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    Right? His abs is distracting I mean, just look at 'em... And my expectations are high now that the upcoming romance moments would have better skinships between the OTP^^. This scene is soo funny... Yulmu rather fall in the water than be saved by Nokdu
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    The struggle, chingu, the STRUGGLE! Me seeing Nokdu in female hanbok for the first time: But then unwrapping those abs... like:
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    The latest episode almost confirmed the theory that Haru used to be a character from a previous historical webtoon and that he kept his personality traits in Secret. Furthermore, it appears that that some objects had been transferred as well - be it the antique ornament, flowers,… The comic “Flower” has that very same flower on its cover and now we can see its contents, including historical buildings and men with swords (that scar made me always think about Haru getting hurt after catching a sword or a dagger in his hand which is a trope you see often in sageuk); and one of the man is saying exactly the same line Haru told JMC. Did he already have the same identity issues in the previous comic or did his previous storyline include a birth secret? It’ll be interesting to learn who Haru used to be because you only have to look at him to realize he is a male lead material, something even Do Hwa noted when he first met him. Haru is tall and muscular, with insane physicality and reflexes. He saved DO several times, easily dodged the ball from BY, defeated BY in tennis and threw him into the swimming pool without any problems. On the other hand, he has amazing artistic talents which would suggest an educated warrior with noble blood, perhaps.
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    I see lady kim manly side is coming out during foot race. Well, he cant be lady Omo-omo all the time.
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    I got that trauma too. DJ didnt do much in recent episodes. And it's kind of illogical that a revenging girl like her didn't suspect any mysterious thing around the gisaeng house and widow village. She's too navie or she trusts haengsu-nim completely? But let's hope. Now other character is on stage, she just step back for awhile *I'm praying* However, CYM from a bright-shining guy turn to bloody creepy Neungyanggun so suddenly, I'm still shocked. I have no idea where this story will go. Holly crap, how can a island-coming-to-land boy with a gisaeng-trainee-used-to-be fight back that huge palace thing? Anyway, think of it, Nokdu ah, you kissed a future king, you know????!!!!!
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    Same!! Or maybe it's just my biased self talking. The moment YM smiled at the first episode, I was lured in, hook, line, and slinker Despite me not really wanting YM to go down that path, I feel that these revelations added more layers to his character and yeah, he became more interesting, less of a 2D 2nd lead so there's that. I just hope the writers wouldn't botch up his character haha I still want those bromance scenes lol And I just loveeee how Kang Tae Oh went from gentle to straight-up-yandere-ish-scary. He's good, I'll give him that. He went from "looking like a cinnamon roll and is an actual cinnamon roll" to "looking like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you" like damn haha
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    MayBe DongJu Focused More About Her Debt To NokDu, Ignoring To Read Name Of Her Debtor.
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    Title- PMY 'Long time no see, Secretary Kim' I wonder how long pmy will be called "Secretary Kim".
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    I wonder when will they do this fishing scene okay, am I the only one who finds him hot here? bahahaha like I love the nice YM, but this YM hits my heart differently LMAO
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    @ktcjdrama and @mylovekge thanks for the information on the episode. Four years are insufficient for the 15 (?) years that Ms. Han took from the male lead’s mother. I can’t see myself being satisfied with her story resolution because it doesn’t seem like she suffered any “real” consequences for her actions. I’m often annoyed with writers who make us sit through 15.5 episodes/16 episodes of watching antagonists like Han wield absolute power by crushing everyone only to deliver a lame punishment in the end. However, I think I pretty much said before that I knew the punishment would be sorely lacking.
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    Haven't seen the episode yet but this scene will be my fav because Ha Ru is SO shy. Dan Oh's doe eyes are killing me just like they're killing Ha Ru.
