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    Please help to spread this video, it’s very convenient that a video which is trying to provide a second perspective to this scandal has barely any views while the videos that slander Kyo have millions of views. The title is “SHK and SJK related blind items...surprising even for reporters” The vlogger starts off by saying that since both parties have not released any concrete reasons for separation rumors are getting out of hand. He was especially surprised when he started to see major news networks reporting SJK’s hair-loss being because is distress caused by marital problems as if it were real facts and news. The vlogger points out that though it may be a strange thing to point out but it is common knowledge that SJK wasn’t an actor with a lots of hair even prior to his marriage <he posts pictures of SJK’s head and I’m sure many of you can google pictures and see the truth>. Therefore the vlogger says in his personal opinion he found it very surprising that such things were being reported. He therefore interviews 3 journalists who share their thoughts in an anonymous fashion. 1st journalist is a woman who says that she was very surprised when she started reading about SJK’s supposed hair loss caused by marital problems, mainly because he is an actor and such news is too sensitive for someone to share with the public < what I understood from this is that she didn’t think anybody who means well for SJK would share such a story about him because it can severely affect his career... after all there aren’t many bald Hallyu superstars>. She said hair-loss is a private issue and can have lots of reasons, therefore to say with such conviction that his hair-loss is because of one such reason seems to be irresponsible. She also added that both parties must be going through a very tough time as it is and people ought not to indulge in self made sensational theories. 2nd journalist spoke on the issue of a rumored Chinese sponsor, she said that when she first heard of the rumor she found it ridiculous. After all SHK is a Hallyu star so where is the question of someone like her having a sponsor but with all these videos popping up on YouTube and seeing how so many people actually believed such outlandish rumors was a shock for her. SHK is a top star since the day she debuted, such actresses don’t need sponsors < sponsors are actually needed when someone needs help with their career>. She is a star who has received love calls < love calls in Korean means when people want to hire you for work opportunities> from Hollywood and China, definitely doesn’t make any sense for someone like her to be attached with rumors of any sponsor. 3rd journalist says that the most popular theory seems to be that SJK is furious because SHK and PBG had an affair. In her opinion this rumor sounds like the creation of someone writing a drama or someone who has watched way too many dramas. She also added that PBG was first cast in BF and when it was announced that Kyo would be the female lead, SJK called the former to tell him to work without feeling uncomfortable < in my opinion the journalist is sharing this since a lot of Korean and International netizens are criticizing PBG for being thoughtless in accepting a drama with such an intimate romance with SHK. The journalist is pointing out that PBG himself was already attached to the project from the beginning and even SJK never had any problems regarding the project and it’s story>
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    So let’s get this straight after going through all the rumors dumped on us in the past one week, we are supposed to believe that 1. Kyo’s “sponsor” is a super powerful Chinese politician and yet he can’t keep a few journalists in Korea quiet? 2. Kyo has a secret child somewhere and her boyfriend since 2015 who later became her husband didn’t know? 3.The same guy who was attached to her hip since 2015 till 2018 didn’t know about a secret child? 4. Her sponsor and she didn’t need to meet up for years? At least not from 2015-2018 when the husband “left her”. 5. Her powerful sponsor allowed her to get married? 6. Her super powerful sponsor doesn’t seem to be getting her any work in China or Hollywood. 7. Kyo can’t speak Chinese, How do they communicate about the terms of the relationship? Maybe they have a special translator for jobs like this. 8.Then the husband was so angry about a “secret child” with a “powerful Chinese politician” that the couple stopped living together in later part of 2018 but his anger finally exploded in the month of June 2019? 9. Many “journalists” know about her “secret child” ( which btw isn’t even a very good secret since so many people seem to know) which must mean that this is common knowledge in Korean media circles and not one of these good, honest journalists thought to warn the boyfriend/husband. 10. Despite having a husband, “a sponsor” and a secret child.. she also had time to have an affair with her co-star? WOW 11. She has a secret child that everyone knows about but apparently Korea is such a nice place that nobody has exposed her out of “respect”?
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    So in the preview, KJW warns Dan that if he continues he will end up like him, YS is making a list of all the things she wants to do with Dan in the remaining time, some of the things is a date and a picnic ("Meet me outside in 30 minutes. We're going on a picnic.") and she also says: "I want to do everything there is with Dan" - I admit that the moment I heard it my mind was totally in the gutter and the first thing which occured to me was that she wants to make love with him.
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    My take on this is that when Morgan ask his birth mother why she gave him up, his mom said that it was hard but she loved him so much that she knew he would have a much better life if she gave him away. It was not about how much she loved him but that she couldn't be happy knowing that by keeping him he could not have his best life. Morgan understands now that it's not that Tammy doesn't love him it's that she can not allow herself to feel happy because she thinks that by being with Morgan she is keeping him from having a good life. As long as Tammy feels that way Morgan knows he can't win. Tammy will not allow herself to feel happy. She will suffer from guilt at holding him back. He loves her to much to watch that, knowing that there is nothing he can do to make her feel happiness. He wishes he didn't understand this, but Tammy is so like his birth mother in how she is trying to love him. Both feel that the only way to love and protect Morgan is to give him up. Given how they feel Morgan can't win. Another important woman in his life abandons his in the name of loving him, While what his birth mother did might have been right for him and her at the time she felt she had to let him good. I think Tammy is just plan wrong. Morgan is a man now not a child. He can decide for himself what he is willing to leave behind in the name of love. It the end Tammy walking away from Morgan is not about what he needs or doesn't need, It's about the fact that Tammy does not believe in herself and what she has to offer. While marriage can offer a lot of things I know an unmarried couple who have been happy and dedicated to each other for over 40 years, They have traveled the world, each had a career and do not have kids. They are one of the most loving couple I know even though marriage was never a part of their plan. That could be true for Morgan and Tammy is that is what both choose. Sadly Tammy is making it clear that she can't except living in the moment and trusting in Morgan. So in the end Morgan is right to walk away. He had no choice once he understood that for Tammy loving him would always be about letting him go, That is only way he felt he could make her happy about herself.
