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    Another awesome episode!! Highlight was obviously my Divorce Couple who seem to be taking steps forward by moving back. OMG when they squeezed into that tiny space!!! The hand holding and staring!! I felt it y'all! Hopefully I will get more skinship and a happy resolution next week... Drama gods please! Jeon HyeJin has the most perfect crying scenes in drama land!! Her two crying scenes go over and above crying, I was actually moved! She doesn't sound like she's trying hard, and she's not overdoing it!! So natural! I normally skate past crying scenes but hers are spectacular! Scarlett, girl I am looking at you lol! On this TaMi and Morgan thing: I think WriterNim uses them to present two conflicting views on Marriage. The development of their characters was not for them to get together eventually, but to explore two incompatible ideas. There is the expectation that "you must get married!!", but we live in a world, and especially Korea, where marriage has become optional. And for good reason. Granted, TaMi's argument that she doesn't want the state involved is just too shallow and American-ish for me because they can do a wedding ceremony and not register the marriage in Korea, but I appreciate how WriterNim has used the two to dissect such a fundamental issue. The dialogues between them as they discuss their beliefs are stellar, whether we like the couple or not. The two characters were never going to get married, and I guess that's why many are bored with them, like BREAK UP ALREADY! But Morgan had to go through the wringing to finally understand that he cannot hang on to his idea and assume everyone thinks the same. I wouldn't be surprised if WriterNim thinks like TaMi. Plus, we also got a different character arc from the usual Noona romance that would have been the default trope for these two. Therefore, even as a believer in marriage, as I have said before, I don't want TaMi to magically switch her core beliefs in the name of "LOVE". I'm almost her age-mate and at this point in life, unless you make the conscious calculation and reasoning to change your mind, your belief system is mostly not shaken by emotions.
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    Let’s hope that Sung Hoon is still on I live alone cause this week is his turn to show his fabulous Singapore photoshoot. A shock of my life thinking it was your current or soon to be girlfriend. Good thing you dumped her. This is so extreme lol. 580
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    He will guide you , but he little busy now , fascinating about these windshield wipers , maybe that why his mind not fully in the task in hand
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    Speaking about the corruption. It was painfully realistic when Do Chi-Gwang asked Yeom Dong-Sook (Chief of Police?)`s permission to investigate corruption in the police (the current cases) to set an exemple, a moral ground to investigate the porsecutors too. Except rookies who still believe that justice will prevail if they try hard to investigate, the veterans knows better that corruption is generalized and it is hard to find the truth because of that coruption. The internal investigation team has a very hard job.To investigate coruption is hard, but to investigate inside their own organization is harder. They must feel like swiming against the current.
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    Some people think that Xian Li is like this little cool guy. LOL
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    The dirty cop with the mask who killed Mr Kim is not Kim Young-Koon`s father because he is in jail. So, he could not killed Tae Joo`s husband either. But it is corect to assume that he might know Young Koon (or his father more likely) and he spared his life. Jang Hae-Ryong was/is the perfect suspect but it will be also interesting if he is not the killer. Let see what other characters will come to the scene. It is what I think also. Maybe Young Gun`s father and Jang Hae Ryong were buddies but neither of them are innocents here. They know more then they are saying about the corruption in the police.
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    The phone was ringing suddenly. Knowing CH, her reaction would likely to throw and shut it down. But JH sensing that she'd do that, reassure her that the ringing doesn't matter. It might be a 2G phone but it's his precious phone after all. The ringtone even sounded like the background music for their much-awaited moment.
