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    FINALE KISSES THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! @00123 @0ly40 @2handsintertwined @50okie @Adwina Oltariani @africandramalover @Airpork @alekaonu @AlexandraReid @alicolumna @alindahaw @alleram95 @aloraloralora @Ameera Ali @angiecrosby @aniliaz @an-naum @annie1234 @Artheusa @Ayame @aysha106 @Azipharelle @Aziraphale @bairama @bamsa @bbvvip @bebebisous33 @bellaangel012 @beny2013 @bitsbitsbits @biwind @blademan @bliss1004 @bocha @bobacha @boingboingracquet @Bon-bon007 @booo28 @bqm94hana @Butik Sasya @butterflyeffect @c chan @candilicious @Cara @Carat Ng @Carmarie @celebrianna @cenching @chachajeyjey @charlieblue17 @chdom @cheesethatnotsocheesey @chubbyzmae @ck1Oz @classyviews @Claudia Ximena @cremep @daloula @DeePlatonicFan @dimadiess @dinhie @DioDezir @doooodle @Doramy @Dramageek @dramaninja @Dramanoona @DreamCatcher2011 @dreamqueen @ducan @Earth2KatyD @Eeveeta @extrodinairey @eyo2eyo @fatalflaw @Friendly kitty @Froze Berg @ganko @gclala @gemini1990_stv @gilaswan @Gin Nietschze @Giya2909 @GraceL1430293421 @graciouslygracey25 @greenwatch08 @greezlybee @Guyangi_Dalpeongi @haartie @haelan @hallyus @hannah92 @heks @Hueee @hulya.23_d801 @hushhh @Hyhy180180 @hyuuhikari @ihyw @inday210 @Inkcity__ @inna75 @insertusername @insertusernamehere @irilight @Ishara Naufan @itsMYday @itzzy @ixora @J13 @jadore123 @jadore1 @jaemin kimpark @jaeuckismylife @Jafstar @japchaebap @jaydendoji @jd50 @jeijei @Jemrie @Jenetschka @Jillia @jimmylyne @joccu @jongski @jouleoppa @justamom @Kaitheee @Kasmic @kdramaQ @kelmaoneko @kenrei @khanhielicious @Khinqian @Kpzzzz @ktcjdrama @kyakyari @KymberleeD @L A @ladida07 @ladidada7 @larus @Latte_Anyday @Latte07 @LavelyShai @Learry @leek @lighthearted @liltash85 @Lisa David @liz-danielle @Lj @Lmangla @lmhpsh @lol23 @LoveMY1224 @lozenger Dave @lsbsg @lu09 @luffie @luvcrabbieshinhwa @M*U*Z*E @margerytka @maribella @MarJo_Lei @marykarmelina @Matilda_Anne @MaybeLatte0402 @MayL @mcdc @mellinadear @MeritaG @mikhaella75 @Miky88 @Minwae @minyyy @mmac80 @Moca_hanzel23 @moreenke @morningdew @misskym86 @mushforbrains @musyi17 @myd8 @nadiarose @Nakiami Kyoko @namjiho @naritul @nateko @nasuko56 @NaYouSabi? @NiaB @nidcha202 @niharika111 @Nikki Sixx @niniwu97 @Nj Ab @NloveMH @noirschwarz @nonski @nubianlegalmind @nuttyz @nuttz @Oksana Sutra @Ondine @onni @Onnie Said @orion00 @pad-hari @panappuru @papercrane @park2park @Peppyz @phoenix24 @philosophie @plappi @Pmyonly @pohyoke @ponderings @rabbiteen @raflayna @ramenqueen @Ramenqueen19 @raziela @rk816 @RobinM @rocat @rocher22 @rosierosie @RPM @rryyuu @sakisuki @sal2 @samecut123 @Sarang21 @sava2sava @DontEatMyKimchi @SC2019 @sd24 @Sejabin @selen4ever @seoseo @SGahjumma @shamrockmom @ShannonK @sharluvsenergy @Shine Son @shiqin3381 @shynaz @sillygal @rcalma @sken40 @Sky8lue @snitchdream08 @snow_ob_sorrow @songsongcoupleshipper @starrysky18 @staygold @Strawberry23 @stroppyse @sugarandspices @sumool @supernovarangers94 @sushilicious @taedysol @tan10can @tensaitekikuroneko @thechaosinourstar @TheRoadtoPMY @thexilent13 @thistle @thranduils @tianaa @tinkerbelle2004 @tinymel @tnl34 @TRaNz @triplem @TripleNa @turtlegirl @uglypearl @valzki @Visually-wandering @wangnyeo @Wenlisha @weris @White Anemone @whome @wildcherry @windy123hk @winnieho @xprosperity @Xytam @Yana Mujay @yanginggrid @YearwoodC @Qwan Ree Un @yuliana wong@YoungatHeart_ @youngatheart @YunnMika @yuyu0389 @Zazu2017 @zenya22
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    Hello... this drama have forced to me delurk from being silent reader of this forum. God, i swear i'm not gonna be too attach to a drama after my last one, which apparently happen to be directed by the same director HPL, no wonder i got hooked with this drama too... I just love how they recall back the wall fake kiss scene back in ep4 into the greatest real kiss in the last ep. Their position may be the same on the camera, but they did switch place and their clothes' colour too. So i'm gonna go back to be a silent reader. See ya! **
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    Chingus I love our interaction here, and now I am sad that the drama end. I realy loves PMY act in all romantic scene in HPL. I notices something different. To prevent my self of being bias, I try to see any available clips from youtube of PMY and her previous co-star, U know for research purpose LOL. Turn out that I am right. A. Other story that Park Min Young did, involving the theme "we are not suppose to be together", so there were a lot of "goodbye kiss" or "dont push me away kiss", and "longing kiss". She did well in all of those kisses though, especially in Healer one. B. In WWWSK, the first kiss can be categorized as "don't push me away kiss". Other kiss is always passionate but may be the directing want it to be rather dramatic build up to something? PMY's reaction after kiss was as someone that receiving an overwhelming passion? She received it because she love him too. It did make sense with the storyline that YJ love and passion kinda erupting, after all he must hold it in for 9 years. C. Here in HPL, we can see multiple reaction to the kiss from PMY. And I think emotional delivery in every kiss she did in HPL was so vary and different from her previous projects. In HPL she managed to pull off different emotion. 