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    I usually don't make these types of posts, but all I have to say is... no one is forcing anyone to stay on this ship. I can understand occasional fleeting doubts or some impatience during droughts, but if you're going to believe in and take to heart every, single baseless rumor... then please jump ship for your own sake and everyone else's. You can either jump off yourself... Or we will gladly help you... And for those who have jumped ship and are being loud about it, we hear you loud and clear: Hope y'all don't drown in your own misery once this ship docks. Meanwhile, HB and YJ waiting to do this after his quarantine...
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    Son Ye Jin - The Perfect Wife Material for HyunBin (Additional Info) - • There’s another old Interview that I forgot to mentioned in which HB described what kind of Husband he wants to be. “Whether a woman is considered pretty depends on her cooking skill, the way she dresses and her husband. Which means, when a woman cooks well, wears sexy clothes, and there is a charming husband standing beside her, she'd look exceptionally pretty. I hope I could satisfy one of the three requirements in order to make my woman prettier. The first two requirements she'd have to work hard on her own, I'd be responsible for the last one." - This was a really old interview and I’m abit skeptical if he really did say wear sexy clothes lol but since this translation seems to be everywhere I’m just gonna go with it.But honestly don’t you just love the way YJ dresses.She has the image of Innocent yet sexy since the beginning and it really shows with the way she dresses but overall still classy. • Also remember how HB mentioned his ideal woman should have a healthy appetite or who eats well....so here’s a behind the scenes convos during CLOY PressCon in which YJ mentioned she’s really good at eating and then there’s HB laughing at her answer lol • And lastly,HB had mentioned a few times in the past that his parents approval is very important... “Relationship that my parents disapprove of is an absolute NO. Actually, I'm the MOST realistic person ever.” - Well thank god Hyunbin dating and even marriage rumours with Yejin didn’t hurt his family...it’s probably because there’s some truth to it lbh hahahaha And who would not love YJ...It’s known that Koreans Ahjummas really love her...they all probably want her to be their daughter in law. But honestly when reading all their interviews about their Ideal partner and also marriage...don’t you just feel abit of goosebumps because how they matches so well.Especially reading HB Ideal woman since the beginning ...basically 10 or so years later his Ideal woman really crash landed into his life. • Here’s another Quote that I loved from HB about YJ/BinJin: “While working with her on the project and doing promotion with her,I think we share alot of similarities.As a result we have many things we can talk about and we share similar views about a lot of things” HB (Esquire 2019) - The reason why i love BinJin relationship so much.They’re first attracted to eachother not due to skinships while filming a drama but due to admiration of eachother as a person.The fact that HB said they have similar views about a lot of things which means not only for work but most likely about life in general....ICBM lol + What BinJin did during Quarantine Time (Before HB left for Jordan): + BinJin secretly planning their Honeymoon in Africa since 2019 lol: Q:If you were to crash-land anywhere in the world, where would you crash-land and what would you bring with you? Hyun Bin: Hopefully it’s somewhere completely new, somewhere I haven’t traveled before either for a trip or to shoot anything, and hopefully there’s nature around me—I would love that. As for the objects…my cellphone, passport, and cash? (Laughs.) Son Ye-jin: I would love to crash-land in Africa. It’s actually one of the agendas on my bucket list, and also I really love animals. I’d love to visit Africa and hopefully I could take with me a notebook so that I could write a diary. - She actually mentioned it again in her recent interview with Forbes that she really wanted to visit Africa. + The Power of BinJin and BinJin Nation: Bonus: Hyunbin Exs praising Hyunbin’s Future Wife AKA Best Actress Son Ye Jin in their past interviews: “I also want to try acting with fellow actors Jun Ji Hyun and Son Ye Jin since their styles are very distinct from mine, and they already have a strong career in the movie industry. It would have been nice if I had been given those kinds of opportunities when I was younger.” - SHK (2017) “I love Son Ye Jin and Kim Min Hee.It is my hope to show you such a feminine and intense acting” - KSR (2012) And of course Hyunbin himself will forever be praising his future wife.... - HB (2018) “There are times when I feel great charm and thrill from seeing the actor opposite me show unexpected acting. There’s also a thrill to my own reaction to that acting. While filming ‘The Negotiation,’ I saw that in Son Ye Jin, so I thought, ‘I want to try working with her again.’ At the time, [we had filmed separately], so I wanted to try acting with her in the same space, making eye contact, and breathing the same air, and that opportunity came quickly.” - HB (2019) “Son Ye-jin is a good partner to me. I’ve seen and learned a lot more as an actor in working together [with her]. She has a lot of ideas and makes me inspired.” - HB (2020) P.S I haven’t posted in awhile and i hope this brings some positive vibes to this MT.Also I would like to remind everyone too...please don’t bother anyone related to BinJin.Commenting on their Instagram posts/live/story or even DMing them for whatever reasons.Please that’s not responsible shipping.Let’s try to be more lowkey shall we just like how BinJin is with their relationship atm. Have a great day yall!
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    @Kari omg I’m so glad you woke up that sounds like a total nightmare and please don’t ever change your name to KSHM it sounds so familiar and the name just leaves a bad taste. I think I heard it before but I hope we don’t see it here ever again. Anyways this is totally random but I decided to do a series of why and because to show how much HB values Yejin whether it’s as a friend or wife. This is based on facts and crumbs that were given to us by BinJin themselves and NOT their “squad” stylist or assistants so take it or leave it it’s up to you Warning: To the shoplifters out there I would strongly advise you to look away because you won’t be able to handle it. And don’t come for me or call be delusional because these “Because” are as clear as sky. So here it goes Why was HB in the states on Jan 2019 when he had no reason to be there? BECAUSE it was Yejin’s birthday month and he wanted to spend time with her. WHY did HB mention Yejin on his MetroStyle interview even though they didn’t even ask about her? BECAUSE she’s on his mind 24/7 simple as that. WHY did HB say that he looked forward to lunch time the most during TN shooting? BECAUSE that was the only time he was able to see her (his words not mind) WHY did HB say “we” many times during his BAA speech? BECAUSE they are now one and comes in a package so if you’re a fan of one of them then you’ll have to accept the other person. If you don’t then guess you’re not a true fan after all WHY did cloy become such a huge hit and is still talked about to this day? BECAUSE of the chemistry between HB and Yejin. Their love story unfolding onscreen for the world to witness WHY did HB tell Yejin to cover her legs during TN promotions and Yejin actually listen to him? BECAUSE he has boyfriend privilege WHY Is there still so many shippers even though they “denied” so many times BECAUSE the receipts kept coming even when we didn’t ask for it. (*cough* liking spree *cough*) WHY did HB want to act with Yejin again and this time be able to breathe the same air as her when they just did a movie together? BECAUSE He wants to spend more time with her and was starting to fall for her. There’s so much more but I’m tired and it’s late where I am so I’m just going to leave this here. But noticed how all of this came from HB himself? That’s the difference between a peaceful ship that’s sailing straight to shore and the titanic. I will try to write a why and because that came from Yejin another day but for now have a good day/night everyone and let’s wait patiently for HB to come home safely. His quarantine will be over on the 26th and a special someone has a fan meeting that’s going to take place on the 27th so expect them to be ninjas for the next 2 weeks . I wonder if this was planned? Somebody must’ve wanted to be the special guests (okay this part is my delusional side speaking so ignore it if you want) #InBinJinWeTrust #In2FacedPeopleWeDon’tTrust
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    One Day in September To The Last Princess of my life, I could have typed this up on my phone but it takes too long to poke with my index finger. I know, I know, I should be using my thumbs too but I only want to reserve my thumbs to rub your delicate hands. You know that I much prefer writing old-school letters to my fans. And who’s my biggest fan but you? Yes, this ahjusshi loves to write you love letters and you know you love it. By the time this snail mail makes it to you, I might be back in your arms already. I am crying Secret Tears right now because your sweet Summer Scent is too far away from me. Although I’m not sure anything dealing with you and me can really be a “secret” anymore. It seems that our epic failure to be covert in our affections for each other has bred this international nation of sleuth fans who can successfully unearth every small crumb that we’ve left for them to find. They have found more clues than even we have ever intentionally left. I know that you often like to point your pretty little fingers at me for being the one to break my poker face (did I really ever have a poker face when it comes to you though?) and giving our truth away with my unsubtle glances but who was the one building an IG wall of my face all these years? Who's the giving out likes on our pictures like they’re Oprah at Christmas? Who's the one watching old videos of me and leaving it on their public playlist? Who's the one telling people that they chose to represent the SMART brand because they trusted me? Who’s the more obvious one now? Your scent of sweet peaches was still lingering on my mind so I ventured to the local grocery store here in Jordan to buy a big bag of peaches. Some lovely fans even ran into me and asked for an autograph. I gave it to them but they were so kind in respecting my privacy so they did not ask for a photo with me. It’s nice when our lovely fans support us while still respecting our privacy. We really need to do better about staying conspicuous while shopping in grocery stores. We try to stay hidden in the dark but we expose ourselves like a White Night. They’re onto us. Ever since my heart made its Crash Landing on You, you have moved into my mind rent-free and I can’t seem to get you out. You are like a Painted Fire in my brain and heart that never stops burning. Not that I would ever want to get you out of my head because every moment we share is A Moment to Remember. You’ve got me Spellbound by your wit, charm, humor, intelligence, beauty, and kindness and I cannot seem to escape your natural mastery of The Art of Seduction. Being with you, I can reveal The Truth Beneath who I really am. Together, we composed a Lover’s Concerto that only we could hear. But apparently, our actions have been speaking louder than our words and now the whole world is dying for us to turn up the volume of our secret duet. I know that your Personal Taste did not involve wanting to date an actor but I had Great Ambition to prove to you that everything else about me fits what you have been looking for. Our mutual passion for acting and the way that our senses of humor is always on the same wavelength is so rare to find like experiencing April Snow and finding four-leaf clovers. When I’m away like this, I am reminded that though we lead busy actor lives that will require us to be apart at times, we will never be Alone in Love. The naysayers, the squirrels, the leeches, the Sharks, and The Pirates might try to break down The Tower of our love and poison our Secret Garden of blooming tomatoes and Edelweiss. But The Bad Guys Always Die in the end and so they can keep trying to rain on our parade but Something in the Rain tells me that the forged bond we have is thick as Blood and Ties that we have worked hard in knotting cannot be easily severed and undone. Nothing is getting in the way of the way I feel about you. I thought that I understood what love was before but it was not until connecting with you that I found my Crazy First Love. My past relationships have taught me what I want and what I want is to Be With You. In my 20s, I was just a boy trying to find my place in the world. After the time I got to recharge and find the real Kim Tae Pyung in the Marines, I am now a man who knows what he wants. And what I want is The Classic real life love story that is ours. What I want is you. How long will I have to wait until you let me win The Negotiation we’ve discussed and allow me to shine the Spotlight on our open-secret relationship? I cannot wait to reveal The Truth Beneath our charade. You asked me to act cold at the Baeksangs but keeping up with that charade is demanding more of me than any other acting role I’ve ever taken on. Please relieve me of this role soon. I suck at it. I just want to be able to hold your hands in the Open City and love you freely. The only role that I want to sign up to play next is to be your husband. I just want to shout out to the world that My Wife Got Married! To me! You know that I have had a Delicious Proposal up my sleeve for some time now so just be ready for me to rock your world when I get home. I am ready to make you, The Last Princess of my life, the Queen of my life, always and forever. You are my family, my home, my everything. Not enough words in the world can fully express how much I miss you. I cannot wait for my barbecued arms to be in yours soon. Hopelessly yours, Your Daddy Long Legs --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Man, Binnie's English writing skills have sure improved since he's been in Jordan! Someone's been practicing! Disclaimer: This is a product of my delulu shipping mind during a drought anxiously waiting for an announcement and Binnie's long anticipated return. This drought has given me the chance to start watching more of YeJin's works. She's incredible! I can totally see why he insists on breathing the same air and staring into her eyes on-screen and off-screen. He doesn't blink because he doesn't want to miss a thing. I thought it'd be fun to try and incorporate most of Yejin's filmography throughout this letter because I could just imagine HB instead of packing a luggage full of ramyun packing a luggage full of all of Yejin's DVDs (b/c he's an ahjussi and probably can't figure out how to stream them online ) and watching her work in her magic in his hotel room while he unwinds after a long day of shooting in the heat and he's missing his girl. I miss him. I miss her. I miss them. Come backkk, Binnie! Jinnie's response letter to her Daddy Long Legs is still in the mail lol. It should be arriving shortly. Snail mail takes a hot minute.
