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    I was quietly reading all the posts here and enjoying everyone's chatting and sometimes cries of missing Binjin, and wondering when they will announce their marriage. When I came across a post that is shading HB of being a cheater. Seriously, please stop. This thread is for Binjin. No bashing of either of them allowed, whether it's Hyun Bin or Son Ye Jin. If you do that, then it's time you leave this ship and this thread. Binjin don't owe us anything. Like many others have said here, please do NOT project your own timeline on them. Their lives are their own, no one else's. We are only just fans, shippers, shoppers, dreamers, who hope in our hearts for these 2 wonderful people to be a real couple. Many believe strongly they are together, and just keeping quiet and living their lives happily together. When or whether they will eventually tell the world the real deal, it's entirely up to them and in their own time. So please, in this quietness, ship quietly, happily and responsibly. If you are not able to or feel tired, maybe it's time to take a break. Go out and have a good meal with friends and family, or enjoy a movie on TV, or read a good book. But please, do NOT bash HB or SYJ. They have done nothing to deserve that. Special thanks to @Choisamsook @lovelyz @Cherie Cee @CartPusherInLA @jamy47 for speaking up for HB and for Binjin. And help all of us remember that Binjin belong to Binjin themselves, and not to anyone else.
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    Son Ye Jin - The Perfect Wife Material for HyunBin • HB only mentioned once about the condition to be his future wife which was back in 2005. “Someone who can understand me alot regarding my work,friends...who can believe and support me in many ways” - Hyunbin 1. Understand his Work and Friends: Do I even have to explained this.They’ve mentioned how they relate to eachother on a lot of levels especially regarding work.They have alot of things in common too.As for friends,they actually have alot of mutual friends in the Industry,they basically have the same circle of friends. 2. Believe and Support Me in Many ways: Once again,do I even have to explained lol HB had mentioned so many times how YJ inspired him and he learned alot from her while working with her during CLOY and he said she also took care of him during TN Era.There was a situation too where YJ always defended him for example when they were all teasing him about how good he swear/curse and then YJ speak up by saying how she never saw him mad etc • However,since it’s been a long time that he discussed his ideal wife-to-be,since we know he’s also a family oriented guy who came from who seems to be a conservative family... Here’s a few of other qualities in which i think suited BinJin situation or more like what would HB looked for in his future wife: 1. Good Cook : If she is a dab hand in culinary matters and can make the tastiest meal for you, it is a huge sign she will make a good wife. Actually,HB had mentioned before when he looks at woman,the first thing he looked is her hand which actually means was her cooking skills.HB is also known for being a good eater and he used to say that he likes a woman who have healthy appetite or doesn’t care how she looks when she eats too. YJ seems to be a good cook to the point that one of her BFF LMJ posted a photo of her Homemade meal and praised her full course Italian Meal. Plus i think she’s just good at everything as LMJ said lol She’s also into flower arrangement,house decor etc YJ is also a good eater.Even from her Instagram Posts,it’s obvious she loves food that much lol She actually mentioned before how she loves to eat.As you can see too,she’s the type that doesn’t care how she looks when she eats or the way she eats them. 2. A good sense of Humor: You want to have a long-lasting relationship with someone who makes you happy. Laughing together as a couple is the perfect definition of a happy marriage. HB had mentioned before that he also likes a woman who laugh a lot. “I consider myself as quite goofy and lively in real life, but because I’ve played a lot of serious characters or characters in a romance, a lot of people seem to associate me with that image.” YJ (2019) One of YJ BFF GHJ also described YJ as a funny person and that she’s a dork lol And as you can see HB always seems to be amused and always laughing to every of her antics.And if you know YJ,she just laugh so much too lol 3. Has a lot of Affection: When she was asked if she is the same way (doesn’t express emotion/affection well) with a man she loves, Son Ye Jin replied, "With all the affection that has been building up, I show everything to him." 4. An Independent,Ambitious and Organized Woman: - This is the coolest woman you can marry. She has a life besides your relationship: a career, her aspirations, and friends. In other words, her life doesn’t revolve around you. - Know how to make something of herself. She has dreams to follow and hobbies to enjoy. - If you want a marriage that actually works, you need an organized woman by your side. HB had mentioned back in 2005 that he finds woman who enjoy her own life and who works hard attractive.Everyone known YJ as a ambitious and independent woman.She works hard since young and take her career very seriously.She’s very passionate about her job and that’s what HB also admire about her. YJ is also known as a planner. She mentioned that she’s also an organized traveler.During Master In The House,LSG even said that she’s so organized. 5. A low maintenance woman: How do you know she is low-maintenance? She doesn’t wear expensive makeup, shoes, and extravagant dresses. She is just simple. “I thought she’ll be a sensitive person especially falling deep into the character.But she turned out to be really easy going and have a down to earth side to her (simple/unpretentious) so it was great seeing that” (HB about YJ - 2018) YJ is one of Korea Top Actress.She’s one of the Chungmoro Actress too yet she’s so humble about it and she’s one of those actress who doesn’t care that much about popularity or the celebrity life.It’s not only shown through her interviews but just look at her Instagram feed,it’s mostly about her daily life and not that much of promotion or endorsement. 6. A Faithful Woman: This may refer to being faithful in relationship but since it’s hard to prove this unless we know her relationship,however we can see those quality with how loyal she is with the people she worked with.I also heard that GHJ had mentioned before that YJ is such a devoted person that it should be lucky to be her BF. 7. She’s Kind: She is a wonderful person at heart. She is not mean but shows compassion to everyone and not just you. SMART mentioned how down to earth,genuine and also such a nice person YJ is only after only a few meetings.YJ also loves and appreciate her fans so much. - I could go on and on about all these because honestly YJ is such a perfect wife material for HB and also would be the type of daughter in law every mother wants especially if they’re from a conservative family.Just to add in relation to this,YJ is the type that brings everyone together.GHJ even mentioned that she’s the leader of Cinderella 7 because she’s the one that brings them together.LJH also mentioned that YJ was the one who introduced her to a group of actress and even thanked her she became close to everyone.So just imagine if it’s her own family,family gathering every week for sure lol The late Kim Joo Hyuk even said that the more he knows YJ,the more he thinks she would make a great life partner. “When I get married, I want to become something precious to a family like that. I’ve never lived with that kind of feeling and I want to try it.” “If I were to get married and have a child, I think I would get way too involved. I work too hard at everything.” (Son Ye Jin , March 2018) Ending Note: BinJin please get married soon so we all can take a break for awhile from this shipping business lol Honestly though,take your time because it’s your life after all and we want you to last long too.The True BinJin Shippers will always be there to support you thats for sure. P.S “Hyunbin - The Perfect Husband Material for Yejin” will be in the next post.I’ll work on it when I have abit more spare time.I feel like everyone needed more post that focuses on the present and future instead of the past even in this kind of drought season lol Have a good day everyone!
