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    You will be reaching your soompi anniversary soon Happy anniversary in advance keep it up dear and hopefully soon you reach 30,000 points lol. I think you and @Sushimi joined soompi almost at the same time I am more in dailies and things are quiet, but I am satisfied. Dailies are easy to follow even if I skip.
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    NOKDU TALE KDRAMA IS THE BEST hua ha ha ha ha
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    Come on chingu, become immortal, what are you waiting for
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    Hi friend. I like your comments. It is good to see things from different angles.
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    Hi I just posted two report for (i think it is) illegal message from two new members (i think it is the same one):GevorgH and svitelk, into the "Others" section. Here it is what is posted into both message: I think this two must be banned and messages deleted. Thanks for do what is appropriate. gogole mongol
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    Hi people im new
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    Good Evening <3 have a nice night ! ~
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    im from cebu too... nice too meet fellow cebuanos here
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    I am tired. Work isn't going well. I have to start a new page and look for a different boss. I have been slave driven for five years. Survival for the fittest. Too many people competing over little money. I am not able to compete anymore.
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    This user habitually brags about intentionally delaying subtitles at Vicki and even went as far as saying for each complaint, she will take a one minute delay on subtitling. She said she would not give you cheese with your whine and suggested you learn Korean yourself. So if you wondering why there are certain titles that drags on Viki, literally every drama she's on has the same the the same issue.
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