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    I realized it’s so easy to deceive people on SNS nowdays....they can post anything on the internet and it somehow turned into a ’rumour’ that people will somehow believe there’s a truth to it.They can even turned fan absurd theory/assumption and it ended up as ‘rumour’ then somehow It gets treated like it’s a fact and then it goes viral and get picked up by trashy medias who loves taking advantage of such situation.Might as well do it too.... ”So guys...I have a korean friend who worked in the industry.She told me it’s confirmed that Hyunbin and Yejin will have a private wedding this November in JeJu and they’ll announce it soon.There’s actually a leaked photo of their pre wedding photoshoot too but it’s been deleted so quickly by the OP.” - If I posted this somewhere else especially pretending as if I’m not a shipper...I bet you somebody will spread this and it ended up as a rumour and it’ll be treated as if it’s fact at the end lol It’s that easy..... Anyway,I hope this fake rumour I just made up ended up being true though lol P.S Stan a couple that falls inlove not because they share a skinships through drama/movies...
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    HB mentioning YJ when the question wasn’t even about her lol So I guess he’s been doing this since TN Era.And does this mean he saw her angry before and that she’s the type that gives silent treatment when she’s angry lol Remind me of this bts though.... + #Throwbacks - I remember how he and his parents were at Swiss with BinJin too.They even send HB a foodtruck...”Uncle HB”. Anyway,can BinJin get married and have their own kid now too lol But take your time guys...it’s your life...it’s better to take things slow and be sure about everything instead of making rash decision that will ended up as a bad divorce or something right. Speaking of Foodtruck too... #Throwback when JHI actually send a foodtruck and supporting our Dooly/RiRi Couple. “I support all the actors and staff of CLOY.Dooly Couple Fighting!” + - Well she’s clearly living more comfortably atm I mean she has been spending more time with the people she loves...like you know going golfing aka certain someone favorite hobby hahaha and she’s getting more beautiful and she just has this different glow ever since.... Thanks KTP lol - My Assumption why YJ hasn’t updated in awhile (Feel free to Ignore since it’s also kind of another episode of my short rant lol): + There’s a rumour that HB is leaving Jordan tonight and will arrive at SK tomorrow...well I hope it’s true. And if his 2 weeks quarantine starts tomorrow...could he really be YJ special guest for her FM on the 27th?! Anyway,I’m just gonna lower my expectations as usual lol same as how I’m lowering my expectations for the announcement too.I’m just gonna go with the flow but i do hope all of our wishes comes true this year though but even if it doesn’t I would still be supporting them for sure because I’m just too confident with this ship already lol Have a good day everyone!
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    I so agree with what lovelyz posted of how rumors can start anytime and anywhere. "A lie repeated a thousand times becomes truth." Especially with SNS these days. One can post a blurry photo of two people and say they are dating, and people will quickly believe it. It's how it's always worked in political news, and it works in entertainment news as well. With that said, my friends, I need to rant (again). Sorry, I feel like I just come here to rant. But please bear with me one more time (and probably many more times to come). Actually, this is more of an emotional and psychological journey that I experienced recently. Lately, I almost gave up on BinJin. With virtually 2 months of no news, I wanted to give up. You know, I'm a long-time Yejin fan after all. And I will stay a long-time Yejin fan. But then on one stormy day, I saw my reflection in the window and said to myself, "Kari, you can't give up! You can't jump ship and seek refuge elsewhere! If so, then you're a hack and a maniac! Might as well call yourself Kari is Such a Hack and Maniac, or KSHM for short!" In that instance, my friends, I woke up. I gathered myself and realized what a mistake it was to give up on BinJin. Immediately after my realization, the skies outside cleared up. I was so scared that I almost wanted to spread fake news about BinJin everywhere to feel better about myself. But alas, I don't want to be a hack and a maniac. I don't want to be called KSHM. That's all I have to share. Thank you for all for reading about my emotional journey.
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    I usually don't make these types of posts, but all I have to say is... no one is forcing anyone to stay on this ship. I can understand occasional fleeting doubts or some impatience during droughts, but if you're going to believe in and take to heart every, single baseless rumor... then please jump ship for your own sake and everyone else's. You can either jump off yourself... Or we will gladly help you... And for those who have jumped ship and are being loud about it, we hear you loud and clear: Hope y'all don't drown in your own misery once this ship docks. Meanwhile, HB and YJ waiting to do this after his quarantine...