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    Girl, you took the emoji GIFs right out of my $*%£¥!₩! Peeps, i know its been 6 months post CLOY, some are impatient and doubting this ship. DON'T. Firstly, we should respect BinJin's decision on whether or not to formally announce their relationship or not. While it would be nice, they do not owe us any announcement. It is their life afterall. And i think they have given us enough clues along the way for us to make a positive conclusion on what is going on between them. If you continue to question this, then you are on the wrong ship. Second, you have to bear in mind that Korean culture is very different from Westernized culture, particularly Hollywood. Hollywood stars capitalize on who they date and end up in a relationship with. Not so in Korea. Privacy is important. We need to respect that and the corresponding behavior that goes with it. Third, will I still be shipping till 2021 when no announcement of any sort has been made? I think, YES. I believe they are so lovely together in all ways, physically, emotionally, spiritually, really an ideal couple, that I wish them all the best. I get impatient too, but I keep the faith. And if they continue being the same until the next year or beyond, I will continue supporting them.
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    @Cherie Ceeso happy to be in the same ship with you, sister, as well as all other like minded, positive individuals in this BinJin nation. They really don't owe us anything, even an announcement, although I highly doubt that because they know how much support and love they are getting, especially internationally. If there is anything shipping has taught many of us, especially first timers is the virtue of patience. As many have cited, we should not force our timeline on them. They have gifted with so much receipts and proofs that indicate that they are indeed together. As to whether we will still be here despite the lack of an announcement this year, that is on the individual. But a true believer will not abandon ship, BinJin is for real and when the time is right for them to officially tell the world, we will be rewarded.
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    Been in a lurk mode again after I've been busy with real life happenings.. But need to come out and agree with what others have said already.. Let us not impose any timeline/ deadline to our otp please.. Let them do it at their own pace and own will.. They are real people too.. We, shippers do not own them and cant dictate what they want.. Always ship responsibly..
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    HB and SYJ wanted to work together on a project and the universe conspired to make it happened for them and when both accepted the project (which was totally different from their previous works) fast forward they gave us CLOY. We find ourselves swooning and went crazy gaga over them. The movie may not be the perfect project for them, but it was the right time and place. If we think about it, a lot of relationship problems have to do with people not being on the same page as each other at the right time. It can be the right person at the wrong time, and it can be the right thing with the wrong person. Relationships are successful when two people who know who they are and exactly what they want come together. HB and SYJ comes to mind for me and truly they are the embodiment of a perfect timing. At the beginning, i think they were never prepared or ready for whatever that might come next, but both being in the right place at the right time, they grow. The relationship grows. They build something out of what was once nothing, or at the very least a curious glances across a crowded room.HB and SYJ attracts the same energy. It was never planned, it just happened. It was never assumed because it was growing and evolving before our eyes.The more we learned about them the more our admiration grows, little by little, story by story and the only constant on all of this - HB and SYJ who are deeply committed. HB and SYJ have a clearer understanding of their needs and wants. Instead of settling standards based on what the world around of them thinks, they focus on the qualities that are solely right for them. HB and SYJ aren’t stuck trying to mend or fix one another, instead they water one another equally. They come from a place of fullness and that fullness align and complement each other. So, don’t put any ounces of doubts on HB and SYJ commitment, they value it as much as they value their work and because they want to be together they will deliberately choose to commit to each other every day. Their every decisions are worth doing, pursuing and facing together on to the next step. Fear not, BiNJIN are taking control of their lives and that means no room for any negativities and doubts. It’s time to shift the mindset and focus wholeheartedly on supporting and celebrating BINJIN their journey and for whatever that might come next.
