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    It is funny how ND and DJ keep sleeping with each other. But at the same time I am not surprised DJ keeps allowing it as she has mentioned that while it was uncomfortable for her in the beginning, she realized that she was able to sleep better with him at her side. He helps keep her nightmares and demons at bay. Which is why she suggested the same thing to the king. ND on the other hand, really has no boundaries, particularly since he has realized he loves DJ. He went 180 from being all "men and women should not breath the same air" prissy to supper clingy and cuddly. But DJ needs that clingyness in her life with how suicidal she has been with her revenge mission. I think it is significant that she wants to die for her mother, but then here comes ND and becomes her new mother. In a way, you could say he is filling the void the loss of her mother created in her heart.
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    Translation of ep 15-16 preview YM: Dan Oh, I don’t think I can let that guy live any longer. DJ: Why did they do this? KS: I’m going to find them and kill them. Definitely. King: The thing you were desperately hiding from me. Was this it? HJK: Hanyang? You can’t safely go there yet. ND: There is a conversation that hasn’t been finished. ND: How long are you going to ride that? King: It must be inescapable. The thing called fate. It looks as if there is at least a little bit of a time jump from today's episode. ND and DJ also seem to have separated, though DJ seems to be hoping to see ND. However, it seems that ND is going to go search for answers to his birth now that his brother has told him the truth. Today's episode was rather horrific in the end with the burning of the Widow's Village. YM continues to show more of his true colors. I think that he is the charming man that everyone knew him to be, it's just that he's also a psychopath who doesn't care about other lives if he has no need of them. I'm happy that ND was the one to save DJ, even though I was expecting it. It would have been too mean to have DJ's life be "saved" by the man who casually ordered the slaughter of her friends. Though, perhaps, that does says that YM does really care about DJ in his own way.
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    It's not just you. I appreciate those details. And I think all of the actors are doing a terrific job! That's part of what I love about this drama--each character is so detailed and authentic (maybe not always in a real-world way, but at least in a k-drama way). So, I have a question. Do you think the shaman from the past is the younger version of Heung-sik's father? I'm not sure, but I could construct an entire story line about his superstitious beliefs about witches and fire and about the death of YS's father and ... I have a few other ideas about him, too, but mostly I'm waiting to see if he uses that wheelchair of his.
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    A translation of the preview YM: You could have died last night. DJ: When you’re going to kill that someone, how can you expect me to live? YM: That you’re living feeling this way, does that guy know that as well? DJ: Ahh! ND: Just a minute. DJ: Is that norigae yours? Queen: Could you find something for me? DJ: You know that norigae from before, where did you get that? ND: All you know of Hanyang are playing and swinging, right? DJ: From a rube like you who grew up on an island, is that something to be saying? ND: You should have seen me ride the waves yourself. DJ: Should we go right now? To see the sea? Note: A norigae is an ornament that is worn from a woman's hanbok. I am rather liking the cute between DJ and ND. While I realize that there are more reveals and probably angst to come, it would be really good if DJ and ND held faith and stayed strong together as a team. Given where we are in this drama, I'm assuming that even when DJ and ND finally reveal their secrets to each other, that it will be a surprise to overcome and not the cause of any nobly idiotic acts. As for the politics, I'm also starting to wonder if this drama is going to stay true to history, or rewrite it as an alternate history. Anyway, I'll post again later after I get a chance to watch the episode properly rather than just a few clips.
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    NEW STILL CUT Gosh this one drives me crazy Pls tell me it's confession kiss or farewell kiss?!