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    To me:- 1. TM and MG will get back together... he don't care whether he will married her or not... she don't care either whether she will change her mind to married him or not... hah! 2. Scarlet will definitely wait for JH.. I am sure she will visit him in the military and wack those guys who bullied her JH.. trust me.. she will ... wakkakakakakakakka 3. GG will continue seeing her ex husband .. i hope i get to see a kissing scene from this couple? **PD nim pls~~~~~~ puppy eyes**
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    My gosh..Park Mogoen! My heart broke into pieces for him! What wrong with you, Bae Ta Mi? What is of your logic? Being older to know better.. that’s b_llsh_t (sorry for being rude here..I am very upset). What is wrong that you hurt a person who loves you (and yourself, too). Bae Ta Mi, you are not Morgan’s mother (like someone said in earlier post .. my apology that I cannot track your post looking through my phone). Even being a mother, a mother should consider what her son truly wants rather than what 'she wants' for him, by the way. How fortunate if you can find a man who is an arrogant young man who already established himself, who loves you so very much with passion, understanding, supportive, and wise enough to guide you through your hardship (many times), and love you enough to go through hell to let you go (to free you for you to do get what you want – her crazy own thought of being good for him) Love is foundation of a couple (whatever marriage or not). Lives after being a couple are to compromise. Give and take are a must. You give some-You take some. Much or less depends on different circumstances. I love this drama because of its story line, each created characters, and their dialogues. I love the writer as I consider her the best to write such a drama with different vibe than other normal ones I have seen so far. I am still trust in her for a happy ending for TM and MG which I will be waiting to see whether she can show me how their relationship can be resolved. Please don’t go the crazy in love but can’t be together route. My dear heart will not be able to bear it, for sure (I will start cursing, too, if so … lol)
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    loyal are they still excited @sushilicious , @cenching would you take him to dance , is he riding bike *( reverse parking move ) -2
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    Fans: Do you like Mint choco flavor? PSJ: No. I don't like Mint choco. I just thought many females seem to like it(this flavor). Isn't it?
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    582 I like the progressing of love affairs in the afternoon wkwkwkwk .. this is why Woman needs to work. If we have good career, man would not underestimate us. If they want to act like bird husband we can thrown them to the streets anytime *sighhh.. But some people are lucky because even if they stay at home and cooking and taking care of children their husband still appreciates them. My friend’s husband writes this sweet message to his wife on her IG “I know that people said my wife isn’t working and just stay at home. as a husband I only works for making a living, but my wife works for everything. She take cares of me, our children and our home. She works for establishing? Creating? Formating? Our children’s characters. Thank you for everything my wife and love you..” <~~ This what we called a husband
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    Lmao! These two are too funny! But thank the director. First kiss BTS. Li Xian wasn’t briefed about it so he was surprised by Yang Zi’s kiss. Other kiss in the clip, she wasn’t briefed. Even funnier, Li Xian thought she was going to hit him and the way she shows how she could hit him chest to chest. Lol can’t stop laughing with these two. i have to say, a good drama comes out of how well the leads work together and the goofier they are the more of a kick I get out of a show lol Li Xian and Yang Zi BTS is as much fun to watch as they are on screen.
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    @africandramalover I am sorry that I have to disagree with you. I don't think that MG "hang on to his idea and assume everyone thinks the same". The so-called marriage is his dream. But from my view, I believe what he dreams of is a family of his own. A family which may or may not be one with legally married. It is just a person he loves and loves him, being together, share everyday life together. He even mentioned to TM that he does not care whether she will get married with him or not. He just loves her now. He is just waiting for her to truely open up to him and walk with him hand in hand, day by day. Whatever future may hold, just let it be. It is TM that hold her value tight in her mind. Like I said in my earlier post .. what's wrong with her? Does she has any background trauma? I mentioned that I am still rooting for this couple, MG/TM. I am still have trust in the writer. She has write brilliantly so far. If she just wants to manifest that different values in relationship is actually different. There is no way to solve them. Only way is to go separate ways. I will just ... ummm! But, if she is really good to my expectation. Let's see which solution she will find for them to come back to be together again.