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    Wow. YJ was seriously glowing at her FM!!! And sure, there were some parts of the meeting that I would have fast forwarded LOL, but overall, I liked it. She had good chemistry with the actor who played Pyo Chi Su and she even talked about things that were new to me like admitting she lacks patience sometimes, wanting to be a bread baker when she was young, how introverted she was, how acting can be really hard for her sometimes, the legacy she wants to leave, etc etc. I went in with some hope, but also did not expect any BJ crumbs because this is YJ's fan meeting (I'm sure HB will have one in Japan too), and mainly because they're self-proclaimed private people in regards to their personal life. I can see why people may have been a little disappointed about them not really addressing RiRi couple and their chemistry too, but what more do we need to know? They've touched on it in the Swoon interviews, during press rounds for CLOY, in their written interviews for the Japanese publications, in HB's metro-style interview, etc. We already know how they feel about their chemistry (we've seen it firsthand too) and how they feel about working together since TN. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I read a comment on Twitter that said something along the lines of "fans deserving answers," from BinJin... and that really made me upset. Just because we see them as public figures, that doesn't mean that they have to adhere to our demands to release information about their private relationship even though they may know how well supported they are. This is their lives and they can choose how much they reveal to us. If anything, I wouldn't want them to be reactive to fans and the public in the way they decide how to go about their relationship because then they will be tossed to and fro since public opinions are always changing and unstable. Like both HB and YJ have said, their way of thanking us is with their work... everything else is an undeserved blessing for us. As so many other shippers reminded us, let's not forget how many goodies we received this week! After being fed so well, you can either choose to be more greedy or to be thankful, and that's really up to you. Like many people mentioned, the fact that she didn't deny the rumors herself (she could have implied it) and didn't talk too much about HB just shows that their relationship is something to be protected until they want to reveal it. I've posted this GIF in a previous post when I was talking about their public/private relationship (because they've been so good at doing that; feeding us while keeping their privacy), and I wanted to post it again with the same sentiments. We can observe how in love they are (it's as clear as day), but there will always be a glass wall preventing us from invading their privacy. We are only able to fully enjoy BinJin when we stop projecting our own expectations on them. Let's let them enjoy themselves on their own, and we can enjoy from the outside looking in.
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    • “If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would....” • - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB joke about wanting a bed scene with YJ by pulling her to bed in CLOY BTS? (2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB grocery shopped with YJ back in Jan 2019?Whether it’s only the both of them or there’s YJ Acquaintances (According to the Denial Statement)...HB spare his time to hang out with her and her friends who he’s doesn’t even know at all...and it’s grocery shopping outside korea ffs Plus this was during her Birthday Month (2019) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would YJ still be constantly working with HB after their rumour when she usually avoid working again with people who she got somehow rumoured with? (2019-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would YJ did that liking spree of BinJin posts where there’s captions about wanting them to date or about them dating each other if she has a bf or if she knows HB has a gf? (June 2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would the TN Director exposed how “HB seems to like YJ more”? (2018) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB hand placement be allowed to be like this? (2019-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB keep bringing up YJ with giddy reaction when the question wasn’t even about her at all? (May 2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB keep fueling his rumour and associating himself with YJ until now when he knows from past experience how shippers can be brutal to their own real life partner? (2018-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else (especially about getting back with exs),Would HB said he would never go back to the past and that his future will be happier?Would he talked about happy life and immediately looking at YJ afterwards? (2019) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB looked at YJ like this like he’s effin inlove? (2018-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,Would HB and YJ basically attached to eachother hip everytime they’re in the same room/events like during Wrap up party and even Baeksang? (2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,would that korean reporter even revealed how since last year she had heard (from someone in the fashion industry) that BinJin is planning to get married after the drama ended? (2019-2020) - If they’re in a relationship with somebody else,would that K Ent Expert from Taiwan also revealed how BinJin relationship is basically an Open Secret in Korea?Not only experts,this is what Knetz were saying about BinJin when the topic was about 2020 New Years Dispatch Couple....They all don’t want it to be BinJin because they all know those two are an open secret anyway (June 2020) So In conclusion,if they’re in a relationship with somebody else,they must be a really bad boyfriend and girlfriend to their respective partners because allowing all these to happen is being super disrespectful and they clearly doesn’t care at all to protect their own partner feelings or maybe the case with them is that they’re dating somebody else but inlove with eachother lol.Am I right or not?But we all agreed both HB and YJ are good human being right...so does it even make sense to assume they’re dating somebody else except each other?Please think as a sane person with an actual brain... Anyway,I rest my case....I don’t even need a lawyer to conclude this situation and solve such case. Actually,I could go on more or even wrote a book at this point just to discuss this matter but look how all these came from HB,YJ,Medias and even people close to them and not based on fans assumption and opinions?There’s nothing to prove about BinJin tbh because it’s all clear as day...nobody needs to connect dots when you ship a real couple + #Quote of the Day: Just a suggestion let’s try not to engaged or in any way response to attention seekers anymore...those people who clearly can’t face reality and who loves to bluff 24/7 just to seek attention.There’s alot of trolls hanging out and lurking on this BinJin thread too...so be careful with that as well.They’re not worth our time...they’re a disease at this point.They know they have no rights soon because when BinJin finally announce...It’s game over for them.Let’s focus on BinJin only and spread out positive vibes...you just never know whats gonna happen in the next months.I know I said to lower our expectation but it’s good to be positive and hopeful about things too right? Happy Shipping everyone!
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    “BinJin still going strong” (2020 Edition) CLOY Wrap Up Party (February 2020): - Look at how they keep sitting next to eachother even when they switched venues. - Look at their reaction during the Swiss Kiss.YJ went all shy and you can see through HB hand gesture that he’s trying to cover his grin.And of course the other casts and staffs reaction too. - At one point,HB turned towards YJ in the middle of watching the final.They were probably whispering at eachother lol - HB and YJ looking and smiling at eachother after the ending then HB decide to hug YJ.Look at the reaction of the other people who saw them too lol Especially the one right behind them...they were grinning. - Both decide to drink water for who knows what reason lol I guess they will have their own celebration afterwards hahaha HB Metro Style Interview (Filming: May 2020 - Vid Released:1st of June): - HB mentioning YJ when the question wasn’t even about her and his cute reaction when the question reminds him of YJ. Baeksang Awards (June 2020): - HB and YJ interaction when they didn’t realized the cameras were on them...full of laughter. - HB and YJ glances and smiles on stage - BinJin speech where they use ‘we’ and how they decide to take a picture holding one trophy together instead of holding their own trophy - Both HB and YJ wore Ralph Lauren - HB looking for YJ wanting to stay close to her during group photo session.Yes,he was looking at her if some people still doubt it.He was looking at her while walking towards her and then somebody seems to call him and then he looked at YJ again. - BinJin walking together after the ceremony which basically indicates they left together. - YJ liking spree of BinJin posts with “Dating” caption on it. - K-Ent Expert (NOT Reporter) from Taiwan hinting about BinJin Open Secret Relationship in Korea and why they’re being cautious during BAA. July 2020: - HB left for Jordan and YJ finally more busy with her CFs. • These are the only obvious receipts.There were alot of crumbs even up until now from the people around them and there’s other rumours too.And yes real crumbs where you don’t even need to connect the dots.Even after that embarrassing rumour created by the dinghy,there’s still even more clear crumbs about BinJin that came from the people close to them. (My Short Rant AKA the real reason why I bring up 2020 timeline again - Don’t read if you feel like you can’t handle it lol Feel free to ignore) - Anyway,happy thoughts...HB will be back soon...he’s coming back in the mid of sept.Let’s hope for the best and all of our wishes and their wishes came true! Have a good day!
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    I've quoted my version of HB's letter from a day in June just to show how similar they are to each other in the way they express their love and thanks towards their fans!!! We stan the very best couple!!! My version/translation of YJ's post! 안녕하세요~어려운 시기에 잘지내고계신가요? Hello ~ Are you all doing okay during this difficult time? 여러분이 주시는 선물.꽃.편지.케잌들.항상 잘 받고있어요. All the gifts, flowers, letter, and cakes that you’ve been sending… I’m always receiving them well. 일일이 고맙다고 말을못해서 이렇게 글을써요. I am unable to thank each and every person, so I’m writing this. 정말 여러분들이 주는사랑에 문득문득 뭉클할때가있어요. Seriously, there are times when I am suddenly moved/touched because of the love I’ve been receiving from you all. 여러분이 선물을 고르기전에 편지를 쓰기전에 얼마나 예쁜마음으로 준비를하고 고민을할지 느껴져서 그런것같아요. I think it’s because before you all choose the gifts and write your letters, I can feel/sense how much you’ve prepared and considered with your beautiful hearts (a nice way to say how thoughtful the gifts are). 그동안 보내준 선물들 사진을 다찍어두지 못해서 미안해요. I’m sorry that I couldn’t photograph all the gifts you’ve sent during this time. 집은항상 여러분이 보내주는 화분과꽃으로 향기가 가득하고 주위사람들과 자르기도 아까운 케잌들을 아주 자주 나눠먹어요~ My home is always filled with the scent/fragrance of the plants and flowers you’ve sent me, and I’ve been eating cakes, that are too precious to cut, very often with those around me. 여러분들이 주시는 사랑이 너무 커서 그것을 기쁘게만 받아도 될지 모를정도에요. The love that you’ve all given me is so great that it’s to the point where I’m not sure if receiving it joyfully is enough. 항상 감사하고 잊지않을께요. I will always be grateful and I will never forget it. 우리 계속 건강지키면서 다시 웃으며 깊은허그를 할수있는 날이 오길 바래요. Let’s continue to protect our health and I hope there will be a day that comes when we can smile and share a deep hug. 건강하세요! Stay healthy!
