "A lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth." Especially with SNS these days. One can post a blurry photo of two people and say they are dating, and people will quickly believe it. It's how it's always worked in political news, and it works in entertainment news as well. With that said, my friends, I need to rant (again). Sorry, I feel like I just come here to rant. But please bear with me one more time (and probably many more times to come). Actually, this is more of an emotional and psychological journey that I experienced recently. Lately, I almost gave up on BinJin. With virtually 2 months of no news, I wanted to give up. You know, I'm a long-time Yejin fan after all. And I will stay a long-time Yejin fan. But then on one stormy day, I saw my reflection in the window and said to myself, "Kari, you can't give up! You can't jump ship and seek refuge elsewhere! If so, then you're a hack and a maniac! Might as well call yourself Kari is Such a Hack and Maniac, or KSHM for short!" In that instance, my friends, I woke up. I gathered myself and realized what a mistake it was to give up on BinJin. Immediately after my realization, the skies outside cleared up. I was so scared that I almost wanted to spread fake news about BinJin everywhere to feel better about myself. But alas, I don't want to be a hack and a maniac. I don't want to be called KSHM. That's all I have to share. Thank you for all for reading about my emotional journey.
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    See...it's really hard to explain. But it seems like a few people are interested so I'll try my very best to describe my journey on how I almost became and recovered from becoming Kari's Such a Hack and a Maniac aka KSHM. Looking back, I don't even know how the whole thing happened. It was so surreal. Here goes: It might be this whole pandemic and quarantine that caused me to become delirious. With delirium came the delusions. I'm not sure, I might've smoked something too which caused all the delusions. I got really insecure seeing that Yejin is actually super happy with HB and vice versa. Hmmmm maybe I was a possessive, insecure fan-girl all along and I was just pretending to be a BinJin shipper? I don't know. But I just couldn't stand the site of BinJin, specifically Yejin, being happy. They make me realize how miserable my life is...okay, no I don't actually live a miserable life (thankfully) but you know, those delusions could really remind you of the worst things. Yejin reminded me of what I don't have - talent, recognition, beauty, money, and a loving partner that's soooo supportive and hot and rich and famous and loving and sweet and tall and OH MY GOD oooh and ahhh. (Alright alright, no, I've been fortunate in real life but I was in a state of ecstasy. So just play along, okay?) But of course, I would never admit to how I truly feel. I rather kid myself: So I opted to cope with my feelings in the worst way possible - spread FAKE NEWS about BinJin and Yejin. I wanted to ship Yejin instead with an EX-COSTAR of hers and found the BEST candidate. The ONLY MAN in the entire K-ent that is on her level. It is none other than: Thankfully, I didn't do it. But I almost did. I wanted to. It was the only coping mechanism that I knew. Then on that one stormy day, I looked at my reflection in the window and fell into another dimension.... ....and I met Yejin. Right after that I came back to the reality. I realized what a mistake it was to even think about jumping ship and spreading fake news about BinJin. I realized how wrong it it was to be a hack and a maniac. I did not want to be called Kari's Such a Hack and Maniac. I did not want to be called KSHM. As soon as I got a grip of myself I looked outside the window. The skies had cleared up, just like my mind. So that's it. That's my story. It took a lot of effort to not be a hack and a maniac, and I hope no one here ends up as what I had almost become, a KSHM. -------- Anyway, I think I've tired this whole KSHM journey out here. I think this is the last time I'll talk about it because I don't think any of us wants this topic to dominate discussions here. I'm just happy you're all willing to listen. As the great philosopher Son Yejin once said: Thank you sooooooooo much!
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    Summary translation of Carol Cheng's radio program talking about CLOY and Binjin Her radio program is called 口水多過浪花 (which literally translates to "More drool than spray" haha). Some background : Carol Cheng, who is a top tier veteran actress and host in HK, became a mega CLOY fan, and also a Binjin shipper/ supporter. She was part of the HK TVB drama peak era in the 80s, together with Chow Yuen Fatt (who was her frequent co-star) and later became a super host. One of the smartest, wittiest and funniest entertainer in C-ent, I love watching her acting and hosting. So to listen to her GUSH over CLOY, SYJ and later HB (she became his fan after CLOY, but has always been a YJ fan), and how she is like us hoping for Binjin to get married, is such an awesome thing to hear!! As she is a veteran in the entertainment industry, her words do carry a lot of weight and insight. Some of her thoughts might feel uncomfortable at first but she say it based on her own POV and her observation of the entertainment industry, so do read it with an open mind. For those who understand cantonese, you can also go have a listen to the radio show as per link and dates below. You will have to search/ fast forward for the segments on CLOY/ Binjin as its within a 1 hour plus program. But it's well worth it cuz Carol Cheng and her co-hosts' discussion and banter is so funny, witty and entertaining. So far, I have listened to the June 9th, and then backwards to the Feb 18th and 21st shows. I think Feb 18th is the first time she talked about CLOY and Binjin (after the CLOY finale). Here's a summary translation : * (Please note as it is not word-for-word translation, there may be errors. If you notice errors, please feel free to let me know and correct me!) : Feb 18, 2020 http://www.hkfm.info/口水多過浪花2020-02-18.html#more-20715 - Carol Cheng started by saying that she wanted to talk about CLOY which is the hot Kdrama airing now. She said that she didn't tell anyone she was watching CLOY as ppl has a tendency to give spoilers whenever she mentions she is going to watch a certain series. - Now she has finally complete watching it, and was gushing about how good CLOY is to her co-hosts, and how well both YJ and HB acted. CLOY is one of the best Kdrama she has watched in a long time, its really really good. - The scriptwriter (Carol knows she wrote MLFAS), director, scenery were all amazing, Also all the easter eggs in the epilogues are really good too. - She has always been a fan of SYJ and know she is a good actress, but now after CLOY she is also a HB fan cuz he acted so well. Before that she has not really watch his works and have only see his action shows (I guess films?), thot he is an action actor, but never thot he can act so well. - And now the whole world, millions of fans are hoping for HB and SYJ to get married. - She talked about the unique NK scenario esp how it does just not talk about the negative stuff about NK but the