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    Holy Mother Of Pearl. That confident teasing smirk will be the death of me. Just purely for research purposes... he worked hard for those abs, his body was less defined last year. And now I’m just going to crawl back to the shame cave... ——— Look how concentrated he is here
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    This scene! It was weirdly beautiful, lonely, sad... everything... Also: kudos to the cast and crew because they have done a great job filming this. It's so difficult to film underwater scenes but actually film beautifully - A+ job! Weirdy... I needed this gif to see that Ha Ru's arms is actually around Dan Oh... Also: PRETTY! Credit: DC Gall
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    Here is the preview for 13-14 ep Dried Squid/JinMichae was reading another manhwa named Flower! I don't think he is the writer. JinMichae was in Flower manhwa. The current manhwa being enacted right now in the series is "Secret' Manhwa. I did not read the manhwa's but based on my deductions I assume he is antagonistic towards Haru and want's the story of Danoh to unfold until her death. Maybe he wants to follow her to the next manhwa when she gets reincarnated in that one. Hope this helped however brief it was. -------------------------------------- Jealous Haru Haru saves Danoh
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    Episode 10, favorite scenes: Yong-sik's thought (VO) before kissing Dong-baek: I no longer want to be the nice guy. Dong-baek and Yong-sik looking awkward at the dumpling place but holding hands under the table Yong-sik: I like you Dong-baek: I know. Everyone in Ongsan knows. Dong Baek in a short, red dress and red lipstick Hong Ja-yong (uri future governor of Ongsan) putting Gyu-tae's mom in her place Pil-gu spilling his guts to Jong-ryeol Dong-baek's mom pushing Yong-sik to be more aggressive in prusuing Dong-baek The ending scene! Thoughts: I just realized that Yong-sik keeps on avoiding Yeong-shim's complaints. I don't even know who he/she is but what if Yong-sik is missing puzzle pieces in the serial killer case and going to Yeong-shim will reveal clues he needs? Jong-ryeol is the cheap man lol according to Pil-gu. Hyang-mi knows Dong-baek's mom is acting. Good job to those who said so in the previous pages. I initially thought she really had dementia. Does this mean, a loanshark is coming to Ongsan?
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    Another hilarious yet sweet episode! I feel Nok Du gets more and more lovable each episode. I like how he didn't beat around the bush in telling Dong Ju that he likes her. I appreciate a guy who's open and honest with his feelings. I also liked that he didn't allow Dong Ju to run and hide from her feelings neither. But then, how was she supposed to resist him in the first place when he came to her that way. Haha. I'm glad she didn't hesitate when he went in for the almost second kiss. I'm not a big fan of push and pull so hopefully, these two cuties will romantically progress Based on the preview, it looks like Lady Nok Du will have another fight scene saving the widows in the next episode. Should be awesome!
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    lmao so this is the comedic kiss that kang tae oh was talking about, huh? EDIT: Crazy to think how--
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    These two... let them be BFFs forever! Also they way they both cringe at Do Hwa's older brother's fashion taste. Credit: okashiratsuki
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    Webtoon author is on a roll today! Update: apparently this is drawn by the webtoon author's husband! Mentioned in her caption to the IG posts. No wonder the drawing style seems different. But he's really good too!
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    I will just put my remarks here: Mo family has fallen or broke apart, this ending is good enough for me. But what breaks my heart is WS hanging himself & not getting justice served to him. I know he is probably feeling guilty about it, but I just don’t see why he needs to kill himself. I know he is trying to prove to mum that he is capable but dying can’t proof that. He should have just gone to prison.... With that pointer above it also falls short for SH who all this time have been wanting to capture the killer, with WS dying, she technically did not catch him. So to me, it’s not really serving the entire purpose of her goal. But if you look at it from the outside..yes her goal has accomplished, but she is not the one who caught him. WJ & Second Wife, Second wife crying..In relation to what happened in the kpop world, this also shows that despite WS having that playful personality, his mother & brother look down on him, he still needs to be loved and it’s only when he take things to his own accords then the two of them cry and yearn for him. It’s too late, so to me it’s telling me to spend time with people and not regret later. I don’t mind the ending..but I feel conflicted after WS’s death..he really should have taken the high roads if you ask me. He really don’t deserve to die. The luckiest person is Heo’s father...Get to see his idol twice meanwhile I cannot even see my oppas.
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    No No Noooooo.... As an owner of three cats, and someone who respects both human and animal lives, I demand death penalty for the killer not matter who he/she is..... Young Sik did tell three signs of a serial killer that includes arson and animal abuse as well. The third sign is bed-wetting but there is no way of knowing who wets their bed unless the killer's mother decides to turn into a witness... Yeong Sim does seem to be the key to this mystery. Could be! Or those who loved cats and scolded the killer for harming cats... Again I repeat, maximum punishment for the killer.. On a lighter note, I'm happy that I work from home and not a social person
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    Oh yeah that’s true that they didn’t know Nokdu’ real name. He was called Lady Kim.