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    Am enjoying reading everyone's thoughts and reflections following the conclusion of this week's episodes. Joining in the vibrancy of discussions with my few cents' worth: Story Themes I think this drama very ambitiously wants to raise contemporary issues for discussion in the context of today's Korean society, and while many of the issues are clearly related to Korean culture, it also resonates with those of us consuming this as part of popular culture of our time. Class and power This is a very popular theme in many Korean dramas, but over the years, the form of discussion has changed. Women in power are clearly part of this game too, and this is not a world that is dominated only by men. This is very succinctly summarised by CEO Na Inkyung's when she tells Chairman Jang Hee-eun that when one has neither power nor resources, one's competency is determined by willingness to bow to the authority of those in power. The struggle between class and power is further confounded by cultural ideas of filial piety and generational hegemony where parents have an unquestioned authority over their children. So within each class, we see power plays between generations. Parental decisions continue to impact the lives of their children even after they have assumed adulthood. While some have abdicated their role (e.g. in the case of Park Morgan's mother who gave him up for adoption), others refuse to let of it and see it as their absolute right to hold their children hostage to their desires in the case of Song Gakyung, Oh Jinwoo and their tragic relationship with their parents. This theme is also further discussed, though not as heavily, in the relationships between the 3 women and their back stories that extend knowingly for Gakyung and Cha Hyeon, and unknowingly for these 2 ladies with Bae Tami into their school history. They were already defined by relationships of seniority and resource allocation by association back in their school days, influencing feelings of gratitude or determination against structures in their adult relationships. Gender, age and romantic relationships It's a kdrama of the romance genre. Of course this has to be a theme. But I am liking how this writer is choosing to frame these relationships through the lives of these 3 women who are similar in terms of their willpower and grit, but different because of the values they each hold and circumstances in life. Song Gakyung, unfortunate royalty Song Gakyung was very clearly placed into a marriage of convenience, not dissimilar from political marriages that forged alliances between nations and tribes in monarchies of old. We know in many arranged marriages, developing love and affection for your partner is not impossible, and in fact, many women before us did. But women today also have more options and choices available to them through education, and in Ep 12, we finally see that all the smarts that we saw and heard of of her in her school days is starting to show. It has simply been unfortunate for her that she had never had the luxury of exploring romantic relationships for as long as she could not shed the responsibilities that came with her birthright (cf. Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots), but the moment she let go of all of that through her divorce, it seems as though love might eventually find her. I am rooting for her and Jinwoo. Cha Hyeon, warrior princess I have to admit - she's my favourite of them all. A princess in her own right, Cha Hyeon had talents not typically associated with the mainstream. She was athletically gifted, and that's rare. Unfortunately, she lost that arena but her personality rooted in this nature to fight kept her from falling. Well managed and forged alliances (with Gakyung in her youth and Brian in her adulthood) kept her afloat and successful. She has a childlike loyalty to unwavering values and this is what is admirable - she never once gives up on them though she is well aware that at times, she needs to negotiate her lines albeit within what she still deems as reasonable. It causes her heartache in relationships because these values also confuse her romantically when she tries to make sense of "right and wrong" when she tries to sort out what she's doing for Seol Ji Hwan. She started off by giving him that support because she took responsibility for his injuries, but beyond that, she could not tell if it was for mere responsibility that she continued to show him favour, or if it was for the unconditionality of her affections for him that she did so. This unconditional show of affection is what Cha Hyeon understands as love. And she's got it right. Which is why she deserves a partner like Seol Ji Hwan who is so pure in spirit that he holds no ill intention or hidden agenda in any request or choices he makes, right down to why his phone does only what a phone does - connecting him to people - and why he supports the old lady at the subway station selling flowers. Love her, love him, totally rooting for them! Bae Tami, trapped in the world of her creation Of the 3, actually, we know least of Bae Tami, and that is what makes me feel a lot less for her. It is hard to empathise with her because little is known of how she became who she is, but she has clearly shifted her own goalposts over the years to the point where she is now so steeped in her own circular definitions of who she is and how her world should be, that she either needs to get out of them in order to live a more liberating life, or bow to her own rules because pride does not allow her to do otherwise. At work, Tami professes objectivity to justify her willingness to cut corners and burn bridges to achieve temporary wins without much regard for the future. This is the same for her relationships. She has slept with Park Morgan goodness knows how many times, even suggesting he moves in with her - and she is the one who benefits from this arrangement. The irony of it all is that she makes these decisions with claims for a future she is concerned about. Yet in the carelessness with which she makes decisions (at the hearing, getting into a relationship against her own better judgement, giving Gakyung the evidence for Jinwoo manipulating the keyword, etc.) she's cost herself a number of relationships (with Gakyung and Morgan) and almost her career. She and Morgan actually exist in very different generations, and that also affects values. It's not just about Morgan being an adoptee. She's a Gen-X'r; Morgan's a millenial. They want very different things in life. For the sake of keeping the story real and truly relatable, I hope that relationship is not patched. For their own sakes. She needs to find a relationship where companionship is the only thing on the cards.