1. In thumb kiss she has bewildered look in her face. 2. In imaginary blind fold kiss after she initiate the kiss her eyes express worry, what if Ryan did no feel the same way, then after the magic word do you want me and she nod, she express longing for Ryan afection so well. 3. In workshop kiss, after the first gentle kiss after Ryan said that he want it to be real, her teary eyes looking for reasurance that Ryan did like her for real. Than after that kiss that unleash all pent up passion and emotion. Her eyes said "ottoke" when the interuption happen. Then continuing kiss in hiding (coz the pent up passion and emotion had not been released yet). Than this is my favorite: smile and laughter after wood falling accident, never appear before in her previous kiss. The laughter and smile really emphasis that they are so happy together. 4. Stealing kiss after two wrist kiss, I love when she smiled afterwards. She smiled with her eyes and wrinkly nose to. Here she was naughty cute. 5. In 1st rooftop kiss, where she smiled while receiving forehead kiss and nose kiss, and then smile in between when he held her hand, then sime again when it ended, her eye looked up to his eyes, it so romantic giving me all the feels... One of my favorite. 6. Two lusty Sinagil kiss in the sofa where she takes the lead. Too bad there were bell and Cindy interuption afterward. 7. Kiss (peck) coz finding jealous ryan to cute 8. We can call sujebi kiss as playfull kiss. Here she also smiled in between kisses. 9. Studio kiss was so emotionaly charged. I love how both of them saying sarangheyo softly. She is so beautiful when her tears fall. Kiss after that, was more like them pouring all the love that they feel. Less passionate then workshop kiss but more in deep emotional level. 10. Lipstick kiss. This was also an playful all smile kisses. I love at first she kinda do stamping-lipstick kiss, then give up and do the real smochy kiss than fix the lipstick afterward. 11. Soft kiss after saying that Deok Mi was something more precious than his ability to paint. 12. Wall Kiss. She was the dominant one here: she asked kagoshippo yo? While Ryan leaning on the wall slightly sitting on the railing, she showehed him kisses, I miss U kisses. Here Ryan was seen smile in between while Deokmi just kiss and kiss. Here we see confident Deok Mi who already succeed in career and succeed as a breadwinner who support her fiancee to come back as an artist. (Bonus cut kiss scene after proposal) Other than those kisses, we also have two almost kiss, faking wall kiss and avoiding coffee alergy kiss. Other than lip kiss we also have, wrist kisses by Ryan, Go Stop wrist kiss by Deokmi, rooftop forehead kiss, snugling in the sofa forehead kiss, cheek kiss after breakfast delivery, bribing ryan kiss in the car, and forehead and cheek kiss after waking up on Ryan's bed. I love all PMY reaction after all that scene, whether she initiated or as a receiving end. So in my opinion in this Drama, PMY had the happiest kiss (with record number, tehe... not including ng etc that don't make the cut). FIGHT ME if you don't agree! Kudos to both PMY and KJW (after counting I can understand your blistered lip). Why I gives praise especially to PMY in all this kiss? 1. She has more experience as first lead in tv drama. KJW himself said in interview that he leaned to PMY a lot. After seing the BTS, i see her gave advice to KJW on angle and where to craddle her face so it will be pretty in camera. So she is a pro. 2. Given better character and opportunity to do add lib, PMY succeeds to potray Deok Mi as a women in love, albeith with insecurity at first, give love happily and confidently. It is so empowering, that in love relationship that equal, both can also be happy and content. She did her best given her character written in her previous drama, but wow did she shine in his drama as strong women. Off course I won't discount KJW roles. PMY said herself that KJW act with his eyes. So I think it was easier for her to potrays emotion by looking at KJW's eyes. They both did those amazing eye acting to each other. It also help that KJW has the best stare, compare to her previous co star. Handsomeness is relative, but eye acting and eye stare, hands on KJW is the best. Smile between kisses that I love so much, I think also influenced by how easy going KJW behind the scene, always smile and burst into laughter. Making PMY comfortable and easy to create happy kisses. On side note: Making KJW never get the girl in his previous drama is a waste dear Kdrama producer and writer! Less chance utilizing his kissing skill! He did select second lead coz it has more interesting characters. Then why don't you writer start to create more awesome character as first lead that would interest him? So I can see him more in my TV?
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    Me thinking all these weeks this perfect / gorgeous face didn’t need any shaving @cenching, @Kasmic & @Lawyerh & @Sejabin Girl if editing photos is an act of love , so I think shaving is an act of intimacy
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    Kim Jae-wook is pretty "indie", in that respect, which is great. And he doesn't seem to care about being wildly popular. He just wants to hone his craft and do his best in every role he's given, be it big or small. I like that he keeps a low profile and takes on interesting projects to challenge himself. I think it's obvious from his filmography how talented Kim Jae-wook is, and how he's not about Instagram likes or taking on "safe" projects. He's tons better than 9/10 of the current It boys in the k-drama scene. His acting speaks for itself. However, I believe he's quite popular in Japan, because he speaks Japanese well and had a couple of years ago even done a full-length Japanese film. I'd love for him to film a Japanese drama in the future. I find it hilarious that some people have to keep slagging Kim Jae-wook just because he isn't as popular as the actors they stan. Please, grow up. It gives the actor you stan a bad name - is this how you want to support the actor you care about?