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    Summary translation of Carol Cheng's radio program talking about CLOY and Binjin Her radio program is called 口水多過浪花 (which literally translates to "More drool than spray" haha). Some background : Carol Cheng, who is a top tier veteran actress and host in HK, became a mega CLOY fan, and also a Binjin shipper/ supporter. She was part of the HK TVB drama peak era in the 80s, together with Chow Yuen Fatt (who was her frequent co-star) and later became a super host. One of the smartest, wittiest and funniest entertainer in C-ent, I love watching her acting and hosting. So to listen to her GUSH over CLOY, SYJ and later HB (she became his fan after CLOY, but has always been a YJ fan), and how she is like us hoping for Binjin to get married, is such an awesome thing to hear!! As she is a veteran in the entertainment industry, her words do carry a lot of weight and insight. Some of her thoughts might feel uncomfortable at first but she say it based on her own POV and her observation of the entertainment industry, so do read it with an open mind. For those who understand cantonese, you can also go have a listen to the radio show as per link and dates below. You will have to search/ fast forward for the segments on CLOY/ Binjin as its within a 1 hour plus program. But it's well worth it cuz Carol Cheng and her co-hosts' discussion and banter is so funny, witty and entertaining. So far, I have listened to the June 9th, and then backwards to the Feb 18th and 21st shows. I think Feb 18th is the first time she talked about CLOY and Binjin (after the CLOY finale). Here's a summary translation : * (Please note as it is not word-for-word translation, there may be errors. If you notice errors, please feel free to let me know and correct me!) : Feb 18, 2020 http://www.hkfm.info/口水多過浪花2020-02-18.html#more-20715 - Carol Cheng started by saying that she wanted to talk about CLOY which is the hot Kdrama airing now. She said that she didn't tell anyone she was watching CLOY as ppl has a tendency to give spoilers whenever she mentions she is going to watch a certain series. - Now she has finally complete watching it, and was gushing about how good CLOY is to her co-hosts, and how well both YJ and HB acted. CLOY is one of the best Kdrama she has watched in a long time, its really really good. - The scriptwriter (Carol knows she wrote MLFAS), director, scenery were all amazing, Also all the easter eggs in the epilogues are really good too. - She has always been a fan of SYJ and know she is a good actress, but now after CLOY she is also a HB fan cuz he acted so well. Before that she has not really watch his works and have only see his action shows (I guess films?), thot he is an action actor, but never thot he can act so well. - And now the whole world, millions of fans are hoping for HB and SYJ to get married. - She talked about the unique NK scenario esp how it does just not talk about the negative stuff about NK but the life and details of NK people with a lot of detailed research. There's also NK F4 who is with HB in the show. Everyone thot it will be a melodrama but it's actually a very funny and humorous show. - Then she started talking about Binjin chemistry, and why so many fans want them to get married. Carol said that HB fans who call themselves Mrs Hyun even said they will agree if HB marries YJ. - Carol explained to the other DJs about how Binjin debut almost at the same time 20 years ago, and YJ even debuted earlier. They then filmed TN in 2017 together (she explained how the film via monitor) and the TN promo happened where they travel in the bus together, and HB who is known as being rather stiff, ended up doing all the selfies, funny apps, wind-blow selfies with YJ. Many say how good they look together. Usually for top stars, after working once together, that is all. But HB said during the promo that he wants to film again with SYJ, and wants to act in a rom.com with her. - During Sept 2018, you can see SYJ celebrating birthday with HB. Then in Jan 2019, it is SYJ's birthday, and the January rumour and LA grocery sighting happened, and everyone was very happy thinking they will admit but in the end they still denied. Thinking that was it, but a few months later both of them accepted to star in CLOY together. - The 2nd lady MC Valerie said that many of her friends who never watch Kdramas, tell her to watch CLOY and how CLOY is the first Kdrama for them and keep saying how good it is and how addicted they are. Carol Cheng said that HB acts as a warm NK soldier and met YJ, and their r/s development while they are not dating but still have a lot of chemistry. The male DJ said HB's eye gaze is so attractive etc etc (haha, even guys get attracted to HB's gazes). - Carol Cheng then started to say that she don't think they will get married (don't worry, she don't think like this anymore cuz by Feb 21st she is hoping they will get married haha). Reason she gave is that both are Top Tier actors, and them being together is just too overwhelming and too much pressure (as everyone hope for them to be together). Also they have spent 20 years building their career to their current status, and though CLOY is a big success for them, they've also experienced career slumps before, and not every work is successful, so they will need to be extra careful in handling relationships. If anything happens, it will also impact their team (manager, PA, stylists etc) which is a big team relying on them for their livelihood. And if they marry and later split (she gave example of other celeb couples), there will be a big impact on their career, standing in the industry and also their team. She said sometimes it may be better star couples just stay friends. But when asked if she thinks they are together, she said their chemistry in CLOY is just too great, including their BTS,.... (i think she believe they have strong feelings for each other, or even dating). But they may still need to consider very carefully before deciding to get married. - Carol also brought up how earlier HB talked about if he has a girlfriend, he will do something special for her during her birthday, and so looks like now he has done it (you can see that Carol is torn btwn being worried about Binjin and the impact their relationship will have on each other, and how she also thinks and wants them to be together) MY THOTS : I think Carol Cheng's thots on marriage for Binjin is very rational and practical. She is after all a big star herself when she was young, and know the trappings and risks of being a star and idol. One of the male DJ actually raised up that she and frequent co-star Chow Yuen Fatt was also a couple that fans hope will become real life. But she said that for them, they have always only been good friends and colleagues so nothing happened. She also said that just like SYJ, fans always wish she will date each of her co-star (haha). Anyway, this is only her thots and i guess she is cautious about marriage between such Top stars. Which I believe is the reason why Binjin is taking it very very slowly, and keeping it very very private, cuz their actions has major impact not just on themselves but others around them, including family, staff and fans. Feb 21, 2020 http://www.hkfm.info/口水多過浪花2020-02-21.html#more-20760 - This program on 21 Feb has a lot of funny and happy discussion. - Another friend of the 2nd female DJ who started watching CLOY and sent her a voice message (she played it) saying her husband said he lost his wife and her son said he lost her mom, and all she does is cry while watching it. - One of the male DJ is also got addicted to CLOY and cried 3 times watching it. - One friend (of Valerie's, the 2nd female DJ) was promoted to watch CLOY at 11pm, so he started watching and ended up watching till 12 pm next day. This friend said that: firstly, he has never cried so much and secondly, he has not hold the same position for 12 hours for so long (haha!). - Then Carol said that for her who have finished watching, it feels like she is suffering from a break-up (loss of love) lol!! - On top of the funny stories about CLOY gushing, there is also an amusing one about HB. So Carol Cheng said they must invite this "professor" who is an expert on NK. Carol said she wants to know if there are really guys all over the street like HB in NK, if yes she will immediately go over there (haha). - The male DJ then said, HB is the ideal man, tall and broad shouldered, and killer eye gaze. He also said that his eyes seems to be always watery, then carol add he hold the tears and then at the right time the tears will roll out. The male DJ said his eyes seems to be reddish at the bottom, and it's natural, not make-up, always watery. Carol add she don't know how he does it. When he looks at you its always watery, and as soon its close-up the tears will fall down. - Then Carol said they are too matching (HB and YJ) and their chemistry is too strong, and though the 2nd OTP is also good, but HB and SYJ is just too strong and steal every scene, and she also hope they will get married. June 9, 2020 http://www.hkfm.info/口水多過浪花2020-06-09.html#more-22758 - This is where Carol Cheng brought up SYJ's IG liking incident, how she liked 40 IG posts/ pix of her and HB, after the BAA was over a few days ago. - It's just a funny exchange amongst the 4 DJs, trying to figure out why SYJ did all the likes. And Carol said she herself has never liked other IG posts so what SYJ did was quite a unique thing as SYJ has not done such liking spree before. - Carol Cheng kept wondering and asking why SYJ did that, since she never liked so many before, and it's all her pix with HB! Carol Cheng kept asking her fellow DJs what they think it means, is she ready to admit to the relationship? (the other DJs are basically quite useless in their replies haha!) - One of the male DJ kept saying he is worried about HB fans not agreeing (to HB being with SYJ) but Carol Cheng said most of them are OK with it ie supportive of binjin. - (*Carol also briefly brought up the fake rumour but won't put it in here) NOTE: I am still not entirely satisfied with the translation summary above, so may come back and add/ amend it after I listen to the program on 9th June again.
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    Oh WOW!!! I can't believe that Binnie is finally back in Seoul after TWO MONTHS!! Binjin REUNITED and it Feels So Good Indeed!! (well, after14 days quarantine but at least they are breathing the same air in the same space!) Also, can't believe Dispatch filmed a 4-minute video of HB arriving back at Incheon! All those flashlights, media and fans chasing with their cameras, and the little girl giving HB a gift. Everyone misses Binnie, and I bet a Miss Hallyu Best Actress missed him the most!! HB looks really happy, relaxed and buffed! Not as dark or tanned as I thot - more reddish. And seems he has shaved his beard? Cuz seems clean-shaven from the side. Love love LOVE all the witty and funny posts here today. Bravo to @Kari for keeping ONE FACE and ONE HEART. And TQ to all you intelligent, funny Binjin shippers for making me laugh and cry at your wit at spilling the TRUTH! So take a bow @Kari @peanutbutterjelly @lovelyz @Krystal. @PrettyNoona @celest1al @eLizza So apt on this day to remind everyone that Binjin Ship is STILL sailing strong, and all the deserters can rant and create all the fake rumors they want, cuz Binjin Shippers' heart are as STURDY and STEADY as ever. #InGroceryWeTrust #InBinjinWeTrust #In2FacedPeopleWeDon'tTrust As a celebration of HB's return home to his Last Princess and Forever Queen, I want to share a summary translation of this fan who is a mom blogger staying in Jordan. You might have seen the link to her FB post (in Mandarin) about her encounter with HB and the Bargaining team. Initially I hesitated to share the translation here as Soompi is a public forum (albeit with only 450 followers for this thread) but since the FB post is a public one and has been shared on twitter, IG, and weibo, plus another fan encouraged me to share it here as it's a GOOD DAY for fans! So here it is!! Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed reading her funny post! Some background - from one of her FB story, if I am not mistaken, either her husband or one of the uncle (she called the person 2nd uncle) is a professional golf coach with UK PGA Golf Coaching qualification. This is the coach that HB (and other Bargaining cast/ crew?) got golf lessons from. Here's a summary of the FB mom blogger's account of her encounter with HB (not exact translation). 1) In her FB story, it seems that HB (and maybe a few others) engaged her husband (or 2nd uncle) as golf coach, and they started at 6am. She was still in bed (haha). I think the husband (or 2nd uncle) took a pix with HB but the manager asked them not to post the picture. 2) Throughout her account, she calls HB as Zheng He, which is the chinese name for Jeong Hyuk haha! 3) She also called out ppl who said that HB looks like a middle-aged uncle. She said that in Jordan it's important to grow a beard. If you want to grow a beard, must have a full beard and not just a few strands like plucked chicken butt (haha). Or just leave it clean-shaven. She said there's no one as charming as HB in middle-east. So gentle, polite, strong and charming. Most importantly, his skin is fair*, and so handsome until he shines! (LOL! She's a real fan girl, defending HB's looks) *(When she said HB's skin is fair, I think he is tanned but the way a fair skinned person get tanned ie more reddish. We can see that from today's pix/ video of HB at Incheon) 4) That night she was already putting her daughter to sleep, preparing to read her a story. Then suddenly she got a phone call that the Bargaining team/ HB is eating at her restaurant. Her hubby and child was nice enough to say let's go there together since no one can sleep anyway. So they drove fast over to the restaurant. When she saw HB she wanted to scream. 5) At the restaurant, she slowly moved her position so that she is facing HB, and she wanted to scream again (haha). He seems to be looking at her, then she realise he was looking at her daughter. All the crew/ cast was also looking at the daughter who was playing hide and seek. HB was also looking for her that's why he looked at the mom. She felt so shy. The blogger used her eyes to indicate to HB that her daughter is behind the pillar, so he tilted his head to look for the child. She wanted her daughter to take a pix with HB but was blocked by the manager (here the blogger funnily said, the manager should just eat his meal haha) 6) Finally, her family's queen (not sure who this is, her mom, husband??) helped request for signatures. But still couldn't get close to him. It's OK though cuz she made eye contact with him - so no need to wash her eyes anymore (haha). Also she said "There's only one phrase in my heart ...... he is really very handsome!! 7) Kang Ki Young was also there, and he was very kind and friendly. Also gave his signature. She said she will watch his dramas next time. ================/================== Postscript : Binnie really love kids so much! His eyes are always turning to kids around him, even today at the airport he kept looking at the little girl who gave him the gift. Please get married and have a kid of your own soon! (but all in you and your Last Princess and Forever Queen's timing of course)
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    I so agree with what lovelyz posted of how rumors can start anytime and anywhere. "A lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth." Especially with SNS these days. One can post a blurry photo of two people and say they are dating, and people will quickly believe it. It's how it's always worked in political news, and it works in entertainment news as well. With that said, my friends, I need to rant (again). Sorry, I feel like I just come here to rant. But please bear with me one more time (and probably many more times to come). Actually, this is more of an emotional and psychological journey that I experienced recently. Lately, I almost gave up on BinJin. With virtually 2 months of no news, I wanted to give up. You know, I'm a long-time Yejin fan after all. And I will stay a long-time Yejin fan. But then on one stormy day, I saw my reflection in the window and said to myself, "Kari, you can't give up! You can't jump ship and seek refuge elsewhere! If so, then you're a hack and a maniac! Might as well call yourself Kari is Such a Hack and Maniac, or KSHM for short!" In that instance, my friends, I woke up. I gathered myself and realized what a mistake it was to give up on BinJin. Immediately after my realization, the skies outside cleared up. I was so scared that I almost wanted to spread fake news about BinJin everywhere to feel better about myself. But alas, I don't want to be a hack and a maniac. I don't want to be called KSHM. That's all I have to share. Thank you for all for reading about my emotional journey.
