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    Good summary! Also don't forget SYJ also denied the first two directly herself in a 2018 interview during TN promo period. The interviewer mentioned how she hadn't had any dating scandals during her career and SYJ then voluntarily mentioned the first two rumours and denied they ever were real. This is what people mean when they said SYJ is usually direct and honest about denying things that aren't true. And as you noted, her and HBs response to the dating question during the CLOY presson was not a clear and firm denial. It was a wishy- washy, carefully prepared, lets dance around the real question, and a non-denial if I ever heard one. SYJ was not her usual joking self and pretty much let HB do the talking (and again, this shows they had carefully prepared the answer because HB never answers for both of them. In every interview we've seen he always looks at her and gestures for her to answer first). When asked if she had any input she simply said HB answered well. Her whole demeanour seemed off compared to how she acted when addressing dating rumours in the past. And not to mention how she chose to answer the follow up question about whether she and HB had discussed the roles prior to taking on CLOY - no one believes two people who claim to be close friends wouldn't atleast talk to each other about the project beforehand. Even the MC mocked this answer. Again, doesnt ring true and SYJ was caught off guard and decided to go with a safe answer to not invite further speculation. But as is the case when you lie, you actually make the truth more obvious ETA: @DrBooger why are you always so unamused?
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    These past days, i engrossed myself studying the rumour denials of romance between SYJ and JHI in SITR partnership; SYJ and KNG in Shark and The Pirates partnership and comparing it to SYJ and Hyun Bin. The purpose is to derive a conclusion based on facts as observed. 1.) SYJ and JHI in SITR. Why is this first? Because it is more recent than the other one. During the filming of SITR , I have observed that the BTS showed fun and laughter and everyone was enjoying in the set such that SITR reporters were already reporting their conclusion that SYJ and JHI were dating. There were a lot of rumours then that the pretty noona story came true with the protagonists dating. SYJ was even coached by colleagues in the production to just date and she will be supported. She said...Funny but instead of asking whether i was dating, the statement was you are dating right? Then when asked by a reporter directly whether she and JHI were dating, she referred the question to be asked to JHI.Here, she was confident and smiling . JHI once asked denied by saying that what they filmed was a fantasy and not a documentary but who knows what the future holds. CONCLUSION: DENIED DIRECTLY BY ONE OF THE PARTY- JHI. 2.) SYJ and KNG in Shark and The Pirates. The interviews and BTS showed the camaraderie of KNG and SYJ. KNG expressed his admiration to SYJ saying that she maintained her image when she was younger and her beauty is a Goddess! I also observed that SYJ was having fun and she accepted that she did not have to exert effort to create bright energy to the set because KNG was a cheerful person that made her laugh. Same experience in the set, the people were coaching them to date (Senior Park Chul Min) so the media were making conclusions that indeed they were dating but then, both their agencies denied the rumour and in JULY2014, from SYJ herself, she said i do not know why there is a rumour when we have not even dated. No, we were not going to do it. He is one that i like to keep as a friend. CONCLUSION: THEIR AGENCIES DENIED THEIR DATING RUMOUR AND SYJ DENIED IT TOO! 3.) SYJ and HYUN BIN in The Negotiation were not lovers but were enemies. In the BTS, you see them very seriously talking about their scenes. However, during the promotions in 2018, all the interviews done were lively and fun and SYJ posted the great wall of Hyun BIn in her IG. Promotions started Aug. 9,2018 and by September 03, HYUN BIN in the ENT Weekly interview acknowledged to the reporter that he and SYJ are CLOSE in REAL LIFE! Still no dating rumours came out between SYJ and HB. In January 2019, there were rumours already stating that they were seen in LA eating with SYJ's parents. When netizens were busy debating on this, a picture of them doing GROCERY shopping in LA came out and so the big rumour of they dating started and their agencies caught unaware gave denials that did not make sense to Netizens . In April /May of the same year, they were confirmed to be the protagonists of a Rom-Com movie CLOY. Today, CLOY was such a phenomenal hit that 6 months after it was aired in Korea is still running hot in Netflix. IN the CLOY BTS, we can observe the fun and closeness of SYJ and HB especially in the SWOON videos. I am taken aback by the lack of involvement of the media and commentators in asking them directly if they were dating like in SITR questions and Shark/The Pirates and the involvement of their colleagues to encourage them to date when their chemistry in CLOY is a lot xxx infinity times more than with the two projects. CONCLUSION: The agencies denied but no denial came from the parties involved. During the conference of CLOY, i think the media failed to corner them with the right question. But why even today, no questions are being asked? Your thoughts are as good as Mine!
