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    Lol same here! To me it didn’t look like he was stiff or awkward or shy. He looks like he was wary and absolutely conscious of their actions. Being careful might be the right word. I mean just in case it gets to another level because to me... why does it seem like YJ is used to doing this?? HAHAHA and Bin was like “omg must control and hold it in or we’re gonna get caught” lol The annyeong was sooo cute! Man, I want more of these adorable silly videos. What I love about these selfies YJ uploaded is that they’re always glued to each other like his head was literally leaning on her head, elbow to elbow, her head leaning on his shoulder. Ahhh major couple vibes tbh. This is what made me ship them. Yejin was right. HB is literally 100% RJH. He does whatever YSR/SYJ wants.
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    Thats why i am so so so so emotional whenever i read a news about CLOY huge success. It will remind me back to those days.... The days people say it gonna be flop. The days people labelled its already flop when the first ep. got only 6%. The days people criticize my Yejin’s acting. The days people compare CLOY with the other drama that airing before that. The days people compare 6% with other first episode drama. And once CLOY hit 14.6% on ep. 10, i feel like i want to write on banner “CLOY GOT 14.6%!!” and go show off to those haters face! CLOY has a special place in my heart.
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    Yey!! I finally finished back reading from page 175! Gawd that was exhausting! Got so busy with work that it's got so difficult to keep up with this thread. Was I busy or did BINJIN just got more and more popular? I'm just so happy that CLOY has gotten so popular now. A lot of people are talking about it here in my country. I'm just a little worried that if it gets too popular, BinJin would be recognized anywhere they go. Then they'd have difficulty going on dates! But then again they can just date at home right? Maybe then our dream twins could happen! Hahaha I had fun reading all the post here. Some of it were (very) appalling tho. But I'm not gonna let that dampen my spirit. I know they are together. Like I said before, I FEEL IT IN MY BONES. They really are together. And that denial article? I'm not gonna take that seriously unless there's an official statement from BinJin's agencies. And even if one day an official statement would be issued denying their relationship, I'm still not gonna believe it. Because I know what I saw. And I'm confident with my own judgement. I'm just going to be here shipping them. I'll keep on praying for their happiness and future marital bliss. I'm going to respect whatever decision they will make. And one day when they finally announce their marriage I'm just going to pretend like I wasn't expecting it. How I will react one day when BinJin announce their engagement: Hahahahaha peace y'all! Yey we're page 200 now!!
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    Btw, i just remember what the director said on CLOY press conference "If they're dating, they'll get along very well" seing how well they're get along on every BTS that we watch, sometimes, we just don't need any statement except a wedding things #InDirectorWeTrust
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    This thread is for fans who love and ship Hyun Bin & Son Ye-Jin only. If anyone ships/prefers him or her with someone else, please go to the appropriate thread, (full directory below). I am sure it’s much more fun there than come here & see All the HB+SYJ goodies.. Once again, this thread is the shipping paradise for Hyun Bin + Son Ye-Jin. HB + SYJ (not for shipping him with others - whether she is Song Hye-Kyo, Ha Ji-Won, Han Ji-Min, Kang So-Ra, Park Shin-Hye, or anyone who is not SYJ) SYJ + HB (not for shipping her with others - anyone who is not HB) Please follow the rules:
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    OMG. I just saw the full BinJin Bestfriend Compilation Video. Both of them were so happy and it's like there were sparks in their eyes and they were revolving in their own world. Whoever made it. Thank you. And whoever posted it here. Thank you. These are the kinds of vibes that should be in this thread. My gosh. During, the bts of the promotional tour of negotiation, HB was soooo protective of SYJ - reminding her to cover her legs, getting her mic, moving the wires so she wouldn't trip, also holding on to her elbow. It seems like he would sense when SYJ was not comfy with where she's standing and would move her. OMG. The perfect gentleman boyfriend!!! (My ex wasn't even like that to me. That's probably why he's already an ex. lol.) If they are just besties, where can I find a bestie guy like him? I'd like to have one!!!
