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    hello everyone, i hope you guys will like my fanart of R-y-a-n L-i-o-n and more
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    There’s a reason why I hate L in coats! He looks so bulky and manly in less clothes! His side profile.
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    An Angel’s Feather The handerchieves are a key element and clue in the story as they basically represent both angels - Dan and Ji Kang Woo - and are tied to their fate. The feather on JKW’s handkerchief didn’t burn the moment he abandoned it on the altar and left with Matilde. It only burned when he was about to commit suicide. When he was trying to kill himself he betrayed his lover in a way, because he was trying to destroy the life she died to protect and couldn’t respect the choice she made. Another possibility is that the feather burned because JKW left her body to be cremated as the feather burns while lying next to the urn with her ashes. Quite symbolic. Futhermore, I’m really curious what color will JKW’s wings have because so far we’ve only seen their shadow. Like I said the handkerchief is a part of each angel, it symbolizes him, and nothing defines an angel more than his wings therefore the feather is a feather of his wings. The feather is blue like the sky (probably, even for practical reasons because it would be difficult to notice a white feather on a white handkerchief) and if you remember, Dan’s wings have sometimes blue glow around them. This makes me wonder whether JKW’s wings will be black as the feather on his handkerchief, further cementing the “fallen angel” theory. “This is me. Think of this as me.” Maybe JKW abandoning his handkerchief, basically leaving behind his identity as an angel and giving his lover a ring with a mysterious emblem was a part of the problem. He wanted to change himself, he wanted to become a human, and in that way denying his true nature. On the other hand, there is Dan who keeps giving his handkerchief to YS, not some substitute; even if he can’t tell her who he really is, he keeps giving her a part of his true self. And there is the extremely important fact, that his handkerchief always gets to Yeon Seo eventually, AND IT GLOWS WHEN DAN KISSES HER, LIKE SHE IS MEANT TO HAVE IT - it’s her who finds it when Dan loses it in the park even though she’s blind; he gives it to her to treat the wound on her wrist; and she even asks him to give the handkerchief to her and he does it willingly, NEVER ASKING HER TO RETURN IT. It’s extremely poignant and even more so because Yeon Seon doesn’t merely carrry it around in her pocket or her purse, instead SHE LITERALLY WEARS A PART OF DAN ON HER BODY FOR EVERYBODY TO SEE, be it around her wrist or in her hair, even during the time when she is angry with him. It’s always tied around a part of her - A PART OF HER AND A PART OF HIM ARE IN THIS WAY INTERTWINED AND CONNECTED, TIED TOGETHER. A knot is a symbol of connection and in many cultures the hands of a couple are tied together by a cloth during a wedding ceremony. Also, how symbolic is it that Dan often uses the handkerchief to treat Yeon Seo’s wounds? How often has her blood stained it? Finally, talking about blood and feathers, this brings to my mind another thought I had while watching Dan so meticulously clean up all his feathers in the living room, I wonder whether one bloodied feather didn’t get away, whether Yeon Seo didn’t keep the one she picked up.
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    When I see her looking at KD (great editing which switches between KD and KW) and the raw emotion. Her smile of pain and you can see her eyes are struggling to hold back tears. Then when she says 'bogoshipda' - OMG.....
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    Our cutie patootie Eunwoo Urghh he looks so adorable while eating CR (masterpiece Twitter)
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    This was such a short scene but the sheer amount of silent longing broke my heart
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    In regards to some of y'all's post about dark KD, I have been so anxious to see that from the beginning when I saw the teaser. If he finds out about his past and LYS, I do hope he will go against the deities to fight for their love. *He is so sexy! I bet he'll rebel at the end of tomorrow's episode, as a cliffhanger.* If he does, this is what LYS should do...
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    And that's why her relationship with GS was doomed from the start. Like she said to GS's father, they started dating without thinking about the future. From their words, it becomes clear that JI had never thought about what kind of boyfriend and husband she wanted. She had no expectation from the start hence G could take advantage of her. After meeting JH, she not only realized what her relationship was missing, she also got aware about GS's flaws (he doesn't respect her, he is passive-aggressive, mean) and she realized what she needed. With JH, JI behaves differently. She is not submissive. She wants to show her true personality, not hide her feelings and her thoughts. She is even willing to admit her flaws so that she ensures that JH can see for whom she is: if he still likes her, then it means that he accepts her with her strengths and flaws. JI has already in her mind that if she decides to be with JH, then it means that this relationship will have a marriage as goal. She definitely told JH that she wanted to find what kind of boyfriend and husband she wanted... since she mentioned marriage, this means that marriage is not something she dislikes. Both are honest with each other and JH is not passive-aggressive. Both admit their mistakes, while it took GS a while, until he admitted that he needed to change. He only did it after being cornered. He knew that if he didn't, then JI would definitely dump him. Moreover, JH is different from GS because he lets JI have the upper-hand in their relationship. He will wait for her, he lets her make the decision hence he never yells at JI. As for the friends, they seem to accept it first. Yet, in the preview, they say as if JH was stealing JI from GS. Their remark bother me a lot, it was as if JI was an object. No, JH didn't steal JI from GS as JI never belonged to GS. Yes, she was his girlfriend but if he had been more committed to this relationship, then JI's heart wouldn't have fluttered. GS took her for granted and even abused his position to emotionally abuse her: the constant threads of breaking up was a huge sign. JI allowed him to trample on her. And now, JI has decided not to accept such a behavior any longer. Since JI made it clear to the father that she won't marry GS, the latter can no longer hide it from his father. It was a great move from JI because if he had been there, he would have pressured her to hide it. GS is a little manipulative.