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    TL;DR: This is me rambling before the storm of Ep 14. I've been a long time lurker of this thread, and I use reddit a lot but the thread here has more active people so... I decided to join the discussions here too I guess the Ep 13 theme is letting go. I'll focus on our couple trio and I'm writing this down before Ep 14 airs. The most obvious one was for Ga Gyeong x Jinwoo. After all the years they spent in an unwanted marriage, they finally got their divorce. Ga Gyeong literally cuts her status and connections with KU Group, while Jinwoo frees both of them to the desires (for power, for money, for ambition) his mom/their parents) have. Though it's definitely a good thing for both of them, I believe this separation is bittersweet. In the unfair world their parents forced them to live in, they found solace knowing they're not alone in it- that they're together surviving, experiencing it, and maybe they're also together in hoping that one day it'll end. But because they were focused on just surviving and ending it- they didn't realize the budding affection that grew between them. And now they reached the finish line which is the divorce.. that affection probably become the only thing left. For Scarlet x Ji Hwan, they both took a step back from their desires. Scarlet tried to build a wall not only to save herself but for Ji Hwan also, since she brought up that there are certain things he shouldn't do to a fan. There's a thin line to cross between "a mere fan" (or so she says) and that person you're a fan of, if they give more than what is expected of them ie. walking them home, giving gifts, calling, etc. and it could lead to assumptions and confusion. Although she must've felt that what she feels is beyond fangirling, she lets go of this possibility when reality hits her with Dong-Joo's question: "Who are you to say that I can't like him? Are you two dating?" She knows she can't reply anything but "no". She's aware of that but saying it on her own hurt her most. It's too late to turn off the feelings she has for him, or to build the wall between them higher, so instead she lets go of her desire to be more than just what they are for now, a fan and an actor. In Ji Hwan's case, getting that notice for enlistment means letting go of: acting and time. He obviously loves and enjoys his job, especially now that he's getting recognition but he has to give it up because he needs to perform his duty for his country. As for time, I think it means a lot for him: he still remembers the time he spent with his dog, and as he said, he'll remember this year as the year he met Scarlet. He's spent a lot of time with her outside of his work and enlisting means not spending time with her. He gave up on postponing his enlistment for more time, for more acting opportunities, but it's sweet that he didn't give HER up. He didn't tell her to stop rooting for him. He even tells her that he'll look forward to her support after enlistment. That he'll take comfort that somewhere she's cheering for him and it'll give him strength and with that in mind he can do anything. I believe he'll treat this enlistment as a pause to whatever relationship they have and when he comes back, he'll continue where they left and hopefully Scarlet does the same. Ah... and lastly, our main couple. Tami and Mogun, against all odds like ideals, values, and half of the show's audience who seems to be getting tired of them, are willing to let go of everything else but their relationship. Tami asked Mogun how they'll end up now but he simply said they'll probably love each other. After a huge fight, that's his realization. But her's on the other hand, was again.. about letting go. Mogun knows he's going all out for this relationship to work. He's aware of this all the time and quoting both of them.. "knowing doesn't mean you don't get hurt." He's practically begging her, to be with him, to stop being sorry, to let go of her inhibitions. But she can't. Not yet. Not again- and that's why he's hurt. Because she failed to understand him and his feelings for her. I love how he can't look at her when he asked if she organized her thoughts already. Maybe ecause he knows Tami always has one foot out the door since Day 1. She will try to break up again and he's afraid that this time, they really could. Did Mogun let go of his dream to get married and live happily with a family? No. Just like how we all have dreams that are still on its way to be fulfilled, I believe it's the same for him. What did he let go then? He lets go of yearning for that kind of future with her. He realized that's the only thing getting in his way. He gives this up because he loves her, though he hasn't said it explicitly yet. Mogun said that he doesn't care about marriage nor values, he just wants to be with her. And at this point in his life, that is the only thing he's certain of. Like how he doesn't have power over the future in regards with work, he knows this relationship is vulnerable in the future but that doesn't matter: he wants her and he will continue to until he doesn't. Since he spilled his views on marriage, that thought has become his weakness (to Tami and to us, the audience). Add to that his abandonment trauma, it's a burden he doesn't want other people, especially Tami, to bear for him. Before, Tami mentioned the reasons why they couldn't be and he realized he wasn't the reason why Tami doesn't want to be with him. It was her and her thoughts and beliefs that time, which he managed to break down. But with this weakness, he gave her a solid reason to leave him. Yet, she doesn't. She called him first. Like how she went to the pier when supposed to be, she's the one angry. Did Tami let go of her life ideals and views on marriage? No. I think it's fairly shown from the start that she won't change her ideals over anything. And I accept this, wholeheartedly. *But that doesn't mean they can't reach a compromise, does it?* Anyway, what did she let go then? First, her pride. When she came to him with an excuse of the earrings. Next, her guilt. I guess her guilt never really left since she felt it for him when he lost his job because of her. She just learned to call it differently: pity, affection, and maybe even love. But it's there. She is guilty of accepting to push through the relationship even if it will eventually reach to an end because of her. And that hinders both of them because she let her mind focus on that while Mogun doesn't. The partner to her guilt was respect. She respects Mogun's dream of having a family and being married so much that even though he was no intentions of using that against her, she feels it as if choosing to be with him will take away the only thing that will make him truly happy. So how dare she tells him she loves him? That is just selfish on her part. And as someone who doesn't want to step on others or hurt them in any way- she can't accept this. All while she's preventing this to happen, she realized how much she hurt him. Letting go of her pride, guilt, and that respect for Mogun's dream led to her "I love you." That night, she realized what Mogun gave up for her and for this relationship to work. And she decided to do the same. No, she didn't change anything about herself and her views on marriage and relationships for love. Nor did she compromise anything. Instead, she let herself be selfish, be complicated, and be human. After her confession, she lets him know that she didn’t change. That she will keep on worrying about their "marriage" problem, that she will be continue to be critical of their relationship-- but she won't hold back anymore. She knows the bearing of confessing to him: it will complicate their relationship and for others, too, who won’t understand them right away. That it is such a huge step from just simply "dating". She wants him, like how he wants her and she accepts the shame of holding on to him with the burden of marriage that won't happen anytime soon. She accepts it because Mogun accepts her as she is too, I want to believe since he saw her at the arcade. To those who wonder the point of Tami x Mogun's repeated and tiring arguments, remember that the point of arguing is not to win, but to understand where they’re coming from and why this issue matters to them. With each fight, we get deeper into their character' thoughts and they improve in communicating their side and explaining why they acted or thought that way. I think that's lovely. The writers definitely spent time thinking and writing everythingㅡ everything they do is according to the parameters they set for each character and the dialogue is so real and cuts across cultures that I refuse to believe Tami and Mogun doesn't exist as actual people in the writer's life. I wonder to what extent is the script fiction or if the writer is portraying one of them in real life and is rationalizing her views about marriage, romance and life though the scenes depicted in this series. At this point, I have full trust to the writer and her script. I feel that no matter what each character end up or decide in regards to romance and life will be justified and be for the better. It’s funny also how our KU couple is the opposite of the mains’, just like their characters. They wanted it to end because they started unwillingly and not on their own, while the latter had a rough start and is contemplating on how they will continue. And now they reached what they wanted, what happens? As for the main couple, who will let go because we know neither of them will cave in? To me, it is not the ending that matters but the moments that led to it. Anyway...This got long. I just want my angst fest for Ep 14 and have fluff in the last 2 eps than prolonging the frustration we have for each couple to Ep 15 or even 16. I'm ready to cry tonight. --- And yes, I cried tonight, like Cha Hyun haha!
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    Good night everyone ! The best kiss scene of this episode. Hopefully we will see this again as the ending scene of the drama. (credit @EteruART twitter)
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    Personally, I love today's episode. I think there were enough OTP moments and this was a much needed build-up and development going into the next stage of their relationship - where YS knows Dan's true identity. I like the fact that Hoo made YS forget about the incident because it allowed her to find out on her own, it allowed Dan to actually say to YS who he is instead of it being revealed without him saying anything. Dan was so angry at Hoo for tinkering with YS memory and it showed us how much he wants to tells YS, how much he wants to tell her the truth. And the final scene was perfect because he could have chosen to deny it and he was tempted to deny it - while he was making the decision there were two flashbacks, basically the angel and devil on his shoulders, two different choices: Hoo telling him that the moment YS learns he is an angel their relationship will end because of it and, then, the flashback of YS telling him that she trusted him until the end. And in the end, he chooses her, chooses to tell her the truth no matter how much he is afraid of her reaction and the consequences, and gives her the power to decide for herself. Once again he chooses her. And that is why I think this episode is so wonderful because without it we would never get all these wonderful moments and I'm not even mentioning all of them. SO now, Dan has made his choice, now it's YS's turn. And I think that she will be totally awesome about it.