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    Hi all, I'm a first timer here but have been reading through the thread! Just wanna share one of my observation, not sure if anyone has mentioned it before though. In some of the CLoY interviews where the question to SYJ was 'how similar do you think RJH is to Hyun Bin?' And she replied 100%. I take this as a big cue. Meaning to say that Hyun Bin is also just as sweet and protective towards her in real life, and attentive and also look at her with those intense loving eyes. Just my thought as an onlooker :)
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    I've heard/ read about the initial negative comments from knetz before the series started, but did not know that the first 2 episodes airing also receive such strong criticism! Reading through the comments, it was really very harsh. I can understand how upset you must be as SYJ's fan. As I was not following the progress of the drama, only saw some articles and promo about it in social media and blogger sites, I never directly read these comments until today. It's so surreal now to see those feedback, with the current high praise and ratings success of CLOY!! Well, both the drama and SYJ proved the naysayers wrong. She is receiving so much praise for her acting and comic timing as YSR. Success is the best revenge! P.S. I am also very glad for HB cuz he had some less successful dramas before CLOY, so this is a big comeback to the forefront for him.
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    @sadthe1st I think your post of Jo Bo Ah's selca was shot during her b'day celebration on the set of this drama series because of the same hairstyle & clothes? (Is that PHJ's hand holding the birthday cake? Pls. swipe to see the video) I hope I studied seriously during my Chinese Classes in High School so I could've understand what they're saying here... I only understood "Ta Chia Hao! --Hello, Everyone!"
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    Hi I'm new here, first time shipper and would be the last time,I think shipping is not easy thing.Been silently reading threads for a while, some post makes my heart jump for joy and some makes my heart break. But anyhow still hopeful for HB & SYJ ending up together. Also I have a thougth that SYJ said in an interview about dating she stated that "I'm waiting for a good match" .And pooooffff Hyun Bin came along. His not just a good match but the BEST match for her. I'snt it amazing? How love moves in mysterious ways. #ingrocerywetrust #inagenciesdenialwedonttrust #innonshipperthougthwedonttrust Fighting y'all
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    Let us pray together for them, pray that Hyun Bin with Son Ye Jin will get married soon, then have many children, a happy marriage to age together.
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    can I say she is her own dictionary If we looked at slow she will be there as example
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    Donghua is so petty, Su moye is lucky there is nothing flying to his direction
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    his colleagues all despise him because they know he just got in connections because he is so dumb. love how the manager is like "jin sang, you are the only one free. so do this" jin sang totally deserves it!
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    Ri Jeong Hyuk's favorite song, Chopin - Nocturne
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    The scene where he tried to get his robe with his foot, it censored with a leaf??? Why don’t use chili instead..... @Sarang21 I am with you in taking pictures. We can even do the scientific research together with the light on full blast and without boyfriend/husband this time...
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    I would like to add this video to why ship BinJin reminders list. I love this one because watching this makes me feel like an outsider looking into their pink bubble world and some one here made a gif of the nudge at the end... I have yet to finish reading all the post so keeping this short for now. Peace Y'All!