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    Whoever is realeasing these stils, definitely knows what the fans want and how to tease us source: newsen
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    PART 16 Anyeongasseyo! So, it’s Sunday and… Nia 1: French Open? Nia 2: There’s time left. Nia 1: Cricket World Cup? Nia 2: There’s time left. Nia 1: God bless the Southern Hemisphere. How am I supposed to while the rest of the blessed evening away? Nia 2: (Glances at the desolate skies through the window) Look up some picnic or beach pics online. Nia 1: (Winces and types in to search) Hey, what’s this?! Nia 2: What? JiJi thread….? (Reads and looks at Nia 1) No, don’t tell me… Nia 1: We never did write about it, did we? Nia 2: Uh-huh. Nia 1: We didn’t. Nia 2: Why does it feel like you’re about to…? Nia 1: C’mon! Somebody says they could use a little different perspective on that V-live. I have a little different perspective to share. Nia 2: (Flops down on the bed with a miserable sigh) And you’re about to share it NOW, right? Nia 1: Gee, you know me so well. (She rests her case as Nia 2’s howls echo in the room) @JJFirstMate, thank you for broaching the subject at the right time (for me). It’s always a pleasure to find reasons to go back again and again to the wealth that has kept adding to itself ever since I began sailing, and before I delve once again, I wished to speak on a few points I gleaned from your first post. Nam Ji Hyun: A Katherine Hepburn reincarnate: The strains of that celebrated legend’s personality can certainly be found in this young blossom too. While I wouldn’t dare to say that Ji Hyun’s panache has reached this magnificence without any effort at all, it has still come more naturally to her than a lot of people, a real whole lot of people, that I have ever seen. A goodish bit of that credit goes to the women in her life—each one of them a spirited, successful, kind and gorgeous goddess in her own right. Goddesses beget goddesses, after all. In one of my weirder moments, I have likened Hyunnie’s personality to ‘loam soil’. She ‘retains’ her own charisma without needing to outshine anybody else. She ‘allows’ another person’s charms to mesh with her own without feeling threatened by it. She can ‘drain’ what is irrelevant to her own well-being and that of her loved ones, can ‘receive’ the wisdom she wishes to glean from the world without foolish prejudices. Constant learning is her second nature because she knows that is how a mind is tilled for growth. She is ‘soft’ enough to know what needs to change and ‘tough’ enough to stand for what is good as it is. Perhaps, the best possible sign of how truly divine she is can be found right upon her face. The first thing I even recall about SP is her chin during the trailer. It is strong, formidable, well-defined… and yet, it starts right below her bottom lip with a softly-etched dimple, a sweetly tantalizing corner a lover would press kisses into. Such are her contrasts and semblances, each of which she straddles with so much grace it’s unearthly. And I keep falling, day after day… Ji Chang Wook fawning over the wrong girl: I can make allowances for poor phrasing. We cannot produce thoughts into perfectly corresponding words every single time. But if it is truly written the way you meant it, then I have to disagree. About the ‘wrong girl’. From all that I have seen so far, Kwon Nara-shi is an amiable, sweet and humble lady as an actress. She always has good things to say about Hyunnie and Wook, is conscientious, admits her mistakes and is not above learning from anybody who can help her with her work. She has admitted to a preference for Wook in the dating sense, and why not? If she wants to exhibit interests in someone she took a liking to, who she believes to be otherwise unattached, then she is jolly well free to do so. So is Wook in reciprocating if he wants to. The right girl for Wook is who he believes is right for him. Why I am here is because I believe Wook has given too much away with regards to why he believes Nam Ji Hyun is the right girl for him. One, because Wook is not a man who gives anything much away about his love-life and, if he is feeling compelled to do a bit of it now, then it is something important enough for him to declare. Two, because he believes in his bond with Hyunnie enough to reveal its importance this steadily. If he didn’t have enough faith, he wouldn’t have been so willing to put their association out there in public. Three, he has always believed love to be a flow of inevitable course in human life. Living as a human, it is difficult not to fall in love. We fall in love, we grow apart. We fall in love some more, we grow apart. A grand love is a destiny, but I don’t know if such a thing can happen in real life. There’s too much going on in my life right now. We can never seem to make time. I want to fall in a beautiful kind of love, but isn’t such a thing a fantasy? Love is something he likes, wonders about, craves and desires to experience. He is a man who professes to have done much for the women he has loved, cherished all the memories and respected the bonds he has had. But I believe, with Ji Hyun, it is the first time he has truly fought for love. Fought to win it, fought to hold it, fought to keep it alive. Fought enough to make the lady fight for it herself. With her, love is not something to simply experience and flow along the tide. With her, love is to possess, to belong, to mark as his own, to keep with all his trust and strength, to believe and make her believe that now that he has found her, he wants nothing else. With her, there’s no shuffling back and forth along the lines; it is a complete leap into what he has realized he was searching for all along. The list goes upto #101, but I’ll stop it at the fourth. Fawning. Yes, prime JiJi fawning. A whole lot of sincere, melting, devoted fawning. It is unfortunate indeed that @JJFirstMate had to make do with, in her own words, the highly entertaining, yet unfortunately less steamy version of the DCut (Unfortunate probably because the mate wasn’t able to grab the pre-order benefit in time, which is where the 24K magic is at, but yeah, I agree with the ‘comparatively less steam’ in the other discs; those were essentially centered on the cast ensemble) If the reasons above weren’t what I believe he believes, then we would never, I repeat NEVER, have seen him behaving like Hyunnie’ name had any business even prevailing on people’s minds during his army discharge, occurring two years after JiJi association should have already been done and dusted. That is a story in itself, and one of its many glorious beginnings started here: SP Vlive: The following material is gathered from the Vlive vid spanning 41:20 If the emcee choice is between the two main leads, Hyunnie hides awkwardness, nervousness and discomfort better, has a solid presence of mind (not that Wookie doesn’t, but he has a habit of trailing away without notice when Hyunnie’s around; I have the frickin’ receipts), can speak endlessly and make it worth your entire while, and let’s face it, looks unspeakably cute leading her age-wise sunbaes into the fun times. So yeah, here we go. 00:01-00:10: Already starts cozy. Hyunnie is not averse to touching him, Wook doesn’t mind her in his space. While showing off his name plate, he holds it on the other side, himself in proximity to the lady. It’s a very subtle cue, because if distance is what I wanted, I’d be stuffing the thing between me and the other person. 