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    Wow...everyone here is on fire... leaderboard. I am honored to be amongst such fine company (keyboard warriors) 594
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    No and I don’t I tend to. The recaps and comments here are enough to keep me entertained @sushilicious @Lmangla don’t be scared. No reveal. I just profile everyone as a matter of course. 590
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    Did u watch Love Affair in the Afternoon, they didn't apply this... It's more like let's have more 'friends' after marriage... @Lmangla @sushilicious most file here belong to this category : fan girls/ahjummas, loyal only until another oppa come and shake our world & our heart 586.
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    Terrified lol. It’s like on the day of revealing your academic results. everyone is like “ahh I’m scared.” Haha 584
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    kekekek.... you have a file on us folks here? 582
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    Why am I not surprised? This is a worrying trend . You’re a magnet for this sort of women. good you dumped her . It’s way scary . i am sure she wasn’t like that at first , so I don’t blame you. 582
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    No. I believe we haven’t had formal introductions. Let me start. Hi, I am nrllee. Ahjumma with a penchant to be a bit too blunt for those with delicate sensibilities, hence the tendency to burn bridges (sometimes inadvertently). The only thing I have on file for you is that you lift...weights...and you look after that body of yours. Possibly why you have propositions from those of the opposite sex readily. I am sorry to hear of another failed dalliance. Mrs D may yet be out there still. Fighting! 580
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    As in Soo A right ? I watched half of eps 4 just now & wanted to get this off my chest ...SA’s Husband is a chauvinist & such a condescending man . I hated the way he talked down to her & he sees her as his property , not a person. I can see how her tea time adventures are consequences of her struggling to find some control over her life & a form of escapism . But mr artist gives me bad boy vibes , and will crush her spirit further because the affair is no longer just physical. Oh my oh my , the two had a photo shoot . Both leads updated their IG. Makes me ship JE & JW even more
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    +2 I wouldn't call it "dating adventure" per se, it's rather like an episode of SLA. I spare you all the details, but basically I found my ex-gf in an slightly older version, she pretty much said to me that if I want to be in a relationship with her, I have to get rid of all of my female friends and aren't allowed to have any female friends at all. When I start something with her, I have to tell any girl that the friendship is over. If I can't do that, she leaves and it's over. Needless to say, but I got rid of her. I guess we don't know each other yet? A briefing wouldn't be enough, @triplem follows my "journey" to find Mrs.D since....two ? three year now? Trust me, I crushed every bar there is in the past already. "First"? She is probably rather the 10th or something. I wish I could say the opposite.
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    It's even worse in the BTS! HSK keeps touching him and they even had private conversations! I think there's enough footages for a "romantic" MV! That's why DCK can't have killed KYG's mum, it would break this bromance so bad! I knew you were to going to catch up on his little tongue game! I so wanted you to gif it! I was going to bring your attention to it but you are so quick! I liked his smile in the few minutes before: he looks happy on set! I forgive him his distraction! He's too pretty to blame. Also he's a hard worker : all those shots where we get to have a proper look at his body are hard to get right. More BTS vids from Ocn (the one with the tongue move) :
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    I read some assumptions that the last two episodes are likely to be two years in the future. Do you think that's possible? And how would it end then? I'm so conflicted with this drama, you never really know what is going to happen, it really is not a classic cliche drama. Definately the best kdrama I have watched, for me only Something in the rain had similar touch to it. I need to watch more, but I mostly get put off at the short preview because it is always a cliche romance/drama.
