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    @RiRiGaGa I'm late, but thanks again for the sweet shout out my dear friend!!! Also going to piggyback off of your reminder about the MetroStyle interview and how HB remembered what YJ said 2 years ago... @cloyfan asked me recently to clarify what HB said about his first impression of YJ in this interview, and so I translated the parts that I felt needed to be re-translated. By doing this though, I came to an interesting and sweet realization! A small connection between an old crumb (this TN interview) and a new crumb (the MetroStyle interview). Bear with me here... NOTE: Words in Korean are sometimes hard to describe in one word, which is why I give multiple options for some words. MC: "What's your secret for being loved for so long?" YJ: "Ah hah... this question... how should I answer this? What could it be? HB: "She's pretty?" YJ: "Any answer will be cliche/conventional... I would probably give a boring answer..." MC: "HB... do you have a more fun answer?" HB: "I don't have a fun answer either... Maybe when it comes to YJ and myself... I think we try to show different sides to ourselves in small ways (in acting). So I wonder if people may see us in a good light because of that." ***I'm putting the next portion in the box and I've bolded the parts to remember for later... Who was cast first? YJ: "I heard from the producers about how HB was looking over the scenario, that he was interested in it, and that he might do it. I thought, 'HB is going to do this?' That made me interested/curious/excited. HB: "I did it because they said YJ was doing it." YJ: "Now it's finally been revealed." (laughs) And so here is where the old crumb/new crumb connection comes in! 03:48: You are known for your beautiful skin and silky hair. What's your secret? ***The Korean interviewer translating the questions to HB in the background says these specific words: "아름다운 피부와" (beautiful skin and: ah-reum-da-un pi-bu-wah) "부드러운 머릿껼" (silky/smooth hair texture: bu-deu-ruh-un muh-rit-gyul) I think the fan that asked this question, directly pulled the English translation from this version of the interview at 01:24, because those are the exact words that were used in the Metro interview, both in the English written version and what the Korean interviewer said (she was translating it from English to Korean and probably had no idea that he would connect it to YJ... LOL): So what does all of this mean? Well, what this means my fellow shippers, is that the exact words that YJ said originally in Korean were not used in the Metro interview... and yet he still related it back to her compliment! YJ literally just said that he had nice/good skin and hair (I don't know why these translations put beautiful/smooth skin and silky/soft hair... yes, I'm calling out these random embellished translations! LOL). We already knew that he had no reason to bring YJ up in his answer, but now realizing that it's not even the exact words that triggered it... HB either randomly watched this English translated interview of himself or he's a man who really can't help but think about and relate things back to his "close friend." + = ME
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    Hi beautiful souls, Long-time lurker here. I decided to make an account and unlurk today after resisting for a month now. Trigger? Yes, that video posted at 5AM this morning by the captain of this ship. Woke up to start an early meeting today when I decided to check my IG-not for any messages or posts from friends but to check on KGE events-and tada! There it was, Lee Min Ho ssi posted. And as soon as I heard the background music on that early morning stroll, I knew I’m no longer delulu. Btw, I don’t understand the lyrics when I saw it but I felt how beautiful that song was and there’s no way it was a coincidence that he put that at this crucial date. If I may recall from previous posts, LMH is old enough and dating enough to know the consequences of his actions. I literally jumped out of my bed-good thing I live alone and the walls are thick enough so the neighbors from the other units won’t hear me scream. I fell in love with Kim Go Eun the moment I watched her in CITT, and it broke my heart the things she went through during and after Goblin. She was the only K celebrity I followed on IG. (That’s my only SNS hehehe since I long deactivated my FB). I always supported her projects and love all of her films. Goblin still holds the top spot in my heart story-wise. And TKEM in a very close second. I’m picky with my shows but this is probably the kdrama with the best love story out there. Yes, I said that. I’m a fan of sci-fi, fantasy, action and all. Been watching Hollywood, Korean, Indian, Brits and all but never shipped anyone until LMHxKGE. When they announced the drama, I knew I would watch it because of KGE and KES. I don’t mind seeing Lee Min Ho onscreen but I was not a fan. Sorry for LMH long-time fans but I was one of those who think he’s overrated. I just watch his dramas and move on to the next available thing. So I was like ‘can he step-up to KGE’s talent?’ Don’t hate me, that was all in the past. I don’t watch on-going dramas as well because I have no patience in waiting for the next episode. But I kept seeing this BTS clips in IG and I was suddenly seeing two people (not actors) in love. I didn’t budge though, it was still a few episodes, and I know my attitude. I abandon the drama as early as the first episode if I feel it’s lackluster. But these spoilers kept staring me on the face. So I avoided IG for a week but I saw the press-con and saw a different LMH than I saw before. Mind you, it was not the ‘oppa’ part that got me on-board, it was the pictorial. I’m a graduate of psychology so I was very keen with body-language. I won’t put it here as everyone already dissected every videos of these two. So I went to The Swoon’s YT page to look for one more video before I let myself begin with the misery of the weekly episodes. I watched the Jenga game and saw how the captain can’t stop staring and mirroring KGE’s mannerisms. One more video-The key word interview-we all saw how happy he looks like. So there, I was ready to watch the first episode. By that time, the show was already on it’s 11th. Then my sister sent me the Vlive video of him when he said that he was extremely happy. Yieee, he always say he was tired and sleeping between breaks on his previous shows. My sister isn’t a fan either. She’s more on LJS, NJH side but she kept telling me to watch TKEM and marvel on the chemistry of our royal couples. Maybe unlike others who didn’t see the chemistry for the first few episodes, I was instantly seeing the chemistry on episode 2. Not with the way they act-but on how they look at each other. And even talented actors can’t wear heart on their sleeves. Maybe it’s an advantage that I saw their presscon/promotion first and saw what others denied seeing. I saw a more matured LMH and saw that wow, he can act, he’s no longer just a pretty face. Plus watching the BTS, I already secretly shipped them IRL. Yes, secretly. I cannot come out as I may lose the respect my colleagues have for me. Still, as much as I want to join this forum early on, I still resisted until there’s a sign that I should board the ship. Last night I pray that Min Ho ssi post something today. He can post a picture of a chicken and I will take it as a declaration of his love. I’m sure he wouldn’t post anything because the world will connect it to GGone anyhow. So imagine how happy I was when the first thing I saw this morning was his posts? At 5AM?! Are you freaking kidding me?! He can’t be that careless unless he’s doing it to scream how in love he is to the world in every universe rather. You know when we’re in love, we always find a way to let the universe know how we feel. That’s the power of love and I felt like his bestfriend. I was so proud of him and so happy for him. Not everyone can be brave-as JTE said. But he decided to be brave. I just can’t with this guy. He has all my respect now. I knew GGone won’t post anything related to him today so I wasn’t surprise with her birthday posts. I always love her short hair so I was smiling while swiping her photos. But I’m so happy for her that the world is finally showering her the love that she deserves. Oh my, it makes me cry. And there’s a man who love her and will protect her at all costs. No one can convince me otherwise. I never paid attention to that sibling-vibe they were saying. Or even the cold-noodle this forum’s been busy about yesterday. So there, I cannot focus on my meetings and reports the whole day because I kept lurking on this forum so what better way to end GGone’s day but to show my love and support for my Mineun heart? I don’t even ship myself to have a new love life but I pray for these two beautiful human beings to love the fate that chose them, today and forever. Gosh, this post is so long, please forgive me for blabbing. I must have been living alone for too long now. But I hope you give me a seat with a good view on this sailing ship.