life and details of NK people with a lot of detailed research. There's also NK F4 who is with HB in the show. Everyone thot it will be a melodrama but it's actually a very funny and humorous show. - Then she started talking about Binjin chemistry, and why so many fans want them to get married. Carol said that HB fans who call themselves Mrs Hyun even said they will agree if HB marries YJ. - Carol explained to the other DJs about how Binjin debut almost at the same time 20 years ago, and YJ even debuted earlier. They then filmed TN in 2017 together (she explained how the film via monitor) and the TN promo happened where they travel in the bus together, and HB who is known as being rather stiff, ended up doing all the selfies, funny apps, wind-blow selfies with YJ. Many say how good they look together. Usually for top stars, after working once together, that is all. But HB said during the promo that he wants to film again with SYJ, and wants to act in a rom.com with her. - During Sept 2018, you can see SYJ celebrating birthday with HB. Then in Jan 2019, it is SYJ's birthday, and the January rumour and LA grocery sighting happened, and everyone was very happy thinking they will admit but in the end they still denied. Thinking that was it, but a few months later both of them accepted to star in CLOY together. - The 2nd lady MC Valerie said that many of her friends who never watch Kdramas, tell her to watch CLOY and how CLOY is the first Kdrama for them and keep saying how good it is and how addicted they are. Carol Cheng said that HB acts as a warm NK soldier and met YJ, and their r/s development while they are not dating but still have a lot of chemistry. The male DJ said HB's eye gaze is so attractive etc etc (haha, even guys get attracted to HB's gazes). - Carol Cheng then started to say that she don't think they will get married (don't worry, she don't think like this anymore cuz by Feb 21st she is hoping they will get married haha). Reason she gave is that both are Top Tier actors, and them being together is just too overwhelming and too much pressure (as everyone hope for them to be together). Also they have spent 20 years building their career to their current status, and though CLOY is a big success for them, they've also experienced career slumps before, and not every work is successful, so they will need to be extra careful in handling relationships. If anything happens, it will also impact their team (manager, PA, stylists etc) which is a big team relying on them for their livelihood. And if they marry and later split (she gave example of other celeb couples), there will be a big impact on their career, standing in the industry and also their team. She said sometimes it may be better star couples just stay friends. But when asked if she thinks they are together, she said their chemistry in CLOY is just too great, including their BTS,.... (i think she believe they have strong feelings for each other, or even dating). But they may still need to consider very carefully before deciding to get married. - Carol also brought up how earlier HB talked about if he has a girlfriend, he will do something special for her during her birthday, and so looks like now he has done it (you can see that Carol is torn btwn being worried about Binjin and the impact their relationship will have on each other, and how she also thinks and wants them to be together) MY THOTS : I think Carol Cheng's thots on marriage for Binjin is very rational and practical. She is after all a big star herself when she was young, and know the trappings and risks of being a star and idol. One of the male DJ actually raised up that she and frequent co-star Chow Yuen Fatt was also a couple that fans hope will become real life. But she said that for them, they have always only been good friends and colleagues so nothing happened. She also said that just like SYJ, fans always wish she will date each of her co-star (haha). Anyway, this is only her thots and i guess she is cautious about marriage between such Top stars. Which I believe is the reason why Binjin is taking it very very slowly, and keeping it very very private, cuz their actions has major impact not just on themselves but others around them, including family, staff and fans. Feb 21, 2020 http://www.hkfm.info/口水多過浪花2020-02-21.html#more-20760 - This program on 21 Feb has a lot of funny and happy discussion. - Another friend of the 2nd female DJ who started watching CLOY and sent her a voice message (she played it) saying her husband said he lost his wife and her son said he lost her mom, and all she does is cry while watching it. - One of the male DJ is also got addicted to CLOY and cried 3 times watching it. - One friend (of Valerie's, the 2nd female DJ) was promoted to watch CLOY at 11pm, so he started watching and ended up watching till 12 pm next day. This friend said that: firstly, he has never cried so much and secondly, he has not hold the same position for 12 hours for so long (haha!). - Then Carol said that for her who have finished watching, it feels like she is suffering from a break-up (loss of love) lol!! - On top of the funny stories about CLOY gushing, there is also an amusing one about HB. So Carol Cheng said they must invite this "professor" who is an expert on NK. Carol said she wants to know if there are really guys all over the street like HB in NK, if yes she will immediately go over there (haha). - The male DJ then said, HB is the ideal man, tall and broad shouldered, and killer eye gaze. He also said that his eyes seems to be always watery, then carol add he hold the tears and then at the right time the tears will roll out. The male DJ said his eyes seems to be reddish at the bottom, and it's natural, not make-up, always watery. Carol add she don't know how he does it. When he looks at you its always watery, and as soon its close-up the tears will fall down. - Then Carol said they are too matching (HB and YJ) and their chemistry is too strong, and though the 2nd OTP is also good, but HB and SYJ is just too strong and steal every scene, and she also hope they will get married. June 9, 2020 http://www.hkfm.info/口水多過浪花2020-06-09.html#more-22758 - This is where Carol Cheng brought up SYJ's IG liking incident, how she liked 40 IG posts/ pix of her and HB, after the BAA was over a few days ago. - It's just a funny exchange amongst the 4 DJs, trying to figure out why SYJ did all the likes. And Carol said she herself has never liked other IG posts so what SYJ did was quite a unique thing as SYJ has not done such liking spree before. - Carol Cheng kept wondering and asking why SYJ did that, since she never liked so many before, and it's all her pix with HB! Carol Cheng kept asking her fellow DJs what they think it means, is she ready to admit to the relationship? (the other DJs are basically quite useless in their replies haha!) - One of the male DJ kept saying he is worried about HB fans not agreeing (to HB being with SYJ) but Carol Cheng said most of them are OK with it ie supportive of binjin. - (*Carol also briefly brought up the fake rumour but won't put it in here) NOTE: I am still not entirely satisfied with the translation summary above, so may come back and add/ amend it after I listen to the program on 9th June again.