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    Deok Mi: Ryan: No need to remind him about that. He knew
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    Hello, chingus! I have been a lurking reader in this thread since the very first episodes. I enjoyed reading your comments every day. I waited until the last episode to give my comment on this drama. My background: I stopped watching a full k-drama for a very long time since My love from the star. I watched several after that but dropped eventually. Then I read that KJW would be the lead in this drama. I started watching K-drama again. I at first watched the drama because of KJW; however, I am now totally hooked into this drama. I am experiencing withdrawal syndrome now. I even subconsciously put my hand on my heart while watching the last episode because I am not ready to say goodbye to Ryan and DM. In my opinion, this drama is so beautifully drafted. It conveys meaningful messages and builds a very healthy and mature relationship. Furthermore, I feel like it painted my life very well haha. First, I wanted to take an opportunity to address some negative comments on this drama and compared with PMY's previous drama in my comment. To those people who think that this plot is weak and boring, I totally respect your opinion. I understand that we have different tastes. I dropped WWWTS after 2 episodes because I don’t enjoy exaggerated rom-com and I prefer a brighter and more interesting female character and a mature male character. It does not mean that WWWTS is not a good drama if I don’t like it. BUT “those who said that this drama is really relying on skinship too much just having problem with the drama success”. I don’t agree with this. About the skinship, I like it so much because I felt it very natural and surreal. We would do the same with our boyfriend/husband. Many other romantic dramas, I don't see any explosive chemistry from the leads. They told us they are in love but we don't feel it or their relationships make us want to fall in love with someone. However, HPL successfully makes our heart fluttered and want to be loved by someone. For the success, I looked at WWWTS for its rival. I then figured it out because some lines are very catchy and prominent, and funny (but exaggerated to me). For this reason, I think people get captivated easily. This drama failed to succeed as expected because the message is too subtly conveyed which required you to watch from the beginning and pay attention to detail to see its deep meaning. Probably, you just watched some cut videos that led to this conclusion. Many chingus here and I followed this drama since the first episode, I am confidently saying that this drama is more than that. I believe those in their mid-20s and above would think this relationship is very mature and supportive. Ryan and DM help each other grow, they support each other through ups and downs, and they are always there for each other. For all these reasons, there are so many of us who were so into this drama or their relationship that we are having a hard time to move on. Here are few values that are drawn from the drama and mentioned before by a lot chingus here: 1. Equal love. I have seen some relationships in k-drama where male lead has a higher position than his partner. The relationship seems unequal. But in HPL, I don’t see any alpha dominance here. Let’s start with the scene when DM told Ryan about her job in the gallery, you will see that in the later episodes, Ryan often expressed his admiration to her job as a curator though he is a gwangchannim. He gave her respectful praise, good analysis of the importance of her job. This truly makes her feel proud of what she is doing even she wanted to be an artist in the first place. 2. Sit down and talk aka Communication. This is very important in any relationship even friendship. I feel very related because when things happen, I will sit down and talk to solve the problem. One of my friends turned me off, and I did not know the reasons why. I called him, he did not pick up the phone. I knocked on his door, I asked if I did something wrong, let's fix it together. We are still friends now for 8 years. I really hate misunderstanding, if things get tangled up, just sit down and talk. This is exactly what Ryan and DM have been doing whenever they encountered any misunderstanding. 3. Honesty. This is also very important in any relationship even friendship. Look at how DM is honest to Ryan about EG. I don’t see it in other romantic drama. Ryan always says sorry when he made a mistake. That's a gentleman of him. 4. Mutual understanding. DM got mad because Ryan knew about her fangirl life but did not open up to her. She forgave him quickly because she understood that he did it for her good sake. Ryan, on the other hand, understood that EG is family to DM. He advised her to take care of this issue considerately so that they would be still a family. 5. Support. Ryan supported her to take the opportunity to work in the US. A friend of mine told me that a man that truly loves you would let you grow with your best because if they are no longer with you for some reasons, they know you will do fine on your own. A lot of men, specifically Asian men, do not want his partner to achieve a higher career/education, they are scared because the woman might leave him for a better man. Ryan is not one of those men. DM, on the other hand, supported Ryan to face his inner fear, and step forward regarding his abandon pain. 6. Trust. Ryan trusts DM regardless he knows that EG likes her as a woman. Trust me, very few men could do this. I am very surprised when Ryan behaved this way. This happens only when you understand your partner well and confident with her love. 7. Being there for each other but still respect privacy. I truly feel very related to this. DM knew something went wrong with Ryan but never pushed him to open up. She gave him some hints that she was there whenever he is ready. Similar to my best friend, we went to different schools. She had new friends and less contacted me for a while. I later told her that because I truly love her so I am very happy to see her having good friends who also love her though my heart was so much in pain. It does not matter who gives her happiness because we all love her. I decided to let her go for good. She felt something wrong. She gave me time to put my thoughts together. When I was ready, we sat down and talked. We now understand each other even better, and still best friends though we live in different parts of the globe now. I read some comments that why DM did not ask or she left him alone. Girls, we need our private time sometimes to clean up our feelings and thoughts. I think it’s a very good move from DM. 8. Support and respect your partner’s personal interest. Another related point to me haha. I am a fangirl like DM. After My love from the star, I exchanged to Seoul, Korea for a semester in a hope to see KSH in person. A lot of my friends never understand my feeling as a fangirl, either my best friend. However, my best friend still supported me to follow my idol regardless she does not know him. One time, I checked his flight schedule but not sure if it was correct. She went online searching for his flight schedule. Then we went to the airport to see him. We saw a bunch of fans running to someone. She dragged me with her running with the crowd. She ran even faster than me just because she wanted me to see KSH. Another time, she was standing with me at Myeongdong for 4 hours just for me to get a glimpse of KSH for 4 seconds. I saw this in Ryan. He does not fangirl over Sian because of DM. Instead, he did research to gain a better understanding of her personal interest. When he found out, he respected it. He secretly supported and found some opportunities for her to meet Sian in person. A fangirl would love to have a boyfriend like Ryan who does not criticize/look down on our “religion”, but respect and even support it ( I call it a religion because someone explained this as an analog very well). Tbh, I got myself a lot of takeaways from this drama which many other k-dramas do not have. I learn things that are applicable to my personal life. This drama is like a piece of art that not everyone would enjoy it in similar ways. There is a minority like me who got hooked into this drama because we feel related and because this drama taught us many valuable lessons in maintaining/building a mature/healthy relationship. I have always been looking for someone like Ryan who will listen to me, support me, be there when I need him, and share life burdens with me. I don't want to come home seeing a person that causes me a headache because of misunderstanding or miscommunication or too different personalities. Now let’s discuss about our leads’ acting skill. PMY: I watched several of her previous works though dropped eventually. To me, among those, I like DM the best for being so considerate, caring, and loving. I like her the most for her bright character. This is my bias because I always want to get surrounded by bright and funny people, so I like DM pretty much. PMY is a good actress. She portrayed DM very naturally and impressively. KJM: I wanted to publicly give him praise. He is definitely a brilliant actor. For some reasons, I like him a very long time ago but never fully watched any of his works because none of these is my style. I told myself that I would wait until he is casted in a rom-com as a lead. This day has finally come. I love to see his performance in this drama. He nailed it with his amazing acting skill. When I put together your characters in Bad guy, Voice, The Guest, Temperature of Love, Antique, and Her private life, I saw 6 characters with completely different personalities, behaviors, attitudes along with the facial/micro expressions. I don’t see any KJW in these 6 characters. He is so detailed and dedicated to his character which makes me fall in love with his acting. For Ryan alone, he portrayed this character very consistently from the beginning until the end. His Ryan character is well perceived through acting as a heartwarming, considerate, understanding and loving gentleman. If you look closely, you will see how he behaves when around DM. He does have mico expression which I really like from an actor. His touches for DM, his raising eyebrow, his secret smiles, all those were captured notably but it got into my heart. He does not only act with his body movement but even his voice. His voice on the phone when he called DM in the middle of the night after the nightmare. I was shocked, I could tell from his voice that he just cried. Or when he proposed, his voice was trembled, he was nervous though he knew that DM loves him too. He truly lived as Ryan on and off screen for 3 months. There are so much more to talk about your acting skill, but I leave it here. As a fan, I definitely want this drama to go viral domestically and internationally. So that KJW will receive more opportunities which allow him to shine even brighter as he deserves it. So much talented an actor is. I have a faith that I will see him soon in an amazing project. In conclusion, this drama truly touches my heart in every sense. It stands out among its peers in the same genre, at least to me. I very much enjoyed watching HPL because of its light plot without dramatic twists. I am dealing with troubles every day so I want to watch an amusing drama to release stress. HPL really amused me. My daily life was lightened up and bloomed over the past three months. Such a beautiful memory. Regardless of its low rating, I now only focus on the thing that I so much enjoyed watching this drama, and it is blooming in me. This is my first also last in this thread because I am not a very active person. I am quite laid back. It's lovely to see all of you here. Keep it up with your analysis, sense of humor, and thoughts. I pretty much enjoyed reading it. Hope Ryan and DM gave you a good time as they did to me. Will see you all in their next projects either together or individually. Fighting!