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    @Peony @QueenieBee Yessssss, I totally echo your analysis on how stark the differences are between those rumours with Binjin. Those two other rumours were mostly based or if not completely based on on screen chemistry and this is nothing out of the ordinary as it happens all the time. But with Binjin, they practically fuelled the rumours themselves off screen on multiple fronts i.e. reported sightings, photographed sightings, IG selcas, promotion tour, interviews, SYJ's liking spree, HB's EYES. As HB has said before, "It's Son Ye Jin, what else is there to say?" And the CLOY Press Con is one of the best things ever lol, I can't get enough of the subtle things we got from that event. And again in contrast, with the past rumours, people asked them point blank to their faces ARE YOU DATING? And on this one, as we know the question was filtered and the ONLY WAY it could accommodate their safe responses was to ask (paraphrasing) "Is it not difficult to work together in the midst of romance rumours?" The whole room was speaking in codes there like we know they know we know. Thinking about it again, the question reads, "How has it been working together on a professional project since you have become a romantic couple?" Cause that's what it's really asking. Also btw just want to say hi to Dr. Booger I think you are giving me a run for my money in reacting to the posts here and no offence, I think I am more Binjin than you! So I'm gonna be more active from now on OH YEAH!!!
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    If you watched the interview carefully, both of they was laughing when heard the director 's answer, but you can notice that HB took a glance at SYJ as if he wanted to know what's her reaction or feeling. Actually the procedure of making this drama is not go smoothly because the conservative Christian Liberty Party lodged a complaint with police against tvN on jan 9 for allegedly violating the National Security Law, so there was controversy and criticis during making the drama, but fortunately they can make it over, and became one of best kdrama and very famous all over the world. I just can say, these"close friends"can go through many difficult things together,after the grocery rumors they still want to work together, go through the difficult things about making drama with contoversy together, I do beleive their relationship will be more closer and closer. Just hope for hear their good news soon.
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    Guys, guys, guys - you forget the biggest evidence despite all the denials is the Kakao Live emoticons and HB liking responders who said they made a good couple. They thought they were incognito.... Let’s not rehash old arguments and certainly not photos (hands, etc.) that harm their reputations especially their professionalism. Thank our lucky stars/fate/higher being for CLOY. Whatever happens, CLOY will always remain a masterpiece that introduced international fans to Korean dramas.
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    SYJ had a rare poker face while HB was answering for both of them.. trying not to let any emotion show.. @QueenieBee i think @DrBooger is from the other ship with all his unamused reactions
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    Song Ah’s narration is good and heartbreaking when she saw Joon Younh in college. Because we aren’t meant each other and Joon Young called her and find her crying DAEBAK SHE CONFESSED HER FEELING TO JOON YOUNG HEOL WANJEON DAEBAK HEOL DAEBAK ANS NO PREVIEW FOR NEXT WEEK DAEBAK SBS WANJEON SIROOOO
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    Okay, don’t mind me. I’m just summarising out loud: On the 5th of August; LMH posted a Louis Vuitton (LV) invite. A few hours later, KGE posted a throwback picture which was taken when she attended a Chanel event in 2019. She was wearing a brown (popular colour of LV) Chanel dress. LUXURY BRANDS POSTS On the 5th of September; KGE posted a throwback picture of her prepping for a 2018 W Korea photoshoot in Paris. A few hours later, LMH posted pictures of himself in a recording studio with two signed photos (apparently from his All my life photo book in 2014) on the table. BOTH OF THEIR POSTS HAD SOMETHING OLD / FROM THE PAST (MEMORIES). On the 13th of September, KGE posted a mirror selfie in a hair salon wearing a face mask. A few hours later, LMH posted 8 photos of himself going grocery shopping. According to the internet, the two places are 9 minutes apart by foot and 4 minutes by car. THEIR POSTS SHOWED NORMAL WEEKEND ACTIVITIES AND THEY WERE BOTH WEARING WHITE FACE MASKS. Y’all have a fruitful and lovely week.