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    Obviously, this isn't a news...... 756
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    @bebebisous33 Very interesting, I have questions about your scenarios 1) If the guy now in a comma wasn’t present at the site of the explosion 5 years ago, how did he know what to answer when OHJ tested him with the handcuffs and why did he have Isu’s ring. Did the actual “Guy” give it to him? or is it possible that this is the guy at the site of the explosion and still not “The Guy” I got the feeling there was some doubt casted to wether he was actually the man OHJ has handcuffed because of the way he said “OHJ, we finally meet” or sth like that (it could also be mistranslation) but then his insistence, do you now believe who I am? It felt like he was giddy meeting OHJ, like maybe as you said, he was promised he would become the new “The Guy” and was excited about it, acting out the part. Also, if this killer (now in a comma) wasn’t “The Guy” I wonder what his deal was, why so obsessed with OHJ himself, why keep a corpse in the living room and have conversations with it? I wonder if the drama will explain this particular killer’s issue or just move on (since he is still in a comma, the character will probably come back and help reveal something at some point, maybe) 2) If KSH didn’t kill Go himself and planted the mint, then who did? And how did this play out The fact that we know is that KSH was a killer, the corpses of women hanging on the warehouse were his victims. But then this means it wasn’t his M.O to kill, leave a body outdoors and place a mint near the site. His M.O was to kidnap, kill, hang corpses and observe them from his chair (and collaborate with the vet, who preferred to burn the bodies) These are some possible scenarios a) KSH kill Go himself and changed his M.O to fit the Candy Killer’s? Was he doing the copycat thing before OHJ convinced him to turn himself in? b) KSH didn’t kill Go, he was just coincidentally there eavesdropping that day? Did OHJ thought, I will go to the site, and will for sure find a creep, and I can brainwash him to turn himself in? (Sounds far fetched right? Also it would mean someone else killed Go, but was it the guy now in a comma trying to recreate “The Guy” legend or who?) c) KSH did kill Go but someone else planted the mint (?) Oh Hyun Jae maybe? Yikes When OHJ says KSH was his bait, does it mean he instigated KSH to claim to have done another guy’s crime and turn himself in? Or does it mean he instigated KSH who was already a copycat to turn himself in or worse, did he instigate KSH to become a copycat (this implies OHJ knew KSH would have to kill again in order to do that) What do you think exactly happened in the case of KSH? I’m personally still unsure.
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    Sorry I'm late. I've been looking for it but only found this Preview for eps 43-44 https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/125085799.html?weibo_id=4474138103734748
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    Gosh!! He was sooo caring and attentive!! He made sure SYJ wouldn't trip on the wire. I went gaga!! haha
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    I did mentioned before she was inspired more than 10 years ago and I shall expand it here since many are curious Writer Park Ji Eun was inspired in 2008 where a report of a South Korean actress Jung Yang boating adventure was swept away due to bad weather and ended her up in the border of North Korea and she had to make a quick exit this was originally planned to be a fantasy rom com and so we have CLOY and evidently she choose paragliding among the various modes of transport to crash land on JH genius writer isn’t she? This is the umpteen time I am professing my admiration for Writer Park Ji Eun! this is the very reason I was excited about CLOY since early 2019 and wanted to see how writer park expand her inspiration into a fantasy rom com and boy she nailed it
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    So... do we know (or have some pretty convincing support) that there was a wedding scene and kids? I guess with the twins we have the photo with SR's dad and NIS agent, as well as TVN's post-drama release of the Switzerland photos with SR in a flower dress. It did look like she could have had a baby bump. For the wedding, did we ever have any fan photos of them filming outside a church, chapel, or anywhere else? Also apologies for asking again but I'm just really curious if Ms. Fortune Teller's comment about MB not returning to the village actually meant his family would be able to move to the big city. Anyone know? Need to close that loop! Ah, well said. You're right. Especially the bold line, it's so true...what he did was also an act of taking care of her that was for his benefit as well. I am so amazed by how many beautiful angles we can identify to interpret their ending. I like your comments about how she relentlessly finds ways to see him again, but I think this didn't kick in until she got the last text message (she didn't get the ball rolling on the scholarship or doing grandiose things to trigger an article even he can access until after the last text, when he told her to meet him in Switzerland, I think). I may have to re-watch, it happened way too fast (the scenes at the end). Not a complaint by any means, it just makes me sad every time I think about SR in that one year. Agree on all your points. The bolded line - yet another example of why SR is such a strong, female character. So proud of her! And yes that was the first time that she asked him to stay! She didn't even respond that way to him during the soju confession about how he wanted to stay with her. Those 2 are so strong. They tried to accept that they'll never be together, right until the bitter end.
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    Aww, thanks for sharing your experience meeting HB!! So it's pretty recent that you met him. That's really so nice. I laughed at your comment"so they weren't lying" hahaha! I bet you couldn't stop staring at him. And yes, his voice.....so deep and sexy... I've also observed that HB is very nice to his friends. He's got this calm and understated presence, and always initiate going towards fans who are waiting for him. I recall he said that meetings fans is very precious for him as actors don't usually meet their fans often (unlike singers/ idols). I accidentally came across HB carrying the flag for the games and was quite surprised! Glad to know he was selected for the right reasons! It's also after his stint in the marines at the army which I believe played a part in him being selected? I could be wrong. I think like HB even more when he is with SYJ hahaha! She brings out the funny and playfulness in him.