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    Forget the shadows !!!! We need TO ACCESS THIS
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    Hi Guys, I've been lurking here since May and today I just can’t help myself not to unlurk. I have some experience in the entertainment & PR industry in my country. Knowing how meticulous K-entertainment is in designing persona and optics, it was difficult for me to understand how could SBS, MYM & BHENT allow for such ‘intimate’ interaction of their stars to be shown in the BTS. Seeing today's LMH post, I think what he's been doing and all the LMHxKGE interactions in the BTS are set up to take fans along in this journey. When the first BTS came out, LMH was already on set with KGE for around 6 months. Things had happened there (we just don’t know how far…) Knowing how LMH fans might react negatively to announcement or KGE to herself, he took us in a slow journey of accepting his choice and even cheering for them to be together. LMH with MYM has enough power to influence the BTS content citing privacy if they wanted to but they didn’t. I can’t describe how much I admire this man right now. Being as famous as he is, he is carrying the burden on making a lot of people happy. And in order for him to be happy, instead of shutting out people, he’s taking them along. This is of course assuming that something had happened
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    @celest1al I am feeling emotional. OMO! You brought me back to the very day I started shipping these 2. Unlike most of you here, I didn't ship BinJin because of CLoY or its BTS. I started with TN. I watched a lot of their TN interviews repetitively to make sure I didn't miss any of the hints. Even back then, I was already very sure. Thank you so much for the reminder and the new translations! My shipper heart is reminded that despite all the drama here, I didn't come here for those. I came here for the candies. That I am still here coz I still believe in BinJin. It feels so long ago.
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    Look for this shadow, it looks like a bicycle with bouquet of flowers.
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    I just zoomed in for like 10 min on KGE’s presents pic to see if I can make out any gift tags or cards that say Lee Min Ho Then I remembered I can’t read Korean anyways and wouldn’t recognize it if I saw it LMH YOU TROLL FIRST YOUR SHOW DOESNT LET ME EVER SLEEP AND NOW YOU WONT STOP POSTING TOO
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    Hello Chingus! I am new to this thread though I've been a lurker for quite some time now. I've been reacting to many of the posts here while trying my best to rein in my shipping heart trying to let reason take control, albeit with utmost difficulty. But I just cannot contain it anymore, and I just have to express how happy I am to have found this thread and all of you who love and support MinEun as much as I do. Coming into all of this, I started as a KGE fan. I came to know her via Goblin. Though I must admit that I watched that drama because of Yoo InNa-ssi (I am a long-time fan of YIN). However, as I continued to watch said drama, I saw how good of an actress KGE is with her being able to pull off a character almost half her real age with flying colors. It is definitely a feat in itself. In Goblin, KGE won me over with her acting but learning about how an authentic of a person she is and despite all of the hardships she went through in her career with the fans, being able to stay strong and still manage to remain positive through it all, was what made me fall in love with KGE. I stan the authentic person that she is… no pretensions at all, so humble and sweet. As for LMH, I knew of him and watched some of his previous dramas and do know that he is someone with a good heart and has never let stardom, considering how big of a star he is worldwide, ever affect his person. Despite this, I am not a really a fan. Let's just say I appreciate him as a person and as an actor, but do not fangirl over him. So, let's just say that my bias coming into TKEM was for KGE. The girl is just an amazing actor and person. I was thrilled about the pairing though when I learned about whom she would be acting with in TKEM. I was thrilled for her and intrigued because I wanted to see how they would be as a pair, and they certainly did not disappoint. Contrary to what most had said, I already saw the chemistry two episodes into the drama, although it is understandable why many could not notice it right away what with JTE being antagonistic towards LG in the beginning not to mention being weirded out by him and by everything about him while still trying to be sane. If I was in JTE's shoes, I'd run a mile towards the opposite direction in a heartbeat if somebody would come to me and tell me he knows me and that he comes from a different parallel word. HECK NO!!! In TKEM, I appreciated LMH more and watched how he has matured as an actor, and I certainly appreciate how he can match KGE with how he is able to convey so much emotions through his eyes. Though that part did make me wonder how much of that is acting and how much of it is his true interest in her shining through, BUT I will elaborate more about this in a bit. As the drama progressed, the chemistry between them became more and more apparent and I am loving it. With that increasingly apparent chemistry though, came along something unexpected. I began to sense a sexual