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    More CLOY bts pics. I just don’t understand why now? Why after HB came back? Why in September? What are they trying to do? Preparing us for something big? There’s nothing to promote anymore our condolence period is over we need to move on
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    I've been shipping Binkyo for many years now. Actually, the only kcouple that I am supporting then and now. I can say that I am more of a silent Binkyo shipper that dont engage to fanwars eventho' many times I was also been bashed by other shippers of Bin and Kyo for loving and supporting them. I also agree that there were also some supporters of Binkyo that engaged in fanwars maybe because they wanted to defend Binkyo in anyway they can but the way they do it maybe seems unacceptable to loyal fans of Bin or Kyo. I hope that some loyal fans won't generalize Binkyo shippers as a whole. We are different people from different countries, from different culture and upbringing. We also have different characters and differs on how we defend Binkyo from antis. There were some supporters who maybe unaware that the way they defended Binkyo only attracts bashers that may cause to damage Kyo's image. Let's all accept that different people have different choices in life. The way we handle our life also differs. The way we resolve problems are also different from each other. So please to all Binkyo shippers here,in ig or twitter let's ship responsibly and respect other's choices. I'm sure Kyo and her squad lurks here. Let's be a supporters which Binkyo can be proud of. Let's not put Binkyo in bad light. In time, we will know the truth and with God's intervention, we will all be happy. And to anti Binkyo, just respect this thread and dont post comments which will just trigger fanwars. As much as possible,since we are aware of many threads here, just post on the thread that suits you.
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    If this also happens in real life, I will say Writer Noh is indeed a fortune teller
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    @Woobin Go It is totally fine. We can understand how you feel but we have Soompi rules to follow too..So hope u understand. There are other ways to vent out . @groceryshopper I think that post was not pointed towards you as you directly didn't mention anyone.. Moreover you are definitely not a new account as it is quite evident from your profile. Infact when we get frustrated, even we throw passive agressive posts towards YJ bashers and Delulu solo stans, but yeah without being obvious. If you backread just a few pages I m sure you will have a good laugh.. Try to read @Kari 's last few posts ..They are hilarious as hell.
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    As almost 7 mos past..yet bts of CLOY keep surfacing one after the other...is it because it won for best drama for the Soul Award?, or is it because our dear Hyun Bin just cameback to Korea from Jordan? or there will be a bigger event one of these days? Ye Jin is so lovely and blooming now a days so us with Binnie..His Bulk up body and mustach suit him perfectly..Obviously both are inspired for each other.. A sign of a happy relationship between the two of them which mean Binjin receive true love from each other ..There's a glow glowing with BINJIN.. Therefore ; ICBM..
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    KJK was over the moon with JSM dancing!!!... He was all happy and supportive...so chatty trying to catch her attention... I bet he liked what he saw....JSM was so pretty,cute and sexy!!!... her dancing and body were hot!!!!... He is used to see her only being cute and funny but not that sexy...JSM was so happy giving all her will on that dance and doing her best in all games....
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    Boy is traumatized for suffering through unrequited love and now that person aka Jung Kyung is basically stalking him... He really got no time to move on because everyone is closing in on him from all sides. His mother needing surgery, Jung Kyung wanting to suddenly be with him because "15 years" and then there is sweet Song Ah who wants to be more than friends. Like... I also think he should make a decision but it's not so easy for him either.
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    Summary : Jung Kyung admitted that there's something between her and Joon Young while Joon Young denied it. Joon Young need money for his mother's surgery and he accepted the composer offering for taking a lesson with violin. Looks like he will have another lesson witn violin DONT TELL ME THAT HE WILL TAKE A MUSHY MUSHY DAY WITH SONG AH SO HE COULD USE HER AS HIS VIOLINIST AND HE SAID HE DOESNT DATE WITH SONG AH Song Ah : i am dissapointed YES HONEY YES
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    Please do not quote images WOODPECKER AND SQUIRREL
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    I think its my post... it's already deleted. Im just upset with other shippers who are continuously bashing our queen. I'm sorry for what I did. Won't do it again.
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    To the newbies here. Plzz respect Soompi rules and refrain from naming any other party not involved in our ship. This would lead to unnecessary fanwars and our forum could be locked down.
