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    @willenette You make the Yuja tea sounds soooo tasty. Saw some Korean promo near my place - think there have a few variations - might go get a tub. @Nikaa94 YESSS, can feel them lol ... so close to him yet so far ... the glass!!
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    @Nikaa94, Yuja tea is popular throughout Korea, especially in the winter. This is good since it does not contain caffeine & organic. It's mixed with organic honey, too. that's why, it's not too sweet. Yuzu is citrus fruit from Japanese). The yuzu is called yuja in Korean cuisine. For those who haven't tried this - Take a heaping scoop of this Yuja and pour it into a cup with some hot water. The marmalade will melt and puff-out a gentle citric stream. It's invigorating, soothing and calming. It is fine with 1 and a 1/5 teaspoon. Fill it with 1 cup of water. Then add more if you'd like. I would definitely recommend trying this if you enjoy citrus teas. You can also use as a marmalade spread. It's very high in Vitamin C - Many locals also drink it for bad hangovers or when trying to cure indigestion. Store in refrigerator after opening. This is Korea's best-sellers!
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    Credit: DC Gallery ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (i once bought those yellow thing from Korean Hmart here , you add a spoon to your hot water and it is so yummy and good when you catch a cold or feel cold in winter) . Korean Yuja tea? This is Oppa drinking tea while we Minoz are begging for IG update! Oppa please update!
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    But if you hold the umbrella you don’t get the full view from the front or the back So it’s a cursed position to be in
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    If any one has any clips with Min Ho-ssi being called Oppa, do share please ... since we are on the where's my Oppa
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    Have you guys noticed that in none of LMH's drama he was called 'Oppa' by FL while we know this title is very common in South Korea? when i say he wasn't called 'Oppa', i mean consistently. He might have been called once or twice and that I don't even remember!! I wish he would be called Oppa more in future project 'Oppa' is such a cute and endearing word!!
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    More screencaps to take our breath a away. He seemed more tired in ep 2 but still so good looking..
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    I was wondering when the recruitment for Min Ho umbrella holder would open? I have to holler at @Heretorant for this, hehe....
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    @Aleumdaun, I've read that news/article also (not in this thread) somewhere around March of this year as far as I remember. Do I stand corrected? If I'm right this is an interesting result since LMH is on the top spot despite not having a movie or drama since 2017 when he went to the army, NICE longevity. That was a KOFICE 2019 Poll for Overseas Interest in Hallyu. I've seen Top Dramas also there & I really wanted City Hunter to be on the list but Hotel Del Luna was no. 1. Sigh..... LMH's longevity is insane & very impressive. He has never lost his popularity even after almost (2) years in the army, (3) years of no drama/movie. I don't see him losing it anytime..... HAIL TO THE ETERNAL HALLYU KING! He's an ICON! I hope he'll still be popular in his 50s/60s. Icon's popularity never fades.
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    SBS secured the largest number of viewers in the drama market in the first half of this year. In the top 15 dramas based on the average number of viewers per episode, seven are from SBS, including "The King-Eternal Monarch" at No. 8, with 1.6 million viewers. The terrestrial ratings are tallied in 13 major regions across the country by adding paid broadcasting subscription households and direct receiving households, but the cable and cable channels are targeted at paid broadcasting subscription households across the country. On the other hand, the number of viewers is more intuitive than the viewer rating by calculating the actual number of viewers who chose the program at the time. However, the limit of the survey was limited to 13 major regions. "Based on all platforms in the country, the results can vary," Nielsen Korea said. "The results are not absolute." http://news.kmib.co.kr/article/view.asp?arcid=0014832926&code=61181811&cp=nv *************************************************** @Aleumdaun, you mean this? https://forums.soompi.com/topic/82760-lee-min-ho-♥-이민호-♥-ィミンホ-♥-李敏鎬/?do=findComment&comment=21966906
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