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    Hi everyone , i will share some gifs from the bTS i liked how Dried Squid encourage him to put more effort into the kiss , it's a big NO for a dead fish kiss
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    a small detail i really appreciate about this drama is how they managed to cast actors with such a convincing appearance?? LOL. like how DB and her mum have a slight resemblance, and young ms. kwak resembled present day ms. kwak quite a lot too. the young version of DB's mum looked SO much like her present day counterpart, i knew immediately it was supposed to be her character! haha maybe it's just me but i appreciate those tiny details omg and that scene with the car wash attendant suggesting the steering wheel was stained bc NGT picked his nose...! that was so funny sjksksjks my favourite part of this drama is YS and DB's romance so i was getting really impatient to see them together the whole of episode 14!!! finally came their exchange in the hospital (and KHN's facial expressions HA he's so good) + DB running into YS's arms after leaving her mother really..... they're so precious plz protect them at all costs!!!!!! i agree w all of you, the childhood trope is really........ah.......... but baby DB putting her feet on ms. kwak's pregnant tum omg my heart NEXT WEDNESDAY COME QUICKLYYYYYYYYYYY
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    Honestly KJR would be even more unbearable if it weren't for KJS. Those sad puppy eyes do some serious magic. But yes, KJR is an insufferable scumbag most of the time. What adds insult to injury is that he waves money around like it's the answer to all of life's problems. That aside, this is a fantastic drama. It's possible. I have a somewhat similar hypothesis but it doesn't involve an actual conspiracy to kill HM. @lollyminx Almost got me there for a minute... thought it was a real press release... and then decided. "This can't be right. This is too sensible to be KJR talking." SIgh. It's not as if the man doesn't have some cunning either but he misapplies it. More dollars than sense. I rolled my eyes.. But I forgave the show because technically it was an infant connection. Heh. Kdramaland... they just can't resist... they sure love their "fated to love you" moments. Is it too much to hope that the birth secret trope doesn't make its way in here as well? Well, okay PG is kind of a birth secret. _____________________ Like everyone else I did enjoy the post-discharge visit interaction. It did crack me up and I did love how utterly innocent YS looked when he talked about it. And the reaction of the medicos. Ha! But as I said, yesterday, YS doesn't think like other people. But the thing that really surprised and amused me was how game DB was. She was pretty gung-ho about it. She was definitely up for it At the rate these two are going... Pil-gu will have a little dongsaeng by the end of the drama.
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    Still halfway of the episode yet... but just came to drop this gorgeous man here I'll pick him up later
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    Welcome, @Thunder Mage! Yes, despite my criticism of Kyung, Lee Jae Wook is definitely doing a good job. Just like Kim Hye Yoon and Rowoon. But also the rest of the cast. Overall this drama has stolen my heart. It's well-written and I hope it stays that way and the way it's filmed is nicely done as well. Definitely looking forward where the drama will take us for the rest of the ride. Btw... I don't think we have enough interactions between Dan Oh and Nam Joo. I know their setup is for Dan Oh to serve Joo Da but still I liked their small scene in this episode. On book notes, this drama is choosing what books the characters are reading very carefully. Dan Oh read the book "Flowing like a River" by Paulo Coelho which is about enjoying the small things in life, Nam Joo is reading one of my favorite Paulo Coelho books "Veronica decides to die" (which is telling the story of a woman who believes to be terminally ill and decides to take her own life, survives and learns to love life again). And the books Ha Ru is carrying for Dan Oh are all about changing your fate, enjoying life and so on. So the core of the drama is mostly for Dan Oh but also for every character in this drama that you should enjoy your life no matter how much is left and that you can still change your fate - even if it seems set in stone.
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    @celebrianna I agree. I actually like that Dan Oh is making the best out of her setup. A lot of people seem to be frustrated because in the beginning she was proactive to change her fate. But of course Ha Ru's disappearance after trying to change the stage so many times, put a damper on her enthusiasm. And she just came to the conclusion, she will live the best life until her setup will require for her to die. But thankfully Ha Ru is still there to tell her: no. And Dan Oh hasn't lost her spunky character. And I adore how she is manhandling Ha Ru like it's nothing. Nobody gets to do that but Dan Oh. I don't know I try to find something likable about Kyung but everytime he gets a heartwarming scene he does something terrible. Or he is reading things wrong. He didn't even listen to Dan Oh properly. He asked her whether she is falling in love with anyone who can change her fate. Dan Oh answers that yes at first she was happy with Ha Ru because he could change the stage BUT now it's more because Ha Ru is making every moment special and she can be Eun Dan Oh, she can be herself. Also... and I thought that was so important: Ha Ru is making her feel like she is the most important character/person in this world. But what did Kyung take away from it? Yes, she fell for Ha Ru because he can change the stage. Like he doesn't even listen to what Dan Oh is telling him. She is probably the most fair female lead/extra in kdramaland being so straightforward and he doesn't listen to her. My reaction: P.S.: The irony Kyung will propose on a literal stage... geez....