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    reading translation on the preview it looks like the prof JY is meeting made some bad hint about SA approached him purposely, and therefor with saying they are not dating he is trying to protect SA from bad rumors.
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    SA being honest on her feelings is big change for her character. She is not that character anymore who harbors an unrequited with her violin tutor/ friend/ ex bf of her bff She lets go of that one sided love is a brave and hardest thing to do and hope JY learns that from her. But JY has a lot of baggages on his life - Family, Career and Love . I guess he has to fix all that first in order to think of himself...
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    Thank you, its interesting view from director and its works. HB and SYj have many kiss scenes in their past drama but at CLOY they can build the chemistry of couple without a lot of kiss scenes, its superb.
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    The director said that he did not think it was a problem for CLOY and him. On the other hand, he believed that their dating rumor can prove how good is the chemistry between HB and SYJ, He found it really interesting too.
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    Our Queen look so beautiful and young! Ehem Min Ho sure does make this women bloody happy as she glowing. Ive been crazily reading fanfic this week and many are so GOOD! This 1 of the best. https://my.w.tt/bZXH9FiuN9
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    "the future will be happier" from HB himself.. he is looking forward to the future NOT IN THE PAST https://twitter.com/amfeefeeling/status/1248430239920738304?s=20
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    They chose a good date Similar look but slightly more different
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    There will be haters, doubters, non-believers. And then there will be our BinKyo couple proving them wrong. There will be friends, supporters, believers. And then there will be our BinKyo couple showing us that they are right for each other. Love is not a competition. Love is to be enjoyed and celebrated. There is no greater harm than time wasted. As for me, I’d rather spend my time deriving joy in finding out if I may be right than wasting my time to prove others wrong. Time to purge negativity with our laughing BinKyo. Binnie - “I laugh a lot when I am with her. She laughs easily.” “Couples who laugh together, last together.” - Dr John Gottman
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    i'm a bit skeptical that a person's first post here mentions the other ship and antis. If you are writing with good intentions, then please kindly edit your comment. If you are purposely trying to violate Soompi rules, then please spend your time wisely elsewhere (forgive me for assuming this, we've had trolls and antis visiting this thread before). ------- Anyway, I found the Facebook post of that lady who owns the Chinese restaurant that HB and crew visited in Jordan, the one that @TotoroSY translated here a few pages ago. (Am I allowed to share the FB post here? I see people sharing it on Twitter). I kind of stalked that lady's FB account (because I'm just naturally curious about Chinese/Asians living in "non-traditionally" immigration countries, like the Middle East) and saw a post she made in July when she found out that HB was going to Jordan. She hoped that HB will visit her restaurant, and voila! She got her wish a month and a half later. Lucky her!
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    Well this doesn't look like a man who doesn't have feelings for Song Ah. Source: DCGall
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    Hello everyone! I finally saw the finale last night after a busy weekend. OMG the ending of my first weekend family drama. It had its up and downs with Leech story line (wrapped up ) with YS asking YD is getting her payments on time as she is now managing a tangerine farm (I am guessing on Jeju Island. I did get to pick some tangerines at a farm on Jeju when I visited a few years ago.) Cute to see the parents dance in place of OJ and Butcher Yang. Good to see that they married and she is a helpful wife getting customers and mentioning to YD about the price increase on the chickens. I thought it weird that Butcher Yang did not mention it . We don't see their wedding but still good to see they are well. Seeing alot of GJ and NH and the babies (makes sense they ARE the OTP). The fraternal twins are cute and that GJ is such a sappy and fussy dad (so appropriately him). I loved their exercise to voice out concerns and talk holding hands (though cheezy) it keeps them in touch with each other and communicating (what they lacked before) to not let it fester and when they felt hurt . Bravo! The moms meeting up and doing well. Great to see GJ mom cured and that the moms decided to live well and stay healthy. Also how they cutely reminisced when younger (but it was a bit ridiculous seeing our actresses dressed as school girls though.) To her saying she will buy the beans that OB roasts since she is getting her certificate. I like that YD is letting her learn and do stuff. YEAH. To have two children married to each other and grandchildren too. Cute how GJ mom fibbed the kids were good to put NH and him at ease while she WAS