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    Personally, I'm skeptical of the "I have a Korean friend" or "i know someone in Korea" talks. I go on Zhihu sometimes and the responses to that post are a mixed bag. You have some people believing it and some people questioning its validity. Truth is, we'll never know. So I think it's up to anyone whether they want to believe the post of not. There's no right or wrong in this one lol I saw that article on Twitter. I laughed out loud when auto-translate showed "Hallyu Queen" Son Ye Jin, given the stan wars that erupted recently on Twitter, where antis just want to diminish or downplay Yejin's achievements in film. She's now Chungmuro Queen AND Hallyu Queen, said not by fans (which antis love to think) but by a K-news site! lol i'm always laughing at how things unravel. Stan wars erupt, antis (we know who) put down Yejin, then we get (even) more ammunition that proves her success and BinJin. ----- Lol Gonna rant a bit more about stan wars. I don't disagree with it, but honestly, I think SYJ is already at a level where she doesn't need to prove herself and we stans don't need to constantly prove how great she is. I prefer to just appreciate her success and hard work. Obviously, if someone is just all up in your face, attacking Yejin's looks, slandering her like putting her movie scenes on porn sites etc, (which has happened by the way. looking at you, loyal lurkers), we should fight back. But if antis out there are dumb enough to think Chungmuro is not at a higher status than drama, then so be it. No need to always post her loooong wiki page of Best Actress awards lmao. If they choose to ignore Baeksang, Blue Dragon, Grand Bell, and other awards even thought it's in front of their faces, then there's nothing else you can do. Look, I'm not downplaying dramas either. Dramas have the powerful effect of reaching a wider audience. Hallyu (mainly dramas and kpop) is what gives SK its soft power to the world. It's a culture. And a great actor is a great actor, regardless of film or TV. But still, one can't deny the fact that TV actors do indeed try very hard to get into Chungmuro, with only a minority achieving success. It's a sad reality that Chungmuro is so exclusive but that's just how it is for the time being. Meanwhile, it's not the same for film actors. Film actors take on TV shows once in a while because of the script, director, etc. and yes, because of Hallyu for more CFs and higher popularity. What antis don't understand/care is that Yejin did SITR for the director and CLOY because...lol I don't need to spill that one. I'm saying this because I've read antis say Yejin needed to do dramas to increase her popularity. While CLOY is certainly the reason why many of us here became her fans, I'm willing to bet my condo and my cat that Yejin would still be climbing without CLOY. Another sad reality is Chungmuro is much harder for actresses to shine than actors, because the film industry is so male-centric. So for Yejin, being an early 80s baby, to be able to achieve as much as her sunbaes like JDH and KHS, even surpassing some actors, that's pretty telling. Anyways, I'm not boasting her (okay maybe I am lmao), my point is, if antis are that dumb to not (or refuse to) understand the difficulties (and structural problems) that Korean actresses face, then so be it. Let them gloat about beauty, attractiveness, or goddess whatever, while real actresses and their fans fight hard for more opportunities for everyone. Rant done.
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    BinJin fandom is big...if we’re in the kpop fandom...we might as well call ourselves army lol.I think what really divide us here is our views on what ‘shipping responsibly’ actually means.I just wanna remind everyone to think about BinJin first before anything else...think about whether what we do will effect BinJin negatively or not or will it bother them or not.I don’t know what some people intention are for shipping BinJin but personally I’m here to support them which means also protect them when needed. Shipping Business is complicated and we’re all still learning here how to be a good shipper (who give them happinesses over the amount of support) and not the toxic one (that will burden them).If we truly love them, maybe we have to try to be more considerate and try putting ourselves in their position too for once. And also please let’s not keep getting into an issue where we always misunderstood each other...let’s not be like the next door shippers too who lack reading comprehension. Shall we move on now? BinJin please announce soon...i think everyone in this ship need to take a break for a second including me lol - Anyway here’s BinJin/RiRi to brighten everyones day!
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    Just wanted to show a cute, but clear comparison here of how HB reacts to a co-worker singing and his "close friend" singing. During a "Rampant," stage greeting: During the TN Live Chat (second video): YJ literally sang like 1-2 words and HB is already silently laughing so hard to the point where it looks like he's grabbed his original seating and is rocking it back and forth for support because he doesn't know what to do with himself. HB... we know you can't even make eye contact with YJ for a second without laughing either... but then you go ahead and become a JPEG, staring at her intensely whenever she talks (second video)... The only person that makes me laugh instantly and stare intensely like that is my husband. It was especially the case when we were dating... So in conclusion, BinJin dating. And now... time to get married!
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    Guys, I think with BinJin trolling us constantly and with international media worldwide throwing us SO MANY BinJin crumbs left and right almost on the daily that we have to remember to take with a "grain of salt," we're all getting a little bit salty. Let us all: Dang it, Binnie..now we're THIRSTY again! To the maker of the nearly see-through fabric white shirt above, To the company that thought it'd be smart for the person who makes us all thirsty to sell us the water to relieve our thirst? Brilliant!