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    Dear God... Please forgive me for my sin for being pervy on counting how many kisses our OTP has gave us in this drama Thumb kiss : 1 Forehead kiss : 6 Cheek kiss : 4 Kissuuu (longer kiss) : 12 Peck kiss : 8 Wrist kiss : 2 + 6 Nose kiss : 1 Accidentally kiss in proposal BTS ep 16 : 1 Can you guys imagine how many real kisses they has filming including NGs??? My goodness.. Do i need to say more?? These two probably having a major withdrawal syndrome worse that what we've been gone through right now... So... please don't comment anything that will hurt them on their IG will ya??
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    hello there... Ryan Gold's abs said hi.. too quick? Almost didn't see ya.. Is that his nips.. maybe not.. i'm so old, i can't see.. Doek Mi-shii, you saw it? p.s - update instagram same day, huh? What are the odds?
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    i was going to sleep but after watching this part i can't help but keep on repeating on KJW's reaction... thats why im creating GIF hahaha.. that's face reaction is something else... LOL
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    I am your first customer , how can you help me @Sejabin , @Lawyerh & @ktcjdrama & our beloved @triplem admitting addiction it’s the first step right to recovery
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    Me watching BTS this morning Me seeing Jae Wook update his Insta with that three piece suit (he knows he looks good in it) Me when @heoimajeossi pointed that abs
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    Kisses Here... Kisses There... If every kisses make Deok Mi preggy ~ then there will be a lot of babies every episode!
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    I don’t think they are acting anymoreone of the best scene ever.The positive energy from both leads are strikingly impressive --------------
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    I'm back cause I miss them so much! Here is another compilation I made of them saying kagoshipeoyo. Sorry for any misspelling. Thanks @luvcrabbieshinhwa for the correct spelling. I try not to be delulu much.. so.. Back to ninja mode.
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    Finally watched the last episode! Cuteness overload really! The parallels. The PARALLELS AND THE DETAILS ARE EVERYTHING! I went and made a big list of every single parallel/detail in the last episode, as a way of saying goodbye to the drama. That's how I fangirl. 1. "His/Her's beauty is out of the world, so it is hard to capture it." - DM for Si An vs RG for DM. 2. Eom fangirling over Si An when she hated her daughter for it. Crazy development! 3. The way DM's contribution is acknowledged by RG in the morning - stark contrast to how Eom/the guest dismissed her work during the first ep! 4. Taking photo of Si An with his nearest and dearest, vs. taking photo of Si An from a distance using telescopic lens! 5. Fangirling over videos of Si An in the cafe to fangirling over actual Si An right in front of them! 6. DM's mom waited all night at the playground to meet RG's mom and they are finally having a conversation in the temple. 7. "I think she's asking about your birthday" DM said about their mothers vs that for marital compatibility that DM's mom pestered her for and she told RG! 8. DM's dad started his hobby of collecting stones after he lost his son. RG's mom stopped painting after she lost her son. 9. DM asked him to read up on his Korean when he didn't get her sarcasm(that yeah, as if he'd refrain from drinking) when she sarcastically said "of course you do". He teased her by saying that when she said she looked good in yellow! 10. The bridal style picking up and putting to bed, was in contrast to how she brought him home when he had drunk a lot in the first staff dinner. 11. Ryan not shaking hands with anyone, but readily doing so with DI(he got over his trauma of cold hands). 12. DM's promotion got replaced by RG coming from USA and now she's getting a chance to work in USA. 13. RG being horrified by her terrible taste(when she tried to get LS painting from him in the China auction) vs. him completely trusting her taste right now and coming out of retirement. 14. Eom making RG director to RG making Eom director. It's hilarious. 15. DM sneaking as SJ's husband to see her during childbirth vs the lesbian couple RG imagined them to be + cross dressed RG playing Latte. 16. THE KISS THE WALL KISS. DM was glowing. I love this so much. I can't breathe. That parallel with 'do you want me', and then that kiss. Dead, deceased and buried. Notes: 1. I loved the fact that she asked him to come with her/be supported by her if he's "jobless" - they made it a joke, and it didn't even faze Ryan(being raised in USA really did him well). This drama really went there with its gender equality - DAMN I LOVE YOU WRITERS! When can I see something like this again in a drama? It feels like it was really ahead of its time.. 2. Eom really missed her husband for like three seconds and hugged him, but then started pestering him. She won't change! Even Bo Ra looked marvelous with her toned-down lipstick - it just changed her aura(vs the second curator who became a little bold!). 3. HJ ended up fangirling SA and then joining EG's classes and then ended up with him - she got a separate hobby, a person she liked, and a job she loved. WHAT CHARACTER GROWTH! YES! @heoimajeossi - that screen cap collection was amazing! Especially the way they switched the color of their outfit +the position between the fake and the real kiss...they know exactly what they are doing. The cordis need a bonus!! I haven't seen better themed outfits in kdramas for a long time. I can't tell you how much I adored DM's styling - I am not into feminine dresses, but if I wore, her closet for his drama would be what I would make mine look like, haha! Maybe I will get into that look someday. PMY was absolutely gorgeous in that last scene. I can't stop spazzing over her. WHAT A BEAUTY! This is my favorite drama ever. I came here looking for a romantic comedy. This drama had to do one thing: deliver a rom-com, and it went far above and beyond my expectations, by being so inclusive, having great women characters, balanced relationships, mature and intelligent leads, strong characterization. Ray Bradbury said that "Plot is no more than footprints left in the snow after your characters have run by on their way to incredible destinations." That's all I live by, and so I end this drama with no complaints whatsoever. I hope the DVD/BR is within my budget(USD120) - I will definitely buy it! Also, I will really really miss this show, and this wonderful forum. Talking here with everyone, sharing theories, perverted thoughts, gifs! You all were so sweet and positive and nice, and it was when I was going through a slump in real life - so this forum + this drama really kept me floating until I came out of it. Thank you so much to all of you for giving me so many things to be happy about. I hope we all become successful fangirls and fanboys! Love you all so much! Regards, Anna
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    @jeonghyang appreciate the mentioned...! thank you all for the weekly recap, gfs and screenshots... thank you for the daily doze of fun discussion. I will certainly miss this drama... and this forum... will visit once in a while...as i am sure there will still be a lot of chitchats even this drama is already over. you are all loved! xoxo p.s. haven't seen the finale episode yet, but this one if my favorite so far (look closely how they tugged each other's body SO close to one another) I guess we are not the only one who will miss each other sooooooo much!!! take care y'all!