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    My CLOY inspired birthday post Dear Hyun Bin, Next year, and the year after that, and the year after that, it will be a good day. Because we will be thinking about you. We will be thankful that you were born. You came into our life like a gift. And we hope and pray that whichever train you take, that you would reach your destination.
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    See...it's really hard to explain. But it seems like a few people are interested so I'll try my very best to describe my journey on how I almost became and recovered from becoming Kari's Such a Hack and a Maniac aka KSHM. Looking back, I don't even know how the whole thing happened. It was so surreal. Here goes: It might be this whole pandemic and quarantine that caused me to become delirious. With delirium came the delusions. I'm not sure, I might've smoked something too which caused all the delusions. I got really insecure seeing that Yejin is actually super happy with HB and vice versa. Hmmmm maybe I was a possessive, insecure fan-girl all along and I was just pretending to be a BinJin shipper? I don't know. But I just couldn't stand the site of BinJin, specifically Yejin, being happy. They make me realize how miserable my life is...okay, no I don't actually live a miserable life (thankfully) but you know, those delusions could really remind you of the worst things. Yejin reminded me of what I don't have - talent, recognition, beauty, money, and a loving partner that's soooo supportive and hot and rich and famous and loving and sweet and tall and OH MY GOD oooh and ahhh. (Alright alright, no, I've been fortunate in real life but I was in a state of ecstasy. So just play along, okay?) But of course, I would never admit to how I truly feel. I rather kid myself: So I opted to cope with my feelings in the worst way possible - spread FAKE NEWS about BinJin and Yejin. I wanted to ship Yejin instead with an EX-COSTAR of hers and found the BEST candidate. The ONLY MAN in the entire K-ent that is on her level. It is none other than: Thankfully, I didn't do it. But I almost did. I wanted to. It was the only coping mechanism that I knew. Then on that one stormy day, I looked at my reflection in the window and fell into another dimension.... ....and I met Yejin. Right after that I came back to the reality. I realized what a mistake it was to even think about jumping ship and spreading fake news about BinJin. I realized how wrong it it was to be a hack and a maniac. I did not want to be called Kari's Such a Hack and Maniac. I did not want to be called KSHM. As soon as I got a grip of myself I looked outside the window. The skies had cleared up, just like my mind. So that's it. That's my story. It took a lot of effort to not be a hack and a maniac, and I hope no one here ends up as what I had almost become, a KSHM. -------- Anyway, I think I've tired this whole KSHM journey out here. I think this is the last time I'll talk about it because I don't think any of us wants this topic to dominate discussions here. I'm just happy you're all willing to listen. As the great philosopher Son Yejin once said: Thank you sooooooooo much!
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    THIS SHOULD BE CLARIFY: Some people will always gonna try to dismiss BinJin relationship and their receipts too until they confirmed their relationship.Sometimes there’s no point at all having an argument with them because they’re clearly just don’t like BinJin in the first place and some also just wants attention.The best we could do is to not engaged and mentioned them again in this thread or anywhere else tbh because that’s what they want.They want our attention.They want us to shift our focus on them and their favs instead of BinJin.So please please I beg everyone in this forum and even all those too on Twitter and Instagram to just focus on BinJin. It’s gonna be a good week.Please try to spread positivity for the whole week rather than anything else.There’s HB’s Birthday and there’s also YJ’s FM to look forward too. We all know for sure BinJin is still going strong and it’s all that matter.
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    @Kari BOOM!! FAMILY TINGZ: Hyun Bin: ”Guys, since I’m in isolation now, please send any gifts - especially flowers to my family.” VAST staff: “Roger, we also have many cakes cut in half; we will send these over to you, from your family.” Hyun Bin: “Dont you dare cut that BinJin cake in half, separating me and her picture. Make sure if it’s cut, cut across the waist ya?” VAST staff: “Noted boss” Hyun Bin:” Also... erm any birthday cakes coming up for me... just send there too ya... since I’ll be celebrating there anyway.. (sheepish smile).... VAST staff: “and then the big ReVeal then boss...? We can set up an IG account for you to make the announcement too boss...” Hyun Bin :” I’ll see.” *hangs up the phone* and *giggles to himself, kicking his feet under the blanket as he buries his gleeful face on the pillow*
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    My dear shipper friends, have you recovered from sugar overdose in the last few days? I can't help but put them all together in words & pictures again. All these made our hearts sing and we're jumping for joy. Thanks to our wonderful BinJin couple. "...I've never been caught up in a hug scandal or committed anything wrong that required me do discipline/ restrain myself. I am a very thorough person. For example, if someone says that they'll set up a blind date for me, I'll first be concerned/ worried about whether the other person will spread rumours about meeting me. My first priority was to perfectly protect my image as an actress. I didn't want to do anything that would harm other people and I didn't want to make any mistakes. I'm more relaxed now, but when I was in my 20s, I was constrained to this. Work was the most important" - Son Ye Jin Esquire Interview Jan 2018 - So our dear Queen, with that discipline, you have kept your image so clean in the last 20 years of your career. What made you let your name associate with Hyun Bin in the recent years? It must been love, it must been true love & Hyun Bin is so important to you that you let this happen. Yes, you are more relaxed now. You've stopped working like a cow and spending more time with the love of your life. We love that. “YSR is an honest person. She gave all of her on both works and love. She is also considerate on other people’s feeling, that makes her an excellent woman.” - Hyun Bin Anan magazine interview Sep 2020 - "What about Yoon Se-ri and Son Ye Jin? I think they are matched almost 100 percent." - Hyun Bin during CLOY press conference Dec 2019 - That is Son Ye Jin to our dear Hyun Bin, he never running short of praising to his "close friend", dear colleague and above all, the love of his life. He doesn't afraid of expressing his feelings, his thoughts and showing how much he respects, loves her. Why do you think CLOY is so phenomenal popular? Because the love of RJH and YSR is hard to find in nowadays. Their loves gave hope to people who struggled to their daily lives. We hope we can give the audience “a small moment of happiness”. - Hyun Bin Anan magazine interview Sep 2020 - Thank you Binnie, however it's not a small moment of happiness for all of us. It has been 7 months and we are still happily rewatching CLOY, rooting for you two. I'm not sure about the word "small" here. Thank you BinJin for the joy, the love and the dedication. WE LOVE YOU! and this, my dear shipper friends, is the 3 tier cake we have been waiting for. A confirmation from our Queen's closest friend - one of the 7 Cinderellas. With that, like this IG shipper INEO_GONGJU said " OUR SHIP IS SAILING AND GETTING STRONGER DAY BY DAY... HANG ON EVERYONE... WE'RE ALMOST THERE!". PS: Part of of the interview translations were taken from user Yejinarm & PRNnforhappiness Twitter accounts. Thank you guys for your good work. I have so much joy reading your translations. Much appreciated!
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    Oh goshhhh...another cake.. Look at the caption..YJ bestie liking shipping pics.. Aannnnd it is recent..Song yoona wasn't even tagged..Plus don't tell me she will be promoting CLOY on behalf of YJ after 8 months.. I m shaking!!!
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    People saying the recent post from yejin is not a real crumb. well, newsflash: IT'S NOT. IT'S A CAKE. I REPEAT: IT'S A WHOLE DANG CAKE! (If you get my drift )
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    A Korean HB fan posted the Korean version of his ANAN Japanese interview. It’s actually super long, so I don’t really have time to translate it all, but this is my translation of what Hyun Bin said regarding Yoon Se-ri at least. I tried to be comprehensive. And like he’s mentioned multiple times...YSR and SYJ are 100% in sync so... What do you think of an independent/self-reliant woman like Yoon Se-ri, played by Son Ye-Jin, as someone of the opposite sex? Hyun Bin: Ser-ri is honest (frank) about her feelings (emotions) and strives to be loyal (resolute, ambitious) in both work and love without hesitation. Moreover, she thinks about (considers) others and possesses warmth. I think she is the ideal (perfect, excellent, most wonderful) woman.* *He uses a specific phrase in Korean that I think is best described as ideal or perfect (my opinion). No one better than this type of person; someone of greatest/highest quality.
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    I’ve read some comments on Twitter and a certain blog expressing how inappropriate it is for an “old” SYJ to be playing a young princess and how glad these people are that KHN turned down the lead role to not participate in her media play. 1. SYJ is nowhere near confirmed for this role. MSTeam did not even say that she is “positively reviewing the script” (which is common lingo for a high likelihood of accepting it). All they said was that this script is just ONE of many that she merely RECEIVED 2. SYJ has stated before how she hates filming during the winter, which is likely when this drama would film. It can’t be April thru September 2021 because that is when she is committed for The Cross filming. 3. SYJ has stated before how she avoids historical works because she doesn’t like wearing the heavy clothing. 4. The Cross will probably be her most challenging work in many ways - it will be the first film where she is required to speak English for the entirety, convey emotion while speaking English, and it will be her long-awaited shot at Hollywood. This movie seems like it will require months and months of preparation - so I think it is highly UNLIKELY that she will take on a historical drama that films in winter just before one of the biggest opportunities of her career. 5. SYJ is the last actress in K-ent who needs media play. To think that she is disappointed that KHN won’t let her latch on for attention is laughable. 6. SYJ is not young by K-ent standards but she is not old either. The fact that she is still a first choice for the role of a 20 year old princess just tells you how WANTED she is by production companies.