tension between them even when they are acting, and more so in the BTS. Sometimes, I can feel it so thick that I thought I can actually pierce it with a knife. I have seen how KGE interacted with both GY and LDW in Goblin. She was close to them and playful, but there was never that sexual tension that I see present between her and LMH. I apologize to the GY-KGE shippers here, or at least those who used to, but I just never saw anything between them more than a brother-sister kind of relationship. GY is obviously fond of her, but he looks at her and treats her more like a little sister. Back to uri MinEun couple, I certainly was surprised about this palpable tension between them. I feel that they are shy towards each other because they both know there is this "something" there between them; comfortable with each other but also shy. The kind of shyness that you have when you get to interact with someone you are attracted to. And so, I started shipping them. As hard as I had tried to resist doing that, I did. So then, I came here to see if there are also others who think the same as I do, and I was not disappointed to see you all in here thinking the same way and feeling the same way I do about them. Now, about me wondering how much of the emotions I see in his eyes is acting and how much is not. LMH is a great actor, especially now. But then, there is just something there that makes me wonder if part of the intensity I see is REAL and not just acting. I certainly saw some of those stares he gave her in the BTS, and he does it unabashedly so when they are not on cam. Yep, those BTS' certainly tell me the guy is INTERESTED, to put it mildly. However, if I am to be frank about it, I would certainly say the man is W H I P P E D! Like, man-you-got-it-so-bad-you-have-a-hard-time-coming-up-for-air kind of whipped. The look he gave her in the BTS when they were in the police department and the looks he gave her during that press conference truly made me go "hmmmmm… I see something there." He is too conscious about everything that she does. He seems to notice her every little move and seems to hang on her every word, and it seems every little thing she does just makes him smile and giddy that he cannot hold it in and just bursts our laughing. He is TOO AWARE about EVERYTHING KGE when they are together. Anybody who sees that and denies that it is what it is has got to be blind. Who wouldn't become hopeful after seeing and feeling all that tension between them? Right? His post during the early morning of KGE's birthday really did me in. I had to cover my mouth while screaming fearing my husband's parents might burst into the room thinking something happened to me. Our man has completely fallen and he ain't afraid to tell the world about it. KGE is one lucky girl! I am over the moon about his gesture and immensely appreciate and respect him for it. Yesterday was indeed a day of celebration. I shall continue to pray for their happiness and pray the hardest that they be the next Rain and KTH. How, I would love to see little versions of them in the future. I know I am thinking way ahead, but what can I do? I just find them so perfect for each other. They are two beautiful souls and they deserve each other. Anyway, thank you Chingus for creating this haven here for all our hopes and dreams for uri MinEun couple. I am eternally grateful that I am not alone in my wish for them to be together. FIGHTING!!!!! ****I sincerely apologize for the long post. I had been keeping it all in for a while now, and when I wrote my thoughts here, it was like the floodgates had opened and the words just could not stop coming. PEACE Y'ALL!
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    Hi everyone! I’m a newbie here.. have being a silent reader for weeks. I’m a minoz since 2009. I went to LMH fan meeting before, in 2013. And since then, I’m so sincerely in love with LMH bc he is such a very decent actor who cares a lot to his fans. As his fans, I’m being up and down whenever he is in up and down situations. Try comforting him by DM him in IG when he was in military service and heard the news that his ex easily move on from him.. Because what? As his fans, my priority is to see him being happy! and suddenly.. he has his comeback drama TKEM! I was so happy that he would take a king role. But when i heard the leading lady is KGE, honestly at that time i feel a bit plain.. BUT WHAT A TURN BACK POINT that i got?? My Idol, LMH, seems super happy around this girl. He became Mr.Giddy! Wow.. Looking at their press con, and their BTS, I decided myself to become their shipper. So I looked up into KGE, and guess what i get? I fall in love with her!! She is such a very beautiful soul. I can’t resist my happiness for their happiness from being together! I never seen LMH being so happy like this before. Being so bold, so mature but still spoiled at the same time. As his long time fans, Idk if so many minoz realize this too, we are for sure that we can see clearly that LMH seems so happy around KGE. He is in love! Smitten by this amazing soul of KGE. And today.. he really makes me proud for being a fan of this super amazing Man. He is very brave, he indeed a KING! *sorry for a long speech and bad english
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    That damn dog has like 9000 outfits and dresses and LMH only has like, one pair of black short shorts. I mean I’m not complaining about the length of the shorts but I don’t find the shorts necessary either just go pantsless.