00:20-00:33: Same stance with the paper stack as well. Hyunnie keeps bouncing to and fro and no amount of jostling discourages the steady fine-suited pole. 00:39: Wook walks ahead of Hyunnie. Probably because she is gesturing him to. Or more likely because that is his usual. It’s actually what makes his behavior at 2017 Seoul Music Awards a little surprising where he walks her off the stage, because he ain’t the type to hand-hold, literally or figuratively. 00:51: Wook chuckles at the way Hyunnie ‘unfreezes’ Choi Tae Joon. It’s nothing that would occur to him, or to most of us, on the spot, but yeah, it’s cutely funny. 01:31: The trio reach Nara. Thereafter, believe me, for a long while Wook is not very interested in anything else—including either of the ladies—as much as he is in upping the heart count. He pulls the phone out of Nara’s hand. Heart. Heart. Heart. When others are speaking during the Vlive. More Heart. Heart. Heart. 02:12: Wook edges ahead of Nara this time. I’m just glad he didn’t use those gangster shoulders to make his point. 02:19: Nara is saying something and Wook responds with a halfway-shy grin. Why? Probably because he wants to….? The earth doesn’t quake, the sky doesn’t fall. 02:31: Wook pulls his chair closer to Hyunnie’s. On a rational front, for a better vantage point. Shippily speaking, when has Wook not wanted to sidle close to Hyunnie? Last time I checked, it was back in 2014 when he didn’t know her at all, she was still in her teens and they were on a public stage with him being worse with strangers than he is now. 02:37-02:59 When Wook sits close to you but does not want to get in your space nor want you in his, he angles his body towards you, knees inevitably closer to yours but upper body shifting farther away. The BTS of many of his dramas, IVs and such are out there for interested folks to help themselves with, so you’re welcome to corroborate or debunk the observation. According to my own personal scrutiny, this particular mannerism has definitely scored higher on the scale of average behavior and is therefore, one of his more obvious tells. Checking the mentioned time frame, you can tell already that neither him nor Hyunnie are going to twitch away if they accidentally touch. 03:27: Once the screen straightens itself, he rights the laptop and laughs at his own silliness, partly for requesting the viewers to turn their screens. He glances at Nara and gives the same half-shy chuckle he did earlier. Why? Probably because he wanted to…? Also, because she is right in his line of sight? The chuckle dies an empty death though, because nobody responds much. Following which, Nara and Tae Joon have the easiest angle to make eye contact with everyone on the table. As the host, Hyunnie engages everyone fairly equally and as required. As for Wook, yes, many of his comments are directly addressed to Nara and, sometimes bending over the table, to Tae Joon. Why the substantially less gazes at Hyunnie? Thanks to ‘peripheral vision’: an extremely important tool for lovers, athletes and kitchen raiders. When she is constantly a part of his vision, why would he want to keep twisting his neck her way? I mean, that was the question I wanted to ask him during the PressCon and the glorious mess that was the 30-odd seconds’ worth of Hanbam footage where the camera was almost tickling his nose hairs and he was far too gone making gooey eyes at Hyunnie. 06:14: The first richard simmons in the armor, so to speak. Have you ever seen Wook surrounded by more than one woman at once? Probably in a press conference, congratulatory event or such? The easiest ones to recall are Healer, K2 and Mr. Right conferences. He focuses on, compliments and engages with every present woman equally. It’s always ‘this-nim is very pretty, that sunbae-nim is very beautiful, this-nim suits her character very well, that sunbae-nim has incredible depth in acting.’ Here he is facing two beautiful ladies, three in the instances where Kim Ye Won steps in, and Wook’s initiatory or reactionary behavior have already begun to show divide lines. Shoulders bunched, he straightens and starts talking to Tae Joon but at 06:20, his fingers slightly tap Hyunnie’s wrist. 06:30: Hyunnie appears in the trailer. Wook, Tae Joon and Nara go ‘Woah’. 06:41: Game over. Yeah, game sooo over for the Wook-Nara ship, if there was one. Not even 10 minutes into the Vlive; he didn’t last even 10 minutes into this before making clear who his choice would be for a comfortably fun time. To be fair, if this was any other setting with a different cast, he might still nudge his co-star and ask her to do the steps. But the point is, it hasn’t happened YET. 11:32: Wook reads out ‘Nam Ji Hyun yeppuda’. The ship becomes one with the sea floor. It’s rude, pretty darn impolite, to compliment one lady and leave the other out. Surely that’s mentioned in the gentlemen’s etiquette book. It’s a curious time for Wook to be throwing this rule out of the window, not to mention, once again during the PressCon. You’d say, but he’s just reading a comment. Sure, but if he’s reading that particular comment out loud, doesn’t it also stand to reason that he agrees with it? 16:40: Hyunnie mentions her best feature. The twin bright eyes that are scheduled to drive Wook right out of his mind when he kisses her in a few weeks’ time. She starts describing them and he lasts 6 seconds, just 6 seconds, before he turns quick as a flash and proceeds to stare at the beauties. The sudden movement startles Hyunnie a bit and a microsecond is enough for her to decide that she cannot withstand his unwavering gaze. She simply looks over at Nara onnie, someone appreciates her dancing skills and pretty eyes without jolting her senses. As for nobody clapping after? Wook is still trying to take in everything she has said about her eyes, Tae Joon is immediately gestured by Hyunnie to start talking about himself and Nara doesn’t clap because even if it occurred to her, Tae Joon is already measuring Hyunnie’s face with his hand. It’s just how the conversation flows, and if there’s worry over how appreciative of Hyunnie’s features Wook is, then let it be known that he is more intimately acquainted with them that anybody else on the planet, no exceptions. Nobody need preach to him how fine Hyunnie looks when he has been there up, close and beyond personal. 