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    5 years ago, the one who killed Isu was supposed to the Guy aka Peppermint killer. Apparently he was hired by someone? So I think he is the one hammered by OHJ and lying in the hospital now. But then there is someone behind him, so who is the real Peppermint? Anyway I think we don't have the definite answer at this point of time, we just have to wait and see.
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    And thinking that this is the one guy who’s not really into doing aegyo lol (I remember reading an article where he said it). I didn’t really go through YJ’s IG to see whether this is a mere fan-service or otherwise, but it shows her effect on him
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    Just to clarify things to you. First of all, HB and SHK don't have a dating rumor and getting caught together with picture before shooting Worlds Within. Both are young at that time. So what I'm trying to say is it is a different situation for hyunbin and yejin because they have dating rumors (spotted golfing together, eating out with yejin parents (this one have no picture) and getting caught doing grocery in LA with evidence picture together before CLOY. Logically, it is very obvious they are more cautious with their action in CLOY behind the scene. Sometimes their sweet/uwu moments slips here and there. That's why some people said don't compare that situation with the recent one. I hope this explanation helps some of you.
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    Hi guys I’m literally new on this soompi, been trying how to this thing works, but OMG Hyun Bin, I’m a filipino/Spanish grow up in Australia, for some reason I don’t know I was really never into asian guys! BUTTT with great regrets For the past few months I was hooked with all these korean shows from Netflix they are all gorgeous boys, then Hyun Bin pop up, he appeared into my life that I no longer no how to get rid of him hahahahahaha
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    my friends you all forget that the doctor said it about the development speed it not for all life it the case in children while grow up since she was in development age she had some part of her mind that development fast which affect the speed of other parts development speed that don't mean she will be like this all her life that not what the doctor said , it just they have to wait for the balance come with grown up she not slow anymore in that term s as he was as child we say her a s child couldn't response well to her friends , family r was out of space in doctors room but she did improve she know normal and sociable and survived normal life a lone even with father that need help too it like children who born with hight IQ and law EQ, or born with high EQ and law IQ, or born with Specific reading disability, or focus problems most of this people are special but having some part of them more development then other when they children they treat up as stupid and slow but it known that with proper care and with age grown up the brain catch up latter but in more slow speed then other , it no a life things it just in the development age that the different show the doctor scene was all about to explain why she had the memory ability that they couldn't go to special doctor cause of it if she didn't have other problem , he said himself it not problem it just cause some part fast grown the other is slow grown that don''t need special treatment more that it will be alright latter and the other brain parts will development latter but in slow speed then children in her age ( just that- as grown up she will have no problem ) she not genius and she has low confidence and not fast response but that more now cause the way she grow up when most of her life she was treated as stupid from school or others and grown up in poor house with disability parents don't give you high self confidence i think what she need more help to grow up and she fast learning, she just need someone to grow her other abilities not just the memory one
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    [HanCinema's News] "Crash Landing on You" Leads for Fifth Straight Week Atop the Good Data Report By William Schwartz on 2020/02/19 at 18:49 PST In its final week of broadcasting "Crash Landing on You" was once again triumphant in regards to the Good Data Report, leading in all metrics for its fifth straight week. Lead actress Son Ye-jin and lead actor Hyun Bin also extended their reign atop the performer's chart to a commanding ten week presence. "Crash Landing on You" also had the highest raw score of any drama ever featured in the report aside from "SKY Castle" in 2019. "Itaewon Class" held second place in the report and, with nearly a fifty percent increase in its score total, seems poised to lead the Good Data Report in the absence of "Crash Landing on You". Lead actors Kim Da-mi and Park Seo-joon held the third and fourth place in performer spots. "Stove League" held a smaller increase, but maintained its overall position in third place with lead actor Namgoong Min ranking fifth for performers. The data for this iteration of the Good Data Report was collected between February tenth and sixteenth. It measured Internet searches, blog posts, and social media, among other metrics, as they pertained to the currently airing twenty-four primetime dramas and their performers. Written by William Schwartz