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    See you soonest Babe! Behold the LION's hand! *cough* Sneaky~~~~ Almost! They said~ His PRECIOUS ONE depends on the length of his hands-finger? @Ameera Ali The Girl Power in Bed is so ready in bouncing a cowboy position... And... Behind that blanket ... Something is on working mode! Look at those veins!
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    I think he look sad and tired After wrap up party.. its not just wrap up party, but he also has to say goodbye to ryan gold, his love for dukmi.. they together for months, n meeting almost everyday.. i think its must feel like break up with your girlfriend that u love with all your heart.. PMY must be special to him, after all one side love story he had in other drama, he got everything in this drama, woman who really love him, proposal, alot of kiss, and we can feel how much they love each other.. in press conference, KJW said that he grateful that PMY decided to work with him in HPL.. I hope the best for this two beautiful soul, I hope they meant for each other.. because their chemistry is undeniable.. please get married in real life...
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    Kiss compilation.. From fake kiss, almost kiss, cheek kiss, wrist kiss, peck, kiss, makeout.. you got it.. --WARNING-- HEAVY IMAGES under spoiler Ep4 Ep6/Ep7 Ep7/Ep8 Ep9/Ep10 Ep11 Ep12 EP13 Ep14 Ep15 Ep16 BONUS++ Bye for now..
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    Oh you guys...I’m going to miss all of you so much ! I’ve participated in a few forums before but this one is truly special and close to my heart. It felt like one big family that I got to share my love for HPL with. I anxiously waited for subs for the finale today and forced myself to do things to keep myself distracted while waiting and it was all worth it. I never thought I would get post drama withdrawal this bad! I started crying within 15 mins of the episode, especially during the exhibition, where they were paralleling scenes from the earlier episodes. This is one of my favorite things about HPL. I don’t have much to say, as everyone here already shares my sentiments. PD-nim is super sneaky He left us to our own wild imaginations to continue their bed scene in the end. Which is the safer choice because I know some of us in here have much more to offer than what PD-nim could have HAHA! I also really liked the fact that DM got her job opportunity in NYC through her effort alone, and not because of Ryan. Their little scene where even he was surprised was perfect for me because it shows just how much of an equal they are to each other. Not once did we ever see or feel a power imbalance in their relationship, and they are both respectful of their capabilities as professionals so that they can shine on their own individually, but are a sparkling night sky when together. Ryan may have been her boss, but he treated all the coworkers all the same unless a situation called for him having to act as the higher up that he was. I was so happy to see that HPL was cleanly concluded and came full circle, albeit a few loose ends (such as CSA knowing SNG's identity -- but a gentle reminder that CSA has his entire life to figure it out seeing she is his sister-in-law after all). As much as I would have loved to see an even longer time gap that would have given room for a few little LaBits here and there, I loved that they ended HPL with what was basically fan service from KJW and PMY. The best part of it is the fact that it still makes sense in the story and their characters. DM's life had become filled with love and her lifetime bias had changed to Ryan. I know a few were upset that her fansite persona was put in the back burner after their confession, but was that not the point of DM's story? As much as I would have loved to see her in action one last time (she did buy concert tickets after all!), just like Seon Joo had explained in an earlier episode that once she started dating her husband, her bias became him. DM's already a more than successful fangirl. Maybe when I rewatch the drama and take a deeper analysis on it, I can point out parts from the dialogues that basically supported what Seon Joo said and how it applies to DM's fangirl persona, her personal life, and the gradual switch in her priorities. As for the childhood connection, I didn't mind it being added on there, but I won't argue that it felt rushed and tacked on. However, as another member had mentioned earlier, I choose to view their childhood connection more as a story for the mothers involved than it was for DM and Ryan. Needless to say, I thought it was very interesting how the mothers were used in this drama. They were all strong and beautiful but flawed women that did what they could do best for their family in their time. It almost felt like subtle shade at the patriarchal society in Korea, not that I'm complaining hmm. I noticed that a lot of (western) international fans had lots of questions about why wasn't this or that done. Apart from the technical viewpoint such as the fact that the production team probably didn't have the time or capacity to spell that situation out for the viewers, I feel like I might be missing context as a non-Korean. I mean, this was Korea in the 1990s after all. There must be some things/actions that could be more understood if you were Korean living in that time period. Notice that the most important aspect of their connection was that it didn't change anything in the dynamics of their relationship. If this were an alternate universe drama, DM and Ryan would have used that as a justification for why they must/probably love each other. Here, it was merely a sprinkle on top. In the end of Ep.15 when they were saying "I missed you DM/YJ", to me that was more of them revisiting their friendship/companionship as children. They were kids back then, how were they supposed to know that they love each other? Also, not once did their childhood selves mention anything about loving or marrying each other in the future. The childhood connection only strengthens how deep their connection is as individuals, not lovers. I loved loved loved the proposal scene. When I was watching this, I had to audibly gasp and hit my pillow because I really wasn't expecting it. But as soon as I saw Ryan's hands leave his left pocket, I knew it was happening. They weren't married by the end of the episode, so the proposal was basically a declaration of wholesome love, and for the lack of better term, cuffing themselves to one another. I mean, the two of them and everyone else in the HPL-verse knew that they would eventually end up getting married but I love how Ryan made it clear. And his flowery speech, OOF. That hit me right in the heart because I actually started tearing up??? Like WOAH! I wasn't expecting this proposal and even more so was never expecting that I would tear up. So very big kudos to KJW and PMY and their skills (those eyes man!!!) with this emotionally charged scene, because I could feel how palpable and sincere their love for each other was through a mere screen. Am I the only one confused about EG and HJ's relationship ? I was so shocked to see viewer comments that they ended up getting together because when I was watching, I literally thought it was just them having ended up becoming friends/siblings seeing how similar HJ actually is to DM. Regardless, I'm not complaining. Speaking of EG, I was pleasantly surprised to see his role not being wasted as just a second lead. He actually had a purpose being the family's glue and I'm so happy about that. And my favorite scenes that leave my heart bursting with happiness: (Credit) They're so smiley and happy!!! Their genuine happiness is clearly palpable through our screens and I gotta give it to KJW and PMY because I have no idea how they do that but it looks SO REAL. Maybe it's also the fact that as HPL viewers, our eyes are trained to spot reel vs real (ad-libs). Time for me to go back into my cave and cleanse my delulu musings... @jeonghyang ARGH you've made me even more sad! Seeing all those tagged names...our one, big family Thank you so much for tagging me! And it also allows me to watch your wonderful gifs on repeat hehe (since TVN is being stingy on uploading this clip in both Naver and YT excuseeeeee meeeee)
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    That’s what I noticed too....The level of comfort, professionalism, chemistry, hard work and trust are amazing. In the last kissing scene, she just “threw” herself and her assets flatly on his chest... Yesterday lipstick kiss, his hand was on a dangerous zone... No wonder KJW’s lips is brushed and he looks exhausted to the bones... Too much kissing can kill you...