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    Since today is a special day for us (the condolence period is over but I’m not planning to move on anytime soon) I saw this video again recently and decided to bring it back so let’s watch it together, this will put a smile on your face. To any shoplifters and doubters that are lurking here you should watch it too . The people in the video are reporters and journalists that got the chance to work with BinJin and interacted with them (they probably know more than you and me) they are not shippers or anything but have came to a conclusion that BinJin’s married so ICBM P.S. We don’t and should not need to rely on their “squad/close friends” for crumbs since they’re so obvious and are feeding us themselves. P.P.S. Don’t be a potato and stan SYJ and BinJin for clear skin and a better future . In this house we stan talent and class over beauty that will fade over time (even though SYJ is an angel herself)
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    yALL I was confused when I saw this tweet AND THEN I googled '100 days ago from today', lo and behold, 100 days ago was May 8th. SO, what is the significance of May 8th? MAY 8TH was the day he posted the legendary sunset pic, where many speculate that this was the day their relationship leveled up. THIS SUNSET PIC WILL FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE UNTIL I GET SOME SORT OF CONFIRMATION
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    Sunday morning, 16th August, ok me.. soompi time, Scroll down, scroll down, ok..ok.. What did i just read!!!! ______________________ He is not a faithfull man! me: Accused by ”you know who fans” as a .......... me: human being don’t like their partner too close with opposite gender, me: wait, accused by who? Scroll up, Ahhh the “Askdhntjrkkfnnfjkr” fans, me: if married doesn’t happen by the end of 2020.... me : _________________ And Me, After reading three pragraph, Maybe some people are just confuse. _____________________ Aigooooo Ship with fun, don't be too serious, and don't get confused. And judging someone by using our personal sentiment, ummmm excuse me.. In conclusion, Hater hater pants on fire, ok, let’s move on! By the way, Good morning/evening to everyone (but not to ppl who think HB is a ......... )
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    Hi, chingus. Made a cake for the end of the 6-month condolences period. Still can't get over even after 6 months!
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    Hello friends! Welcome to the season of swords and destiny. For those who don't know, August 15 was Korea's independence day. inspired, we decided to create an event season focused on saeguks and having a re-watch of some classics. The Moon Embracing the Sun is one of the dramas that was selected along with Empress Ki and Faith. Yay! How will a re-watch party work? Very simple -- tag your friends and let them know you are watching and would like them to join you as well. We are hoping to have at least a small group of 5-10 chingus so that we can watch and enjoy as a group. After all, a drama is more entertaining when you are watching along with others, no? If you are interested, please raise your hand and say you are in -- just so that we know we have company. People are free to join in at any time just like in a regular drama thread. If you realize that the drama is not your cup of tea at some point, do not feel bad if you want to drop it. It happens to all of us from time to time . Every week - we will watch 2 episodes and post right here on this thread. You can watch at your convenience but post your responses to the episode no earlier than Wednesday each week. So just like Mon-Tue dramas, we discuss from Wed till the following Tue. Now, if you get excited and start watching more episodes, just be aware that others may or may not have watched them and so may not be able to comment. So if you can, please stick to that week's episodes for posting and commenting. Also, please do not add spoilers in your posts that might take away from the enjoyment of the chingus watching for the first time.... Here is a sample schedule for the first 5 weeks: Aug 19-Aug 25 -- ep 1 & 2 Aug 26-Sept 1 -- ep 3 & 4 Sept 2 - Sept 8 -- ep 5 & 6 Sept 9 - Sept 15 -- ep 7 & 8 Sept 16 - Sept 22 -- ep 9 & 10 The re-watch party rules can also be found on the first post of this thread. Are you excited? Is Kim Soo Hyun your oppa? Oppa looks really excited! You can start watching the first episodes immediately, but remember that you are not allowed to start commenting on this thread earlier than on Wednesday Aug 19th. Let's have some fun! tagging: @Teeners @40somethingahjumma @Alice Wonderland @bebebisous33 @rocher22 @Nodame @scarletlover1 @Helena @mademoisellesia @Lmangla @larus @TiNaDo @Berou @MinLyn @Jillia @H0ney @cenching @blademan @blue_fleurs @JungRok @floweroad @ncly @aisling @demarchelier @Not Me @lolly84 @jeonghyang @libra22 @sharoon0136 @YongZura⁷ @Samuel Yohanes @lebeaucouple @RanP @Yanny @Latte_Anyday @debbsthebee @backstreetboysfan @cooleet @jeijei @Night_Owl @Liting1 @Cayu18 @stella77 @shazai @madmad min @vangsweetie637 @heartoppaya @tarjig @Learry
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    Guys, there is new category from King Choice award, this time for 100 most attractive Asian celebrity. Currently Binnie at number 19 I almost missed his name because they use his true name Kim Tae Pyung, not Hyun Bin. Binjin stan, let's vote & proved that our Binnie is the most attractive man alive!! https://kingchoice.me/topic-the-100-most-attractive-asian-celebs-2020-close-sept30-1245.html
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    Wow... Somebody got laid and was doing walk of shame very early in the morning . Look at those shiny and smug eyes . Totally different vibe from the indifferent faces during late outings with friends right? Because this time, his heart was bursting with happiness. What a lovely weekend that you had there
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    KJK touch JSM / JSM touch KJK