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    Ahhhh....I didn't think it was possible for KSH and JDY to be even more adorable in the BTS than the actual scene. I was expecting KSH to be the shy/nervous one when filming this scene but I was surprised to see that she was actually the more comfortable one, joking around and everything. This is not the JDY who was super excited and confident with his kiss scene with KTO. JDY's little 'research' *ahem* around KSH to figure out how far his gat/hat reaches. Is this his 7D personality coming out? I really loooooved KSH's delivery of Dong Joo's lines prior to the kiss scene so it was an absolute treat seeing KSH play around with her lines during rehearsal. So it looks like she actually ad-libbed the part where she hits Nok Du's chest when she was asking why she keeps thinking of him. The caption says Dong Joo's Real Adlib and during the rehearsal she goes: KSH: Why did I think of you? KSH: Should I hit him?~~~ (playfully) KSH: WHY DID I ONLY THINK OF YOUUUU??? (angrily) - this is my fave part When I saw this, I thought wooow...this is how she practiced it during rehearsal and THAT's how it came out. clap clap BRAVO KSH was so playful in this BTS. During the part where she has to wrap her arms around JDY, the director asked her to wrap her arms while making her hands look pretty so she playfully tried to make it pretty loool.
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    Ok Taecyeon has sent food truck to support Sohyun. They have work together for Let's Fight Ghost drama in 2016.
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    Well, this definitely looks less sexy with such a grandpa shirt on. Maybe KSH was blushing too much so he had to put a shirt on.
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    I'm sad if people only indicate the quality of the drama by its ratings, this drama so underrated.. I'm not sure what episode.. But based on this tweet, I believe they are live shooting.. Maybe around episode 10-11 (old format)? Safe to say that we not gonna have separation for too long..
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    @Sky8lue , @lightbringer06 I like the second scene when nokdu feed the ex fiancé to keep quiet about his secret
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    Translation of the preview. DO: Just because I don’t know when my heart will stop, it doesn’t mean that I have to stay depressed every moment. HR: I’m scared that I might lose you. BK: You’ve diligently changed the stage and this is the result, so what to do now? Because you’ve changed the stage, it now looks as if Eun Dan Oh will have to receive surgery. HR: Surgery? HR: This world that we’re in now, it’s not going along the same plotline as that book, is it? JMC: It is. Eun Dan Oh, she’s someone that you couldn’t protect anyway. BK: There is only one thing I know. That if you die, I’ll receive a wound that I won’t ever be able to recover from. Let’s get the surgery. HR: If you get the surgery, you don’t know if you could die? DO: Now it really feels as if I don’t have much time left. HR: I think we have to change the stage. Angst. Angst. I have to catch up on the complete episodes rather than just watching the clips, but not sure if I want to because I'm a big baby when it comes to angst. I'm just glad that HR and DO had a number of sweet moments, and that they are firmly bonded now regardless of what happens to them. I'm assuming that it will be a happy ending, though, because I couldn't bear anything else. I don't want HR and DO to end the Secret manhwa only for them to have to do it all over again in a different comic, hoping for a different outcome. For the viewers' sake, I hope that HR and DO will find a world where they can be together without swords of Damocles hanging over them.
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    DO willed Haru into existence in Secret. He wasn’t meant to be there. She needed a saviour when she realized her plight. That’s why he was initially faceless (like in the comic), we didn’t see his face till ep4 (?). She willed him into existence. She named him. Initially he was voiceless, he just did as he was told by DO (no will of his own). The beach scene was the first time he exercised his own will, he chose to disobey her order to save her as she waded into the water. That’s why he suddenly could speak at the end of that scene. He found his own voice. He could change the scene because he was not in the character profiles and therefore outside the writer’s control. He even changed the stage at the party. That was significant. Because in effect, the spotlight was now on BK and DO, not DH and NJ. His character continued to grow so much that the writer had no choice but to remove Haru1 and draw him in as Haru2. Now that he was drawn in as an extra (and his face in the character profiles), he could be controlled just like all the other extras. His memory was wiped as a result. But DO’s stubborn refusal to forget Haru1 resulted in Haru2’s self awareness. By penning him as BK’s friend in the reboot, the writer has inadvertently copied the storyline in Trumpet Flower where HR is BK’s faithful servant. So HR2 now sees in his dreams the memories of TF. In this episode we see that he’s pushing the envelope even further. He’s making the 3 of them become leads in Secret now (just like in Trumpet Flower). Thereby relegating NJ/JD/DH into the extras/supporting character roles. That’s why suddenly the dynamic in the NJ/JD/DH relationship has changed in this most recent ep. This whole scenario could’ve been the same in Trumpet Flower, she willed Haru into existence there too? I don’t know. Problem I have is that I don’t see a happy ending for the leads in Trumpet Flower. I see HR sacrificing himself to save DO. I don’t know if we will see a Romeo Juliet type ending. My only comfort is the promise they made by that 300year old tree. That they will always “meet” despite all odds stacked against them. That they will keep living lifetime after lifetime in different comics hoping one day the writer caves and gives them their happy ever after, which may never happen. But that’s not the point. It’s not about their final ending, it’s about their now (the present), making the best of the time they do have regardless. I quite like that line of thinking. Because it’s one thing to bemoan our lot in life and wishing to be dealt a better hand, but it takes a great deal of maturity to think beyond the circumstances and live the best life with the hand you’re dealt with regardless. EDIT - actually I find that death crystalises what’s precious in life. When you’re faced with the finality of it all, you cling to things that are dear to you. It gives you added urgency and everything that happens has holds a greater meaning. You enjoy the sunshine, you enjoy the friendships, you are less likely to be annoyed with trivialities. That’s why even for the audience, the moments they shared in last night’s episode holds more meaning. It’s due to the backdrop of death.