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    I volunteer to be Deok Mi’s body double for that last scene KJW is such a good kisser. There is no ‘dead fish kiss style’ for him. Lucky he met PMY whom could catch up with his kissing style. That last kissing scene.. Whoaah! They have been kissing since episode 7 (6 if you count the one with thumb ) until the last episode. They have been kissing for 10 episodes! Daebak! Stealing @jeonghyang gif here Btw, what is he giggling about here? Why is he smiling when Deok Mi is busy kissing him? Is he like “finally my I found my kissing match!”?
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    @Lawyerh & @cenching & @Kasmic , @Sejabin@annie1234 Girls question for science research ( What make our beloved lion jump like that on his own bed My guess .. for fun
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    Hello my fellow HPL fangirls (and boys) ! I'm delurking again after finishing watching HPL. Just want to share my thought with you guys once again before I turn into lurking mode again. What can I say right now is what a brilliant and excellent work of the drama team and actors. I am super entertain and enjoy this joyride with big smile on my face all the time. Overall people might say that this is a typical cliche boring recycle plot story drama with lovey dovey cringe worthy scene if they just watch it to find it flaws. But hell no, its actually a really clever anti cliche drama who looks like a cliche one. Heres my arguement. 1) Male lead. Ryan Gold. This piece of gold really is precious itself. At first, uri geum-saja is decscribed as arrogant, ego maniac, self centered male lead who we think will end up like other male lead that so dominant and using his veto power to win against female lead. Oh my, we are completely wrong when this fellow sweetly admit his mistake and ask for forgiveness as early as episode 2. At that point we already fall in love with this lion gwangjang nim. 2) Female lead I love how Deokmi character being built as a successfull career woman and a fangirl. She is a strong woman inside out and no need to depend or being bullied by the male lead (remember how instantly and bravely she revenge on saja by putting the expresso into his drink haha) She is an example how a female lead should be. Strong but full of feminine charm. Independent yet sofisticated. She is really a major girl crush for us! 3) No noble idiocy. I have mention before, in my 1st post on this thread that i love LUTYN before, because of this reason, and thank god HPL also did a good job by not fall into this noble idiocy path till the end. Kudos! We were afraid all this time that HPL will also have this noble idiocy when the leads will ask for a break up just for the sake of others but thru understanding, 2 ways communication, and mutual respect, they manage to avoid any noble idiocy while resolving their conflict. I love how Ryan will always ask for forgiveness and look at the bright side, think positively and forgive others. This is the main reason why the major conflict have been resolved beautifully. 4) 2nd lead. I love how briliantly this drama lead us to assume that Eungi seki will end up with Choi Da Out the female 2nd lead, as usual. But suddenly bam! Make a huge turnover by pairing up Eungi with Cindy. Dont let me start with how cute this couple are. Maybe HPL season 2 can focus on their relationship? Ehems. But of course i prefer watching lion-deokmi lovey dovey scene all the time. Hahaha. 5) Ending At first we thought it will end up like other ro-co drama which the lead characters will face year of separation for unnecessary reason. Uri geum saja also thought like that, he even mention about their long distant love. But no, uri deokmi will never let go of our precious lion and take him with her to the US. HAHA clever girl who cannot be separate with her beautiful canvas like ryan gold. There is many more reason I want to add but just this 5 reasons already mark a huge different between this drama with another cliche typical rom com drama. Overall this is a drama that I will happily repeat once in a while, as my happy pills. And i know you all will too. Psst, just to add some more. I'm actually not fond on lovey dovey love story where the leads keep on doing romantic and sweet things all the time. Seriously its not my interest at all because i will easily feel disgusted especially if there are so many unnecessary kiss scene just to boast rating. But i dont know what HPL have done to me. Although there is so many kissing scene (14 kisses starting from ep 7 till the end, to be exact as someone mention before) i still can bare all these kisses. Hahaha. For me, all the kisses have their own reason and suitable for the situation. And we know how passionate deokmi is. And we also might be as passionate as deokmi if we get someone like ryan hahhaha. Kudos to KJW and PMY mind blowing chemistry that make us believe that they are truly madly in love. ( and i wish it is true, in real life. Finger crossed) Ok sorry for long post. I dont know for how long will i have this lingering feeling and cant move on. But im happy with it and will always visit this thread once in while, reading all of your post with big smile. Love you all, my fangirling family. Once a fangirl, always a fangirl. GilGirl
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    Can you imagine doing this to the lion?
  31. 30 points
    @cenching @Lawyerh @lu09 @Sejabin & @Kasmic & @2handsintertwined , @annie1234 I was wondering why our lion end in the right side of bed last week episode looking back at his previous attempt in bed he always end in the left side of bed Was it a mystery faith planned by DM
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    Why they didn't include after the proposal kiss?? Is it also an adlib? Adlib from KJW??????? Im so curious!! I need the Director's cut DVD now!!!! we've been following their bts since ep 1-16 and we can tell which one is adlib and which one is from the script. These two cannot hide from me! I've been guessing a lot of scene they're doing adlib and it turned out our guess were correct!! I still remember that i guess KJW is trembling for real during the shaving scene and it turn out to be true too...ekkekekeke so transparent these two behaviour...We've GOTCHA!! Officially moving to the shipper's thread! LOL
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    There's a Naver article about this: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003422856 (Google Translate version here) PMY selected the fake dating photo shoot and the shadow drawing scene; KJW selected the "Annyeong" scene at the writer's house and the crying Ryan hug scene. According to Google Translate, he said that "It is a realistic and idealized expression of how great a blessing and comfort in our lives is for a lover who understands, works and loves me. The embrace of the two people who gave comfort and strength to each other showed a greater sense of urgency than any other kind of attitude, and showed the true spirit of 'real adult love'." I'm more inclined towards KJW's picks, although my personal picks would be the flour-smearing scene, because I love that WGM type of ish, and the wood shop makeout scene and aftermath.