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    Reading their old interviews again too from the same years. They actually had the same thoughts lol. wanting to work on an action movie, both wanting to do double character roles, dating, marriage, etc I started to get confused whose thread I was in I was like why didn't they meet/work together early. Instead they are admiring each others as actors while working and having so many close mutual friends and colleagues After I realized Binnie was doing Lotte model in 2013 with Girls Generation/Yoona (they had a year contract) - It doesn't look like they really worked together though based on the pictures then lol. In 2014, Jinnie was already giving YoonA acting advice We know Binnie was giving YoonA acting advice while filming CA (unless is this before too lol) When Jinnie went to see The Yellow Sea in December 2010 (Binnie's university friend Ha Jung Woo is in that movie) Besides knowing from TN promo period, they both love rom coms.. I think it is clear they also in general have similar taste in movies besides loving to eat food so much Jinnie's favorite movie is Life is Beautiful - Binnie went to that premiere since Gong Hyung-Jin is in it (unless she means the English film) They both talk about the world cup lol 2002, 2006 more for Jinnie (can't recall now but world cup was mentioned lol). No wonder they are also doing games related stuff in 2014 besides PIFAN and they are both doing outdoor clothing brands. They even both talked about Nicole Kidman.. I was like what the lol.. Honestly one can just go delulu by reading their threads - No wonder so much of this ends up being in CLOY
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    I first encountered this comment on YT, perhaps on one of the videos of The Swoon, and I agree its superbly spot on, and I was even envious I had not thought of it! And here we are, 6 months from CLOY and nothing has changed. If ever, things have even intensified. A growing fandom as more and more people got onboard the CLOY bandwagon. In Japan, CLOY is # 1 on Netflix, bringing back the Hallyu fever to the Land of the Rising Sun. Not to be outdone, it is always on the top 10 in Netflix, amongst other Asian countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.. Here at Soompi, we always get new people visiting our shipper's paradise. Some stay, some just pass through, some are sweet, and some are spicy. Spicy? Because with so much love for CLOY, there is also criticism, put-downs and disdain, over the series, over BinJin too. Life is generally like that, the good comes with the bad, joy with pain, happiness with sadness. As for BinJin, to us shippers, CLOY is really their story. A lot think that the chemistry they had was an offshoot of the story in the series. A real shipper would know it began long before that, while acting in a movie that they only shared one scene at, with his character even expiring at the end. And fast forward to the present, we see two mature and beautiful actors admiring each other's work, endorsing the same brands (Mediheal/ Man:yo, Smart), and with hardly saying anything at all, declaring to the world: yes, we are one. So to the author of this comment, may I just say while you are so correct with the electricity, what happened afterwards is something we cannot even capture in words. How can 2 Korean actors whose language we cannot even understand, stir so much feelings from us, make us love them and wish only the best for them? Be it only for a day or a month since watching CLOY, or for 2 years now since TN, thanks BinJin for keeping us charged with your electricity! From TN To CLOY Onwards to SMART
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    Ahhh, if ever Hyun Bin really has another girl and see him looking at YeJin and wear couple outfits on Beksang event such as this? I''d question his integrity and sincerity towards the girl right? But because fact is he doesn't and the only girl he has and the one he looks at like this is YeJIn... and granting it's not YeJin, I will never ever latch YeJin on him, furthermore running wildly on social medias creating havock trying to look down on the girl just because that's Hyun Bin's love. Nope not that low because like YeJin, we're high kless
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    Re-watch party: Season 1 (sageuks) All our chingus, come and join us for a special sageuk re-watch party event! We have chosen three sageuks: 1) Faith (with Lee Min Ho) 2) Empress Ki (with Ji Chang Wook) 3) The Moon Embracing the Sun (with Kim Soo Hyun) All three dramas were big hits back in the day, some even achieving over 40% viewership ratings! You can join one of the re-watch parties or all of them! It doesn't matter if you have already seen the drama or it's your first time. Everyone is welcome to join! The staff is participating, so you'll see at least one of us in each drama thread! The original drama threads are open! Please join us! tagging: @MayanEcho @Teeners @mademoisellesia @Night_Owl @H0ney @Alice Wonderland @Ameera Ali @strongtower @Sarang21 @kokodus @Jillia @Lmangla @Berou @MinLyn @TiNaDo @larus @TRaNz @ktcjdrama @staygold @thanie @cenching @jeijei @MY15 @im0202 @vangsweetie637 @kiklaminHo @joccu @wallflowersforjane @sadthe1st
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    It is worth remembering that the love story of our couple started with them admiring each other for a longtime. Once it came to fruition, the technology of doing TN limited their interaction thus the desire to work again face to face. It touches my heart how HB being a reserved person and a man of few words expresses his admiration for SYJ boldly in public then and now , from TN to CLOY to SMART CF interview. It is this admiration of each other that made them long to be in TN but the excitement was not complete because they did not get to act face to face. However, their hearts grew fonder because of the meetings they had so they wanted to work together again. SYJ complemented his boldness by saying that she had been a fan since Gangkook days... she watched most of his projects... he is the actor of her life and will remain a fan to cheer and support him always! Little did they know that these are just the dots ... chom...chom...chom that will connect them to their next human adventure together! My GOSH BINJIN NATION friends, THEY DID NOT REALIZE THEY WERE FLUTTERING EACH OTHER'S HEART AND from The Little Prince.... What is invisible to the eye is seen by the heart! The article was a translation from Mandarin and it is just as romantic as the Esquire interview but in a different light. I miss them.