struggling with the grandkids. Funny to see the stunt guys still dating the gimbap gals now nail shop gals. All in their gangster getup (for the drama/movie) and being 100% supportive of their gals. The slight cut on his cuticle, even the fussy hyung was still--no worries I am fine. (Good good.) YS and the director (It would have been nice to see him but understandable we did not) are in dating and just enjoying each others company is fine. Companionship is lovely and no need for more if both are ok. Plus great seeing her take over the role as President from her oppa. She is fierce and great when she handled the new clothing store tenant in the market. Awww she came around full circle there but in the process found her long lost oppa/has a family/boyfriend/biz roots now in a community. DH and JS are cute. He is still helpful cooking and making breakfast. I love they still visit his mom (even after living 2 yrs together--their relationship was not ruined by strengthened. Their camping adventures and how DH thought it was would a certain way all romanticized when the reality was harsh--no stars, burnt rice and mini fire plus rain. Despite that rocky start, they are happy and working hard. GH and JH are cute. He is so handsome and doing well. GH is doing well with her online mall with staff and getting hit on by the photographer. I agree being able to show she is dating a bronze medalist who is young and handsome. Glad she has something to smile and he does too. JS and family, awwww so cute and they went through alot when the parents were separated, SY was rebelling and SJ still could not talk. So when DH was counseling the mom with her daughter like SJ not talking, i loved she shared she understands and she should be patient like her niece and brother and sister in law were. I wonder how long SY is still getting bribes from GH to not tell the parents. I mean 3 yrs later they are dating and parents do not know? (We will never know if they ever came out to them.) OTP got me to interested in reading the blurb and Sadon couple clips in beginning on YOUTUBE got me hooked that I marathoned the first 16 episodes in a few days. It has been a long journey but thanks all for being there with me. I enjoyed it immensely and see you around. I know I see a few already. To the others (I know I will miss alot of peeps so I apologize in advance) @cuplik @alleram95 @0ly40 @tiMadam @mjmartinez @donutLover @letsgoa_s @acidrain33 @the girl who! @chickfactor @capri2014 @MinLyn @monalisa @brooksmom @ck1Oz @tas82 @dramaninja @monalisa @Mocharel @margerytka @foreverempress @Silverlining93 @rolisrntex @kboramint @coconut_lemon @Poison Ivy @heartslined @JumeeTya @happiness @kiefshi1056 @perfectmouse @hell59 @D27Gjk68 @emerald ox @adnap @jelly @eLizza @Gaia2u @nat_phoenix88 @rubie @jongski @Samuel Yohanes @Helena @celebrianna @cococahpi @Fabbo @mekeo117 @Bejaffled @Secretz @sal2 @fenchfries @jeijei @rukizie @nohamahamoud2002 @marrez1 @Lmangla @hell59 @The_Doctor @yookitube @O @tanpatura_stv @Loropetalum @Latte_Anyday @lightbringer06 @veespn @yukiyukiku @Sheenigummy @Marie Kay @emerald ox @HJ404 @Illana Souza @rocher22 @UnniSarah @Sirry Usly @usadango @Katsuragi @fluffyloaf @rocher22 @Sakurafairy @lampard7 @bestill4610 @Schmiechel @Ohsh @HanSeulRa @Louis @cp23 @schummy_lover @Kitty_Litter @DeePlatonicFan @dubuqueen @airgelaal @Mellow_mindeulle @happiness @amandamoreira91 @tarjig @dulceres @nttv @Nadia Muñoz @white Life @calledtoteach @fanofr
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    He did mentioned he gets the scholarship for someone suffering The scholarship is given for remembrance of JK mom? I guess he feels tired for constantly need to enter the competition, paying his family debt, indebted to Kyungsoo Foundation. The cycle keep on going until he feels fed up of it. He really needs money now So love is not his priority right now as he had many on going issues on financial, career & family too Just hope he will be honest to SA Just share his burden rather than keeping it from her Thats what is friend for during the good & bad times I really hope SA will bring the positive influence to JY for music Maybe he can be a better pianist once he discover his passion for piano Rather than doing it for the sake of earning money I wonder why that female professor suddenly being nice to SA Even telling her to enter the Graduate School While previously she is belittling her
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    Thanks @rukizie and @Jillia for recaps for today's episode. OMG. I have to watch it tonight. Now what we know, this clips video (I cannot remember if posted already I feel it might have been already?) More the sweet clips of the beginning. I agree with @Jillia our ML has no luxury to be in a relationship. I was RIGHT that our FL SA confessed to JY. That is brave of her considering she couldn't say anything to CEO YOON due to her friend MS. Thanks to our foundation boss Cha Young In is fierce and AWESOME! Poor JY finding out his mom is sick and did not know after sending JK grandmother to the hospital that is hard. Future angst for our SA to be in between both JK and JY. Glad she laid bare how she felt. But JY is not in the right headspace to date her. He is attracted but having his long time crush confess and then financial burdens, lack of enthusiasm for piano (his bread and butter) is alot to handle for anyone. Ok back to work but appreciate everyone's else's posts/explanations etc.