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    @lovelyz I love your perspectives in all what you have written about HB and SYJ. Normally, i quiet down as i see a lot of people giving/writing their ideas but on what you have just presented " How do actors fall in love when they do not even share skinship"...i want to give my worth. First, it is good that all rumours come out here because we can see the richness of opinions and beliefs and facts that are shared coming from people all over the world and that to me is Awesome! If they are trolls then they can be shamed by how objective and mature we are taking crumbs or false reports. We can never be shaken as We as a team have continuously strengthened each others' faith in BinJin through our open exchanges and validations in this forum reaching 1215 pages already. I belong to a drama group in my younger years. I understand that when you are portraying a role and get immersed into it, you become that persona and stays with you until the drama is over.This is one of the reasons why many actors/stage or movies fall in love with their partners and apart from the fact that actors do not have time to date so they often meet their partners in projects/ CFs/celebrations.... Therefore, how can our OTP fall in love without skinship? Not only that, they did not even meet face to face during the shoots. The interviews and swoon videos indicated that they viewed each others project since time and thus that getting to know how they will act is almost done as expressed by SYJ. One can only surmise that they fell in love by their own volition and the development of those feelings were done by themselves not by their skinship nor even the closeness in the movie because there was none. The shooting period was also very short so how can it develop? In their own private personal world , they were communicating and developing their relationship. Nobody and not even the press had any idea about what was going on between them until the fateful LA Grocery pictures . One person may have witnessed this development and that is the Director of TN.... as he was with them with their regular meetings before and during the shoots. That is why, their relationship is strong because they built it themselves by their own choice and decision and not by the circumstance of skinship or love relationship in a project. This is why i joined the shippers world of BinJin as they allowed us to witness one of the most phenomenal love story of our time!
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    EVENT: THREAD SPOTLIGHT! hey ya chingus, with this spotlight, get ready to discover the actor that has a huge fan base ~ Lee Min Ho. for many kdrama fans, boys over flowers was their first drama they watched and their entry to the beautiful dramaland! so come and get to know a bit more about him from a fan's perspective! please hit like and post comments to encourage the group who put this together! --------------------------------------- THREAD: Lee Min Ho CATEGORY: actors & actresses Spotlight video: check out the video made by @syntyche that puts the spotlight on his career, his friends, his charity, his interactions with fans as well as glimpses of his happy goofball smile! all in less than 3 minutes! Credits to owners of photos and clips music: "Love Motion" by Lee Min Ho Who is Lee Min Ho? Lee Min Ho began acting and modeling as a teenager, and, interrupted only by a serious auto accident that kept him hospitalized for months, went from bit parts to leading roles in just a few years. He first shot to international stardom as the leader of a small group of handsome, rich and intimidating high school friends, dubbed the “F4”, in the classic series, Boys Over Flowers. Since then he’s taken on diverse roles such as a vigilante seeking revenge, a struggling young architect, a 14th century warrior, an illegitimate, troubled heir, a ragpicker turned gangster, a conman, and most recently a present-day king in a parallel world. He is Immensely popular with fans around the world, with more than 65 million social media followers from Asia to Africa. What makes him special? While many fans may be initially attracted to his good looks and tall, elegant bearing, they soon learn there is much more to him. He has won an acting award for every series in which he’s starred, as well as a prestigious Grand Bell award as Best New Actor for the film, Gangnam 1970. Followers and coworkers also love his down-to-earth personality with a notable absence of arrogance. One producer-director said that he was one of the most hardworking, humble and selfless actors he has ever worked with, despite being one of the biggest South Korean stars. His foundation, Promiz, has supported projects all over the world, and he personally contributed 350 million won to fight the COVID pandemic, more than any other Korean celebrity. Although his presence shines brightly whenever he's in the public eye, he leads a quiet private life, spending time with family and friends, including fellow actors Jung Il-woo, a long-time friend from high school; Kim Bum, one of the "F4" members in Boys over Flowers; and the latest addition to what fans are calling a new "F4", Woo Do-hwan, who costarred with him in The King. Capturing hearts.... We asked Soompi fans to say what drew them to Lee Min Ho, and here’s a small sample of what they said: “Genuine and considerate… Exceptional acting skills, making each role memorable… Shows care and concern for his fans…Witty and thoughtful… Easily laughs at himself, sometimes adorably dorky and goofy… Shy and embarrassed when he receives a compliment… Incredibly expressive eyes that speak a thousand words… Sweet smile on gorgeous, kissable lips… Oozing with charisma… His intense gaze and the way his eyes twinkle when he speaks or laughs is enough to melt any heart.” One fan said it best about his different roles: “Gu Jun Pyo's ridiculous charm pulled me in (Boys Over Flowers), Yoon Sung's panache fluttered my heart (City Hunter), Choi Young's sincerity, bravery, courage, loyalty and code of honor floored me (Faith), Kim Tan's eyes intrigued me (Heirs), Jong Dae's misplaced ideals and love just killed me (Gangnam 1970), Joon Jae's antics made me ridiculously happy (Legend of the Blue Sea), and Lee Gon's majesty made me want to travel to his kingdom to see him in full glory (The King: Eternal Monarch).” Spotlight contributors: @msdot @CallieP @syntyche @Aleumdaun @Min2206 @Nikaa94 @JoannaID @Hohoho @1ouise @Thong Thin @scrawford @madmad min @CarolynH --------------------------------------------- About thread spotlight : it is an event series where we highlight various threads across soompi from different sections - actors, dramas, shippers, kpop .... thread members get to show off their fan feels and highlight the subject of their thread to the rest of the community. with so many threads, we may not be aware what is happening around soompi and it is a chance for us to discover these threads from a fan's perspective. we will be highlighting 1-3 threads a month; if your thread is interested for next month, reach out to me and @partyon thanks to the Lee Min Ho thread for putting this spotlight together! hoping to discover more new threads around soompi! ---------------------------------------
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    Sorry but i dont buy that gossip where SYJ is dating a businessman. Why? No single article written in a Korean media. SYJ is one of the biggest artists in South Korea so if that businessman exists in her, there's always a leak on that..aside from it, SyJ would not allow Hyun Bin to be connected with her from 2017 to present with atleast due respect to the person she' s involved or relationship with. SYJ while it is a fact that she is A celebrity but that businessman has an emotion too. Does SYJ allow Hyun Bin to act the T-kiss with her if she's in a relationship with somebody? I think we have to apply a bit of commonsense in dealing some gossips here and there. Samething with that xyz reconcilliation with Bin. For me, whether some of here do not validate my statement , Binjin is real and valid! Binjin is an item even there is no verbal confirmation. Read between the lines. As they say, actions speak louder. The Binjin gestures and actions totally so loud that only dumb cannot read or get it. Yes it is a fact that Hyun Bin admits publicly his relationship but this is not always the case. SYJ is so so private when it comes to relationship so again read between the lines. in a relationship, there is what we call mutual understanding. Binjin perhaps had mutual conditions that their relationship is not for public knwledge . its their privacy to speak. We.are here because we believe in BinJin I say ICBM
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    Thanks We got something Prepare to be swoon here We all miss him. Jinnie misses him more
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    @Kari omg I’m so glad you woke up that sounds like a total nightmare and please don’t ever change your name to KSHM it sounds so familiar and the name just leaves a bad taste. I think I heard it before but I hope we don’t see it here ever again. Anyways this is totally random but I decided to do a series of why and because to show how much HB values Yejin whether it’s as a friend or wife. This is based on facts and crumbs that were given to us by BinJin themselves and NOT their “squad” stylist or assistants so take it or leave it it’s up to you Warning: To the shoplifters out there I would strongly advise you to look away because you won’t be able to handle it. And don’t come for me or call be delusional because these “Because” are as clear as sky. So here it goes Why was HB in the states on Jan 2019 when he had no reason to be there? BECAUSE it was Yejin’s birthday month and he wanted to spend time with her. WHY did HB mention Yejin on his MetroStyle interview even though they didn’t even ask about her? BECAUSE she’s on his mind 24/7 simple as that. WHY did HB say that he looked forward to lunch time the most during TN shooting? BECAUSE that was the only time he was able to see her (his words not mind) WHY did HB say “we” many times during his BAA speech? BECAUSE they are now one and comes in a package so if you’re a fan of one of them then you’ll have to accept the other person. If you don’t then guess you’re not a true fan after all WHY did cloy become such a huge hit and is still talked about to this day? BECAUSE of the chemistry between HB and Yejin. Their love story unfolding onscreen for the world to witness WHY did HB tell Yejin to cover her legs during TN promotions and Yejin actually listen to him? BECAUSE he has boyfriend privilege WHY Is there still so many shippers even though they “denied” so many times BECAUSE the receipts kept coming even when we didn’t ask for it. (*cough* liking spree *cough*) WHY did HB want to act with Yejin again and this time be able to breathe the same air as her when they just did a movie together? BECAUSE He wants to spend more time with her and was starting to fall for her. There’s so much more but I’m tired and it’s late where I am so I’m just going to leave this here. But noticed how all of this came from HB himself? That’s the difference between a peaceful ship that’s sailing straight to shore and the titanic. I will try to write a why and because that came from Yejin another day but for now have a good day/night everyone and let’s wait patiently for HB to come home safely. His quarantine will be over on the 26th and a special someone has a fan meeting that’s going to take place on the 27th so expect them to be ninjas for the next 2 weeks . I wonder if this was planned? Somebody must’ve wanted to be the special guests (okay this part is my delusional side speaking so ignore it if you want) #InBinJinWeTrust #In2FacedPeopleWeDon’tTrust
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    Ppl just want to diminish the excitement fans have for both of them now, that he is on his way home to be loved and cherished and not forgetting the winning celebration of her. Now it's no more hyun bin dating rumor now the scandal is shifting to son ye jin. There are sick ppl outside honestly. I'm glad they are keeping their romance private. This is an attempt to make them reveal publicly that yes we are together. I like hyunbin he is really a husband material, he step up for every nonsense in a professional way. Fighting CEO of Vast. She's yours we know fighting.