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    Okay so I had another post in mind that is entirely different from this one, but I saw this on Twitter and I had to share because I admire this woman so much... the self-awareness, the vulnerability, the humility, and the passion she shows... made me feel a little bit emotional. It makes me a bigger fan of both HB and SYJ since they have both mentioned that they had a lot in common and shared similar experiences. Although their careers don't look the same, I think their inner thoughts and struggles and passion about acting was probably what they connected so much on. What a bond they must have forged...
  22. 56 points
    Regarding the "Bargaining" news some of you posted, it looks like they have one last location to film at (Wadi Rum) and then they'll be done filming by the end of August. Hopefully they'll fly back in by the beginning of Sept and he can get his quarantine done by mid Sept! I don't think he'll be able to attend SDA though, but we shall see! I've definitely read conflicting articles regarding CA 2. For sure they've received the script and are going over it, but some articles state that YHJ declined it due to a scheduling conflict. It also looks like it will be a different director. I hope they can somehow accommodate YHJ's schedule because their bromance was one of the best parts! Original BinJin may give our BinJin 2.0 a run for their money with more scenes like this one : YJ:
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    @ @Krystal. I would like to add few points to ur why and because series. I m not a HB long time fan but I still know few facts and not some mere figment of fiction from my delusional mind..And yeah @Kari don't be a KSHM, we don't want you to become 2 faced and a lying machine manufacturing wild made uo stufs. Why CLOY DVD was not released? Because Studio dragon refused to make one for their dramas from now on.Reason could be pandemic (?). IOTNBO is NOT , I repeat ..NOT produced by Studio dragon.. Not every TVN drama had to do something with Studio Dragon. Another drama called The King Eternal Monarch which was also produced by Studio Dragon didn't get their Blue ray DVD.. Thus we will talk when The King gets their dvd. Why HB returned from Mongolia earlier before his birthday.. So, assuming that one is really a HB fan, it should be known that HB's birthday is on 25th September. On 24th September he had an important meeting with Kakao M where the deal regarding the buying of Vast by Kakao M was discussed.. You know the funny part, certain people were there in the CLOY thread when this thing happened and people reasoned behind his early departure from Mongolia..LMAO I see those same people spinning a new tale around this narrative and making a clownery of themselves. Edit: What type of fan don't know that an old interview was recycled ??Only those who refused to accept the reality and thus like to propagate fake news ..Yes fake news..Huh the audacity to lie openly.#InTwoFacedPeopleWeDontTrust. Even if HB -YJ are just colleagues I just don't get it that why would HB hate his most well recognised work in the world?..Are you a fool or are you a fool?? For now I just spoke about the facts as for many other incidences different ships can have different perceptions. But it is sickening to see people twisting facts and feeding white lies.
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    Filmed around his birthday If fate had its way I won't be surprised on the actual day The struggles of social distancing was hard in June/Baeksang lol She is glued to him until she realized she should really go over to the next mic lol.. Touched her hair and looked at him.
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    I just want to say that i joined this forum at the end of May after backreading all the pages. The "on click and Off click" of members here has been a cycle and this is because of that "WANTING" in us that is not yet fulfilled and the crumbs bring only momentary joy. The BA Awards was the last time we saw them interact in one frame so this period now is considered like a "drought" season. Our diversity as a fandom makes us complex so these events of misunderstandings are expected. We in SOOMPI (i credit this also to the rules here) are guided so as not to create wars and make this forum as publicly palatable and RESPECTABLE. When your emotions get over you then please say your piece and rest/ abstain until you are back. This is a BinJin shippers paradise and we are all entitled to read/discuss about BinJin and not our own personal agenda. If this forum makes you sad and bitter, LEAVE. It is best for you and the fandom here. The diversity here makes it very interesting and i do not find any one higher than the other here. The expressed words seem not appealing to some but in Diversity, this is very common and when you want to join and wonder at its complexity, then you will find that guidance and directions are well given by some senior shippers and this is not hiho i am higher than you. Some people refrain and takes it to more private venues like the Clubs where freedom to criticize and to be delulu is acceptable. I find the group in SOOMPI amazing and fun and when i feel bad, i take it to a more private forum. Thanks to organizers within this fandom for creating such where we can even discuss delicate matters. Let us give one another a backrub.... We are after all waiting for the moment ...when our OTP will fill that "Wanting" in us and then we decide our next journey.... SENDING A VIRTUAL HUG TO BINJIN UNITED NATION!
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    Son said she cannot forget the scene towards the end of the series where the two characters bid farewell at the Military Demarcation Line that separates the North and South. "It was when the emotions of the two characters exploded. I really thought about how to act it out and devoted much energy to it," she said. "Many people who watched the drama told me that it shows the tragedy that resulted from the division and that they were moved," she recounted.