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    Ryan and Deokmi, relationship allow the other partner to have a personal space at the proper time. Being in love doesn't mean to be clingy all the time. Ryan Gold is a rare standard of a man, but I want to give credits to Deok Mi character too. DeokMi is a positive person and her ability to love even from afar it's what makes lonely Ryan fell for her. Another relationship goal. We only got two episodes left... HerPrivateLife is finishing way too soon When you realize HPL comes to an end next week
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    I actually sort of agree with the reviewer's comment about how KJW somehow "steadied" PMY's acting, although it's not exactly the term I would use. I remember thinking at one moment, although I can't remember which moment it was, in the latter half of the drama that PMY's acting somehow felt different, and I felt like it sort of had a KJW ~influence. Someone on another forum commented that KJW's acting had a similarity to Mads Mikkelsen in their "stillness", which I agree with (even the way they talk, a bit!) and I think that's what I felt at that moment in PMY's acting as the show progressed, and which I appreciated. It's hard to explain, haha. I think what KJW learned a lot from PMY was the comedy side of it. I disagree with the reviewer about PMY being uneven at the start; I somehow felt that it was KJW sort of finding his footing with the character and the comedy in the first couple or so episodes. I don't think the writing helped him either, but I think that's partly why I felt like RG had a personality transplant (a 90% transplant maybe) after that. In one of the pre-show interviews KJW praised PMY's comedic ability and how he thought that with rom com you needed to have a lot of expression, and that she could go through several expressions in the space of a second. So that seemed to be something he was trying to learn from watching her. (Btw I love the way he praises her acting in detail, like it's coming from someone who really wants to excel in their craft and appreciates the excellence in other actors.) So I think they both learned from each other, and isn't that the best kind of partnership, when you make each other better? Even when you're already good, there's always room to grow. And better yet, it looked like they had a lot of fun in the process.
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    Top 3 reasons why Mo Tae Gu fears Sung Deok Mi #1 She does not hesitate to use any tools she can find as weapons More evidence below: #2 Most of the time, she doesn't even need weapons. Just ask Eun Gi - he's been whacked all his life growing up! More evidence below: #3 Most lethal of all, she can successfully disarm him like this... More evidence below: First week without HPL and our Labit Couple. The yearning is real.
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    Eun Gi (Ahn Bo Hyun - ABH): I love you, Gwangjang-nim (heart emoticon) Ryan Gold (Kim Jae Uk/Wook - KJW): Using jondae-mal again, Eungi-ssi? (note: "Eungi-ssi" would be jondae-mal too. Jondae-mal refers to formal speech in korean) ABH: Yoon Jae-ah, let's go for drinks (note: switched to banmal) The bromance continues... hahahaha
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    @bliss1004 And to add to your list... And the sweetest off-cam moment
  40. 27 points
    It was a nice wrap up and ending to the drama. Everyone pretty much acted like adults rather than self-absorbed psychos who couldn't see past their own childhood traumas. I thought the resolution of Ryan's memories were credible where it was a series of unfortunate accidents and actions rather than any evil intents. I can even sympathize with DM's mother somewhat in thinking that she can't raise another child when she had just lost a child and they didn't have much money anyway. I did like it that they reveal that DM's mother went back to the orphanage to try to retrieve YJ once she came to her right mind, though he had been adopted by that time. And, everyone being adults about it meant that DM and Ryan didn't really have problems being together with everyone's blessings which was rather a relief. For what it's worth, I rather liked the ring that Ryan gave to DM. It was sweet and personal, just like their courtship and relationship, rather than ostentatious. In a drama about extreme fangirling, I thought it was a thoughtful treatment that everything else about DM is actually pretty normal and personal, and that even the fangirling wasn't psycho. In DM's words, it's just that even seeing her object of affection made her happy, and not that she wanted to touch him or possess him (meaning SA). Actually, watching the last episodes, the biggest question on my mind was what would happen with EG. He's such a sweetheart, despite his streak of jealousy over DM and Ryan, and ultimately, he even came around to deciding that their friendship was the important thing. I was torn between the artist and the spoiled rich girl, however, even that ending seemed fitting. The spoiled rich girl actually has a good head on her shoulders plus a flair for marketing and promotion which would probably be helpful to EG in his judo school, plus she's in Korea with him rather than the artist who is still establishing herself in NY. It's not clear that EG and the heiress will remain a couple, but it's clear that she's drawn to his sweetness and goodness, not to mention his good looks and hot bod. SA continues his musical career, though also helping out with a collaboration with SJ's protege. It was cute that he was sad over his biggest fan (Shin Ah Gil) resting her fancafe, though he still didn't realize that SAG was actually DM who would soon be his sister-in-law. And, SJ is about to have her second child with her adoring husband. Aww. It was all around a sweet wrap up, and no complaints about things coming out of left field or throwing in last minute angst from me. I haven't participated that much in this thread due to my RL schedule, but I've appreciated reading everyone's posts whenever I did have time. So, thanks to everyone for making this thread such a lively one. See you on other threads!
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    Haha if a topic gets to more than 800 pages with a group of about 10 girls who keep digging in idol's affairs to look for even the most nonsense thing to justify their imagination, what would you expect? Why 800 pages? Let's say beecause they have no clear evidence of the imaginary date so they have to blablabla about anything. It's quite fun to see how they react sometimes. Frankly, I don't chose to write something in their topic, not because I'm afraid of a war. It's just because if those girls refuse to grow up, so just let them stay in their bubble. I understand why you felt annoyed seeing that discussion. Me too but let's forget that stuff and enjoy good dramas and wish the best for the actors/ actresses we admire. Audience are supposed to comment only on actors' work and not to spread stupid rumours which may make them feel uncomfortable. Good actors entertain us with good films, we give them fame and fortune. It's a win-win contract. But they have no obligation to become the people we expect. It's fun to ship a couple as a result of their movie's chemistry, but it will become toxic if people get obsessed about it and turn upset/disappointed and feel betrayed when the "couple" are not as imagined. Life is not a fairy tale which ends with the wedding of the prince and the beauty who live "happily ever after". People date and break-up, get married and divorce all the time hehe... I love the shipping thread of KJW and PMY because everyone seems to behave in a respectful way. It's natural to wish two beautiful people who played so well a couple in HPL to end up together. But we are in no way going to gossip up to 800 pages about them if we have no dating photos and their dating confirmation. If they date, I will be more than happy. If not I will continue supporting KJW and PMY in their next projects because above all they are my favourite actors.