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    EVENT: a season of swords and destiny! Welcome to the re-watch party of faith chingus! for those who don't know, august 15 was Korea's independence day. inspired, we decided to create an event season focused on saeguks and having a re-watch of some classics. Faith is one of the dramas that was selected along with Empress Ki and Moon embracing the sun. How will a re-watch party work? very simple -- tag your friends! let them know you are watching and would like them to join you as well. we are hoping to have at least a small group of 5-10 chingus so that we can watch and enjoy as a group. after all, a drama is more entertaining when you are watching along with others no? we are going to kick start this wednesday, Aug 19. if you are interested, please raise your hand and say you are in -- just so that we know we have company. folks are free to join in at any time just like in a regular drama thread. it does not matter if you are watching this for the first time or if you have watched it before. lets have fun! every week - we will watch 2 episodes and post right here on this thread. you can watch at your convenience but post your responses to the episode no later than wednesday. so just like mon-tues dramas, we discuss from wed till the following mon/tues. now, if you get excited and start watching more episodes, just be aware that others may or may not have watched them and so may not be able to comment. so if you can, please stick to that week's episodes for posting and commenting. also, please avoid spoilers -- depending on your memory, some may have no memory of the drama. hahaha.... and we may also have chingus watching for the first time. the re-watch party rules can also be found on the first post of this thread. here is a sample schedule for the first 5 weeks: Aug 19-Aug 25 -- ep 1 & 2 Aug 26-Sept 1 -- ep 3 & 4 Sept 2 - Sept 8 -- ep 5 & 6 Sept 9 - Sept 15 -- ep 7 & 8 Sept 16 - Sept 22 -- ep 9 & 10 are you excited? it has been many years since I watched faith. so it is definitely going to be interesting. it feels great that just as we were planning an event, chingus here were also thinking about a re-watch. so cool! lets have fun the next few weeks together eh? tagging: @Min2206 @leeminhosny @msdot @noor ul ain @H0ney @Thong Thin @CarolynH @mademoisellesia @violetts @vangsweetie637 @CallieP @Time loop @balletgoddess @htk9207 @Heilo @Nikaa94 @Layali @madmad min @willenette @kokodus @Alice Wonderland @nina_mitrokhina 5misnina @zaingh @Aleumdaun @syntyche @Layali @Lee taemin 123 @Smileforu @kdyes @Hohoho @Myhun @Amy323 ............. re: @partyon
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    Hello Chingus Happy Sunday 6 monsary to CLOY and Binjin Shippers here is a video compilation for your weekend viewing.
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    @Peony22, thanks for your insights re Korean actors' general behavior - that by openly acknowledging a relationship, it may hamper their chance of working together. This, being an int'l group, we are exposed to different cultures that require understanding of different behavior. This is why it Is so satisfying and stimulating when we can follow our favorite couple here in this forum and learn thru each other's thoughts and opinions. Meantime we will remain faithful, pray and wait for the announcement to come in good time. @lovelyz- what a write up of SYJ "perfect wife for HB" . It's so well researched and correlated, it should be sent to Vast as a present. In fact there have been so many analyses and FMVs etc made by different people that I sometimes hope BInjin can view them too. maybe they do already?? certainly would make their day seeing the support and love we have for them.
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    SYJ will be holding an online fan meeting on August 30th with Japanese fans. "Surprising special guests will also appear?" https://www.instagram.com/p/CD-dIEjJGN4/?igshid=tguu20kg919l
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    It doesn't bother me with his kissing scenes as I've watched some of his past shows since I'm curious about him likewise with YeJin when I started liking both of them together. I didn't feel (maybe it's just me) that there is more to it personally, I felt they were just delivering the job. Both have had a lot of kissing in their previous dramas/movies. Honestly, not sure why most k-dramas have kissing, some are torid ones some are like every friggin' second (LoL) when really you can actually pull off a show without so much of that. Like what they did in CLOY, they hardly have those scenes yet look how much they were able to attract audience all over the world and even convinced people that even in real life they're an item. CLOY is special to them, they both agreed to want to work together in a romantic comedy and pro'lly didn't want people to think that it's the skinship and kissing that they're after since most of their shows have that....he he take that, these two are smart enough to get the writer and the director to listen to them this time on how their drama is going to be. It worked big time!
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    Same here, @lady artiste. Thank you for the translation. I've seen the videos but never understood Bahasa so I really appreciate you giving the summary of the readings. I believe in fate too, but I also believe that true love happens at the right time. That's all part of fate, anyway. Again, to my point in earlier posts when you want something (or someone) with all your heart, the entire universe will connive to make it happen. Yeah, I remember seeing KGE in a picture wearing the same hat but a different color. Another one of those couple things, perhaps? Or another coincidence? Hmmmm.....the coincidences are building up. That's alright, it's still a crumb for us shippers....HAHAHHA! Looks like KGE is fond of NY Yankees hat.
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    I tried to look for shadows but his broad shoulders just had to take up most of the screen where the path is HAHAHAH I was so crumb-deprived that my delulu mind will dig up anything
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    @partyon I generally am not that much attracted to sageuks. Faith was my first costume drama, I remember being very confused on what was going on in that drama and I actually dropped it initially, then after some years I found dramabeans and read the recap of the whole show and then watched it again from where I left off. LOL. And you have to admit that oppa's acting was really great there, the female lead tend to overact, but oppa was really good. I have a question, who are the staffs who haven't left and do they still have all the power they had before, like editing and deleting posts? Gif credit to owner
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    Many cakes have recently been sent to YJ via MSTeam, without any problems. Rice banners in Jun: MSTeam replied via an email to YJ's international fan club that they would not receive big rice banners in Jun because there were no staffs at the office, so these rice banners were not sent to YJ but they sent wine, cakes and a fan book with messages from the fans. P.3: More than 500 kg of rice (banners) were sent to YJ from worldwide fans during Cloy shooting.