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    Agree with that , their always a mole in the team that worries me , because I like the team even if they seem shady, I wouldn’t like them to betrayed by one of their team . But was our favourite bodyguard graduating from the police force, when he didn’t show up in the last episode, why he allowed to be in a crime scene
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    This is the cop out that I also do not want for Morgan. If he wants marriage, then he shouldn't give up his desire just so that he can be with TaMi. Yes, they do love one another, but this is a situation where you must let go of the one you love. He may want to be with TaMi, but as far as things go, marriage between the two is untenable. As TaMi rightly says, and as has been discussed here, if they continue with their relationship, one day in the future they will have to break up because he will need to go to a person who can give him the family he wants the way he wants. Painful but necessary. they love one another but from the beginning they knew they would not be together forever, only for a beautiful moment, even if it lasts ten years. They will probably be one of those rare couples who only have beautiful memories of one another when they break up because they break up out of a self sacrificing desire to give the other person what they truly need. What greater love is there than that!?
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    Yeah I know . I really liked my theory until the show destroyed it. But I am still going to stand my ground until next episode. Once I’ve seen him behind bars I’ll give up hope. Hahaha
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    It is understandable that Mom in drama displeased with HSY. We have to admit that HSY was rude during the matchmaking and such a jerk to TN at the family dinner. Yeah, we can see the real reason why he acted like that ( a protest to his grandfather). But from Mom's POV, she just saw that her daughter got treat not very nice by HSY. Even more, he made TN cried after the breakup. Not that she knew the real reason. All she know, her daughter cried because of HSY. To her, he is at fault. So, Mom's displeased with HSY is understandable.
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    Kkkkkk . Me too . At least you know @Dhakra is consistent . 582
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    I see TM is quite confidence in her work and her capability to make it success but not too much in a relationship, very intrigue indeed. I don’t think i would call the problem in their relationship as a mess, while the problem it self was very hard to tackle with the age gap, different value of life, personality, insecurity, experience and etc. I mean there are a lot of couple get back together again even with the kind of mess that we hope never happened to our lives. I hope TM and MG can get back together again since i don’t think all the problems that present between their relationship was unsalvageable. They could do with the time skip or the small world setting that their path was crossing again in the future with newer perspective or etc. crossed finger. I’m also curious with GG and her husband. They are definitely in love to each other, but they need to divorce for fighting againts evil mother in law. Could they mantain their relationship without the marriage status? at least until they manage to resolve the evil mother in law.
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    I am an oppa Magnate ( pun intended ) . My oppas bring good returns. My drama plate is never empty . Having tonnes of oppas is like spreading your investment. When one fails you or is going through a dry spell or makes poor drama choices , you always have the rest to depend on. 594 @Sejabin replying to you here..i also like Soo A.
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    590 We are chaebol. But not with cash, with oppas. Look at Triple M who have 1001 oppas lol. Haha. Mrs M is rich!