29:47: But if there are people hell-bent on clamoring for solid evidence even after all this, Wook’s got them covered too. It’s a fine opportunity to stare at the girl while she is trying to figure out word-puzzles. Hyunnie’s pretty quick at such things though, so it doesn’t last long, but yup, the stare lasts the whole length from her casting the dice to her answer. Actually, this is one of those last few instances where it can still be said that JiJi are good colleagues. The stuff that follows this is insane beyond description, and if you don’t feel up to signing for it, go no further. Just look at me—a case beyond all possible help—and run as far and fast as you can before the lovey-dovey sneaks up and- Nia 2: Enough. Nia 1: What? Nia 2: Enough! Nia 1: Just one last line and- Nia 2: -and ENOUGH!!! Nia 1: Okaaaaay. You don’t have to scream so loud. Fine, we’ll just watch the French- Nia 2: It’s over. Nia 1: WHAT?!!!! Nia 2: Rafa won. It’s the only reason I haven’t killed you. Nia 1: Yay! Woo-ho-ho-ho. The King! The King! Nia 2: Yeah, the King we did not get to see because of your st- Nia 1: There’ll be reeeee-plaaaays! Woo-hoo! And cricket? Nia 2: That’s over too!! Nia 1: Alright, I’m sorry! I’ll just finish this last line and I promise I’ll- Nia 2: DO YOU WANT TO DIE???!!!
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    Actually l would think there is no "what should happen instead" in a drama. This is what you want to see but it's never a must to expect the writer to write what you want to see and what you think should happen. The drama is based on the writer's own block of imagination and the story she created. I don't see anything wrong in YS doing that to JKW. He was a stranger who suddenly appeared like a overzealous stalker and tells her he likes her so much. She doesn't get his tears, why would she know what his tears mean when he's crying for Malti. His tears as well as his "heartful speech" speaks no meaning for YS too because all that was in her mind was regaining her ballet skills, she have absolutely no interest in this man or this project that she never wanted to do but that he kept going to her to persuade her to do it. Simply put, he is just a ballet director to her and that's it. Why would she care about someone like him? He didn't save her life. Dan did. He only held her hand and at most called the ambulance. She is a rude icy rich self centred princess who everyone around her can't stand and is afraid of. But beneath that are layers of hurt she suffered from her loved ones leaving her and the self defence she build up to block people around her and to block her from appreciating others concern and love for her (until Dan comes supposedly to make her break her defences to love again). I'm sad you couldn't see that weak side behind her rude and conceited front. This speaks so much of SHS's acting that I could see (perhaps I'm biased but YS is nothing like just a pretty face and dancing skills like you said) but you couldn't, sadly. Your words suggest so much hate on YS. I can't help but to speak up for YS and SHS. Actually she talked to everyone in the same rude way, even to Mr Jo. She's nothing like Malti because she is YS not Malti. I think a lot of us don't want to link him romantically to YS too Hehe chingu you are being biased here probably like I'm to YS. He's a selfish person to force his own dreams of Malti onto a totally different person YS who has absolutely no love for him, or should I say have nothing to do with him in all sense. We can't blame YS for not reprocicating him because he is NOTHING to her but just someone in Fantasia who comes persuading her to dance again. He's downright selfish... he is annoyed to see Dan around her but he forgets she's not Malti. He's selfish when he demands Dan to address her as agasshi instead of by her name. Who does he think he is to interfere in how Dan and YS call each other? She's not his Malti. I disagree that their relationship never made sense. Dan was here as a replacement to Mr Jo to do the things she always did with Mr Jo but couldn't after suffering from PTSD. He spent time with her and was by her side all the time helping her to walk and believe again. Through the things they went through together it's not impossible that they develop feelings. They don't have to share a meal to make sense to a relationship or for that kitchen scene. He gave her courage to walk on her own again and she acknowledged that after the press con when she thanked Dan. That was the first time in the drama she actually thanked someone sincerely. He broke her defences. To make her feel and love again. Because this is a fantasy drama, the two already have a connection through their childhood and when she was in the park Dan was surprised she could hear and touch him. And as one of us mentioned the handkerchief glowed when they kissed. We don't know what is their back story yet so we'll wait and see. Why their relationship never make sense to you, I really don't know why. But to me, it does and it is logical. Yes please be with Nina. I ship them too In the eye of the beholder, YS is more stunning than Nina... to me I guess I'm one who watch dramas very superficially. I don't care to analyse. I don't care about bad writing as long as it don't get too ridiculous. I don't care about what should be right or what shouldn't be. I only care about the story of Dan and YS. I like the leads. I like their dynamics. I like their chemistry. I like their acting. I like the OSTs . I like the drama because I'm enjoying it as it is without stressing my head off on the theories or writing or directing; and is looking forward to new episodes every week. That's as simple a reason why I'm enjoying the drama. Because of the totally believable relationship of YS and Dan. I totally respect your views chingu but feel compelled to voice out mine too. Many may find me bias towards SHS but I dare to say I'm not blindly bias. I know how to differentiate good and bad in a fair way and I don't think my reply sounds any bias but is instead based on what I get from the drama so far. Continue to voice out what you think and I know you will
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    While waiting for Wednesday enjoy these goodies CR -Masterpiece Twitter @Lawyerh that whole conversation lol
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    Eun Wu is so on point when he says "why are we here then" (if not to see the teacher ) You go boy!!!