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    I'm actually fine with TM and MG's relationship. It seems to be a relatively healthy one actually where there is some push-pull still, and they're still figuring out which compromises they are willing to make for the sake of being in their relationship. It is a bit of a reverse trope, I guess, in the sense that TM is the more career-focused one while MG seems to be more emotional. However, I don't think this is a reverse Candy trope since MG is the head of his own music production company rather than running numerous part time jobs or studying to into civil service or an entry into a corporate job. MG just knows that he wants to be with TM. He also wants to be married and he makes that clear, but it's not a deal breaker for him with respect to his relationship with TM. I think it's okay for him to want to be married and to hope that TM will want to marry him some day, however, it's clear that it's the relationship with TM that is important to him rather than being married in itself. He's not about to break up with TM just so that he can go find someone who will marry him. TM has reasons why she has ruled marriage out for herself, but then again, she also has other taboos that she's crossed already such as their age difference. It's clear that she loves Morgan. If she continues to refuse marriage but wants to be with Morgan for the rest of her life anyway, cool. However, if she decides that she wants to provide him with that legal security blanket of marriage, I'm fine with that as well. To paraphrase a marriage proposal from an old movie (Up Close & Personal) between two people who live together: Woman: I want you around in the morning. Man: You already have me in the morning. Woman: I want to know that you're legally required to be there. Anyway, for me at least, the love between TM and MG isn't in any doubt. So, I appreciate seeing a bit of their ups and downs, and their silliness and playfulness. I think couples in real life can be silly; their silliness is just not out on display to a tv audience. Even DI being added as not quite a third triangle doesn't really phase me. It's clear that MG does not have any attraction to DI, and it doesn't seem as if he ever did. Rather, it's the affection of seeing a classmate from a long time ago. I do think that DI may be used to drive the point home further to TM, though, that MG is a gorgeous, talented, desirable man, not just by the women in the office who she probably doesn't even register, but to a woman that TM likes. So, the drama may use TM's burgeoning jealousy as a way for her to think that she wants MG to "legally" be by her side as well. I mean, everyone knows that a legal relationship is no real barrier to breaking up for any reason they want, after all. Especially now after the media storm of the last few weeks. So, not trying to disrespect anyone's opinions of whether TM and MG's romance is dead or alive or interesting even. Just putting my viewpoint out there that I do enjoy their romance and see it is full of the small issues that couples go through. I'm just so happy that it's not a random piece of makjang or a serious re-use of any drama tropes. I'm also liking where GG and JW are going in their relationship. Scarlet and JH are the ones that I'm having trouble understanding why Scarlet is so resistant. It's not as if she hasn't been in any other relationships before after all, but she is really resisting JH. Btw, nice to see your comic strips here @Ahpheng.
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    Hello, everyone! Long-time Hye-Kyo admirer here. Like most of you here, I was blindsided by the divorce news. I was surprised and hurt by how the divorce was announced and worded by the other side. I consumed their divorce news like a glutton, I guess that was my mistake because I ended up frustrated and hurt by the mudslinging and speculations all directed against Hye-Kyo. So, I decided to come out of the woodworks and show my support. I just want to put it out there that there are still a lot of people that stand by her. An Open Letter to Song Hye-Kyo: Dear Song Hye-Kyo, You don't know me. I barely know you. What I know about you is maybe a collage of the characters you've portrayed in 2 decades. Yet, I know how it feels to be blindsided especially by someone who promised to cherish you. I know it's hard and painful, but keep your beautiful head up and be the graceful and classy person that you've always been. I've admired you in several Korean dramas, but I've admired your quiet demeanor and sophistication all the more. You've got one of the most beautiful faces on earth yet so unassuming and humble. Despite being in the public eye, you don't owe people anything. If anything, show people that there's bravery and grace in silence. Actually, it takes more courage and restraint to keep silent when all you want to do is to "put a lid on it". Just remember that empty cans make the loudest noise. Being the patriarchal society that SK is, it is to be expected that KNetz would dump on you. People will celebrate your downfall because they envy you. Remember that people pull you down because they're beneath you. I don't know you and you will probably never read this, but I just want to send this to the universe that there are still people who are rooting for you and will help you get back up, brush the dust off your knees and face the world again. #songhyekyo #fighting #behindyou #aroundyou #withyou An Ode to Fearless Women (Nikita Gill) "Defined by no man, you are your own story, blazing through the world, turning history into herstory. And when they dare to tell you about alll the things you cannot be, you smile and tell them, 'I am both war and woman and you cannot stop me.'"
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    After that HOT KISS i don't think Shin Hye Sun will look at MS the same way... the guy was hungry, totally PASSIONATE
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    Hello... my heart just died from too much sweetness!
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    Translation of Kim Myung Soo's interview (from Naver's video). (my apology for any mis-translation). Good night , sweet dream everyone !!! Q: How long you have been being Angel Kim Dan ? I started shooting since February. Now it's passing the middle of June. Actually preparation period is longer than that. If I count, I think it's almost half a year. Q: Do you think Kim Dan and Kim Myung Soo is synchronized (similar) ? Actually , now it's almost...because I'm doing the drama acting. Being Kim Myung Soo as a person, and have been acting as Kim Dan character already 6 months , now it becomes almost similar. In fact it's not like that, even if it's the same person but now I lived as Kim Dan every day per week , being as Kim Dan for 6 months and taking a little break as Myung Soo. Even doing this interview right now it feels like being Kim Dan doing the interview. Umm..it would be right to say 100 percent (similar), probably right to think like that. Q: Being Kim Dan, talking about attractiveness of the character First , Dan personality is honest and he can't lie, also being nice friend. Second, as time goes by, his character can also show various of new appearances Actually, being Kim Dan character, at early , middle and the latter episodes of the drama each provide very appealing charm. I think everyone who watched ALML from heart can fall in love with the Kim Dan's attractiveness, more or less. Q: How was it being angel who watched human's world ? If speaking as Dan, each individual humans are working hard for their living. Each person is trying to live a good life, aiming for the best of their lives, isn't it ? Q: Tell us how is Kim Myung Soo in real life Kim Mung Soo, to put it this way, is very funny. His personality is very shy (korean phrase said 'hiding face'). Also I think he's quiet, modest person. Actually I didn't know myself well. Now being Kim Dan for half a year, honestly I don't really know what kind of person is Kim Myung Soo ? The certain thing I know is that Kim Myung Soo half year ago was a very modest person. (Note : I just want to highlight this because after 6 months being with Shin Hye Sun, now it seems he has changed from a shy, introverted guy to be more open personality. It's a power of love ) Q: Black Dan vs White Dan which one is more attractive to you ? Ah.. both are equal, so difficult to distinguish. Both have attractive apperance of Dan. I think at the latter episodes , there will be more appearance of black Dan. Personally I'm also in the middle of shooting that. I think I'm a little more attracted to White Dan's appearance. Because Dan is cute like puppy, right ? Very lovely like a kid for all fans who love to watch a cute drama. He is such companion who sticked to Yeon Seo like a key ring. It's a cute apperance, but when I think of that, all of his aspects are charming. I have a feeling that white Dan is more of my style . (bonus)
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    quick translation for CHxJH kiss scenes (Forgive me for any mistakes, I translated based on the clips I found from IG) (JH is looking for his phone who he lost in the subway. CH apparently also looks for his phone and they see each other in lost and found room.) (awkward silence between them after their farewell in ep 13) CH: I want to ask you something. Am I really just a fan to you, Ji Hwan? What do you think? I think you never say what you think about me. JH: I follow you when I think you are angry. When I'm happy then I'll call you. Walking you home and buying you a gift because I feel grateful. Just like you said, what kind of actor would do those to a fan? While walking you home, 'I wonder if you will come out again? Does she has a same thought as me and that's why she hadn't turn on the light? Is she hesitating like me? I'm still here, so she should just come out.' Who would do that for just a mere fan? But you know, when you said that you are my fan, I can't do anything. I can't go closer to you because you are my fan and I shouldn't do that (getting closer). But now, I don't know what to do when you are asking whether you are fan or not. After a month, I have to leave. I'm always receiving something from you and yet I can't do anything for you and it makes me going crazy because I'm mad. (CH kisses JH) CH: Every time I meet with you I think I'm going crazy, Ji Hwan. What I just did, I think I have lost my mind. I'm sorry. There must be a better way, but you said we only have less than a month, so I need to do something quick so I (JH kisses CH back) (and kiss) (kiss)
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    Well, there was the dream sequence, and after that when only YS could see him Dan basically reverted back to being an angel just like he was in the very beginning when YS could sometimes see him and sometimes not, wearing his handkerchief and all because according to the order from the deity he actually did complete his mission successfully. The last touch when he finally touches YS is basically the reversal of the "breath/kiss of life" from the first episode when he could not touch her but this time he can and I think there was another similar scene where he touched her but she couldn't feel it. Actually, I loved the parallel between the final scene and the first episode. I thought it was beautiful, poignant and fitting because it was ending the way it began, the story coming full circle with Dan following YS and touching her thinking she can't see him, only this time they are no longer from different worlds and can finally be together. What's more it's on the their bench and the very same OST is playing. That doesn't mean that the writer couldn't give us some 10 minutes of their HEA life. The final episode had some amazing moments it's such a pity the writer couldn't deliver a stellar and satisfying WHOLE final episode.