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    A series of WHY questions and BECAUSE answers. WARNING- Read at your own risk. If you are not a likeminded lurker, you are forewarned that reading on is not good for your mental health. If you are a likeminded lurker/reader, please put on your independent thinking cap. I will not be responsible for any consequences be it a BinKyo conviction or a mental breakdown. (PS - The WHY questions are questions I have asked myself. And the BECAUSE answers are the answers I have come to. The BECAUSE answers are strictly my own. If you think that I am an illogical or delusional person, then please take care of your mental health and don’t waste your brain cells being vexed over my BECAUSE answers. If you are an easily influenced person without your own independent thinking, as warned, please don’t blame me for affecting your thinking.) 1. WHY was there no cloy Director’s Cut? (= WHY were there 5 denial statements over cloy rumors?) BECAUSE for him, after cloy, it was a full-stop. Period. 2. WHY did Binnie return early from Mongolia last year? BECAUSE he wanted to spend his birthday at home. I ask this question because this year, it is the same. He wants to be home for his birthday. Incidentally, there’s word going around that he will be home today. 3. WHY did BinKyo issue denial statements? BECAUSE he was away. BECAUSE he was busy filming. BECAUSE he could not afford to be distracted. BECAUSE it was not right to get sidetracked from their tight filming schedule that was obtained through much difficulty and to sacrifice the interests and effort of the entire production team. 4. Why do I think there’s a BinKyo 2.0? BECAUSE of the few rounds of rumors. BECAUSE the rumors sprung out of nowhere. If the rumors could be traced to a source (for eg, fanfic by fans), it would have been easy to verify. But if the source of the rumors could not be traced, then it is difficult to verify and difficult to dismiss the rumors. That’s why we have the saying, “There’s no smoke without a fire”. BECAUSE the rumors had specifics - Yangpyeong, house in Yangpyeong. This specific detail is that proverbial “smoke that came out of a fire that has not been traced”. BECAUSE there were BinKyo-related references in the interaction between President and Kyo before the first deluge of rumors. BECAUSE of crumbs dropped by squad. Some may poo-poo the crumbs as crumbs from one side only. But let me tell you that the crumbs dropped from squad have all been Binnie-related crumbs - Shoes with brand of overseas filming location, Am... X 2, Binnie’s airport fashion X 2 people, Summer in 2010, 2010 ....and some more concrete ones that I won’t share as protecting their privacy is our priority. - WHY would one side’s squad drop crumbs related to the other half? ——BECAUSE they all coincidentally are his fans? ——BECAUSE they all coincidentally are his friends too? ——BECAUSE they just want to have fun trolling BinKyo shippers? ——BECAUSE...all the BECAUSE above still point to BinKyo 2.0 nonetheless. BECAUSE many in squad have “liked” posts related to Binnie and even BinKyo. 5. WHY am I here? BECAUSE their BinKyo 1.0 story is a beautiful story in which they broke up because of “external circumstances” and “societal pressures” and there were many reports stating “they still love each other”, even at that point. I don’t know whether they did break up then (there were signs that made that doubtful) or when they eventually broke up, but based on publicly available information, one thing is sure - their breakup wasn’t because of issues between them but because of external factors. BECAUSE I want to show my support for BinKyo as I love Bin and I have also come to love Kyo. After all the WHYs and BECAUSEs, let me conclude with this - I really have no answers to (i) where they are in their relationship now, (ii) how far they will go, (iii) whether they will make it public etc etc.. ALL I WILL SAY IS THIS: #BinKyoFighting! #BinKyoSaranghabnida! Feel free to share your WHYs and BECAUSEs as we spread and share our love for two very lovely people.
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    Hi there fellow hyunbin fan. For the sake of analysing the possibilities of what you mentioned, here are my thoughts: 1. Since you're a fan of binnie, I'm sure you're aware of how long his stylist (not so called stylist, as stylist IS stylist) has been working with him. It is in fact common for stylists to be close with the celebs since the stylist need to know the celebs' taste and preference in order to dress them well and at their comfort level. There is thus a need to build rapport with them. Also, if the stylist dress the celebs during the shooting of dramas, they will be with the actors throughout the duration of the filming which could span between 3-6 months. Naturally, a relationship will be formed. Binnie's stylist has been with him since pre-military days (as you should know being a binnie fan). Just like how your hairdresser whom you've been going to for years, knows all about your personal life, the same analogy goes with stylist. Some evidences of binnie being close with his stylist is the fact that he attended her wedding last year and earlier this year, he even gifted her with a wedding anniversary gift (it's a pretty rare sight for a guy to remember his stylist's wedding anniversary I might add). 2. I'll reverse the question instead to why didn't his co-founder follow kyo if binkyo are dating? Simply because he is not close to her (not all girls are close to their boyfriend's friends and vice versa) and of course we can't discount the fact that by following bin's ex-girlfriend, it would certainly raise some eyebrows (like it did when bin's stylist follows kyo). As for his wife's actions, personally I think she's just being good natured and polite replying to the fans. I'm not completely sure about this, but I don't think any celeb had commented on any of her post before. If she's been liking other celebs posts, and it is not reciprocated, i don't think there's a meaningful relationship between them. This is in contrast to kyo and bin's stylist liking and commenting on each other's posts on ig. 3. What has bin's PA throwback post got to do with binkyo? It is his own personal ig afterall. After closing the comments section to some of his posts when fans demand updates on hb and answers to rumours circulating hb, it's clear that he is not giving anything away. It also shows his professionalism. 4. Lastly, it is not a competition on whether binnie is dating kyo or someone else. If they're dating, they are. If they're not, then they're not. There are no winners in guessing correctly. If you're not yet aware, Binkyo reconciliation rumours surfaced not because of some shippers who irresponsibly create fiction out of thin air (honestly, who would believe ex-lovers from 9 years ago got back together when both parties have got nothing to gain from those rumours). It's because fans spotted traces of binnie in kyo's squad that shouldn't have been there in the first place. As you may also know, bin is a private person and his group of actor friends are also not active on socmed. Although it may seem one sided since most of the evidences came from kyo's side, for me, it did not tipped the scale at all. Simply put, if the evidence came from a third party e.g. an eyewitness account, if the source is credible, it will still be an evidence. Its unfair and unreasonable to have expectations that both parties should put up equal amount of clues and evidences to show people that they're dating. E.g. Jisung has an ig account and when he first opened his account, he posted picts of his wife and daughter. Lee bo young does not have an ig account. Does that mean lby did not take any photos of jisung and their daughter together? In conclusion, just because we don't see what we want to see, doesn't mean it's not there. But from what I've seen, even if binkyo are not dating, they are certainly not strangers.