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    '단, 하나의 사랑' 신혜선X김명수, 애틋한 '운명의 연결고리' Angel's Last Mission: Love, Shin Hye Sun x Kim Myung Soo, heartrending link of destiny 'Angle's Last Mission: Love' production team said 'This week is about to revealed the past of Yeon Seo and Dan. Hope (audience) can expect more romance of heartrending and deepening feelings of Yeon Seo and Dan' http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/06/11/2019061101046.html
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    @Sejabin , @Lawyerh , @Ni Wen @immorethant & @turtlegirl & @soesje@2handsintertwined : for fun He was spotted reading his own guide , for next episode
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    @lighthearted , @mushforbrains , @Sky8lue , @sillygal @zenya22 , @SGahjumma , @tensaitekikuroneko , @tinymel , @Khinqian , @orion00 , @jaemin kimpark , @csy , @TheRoadtoPMY , @bliss1004 , @annie1234 ,@Carat Ng More information:
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    In an other news, Angels attends an award function and wins an Award.
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    I agree with you and this proves to me once more that he never loved her and still doesn't love her. He used her in reality and this explains why he often threatened her with a break up. First, he knew that she had a fighting spirit hence he could use her in order to stop his father from meddling too much in his life. Furthermore he considered himself superior to JI (socially and financially) therefore in his eyes, JI had every reason to remain by his side: he was considered as a good party. I suspect GS will use JI's father in order to put JI under pressure thinking that her father is similar to his own father. Moreover, he can not imagine that JI would defy her father. Yet he doesn't know about JI's strong will: she went on hunger strike in order to change school and she succeeded.
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    Hello beautiful spring!!! I am back again! Finally I am all up-to-date with this drama & I am having vivid emotions about everyone!!! I like all the characters here even the side ones... And first off, let me tell ya something... I like beautiful Lee Jeong In but I dislike her mean character sometimes.. As I said before, she's playing with 4 hearts for her own good!!! I think she should be more soft & smooth over guys, not to expect more priority only for her!!!! But I really love her straight forward talk!!!! And Oh God, what a preview for next week..???! Yes we have a kiss I can totally imagine what would it be for my other lovelies here!!!! Count me also in, dear @bebebisous33 @Pmyonly @lu09 @Chellsee @thistle & other chingus!!! Fingers crossed for next week! But do you think that Gi Seok would get down without a fight..???! Can't wait to find out!!! And feel the spring love!!! I really want them to be together!!! Gi Seok seems more lust than love for Jeong In!! (My 1st instinct, he is a jerk! So disappointed to find out that it's turning out to be the reality ) And oh god... How cute are these two..???! He is so tiny to handle!!! And how can he memorize tiny dialogues for his character!!!! Too adorable... I love their every scene soooooooooooooooooo much!!!! I really wish they both get their love in upcoming eps!!!
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    I need these pics to get by. Just by looking at them makes me giddy Emotions Run High As Jung Hae In And Kim Jun Han Meet In The Library On “One Spring Night” Jun 13, 2019 by C. Hong In the upcoming episode of MBC’s “One Spring Night,” Jung Hae In and Kim Jun Han get involved in a tense stand-off at Han Ji Min’s place of work. “One Spring Night” is a drama about the romance between two ordinary people: a librarian named Lee Jung In (Han Ji Min) and a pharmacist named Yoo Ji Ho (Jung Hae In). Spoilers In the June 12 episode, Lee Jung In broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Kwon Ki Suk (Kim Jun Han), and directly approached her ex-boyfriend’s father (Kim Chang Wan) to tell him that she has no interest in getting married. However, Kwon Ki Suk refuses to acknowledge the breakup because of his pride. As Lee Jung In and Yoo Ji Ho’s feelings for each other deepen, however, their friends and acquaintances have begun to notice. Kwon Ki Suk also suspects Yoo Ji Ho, who is his junior alumnus from college, might be involved with his ex-girlfriend. It is in this context that Yoo Ji Ho and his young son run into Kwon Ki Suk at the library, where Han Ji Min works. Kwon Ki Suk looks slightly contemptuous of the situation, but both Yoo Ji Ho and his son look closed off and unhappy. Meanwhile, Lee Jung In breaks out in tears after running into Kwon Ki Suk herself and is comforted by her friend and colleague at the library. “One Spring Night” airs every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:55 p.m. KST.