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    Thanks to all fellow shippers whose efforts in different ways keep this forum so informative and interesting. Allow my 2 cents worth of thoughts. Maybe being new to K drama, my motivation to following Binjin as a couple is not because of the number of awards earned nor the salary ranking they command. To me these are only fleeting and temporary recognition as supported by movie fans at certain moments in time. To me, the very sweet on/off screen chemistry of Binjin, their genuine and complementary personalities that fit like tongue and groove, the portrayal to some extent of their own character and love for each other in a movie that is so warm and touching, their caring attitudes towards their fans, staff and society, and their preference to live through fame in a mature way etc etc really supersede measurements of any other kind. All these and perhaps more are what drawn me to them as a magnet. As a result, truly hope that they will choose their paths as a married couple and enter a new stage in life together that will be fulfilling and rewarding in both their career and personal lives. Being who they are, I can even see them reaching a higher platform than solely being actors. For example, they can start a movie company, mentor and nurture new talents, choose films that are meaningful to them, be involved in directing and writing screenplays, further heighten reputation of K drama locally and globally and run this business venture at a pace suitable to their circumstances. Of course here, I'm getting to be delusional. Now back to reality.... we are lucky to have so many recent crumbs. Maybe we can start thinking of a suitable gift from us to them - - a gift they that they would like to keep? There are many ardent fans here who are knowledgeable of Binjin and have been following them for years. I can therefore only contribute $$ but defer to your suggestions and ideas.
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    I realized it’s so easy to deceive people on SNS nowdays....they can post anything on the internet and it somehow turned into a ’rumour’ that people will somehow believe there’s a truth to it.They can even turned fan absurd theory/assumption and it ended up as ‘rumour’ then somehow It gets treated like it’s a fact and then it goes viral and get picked up by trashy medias who loves taking advantage of such situation.Might as well do it too.... ”So guys...I have a korean friend who worked in the industry.She told me it’s confirmed that Hyunbin and Yejin will have a private wedding this November in JeJu and they’ll announce it soon.There’s actually a leaked photo of their pre wedding photoshoot too but it’s been deleted so quickly by the OP.” - If I posted this somewhere else especially pretending as if I’m not a shipper...I bet you somebody will spread this and it ended up as a rumour and it’ll be treated as if it’s fact at the end lol It’s that easy..... Anyway,I hope this fake rumour I just made up ended up being true though lol P.S Stan a couple that falls inlove not because they share a skinships through drama/movies...
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    This subject has been discussed previously in this thread. They are equal to us. A beautiful partnership. If we see something unpleasant or disagreeable elsewhere, it is not necessary to bring it back here. Just leave it in Twitter.
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    I'm shocked, CLOY actually won Best Drama in the Hallyu category at the Seoul International Drama Awards. Glad to see the cast and crew finally acknowledged, as well as the impact of the show around the world. Congrats to all!!! Our girl won as well!!
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    Just to bring back BinJin.... I follow some people on twitter" Apart from attaching their names together in interviews these days, we have known that they play golf together... eat together....laugh together...swim together .....grocery together.... now jog together..... so do you doubt if i say they call each other together? There have been several sightings but no pictures as evidence. So what? do we still need it? No. it is our firm belief that they are together! I am re-watching CLOY again .... I miss them in one frame interacting.... I hope we see them in September...
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    What legal threat.??....Vast literally scourged through various shipping accounts that were plastered with lots of shipping theories like golf sightings,night walk ,etc.etc. as well as the famous quote "ICBM" ..There were loads of edited pics as well as the infamous HUTT one, but lol!! they dme'd a shipper account on insta just to remove HB's solo pic as it was leaked from his FC..and then replied with a smiling emoji. Seems like their days of agony are about to be over when they won't be put in a fix by their employer and compelled to issue unconvincing scenarios like two friends coincidentally heard of each other's existence at the same time in a foreign country and decided to meet at a grocery store.... BTW ..Vast is actually scary..Just got the news that the Publishing of HB's marine photo book in Japan has been cancelled.. LMAO!! I m still waiting for the so called legal actions on shippers..This theory was actually fabricated by fraudsters that it was meant for shippers only..when we all know the reason that it was due to another scandal in which HB was not at all involved.. PS: Even SK media can't separate their names..There was a video from JTBC news talking about the Marine's pictorial, YJ and HB being chosen for smart...etc.etc. The funny part being they showed their selca having a heart sign which was taken from Yejinhand's account . They even included their Baeksang footage . Lol!! Even their local media is well aware of them being in a relationship and don't give a damn about denials.. because they all know ... Binjin Married
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    Thanks very much for this! Really appreciate all the hard work of fans translating and sharing this interview. However, do allow me to point out some errors in the translation : 1) The guest in that radio show is NOT a journalist but a Korean film & tv expert, and was engaged in purchasing film rights to bring into Taiwan. His first interaction with HB was for Late Autumn which he brought into Taiwan (and not because he watched the movie), and he was also responsible for bringing in TN to Taiwan. 2) About the reference to SongSong, the K-ent expert was only giving an example where in recent years there have been a number of K-ent star couples who admitted to being together and then later separated. Does not mean that Binjin decided not to announce publicly because of SongSong. Just wanted to clarify these points as I think they are important ones.
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    omggg you're telling me..........Belma Kang, a top industry stylist, could be close to more than ONE ACTRESS??? holy moly! c-r-u-m-b-s............NOT. I'm not going to use a stylist as proof of my ship. I ain't stooping to that level. I got enough receipts from BinJin themselves to feed me for a long time. I'm ain't hungry like that. Oh wait, but if Belma is actually close or at least on good terms with Yejin, why doesn't she follow Yejin on IG?? Neither does she secretively and slyly releases crumbs for us BinJin shippers...does this mean our ship isn't sailing?? Well, this just means I shouldn't place too much emphasis on just one stylist - who I'm sure is busy with coming up with new ways to style for top stars like HB, SMA, and many others. And if she isn't busy, I'm sure she'd rather be focusing on someone close, like her husband. I'd be a fool to think a person at her caliber has time to throw crumbs at shippers every now and then. Agreed, we should still take lovekpop95 with a grain of salt. But! Watch antis trash this article from lovekpop95 and parade other articles by the same site that work in their favor.