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    Just wanted to show a cute, but clear comparison here of how HB reacts to a co-worker singing and his "close friend" singing. During a "Rampant," stage greeting: During the TN Live Chat (second video): YJ literally sang like 1-2 words and HB is already silently laughing so hard to the point where it looks like he's grabbed his original seating and is rocking it back and forth for support because he doesn't know what to do with himself. HB... we know you can't even make eye contact with YJ for a second without laughing either... but then you go ahead and become a JPEG, staring at her intensely whenever she talks (second video)... The only person that makes me laugh instantly and stare intensely like that is my husband. It was especially the case when we were dating... So in conclusion, BinJin dating. And now... time to get married!
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    That Man Happy 38th Birthday to the one and only Kim Tae Pyung, our very best boy You are such a brilliant shining light that brings us so much warmth and joy Understanding what all women, men, dogs, cats everywhere want to feel Never compromising who you are, always staying true and keeping it real Before our very eyes, you have evolved from a lovable boy to an incredible man Intelligent, kind, considerate, passionate, humble, hard-working, delicious and tan Navigating 17 years in the industry yet still reminding us why you’re still around We are so thankful for your existence in this world as you make it more profound Extending all of our love and excitement that you made it home, safe and sound Love how you never stop challenging yourself to grow and show us something new Openly and generously sharing with us your magnetic talent & different sides of you Vastly exuding charm so effortlessly by simply just being who you are; no more, no less Exemplifying what it means to be a top star and a good person, you never fail to impress Youthfully aging in reverse like fine wine yet being such an adorable ahjusssi at the same time Outrageously handsome and beautiful inside and out; you are exquisitely, superlatively sublime United we are in our undying support of you amazing namja; you will forever be in your prime Poem by: RiRiGaGa Dedicated with much love to: That Man, the incomparable Hyun Bin Happy Birthday, Gookie Oppa, we love you! Hope you get to spend some quality time out of quarantine with your close friend..s. Keep smiling with those lovely dimples always, sweet Binnie.
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    Hello lovely BJ diehards, CHOICES: Ours is a simple one We can use our energy to celebrate our ship OR we can spend it warring with other ships. One brings joy and fun; the other is a sweaty gutter wrestle where everyone involved comes out dirty. By all means ship hard but ship smart. We have been gifted with a steady stream of positive signals from BJ themselves (not just 3rd parties) for no less than 2 whole years. Folks, we BJ shippers have the luxury of feeling confident and gracious, while we accompany our ship to dock. THEREFORE, no need to get lured into fights. Recognise bait and don't get hooked. Ideally (at least to me), steer clear of other shipping lanes and remain within the blue waters and sunny skies of ours! Why meander off and risk being shipwrecked? Aren't there enough ghost ships out there? Besides, we need you at FULL strength to party deep into the night when our ship docks! BinJin are Invincible. BinJin Forever.
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    To the Spirits of the Universe, thank you so much for the shower of flowery crumbs, delicious cakes and wonderful Yejin-ssi message for the BINJIN nation. What a way to start the week. If you wish to grace us with the very good news that we've been waiting for this week, I just want you to know that my cat and I have readied our provisions. WE. ARE. CALM. ctto
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    Good question. I can't single out one particular moment. It's really a collection of moments. BTS: These are tricky because these moments are sometimes an extension of the characters the actors are playing. Some actors seem very close and friendly on set but once the drama/film is over they don't see much of each other again. HB and SYJ have appeared close to costars in past BTS too. But even with all that said, their closeness on the CLOY set was pretty evident and there were a few intimate moments that made a real relationship (vs reel) seem very possible: SYJ grabbing onto HBs belt buckle between takes during the boat scenes. She didn't grab his shirt or arm but his belt buckle and hung onto it for a bit. I mean, ladies you just don't do that to a guy friend or costar, that's a clingy GF move; HB intertwining his hands with SYJ during ring scene rehearsal for no reason (the scene didn't call for that); the lack of personal space between them when reviewing footage; SYJ hitting HBs chest and the look of utter glee on his face in having made her laugh and then embracing as they walked together; the hug and shoulder squeeze when shooting the green screen footage during last day of filming, etc... there are more. But they all show a close relationship that includes a lot of physical touching (sometimes even more than the characters did themselves). There is just an indescribable comfort/ease in how they acted. It's mostly subtle but its there. Plus they just look straight up happy when they are together. Interviews/Events: I wouldn't say they displayed any outright flirty behaviour during promo events or awards (although HBs long intense gazing was a sight to behold!) but it was in the subtle moments that that give themselves away. Again the physical stuff is key here, not so much their words. And you need to really be paying more attention to SYJ not HB: Her tapping him on his thigh during various parts of the CLOY presscon to either get his attention or communicate something (she thought she was being discreet but fans picked up on it); her nudging his elbow to look at the camera when she caught him staring at her instead during one of the Swoon videos, her tugging on his jacket to help her with an answer like a little baby during that same video, her roasting him about letting go of her hand during the Netflix Taiwan video, her turning her eyes and head during Baeksang to gesture to HB there is a camera behind him, etc... Anyone in a relationship would recognize these gestures for what they are. And overall, when you see the change in their comfort with each other from TN promo (nervous, flirty behaviour) period to CLOY filming and promo (more comfortable, roasting each other more) you can see the evolution of their relationship and how much time they must have spent together between those two periods (only a year) to get to that place. So when you take the LA grocery trip (still the basis of this ship) and add all these moments, its easy to see why people are confident in these two and why their behaviour suggests they are more than friends and colleagues.
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    Although there have been quite some actors who worked together even when people speculated them to be dating..for exa GY-JY..But this is the first time where two actors who had solid rumours fuelled by pics in a strange situation,and they still decided to work in a rom-com about which they were so vocal.. That's why I think it is inevitable for the media's interest in them to subside .Add it to the fact that the actors are S-tier and the drama is a Blockbuster ..I don't think I have ever witnessed a K-couple who have so much in common..If you look at their professional status one is majorly known for his successful dramas , and the other one for her blockbuster movies. People may compare them with another celeb couple who must not be named here..But there is a difference.. For the other couple, the actress was already an A-lister , and forgive me for saying this the actor was famous but got his superstardom only after their successful drama for exa like PSJ became an A lister after IC. When Binjin met each other, they were on the same level and at the top of their game. They were well aware of the pressure and media scrutiny and got a taste of it too after the January 2019 sightings..Thus I can't even imagine how nervous they were throughout the CLOY filming period..Just one mistake and everything that they have worked hard for would have gone into vain.. I still remember how we were worried(i was a lurker here back then), when the January scandal happened but thank god Binnie's name was cleared.. Finally they were dearly awarded for the risk that they took.. CLOY got so much applaud from all over the world..plus they earned so many new loyal fans.Good things indeed happen with good people. However I must also say that Binjin are really lucky to have got such a protective team..Just like their CLOY characters, the supporting casts are really supportive of them in real life.They never give in to the reporters nor leaked anything..Think about each and every interview or appearance of CLOY crew including the PD, there were always questions about Binjin, but they always found a way to deviate it .On the other hand , a celeb couple's friend leaked their pictures of their private vacation (u know who)..Thank god Binjin are surrounded by trustworthy people ..
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    For people who claim to hate YJ, these bashers sure are updated with the latest news about her. If you don’t like something or someone, just ignore anything that has to do with them, right? Where is all this hate coming from anyway? Is it because she posted a picture of a cake with HB on it? As far as the public knows, HB is single. No one has a claim on him officially/publicly and it will be that way until he officially confirms a relationship. So what’s wrong if YJ posts a photo of her supposedly single “close friend?” What irks me the most is that these fan and ship wars are happening just because of a man. A MAN. Nothing against HB, as the poor guy is just collateral damage amidst all this mudslinging. But the feminist in me is appalled by these cat fights just because of a guy. My one wish is we all just stay in our lanes and ship and let ship. We can love our faves without having to hate on who we perceive as their “rivals.” Let’s all be kind! Peace!
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    @ @Krystal. I would like to add few points to ur why and because series. I m not a HB long time fan but I still know few facts and not some mere figment of fiction from my delusional mind..And yeah @Kari don't be a KSHM, we don't want you to become 2 faced and a lying machine manufacturing wild made uo stufs. Why CLOY DVD was not released? Because Studio dragon refused to make one for their dramas from now on.Reason could be pandemic (?). IOTNBO is NOT , I repeat ..NOT produced by Studio dragon.. Not every TVN drama had to do something with Studio Dragon. Another drama called The King Eternal Monarch which was also produced by Studio Dragon didn't get their Blue ray DVD.. Thus we will talk when The King gets their dvd. Why HB returned from Mongolia earlier before his birthday.. So, assuming that one is really a HB fan, it should be known that HB's birthday is on 25th September. On 24th September he had an important meeting with Kakao M where the deal regarding the buying of Vast by Kakao M was discussed.. You know the funny part, certain people were there in the CLOY thread when this thing happened and people reasoned behind his early departure from Mongolia..LMAO I see those same people spinning a new tale around this narrative and making a clownery of themselves. Edit: What type of fan don't know that an old interview was recycled ??Only those who refused to accept the reality and thus like to propagate fake news ..Yes fake news..Huh the audacity to lie openly.#InTwoFacedPeopleWeDontTrust. Even if HB -YJ are just colleagues I just don't get it that why would HB hate his most well recognised work in the world?..Are you a fool or are you a fool?? For now I just spoke about the facts as for many other incidences different ships can have different perceptions. But it is sickening to see people twisting facts and feeding white lies.
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    Yoon Seri = Son Ye Jin (Japan Magazine ‘Anan’ Interview - September 2020) • What do you think of an Independent Woman like Yoon-Seri? (There’s alot of different translation of his answers but it basically means the same thing.) Hyunbin: - “Seri is very open about her emotions and she doesn't give up on her work or love. She has a strong personality, doesn't she? Not only that, she also has a warmth and sympathy for others.I think Yoon Seri is the most beautiful woman in the world.” (Translation by syjadvocate) - “YSR is a honest person. She gave all of her on both works and love.She is also considerate on other people’s feeling, that makes her an excellent woman”. (Translation by PRNforhappiness) - “I think she couldn't be more wonderful” (Translation by binjinfeed) - “Seri is very open about her emotions and she doesn’t give up on her work or love.She is a woman of firm character,doesn’t she?Not only that,she also has a warmth and sympathy for others.I think there’s no such women in the world who is the nicest than Yoon Seri” (Translation by yejin_unnie) • Since there’s alot of confusion of whether he said beautiful/excellent or wonderful woman...so here’s the explaination: - “Japanese meaning of「素敵な女性」 is the meaning as the lady that the inside and the appearance are both beautiful. It is happiest for women to be told so in Japanese,I suppose. It is very sophisticated praises.” (by daidai281) • “Honest Person” : • “Gave all of her on both Work and Love” : LOVE: When she was asked if she is the same way (doesn’t express emotion/affection well) with a man she loves, Son Ye Jin replied, "With all the affection that has been building up, I show everything to him." “When I get married, I want to become something precious to a family like that. I’ve never lived with that kind of feeling and I want to try it.” “If I were to get married and have a child, I think I would get way too involved. I work too hard at everything.” WORK: However, Son Ye Jin emphasized that personal happiness is just as important as being ambitious about work. She admitted, “It’s always agonizing to separate my life as an actress and my life as Son Ye Jin. Just because I’m happy with my acting life doesn’t mean I’m happy with my personal life. I’m always making an effort to balance between the two. I’m enjoying my work more than before, so I’m receiving less stress now.” (March 2018) •“Warm and Considerate of other people’s feelings” : "She’s deeply considerate to her costars, and she’s an actress that I very much respect." - Yang Kyung Won "I was nervous and trembling a lot because sunbaenim was so beautiful, but I was able to act comfortably because she took care of me so well like my own sister." - Yoo Su-bin "There was no difference between the filming site and the drama because she treated me so kindly, like Seri in the drama." - Tang Jun “I think she couldn’t be more wonderful” - Hyun Bin (about Yoon Seri AKA Son Ye Jin) I don’t need to explain anything tbh but basically Yoon Seri equals to Son Ye Jin.And Hyunbin thinks that she’s the most wonderful woman and then remember this (what he said years ago) ..... So ICBM everyone....