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    R: What's wrong with your arm? Over there. V: My wound opened when I carried you back. R: You are lying! I'm not that fat! V: I think now you should worry about my wound instead of your weight. R: Well, why is your arm so fragile? V: Because you are too fat. Oh my, can't imagine what it will be after 70 000 years of marriage
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    @Dhakra I was about to guess these two too... Leaning more on LBY instead of KSG, for same reason you mentioned above. 766
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    He acts like a protective boyfriend. ...And their hands were artistically romantic (was it the PD or their own ad lib?) Watching it made my heart skip a beat. I think what he saw on her laptop was about his phantom pain that became her case study (she previously wanted to go to Psychiatry Department but pursued becoming a Surgeon instead as mentioned by her ex bf)??? But her real intention was to help him of course. @cenching
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    754 Btw song wei long kiss better than hyun bin @cenching and hes 99'ers line @mouse007 @staygold
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    Wahh finally we have a photo of our OTP! Family scene to come ? Does anyone know what is being said here ? Did YA buy food for the cast or something? The caterer took had more photos Drama continues to get good buzz - rose 2 places on the Good Data Rankings from last week. 5th on most searched dramas
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    +2 NO WAY! OMG YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA When does it start? What kind of drama is it? TELL ME EVERYTHING WOMAN!!! Ahhhh I NEED MOAR INFORMATION! One does not simply google Kyung Soo Jin, you were allowed to see her beauty in search form. Edit: Okay, okay. Sci- Fiction melodrama? Well, okay. Fine I guess. Parallel universe? Oh gawd Pleaseno, this will be kinda hard already, but okay. I can endure that I guess. But she hasn't accepted yet. Smart girl.
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    “Itaewon Class” Cast Members Are Both Fun And Serious On Set On February 20, JTBC’s “Itaewon Class” released new behind-the-scenes photos! The series has already surpassed 10 percent in viewership ratings and continues to set new personal bests. At the center of the drama are actors who add power to the plot as they portray their unique characters. Behind-the-scenes, Park Seo Joon monitored his acting with full concentration while Kim Da Mi focused on her script. Yoo Jae Myung and Kwon Naraprepared for filming with seriousness. The actors have been constantly exchanging opinions with director Kim Sung Yoon while shooting. Both Kim Dong Hee and Ahn Bo Hyun, who portray the Jang brothers with opposite personalities, discussed their lines with the director to enhance their acting. Ryu Kyung Soo and Lee Joo Young, who are loved for their unique chemistry, were spotted smiling brightly on set as well as monitoring their acting together. The production crew commented, “The presence of the actors, who are showing more passionate acting and synergy as we enter the midpoint of the drama, is amazing. With the foreshadowing of a full-fledged showdown between Dan Bam and Jang Ga, please keep an eye out on these actors as they will fill out the story even more.” “Itaewon Class” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 p.m. KST. credit: soompi
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    Can someone share how this list was compiled? Love that she not only has respect in the industry but also seems so humble about her success. btw, the current headlines for her and HB are embarrassing and sad given the success of the show. Hopefully everything will blow over soon.
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    Wookmin must have liked the post since it is related to Somin, and he must be good friends with Sechan and LKS. Wookmin and KJK Thinking about the possible dynamics of these two gym fanatics make me laugh. KJK said he 'bonded' with Wookmin over the protein shake wookmin gave him in the episode in which he guested. KJK also knows that wookmin might feel pressured in his presence. From what I've seen, it takes time to gel with KJK. But I guess the whole Jeon family are fans of KJK , seeing that every member attended his concert last year. LOL
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    Looks like it’s in the cave when they start calling each other Dijun and Xiao Bai
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    Oh if i recall she was trying to get his “help” on creating the sentence using Ri Jeong Hyeok.. Sorry if i burst your bubble again...but STILL #ingrocerywetrust right??!!!