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    Hi All, Thank you for your posts, comments, and thoughts. I am always delighted reading them all, so insightful as well. I just got carried away having watched the bright and soon-to-be happy family on episode 13-14 to be torn apart in the next week's episode. But as some of you mentioned, yes previews are often misleading. I believe that our OTP will get the happy ending they deserve. I hope we can get over the angst part soon next episode. As I read s.o's comment on social media, the angst is like spice, which can make the food more appetizing to eat. I believe happy ending will taste sweeter once our main leads overcome their struggle together. I just cannot help but noticing that the writer really did a wonderful job to challenge common gender roles in Asian countries. For instances: man is usually the one who proposes (some of us including me here predict that JH will be the one who proposes JI right?), boys cannot cry (JH cried quite a lot in this drama and it is necessary to do so), man is the one who actively takes lead in their relationship (but here JI is the boss: hugging him, crossing the street, etc etc). And not to mention wonderful sister's and mom's characters. The writer portray women as strong and tender loving characters here. I'm loving it! I believe in the next episode we can witness how strong SI is when she divorces her nasty husband. Cannot wait for this! Pluus, I love that this drama show very natural scenes here and there. For example: when JH failed to kiss JI across the table, JH could not stand carrying JI to put the book on the shelf, the pin wheel was broken in the middle of the way (they stop and mend it), etc etc. I will miss this drama for sure!
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    So from what I understand, Dan has been refusing to marry YS so much because he knew that he's going to die soon. However, when YS "disappeared" on the stage and Hoo came - Dan heard the sound of wind and as Hoo explained to him it's the sound of death and death has been YS'S destiny from the moment Dan saved her on that bridge and ever since he's been protecting her from it and delaying the inevitable. According to Hoo, it is inevitable that YS dies and it's pointless to fight against destiny even if Dan argues that we make our own destiny. Have I already mentioned how much I love him?! So that is the moment, Dan decides to marry YS, to truly give her everything and use every second of the time they have. I love how they are both dressed as a bride and groom when he proposes
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    Goodbye kiss ? But Dan’s still smiling. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/112/0003181237 ALML crew said, "After knowing that Dahn is an angel, the romance of Yeon Seo and Dan comes to a new phase and another beginning. In this process, Dan tells important stories to Yeon Seo. This will play an important role in the progress of the relationship between Yeon Seo and Dan." ** So it's confirmed that Yeon Seo knows he's an angel, not a pervert cult angel . Such a relief.
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    Our fav Lee sister'sLove them @annamchoi as much as we don't like the way people judge single mom/dad but the truth is they are may be a lot harsher in real life One more pic Adorable
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    While waiting for the next episode let us reminisce their first sweet kiss Cr (leaf the moon - Twitter)
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    Am enjoying reading everyone's thoughts and reflections following the conclusion of this week's episodes. Joining in the vibrancy of discussions with my few cents' worth: Story Themes I think this drama very ambitiously wants to raise contemporary issues for discussion in the context of today's Korean society, and while many of the issues are clearly related to Korean culture, it also resonates with those of us consuming this as part of popular culture of our time. Class and power This is a very popular theme in many Korean dramas, but over the years, the form of discussion has changed. Women in power are clearly part of this game too, and this is not a world that is dominated only by men. This is very succinctly summarised by CEO Na Inkyung's when she tells Chairman Jang Hee-eun that when one has neither power nor resources, one's competency is determined by willingness to bow to the authority of those in power. The struggle between class and power is further confounded by cultural ideas of filial piety and generational hegemony where parents have an unquestioned authority over their children. So within each class, we see power plays between generations. Parental decisions continue to impact the lives of their children even after they have assumed adulthood. While some have abdicated their role (e.g. in the case of Park Morgan's mother who gave him up for adoption), others refuse to let of it and see it as their absolute right to hold their children hostage to their desires in the case of Song Gakyung, Oh Jinwoo and their tragic relationship with their parents. This theme is also further discussed, though not as heavily, in the relationships between the 3 women and their back stories that extend knowingly for Gakyung and Cha Hyeon, and unknowingly for these 2 ladies with Bae Tami into their school history. They were already defined by relationships of seniority and resource allocation by association back in their school days, influencing feelings of gratitude or determination against structures in their adult relationships. Gender, age and romantic relationships It's a kdrama of the romance genre. Of course this has to be a theme. But I am liking how this writer is choosing to frame these relationships through the lives of these 3 women who are similar in terms of their willpower and grit, but different because of the values they each hold and circumstances in life. Song Gakyung, unfortunate royalty Song Gakyung was very clearly placed into a marriage of convenience, not dissimilar from political marriages that forged alliances between nations and tribes in monarchies of old. We know in many arranged marriages, developing love and affection for your partner is not impossible, and in fact, many women before us did. But women today also have more options and choices available to them through education, and in Ep 12, we finally see that all the smarts that we saw and heard of of her in her school days is starting to show. It has simply been unfortunate for her that she had never had the luxury of exploring romantic relationships for as long as she could not shed the responsibilities that came with her birthright (cf. Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots), but the moment she let go of all of that through her divorce, it seems as though love might eventually find her. I am rooting for her and Jinwoo. Cha Hyeon, warrior princess I have to admit - she's my favourite of them all. A princess in her own right, Cha Hyeon had talents not typically associated with the mainstream. She was athletically gifted, and that's rare. Unfortunately, she lost that arena but her personality rooted in this nature to fight kept her from falling. Well managed and forged alliances (with Gakyung in her youth and Brian in her adulthood) kept her afloat and successful. She has a childlike loyalty to unwavering values and this is what is admirable - she never once gives up on them though she is well aware that at times, she needs to negotiate her lines albeit within what she still deems as reasonable. It causes her heartache in relationships because these values also confuse her romantically when she tries to make sense of "right and wrong" when she tries to sort out what she's doing for Seol Ji Hwan. She started off by giving him that support because she took responsibility for his injuries, but beyond that, she could not tell if it was for mere responsibility that she continued to show him favour, or if it was for the unconditionality of her affections for him that she did so. This unconditional show of affection is what Cha Hyeon understands as love. And she's got it right. Which is why she deserves a partner like Seol Ji Hwan who is so pure in spirit that he holds no ill intention or hidden agenda in any request or choices he makes, right down to why his phone does only what a phone does - connecting him to people - and why he supports the old lady at the subway station selling flowers. Love her, love him, totally rooting for them! Bae Tami, trapped in the world of her creation Of the 3, actually, we know least of Bae Tami, and that is what makes me feel a lot less for her. It is hard to empathise with her because little is known of how she became who she is, but she has clearly shifted her own goalposts over the years to the point where she is now so steeped in her own circular definitions of who she is and how her world should be, that she either needs to get out of them in order to live a more liberating life, or bow to her own rules because pride does not allow her to do otherwise. At work, Tami professes objectivity to justify her willingness to cut corners and burn bridges to achieve temporary wins without much regard for the future. This is the same for her relationships. She has slept with Park Morgan goodness knows how many times, even suggesting he moves in with her - and she is the one who benefits from this arrangement. The irony of it all is that she makes these decisions with claims for a future she is concerned about. Yet in the carelessness with which she makes decisions (at the hearing, getting into a relationship against her own better judgement, giving Gakyung the evidence for Jinwoo manipulating the keyword, etc.) she's cost herself a number of relationships (with Gakyung and Morgan) and almost her career. She and Morgan actually exist in very different generations, and that also affects values. It's not just about Morgan being an adoptee. She's a Gen-X'r; Morgan's a millenial. They want very different things in life. For the sake of keeping the story real and truly relatable, I hope that relationship is not patched. For their own sakes. She needs to find a relationship where companionship is the only thing on the cards.