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    Hello everyone, Sorry for bringing it up again. As shipper who first posted about Pavilions in Newport Coast here, I have to speak up. The initiation of my investigation was simply based on someone's post in page 479 who pointed out that the cart is Pavilions'. The original idea of our OTP went to Pavilions instead of Ralphs is from weibo users, I just knew it after posting. The additional information that I got from my own searching (using google of course) is the location of Pavilions is in Newport Coast. I also want to know if the weibo users already discussed about it. As far as I know, @cloyfan first went there to confirm and the suggestion turned out to be true (she shared some photos too). At that time, the hype of the discovery did not reach social media like what currently happening. I am actually happy because IG user @yjscap25 re-confirmed it by going there and even making videos that indeed adding crumbs to all of us. Regarding the credits, I personally appreciate @TotoroSY that she is very thoughtful. In this case, I actually did not mind, even until now I am asking "is it true that @yjscap25 went to Pavilions at Newport Coast to confirm the actual place based on my suggestion?" What bothering me is not this case, but a twitter account who tweeted months ago about the discovery exactly the same as my post on soompi with adding her additional sayings and did not give credit at all. That is not nice to do though we are in the same boat. I keep calm and quiet until this post. Anyway, lets move on. Enjoy every crumb we get and happy shipping!
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    @RiRiGaGa Wow thanks so much for translating that influencer mom’s post and also the article. So much clearer now. She and her husband seems to be involved in the entertainment circle so it might really be true she has connection to someone in K-ent. I can’t help but feel giddy and happy reading it, even if I sprinkle it with some salt haha! As for why she suddenly posted about this after keeping quiet last few months, I believe it’s because of the article of the Taiwan radio show where the Korean film expert/ publisher talked about BinJin being an open secret amongst K-ent insiders/ media. The influencer tagged that article in her 1st Facebook post and exclaimed that finally she can say it. And yes I also believe she wanted to defend HB’s reputation against the recent fake rumors. Of course I will still take this with a grain of salt ie her claim about knowing an insider who told her about Binjin. But I don’t doubt that Binjin is real and an open secret because there have just been too many clues and hints, not just from 3rd parties with strong K-ent connection (eg to CJ Ent), very close friends/ associates to HB and YJ, but most importantly Binjin themselves. It’s clear as day! I will just happily wait here munching my popcorn (and cookies) while waiting for Binjin good news. As what the Taiwan K-ent expert said, we can look forward to it, can definiteky look forward to it.
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    Yes yes yes. Why is this hard to comprehend? From shipping these two I've learned the following about K media - relationship denials are issued for one of two reasons: 1) Because the rumoured relationship is, in fact, not true, or; 2) Because the couple is not ready to admit to the relationship yet (for whatever reason). So obviously we all continue to ship them because we believe they fall in camp #2. And no, despite what some may think, we're not delusional for thinking this way. And the number of denials are not as imporant as when they happened and why. There are two sets of denials if you really break it down. The first set was Jan 2019 when two denials were made in response to them being spotted having dinner together and then a few weeks later grocery shopping (with pics) in LA. We know that SYJ has never gone public with a relationship. So even those that are doubters- if you just accept for a moment that they are in fact a couple, what other possible response could they have given? They did not want to admit it but there were clear pics - so they denied it and said they were close friends. Safe option despite how many people didn't buy it. They are not the first or last to lie in a similar scenario. The second set of denials came out Jan-Feb 2020 when agencies had to deny a bunch of stuff (handholding on set, marriage, break up). So this was pretty much near the end of CLOY filming. Again, context matters here. Let's assume once more that they have been a couple this whole time. They are now working on a drama together. Could they realistically have admitted it then? Of course not. Has there ever been a real life couple in SK who admitted their relationship WHILE filming or even immediately after the film/drama ends? I don't think so. What mostly happens is that months or years later they will claim to have become good friends while working and then fallen in love after have gotten to know each other better, blah blah blah. Even though everyone and their brother knows they likely started dating on set. Most importantly there has not been a denial since Feb despite many many articles and rumours and continued interest. Now, if a denial drops tomorrow I would be inclined to believe it since there is really no reason for them to deny anymore at this point. But until that happens, I will proudly keep sailing.
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    Sometimes i wonder what really attracted HB to SYJ? Is it her simple natural beauty? If we base it on HB's history without knowing his ideal qualities of a woman, all her ex ,s were beautiful. SYJ is physically beautiful even body-wise. SYJ'S BEAUTY can make a man speechless... He said he wanted a woman who knows how to cook. SYJ can cook for a group party and her cuisine is both Korean and international. I bet that during her freetime, a woman like her relaxes by doing something else. She even tried artwork. Check. He also said he wanted someone who can understand him and can handle complexities that some cannot handle. My take on this.... rumours that will link him to other women! I have been pondering on this statement for sometime and i came to this conclusion. Remember, he said he was waiting for someone who can handle this gray area to come by. Then, why SYJ? .... SYJ is a very deep person and very independent . Basically , even at a young age, she was already mature in her thinking. She pursued her dreams travelling from Daegu to Seoul. When she was already successful at age 24, she said she did not have many friends even in show business because after their shoot or project, she does not call them. She was very reserved then. Personalities like this entertain themselves thus she develops herself to become funny and bubbly. She also mentioned that when she was in her 20's she felt like 30. Now, she feels 40. This is because, she plans and think of what she wants to pursue in the future. HB is the same. Several interviews indicate that he may look young but is quite mature according to his comrades in films. Perhaps, during their exchanges while filming TN, they discovered that they have a similar way of thinking. There was instant cerebral connection. Timely open communication fosters TRUST! Did HB intentionally look for a popular and a Hallyu Queen? No. His Ex's were not! So no need to compare achievements of HB and SYJ. I believed that they were already close friends prior to the TN promos. Their relationship during the TN promo even became closer as they were always seated beside each other in the bus so it deepened their connection September 03, 2018 when HB said they were close in real life. HB also likes women who eats well and SYJ.....proves it! My summarry why HB loves SYJ so much...... It is because of the effect of SYJ on him .....and no one can explain even in real life, for it is only the two hearts and souls communicating! That is the wonder of LOVE.