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    ok so this is the reading vivi did for kge, she did reading kge lmh 2 times, the video that share here that the second reading. 1. KGE-LMH ( 1st reading ) kge and lmh like each other, very interesting that she think he is her soulmate and he think she is the one, but from kge side she stil guard her heart because she dont want hurt anymore and she still in denial that lmh fall for her because perhaps she think she is not his type, vivi said that kge might not wahh in visual like other sk female celebrities but she have a good heart, she always true to her heart may be little naive, kge decide to focus on work while observe lmh. lmh like kge, he love working with her, and he think that she might the be one but he still asked himself if she really his soulmate, he feel happy that he got the chance to work with kge so he getting to know her better, he dont rushing because he dont want another failed relationship because he have intention to settle down, he dont want another heartbreak, and there are some female celebrities who like lmh and thats what make kge worry, so lmh need to make sure what he want and he must built strong foundation if he want to settle down with kge. 2. KGE - GY its a platonic relationship between kge and gy, she really happy and excited because she got to work with gy, i think because she is his fans so she feel that way, gy too feel happy to work with kge but for him its all work work work, and he dont want to get involve into love trouble between kge and shk so he put boundaries, the result is its platonic no romantic feeling between them, he will be there for her whenever she need him, he will give his shoulders for her to cry but no love as man and woman, pure just a friends. actually i love kge and gy chemistry, but even i dont believe in tarot hahaha but i agree with vivi that all i see in kge and gy is a platonic relationship, but i respect whoever ship kge and gy 3. LMH-BS Both lmh and bs really hurt as the result of their break up, something turn wrong in their relationship, and both feel instead of happy they feel unhappy in their relationship, they tried to save relationship but at the end nothing works, bs feel mad and frustrated why people keep draginn her name into his relationship, both lmh and bs already decide to move on and never look back. 4. KGE - SHK its a toxic relationship, based on vivi reading i assume kge suffered from verbal abuse by shk, vivi said that kge really hurt and trauma with this relationship shk kinda like to use rough/harsh words toward kge, kge is the only one who tried to save the relationship and in the end she got hurt and tired so thats why she decide to walked out from their relationship, vivi said shk when in relationship with kge feel she is not the one, and he overwhelmed by all the love kge give to him, and he have problem with himself, he stil figured out what he want in his life, kge really hurt because of this relationship and she need time to heal. 5. KGE-JHI based on vivi reading on kge and jhi the conclusion is that jhi enter kge life at the wrong time, so kge like jhi but she feel not right, she still healing and she dont want enter another relationship that might not work and hurt her again, so she focus on work, she love working with jhi because they really good working together, eventho she love working with jhi and she might like her at first but she feel not enough like something missing in their off interaction, kge already draw the line no romantic feeling, while jhi fall really hard for her, vivi said there is empress card in jhi for kge, so she said empress have quality kind, respect and appreciate everyone, embrace everyone, listen to what other people said, vivi said that may be for sk standard beauty kge not fit but she can see how beautiful kge is and her inner beauty shinning thats why guy who work with her fall for her, so back to jhi he feel that its a bless to work with kge and he love it since he have to give all he got to match kge talent/acting capability, but jhi can sense that kge put boundary and he confuse why she didnt give response to his sign that he like her, cross in his mind that kge might have bf so thats why she put boundary, he feel sad but he life goes on try to move on. thats all guys about vivi card reading hahaha i laugh when i saw her card reading kge with almost with everyguy she work with, i guess fans really curious and want to make sure no shadow of past that will bothering lmh kge love hahahahaha card reading is fun dont take it too seriously, at then end all back to lmh kge destiny, ooh i forgot vivi said kge and lmh have a destiny that connect them. anyway i want to ask you guys something, ldw and gy send coffee truck right to tkem set for kge, correct me if im wrong but they didn send coffee truck for her during her previous project right ? do you guys think was there ulterior motive from ldw and gy action ? it was pure to support kge ? or my delulu mind told me that ldw gy even yin heard the rumour about lmh getting whipper to kge and its kinda a reminder to lmh that kge have unnie and oppa that care for her so dont mess with their little sister hahahaha, i said this because i remember during happy together to promote tune in love, sae ho told story when ldw and gy asked him to joint them for a drink then they told him that they invited kge too, they said to him to make kge comfortable, sae ho said ldw gy really care and love kge like their own sister i saw lot post about kge lmh first met at bifan 2015, i got a feeling its all started there, they attract to each other but since their fate never cross on each other so that attraction in sleep mode, buried in the deep of their heart, so when finally fate bring them together for tkem that sleep attraction awaken. im curious with the first time they met for tkem because kge left deep impression on lmh, he even remember what she wear, i mean usually men dont remember that kinda thing
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    I am so happy to see HB & SYJ videos on The Swoon are 1st, 3rd, and 4th most watched on this YouTube channel. In the first position is their BTS at 9.1 million views. Their third position is the couch talk at 6.4 million views. The second position one used to be the first before, and despite being posted over a year ago, our couple's videos have overtaken it in a few months and it looks like soon the third position video will catch up to it. Then, in the fourth position is the Swoon Worthy video (6.266, over 30 thousand more views than the current 4th one which posted 4 months earlier). It takes a while for them to switch them, maybe by tomorrow. I hope to see five of HB & SYJ's videos be in the top five most watched videos. https://www.youtube.com/c/TheSwoon/videos?view=0&sort=p&flow=grid
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    From what I've seen, SYJ-only fans in general are okay with HB or don't ship her with her co-stars, unless some crazy fan girls or antis from other ships come for SYJ because they're insecure or just plain nuts. As for marriage by the end of this year, we've discussed here multiple times that we shouldn't project our own timeline onto them. They're successful, mature adults. I'm sure whatever timeline they decide on is what's best for them. I don't think external pressure from fans will do them any good. Just because fans don't hear an official announcement of marriage this year doesn't mean it's not in their plan or they haven't married. The last thing we want is for BinJin to end up like some couples who met and fell in love through a drama, get married, then divorce quickly. Both HB and SYJ are logical people. EDIT: and they did not meet through a romance project. Time will tell.