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    I think some people don't understand the meaning of mediaplay/fanservice. It's something celebrities engage in to increase ratings/attention for their work (movie, TV, etc...) beyond the regular expected promotional activities. So in the case of actors who know they are being shipped with another actor, it would mean that during filming and while show is airing they would try to purposely exploit that interest from fans by posting a lot of pictures together on social media, for example. Or maybe openly flirting during promotional activities or tease about the possibility of dating during interviews. You get the picture. So someone will have to explain to me how either HB and SYJ have engaged in such behavior If anything, ever since the grocery incident they have been trying to downplay their relationship. HB doesn't have social media so we mainly look at SYJ. Knowing how much interest it would generate, wouldn't she have posted more than 1 pic of her and HB during the entire 7 month filming process? Or anything since? No one would bat an eye either since it's work related and many many other actors do this. But we only ever got the 1 pic. CLOY then ended and she went totally off the grid for months even though the show was starting to really take off internationally and gaining a huge fanbase. Still she is quiet except for posting a pic of a plant and her thank you challenge pic. Finally we get to June /Baeksang. In the backstage video she tells us her and HB were aware of the fan voting campaign that went on and only after the event does she then go on her liking spree. If she was interested in fanservice to ensure they got the votes, she could have done something prior to Baeksang. But there was nothing. She only recently started doing some post- CLOY press and the Smart campaign (the only CF that is CLOY related). I am confused how at this point, 6 months after the drama ended, this fits the narrative of fanservice. Truth is, most actors would have done a lot more to take advantage of all the fan attention they have been receiving.
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    I’ve been wanting to discuss this too...about fan service/media play. There’s alot of reasons why both HB and YJ won’t engaged themselves in them.I think I’ve mentioned it before too but there’s also a few more things that I wanted to add on.... + Well that means they all left Mongolia before the 25th (HB’s Birthday) because for sure they won’t reveal such info if they were all still staying there. Anyway,YJ is always a ninja for all we know she left when HB left too hahahaha + I’m just gonna leave it here for everyone to make their own conclusion lol + BinJin being the good senior and person that they are during filming to Yang Kyung Won: “Because I’m a rookie, it's not easy for me to ask the PD to take additional shots when I’m not satisfied with ones previously taken. In a time like that, Son Yejin asked ‘How about going for another shoot for Chi Su?’ I was very grateful for her consciousnesses & consideration.” - YKW about YJ “I wanted to do it a little more but from my point of view I couldn’t say I wanted to do it again and at that time Hyun Bin noticed my mood and asked “Is there any problem” when I said “I feel like I couldn’t really do it well this line” it wasn’t because Hyunbin and the camera director but just “why don’t you try it again” he suggested to the director and did it again.Thanks to that i was able to finish well and got ok.But at that moment when that ok come out,Hyunbin who was facing me,gave me a thumbs up” - YKW about HB BinJin is so similar in so many ways...I know they’ve said it so many times how they have a lot of things in common etc but I didn’t realized even their consideration towards other people and how they are with other people during work is so similar too. + Do I even need to say anything lol HB constantly praised YJ as an actress and how passionate and hard working she is whenever he can... That interview was years ago but it ended up coming true years later.... He really fell inlove with a girl who works hard for her dream since the beginning.Who’s crying right now?lol + In regards of people who are somehow still doubting BinJin relationship...Honestly,it’s really hard for me to process that.I know we’re also trying to be realistic too but when something is that obvious and that even people in the industry believe they’re real too but then,there’s people who called themselves shippers who are still having doubts...I just don’t know what to think or say.But I guess everyone is different and you can’t just help when you have a faint heart especially during drought season...that’s why people who are easily influenced and who always overthink every situation should avoid being in the shipping business tbh Anyway,i hope our ship dock soon so some won’t be a faint hearted shipper anymore and will fully enjoy the beauty of shipping without any worries. Have a good day yall!
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    Shipping is like investing in stock market. I assume we are here because we bought BINJIN stocks. We know that it's high risk given the fame status and personalities of our OTP. You probably bought it because of the infamous grocery pictures and you saw the possible gains. However, You can't be doing this if your only intention is to gain. You also have to be willing to take a share of that risk. STOP WHINING. You're distracting others who are strategizing. BINJIN isn't coffee. It can't make you happy all the time. If you feel you'll be having a heart attack whenever one of the OTPs doesn't mention the other, girl, sell your stocks and pull out. Best to invest in money market. Be a solo stan instead and admire BINJIN from afar. Shipping is not for you. My cat says, "Take care of your heart."
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    Whoever said BinJIn can’t have their cake and eat it too, clearly doesn’t know and trust BinJin at all! Seriously!!! Whew! It takes a lot of energy to make a comparison cycle going so may I suggest to reflect upon one thing that is not a decade ago because obviously, you can’t have their cake and eat it. On the contrary, BinJin can have their cakes and they can very well have and eat it as they pleases. It is amazing how gratitude can shift the destructive comparison, and Only a person who is truly confident, sincere and happy can be truly grateful. Be happy Yejin-ssi. You both deserved everything and so much more.
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    This, ladies & gentlemen, is an example of a GREAT, SINCERE fan service. No hidden messages, no cryptic symbols, just a simply sincere thank you from the heart of a Queen to her fans. That's why we love her and proud to be her fans. Bonus: the word BinJin appeared on both cakes & that amazing HB & YJ hugging photo. ICBM.
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    My Goshhhh Jinnie finally gives us an update on a lovely MONDAY and LAST WEEK of SEPTEMBER after 60 days Its gonna be a happening week to look forward.... * Jinnie 922 2nd year of GREAT WALL OF HB in her ig * Binnie 925 38th Bday * Binnie 926 out of quarantine to see Jinnie finally spending priv moments ... drinking beer, eating cakes * Jinnie 927 Japan Fan meet Live and hoping her special guest is Captain Ri BINJIN cake in her post BINJIN IS BACK....
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    Ever since HB came back September has been a good month for BinJin nation. I decided to compile some of my favorite quotes from HB/SYJ. (this literally took me DAYS because there's SO much). To those that are starting to have doubts because of the drought, I hope this could change your mind. Even IF they're not in a relationship, you can see the love they have for each other in their words/action. Please don't be a two faced "fan" one day when you decide to stop shipping them and act like you were never in this ship in the first place because you were (we don't know anyone like that right?) WARNING: If you're not a fan then look away because these quotes are as sweet as honey, there's no point in reading it and giving negative reactions on our posts, it's a waste of your time. "You've worked hard" -Yejin to HB. This is so simple but also sweet & intimate at the same time. She knew that he needed that reassurance because he was concerned that the views would be bored seeing him all the time (which is impossible). "I couldn't see all the details when I saw HB's acting through the screen while filming, this time he changed properly, it was a successful transformation". -Yejin, TN era "Don't be fooled by her eye smile" -HB, Swoon vid. (But yet you fell for it completely) I mean how can you not when her smile can brighten the whole world. "I think destiny, coincidence, serendipity is always near to us, but whether it will lead us in a + or - direction, only time will tell." -HB, CLOY era. And time has led you here. 2004-First meeting, 2014-First meeting that she remembers even though he remembered the other one, 2017-First time working together, 2019-First ever dating scandal for her in her 20 years in the entertainment industry, 2020-First place in our heart (hopefully there will be more firsts this year (first child? first day of the rest of forever? first real love? TBD)). I personally think about these things quite often in life. Everything just might be destined." Yejin When asked if he ever want to go back to the past. "No, I don't. I'm the type of person who thinks of the future rather than the past."-HB "I came here together with the best actress from daegu, Son Yejin" -HB (What more can I say?) "Jinja Yeppeuda (so pretty)/ because she's pretty/ You should watch it because Yejin is in it." (we know HB we know how pretty she is, you're just the lucky few that gets to see her beauty up close every day) "Something I always want yet isn't easy to get" (Proceeds to stare at Yejin and made sure she heard him) -HB, Swoon vid regarding a happy life. It must've been a hard process to get, but you finally got it right? we know it's her you're talking about. "We have many things we can talk about & we share similar views" -HB, Esquire interview. Isn't that your ideal type? funny how hers is also the same thing. They both want someone that they can have a comfortable chat with and see eye to eye. I swear they are two pieces of a missing puzzle and have finally found one another and the pieces just fits together perfectly "I cheer on the beauty & acting of Actress Son, who always work hard whenever & wherever."-HB, Swoon. "The more I watch your acting, the more touched I am, I will always support & cheer for you."-Yejin. They will always be each other's biggest supporter & cheer on each other "As you can see, we laughed it off, it did not affect in choosing work. I wanted to work together again in the same space, making eye contact, and breathing the same air, and I gladly got the chance." "HB told everything well. I also wanted to work with him." -HB & SYJ, CLOY presscon. (notice how they laughed off the rumors? it was like a joke to them that they enjoyed, it wasn't something that affected their family and no one was bothered). "He is 100 points for me, I even enjoyed working through the monitor."-Yejin, TN era "I feel like this project is meant to be for us, and as I read the script, I thought he would be 100% perfect for the role. -Yejin, CLOY era "I think she almost reached 100% resemblance to her character" -HB, CLOY era. This quote is more of RJH talking to YSR but BinJIn themselves said that they are 100% like their characters, so I'm going to imagine it's HB saying it to SYJ because it is my favorite quote, "I'll be grateful that you were born into this world. I'll be grateful that the person I love is still breathing." I just want to say that all of these quotes came from BinJin themselves so take it or not it's up to you, but in my humble opinion I don't think they have ever spoken about someone with so much depth & sincerity before, so they must be very important to each other & this is the biggest receipt for me (the way they talk about each other). Whether these two are in a relationship or just friends I love the fact that they value each other so much. In this relationship/friendship they are EQUAL & it's what makes them so special. At the end of the day I hope they can always stay this happy & keep this special connection & bond that they have created over the years. And can't wait for the next couple of days to come, we're in for a treat. 19-SMART cf part 2? Joint cf soon please. 22-Our special day, the anniversary of the great wall of HB on IG. 25-His birthday. 26-Quarantine is over and finally 27-Her fan meeting. Can't wait to see a living, moving Yejin again after what feels like 45435 years. Happy shipping everyone and let's wait patiently for them because all good things takes time and will be worth it in the end. And sorry for the long post, some people are just extra loud lately & is willing to eat up any dust particle that's given to them so I hope this could calm them down a bit.
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    I realized it’s so easy to deceive people on SNS nowdays....they can post anything on the internet and it somehow turned into a ’rumour’ that people will somehow believe there’s a truth to it.They can even turned fan absurd theory/assumption and it ended up as ‘rumour’ then somehow It gets treated like it’s a fact and then it goes viral and get picked up by trashy medias who loves taking advantage of such situation.Might as well do it too.... ”So guys...I have a korean friend who worked in the industry.She told me it’s confirmed that Hyunbin and Yejin will have a private wedding this November in JeJu and they’ll announce it soon.There’s actually a leaked photo of their pre wedding photoshoot too but it’s been deleted so quickly by the OP.” - If I posted this somewhere else especially pretending as if I’m not a shipper...I bet you somebody will spread this and it ended up as a rumour and it’ll be treated as if it’s fact at the end lol It’s that easy..... Anyway,I hope this fake rumour I just made up ended up being true though lol P.S Stan a couple that falls inlove not because they share a skinships through drama/movies...