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    Well...HB is a businessman (CEO of VAST) and he does have many photos of them traveling together.
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    Let's be happy! Sharing some comics I found. please don't quote images.
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    There has been so many things going on here and most importantly SYJ is Hallyu Best Actress and HB is Hallyu Best Actor PERIOD and also DVD or NO DVD, CLOY continues to be on everyone's mind, I've even heard on so many occasions from so many fans that it's their favourite HB's project, so obvious why! I am pretty sure CLOY is dear and special to HB's heart for very obvious reasons. But sorry I digress I just need to slap some urgent reality on this "fellow shipper", cause she clearly and obviously NEEDS HELP. @Kari or KSHM (btw please be careful not to get attached to this nickname, I could have sworn there's someone with the same name so you know lawyers are lurking and might take legal action on you), anyway you need to get yourself together man. Don't you ever think about spreading fake news about Binjin ever again because if you say that you're a long time fan, as you say you are, you need to put your money where your mouth is. Otherwise, people will think that you're two-faced. Please don't put on a mask, except LITERALLY cause girl we're still in a pandemic, don't be dumb, put on the RIGHT KIND OF MASK for your HEALTH and everyone around you. And what's with talk of jumping ship?? WAIT let me guess, is it cause there are too many Binjin shippers here that have a lot of insight and crumbs and receipts and you can't stand the idea of "sharing the limelight" (if there even needs to be one) so you would even consider going to a deprived ship that has been in extinction whom will basically buy anything you sell? Awwww... if you ever decide to do that, you do you girl. You do you. Even if you crazy, I'll still thank you for the entertainment. But all that said, I'm rooting for you Kari!!! Fight the temptation, but HEY no hard feelings ok unless if you do become a KSHM then soz you're not welcome.
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    @sunset0 this is how fake and malicious rumors start. Which is why I am not quoting your post. The tabloids monitors twitter/IG/forums and will publish this and before we know it, this story will have a life of its own as it gets repeated as people will tweet/write about the tabloids posts. I wish people/fans understand that HB and SYJ owe us nothing. They do not have to tell us anything. They did not ask us to “ship” them so they do not have to make their relationship public. It is OUR desires that they are a couple and we want to know if OUR desires are true. They are not puppets dancing to our requests and wishes.
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    We are here because we are Binkyo supporters, not only shippers. Binkyo was the real couple. Their relationship is real, not base on the delulu. And of course, we are matured people. So we little know how to observe the emotion of people. And we don’t like to write any fan fictions. We believe in them. And of coursethat, we are not “sons or daughters” of them, don’t need to call them by mum or somthing like that haha
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    In acting, it comes in a various scenery. Depends on a character they are portraying. RJH as Silent man but can speak with his eyes, hands and other actuations which were able to meet in CLOY..its true that No yealing as his character is somewhat a soldier who is quiet, self controled , neat ,.orderly ,sad but strong and brave..acting isnt about crying and yelling most of the time..acting is somewhat conveying viewers to appreciate and believe what you are portraying . ClOY was able to convey viewers which it extended outside korea and believed that RJH despite of being stoik and quiet did the best acting. Call me biased but RJH is the best actor with me as i watched both WTCB and CLOY.. Cant imagine to act as a North Korean persona while infact that u belong to South Korea..That is not easy to do so since you need to adopt North Korean Beliefs and Practices plus the persona of a character you are portraying with.
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    YESHHHH that man is FINALLY back fm Jordan...in almost same outfit when he left.HB is en route to Seoul and will land Incheon ard 3pm KST. He will go straight to quarantine
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    Hyun Bin effectively portrayed RJH...very effective to the point that he captured the heart and soul of so many in ALL gender, may it be young or old, he captured on the spot the heart of the ahjummas not only in SK but international as well...again my question is... why they did not give him the Hallyu Award to the most qualified and deserving??... If the people or the SK fans have their own criteria why not considering the Hallyu Criteria as well which for sure will include the taste/criteria of the global/international fans since Hallyu means increase or awarenes of the Global SK culture around the globe/international....Since i watched CLOY and i fell in love with the whole cast, I became interested in everything Korean...i make sure i always have kimchi on my fridge, korean snacks in my pantry and goes to korean restaurants once in a while, i even search about the SK-NK dispute etc and search each cast members profiles most especially BinJin Couple...and yes if there's no global pandemic i will travel again to SK just to have the feel and experience SK culture and more...yes i will visit Vast and MSTeam ofc even just to have a glimpse of the two most popular SK entertainment agency FOR ME and for the BinJin shipppers or their respective fans as well... Again, my congratulations to our Queen Ye Jin for the Hallyu Best Actress award but i know for a fact she will be more happy if her better half HB/RJH got the Hallyu Best Actor award as well.