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    It's a lovely ending, though I still have the final episode (32) to watch. At the meal with the mother and the sisters, was this exchange. SI had been saying that she wanted to meet JH since JH is the experienced one when it comes to being a single parent. And, then they have this exchange. SI: How did you endure it? JH: Even though I had said just awhile ago that my parents had raised him, Eun Woo my child. He’s trusting in only me in this world as he lives, so I couldn’t crumble. It’s the same for Jung In-shi. She’s come this far by just trusting in me, so whatever may happen, I have to protect her. This last bit caused all the women at the table to tear up because it's such a beautiful, heartfelt expression from JH as both a parent and a partner. JH's character is written as flawed, but so capable of deep emotion and sentiment. I've gleaned enough from the thread that this drama will hold to its slice of life way and not wrap everything up neatly, but that seems fitting with the overall mood of this drama. Plus, this director has a way of hinting at endings that the viewer can interpret themselves rather than giving a definitive wrap up in keeping with his ethos of life going on and things happening even after the story told by the drama is over. I wasn't active at all on this thread, but I appreciated reading people's thoughts when I did jump on. So, thank you. This drama is definitely going to get a proper binge watching the next time I have a free weekend.
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    The fountain kiss was a letdown for me because it didn’t deepen the intimacy between Dan and Yeon Seo. On the other hand, I adored the first kiss as it was a beautiful and fitting first kiss for an angel who only started to learn about physical love and the second kiss combined with Dan’s confession of love was a natural and poignant follow-up. However, their kiss in the rain made me finally realize why the fountain kiss felt so stilted and why it wasn’t more passionate - DAN WAS HOLDING BACK HIS DESIRE AND HUNGER FOR FOR YEON SEO THE WHOLE TIME. And it was for the same reason why he didn’t want to marry her in the first place, fearing he would disappear soon and he didn’t want to take from YS something so important as a wedding or first lovemaking. He knew that if he couldn’t control himself he would end up making love to her which is exactly what happens after he literally devours her in the rain. You can pinpoint the exact moment when the sheer disbelief disappears from his eyes and Dan realizes that despite everything Yeon Seo is going to be finally his. When he completely loses control and the tight leash on his longing for YS, it’s as if a damn broke and he becomes utterly insatiable, consumed by his love and need for her. There is so much intimacy, urgency and intensity in that kiss and it shows how much Dan and YS are desperate and needy for each other. The bed scene is achingly beautiful and I love it to bits but, at the same time, I have never wished more that kdramas were rated PG-13 in which case we woud get Dan and Yeon Seo stumbling into the bedroom, all wet and needy, tearing the soaked clothes off each other,…
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    Just fairly recently, I comforted a chingu who is a huge SHK fan. She told me that during Encounter's promotions, she noticed that SHK's gestures or over-all behaviour seemed odd. Lo and behold, little did we know it was a portent of things to come. Normally, I feel unaffected towards happenings such as this because my main line of work is providing legal counsel or psychological service in marital dissolution cases. But intense shock was what I intensely felt when I heard about the marital break-up in the local news. But what has shocked me even more than their estrangement is the cruel treatment SHK is presently receiving from malicious people. It is so grossly unfair on her part. What's even more painfully disgusting is the internalised misogyny of the women fans of SJK. As an aside, thanks for sharing---these are just pictures, but judging from these, SHK looks kind of sad but at the same time, she seems in calm or at peace which is therefore a good sign. She is so undeniably pretty. Anyway, I wish the best for SHK. Stay strong, SHK fans.
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    Please do not misunderstand, the article actually says that Sulwhasoo has decided to be loyal to Kyo and their 2 decades worth of relationship. It gives details of the beginning of her relationship with Amore Pacific and her present endorsements under the label. An industry insider has said that Kyo knows the extent to which Sulwhasoo has supported her and that even though she is ongoing divorce proceedings she is actively looking into projects like Anna so that she can repay the faith in her by Sulwhasoo < I believe that the 10 days is in reference to this ... her side will choose a new work for her to appear in during this period> Sulwhasoo after all is a company and they need visibility, for that they need their artist to work in productions that make both her and their product more visible. Also given the nature of backlash she is receiving both she and the company need to show that her viability as both an actress and brand endorser have not been affected. Personally what I did not like about the article was how the journalist made assumptions that companies would be adversely affected by an issue such as divorce and they will wait for the remaining contract period to finish - do women stop wanting skin like SHK because she is a divorcee? — The article was the only one of it’s kind so it seems more like an op-ed with it representing the writers personal views and comments which strangely seem to only focus on the divorced woman, I guess divorced men make no difference to sales? I do not think even one company needs to be TOLD by anyone journalist or otherwise that they need to drop her, they will do so once their relationship is no longer profitable and if fans/purchasers stick by her then that will not happen.
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    OMG! So much OTP awesomeness ! How am I supposed to wait for 13 hours?! source: sportschosun
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    Oh...I really love today's ending. She knew he's an angel. And he just admitted bravely. Really love both Dan and Yeon Seo's character. She's so smart and he's so sincere. That's why their misunderstanding can be resolved easily. And tomorrown I will look forward to this scene. Yeon Seo's at angel's den. You rock, girl !!!
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    Oh look how cute these two are... sweetness overload!