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    I'm sure we'll get there! Someone posted that in the webtoon the two of them go way beyond just kisses and hugs and who knows what will happen here (although i recognise KSH still has a rather strong child actress image and it is a sageuk) I'm quite satisfied with today's 'cuddling' in bed scene and the return of the bickering. Don't forget they started sleeping together since ep 1 in the prison - I'm sure this is going to be recurring theme Also I think in her characterisation, DJ shouldn't be the type to question NokDu's motives if YM tries to deceive her since she's known him over a period of time now. I know at the start she had her suspicions when vice curator told her about a man who sneaked into the widow village - but I didn't see it as her believing he was actually evil, more of worried in general of being found out and those consequences.
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    More accurately, it's "I love you even though your father/mother caused the death of my mother/father/grandmother/grandfather/uncle/aunty/cousin/sibling and I was actually adopted during that time and never knew about it until after I fell in love with you"
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    I love how his money is her money few hours later it’s enough for me Buy & looking for best food
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    Same!! Or maybe it's just my biased self talking. The moment YM smiled at the first episode, I was lured in, hook, line, and slinker Despite me not really wanting YM to go down that path, I feel that these revelations added more layers to his character and yeah, he became more interesting, less of a 2D 2nd lead so there's that. I just hope the writers wouldn't botch up his character haha I still want those bromance scenes lol And I just loveeee how Kang Tae Oh went from gentle to straight-up-yandere-ish-scary. He's good, I'll give him that. He went from "looking like a cinnamon roll and is an actual cinnamon roll" to "looking like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you" like damn haha
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    The struggle, chingu, the STRUGGLE! Me seeing Nokdu in female hanbok for the first time: But then unwrapping those abs... like:
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    The latest episode almost confirmed the theory that Haru used to be a character from a previous historical webtoon and that he kept his personality traits in Secret. Furthermore, it appears that that some objects had been transferred as well - be it the antique ornament, flowers,… The comic “Flower” has that very same flower on its cover and now we can see its contents, including historical buildings and men with swords (that scar made me always think about Haru getting hurt after catching a sword or a dagger in his hand which is a trope you see often in sageuk); and one of the man is saying exactly the same line Haru told JMC. Did he already have the same identity issues in the previous comic or did his previous storyline include a birth secret? It’ll be interesting to learn who Haru used to be because you only have to look at him to realize he is a male lead material, something even Do Hwa noted when he first met him. Haru is tall and muscular, with insane physicality and reflexes. He saved DO several times, easily dodged the ball from BY, defeated BY in tennis and threw him into the swimming pool without any problems. On the other hand, he has amazing artistic talents which would suggest an educated warrior with noble blood, perhaps.
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    I see lady kim manly side is coming out during foot race. Well, he cant be lady Omo-omo all the time.
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    I'm just glad it looks like love will prevail for DongJu. Her dilemma now will be not knowing how to tell NokDu her own backstory. And I'm still hoping it all comes out tomorrow - with the preview showing us the old couple reuniting her her (and bringing her to her parents' burial site which they obviously remembered after all). ND though, i wonder what he will do now, knowing that revealing himself may only lead to his own death. And I'm sure he can't bear to leave DJ, nor does he even want to be king. I'm hoping for the beach scene tomorrow too - and I'm sure the troubled faces are because of what happened today.