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    I think it's both the need for privacy and a desire to work together again. If they confirm the relationship both will be taken away. A common project will never be possible again without people focusing on them so much that the project becomes secondary and the entire group of people involved in the project would also suffer from it. Lack of privacy would be a given because such two famous and talented people together will create lots of noise nonstop. The curiosity of the media and the need to know their every move will create some mess regardless of the usual politics in the country about celebrity, nobody can pretend such a couple isnt fascinating, they will find ways to spy on them. Press conferences for their movies will be taken over by questions about themselves etc... They both are veterans in the industry so they already know what would happen and they also have such passion for acting, they are not going to go into hiding or take less projects to focus on family life, they will continue to do both and find ways to balance which is not easy and many famous korean couples had to make a choice clearly and many chose to kinda distance themselves a bit from the public so they could focus on privacy and family life. Last Encounter was a good movie. Dont know why the critics disliked that movie. It seemed more like a media attempt to trash HB to me. When he came back from military there were some weird takes on his acting by media and it was no coincidence that at the same moment he decided to start his own management company. Looked to me like some folks were trying to trash his career. I'm glad CA and Swindlers later shut all of them up for good and now he has officially found his Hallyu king title again.
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    LMH Posted again! At 4:30AM Seoul time... Must be having another one of those late night dates... Hehehehe He looks like he’s walking the same bike past as the July 2 video https://www.instagram.com/p/CD9kaFtJsBl/?igshid=1e31h2prgxo70
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    Thank you.You spoke my mind. I am a strong fan of Lee Joon Gi's and I say this sincerely, I am more happier for Moon Chae Won. At least LJG ended his unlucky streak with Lawless Lawyer. To me, Moon Chae Won has had an unlucky drama streak since 2015. Goodbye Mr Black, to Mama Fairy and the woodcutter, to Criminal Minds. All dramas where her character were not well written and not well directed. It doesnt help that they usually cast her with popular actors so the media spotlight is always on her costars not her even when she consistently gives good performances. Its the same with her movies too. She is so underrated. This drama has brought out her best performance yet. Its like an upgraded version of her performance in Nice Guy/Innocent Man. Her acting is more mature.More depth.Her emoting is on point. I love her chemistry with LJG. The ratings this time dont matter.This is a good drama. I hope from this drama onwards, she continues to get great scripts and work in good productions that showcase her talent. See you after ep 7 y'all
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    i loved that scene it's so funny how writer made it into gag, but pls let him eat haha sdj in nutshell
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    @Peony that part about him looking forward to lunch time with her gets me. I think we've heard something like it before, but it's my first time reading it in those words? I kind of miss the times when he spoke almost uninhibitedly about her, the early days. His words sound so pure and genuine, sweet and not over the top. It's also a bit cheeky on some level, in a very cute way. It makes me think when exactly it was that he realised that his heart skipped a beat seeing SYJ teehee
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    @partyon I had not watch any of the 3 dramas since I avoid Saeguk.... so since I had not watched it so I cannot rewatch..... +2
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    @partyon ooh this event is interesting... I haven’t seen any of the 3 mentioned sageuk dramas. But my favourite one is not on the list (Tree With Deep Roots, which revolves around the creation of the Hangul alphabet). I might check out TMETS if I have the time! I know the ratings were crazy back then. Starting a new job soon so I’m not sure how it will go, but if time permits I’ll give it a go! 324
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    Good morning all! @mirmz @Alice Wonderland @Night_Owl @H0ney @partyon @Lmangla @Aziraphale and many more now lurking... I woke up to some surprises here! Rewatch! Not only Faith but MoonSun and Empress Ki?!! You guys do realise EK is like 51 episodes, right??? Hahahahahahahahaha ~by the time we finished it will be Chuseok 2021. +2
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    Looks like this time, he made sure the music he was listening to can’t be heard in the video Also, my delulu mind felt like he was teasing us shippers bc we’re always concerned about his neck being bent so much HAHAHAH
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    Totally agree ~ Hee Sung outrightly said to her what kind of person he is and yet Ji Won still believes what she see. Which I definitely like that that is how she is approaching her knowledge that Hee Sung is Hyun Su. The care and love is there when she said to Nam Soon Kil's wife that there's never a witness to Hyun Su killing anyone as many claim to be.... she is giving him the benefit of the doubt... innocent until proven guilty... but when she said she'll make sure Hyun Su gets punished for whatever crime he committed, Idk if this is a good thing tho or not I'm glad that even though this is in a very late time slot, it's still consistent on holding on to the average 3% rating which I know is quite hard to achieve even in an earlier slot so I wonder if the rating will be higher if it's not airing so late at night. Curious why mostly the Thursday episode gets the higher rating.. haha... You and me both ~~ nuff of child's play romances, we need an angsty romance, well, at least in a drama Now that it was mentioned in Ep. 6 of Hyun Su having a dog for 10 years makes this very intriguing... of what could be the significance of the dog harness that Hyun Su always sees his father holding. Is he only seeing/imagining it after knowing that his father was the serial killer who uses it... or there could be something else more? Wait, there are three? I thought there's only two, the fish key rings of the taxi driver and his wife (whose ring was given to Hyun Su by his sister). Which I believe was that one in Hyun Su's bag that Nam Soon Kil's wife gave Ji Won. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My feelings on the episodes are almost explained and shared by most of you so I'm not gonna repeat them. Like many of you pointed out, I know we still have lots of questions that will eventually get answered as we go on so I'm not gonna worry too much about it as well. But, I just have to say that I feel like the real Baek Hee Sung also might be someone who has a connection with all the killings? What if he is the accomplice?... hmmm... that conversation he is having on the phone in his car before he run over Hyun Su tells me so. Just why is he in a coma, though, is the one-million dollar question. And at least he didn't run away after hitting HS too... hmmmm.... Anyways, can we also admire the writers throwing in this scene of the cops pulling each other's hairs... never seen a boss do anything like that and even getting scolded . I'm glad that they're putting some comedic scenes to balance the angst we are getting. I know that Hee Sung and Ji Won's relationship might not be the same as before now with all the revelation, but these future scenes is what I'm holding on as of now to balance out all the heartbreak we might experience along the way... -- this looks pretty much like a confrontation between them, probably with all the secrets and past out in the open...but then we also see this deep love and care they have for each other. And not to forget this one ~~~~~~~
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    Actually they might not accept the cakes now either because of the covid/pandemic. Didn't they have to throw the rice they received away too?
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    Are you talking about your Makjang real life drama?
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    Yes like unwanted visitors in our thread making new accounts hahaha they are so desperate.
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    Kim Sang-ho on "Running Man": "Fans from the Philippines keep asking me where Lee Min-ho is." Actor Kim Sang-ho mentioned Lee Min-ho in "Running Man." Actor Kwak Do-won, Kim Sang-ho and Kim Dae-myung of the film "International Investigation" appeared as guests on SBS' entertainment program "Running Man," which aired in the afternoon of the 16th, to start "training for the Running Early Football Association." On the show, Kwak introduced "Sangho is a Hallyu star" to the members of "Running Man." "When I went to the Philippines with Sangho, Filipino fans followed me around because of the drama 'City Hunter'," he said, drawing attention. Kim Sang-ho said, "When fans in the Philippines see me, they ask where actor Lee Min-ho is. I don't know," the cast burst into laughter. Kwak Do-won, who was listening to this, was amazed, saying, "The Filipinos know everything." http://stoo.asiae.co.kr/article.php?aid=66764989737
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    @taeunfighting Hiiiii, I am good. I'm glad we https://forums.soompi.com/profile/787317-taeunfighting/are here together. I love the drama opening. From the prosecutor stripes to the Korean National Police Agency insignia both manipulated and victimized by media and press, something we already seen and heard from Choi Bit. Credit: netflix I think that was the most shocked reaction I have ever seen from ShiMok... we as viewers have to acknowledge it! He didn't even show emotions to Eun Soo's death in season 1 LOL. He's so emotive now. haha CSW did a great job letting us see the emotional punch Kang Wong Cheol's signature hit SM. I can't tell if he felt more than just pure shock... as in if he starts to doubt his old boss whom he so admired. Ohhh has 3 years been too long for a prosecutor to hold off the temptations and corruption. For now, I am going to give Prosecutor Kang the benefit of a doubt. Food for thought. what if Kang Won-Cheol is the father of the spoiled IG girlfriend?!! Possible??? Is that why he closed the case? YJ truly trusts SM's intelligence and instinct, that and of course his uncompromising sense of truth and logics. She knew right away whom she can turn to for advice and opinions. I really like how comfortable they are with each other... it's ok for YJ to count on him despite distance and time. True friendship and respect there. I also love how they look and sound older (for once, Kdrama, please embrace our actors' age)... there's a maturity to both SM and YJ to anchor and give their characters more weight. They are seasoned veterans, experienced. Yet, like you have said, YJ hasn't lost her spunk or conviction. She still has faith in people and chose to conduct herself based on those principles. I can understand why Choi Bit wants her on the reform team. Thoughts The boy who survived. Looking at his clothes and shoes, there is no way his family gifted him the car. Something is off. SM only knows off hand the case. Which police officer did the report? Lee Yong-Ho and his GF stayed behind to watch the police investigation. They didn't flee the scene. Guilty perpetrators usually don't care for their victims or show concern either. What connection(s) do they have with the boys if any? Why burn the rope when you can easily lift it and go under like Shi Mok. Why did Lee Yong-Ho come to that part of the beach at night, far from Seoul? 8:30pm is late (in March, it would have been dark by that time in the evening), cannot be to enjoy the sunset? We started episode 1 around March 2019... which is in the past, more than 1 year ago. These are retrospective events in drama timing. We keep hearing news about the DUI prosecutor.... Seo Dong Jae will appear next episode. He has a wife and a child whom we will finally meet I hope? Shi Mok's clock was 8:19pm when he noticed something on the side of the road? Time of death 7-8:30pm. LYH posted on IG around 8pm, so LYH was there before SM, but his pic was dark? He didn't drive past any car on the road or at that beach turnout. Since it was foggy, he should at least have noticed car headlights.
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