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    Well, I just posted this past Saturday, didn’t I? Guess 10 years of watching k-dramas really paid off for me So I wasn’t really surprised YM turned out to be the boss but I didn’t expect him to be such a psycho. Maybe it sounds weird but Kang Tae Oh’s hotness factor just went up a scale. He bored me with his Prince Charming smiles but he totally made my heart race when he started killing people and looking like a lunatic LOL. Those crazy eyes and psycho smirking was really something. I still don’t understand how he fits in the whole scheme though. Who is he exactly? Is he the king Gwangtae’s brother? Was does the Grand Prince mean? So if I understand it correctly there were 3 candidates who could have succeeded king Gwangtae? 1) Yool Moo - still not sure if he’s working for the king or against him 2) Hwang Tae - possibly the king’s son? 3) Prince Yeongchang - the king’s half brother who’s dead now I don’t know but logically wouldn’t the king want to get rid of Yeongchang and keep his son (possibly Hwang Tae)? But it was the other way around. He ordered his son to be killed but kept his half brother alive. It’s very confusing and I’m kinda lost here.
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    Lmao han ga eun. Such a stressful character hahaha hopefully the writers are not going for that path where they just forgot about DJ's storyline and execute it in a way that would make me want to stab myself. repeatedly. Honestly, im kind of tired of DJ pushing ND away. Like i get her motives and all, but i want something fluffy and romantic. In the stills, she still look angry and annoyed. Its kind of killing their chemistry in my humble opinion lol
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    Credit: chaeunwoo I think the show is really a parody of all the clichés, tropes and cheesy lines found in k-dramas, namely Boy Over Flower etc. Like the fact that on stage the bad guy gets the girl - aka Nam Joo getting Joo Da. So it's safe to say: Kyung won't get the girl. They're giving us all the shippy scenes with Ha Ru and Dan Oh's heart is already going dokie dokie. She is still fighting it, also because her main goal is to change the story and to do whatever she wants. She is basically rebelling against what the female characters are supposed to do. Hence why it's always so funny to have her internal monologue everytime she has to act in "Baek Kyung's Time".
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    I think if JR expresses his feeling of wanting to be in Pil-gu's life, Dongbaek will lets him or at least YS will convince her as he knows the feeling of wanting a father-son bond but he keeps saying stupid stuff about DB and him. Their moments are in the past, hope he can see that quickly. He wants Dongbaek and Pil-gu in his life when obviously DB does not (does he not see that?). I do pity him as a father; he does his best as a father to Pil-gu however his selfishness bothers me as a man. EP 10 - No wonder Dongbaek stays in Ongsan for 6 years even though she has being treated harshly by those ahjumma. - Hyang Mi is running from something/someone. That dude at the salon creeps me out. - Joker has a unique cough but why is the cat food person not coughing? - The ending indicates that the person is not Dongbaek but Hyang Mi?
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    Thank you so much for your insights. Now I'm even more curious how the writer of the drama will make the changes of the plot/characters work in the drama itself. But it definitely sounds complicated in the webtoon. Like I want to understand Kyung. I'm not hating him, I'm just not shipping him with Dan Oh. He is too violent and has many problems himself he needs to deal with first. I was very worried when he grabbed Dan Oh. It looked painful and Ha Ru zoned in on it as well and reacted quickly. So there is no way I can find any romance in the interactions between Dan Oh and Kyung. Also, thank you for sharing your experiences with violence and I hope that you and your family are fine now.
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    Pssst.. quick remove the gif in reply You are so damn right he is such a good kisser well... Err... not on my lip BTW . I meant was the way I look at his kissing scene Oh I don't know about JDY, it's my first time seing his acting
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    @nateko Like Do Hwa said: Ha Ru got the eyes of a main lead. But that shock when Ha Ru and Dan Oh looked at eachother, understanding HOW they changed the scene. It's the confirmation for Ha Ru... what Jinmichae said is true. Is this maybe too convenient?
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    45 minutes until H Hour and they're showing TTON's logo at the upper right. That's a commitment, KBS!
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    @Jillia I loved that scene too and the way Dan Oh calmed down immediately after he said it These two are killing me. I wonder what made Haru become so proactive? from the preview it seems like he'll get very much involved with Dan Oh life. Guess he could take how Baek Kyung was mistreating Dan Oh any longer.
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