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    Hello everyone, I'm having serious withdrawal symptoms and really struggling to move on! HPL and our Labit couple were so amazing. This is the first show ever, for which I would reach late at work because I wanted to catch the raw version live. I used to be a part of a certain shipper's forum because I was quite convinced that the dating news was correct. Although I am no fan of the guy, I think he is good and I was just happy for PMY. But ever since HPL started airing, that place became rather toxic. Its one thing to root for a certain couple, but its rather sad when you spew nonsense when one of them pairs up with another actor in a show. It started with how KJW behaved like an older brother to PMY, how he was not popular enough, how PMY looked uncomfortable being touched by him, etc. etc. I have since decided to not be a part of that community. But today I made the mistake of paying them a casual visit and I was dumbfounded. I fail to understand why they cannot just stick to shipping their couple. If they have to critique HPL, they should come here and participate in a constructive discussion. But instead, they trash HPL and pity PMY for having chosen to be a part of it. Since, PMY has not posted a farewell message in her instagram, they seem convinced that she did not have a great experience as HPL failed to garner the kind of ratings that the other show did. I'm not a shipper and its not my business to predict who will end up with whom, but I detest such myopic attitude and pettiness. I hope we all continue to take delight in good stories and good performances. Here's wishing to the success of PMY and KJW in their respective careers. Cheers!!!
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    Finale preview translation Ryan: Didn’t you say that you had an event at 5 pm? DM: Do you want to do it together? DM: It was my boyfriend’s first time! So cute! Ryan: Road for trains (me: literal for railroad tracks). Road to Shin Ah. DM: From now on, Road to NaNa. (me: NaNa is a diminutive for Ryan. In Korean, "Ra" may be pronounced as "Na", and Ryan in Korean is pronounced "Ra-yen". Hope this makes sense. ) Museum person: Is Curator Song going to America? Surely not? Leaving Director behind? She probably won’t go, right? Ryan Father: Go and return safely. (a parting greeting) DM Mother: She’s finally going, our Deok Mi. Ryan: Did you have a good dream? DM: I remember it was a good dream, but it was also a slightly sad dream. I've been too busy to watch the last couple of weeks, so my apologies for any mistakes on this translation. I just have to catch up now.
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    OMG Ryan Gold is the angel!!! He is very mature and no other K-drama male lead can be compared to him! I’ll love you more and more Lion ssi~~
  46. 26 points
    So the bathroom scene will really happen. But why is it the shaving scene instead I want something like DM entering the bathroom with sexy RG coming out from the shower half naked. I really want to see his ABS please... Sorry guys, I am really dazzled with KJW charms and sexiness.. Hahaha...
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    That is my daily routine . How at the beginning he didn't want to even shake her hand when she introduced herself, now, he can't let go of her hand And how he was looking at her like this at the beginning to this..
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    I try to compare the proposal scene in wwwsk n HPL, so I decided to rewatch proposal scene in wwwsk.. in wwwsk it feels only PMY is trying to build her own emotions, but PSJ is just flat with dialogue without showing a touched expression or anything, just delivered dialog. even though they kissed after that, but that's all. and in HPL, as we all see, how KJW says every sentence with sincere emotions, and KJW's eyes say everything that he really loves PMY and wants to marry her. so in HPL, just by looking at each other PMY can see KJW's sincerity. and PMY's voice when answering KJW's said everything. even though it ends with a hug, but we can feel their sincerity and love, the way KJW embraces PMY ... it's love
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    Hey, whoever said that this drama has to much kiss or too fluffy just don't get it. First of all, if U have a boyfriend like Ryan Gold, U are crazy if you just kiss him once or twice. Don't forget that Deok Mi is a fangirl (fangirl always love fanfictions) and we see for our selves that her imagination is wild (blindfold kiss imagination). She got a boyfriend that is amazingly handsome and her type, can be cute, very caring and overal has good personality (always saying sorry first), having the same passion in art, and understanding to her hobby as a fangirl: almost too good to be true. If I am Deok Mi, I'll also will shower him with love, hug and kisses. It is illogical if the writer opt for less skinship. I think other TvN Drama, Another Oh Hae Young also has a lot of kisses, true to the OTP character. I do also think that people who comment that PMY character or the HPL plot is too similar to WWWSK just don't get it. WWWSK use childhood story as plot device to bridge different social status between the OTP (chaebol and her secretary) and due to his trauma YJ cannot be with other adult women: Miso is his one and only. While in HPL their bond is through the same passion: art, their childhood connection is not the reason that they are together now. In WWWSK YJ chose to hide his identity for 9 years, sacrificing himself, so Mi So won't get hurt, but finally made a move coz he was not willing to loose her. In HPL nothing was kept secret for too long, when the pain from the past appear, they handled it together maturely. Between two dramas, there are vast differences in OTP characters and how they handled issues in their relationship. I love HPL, but I also still love WWWSK (I love PSJ since One Warm Words). Both HPL and WWWSK in my opinion are good rom-com kdrama. And oh I also still loves Healer so much. No wonder PMY, fastly agree to work in HPL right after WWWSK, because she was falling in love and cannot forget DM character. Here in HPL, Deok Mi is a bold girl who do not afraid to take the lead (Mi So is more pure, at one time she felt that YJ was moving too fast in their relationship). There are similarity between Deok Mi and Mi So, that they are a sweet cheerful girl who competent and professional in their job, but poor Mi So did not have a luxury of work-life balance, while Deok Mi does balance her work with her private life. I think PMY briliant in both roles. Through her acting, I can see Young Shin, Mi So and Deok Mi as different personality. So kudos to her. PMY's acting shines more if she is paired with a co-star with a good acting skill (remember that trainwreck drama involving ever beautiful mr. Hand Towel_the most handsome of PMY's co-star_ where PMY's acting was wasted, and OTP was not believable). Ji Chang Wook, Park Seo Joon and Kim Jae Wook, all very handsome with good acting skill, so their collaboration with PMY are resulting in some of the best Kdrama OTP pairings, even initiate the fanwar between shippers. As for me, I'll be happy for PMY, whoever she chose as a real life partner.
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    Damn!!! Why do they looked like they enjoy it very much?!?!?! Shoot me!!!
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