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    Dear BinKyo, If you read this, I just wanna make a request. I know both of you have this principle not to do work with someone whom you have relationship in real life. So, my request would be, if you are not really dating, please do a drama together, otherwise, I will believe what I want to believe, based on the crumbs, of course.
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    He will see his favorite princess and cheerleader soon Reunited in their house full of happiness (that was what the truth beneath working title was before Now the literal translation is: there is no secret )
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    @Nenski, yes indeed, HB is a businessman! Imagine conceptualizing VAST with his mentor, then being CEO of your agency. He has got business smarts for sure. @Halinakorea, yes I agree, action speaks louder than words. The stroll at BAA, the "we" speeches, the IG liking spree, the Smart CFs. Fan service only some say, at this point, them being such huge celebrities individually, A-listers in K-ent, do they still need to perform fan service. Nah, I don't think so. The fans love them, whether as individuals or as a couple. @Beadharmony, yes I have not seen an actual photo of HB shopping for a dress. Only saying that manager does not allow photos of him being taken. So I am taking this item with a pinch of salt. Oh, and i almost forgot! Those new photos released by VAST! HB at his dreamiest. So handsome, I am almost speechless!
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    In connection with grocery shoping, i went to grocery shoping with my male friend but we used different cart . we paid our own bill separately. And he does not take my bag in his cart and we did it in our country ( Mongolia). For Binjin, they did it outside Korea and used the same cart. Hyun Bin even took the bag of his behalf and put it in his cart. Obviosly a couple vibes. Probably, they ask with each other about that popcorn haha. " a salty one or the sweet one, the buttered flavor or the caramel one, what size, small medium or large?" My delulu !!! Gaks!
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    I enjoyed reading your post and reminiscing about the Swoon videos! RE: the Compliment Me video, I think HB chose the flower one as the one SYJ wrote because she is a huge flower lover and he likely knows that. It was also the least fangirly compliment of the lot and probably the safest bet. He didn't know she was trying to scam him lol I've watched those videos (especially couch talk) countless times and you definitely get a sense of how comfortable and familiar they are with each other, but also a sense that they (particularly SYJ) may have been purposely trying to make it seem like some answers were surprising. Even if they weren't in a romantic relationship, they've spent enough time together the last 2 years filming two projects and traveling together (1 personal trip, and 2 other countries for work purposes), that they would definitely know each other fairly well at this point. So where HB nodded along knowingly to SYJ saying she unwinds with a cup of coffee, SYJ may have been trying to play it a little too cool when he talked about how he unwinds after work with beer. That's my interpretation anyway @lovelyz great post as always! I also found that BTS pic funny. It's hard to tell because its just a split second, but she does look annoyed right? Although there is also another pic later on in between takes of them filming that scene where she is picking lint off his jacket so im sure they were fine lol
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  30. 15 points
    I was nervous and excited to see the thread on popular page. I thought this is it. That D-day has finally come.
  31. 15 points
    Gals I come with bearing gifts again so enjoy disclaimer : I dunno how real or DELULU it is but ig shippers have decided to keep us happy and very happy for this ship.... I am dancing if this theory is anywhere true.. this is the link of ig https://www.instagram.com/p/CE_XU2cJkIe/?igshid=1036vwr5ve89b and this is on Twitter..:. now the big question: is that really the shape of a daisy flower in that fan kit??? Lol now if we think in a more mature way don’t you guys think that LMH is somewhere since long time trying to put his decisions through these kinda messages to his fans.....like as if he is some who preparing them for the big news later on.... for me all those lovestagram than cryptic photos and law processes than agencies being silent and now this fan kit - lines..... hope that we are not deep in DELULU and somewhere our theories prove right till than enjoy and off I go...will come back when we get some bomb from our otp themselves.....
  32. 15 points
    do not quote pic! Only time can tell. What’s meant to be will happen in God’s perfect time.
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    Aww..such a lovely tweet.. It is indeed true.. "Hyun Bin oppa is the best actor in my life"- by none other than miss yejinhand .