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    This is his new family pictures ICBM!!!! we can call this a family picture too right? Of course we can. And, no, we're not delusional to say its HB family pictures.
  40. 47 points
    Good news for SYJ's The Cross Holywood Movie
  41. 47 points
    A taiwanese Hallyu expert who know Binnie since his movie Late Autumn time in 2011 talk about BJ over a radio show covering their LA grocery trip. In his opinion, BJ is keeping this relationship low profile, choosing a mature, rational , adult attitude, no need to disclose their private life to the press to grab attention, not even during award ceremony. Its an open secret in SK ent industry and they know it started during TN period. When their LA grocery news reached SK, both VAST and MSTEAM took 6 hours to issue a statement saying they are confirming the facts then later vast denial. LOL not an immediate within 10mins straightforward denial like that July joke!! credit: beanhandhk ig Exact part on BJ LA grocery trip interview in this ig https://www.instagram.com/p/CEDzZaWJJ-k/?igshid=bsog5gh6d21k The talk show also cover HB RJH role. https://www.soompi.com/article/1296687wpp/son-ye-jins-agency-clarifies-dating-rumors-hyun-bin
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    Ring Ring babe honey! How are you doing babe? Not that great honey. I miss you, a lot. It has been 2 years since we started... everyday there is this memory of us together during The Negotiation coming up here and there on IG. Our fans have been celebrating for us & that made me miss you even more. Awww thanks to our fans, I miss you too babe. I wish the filming ended earlier so that I can come back and celebrate with you. But Covid made it harder for all of us. It doesn't help when oppa HJM came back before you. But I know you are working hard now, please don't worry. Just do your best & come home safely ? That's all I need. I know babe. The team is doing it tough because there are quarantine periods. We can not go out on Fridays but we tried to have some fun in the hotel sometimes. They even creating phone light dance in between hotel windows the other day. I saw it. It was fun. And how do you keep yourself fit? Well, you know I eat a lot, but here I tried to control the portion. I do exercises whenever I can, mainly using body weight. Did you loose some weight? I think I've lost a bit of weight, the pants seem a bit loose now a day. You look like a block of dark chocolate now honey. But still yummy hi hi Hi hi, I know, I hope you still able to recognise me when I'm back. I'll be back before you know it, babe! Don't worry Mr. Kim. I can recognise you even with my eyes closed. How could you, Mrs Kim to be? Ahhh, just the smell that I'm so familiar with. Remember I have a sharp nose honey. I miss your sweet scent too. Can't wait to see you again babe. Hang in there honey. Not too long now. Sending you a thousand kisses! Muah! Muah! Muah! Muah! I love you so much babe! I love you too honey! #InGroceryWeTrust #In2FacedPeopleWeDontTrust #ICBM Disclaimer: another creation of my delulu stage of mind. Take it at your own risk
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    @lovelyz Your post was awesome and expressed all of what many of us thought of and expressed it in a brilliant way. The last denial regarding HB with another woman mentioned how family members were hurt. I could imagine this rumor must have hurt both HB's family and SYJ's family. HB and SYJ have been together for over two years, and I am pretty sure they are in a serious and committed relationship. They most likely met each other's families and are getting ready to get married. Imagine the perspective of SYJ's parents hearing rumors saying their daughter's fiance is with another woman. It would be shocking and painful. Imagine his parents hearing this as well. How they would also be hurt by this. When all becomes clear, SYJ and HB make it official, how would the ones who spread this rumor feel about it? Those spreading such rumors might accuse us of doing the same, but this is not the case. As lovelyz eloquently said, we like most people on earth can see HB and SYJ are together because they made it too obvious to ignore. They seemed to have been connected by hip for the past for two years. Working together, gazing at each other lovingly, praising each other, acting like a couple, and so on. With all the rumors surrounding them for two years, if they are not together, why keep working together on a commercial months after their drama ended? To believe this is just for money, they would have to believe HB is really a horrible boyfriend who would fan the flames of dating rumors with another woman just for money. Does this mean the two most popular drama couple lack commercial opportunities? No, we all know this is not the case. They are inundated with offers. So, why do they chose to work on the same commercial? Why would SYJ go on a liking spree about BinJin posts in IG? Why would HB talk about them as 'WE will work harder in the future'? Why would he speak for her if he is not with her? Why did they hold one Baeksang award together and not their own awards? Why were they walking out of the Baeksang awards together if they are not a couple? Why was HB trying to get close to SYJ at the Baeksang winners' picture if he was not with her? I am so glad HB is coming back sooner than expected and I hope they will finally put to rest all these hurtful speculations and the horrible attacks against SYJ, who is the love of his life.