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    Hi everyone...i have really enjoyed all of your comments and GIFs... this drama has renewed my love for Kdramas.. . Love all the actors but JK has really proved she is selfish and not a true friend. I heard that it will be a 4 square love situation not only a 3 triangle . If this is true..I hope a fellow classmate goes after SA...perhaps it will lite a fire under JY. Both deserve some peace and happiness.
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    Jung Kyung waited Joon Young in his apartment after Joon Young confronts her why she didn’t tell him about she broke up with Hyun Ho. Young In seems know that Song Ah and Joon Young have a some relationship but she bid her farewell and ask her to keep in touch with her Song Ah came to his apartment and tried to call her. She texted him if he is in house but she saw Jung Kyung out from his apartment and remember that Joon Young had a meeting with someone. THE MISUNDERSTANDING HAPPENING ARGHHHH
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    Song Ah asked for her office mate advice about her friend’s problem. Her friend’s problem is her lol Her friend’s problem is why the man always talk about missing her and want to meet her but he asked her being a friend. Is that considered as a some ? YASSS HONEY IT’S SOME RELATIONSHIP but the male co workers said the man likes her friend because he wanted to meet her and tell her about his day.
  41. 8 points
    I miss five minutes of episode 6. Hyun Ho finally met Jung Kyung in Kyung Hoo event while Joon Young rejected even turn off the phone because his mother kept calling him. After the even finished, Song Ah texted Jun Young, Jun Young ssi i feel good today after done my job. Jung Kyung really had no emotions to tell Young In that she broke up with Hyun Ho and asked her to find replacement for yearly event. Did you have real intentions to marry me ? Jung Kyung cried while looking at her things even she recalled her memory with Hyun Ho. She seemed regretting to broke up with him.
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    something funny from yesterday's episode. so we meet the second lead guy (not the good ex-boyfriend in coma but this other guy who is the son of the cold chairman) and he has a hilarious one-liner when he meets the cold chairman -- "because of you we don't need a/c in the summer as you are so cold!" so will he have more such interesting insults in the future. should be fun to watch!
  43. 8 points
    After reading this text, I think so too.. Awwwww.. They're totally flirting with each other, aren't they?!?! Gahhhh.. Can they be anymore cuter than this?! I'm a bit worried for ep6... It seems like our favourite shy duo will be facing stumble blocks before they get together.. Noooooooooo..... Edit: On that note, they had their first fight in ep5. Awwwww.. I shouldn't be happy about this, but this just means that they're starting to be true to themselves & that they're communicating with each other (any healthy couple will fight at least once). And hopefully, from here, they'll help the other person become a better version of themself!
  44. 8 points
    Times up diorboy https://www.instagram.com/p/CFE4QZqFAm0/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
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    thanks @Sleepy Owl! <3 -2
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    Noona, It is a Gumiho story, apparently LDW will be a nine tailed fox in it, and Jo Bo Ah the FL is a PD of a channel, chasing after him. Have no idea how the story will be, but you are right about LDW, his dramas are on either really good, or just meh. @mirmz well done +2
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    hiiiii peopleeeeeeeeee i just got down w/ a test AND I DIDNT FAIL!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! -2
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    Same here, have been stopping myself from watching the episodes scheduled for next weeks, for the last 2 weeks. I really was feeling like finishing it within a week last Monday. +2
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    -2 aigoo .. i hear you loud and clear @Sleepy Owl melting ......
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