  35. 15 points
    Well I think you are talking about Kang Nara..She is one of the most popular defectors..I agree with some of her points but not everything.. Just like intuition said, I watched some reviews from other defectors as well.. I m not undermining Nara but she herself said that she visited Pyongyang very few times because we know not everyone can afford to go to the capital city in NK..To think that she once said HB had the weakest accent among the rest (except Seo Dan) , I wasn't convinced..I know he was not that good in Confidential Assignment but he improved a lot in CLOY. Thus I searched for more and here is a review from a male perspective and he said Hyun Bin was ALMOST PERFECT as Ri Jeong Hyuk including his ACCENT.But ofcourse as this person is not a popular celebrity on YT so he has got less number of views. Take your time and watch it. I was marvelled at how he talked about the whole scenario regarding CLOY. PS: In the video below, the left most guy called JunHyuk(yes the name striked me), he was also involved in consulting CLOY staff . I can find many similarities with him and RJH. As himself coming from an elite class I found more details in his review than Nara's ..No offence to her but just stating the fact that there is indeed a strong hierarchical presence in NK and this video below shows the contrast perfectly as the girl in the middle is from NK countryside meanwhile the left most guy is the privileged one. Edit: @Intuition1btw is not a HB fangirl.. She is a long time SYJ fan.Check her posts.. Thus I think HB not getting the award bugged many people including me. But yeah there can be difference in opinion.. You think the other person deserved it more than HB , that's totally fine..We are all after all entitled to our opinions..But this is a shipping forum so I would request you to not plant those who do not agree with your viewpoint as mere oppa fangirls. PS2 : I don't want to interfere in ur opinion regarding the winner but as you talked about dialect accuracy due to one defector, I brought in some different perspectives..cause opinions can't be finalised just because of a single person's P.O.V (in this case Nara's).
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    Eversince, I don't have doubts with their love for each other. It's just a matter of right timing. So all throughout these years, I patiently waited with lots of prayers because I truly believe that if two people were meant for each other, in the end they will finally meet. Happy is the one who waited patiently. For God's time is the best time. Binkyo, thank you for the gift of inspiration and for being my stress reliever for such a long time. When time seems low, I just look at your awesome sweet photos together and I will be happy. That's the way you touched my life. Wishing both of you the best of everything. Whatever you have right now, you both deserve it because love is patient, love takes time and True Love never dies. You just have to be strong together, to fight against all odds together. If God is with you, who can be against you? Sarangheo Binkyo. Fighting.
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    Yes she is also a good businesswoman too but most of the stuff she does isn't known to the public. Plus they are both very good at investments (real estate). Not to mention they have gone on how many trips together (LA, Switzerland, Mongolia, Jeju..and who knows maybe even more) - That is how many potential pics they have of each other - Plus they were working on TN together too and we know Jinnie and Binnie took selfies together. She only posted a certain amount to start her great wall of HB on her instagram At this point, maybe they should start a production company or something together. Their Youtube series coming soon? I was thinking back to 2003. It always threw me off why Binnie would think Jinnie did Pocari Sweat in 2003, 2004 time. We know Binnie's debut was in 2003 (even though it could have been Shower if that movie had been completed). Jinnie says it is 2001 - in Binnie's defense, she does fllm Pocari Sweat a lot in 2002 and she does Pocari Sweat again in 2007. We know he does Pocari Sweat too (I still haven't figured out the year it was - does anyone know for him?) I know realized why - maybe I am trying to connect their past too much now but w/e he brought up those years in that interview He was thinking about Classic (filmed at his university Oct 22-24 2002 time lol) The movie was released January 30 2003 Before the famous Me to You You to Me song plays, you actually see Pocari Sweat in the store which Jinnie's character Ji-Hye leaves running with the umbrella leading to this memorable epic rain scene What else happened in 2003? Jinnie attended Bong Joon-Ho's Memories of Murder premiere Binnie says that his favorite movie is Memories of Murder (Not sure when he did this - Memories of Murder officially came out on May 2 2003) Bodyguard started airing around July 2003 time - he only was in a few episodes. Non Stop 4 was airing September 15, 2003 - October 1, 2004. So he was definitely filming sometime in 2003 when Memories of Murder came it. It is too far into their past especially his that I don't know if he was also at that same premiere Of course we know come 2004, Binnie was at A Moment to Remember VIP premiere (October 25 2004) Regardless, it is clear they like the same movies Jinnie says that they like rom coms. They were at A Voice of Murderer premiere and A Better Tomorrow premiere. None in which are rom coms though How does she know this during TN time Were they at other premieres we don't know of from their past? Since we know Voice of Murderer premiere was not on Jinnie's schedule from the past lol. Otherwise, she had to have asked him a personal question to find out he likes rom coms too lol..
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    I started off as a fan of binnie but I can't help falling in love with kyo more. Hahaha! Even if binkyo don't end up together, I'm still going to continue to support kyo. She's a wonderful person. No wonder binnie can't forget her.
  39. 14 points
    OMG! I just logged in and saw 2 new pages and got all excited thinking there was an announcement and I was too late to the party! so the new beach IG post (by O's mom) is to debunk the park pic?
  40. 14 points
    Unwanted visitor has Admission of guilt: Not a shipper - why use BinKyo name? That should be banned here in Soompi. You have been pretending in the past but now have become so threatened that you admit you are not BinKyo. How long a fan are you? I bet you didnt even watch Hyun Bin projects other than CLOY.
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    Talking about possibilities... Since I am here at BinKyo thread, this speaks a lot about my belief. I would normally leave and not waste time anymore on a shipper thread if I have my doubts. I am always frank about my opinions. There were times in the past that KDrama couple shippers thought I was a hater since I always posted the doubts I had in my mind.
  42. 13 points
    @Halinakorea your comments are spot on! @cheesenb we have to agree to disagree on who deserve the best actor award!! I felt the award was for acting; not for the most unique role/character written in the drama. There is a difference. If the judges want to award a fresh genre or character, there are awards for best dramas and screenplays as that should be the award for the writer who came up with the unique story telling idea, not the actor.