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    A translation of the preview DO: The version of us in that other world, we were definitely happy, weren’t we? HR: The scenes of us that I can remember we were always happy and heart-fluttering. BK: You and me, our fate is so persistent, seeing as how we keep get mixed up like this. DO: Are you also able to see the plot? BK: Didn’t I tell you that the one who could change your fate was me? DO: For me, from the beginning, it was Ha Ru. (meaning that she had always liked HR and only HR) HR: This fate of yours that you keep thinking you’re changing, if it really is fate or whether it’s all just going along as the writer wanted, have you ever thought about that? HR: Even if it’s all going as the writer had planned, I’m going to continue to be by Dan Oh’s side till the end. BK: She’s mine. It was fated from the beginning. DO: Actually, I don’t want to marry Baek Kyung! BK: There is nothing we can do about it. That blasted stage. I can change it, too. Whether your heart will change or not, we’ll have to wait and see. I haven't watched today's episode yet. However, it seems as if HR has remembered being in the Trumpet Creeper manhwa and has told DO about being a couple there as well. Something romantic about HR following his true love through fictional worlds. Yet, again, an existential question that BK brings up. Are things with HR and DO going the way the writer had intended all along, or are they somehow thinking and acting for themselves and thus changing scenes and plots as they think they might be? The wormhole in the art room is probably one of the keys to that question since whether the writer knows about the wormhole or not matters in terms of HR being able to follow DO to the Secret manhwa. However, I also like the simplicity of HR's intention that whether they are still following the writer's plot or not, that he will be by DO's side forever. BK is the jealous delusional one who has decided that since DO was written for him, that she is his, even as he only persists in answering the existential questions that he raises only in the way he wants to. I hope DO expressing her wish not to marry BK isn't just her saying it in her inner voice.
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    LOL, no, we have never had any incident of me accidentally hitting her. Although once, I was bending down to kiss her and she suddenly rose up out of her chair and smashed into my chin knocking me senseless. The next thing I remember was her kneeling next to me on the floor putting a cold compress on my bruised chin. We have the same sort of kissing problem that DO and HR suffer in that I am 6' 2" and my wife is only 5' 4". It takes coordination and planning to get our lips to meet.
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    Dan Oh has always been so damn strong and brave under impossible circumstances but even she falls apart sometimes. And who can blame her? She’s been controlled like a puppet on strings all her life which she’s been living on borrowed time, her life and death depending on whims of a rather unoriginal writer and she even almost lost the boy she’s been falling in love with. There would be no shame in giving up; however, just when she’s about to accept her fate, Haru comes. It’s fitting that he often appears when Dan Oh is at her weakest, always being there for her to catch her when she falls. How come that this boy always knows the right way to say while Baek Young basically never does? It’s because they are so inherently different and unlike BY, who always keeps telling DO not to change anything and not to do anything because he fears losing what he has, Haru is willing to risk everything, suffer immeasurable pain and go against the creator himself as long as it would mean saving Dan Oh. BY had so much but he took it all for granted and never showed any real appreciation of it while Haru never had anything to begin with, ONLY EUN DAN OH AND HE WILL NEVER EVER REGRET HER! She is so desperate here and afraid and, as always, he is unable to deny her anything. Also, just like with their height difference, even his hands are huge compared to hers. He always towers over her which is why it’s so poignant and symbolic that he kneels in front of her now, becoming the one who is looking up (to her), and spends the whole night kneeling in front of her, holding her hands in his own. And when he tells her that he’ll never let her go, you realize that in his case never really means NEVER because not even death, his nor hers, managed to stop him before and it will not stop him again.