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    I really love reading the lengthy discussions here on PM and BTM. It shows how each one of us are giving so much thought and analysis on their relationship and who they are as people. So much respect for you guys. If this is the intent of the writer, she certainly succeeded. Is there a way for us to write to her and just give her our appreciation? I hope she gets to read this too. As for my view on how they will end PM and BTM, its either: 1. They break up permanently 2. They are together but they have this feeling that they’ve forced the other one to compromise their belief (current situation) 3. They are together and they are perfectly content with the decisions and choices they made. (Whether its getting married or not getting married) To be honest, in whatever ending it may be, I will be fine with it because I think each ending makes sense. The one thing I hate about some drama endings is if it doesn’t make sense at all or it was so inconsistent. Here, the way it was written, I can believe either of the 3 scenarios happening. For number 1&2, if BTM will always feel guilty and will not trust PM when he says its more important for him to be with BTM rather than get married and he will not regret it in the future. For number 3, if she feels the opposite. I personally would like number 3 to happen and it is possible for them to get this ending. BTM has been presented as somebody who evolves. She is not inflexible as seen with her work actions (look at her Brian and Scarlett conversations). She is willing to be changed and is the better for it. I see PM as somebody who is so sure of his feelings with BTM and he is willing to risk a lot just to be with her. He has already experienced BTM slowly changing because of her growing feelings for him and I think he has enough faith in her for him to get this happy ending. So yes, I am rooting for number 3.
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    The only problem for me with this whole thing is that MG's mother was his mother, Tami is MG's lover, not his mom. Right or wrong, a mother doing what's best for her child is one thing since the child is really too young to be able to make determinations for himself/herself. However, this drama has Tami treating MG as a child still with this, and that makes me a bit upset because it's not giving MG agency as an adult. Plus, I think MG had it spot on when he mentioned that in all of TM's deliberations, there is no consideration for the present, the only things that figure in her deliberations are her concerns of the future. In the present, they love each other, but TM is so worried about what the future may hold that she doesn't live in the present. She can't live in the present. And, that all of a sudden makes TM seem rather pathetic to me that as a strong and independent woman who is living life on her own terms, that it's fear that seems to be characterizing so much of her motivations. I have some sympathy for her concerns about the age difference, though I do think that other dramas have addressed age differences better. (IHYV is one of my faves on this.) However, that she deliberately keeps crushing MG for his own good is a tired and silly plot point. I disliked it when they have male leads to it to female leads, and I dislike it now. I dislike it enough now that I'm not sure that this drama will be able to salvage the MG-TM relationship for me, if they do intend to do so. MG has been an excellent, thoughtful, loyal boyfriend, and I'm glad that he's finally tired of persisting in the face of TM's constant actions to push him away despite loving him. TM isn't his mother after all, and while he can be understanding about her angst, I'm glad that he realizes that TM is too narcissistic about herself to truly give him consideration other than to think that she knows what's best for him. Okay, I only saw a couple of the MG/TM clips and got a bit upset at the direction of their arc, enough so that I'm not giddy with joy about Scarlet and JH though I should be or even curious as to where GG and JW are going with their love now that they're divorcing arc. I may not watch the rest of the episodes for the time being.
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    Haiya! So today we have a couple made and a couple broken. Scarlett and JiHwan are so cute, . I love how the lady just wails out loud, mouth open so big unashamedly. And then throws a fit in order to get him to speak casual. Are we sure she's supposed to be the older one here? Damn. Park MoGun and Bae Tami. So MoGun learns from his mom that she gave him up for his future and he finally understands TaMi's hesitance. It's not so much insecurity (although it does play a part) as the fact that she cannot and will not forgive herself for grabbing onto his ankles and holding him back from what she believes is his proper, happy future. The problem is not whether he's ok with it. The problem is that she's not, and it's eating her inside. So MoGun let her go. Argh. MoGun ah. You are very much loved. Their actions came from a place of love and shame, although it does seem to you who were so traumatized by being abandoned as they're throwing you away. What irony that Joseph had to tell TaMi right then that Barro is now 1 top against Unicon. Honestly, that last part between MoGun and TaMi is amazing. This writer has far surpassed Kim EunSook.
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    Hi...bian-ne, I’m so late in the game...as in sharing thoughts in this forum. I live on kdramas and there had been a drought but this season, it has been breathless (coupled with RL, of course)! And I have to say something about Search : WWW before it ends! (I saw that they have wrapped up filming already!!!) And I’m not ready... I. LOVE. THIS. DRAMA. TO. BITS. I rewatched episodes and scenes/dialogues when I wind down each night. That’s how much I love it! I seriously don’t think I can count many dramas I would do that (ok, maybe WFKBJ...). Anyway, I have more or less read all your input and everyone has different takeaways. And I do understand and respect each person’s perspective. This drama is not quite mainstream popular but to me it’s considered progressive for all the kdrama tropes that we are used to. Here are some highlights for me: 1. It’s such an intelligent script. The dialogue is not cheesy (by the women especially!) and the content is so good. Korea is a highly wired country after all. The power of the internet, social media, knetizens, etc. It’s so current and relevant. 2. Grrrl Power Rulez! Wow. Love it when a woman can hold her own in a male-dominated field or even in the traditional circles in Korea. What more 3 stellar women!!! For once, in a kdrama, I’m rooting for all the couples! They each bring an enjoyable loveliness to their romance. They each have their “realistic” challenges, many thrown in by the scriptwriter - noona/dongsaeng romance, adopted/abandoned child, domineering & stifling matriarch, rejected son in family business, corruptness in the industry and in the family business, frenemies, relationships among women, girl crushes/hints of liberated women relationships, you name it, they are all there!!! And they are all weaved in quite seamlessly. As I write, I feel like giving the writer a standing ovation! Daebak! (Side note: For those who think Ta Mi is rude to Morgan and/or inappropriate(?), I think with all the scandals in K-Ent now, we should be give the typical kdrama tropes of male aggressive wrist-grabs, shoving and male posturing a rest yah? I really like it that women can be portrayed as strong and humanely in control too, just not the evil matriarch control, like the MIL...) 3. And the makjang drama within a drama!!! It’s soooooo brilliant and how we fell in love with this newbie(?) Seol Ji Hwan along with Scarlett. Did we not get emotional with Scarlett as she “watched” each episode of the makjang drama and squealed constantly when they are together? Hahahahaha so awesome! 4. At this point I want to share something that really stood out for me. The actress that played the harsh, heartless and manipulative Mother-in-law... I LOVE IT! How many dramas has this older actress been in where she played a rural/timid/suffering harmoni!!! (The latest that I can remember, Top Star Yoo Baek, where she was the humble grandma of the female lead!) Never have I seen her dressed so modern, act so ruthless and so convincing! What a transformation! So cool! (Ok, not her character in this drama but that’s not my point). 5. And of course as a Mr Sunshine fan, I had to give props to Pyo Yoon Soo! Again so different from his character as the Japanese leader! I love that he could also be a cheesy womanizer! And a little shoutout to my beloved Goo Dong Mae’s...loyal ronin henchman, hah. He played a small role as the hacker who was hired by GG’s husband to put Ta Mi’s name in the ranking. 6. Now for our main couple, I know there are bored fans, and others distracted by the 2nd leads or 3rd leads (although they all almost carry an equal weight compared to most kdramas, I’m really happy about that!). I love the main couple. A very sexy modern relationship portrayed. Not the usual coy, hesitant-to-show-affection-type, not quite the hot and bothered but controlled with enough spice and peppered with an enticing dialogue kind of rom-com! I love their open, flirty conversations (For once in a kdrama!!! Brings a whole new level of shexy to a kdrama!). Ta Mi’s practical comebacks are as a matured savvy career woman would say and Morgan’s direct but sometimes arrogant answers as a hot blooded male in his prime would give! Basically, I enjoyed their moments, hopefully the onesided “chosarang” in the piano teacher is just a distraction. I don’t think anyone can come between Ta Mi & Morgan, they are meant for each other and they will continue to work out their issues in their relationship. That’s the lovely about them. We can see why Morgan was initially insecure and kept bringing up abandonment (“Are you going to leave next morning, are you going to run away from me, don’t abandon me”, etc, etc). Even if the lines were delivered in the smooth, sexy way that only Jang Ki Yong knows how...hahahahaha and I will forgive the writer for Ta Mi’s nonexistent family background. Too much to explore in this drama and the writer already has so much going on. Hah. 7. Last but not least, the sets, the colors and the FLARES. I LOVE THEM TOO...HAHAHA I mean, yes, it’s overused and dang, they are distracting and not forgetting the fake petal/rain flurries! But SO BEAUTIFUL! Bring them on PD-Nim! I’m a sucker for such effects. There. I have said it. I’m happy now. Cheers to all who are here and enjoying the show. At this point, I don’t really care if it’s open-ended or not all the couples end up together. It’s a beautiful and refreshing kdrama I will enjoy for a while. Have a good week ahead everyone! Hwaiting! Last, last thought: LOVE THE OST! 03ohn’s voice is gorgeous...current earworm for those mellow days... Last, last, last thought: How can I not mention Ellie’s minor character in the story? That mentor/mentee scene between her and Ta Mi with the condescending top webtoon illustrator was priceless. That’s a moving reality-check scene I love very much. I think I teared along with Ellie.