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    @Real_noona Tell me about it lol. I replayed that scene like crazy Imao. Both JH and JI relationship with their friends are amazing. I love the fact that at the end of the day, they are on their side. Though I feel sorry for them for getting involved in this mess lol. Look at the way JI friend's night was ruined when she was only trying to pick up her precious flowers . I'm surprised she didn't get a heart attack lol. @Pmyonly True, YG was truly shocked lol. I want his relationship with JI to work out at the end.
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    MBC's 9PM Drama Strategy Showing Positive Results MBC drama "One Spring Night", which started broadcasting at 9PM, finally made it. Producer Ahn Pan-seok's delicate production skills, writer Kim Eun's strong-willed script, which captures the specialties of everyday life, and "One Spring Night" featuring the love of Han Ji-min and Jung Hae-in are drawing attention, especially as the drama is loved by young people. In fact, "One Spring Night" has maintained its 20-49 age group viewership, a major indicator in the advertising industry, at No. 1 for three weeks since its first broadcast, and recently became the No. 1 program for two consecutive weeks. "One Spring Night" is popular in terms of hype. According to Good Data Cooperation, an analysis institute, "One Spring Night" has been No.1 in the third week of May and the first week of June, making it the integrated champion. Spring is gone, but MBC drama "One Spring Night" is coming in strong. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More photos of daddy JH and son Eun U. I'm so in love with them.
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    JH friends, especially YG, he is hilarious lol HS asks: what's making JH bold? YG: JI HS: what about JI? YG: JH HS: what are you talking about? YG: love, you idiot I'm glad I wasn't eating anything ROFL.
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    Beautiful moment no dialogues exchanged between them.Jung in silent confession of accepting eunwoo and that she won't hurt him. As Jung in said in preview - I am in trouble,I love jiho.Well we are also in trouble for loving jiho and Jung in
  35. 16 points
    I love how the writer showed Jung in being so much affected by eunwoo cause it was probably due to reason that jiho was mad seeing his child too dragged in this hiding things and then eunwoo giving her that sticker was the final call.Jung in did what she said -She won't hurt him anymore. Even when she got to knew that GS is going to see jiho her first concern was jiho and I am so so glad that jiho told her it's his problem now.I am ready to see rebellious Jung in. How seo in didn't reacted in a shocking way when jae in mentioned jiho showed that sisters know each other so well as seo in already sensed when she talked with Jung in last time.Their mother would be bit shocked with jiho having a child but will eventually support her. I know it's too early to guess but if seo in is pregnant then why do I think the writer wants to show the parallelism specially to make Jung in father realise cause he will definitely create drama and may be her mother too to see there is no flaw being a single parent.Moreover I feel it will make her bolder and that she has to protect the child from this abusive relationship.But at the same time I do wish her not be pregnant .
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    One of my favorite scene from last night's episode. I love the convo of Ji Ho and Eun Woo while in the library cafe. They are really good partner in liking my girl Jeong In. Daddy knows how to copy EW's response..it's so cute haha! They are really the most adorable father and son!
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    WOWSERS! How am I supposed to wait for next weeks episode FML Here I go with my scene highlights. JI telling JH off at the library Did y'all see how sheepish JH looked. And I find it really interesting that JI is the one correcting JH behaviour (for asking EW why he was crying when he just stepped outside), since she doesn't have kids. I feel like writer-nim is trying to portray that she has the characteristic to be a good mum and knows how to look after a child. Massive tangent BUT I swear I feel sorry for boys since it's been engrained in them from the beginning to not show emotions... would JH say this if EW was a girl? I hope we get rid of this stigma one day and value all human emotions Love the conversation between JH and EW. JH is totally bribing/apologising EW with sweets. But on a more serious note, I feel so upset hearing EW feelings about being abandoned. Children are super perceptive and catch onto things pretty quickly, and I always try to value their emotions. When I was in the wrong to my kids (my students) I would always apologise to them for my behaviour. Kids need to know adults make mistakes too and also know the art of apologising and acknowledging one's mistake. JH telling off JI for her attitude I'm going to say it, JI attitude really annoyed me at the library, when she was freaking out that GS was coming by.... She acts like she's trying to protect JI and EW, but really baby girl, I feel like you say things to JH and your actions are completely different. So who are you really protecting? LOL when GS met JH/EW outside, y'all there needs to be a gif for JH face when GS was giving his kid pocket money. That face is MOOD! On another note, I really like that GS gave him pocket money, seems like a good dude for doing that! GS seeing a really upset JI at the library Just when I thought JI was going to be an idiot and not go chase after JH to apologise. She not only does that but simultaneously reveals to GS of her feelings/relationship with JH. This was a better reveal then I had imagined and so very fitting! I think these two scenes are again really telling of how society will react to JI and JH relationship. What do you do when society tells you it's wrong to be with someone who has a child and it's wrong for you to be with someone who isn't of the same "situation" as you are in. Well, society said a lot of crap was wrong (same-sex marriage, divorce, being a single parent) and look where we are now. A still visibly upset JI with her library friend (LF) Visibly upset JH with his parent I feel like Jae-In is the bedrock for SI and JI, they rely on her a lot and it's so good to see the sisterly bond between all three of them who love each other so much! Jae-In and JI talking the kitchen My favourite scene of this episode. JI & JH they're back at the park, at that spot, at that bench. I think we need to do a healing trip to that park guys, there's something about that place that makes people pour their heart out. JI calling JH to inform him that GS outside his house Again, how telling is it that JI is calling JH instead of GS. It re-affirms how much she cares for him and further highlights their trust in each other. Other thoughts: If the writer-nim goes on the path of SI being pregnant, I'm going to be soooo annoyed. But also it would be an interesting path to explore with various questions to ask: Will she continue the divorce? Will she keep the baby? Will she even tell SH? And we finally get a KISS, I'm SOOO KEEN ON THAT. I saw JH was the one INITIATING IT so that's also super exciting to see that!