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    I've noticed in other discussion sites of Extraordinary You that the watching population is highly divided on Team Haru vs. Team Kyung. I think it's a teeny bit ironic that while the drama is meant to subvert normalized kdrama tropes of having the male lead as a jerk and the second lead as the nicer guy, but the response is exactly the opposite here. I just thought this was really interesting! I think it's so rare to have this kind of setup where the main lead is nicer than the second lead. While our E3 team is at the top of my favorite characters from the drama (DO is superior and one of my most favorite female characters of all time), I have a soft spot for Kyung. Why? Because I think he's the most realistic out of everybody that's been fleshed out (so far), in the sense that he hurts and he loves in only the ways he knows how. In fact, I'm rooting for him! He's had a tough upbringing for sure, and his actions are definitely a result of that. I sympathize for him as well. He's had to come to terms with the fact that all of a sudden, his relationship with DO has been just one big entire lie. So he does what he knows best and retaliates to defend himself in hopes that acting in such a way that we see as very petty and selfish would bring DO back. I really do appreciate the fact that he's trying for DO, but only in ways he knows best. In turn, I think that's where most viewers turn to compare between Haru and Kyung (and where ship wars tend to occur). But he's trying for sure, even if it's not the best method for DO. I remember being a wee child thinking that the fantasy of a bad boy turning good for a girl was the best kind of ship (PHEW WHO WAS I!). But as some others have mentioned, I think the best kind of ending for me with Kyung is that he frees himself from his father's reigns, his friendship with Haru especially is as tight as a brotherhood, and his love for DO as a friend and someone he genuinely supports and will be happy for is true and pure. For those who read the webtoon: Kyung's character still has a lot of obstacles to cross, and I don't think romantically linking himself onto DO is the method to do so. I really wish for Kyung's happiness, but his happiness does not lie within DO's romantic love. She's made this perfectly clear multiple times. And ofc, I'm expecting even pettier scenes of Haru vs. Kyung in the 2nd half -- @ drama, give me some time to prepare myself I just want Haru and Kyung to be an unstoppable force for DO already ㅠㅠ Also, I am honestly not sure anymore where I saw this, and I'm sorry if you're here and I didn't tag you, but I am totally on board with the theory that Kyung was actually just testing Haru throughout the entirety of Ep.16 (/8). Like this would give me such massive respect for Kyung. There were quite a few instances where his gaze towards Haru implied so in my opinion, but I guess we'll have to find out on Wednesday. I think this theory applied to the bouquet scene is quite a stretch however, especially because he had to turn it into such a jerk move by giving his thoughts and reasoning (his revenge). --- AHHH MY HEART! I am a total sucker for this selfless, wholesome, and fated kind of love, and I can't help it, especially when DanHaru just happen to execute this perfectly. The kind of love that not only transcends time and place, but quite literally parallel universes and timelines I think the most endearing part about their relationship is that they can't explain why or how they're drawn to each other, yet they don't and can't deny that force, no matter how much they try. And I can't wait for more moments seeing Haru's feelings for DO, especially when the drama explains why Flower is important for the two of them. Despite the puffy eyes we all got this week, DO and Haru only became stronger through this ordeal. They both lost each other once (but was it really just once hmmmm), but I think that they're going to be even better and stronger together using what they know now. Knowing Haru, he is willing to go through these changes over and over again as long as DO is alive, and he'll be sure to remember her each and every time. And a random thought about the ending scene:
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    PD-nim attacking us left and right with these kind of scenes and kudos whoever edited this scene. Thank you! On another note: I think someone mentioned it but I'm also suspicious about Kyung's brother. Is he aware as well?
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    Thank you for the recaps and pics! If the ratings go down again with this astounding episode, I'm gonna buy me a whole table factory and flip it!
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    MayBe DongJu Focused More About Her Debt To NokDu, Ignoring To Read Name Of Her Debtor.
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    why handshake??? happy kookie and happy sominie
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    The thread is moving faster that i have hard time catching up and the live recap last night in ig is getting slower. This is indeed most buzzworthy drama for now. Someone already mentioned it before but i want to bring it up again. I LOVE Dohwa! He's like my top two character alongside DO. And DO! How could she be that adorable. It's a bit risky move actually. Too much aegyo sometimes annoys me. But that's not the case with DO. I'd like to highlight how these special moments to DO is not a grand gesture like bringing flower, proposal, or anything like that. For her doing trivial things like skipping the class, eating ddeokboki (though that doesnt happen), playing around with water or just sitting and talking with HR is already special. I also like that more extras in the drama have their time (though it's limited) to appear/highlighted and play a certain unique character that complement the drama. BK will always bring interesting discussion right? I think he's in his worst last night. Frankly i dont like the way the drama writer turn him to a man throwing his anger anywhere to anyone. Sorry but this time i like manhwa BK more. I can emphatize with him. Her mom was his whole world but his father never treated him and his mom well. To make it worse her mom died his father married another woman and seemed to be nicer to them than he's ever been to BK and his mom. There's this girl who was first his friend who like and care about him but then his father use this girl and push BK to take advantage of her affection. How can he take advantage of his friend who truly care for him? To make it worse this girl has illness and may leave him anytime just like his mom. How can he go through the same pain again? So for him DO is like a string that keep him attached to his father and become his father's puppet. I believe BK really like DO. All these crazy anger explosion is a result of him starting to feel anxious that he is about to lose that important girl he neglected all this years. The last question HR throw to him is like a cold water to him. Does he like DO? I want him to understand this and also understand that DO will not come back to her. So instead of hurting more and more people and in the end hurting himself most when he keeps hurting those who sincerely care about him, i want him to accept things the way they are now and just appreciate and treat those who like him and who he likes better, just like BK in the manhwa.
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