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    I'm already sobbing seeing him missing Alanro so much it hurts. I know I will cry like a baby when this episode aired cus we all know the tragic love story.
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    FALSE. My head is fine Next Person: Is a home buddy
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    Are we talking about The Captain himself? Ala Chris Evans? I watched him in Gifted. Which was a nice “normal” movie (if you could call having a niece with the brain of Einstein “normal”). I quite liked it. It brought up interesting topics about what’s important in educating a gifted child. Do you push them so they “realize their academic potential” at the expense of their social upbringing? So Knives Out isn’t worth it? 750
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    @Biology Lesson JH a mystery wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a puzzle I wish someone asked him these questions! Maybe next time there’s a Q and A we’ll try to get our questions through @phoenix24 I want him with JNR in a FTLY reverse role situation where he is shy and she is hilarious and with some drama, cause their chemistry is out of this world He has had chemistry with Jun Ji Hyun(?) Windstruck actress who is a superstar. Not sure why he is no longer cast with superstars. People want to see him with Ha Ji Won in some action project (she is not my favorite but she is good in action) I want to see him working again with Soo Ae they had awesome rapport in The Flu (more behind the scenes than in the movie) She spoke so beautifully about him I almost felt like shipping them (but no, his wife is my ship forever) I would love to see him with Kim Sun Ah, his good friend, solid actress, great kisser! Some kind of intense dark sexy situation with Lee Mi Sook will be welcomed. I loved them together in Money Flower.
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    Yes, yes, yes. Pretty please. Long, wistfull looks, hand holding and maybe some kisses too! And happy ending. Really???? I have binge- watched "Chocolate" recently, and were not the characters there closer to 40 than 30? And the melo was first - rate, if slow burning. I myself would rather watch a melo featuring people in their 40 than another "high school love", but I suppose it depends what the target audience is.
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    Hi everyone! its my first post here on Soompi but I’ve been reading so many pages on this thread that I feel compelled to contribute at least some thoughts for closure. CLOY, I think, is my very first k-drama in my 36 years and man, did I fall hard for it. I actually was very skeptical when I started watching it (just wanted something to watch on Netflix while on the treadmill) but soon it started growing on me and I was actually shocked that I had to wait for more episodes (I didn’t watch much dramas before this, let alone current ones). CLOY was such good therapy for me. Frustrated or anxious - watch some CLOY and I was soothed. Annoyed with kids - watch some CLOY and the kids have their calm mama back again (well, mostly). Thoughts of some scenes could make me smirk on the bus or in class. I rewatched the episodes so many times I wondered whether Netflix would flag my account for excessive viewing.This forum also felt like a godsend, it made me feel I wasn’t alone in my obsession for this drama. So many of your posts made me laugh so hard too. As for feelings of withdrawal, I had them so bad at first! I guess like someone mentioned here, we’ve watched RJH and SR go through such tough times that we want to be able to bask together in their HEA for at least a longer time. I agree with what someone else said about our withdrawal symptoms from this drama being akin to the term saudade mentioned in the last episode - the recognition that something is absent and can no longer be had. As for coping with withdrawal, I decided to be inspired by what RJH and SR said and did prior and during their period of separation (I know they’re just characters but yes, I’m really sucked in deep). They’re pretty strong characters and it was amazing that they did all that they did during those few years despite the intensity of their grief and longing. They really put aside those thoughts to get themselves together for their lives amongst others, like a boss (pun intended). They had their moments, of course, but they really pulled through. I guess we can pray and wait for season 2 also right, heheh. I loved Sirgiswil on the OST, I had been waiting to hear it since the epilogue on Ep 12. Did anyone else love ‘Time of of JungHyuk for Seri’? I find it very inspiring, and reflects all their struggles. It was first played, I think, when SR was kidnapped and was also played when JH was crawling through the tunnel. Thanks everyone for all your sharing on this forum, really enjoyed reading what you guys wrote.
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