  43. 13 points
    Crumbs from HB after CLOY era from my point of view 1/ HB was moving to stand near YJ in the group photo. He knew the camera was in front of him (he sighed), but he kept moving closer to her. He used "We" in the acceptance speech. 2/ He chose a question about YJ, talked about her in almost half of the time and could not hide his happiness when recalling his memory about her 3/ He wore the same LA cap which he wore from LA trip with YJ at Smart interview filming. 4/ He sent a letter to Japanese fans through YJ's connection with the host. 5/ Rumour denial after 10 minutes 6/ A photo of him buying woman's clothes was shared online. His manager did not allow fans to take his photos in Jordan except for this time.
  44. 13 points
    Woah, BinKyo thread is back in a hot topic thread again. I thought there was a huge hint from squad
  45. 13 points
    Well well..claimed to be Binnie's fan and lurking here with her so-called facts. And surprisingly mentioned other Binnie co-star in this thread to defend her stand, and she had once appealed here to join private group of Binkyo..even Binnie's long time fan didn't ask such request to fellow Binkyos here.. Just return to your ship and enjoy your delusions there. You just tickle us when reading your facts though I am actually waiting if any haters will appear here to see the response. Thank you anyway for entertaining us for a while, you can return to your ship or boat or ferry, whatever you guys name it. FYI, Binnie's real fan won't use shipper's nickname, haha.. Attention to mod : Do take action and act fairly to this thread, I've been visiting the other ship too-specifically it's NOT Binnie in it, in case people misunderstood, where they mentioned about the other ship, but no warning given so far.
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    In his post Baeksang interviews, even KHN was surprised that he took home the best actor award and he still couldnt believe that he has the award over the others. No doubt he is also a great actor, all of them are great actors, the judges would have their own reasons but perhaps those characters and dramas with heavier themes were favored (like how WOTMC lead actress bagged the best actress award at Baeksang). In our hearts, HB and SYJ's acting in CLOY is topnotch deserving of best actor and best actress awards. But for the Hallyu category this year though, it is undeniable for me that it should be both SYJ and HB for CLOY. They both deserve the award. Sad for HB, after all, who doesnt want to win an award right? And it is such a hallmark project for both of them (Professionally and personally). No matter what happens though, they always have each other's back. Congratulations to the whole CLOY team and SYJ and HB, for all of their hard work. Lots of love from the fans.
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    yes, I read about this too. His and Seo Dan’s NK accent are considered upper class Pyongyang accent. Not a lot of defectors are from Pyongyang considering it is the only place in NK where the residents are more privileged and we know how hard it is for North Koreans to travel outside of their own cities so it’s likely that most defectors would find RJH and Seo Dan‘s accent weird. re: HB not winning acting awards for CLOY, I’m not furious about it but I understand the disappointment. HB deserved to be recognized, but CLOY’s immense popularity and worldwide impact might be more than enough for him. Most Korean actors can only dream of what he has achieved so far. He is well loved and respected not just in Korea. I mean having 3 Hallyu hits is quite a feat. It’s pretty hard to top that.
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    @ElectricHearts Re The Swoonies compliment video (you're not supposed to quote video here, right?), one of fave Binjin interactions: one thing I wondered about was when HB read that fan comment that SYJ probably liked the best (the one she said was written by someone very expressive, a concise and clear compliment etc.), she said when he first read it that she didn't think HB wrote it. But then at the end she picked that compliment as being from him? Heh maybe she just picked that one as it was her favourite of them all and stuck in her head. HB's pick was a bit strange as well, no way he would have picked SYJ's real Ireland fangirl comment lol, but the flowers compliment was a strange pick imo. Some of the compliments were really hilarious. Maybe they both just picked the one they remembered best out of them all. I thought another interesting bit was when SYJ tells HB that a comment said he was her type, and of course HB knew SYJ would never write that in her real compliment. Couch Talk was interesting for the insights into them. But it did seem like SYJ didn't know how HB liked to unwind after a day's work with the beer habit..... or maybe they are both good actors, I don't know. As I said before, I have an open mind and no conclusions re their relationship status. Mission Pong... competitive SYJ and she really wanted to get the compliment right too lol. The tasks could have been more fun though, like writing your name with your butt heh. The fan calendar one... HB was very cute with his negative space idea and I actually quite liked the idea of leaving space to write resolutions. Meanwhile SYJ is all about making the calendar look pretty heh. I enjoyed hearing her advice on how to cope when feeling down. The Swoonies videos were a lot of fun. Too bad we never got the full, long version like for other actor pairings. And I guess we won't get them again unless Binjin are in another project together for Netflix. The main take away from them is you really see how much fun Binjin have together and how comfortable they are with each other as close friends. HB is so different here compared to with other costars, as others have noted. They were energetic that day, looked great together, and not as tired as in other promos.
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    Whether its Kyo or not on the pic, her friend said its not her pictured. But one thing is certain, Kyo was there at the park too with Baby R because she herself posted IGS at the park feat. the pet dog of her squad bff and the bag gift. Yes she is enjoying her private life nowadays.
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