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    Ling Xi’s father and Le Bo study together. Le Bo call Mo Huan as junior brother. They are not blood related, but kinda like Qing Yao and Ling Xi. Le Bo was so sad then he found out his junior brother die, but I don’t think he know Ling Xi is Mo Huan’s daughter.
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    @Vals Stor I think in the ice room when she give him back that longevity knot. Because his face bright up, as if he realized something. Also after he kill all those possessed soldiers he has demonic auras around him too, and I think it’s Ling Xi who brought him back and dispersed his demonic aura.
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    Ok, I will post here then. Thanks for creating this! btw can you add @crispachu too? This person will summarize episode. I’m sure we will finished before we get anymore subbed episode lol.
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    I really like the fact that we’re having healthy discussion about this series. Being able to discuss about what we like and what we don’t like. I actually okay with the Medicine King’s daughter, there’re 3 characters that I feel are not adding anything to the plot. Zhong Hao’s adopted son and Bao Qing, I have no idea what are they trying to do with their scenes together. The introduction of QY”s mortal husband, if the chemistry between QY and YF are there, then the mortal husband play a role in it but the chemistry between them are just meh so it just becomes unnecessary. I feel there are more chemistry between QY and JC than QY and YF; I really like the 2 conversation they had. One was JC’s point of view for staying with LX and QY’s point of view why LX needs some time for herself. They’ve a mutual friendish relationship.
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    Hello! Thanks for taking the initiative! I'm up till Ep 18 and I keep rewatching parts of them again and again lol reluctant to watch her die for the first time again
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