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    I am not disappointed at all about the ending. Indeed it is very beautiful and brilliant way to end this fantasy genre. Although there are cases that we need a proper explanation from the writer about Nu Na, Soel Hee, and last but not least, it is still remain mysterious that Angel Kim Dan became a human. After all, this final eps is very scarifying. Angel Dan didn't dissipated and still make YS's dream happiness and he gave her his last breath which is an absolute way to make YS survived from the death. They met and end at the bench and that I think it is absolutely beautiful. Thank you the writer-nim. If you come to think of it, Angel Dan firstly got his mission (Tree's leaf) to meet YS and now it's ending, YS made her own mission to meet Dan. "Today,Right here". It is a fantasy drama so a proper explanation is not expected. Same goes to the way "Golbin ended". I did question why Eun Tak met Ahjusshi again. However, that's not the point of the whole drama, it is a matter of how the viewers see the ending in their own way. But, human is greedy and I am a human lol. I was hoping/praying/texting to the deity to give us special movie about their life together after Dan became human. I wanted to see 10 kids and tirelessly LYS and Kim Dan who shout their lung out to manage their 10 kids. Last but not least, this was my fist time joining this Soompi Forum. This drama is so beautiful and it was also the first K-drama of 2019 I have watched (Since Goblin ended). I don't want to dig out the actress and actor's privacy but I will happily root for them if they decide to date each other. Thank you everyone for sharing all the info/opinions/recap/gifts/pictures/shipping moments in here. I'm truly enjoyed every minutes I spent in here. "There's no proper goodbye" - Kim Dan so I will see you at the shipping thread. HAHA
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    Dear all, i've been a very longtime fan of SHK eonni and a silent reader of this forums for quite a long time now. The last time i posted something on this forums was before SHK&SJK's marriage announcement. I did say back then that i wasn't so much into this songsongcouple shipper. Why? Because i was worried about SHK eonni. Back then i thought "had everything gone wrong, what will happen to my eonni? she would be judged and cursed so much by many people." And then the day came when they announced that they're getting married. To be completely honest, i couldn't completely agree with SHK eonni's choice to marry SJK. But, i saw her happy face, i saw how she smiled so happily and lovingly towards SJK, and then i said to myself "Right... She is happy. As long as she is happy then i don't mind. This SJK man better take care of my eonni with all his life." I even cried the day she got married. I really thought she finally found the right man for her. And about week ago, i read about her divorce. It crushed me to tiny little pieces. I cried like i was the one who got a divorce. And then i saw many articles and people pointing fingers at my SHK eonni. i thought to myself again "ahh... this is what i was so afraid about back then." i cried knowing that all my nightmares became true. And yet, until this very moment, i don't believe to any of those rumors. They can say many bad things about SHK eonni and i will stand firm on my own belief about SHK eonni. She's strong, she's passionate about the people that she loves, she's compassionate, she's a powerful name in South Korea and yet she remains humble and stays low, she's kind and she's not boastful even if she has every rights to be one. Many people are talking rubbish about her right now and yet she remains quiet. It shows her grace and her class. So, in the end, to my dearest SHK eonni, i know it hurts right now, but no matter how much it hurts right now, please hang in there. Be strong, because things will get better. It maybe stormy now but it never rains forever. You'll get through this eonni. Trust me, things will get better. You'll never walk alone. We are all as your fans who are passionate about you, will always support you no matter what. FIGHTING MY SUNSHINE!!
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    Please let them be happy like thisHope they won't ruin the ending Cr (leafthemoon-twitter)
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    A translation of the preview. Warning that I haven't watched the episode yet, so watching it may change some of the context for this preview. If that's true, I may change it a bit later after I've watched the episode. JH: Why did you say such a useless thing?! JH Friend: If you wanted to hide it so much, then you shouldn’t have made it obvious. You made a fuss all by yourself, and now what. JI: Could it be that he hasn’t been able to forget her yet? I think I just fell for what I could see immediately in front of my eyes. JI Friend: What? You want to hang it all on Yoo Ji Ho and pull yourself out of it? JI: I thought it would be enough if I just loved you like this. I guess I just thought by myself that if I was understanding and smoothed it over… No. I didn’t even think of this. I just thought it would happen on it’s own. JI: I think I need some more time to understand my own self. JI: Do you think that you could be with me again? I betrayed you once, so do you think you could be with me? What will you do if it happens again? JH Friend: They have a child together when they are only friends? As it is, he’s a pitiful child. JH: If I give her up, do you think you’ll be able to date her again? GS: Who said that I would date her again? You already know, that my target was Yoo Ji Ho. Ugh. It seems that there are some very angsty parts coming up, and I didn't like the sentiments in this preview, though perhaps the episode itself providing more context will be better, though that won't be until next week. For instance, why is JH asking GS if GS would take JI back? It's bad enough that JH seems to be conflicted about his relationship with JI, even though JI was the one who repeatedly went to bat against everyone for the right to be with JH. It would feel odd now if JH is the one doubting his love for JI. Anyway, maybe I'll even wait until after next week's episodes to catch up on this drama since spending all of my time to catch up, only to have it be on an angsty episode sounds tiring. edit: Okay, watched the episode, so the preview made more sense and so I amended it.
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    3 kisses in 6 seconds (yes, I counted I'm that addicted)
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    Today's episode was for me basically perfect because it perfectly represented and contained everything I love about this drama - that awesome combination of addictive angst, heartbreak, OTP awesomeness, cuteness and heartwrenching intimacy and emotions. And you can really feel that we are nearing the end because there were many throwbacks to the first episodes. I love how Dan's bouquet for YS was the echo of the bouquet she never got from him, how he told her about the first time he watched her dance on that very same place. In this episode, Dan and Yeon Seo really gave each other their everything and it was simply perfect.
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    #throwbacktuesday #spreadtruth Song Hyekyo signed with Wong Kar Wai’s Jet Tone Films late April. Let’s replay an interview with the director who praised Kyo. It is destiny for them to partner up again. May their next project be both an artistic and commercial success.