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    I don’t know why all these are being brought up suddenly but.... Firstly though YJ Interview was exclusive from SMART while HB Interview was part of MetroStyle Interview too not only in relation to SMART.And you make it seems as if YJ doesn’t talk at all about HB in her Japanese Written Interview or even the FM yesterday. Secondly,we all know there’s a rumour of YJ and KNG...and again I’m not sure why it’s being brought up again here but we all know there’s a whole difference between that dating rumour and rumour with HB which I don’t even have to explain tbh Even some reporter didn’t count that dating rumour as a big scandal of her in the first place. @lovebirds Honestly,sometimes I questioned the tone of your posts whether you truly here to ship BinJin or not.I have so much to say in regards to your posts but I don’t want to start some negatives vibe here. And also I’m not asking you to agree to my opinion.I’m just clarifying to your statements in regards of the interviews while for the rumours part, I understand why you brought it up now but then again I don’t know how that even has any relation to Korean media not reporting about BinJin rumour anymore when the answer is obvious but okay. Anyway,just once again I wanna encourage everyone here to lower their expectations of things so you won’t be disappointed and ended up somehow response negatively towards a situation.HB and YJ doesn’t owe us anything...It’s their life not ours.Shipping is supposed to be fun too so take the positive sides of it instead of worrying and focusing on the negative sides.It’s good to be realistic as well but BinJin already fed us with alot of solid contents basically every month to be honest but some people are so unstable and greedy that everytime it doesn’t meet their expectation,they think BinJin ain’t real or they broke up lol Imagine if they’re married and they’re not giving us anything at all...”Whats going on why are they so silent...are they okay...are they splitting up...omg why are they not updating us”...isn’t that tiring and kind of toxic in a way.Like they don’t live and be in a relationship to feed the shippers. The biggest receipts of this ship is actually both HB and YJ.But they just have different ways of giving hints.HB is more vocal about it during Interviews because that’s the only way he can show it since he has no other platform to express things while YJ is more vocal about it through her SNS.Don’t you think they just balance eachother so much? I don’t know what’s gonna happen next after this but let’s all hope for the best shall we.... Which is ICBM for real lol
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    When you realized YJ hasn’t updated her Instagram since that absurd rumour created by the dinghy but then she decide to post again when HB is back in Korea and right on the first day of HB’s birthday week and look at her post too...that BinJin Cake though...she said she didn’t take photographs of everything but she took a pic of that cake... AND guess who just updated his kfans through TheSpace today too?Kim Tae Pyung everyone... Coincidence?No,it’s ICBM i tell you... BINJIN STILL GOING STRONG
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    I'm shocked, CLOY actually won Best Drama in the Hallyu category at the Seoul International Drama Awards. Glad to see the cast and crew finally acknowledged, as well as the impact of the show around the world. Congrats to all!!! Our girl won as well!!
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    I agree, they don't owe us anything. It's their private life. Not always but often, it's the woman's side who gets the shorter end whenever a dating scandals breaks out in sk. Not all will welcome the news like how we will, so I would wait patiently until both are ready to announce and face the possible effects on their respective careers. And I really think we are already lucky that we are able to enjoy crumbs even after tkem ended. (Any veteran shippers here? Do other ships get crumbs as many as ours?). Anyway. I got some time in my hands now so I'll do some recap on all the hints and crumbs we got so far for refresher. (Disclaimer: In case those who can't be named lands here, the ff are not facts and purely observations and opinion of someone you called brain dead so do your self a favor, don't hurt yourself and don't read ) 1. No denial from both agencies - I also think it's because no k-media has reported on it. But it's suspicious that k-media is being silent. Even the absurd Taylor Swift dating rumor got coverage. So I'm taking it as media being considerate like how dispatch did to songsong couple before. 2. Kge's manager recently followed Lmh in ig - I find the timing really suspicious. Why only now and why not during the tkem filming. And some said he liked lmh's post even before he followed him. 3. Lmh posting a video with Maze as background music - not gonna make theories as it hurts my brain but him posting it really shows tkem holds a special place in his heart 4. Kge's friend eating at same sushi restaurant where lmh drank beer w/ kb - Kge's friend went there with her friends so we really cannot make strong connection. The only connection is the sushi restaurant. But out of all the restaurant why did they went there? is that restaurant trendy? why is everyone and their friends going there? Or did someone who went there who likes to drink beer recommended the restaurant to her ? Or all are just purely coincidence? 5. Kge's friend changing her ig to public before posting a pic with her a day after lmh posted the pics from sushi restaurant - the timing is suspicious but can really be purely coincidence. 6. Lmh posting pic of himself with a beer and with the similar hand pose as kge - Kge loves beer and Lmh is known to be not fan of alcoholic drinks so why is he suddenly drinking now? And has lmh ever did that hand pose before? Or these again are just coincidences? 7. Kge's Marie Claire photoshoot with Mekshimush - I really think it's impossible to have a photoshoot with 2 of them together now so I'll just settle with the 7th grade official . The only photoshoot that matters is their prenup anyways. 8. Lmh's photobook for minoz is filled with cryptic messages and lines from TKEM - okay not gonna make further theories but again it really shows tkem holds special place in him. Also, nobody answered the damn question whether he has done it with his previous dramas before (looking at you lurkers who can't be named). 9. Hair Salon and Supermarket - Nobody from lmh's circle posted something suggesting they are with him that time. And I'll trust my eyes, I really saw a reflection of a gal in white longsleeve and black pants there. And the "omg" caption really screams kge. Kge has been captured saying oh my god in that jengga video and has commented "omg" on some ig posts. While lmh rarely puts caption on his posts so yeah this one here is a mini cake not a crumb. And they were on the same area and posted on the same day. Too much coincidences. 10. Kge posted chanel related pic after lmh posted lv related pic - this makes me wonder what could have triggered kge to post that? Is she randomly selecting pics to post as throwback? or she got inspiration from someone who posted the lv invitation? 11. Lmh saying "She gives me calmness" and "Lee Gon is Lee Min Ho" in a magazine interview - This is why I'm excited for future magazine interviews. Both of them strikes me as honest and genuine celebrities so I believe they don't say something that's not true just for promotion. I was hopeful we could get some crumbs from Untact and Marie Claire interviews but there is none so far 12. July 2 - the day when the ship had to upsize due to the overwhelming number of shippers jumping in. Lmh who went mia for 10 days after posting on his birthday decides to make an ig post comeback on kge's bday at 5am with a love song with a title that can be connected to his drama with kge. That post was filled with kge bday greetings and we would not expect him to add fuel to the fire but lo and behold he posted again just before the day ended. There's also that bordered photo which can be connected to kge who adds border to almost all her posts. Now almost 3 months after July 2, kb posted a pic of him on the same location, I saw some jumped off the ship because of that. LOL. But I don't think it was taken on the same day as the sky is different. I find it strange that he posted that and even added black borders. It's also the first time he posted blurry pics. It's like he is mimicking and teasing. The blurry shot, the location and the borders. Ringing a bell? 13. Lmh sneakily taking picture of kge during that jung taera scene rehearsal - it was during kge's rehearsal with her team but lmh was there and even took a picture of kge's white van as per the group of people who can't be named. LOL. I imagine they have tons of pictures of each other on their phones, I hope someday they allow as to have glimpse of those damn selcas. 13. Kge as the only female costar on lmh ig - it can be for promotion but it could also be Lmh documenting significant events in his life disguised as promotion. He rarely post in the past and never post his co-stars. I think he was really careful to not cause unnecessary issues and gossips. He even mentioned in that magazine interview that he is strict to himself during filming but kge gives him calmness. I think kge somewhat have influence on lmh and that's why we are witnessing some changes on him. 14. Presscon and SBS catch interview - I think a lot of us here jumped in this ship because of those interviews where we can see Lmh being extra giddy. From lmh excessively describing kge's eyes to wanting her to call him oppa in a live presscon lol. Personally, it's the SBS catch interview that made me think there's something. After watching that, I immediately searched for other lmh interview videos but I did not see him acting like that.. so yeah that's when my curiosity grew to actually shipping them. 16. Netflix promotional videos - Who can forget the jamanchu bokachu and their bickering and also the promotional videos where lmh has been extra attentive to kge. LOL It showed how comfortable they are with each other and we can imagine their dynamics in real life. And Lastly, 17. Behind the Scenes - the mother of all cake with lots of icing. We got to witness how much they had fun filming tkem. We got to see lmh failing to hold kge's wrist and eventually was able to catch it with ease in later parts. We got to see lmh's eyes following kge and his shy smiles. We got to see their lingering eye contacts and touches after taking hug scenes. We got see better and longer kisses than the actual scenes. We got to see them being giddy and comfortable with skinship during rehearsals. And all of that thanks to KES. We got to see something beautiful. Also adding this extra crumb, I'm following soha_minoz on IG and I think she's a longtime minoz along with moonshine. They fed us those tkem behind the scene fancams. Soha is following kge and a kge fan account. Kge is the only actress she follows. I've also seen her liking kge photos. Maybe she just like kge and a fan of her. But they got the chance to witness the actual shooting, perhaps they could have also seen that "something beautiful" and they support it? Now on missk issue, I believe she's indeed in lmh's circle but I strongly believe they are not together. I also don't see her deliberately posting photos that solidly links herself to lmh, so I think it would be unfair to drag her name with lmh again and again and throw accusations. She could also be in a happy relationship with another person so imagine how annoyed they are if that's the case. But I think the rumor is not really blowing up as there is really no solid evidence to this rumor so I think we can bury this issue now. Now, if it turns out we all are wrong, that those I listed are purely coincidences or have no meaning at all, I will be in great shock and I might not watch kdrama for a long long time. (LOL. Anyone who watched Reply 1994 here? I'm team Chilbong and I remember how devastated I felt when it turned out he's not the husband. I did not watch any kdrama for months after that. I think I'll be doing the same if I turn out to be wrong again but will eventually move on). I will never blame lmh and kge just like how I did not blame yys and go ara lol. They never asked me to ship them, it was me who got curious and let my self fall in the hole. But when that happens, I'll never ever again trust my hunch . But for now let's enjoy the ride and patiently wait. This ship has been my escape from real life stress these past months so I'm thankful to lmh&kge, the gals here for the insights and laughs, the creative shippers for their fmv and edits and the fanfic writers for feeding us for free and keeping me in gutterland . The thread has been quiet lately and I think most of us decided to be in lurk mode as there's really nothing much going on but I look forward to some specials dates before the year ends. It will be 1 year since the first day of tkem filming soon, kge's short film will be released and maybe Hero too, we have Christmas and SBS awards(expecting they'll not push the event though ). Anyway. that's all for me. I hope all of you are doing fine and I hope this pandemic ends soon.