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    I'm sorry I wasn't able to do the recap today and that I've been MIA and not as active this week as I usually am, but my Monday exam got postponed for Thursday because the teacher was sick. I've finally had the time to watch today's episode and I'm totally going to gush about it and the Wednesday episode once I have some time. By then I must read all your thoughts because I've missed so much in just one day - this thread is moving with lightspeed. Keep it up - you are all amazing Until then, I couldn't resist and made a little gifset of YS's beautiful dream.
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    Episode 8 (15/16). Yay Halftime! JI will be such a great mom to Eun-U. Actually I liked JH's reaction a lot, he clearly felt hurt to be asked to use the backdoor, but talking back and tell her that she shouldn't treat Eun-U like that aswell was good. It's also about time to step out of the hiding. This can't go on forever. Eun-U giving Ji the stickers probably also made her realize that she already has a place in his life. Sometimes these small things make you realize that you should step out of the shadows and fight for what you like. What the hell was GS thinking putting money into Eun-U's jacket? That is so inappropriate. JI realized that this hiding destroys herself, her life and also begins to slowly destroy the love to JH (and kinda Eun.U) and began to hate (or at least dislike) GS behavior or just showing up randomly and try to control her life. Because that is what he is doing, not calling, not asking, just showing up and telling her what he already decided is selfish and totally wrong. With that behaviour he pushes against the wall. Regarding the OST: "Where do we go from here?" is always so on point. I should totally find a girl that cries for me like JI cried for JH. I absolutely love the spirit and strong company between the three sisters. They all look out for each other and protect themselves, they would do anything for each other. They are like three best friends and Jae In not even hesistating one bit to play the "Gatekeeper" is so amazing. Another MVP is JH's boss HJ. Although he calls her noona, she feels like a second mom or a way older big sister. You can see how much respect JH has towards her and that he really listens to her when she says something. I like her calm and sharp usage of words. Everything she says has a meaning and a purpose. I think JI misreads JH, guys in love with a girl are anything but strong-willed, he would totally accept her call and try to sort things out. He loves her, a guy in love is not scared away so easily. I really love that park. Like I said, Ji totally misreads JH. Girl, he loves you, guys do the most ridiculous and stupid things because of a woman. Guys in love are never mad for long, it's just not in our interest to be mad at someone we like. Guys aren't known for being resentful. After one night of sleep our days reset and we don't have a grudge anymore. He also confessed to her again, this time even more directly. He said straight into her face he loves her. Sigh..... JI accepts the part that Eun-U belongs to JH history and life, she showcases him that he is aware of his situation and still wants to stay and to be with him. That was kind of an confession aswell, which made him cry. I like that.... .....but I want a kiss. SI being pregnant would be horrible, worst case in any means. Especially if Si-hoon is the father and maybe he forced her into it with violence. Oh boy, please not. I totally enjoyed the couple-ish talk between JH and JI in the car. When JH left his car, his back towards GS and he looked over his shoulder to him.....I totally expected a Samurai fight. Please don't be pregnant SI Preview: So GS will put empty threads on JH *yawn*, fine, was obvious. JI's dad will find out, most likely GS told him, about Jae In being in the city and that JI broke up with GS because of another guy, fine. He just keeps talking nonsense. But for all of that struggle, it seems we get a lot of OTP scenes and even a kiss. Seems fine to me.