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    Arinda, I'm amazed at you. I'm No Drama Stars Worshipper. You can do and feel what you like. But do Not expect others to follow you. Past Relationships?? If u are lucky, u can get married and stay happily forever with the first Suitor you meet. You think everybody is so Lucky? She only has 2 relationships in her 37 years of Life. Is that too much? Is that Scandalous? Has she been Permissive? Does she bare herself in her movies or dramas? Besides she was only 22 years' old when she met LBH. I would say she is very careful with relationships. Plus she is too soft-hearted. That is why she get persuaded. Attend same event as her Ex's ? Why must she attend the same events as her ex. If she has to, she has to. Otherwise there is no need for her to force herself to do it. If she prefer not to have anything to do with her ex's, what is so wrong with that? Everybody has their own preference. And why must you be so harsh on her alone. How about her ex's ? LBH himself has so many scandals before and after his marriage HB himself also has a failed relationship recently only. A very brief dating Why must we always judge the Female Gender so harshly? Are you sure "The Innocent Man" is really so "innocent"? Both parties have a responsibility. But the way this Guy handled the Divorce is certainly not right
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    Haven't had access to subs yet I thought this knowing the world of Korean dramas, if not Korea itself. I figured her sister's divorce will taint JI so that he is less desirable and "damaged" enough to be on JH's level. I think it is interesting that GS's father included sad lonely picture of GS. Unfortunately I think those pictures of himself with make him feel that he must win so that his father don't see him as a loser. Just saw the subs As always a lovely episode. There were so many things I want to but won't. As I was watching JI+JH last conversation together in the episode I realise that what made their relationship magical in the quiet way it is, is not because they love each other, in drama the couples love each other. What make the special is the mutual respect they have for each other. They love each other's spirit. The fact that their love comes sexual attraction make it even better. Jae-In and JI are such thug talkers. Jae-In scenes with Mr. Almost Civil Servant was delightful. I've been thinking that either Jae-In or their Mom needed to move in with Seo-In. I'm glad mom agreed with me. The way Seo-In reacts to SH , and the fact that every time he see her he seems to present a physical threat makes me think that his hitting her is not a one time thing yet all the dialogue is treating it like it is. I think Mr. Kwon respects JI's honesty. I think they have honesty in common. I like that Kwon showed JI respect by not only accepting the tea she brought, but only having it brewed immediately. JI showed exactly who she was. "My parent opinion do matter, but what I want should come first in my private life" Mr. Kwon had already told GS what he told JI at their meeting. If her relationship with JH is not serious, GS should overlook it and never bring it up, and he told JI he wouldn't hold it against her. I suspect Kwon see romantic love like crushes, fun but transient. He think that there are other important qualities to build a family on--like the quality of the person. I notice that when she has to deal with her father, GS, or GS's father, JI looks worn down. JH puts a spring in her step. I think Mr. Kwon was skipping down the stairs after his meeting with LTH because he had manipulated LTH into doing his bidding; pressure JI to marry GS. This was his hands will be clean. This was similar to what LTH and GS were trying to do last episode. Neither wanted to take responsibility for setting a wedding date and pissing JI off. Mr. Kwon is just better at that type of manipulation. The joy on JH's mother's face when she saw her son truly happy was heartwarming. The shot of JH and JI back as they walked down the lane made is easy to see them 25 years in the future. JH's line. "i'll give up then." "On you." was devastatingly delivered. Yeah, I shouldn't, but I feel sorry for GS because he is so ill equipped for the war he's started. GS is ill equipped because he himself brings nothing to the fight. He is depending on his status and society to do the fighting for him. Against some opponents it might work, but not against JH and JI. People often mistake kindness for weakness. He has really underestimated JH and JI. They are not people you want to go to war with. I's like to spend more time with the Young-/Jae/-In couple. JH fail at a suave attempt at kissing across the table was endearing. I love the visual story telling in this so very much. The three empty beer can and 2 empty bags of chips. The bag on the chair, the sweater/jacket on the couch were wonderful indication of time passing so we know things unfolded but nothing was rushed. The shot of the cityscape through JI's bedroom window was beautiful. I love how much goodness and humanity is in the characters in this drama. To me SH and LTH are the villains. GS is too sad and clueless to reach status of villain.
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    Let me just repost this chingu @Ameera Ali because its too beautiful!
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    After reading the recap I have a few thoughts about YS/KD/NN/RN/JKW. Initially, I felt sorry for Ni Na, because it seemed like her family so desperately wanted her to beat YS and be better than her. However, they have enabled her to become obsessed with YS at the behest of her own personal mental health. Ni Na has absolutely lost her mind. First, I don't believe for one second that she is ignorant to what Ru Na is doing. In fact, I believe she set her sister up. She knew if she poured out the tears and whined out loud her disdain for YS, that her unnie would act. She knew it the first time when the light fixture blew and blinded YS and she is aware of it now. You could see it in the first few episodes where even though she was the lead ballerina, it was ONLY because of YS's injury. JKW told her that she lacked the emotion for the lead part. He said she looked disconnected from her partner and her movements were stiff. That is because in the back of her mind, she didn't earn that spot. She was there simply because her sister connived and got rid of the real lead ballerina. She is obsessed with comparison to YS. Then, here comes JKW and immediately she falls for him. What I find interesting here is that JKW came to Fantasia specifically because of its attachment to YS. Without YS, he would not even be there. He walked in speaking of working with her again. And he showed up as soon as YS got her sight back. Ni Na is aware of this, yet she went full speed ahead to confess to him and when he rejected her, she practically begged him to give her another chance. Now, YS is back in the company dancing and expecting no special favors. She leveled the playing field by having open auditions for the lead role. This was Ni Na's opportunity to shine. What did she do? She tracked down YS's old ballet teacher and begged her to work with her. Once again, I find it revealing that when she yelled out in frustration that she was never going to be better than YS, the instructor agreed with her, then helped her find more passion and focus as a dancer. I think people think that Ni Na plays second fiddle to YS because she's too nice, but Ni Na isn't nice at all. She is a quiet manipulator and it is frustrating her that she hasn't been able to manipulate JKW although she has desperately tried. She even tried to manipulate KD and it almost worked because he foolishly thought she was this nice person, but it didn't work enough to put a wedge between him and YS. Ni Na works the men first and then when all else fails, she runs to her sister because she hasn't failed her yet. I can understand her being frustrated with losing to YS, but for her in a moment of frustration to specifically say, "I want YS to die. I wish she would just die." That is master manipulation. She let her sister know in no uncertain terms that blinding YS wasn't enough, now she must go away forever. This is why Ni Na will not get what she wants. She has to cheat in order to do it. She isn't confident enough to level the playing field like YS does. I heard someone say once that they don't believe people are born with talent. They felt that people could work hard and become whatever they want. I disagree. I believe that some people are born talented to do certain things. YS was born to dance. Her skill level is so great that she can be unable to dance for three years and then make a comeback in a month. Ni Na could never. What the aunt and her sister don't realize is that their actions prove that she is less talented. Bribing dancers in the company, stealing and burning records, trying to kill YS to get her out of the way - all of this screams that Ni Na isn't good enough so we have to cheat to get her there. Throw the whole family away! I have thought about this for weeks, and I just don't see any way around it. YS will probably die and join KD in the other realm. How many times has she cheated death since the drama began? Three times now? Eventually her fate will catch up and she will be able to dance as an angel. What do you all think?
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