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    Not much to say about the FM itself : 1. Great mini CLOY reunion for Tom/Jerry . 2. Glad she addressed the Cross project even if she didn’t confirm it again. 3. Glad to see her again ..... everything else : Like most people here my only frustration lies to the fictional couple itself being robbed of mentioning . However as people mentioned already there are several things to consider about what was meant to be told publicly and what not. 1. Tension between South and North . 2. The country hosting the fanmeet in relation of everything including their own culture of rumors and discussing personal matters . 3. The storm of rumors surrounding the FM central star in regards of her last costar . 4. The tone it was set by the FM itself Again Baeksangs flashbacks . 1. HB is taking time off after filming abroad for awhile , also his birthday was the past week thus to wanna spend it privately , his agency respected that . He doesn’t have SNS presence so that’s thatZ 2 . YeJin since 2018 onwards posts related staff with her work with noted exceptions and fan related thanking posts since her agency is the one not having a central YJ presence on their own accounts . However like she said she busy binge watching dramas , welcome to the club.... 3. The word media play funny enough was mentioned by “some” so I do believe that has Ben debunked from the FM and that’s a fact . Thank you. 4. I doubt they would be cozy enough in a online fan meeting on a different country amidst a global pandemic , amidst tension between the two countries in cloy and the cloud of mystery surrounding their whereabouts with each other would sit and be open about them. It’s not them . Especially YJ . 5. Also considering the months of summer and the gossip activity of one of them without knowing it and the storm surround *that* probably seeks a Haven without further fueling anything for the near future . Now again during the awards we sat and discussed for hours in relation of pessimistic thoughts regarding their status and how differently people view a situation. I do believe we set up the bar too high of expectations regarding them , regarding their status and we created a sort of expectation reality where we expected HB to show up and have a buffet . The same way we expected him to walk along side down the red carpet on the awards. We can’t always have them on a screen giving us reassurance of their own private relationship ( whatever that is ) . That’s why I kind of cringing when we wear on a situation like this a black veil of grief and mourning that we didn’t even wear when you know who came out to debunk and deny ages ago. We always need to remind ourselves of the reality of what it’s there. my recommendation and truthfully no one needs to follow it but at least consider : 1. Two people can be and want to stay private and protect their privacy even if they are award winning in centre of all attention . 2 . They are not obligated to expose or confirm anything in favor of anyone , including fans or antis for their own game play and service . 3. They don’t have to deny nor confirm . We can always speculate about them, be pessimistic about their status and even wear black for one week because oh gods they probably B word - and now what. Based on a FM that nothing was confirmed nor denied . However can we remember that we signed up to ship a real life duo , that probably is enough private and we have been gracefully offered more than crumbs since 2018 to actually be here and discuss with receipts that majority of not confirmed reel to real have or had so far ? what is there to doubt ? YJ is private for a lot of reasons that we mentioned a lot of times . And for a lot of reasons we can see and spot where and how miss YeJin probably have herself away ... I might be wrong in that ... also HB mentioned YJ on a interview on Philippines outlet , in a country more favorable and open about reel to real duos .... xoxo
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    People need to realize this is her FM not a BinJin FM too.From here you can see that it’s obvious BinJin is not for mediaplay/fanservice too.I’m glad BinJin doesn’t follow the route of previous k-couple (who ended up real but ended up splitting up too).I think BinJin knows how to protect their relationship too.Our lowkey and mature couple. YJ and HB also have different ways to handle things...the way they handle questions about eachother for their solo interviews are exactly the same on how they handle it while they answer questions during CLOY PressCon. HB tend to ended up spilling more without realizing it and YJ would go stiff/nervous very out of character but somehow making it more obvious too. In conclusion,BinJin Married Clowns lol Crumbs for today: - And she did talked about HB but it’s something that we all already know. It’s about those lunch times during TN filming lol And she did mentioned briefly about RJH...when the radio host mentioned about the Bike Scene.I’m a little disappointed with the lack of Dooly Scenes discussion but she actually have answered all the questions during the written Interview so...It was fine for me. - Some people are disappointed because they have high expectations and once again they’re not a reality show couple that will constantly give you the things you’re wishing for.That’s their personal lifes. We got so many crumbs no more like cakes the whole week...sometimes i feel like people are too greedy and not being grateful enough.Compare to other or any k couples out there,we got the most solid and real contents. Anyway,BinJin is REAL and I’m super confident in this ship.
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    To my fellow BinJin folks, It has been a great day today, our unnie posted all the beautiful flowers and tasty cakes sent to her by her solo and BinJin fans. I would like to request to whoever reads this is to please be happy for them and with them. No need to go around other threads of other ships even if you're not in favor of what they say and do to either YeJin and Bin. There is no point in fan fights. Let's just be content and provide a positive vibes to this forum. A classy Bin, Jin and BinJin stans would never go low like bashers or antis do. That's who they are, that's probably how they live...but not you my fellow BJ ones... There is nothing to get from it other than hates and probably heart murmurs Let's just continue to spread love for our OTP. What more you want today that she posted this
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    Ring ring honey! babe. What’s wrong? Oh, today my Cinderella friends told me out there people are circulating news that made me upset. Talk to me babe. Don’t be too upset ? I know it’s not true honey. But I hate it when people talking about things that are completely untrue. They said I’m dating a businessman. Yeap, that’s me. What else? Well, at one point they even said I’m dating a singer. That’s me too. What else? Oh yes, there is also a supermodel. Ahhh, Ye-Jinshi, you should be proud. I’m your supermodel. Should I have a private show for you only babe? Binshi, you know why I love you so much? Because you always cheer me up with your sense of humour he he. Ye-Jinshi, remember I’m your businessman, your singer, your supermodel. Your past, your present and your future ? I got it. Now cheer up babe. Let’s talk about what we’re going to do on my birthday! Oh, that would be a secret honey! Let’s keep it that way. #ingrocerywetrust #inTwoFacedPeopleWeDontTrust
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    @Peony @QueenieBee Yessssss, I totally echo your analysis on how stark the differences are between those rumours with Binjin. Those two other rumours were mostly based or if not completely based on on screen chemistry and this is nothing out of the ordinary as it happens all the time. But with Binjin, they practically fuelled the rumours themselves off screen on multiple fronts i.e. reported sightings, photographed sightings, IG selcas, promotion tour, interviews, SYJ's liking spree, HB's EYES. As HB has said before, "It's Son Ye Jin, what else is there to say?" And the CLOY Press Con is one of the best things ever lol, I can't get enough of the subtle things we got from that event. And again in contrast, with the past rumours, people asked them point blank to their faces ARE YOU DATING? And on this one, as we know the question was filtered and the ONLY WAY it could accommodate their safe responses was to ask (paraphrasing) "Is it not difficult to work together in the midst of romance rumours?" The whole room was speaking in codes there like we know they know we know. Thinking about it again, the question reads, "How has it been working together on a professional project since you have become a romantic couple?" Cause that's what it's really asking. Also btw just want to say hi to Dr. Booger I think you are giving me a run for my money in reacting to the posts here and no offence, I think I am more Binjin than you! So I'm gonna be more active from now on OH YEAH!!!
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    Good summary! Also don't forget SYJ also denied the first two directly herself in a 2018 interview during TN promo period. The interviewer mentioned how she hadn't had any dating scandals during her career and SYJ then voluntarily mentioned the first two rumours and denied they ever were real. This is what people mean when they said SYJ is usually direct and honest about denying things that aren't true. And as you noted, her and HBs response to the dating question during the CLOY presson was not a clear and firm denial. It was a wishy- washy, carefully prepared, lets dance around the real question, and a non-denial if I ever heard one. SYJ was not her usual joking self and pretty much let HB do the talking (and again, this shows they had carefully prepared the answer because HB never answers for both of them. In every interview we've seen he always looks at her and gestures for her to answer first). When asked if she had any input she simply said HB answered well. Her whole demeanour seemed off compared to how she acted when addressing dating rumours in the past. And not to mention how she chose to answer the follow up question about whether she and HB had discussed the roles prior to taking on CLOY - no one believes two people who claim to be close friends wouldn't atleast talk to each other about the project beforehand. Even the MC mocked this answer. Again, doesnt ring true and SYJ was caught off guard and decided to go with a safe answer to not invite further speculation. But as is the case when you lie, you actually make the truth more obvious ETA: @DrBooger why are you always so unamused?
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    Ring Ring babe honey! How are you doing babe? Not that great honey. I miss you, a lot. It has been 2 years since we started... everyday there is this memory of us together during The Negotiation coming up here and there on IG. Our fans have been celebrating for us & that made me miss you even more. Awww thanks to our fans, I miss you too babe. I wish the filming ended earlier so that I can come back and celebrate with you. But Covid made it harder for all of us. It doesn't help when oppa HJM came back before you. But I know you are working hard now, please don't worry. Just do your best & come home safely ? That's all I need. I know babe. The team is doing it tough because there are quarantine periods. We can not go out on Fridays but we tried to have some fun in the hotel sometimes. They even creating phone light dance in between hotel windows the other day. I saw it. It was fun. And how do you keep yourself fit? Well, you know I eat a lot, but here I tried to control the portion. I do exercises whenever I can, mainly using body weight. Did you loose some weight? I think I've lost a bit of weight, the pants seem a bit loose now a day. You look like a block of dark chocolate now honey. But still yummy hi hi Hi hi, I know, I hope you still able to recognise me when I'm back. I'll be back before you know it, babe! Don't worry Mr. Kim. I can recognise you even with my eyes closed. How could you, Mrs Kim to be? Ahhh, just the smell that I'm so familiar with. Remember I have a sharp nose honey. I miss your sweet scent too. Can't wait to see you again babe. Hang in there honey. Not too long now. Sending you a thousand kisses! Muah! Muah! Muah! Muah! I love you so much babe! I love you too honey! #InGroceryWeTrust #In2FacedPeopleWeDontTrust #ICBM Disclaimer: another creation of my delulu stage of mind. Take it at your own risk
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    A Japanese mag ANAN September 2020 issue ft an interview with Binnie [ENG TRANS from tweeter Therese@syjadvocate] Can you tell us about the similarities and differences between you and Ri Jyeong Hyuk? HB: RJH is one of the most sincere and warm-hearted characters I've played in my career. He's the type of person who doesn't talk much. "Since I'm not a man of many words, I try to express myself through my actions, which may be similar to his personality. As for differences, I don't think I'm as principled as RJH (laughs)." How would you describe yourself in your natural state of mind? HB: I'm a quiet person. Rather than getting emotional, I tend to understand and accept the situation calmly. Is that closer to your ideal? HB: I'm not sure if it's close to my ideal, but I think it's easier to live with the ups and downs of life than with the ups and downs of life (laughs). What do you think of an independent woman like Yoon-Seri? HB: Seri is very open about her emotions and she doesn't give up on her work or love. She has a strong personality, doesn't she? Not only that, she also has a warmth and sympathy for others. “I think Yoon Seri is the most beautiful woman in the world." What excites you the most about working on a new film like CLOY? HB: "The most exciting part of any work is the crank-in moment. I'm sure everyone else is as excited as I am, but I get nervous at the same time when I take on a challenge for the first time." "It's the first time I'm in contact with my fellow actors and staff, and I can't describe the tension and excitement I feel." What do you think CLOY became so popular? HB: think that the heartwarming romance between RJH and Seri was able to bring compassion & hope to the viewers who're tired of the recent rapid changes in their lives. That's why we received so many words of love from the viewers. 8/ HB: However, even though some time has passed since the end of the broadcast, we were surprised to learn that people in Japan and the rest of the world still support and love CLOY. I am grateful to you for your interest in Korean dramas. [end] Like all BJ shippers, we are thrilled when Binnie said Yoon Seri is the MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN in the world. Binnie is a straightforward, honest man and meant what he said. He mentioned in various interviews that Jinnie is 100% resemble Yong Seri and same for Jinnie who also said Binnie is 100% resemble Captain Ri. ANAN magazine interview with Binnie is copyright by Vast NOT a click baits article in case lost souls calling fake articles again!! D-2 to Binnie 925
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