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    Are you going to change to Mrs. Gold soon ? @Sejabin@triplem
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    @triplem .. that remind me of CEO in TYH
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    THIS IS WHY! KJW rarely took romantic role before HPL. He knew he will burns people hearts. PMY shi, hang in there. I know you’re suffering too
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    I die whenever KJW kisses PMY in Her Private Life. It’s exhausting to die every week Now I am preparing my heart again
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    Sunday it's a Mother day's from my country Go buy some flower for her and bring her to a restaurant!!
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    .. mini lion for you
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    The Imagination Kiss in HPL is too hot. We will melting if it’s for real
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    @Ameera Ali sayang..
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    I saw that you are watching love in sadness. How does it compare with Let me introduce her? Is it worth watching?
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    my friend is taking all of our bandwith because of HER PRIVATE LIFE kdrama ep 6 I want to play youtube wkwkwkwk
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    coffee and chocolate donut for you and 4 donuts for me
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    Hi I’m 15. Can u help me learn Korean? I can help you with English and Chinese
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