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    Are you going to change to Mrs. Gold soon ? @Sejabin@triplem
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    @yonaomi123 Thanks a lot for becoming my new follower! I am happy that my analysis and posts are appreciated by so many. , Besides, I wish to all of you a happy new year!
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    You will be reaching your soompi anniversary soon Happy anniversary in advance keep it up dear and hopefully soon you reach 30,000 points lol. I think you and @Sushimi joined soompi almost at the same time I am more in dailies and things are quiet, but I am satisfied. Dailies are easy to follow even if I skip.
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    so excited for his new drama , kiss & hug
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    @triplem .. that remind me of CEO in TYH
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    My friend thanks for tolerating my crazy thoughts & posts . You might not know this, but I appreciate your kind & loving personality everyday .
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    ... & & to you . * spreading the love all around
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    400 days, you are still and always an inspiration to me here I left sunflower song to your page hope you are dancing there
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    Come on chingu, become immortal, what are you waiting for
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    Hi friend. I like your comments. It is good to see things from different angles.
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    Hi I just posted two report for (i think it is) illegal message from two new members (i think it is the same one):GevorgH and svitelk, into the "Others" section. Here it is what is posted into both message: I think this two must be banned and messages deleted. Thanks for do what is appropriate. gogole mongol
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    I'm Chinese although we speak English all the time. I watch Go Go Squid ep by Croton Media on Youtube when they're posted. So those aren't subbed. As my Chinese isn't good enough I'll rewatch the subbed ep again when they're posted legally.
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    Like Oh Young, you see the world afresh. A new day begins. Congratulations.
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    I like LOVE AFFAIRS IN THE AFTERNOON. it is full with affairs wkwkwk
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    can i join in this shipper thread ji hoo - jung in?
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    Haven’t sleep yet?
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    Song Hyekyo, hwaiting!
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    , it’s Friday , hugs
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    Geezzzzz!!! I really miss Kim Jae Wook so much!! I need him to get a new project as soon as possible! The waiting is killing me!!
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    For @Ameera Ali hit me baby one more time
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    Sunday it's a Mother day's from my country Go buy some flower for her and bring her to a restaurant!!
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    .. mini lion for you
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    @Ameera Ali sayang..
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    I saw that you are watching love in sadness. How does it compare with Let me introduce her? Is it worth watching?
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    Hi I’m 15. Can u help me learn Korean? I can help you with English and Chinese
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    don't you remember..
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    @gm4queen a nice song I like Minhyuk (I like the seven actually) they are so good, but Minhyuk can sing both rap and ordinary singing I like them in that order Sungjae Minhyuk Eunkwang, Changsub, Hyuksik (equally) Ilhoon, Peniel (equally)
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    @bebebisous33 where are you really miss your post.. Ep13...14 and preview 15 so heartbreaking
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    It may be a week late...but I'm still grateful that my guardian angel reminded me about it...so, here's my HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY (last December 3) to my dearest and precious chingu and best friend SEJABINI!!!
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    This user habitually brags about intentionally delaying subtitles at Vicki and even went as far as saying for each complaint, she will take a one minute delay on subtitling. She said she would not give you cheese with your whine and suggested you learn Korean yourself. So if you wondering why there are certain titles that drags on Viki, literally every drama she's on has the same the the same issue.
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    My Baby Yungi, she passed away recently..... This is my way of remembering my poor baby.... Mommy missed you so much.... I love you...
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