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    @lovelyz I love your perspectives in all what you have written about HB and SYJ. Normally, i quiet down as i see a lot of people giving/writing their ideas but on what you have just presented " How do actors fall in love when they do not even share skinship"...i want to give my worth. First, it is good that all rumours come out here because we can see the richness of opinions and beliefs and facts that are shared coming from people all over the world and that to me is Awesome! If they are trolls then they can be shamed by how objective and mature we are taking crumbs or false reports. We can never be shaken as We as a team have continuously strengthened each others' faith in BinJin through our open exchanges and validations in this forum reaching 1215 pages already. I belong to a drama group in my younger years. I understand that when you are portraying a role and get immersed into it, you become that persona and stays with you until the drama is over.This is one of the reasons why many actors/stage or movies fall in love with their partners and apart from the fact that actors do not have time to date so they often meet their partners in projects/ CFs/celebrations.... Therefore, how can our OTP fall in love without skinship? Not only that, they did not even meet face to face during the shoots. The interviews and swoon videos indicated that they viewed each others project since time and thus that getting to know how they will act is almost done as expressed by SYJ. One can only surmise that they fell in love by their own volition and the development of those feelings were done by themselves not by their skinship nor even the closeness in the movie because there was none. The shooting period was also very short so how can it develop? In their own private personal world , they were communicating and developing their relationship. Nobody and not even the press had any idea about what was going on between them until the fateful LA Grocery pictures . One person may have witnessed this development and that is the Director of TN.... as he was with them with their regular meetings before and during the shoots. That is why, their relationship is strong because they built it themselves by their own choice and decision and not by the circumstance of skinship or love relationship in a project. This is why i joined the shippers world of BinJin as they allowed us to witness one of the most phenomenal love story of our time!
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    Another denial is coming soon folks. "There has been rumors that HB and SYJ have been dating 2018. These rumors have been repeatedly and continuously denied. We would like to make everything clear and set the record straight. Those prior denials are in fact, NOT TRUE." This is pure legit news from my Dululu Agency.
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    I've been laughing and having a gleeful, awesome time reading all the funny and witty posts and thot exchanges in the last few pages. Thank you all ye wonderful, witty, insightful Soompi Binjin Shippers for your contribution to bring positivity back to this thread again. It reminds me why we enjoy hanging out here, whether we joined last week. 6 months ago or even longer than that. On a slightly different topic, but still on Binjin, I just realise that today is the 7th Day of the 7th Lunar Month which is Qixi or more well-known as Chinese Valentine's Day. This is of course based on the story of The Cowherd (Niulang) and Weavergirl (Zhinu). And how is this connected to Binjin? It was the same story that YSR told the NK Ahjummas when explaining why she and Captain Ri can't be together (when Romeo and Juliet didn't work LOL). She calls them Gyeonu and Jiknyeo, the korean names. https://folkency.nfm.go.kr/en/topic/detail/5427 The legend“ Gyeonujiknyeo ”narrates the origins of Chirwolchilseok (Seventh Day of the Seventh Lunar Month), the one day of the year, according to folk belief, when Gyeonu (Cowherd) and Jiknyeo (Weaver Girl) are allowed to meet. The lesson of this narrative is about the duties of a newlywed couple. The yearlong separation and waiting imposed on the couple as punishment can be seen as a rite of passage, while the repetition of parting and uniting between man and woman signifies the law of universal order. This legend, along with other folk customs related to Chirwolchilseok, is evaluated to be a story of great impact on the sentiments of the Korean people. I especially love the last paragraph above, because it reminds me so much of RiRi couple in CLOY. And at this time, reminds me also of our beloved Binjin couple who are now separated by distance (but not the heart). Also really hope that Binnie can be back by end August as per the last news we saw, and celebrate his birthday with YJ. Finally, just want to wish Binjin, and all the love couples, a wonderful Qixi, Happy Valentine's Day and may the lovers be reunited soon.
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    CLOY picked by VOGUE Paris as one of their 4 favorite Kdramas to watch! Happy to see CLOY and Binjin making an impact in Europe too!! https://www.vogue.fr/fashion-culture/article/netflix-4-korean-dramas-to-discover-this-summer P.S. Just one note - not sure why the creator is stated as Chua Zheng Yang (name sounds chinese), It should be writer Park Ji-Eun Netflix: 4 Korean dramas to discover this summer PAR FLORIANE REYNAUD21 AOÛT 2020 The world runs on Seoul's time. Increasingly popular, South Korean culture is even infiltrating our Netflix listings. Here's Vogue's selection of some Korean dramas available on the platform. After falling in love with K-Beauty and K-Pop, we set our sights on Korean dramas, the 15-episode series which are causing a stir on the other side of the globe. In the West, Korean drama is gradually breaking down prejudices and establishing itself as a highly appreciated genre. Fans enjoy the slower and more poetic mode of narrative, which emphasizes on cliffhanger dialogue and the emotion provoked by a simple glance. Episode after episode, we become imbued with this characteristic Oriental modesty and almost blush when the two lovers finally hold hands. Vogue has selected 4 successful Korean dramas, guaranteed not to be mushy, to discover on Netflix. Crash landing on you (2019) Plot: In a paragliding accident, South Korean heiress Yoon Se-ri lands in the demilitarized zone of Korea and meets Ri Jeong-hyuk, an officer of the North Korean army. Despite their differences and the gulf between them, the two protagonists fall in love as Ri Jeong-hyuk tries to send her back across the border. Why? Initially broadcast on South Korean television, Crash landing on you enjoyed phenomenal success which already landed it in the list of today's best dramas. Created by Chua Zheng Yang, the series had a large budget and was consequently able to gather the genre's best actors: Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin. There's little downtime among the 16 episodes, 1 hour and 30 minutes each, as well as a soundtrack to please Korean music fans, and impeccable direction that has nothing to envy in American productions. Crash landing on you © Netflix
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    the Smart CF director shared a photo of him and Ye Jin this morning. caption when translated via IG says: Thank you for your hard work. See you again. In such a polite position. i’m focusing on the word AGAIN So pretty and blooming, Yejin-ah
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    I'm supposed to be working on a news story but I was procrastinating and accidentally made this instead. Now how do I turn this into an actual job?
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