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    So beautiful but heartbreaking episode tonight. At least I have 5 days to mend my heart. (edited) Forgot to post my favorite scene today. Good night
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    You right, friend LOL. I guess it was a plot-hole after all Or maybe he's had a look through her past employers? It is curious indeed Also, hello hello folks, I've been lurking for some time but I wanted to thank all the re-cappers Your work is very much appreciated! @turtlegirl @ktcjdrama As a side-note to one of the ongoing conversations, I also don't condone deceit any more than the next person, but I appreciate that the drama/writers don't use it is a comedic tool. At least, it's never felt that way to me. It's been made clear from day 1 that GH is aware of the fact that what she is doing is wrong, and that's only been reinforced as the drama has progressed (to be fair, their first encounter was definitely framed in a more light-hearted manner, but that tone quickly shifted after their second meeting). I think I would have been a lot more peeved if the writers tried to glamorize deception as a valid tool for forging relationships, but that hasn't been the case. I don't think that the moral undertones of this drama have been compromised in that it doesn't encourage intentional emotional manipulation - in fact, it spends a great deal of time detailing the emotional labor associated with a spiraling lie (for both the perpetrator (GH) and the victim (DOM). Also, personally, I appreciate when characters are flawed because it feels a lot more humane and natural? I find that k-dramas often make their characters out to be 'perfect heroes' who are tasked with overcoming external obstacles, and that's totally fine and valid, but I lose interest shortly because it ignores the other side of the coin whereby a lot obstacles in life arise out of internal conflict / character shortages/mistakes (as is the case here). Like a lot of you folks, I'm also anticipating GH's character arc in which she grows to be a more self-assured individual who does not have to rely on wealth/fame (reasons for which she impersonates VP) in order to feel competent and confident. In fact, I think that one scene in yesterday's episode where GH begs VP to let her end this charade was particularly poignant because it illustrated that GH has started to think critically about where her identity as GH ends and where her identity as fake VP begins. In all, I think it's important to show characters making very questionable yet realistic choices so long as you don't try to justify them as valid or healthy (or comedic). edit: please don't tell me I'm the only one who was looking over her shoulder for the entirety of the hand-washing scene in fear that someone would barge in and ask WHY I was watching explicit material so early in the morning That scene was ............................ out there LOL
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    Hello.... I just had to come in to join the fun here. I'm fan of Infinite especially the adorable angel L. I just love ALML, it's totally my cup of tea. L is doing great in this role, totally loving him As for SHS, this is the first first time I know of her and she got me captivated by her portrayal of yeonseo. I feel excited and eager to watch her with L. SHS can act with her eyes, her body and her voice...wow.
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    Good Morning ! Have a nice Sunday everyone Am I too hopeful to see both date each other in real life ? I'm so curious about how Dan ended up being an angel too and I don't want to see the scene that a kid died in the drama. So I prefer buying your theory that Dan is just in a coma. This is from Myung Soo's IG and Shin Hye Sun's manager IG on May 7th , compared to the flashback scene. Does it mean that our DanYeon recalled their childhood memory , so they come to this place ?
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    Father and son ❤️ Talking ,conversing and discussions about one spring night amongst netizens maybe of the plot / story itself that of a single father coping with his everyday life as dad dealing with circumstances issues surrounding him.although our Jiho had help from his parents to which he is grateful for, but at times there are things to be considered specially at that time comes if he falls for a girl.everything shall be considered that includes Eun- U.Society itself is not used to having a single dad/mom around . JI on the other hand, had been in a relationship of 4 years that solely based on companionship only, I dont see any love or feel any passion as far as her relationship with GS is concerned.and when she met JH, she finally found the person whom she felt she had importance too, whom she is being taking care of, being loved unconditionally .and in return, because of her love for him she has accepted JH the whole of him including Eun-U which matters most with JH..no matter what the world has to say about them, I dont think JH and JI doesnt care anymore because what matter most is they have each other. But with a cynical world we live in, Both JH and JI must ready to face the criticsms judgement of the people surrounding them for sure both will face a lot of obstacles, problems along the wAy. happy ending will not be with them for now , but because of thier love faith and trust with each other, anything / everything both can endure and all shall pass.
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    Here's the BTS of the scene we all want. After the happy days, here we are... all back to waiting mode. At this moment, how I really wish we can freeze the time and remain to Wednesday and Thursday.
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    WOOOOHOOOO!!! JI’s MOM ROCKS!!! For now she’s my favorite character!!! weird, now i can not wait for Seo In storyline and her mother appearances in the upcoming episodes!! sorry Jung In! Your mother stole my heart!!! Girl Power!!! Can not forget the battle of the eyes (it kinda look like this emoticon the mom face) between her and SH!!
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    https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/now/article/382/0000738167 ‘단사랑’ 신혜선X김명수 “호흡 잘 맞아…현장 분위기 좋다” 'Angel's Last Mission: Love' Shin Hye Sun x Kim Myung Soo. Acting well together, good atmosphere on the scene On the afternoon of the 12th, KBS Nuri Dong cooking studio (https://kbscookingstudio.modoo.at/) in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, held a press conference on the KBS drama 'Dan, one love'. The main actors Shin Hye Sun and Kim Myoung (El) attended the meeting. On this day, Kim Myung-soo said, "My previous work I played in courtroom and period drama. So this time, the angel character is very unfamiliar because I've never played this appearance. I was so worried but it was fun at the same time. Lot of worries about how to express it well. I wondered if it's not in this work when I can (have chance) to do this bright character. I also thought that it would be good to do it with Shin Hye Sun. Our chemistry on the scene was comfortable since the first time we met. She is the person with driving force to lead the atmosphere brightly even if it is difficult." he talked about chemistry and impressions working with Shin Hye Sun on this character. Shin Hye Sun said "I played a bright innocent person in the previous work. This Yeon-Seo character attracted me that I could show a bit more different appearance. There was quite similar when it came to (shooting) scenario. Having fun shooting and the atmosphere was so good. I thought the acting was well-matched from the beginning. As time went on, we became more and more familiar/knowing with each other, so we could act well togther." She explained acting with Kim Myung Soo. BTS #8
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    What I love about the leads is that their characters always find a way to see the humor in their situation - the scene where JH is trying to explain his situation to JI but is interrupted by construction noise and at JI's apartment when her sister and his friend go buy drinks, leaving them alone - they see the complication but love that they appreciate the absurdity of it all too.
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