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    DRAMA 2020 SIGNAL 2 Drama: Signal 2 Hangul: 시그널 2 Genre: crime, fantasy Network: Episodes: Director: Writer: Kim Eun-Hee (Harvest Villa, Sign, Phantom, 3 Days, Signal, Kingdom) Release Date:first half 2020 Runtime: Production Company: AStory OST: Official site: Plot The drama depicts the past and present detectives who are connected with the desperate signal from the past to unravel tragic events. Cast Lee Je-Hoon as Park Hae-Young Kim Hye-Soo as Cha Soo-Hyun Cho Jin-Woong as Lee Jae-Han Character descriptions Teasers/Trailers 01.Soompi code of conduct | SOOMPI RULES FOR KDRAMA | MOVIES | ACTORS' & ACTRESS' SECTION Don't post any requests for subs!Anything unrelated to the drama plot is considered spamming. Don't quote images. 01.Due to the copyright/legal problems, no illegal streaming links will/should be posted on this thread as there had been major crackdowns going on lately.02.Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.03.Any complaints of the respective companies such as Viki, youtube, Etc.. should be report to the respective companies instead of posting your complaints here.04.Those who are caught breaking the Soompi posting rules more than 5 times will have their Id/IDs reported the mods. 05.Those who are caught promoting/posting illegal streaming links with subs ( those without permission from the orginal subbers and doesn't have copyrights like SOOMPI TV, Viki, Dramafever, Kdrama.com or Crunchyroll) will have their ID's reported to the mods for endangering Soompi to legal issues for illegal streaming sites promotions. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT TO WHERE CREDIT IS DUE
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    Re-watched ep. 14 with subs, still as heartbreaking in regards to Ta-Mi/Mo-Gan I knew this day would come but it doesn't make it hurt any less y'know? I understand both where they're comin' from and honestly, I would've done the same.. It's hard but that's relationships for ya It's bound to happen anyway. They remind me of the OTP from La La Land. The OTP in that had an immediate attraction & jumped into a heady, passionate romance. But like it is with Ta-Mi & Mo-Gan, they too wanted different things.. And for those of you who've watched La La Land, they broke up. As much as I wished they stuck it out together, it wasn't meant to be.. Sometimes Love just ain't enough~ But like Mo-Gan's Mom reasons, she gave him up for his future & out of love. If she kept him, Mo-Gan wouldn't have been a CEO of his own music/sound production company. So yea life gives us difficult choices but it's how we make them that make the difference. While I hate this for Mo-Gan/Ta-Mi, at the very least.. they met each other, loved one another and hopefully become better individuals 'cause of it. It's just not in the cards for them now.
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    That says more about her than you. Insecure, needy. Forsaking all others only happens after you take the wedding vows. Not prior. May be cold comfort but you dodged a bullet with her. 580
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    That's why i said in my earlier post. The NIS (Agent Han and her team leader) are working in silo. And their boss seems not being invited to discuss with the president regarding the security issue. SHouldn't it be that there is a representative from NIS, Police, together with the military to discuss on this kind of matter? I am not sure how the security enforcement in South Korea works in time of emergency but to me that's a bit unusual when NIS was not in the picture.
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    I can't help but slowly understand her overthinking and inhibitions knowing her line of work. She can't jump ship for a temporary "now".. because she always have to look forward for the future of Unicon (and now for Barro) for the longest time since she was there. Her knowledge, wisdom and inhibitions in other things like relationships could have rooted from how she works. And I can't blame her for that.
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    @katakwasabi oh Gosh ! What is that ? . Let this not be this season’s new fashion trend . @Ameera Ali you need to see this. A thousand memes can be birthed
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    @Ameera Ali Naked men with good bodies taking showers always a good balance. 582
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    I'm waiting for Agent Han to start reporting to President Park. The story needs to converge at some point. I feel it will take the drama to it's high point. Right now it seems the President is not yet aware of the NIS findings. I feel normally you have to write a summary report on a daily basis to your higher ups.
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    1st OST Horizon will be release at 12 o'clock at various music site on the 21st July. Source : Naver
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    Yeah, I honestly don’t think he killed mum. Ocn is like this. Got loads of scapegoats. Plus if the father killed mum they wouldn’t have not , not show his father’s face earlier on lol very typical of ocn to hide their faces too.... i think the father was framed..but his father doesn’t seem to be too good either?
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    @Ameera Ali @triplem I trust my traffic police will guide me to the correct path Lead my way man!
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    It was 7 years ago. They revealed this in eps 3 in a flashback Prior to the latest preview I had thought that YG’s dad could have been the thumb cutter - the profile would have fit - ex cop , has the right motives. But seeing that he’s still in jail , it feels unlikely @Ameera Ali good catch there. Can’t write anyone off . But I figured it was just to tell YG without alerting the men from the prosecutor office who were there to catch the gang ( they were on a separate operation) . I highly doubt they are in cahoots with each other given that YG has already declared war on Jang at the end of eps 1 ( edit : pssssst . Don’t go breaking @Lawyerh ‘s Heart now . )
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