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    I laughed so hard at this. For those who are new to LMH and doesn't know anything about his recent drama and KGE will think: - Why are his fans calling him "Ggone" is that his nickname? - Wow his fans are so dedicated! They are celebrating his birthday for 10 days straight!
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    So I logged in here today, saw that this forum jumped about 40 pages in two days and remembered "Well, it IS my lady love's birthday, that's understandable...." Then I went back and saw the video LMH uploaded in the morning and said, Holy Shhhiiii... Somebody get all the Saints together..get Carrie Underwood...get someone! Forget Corona...I need to go to CHURCH!! Where's my rosary?? Lee. Freaking. Min. Ho. SIR...
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    Ladies, please tell me i am not the only one who cries reading this message from Minoz (Phil?) to Ggone... I cried like a baby.. Thank you Minoz for loving our Gonie as well.. Welcome welcome @RosesAreRed !! so happy we have new members unlurking.. It's so warm reading your post and that posting a chicken part got me laughing while still crying over this pic above LOL
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    Looking at all the comments on his ig hahaha. He might as well post another one tonight with all the bouquets and KGE’s birthday presents And blow the candle too! Whose birthday is it again?
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    That's it! I have decided to give you a lot of points because you brought me back to stan this comment! Thank you for un-lurking and for sharing your perspective. This, this is the reason why I super love how LMH is taking a lot of steps forward to re-assure KGE. I am super convinced now how much he likes her and how willing he is to show the world even further. My love, respect and admiration for our captain has multiplied a thousand fold. More than my shipping heart -- it's super heartwarming to know that someone found their person. Found each other. I am genuinely happy for them. --- Btw! Sharing with you a picture of the couple plant we sent to Ggone today! It's actually a pair of what we sent to Minhossi last June 22.
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    @Guyangi_Cheshirecat I went cold turkey on TKEM BUT IT DIDNT WORK AND NOW IVE MOVED ON FINALLY granted I moved on from Lee Eul to LMH/KGE i have a hard core no RL shipping rule unless actually confirmed because Taylor and Tom burned me so hard in 2016 but LMH’s trolling a££ has all but confirmed it so WE GOOD
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    At this point, there’s absolutely no seed of doubt in my mind. WE DO KNOW. THE WHITE BORDER IS RELATED TO KGE! I am not one to buy in easily to matching clothes or matching poses and such and such but the white border is a dead giveaway to me when you connect the dots. He posted a video ON HER BIRTHDAY with a romantic song about dancing the night away with no one watching, already enough to convince me they are dating and in love. He posted again, this time, a set of photos right before the night ends. He’s bold to make that move after getting flocked with comments speculating he was posting the song for kge. Imo, he saw the comments and welcomed them so he didn’t mind posting again. Already, the signs point to him and kge dating so the white border pretty much confirms to me kge was there that morning or night with him. I rest my case. They are dating and very in love! I’m still not here yet. I’m still floating.
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    Have you ever got scared after experiencing happiness especially the one you never expected. I am feeling like that. You know when did last time I had this feeling. When my husband confessed his love to me when I was 18. I didn't have anyone at that time to share and was happy for a minute and worried next minute. Because in My Nation at that time, These things are frowned upon. I am talking about 22 years ago. Now the 40 year old me again felt those roller coaster emotions. I like Go Eun very much. I really didn't know about LMH much. I respect him a lot now. So, Ladies just celebrate the fact that all our intuitions are pointing us at the right direction. Hoping that we will have confirmation about the Love we all celebrating today. Sorry for Rambling. I need to vent. You all are here with me in the same ship this time to share. Don't keep it in you share your thoughts Thanks Gracie for creating this for all of us
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    the Queen of being the REALEST SELF.. look at her wrinkled shirt.. hahaha i just cannot with this girl.. i cannot help but notice that she's just very comfortable posting herself with wrinkled shirt(s).. several times already.. no make up too.. last time she did a live IG to celebrate her debut, she was in a car going to TKEM shooting. she just literally woke up with no make up...I mean, how can i not STAN this forever-18-yo girl.. hahahaha.. @here Anne welcome dear.. we were half delusional half sane most of the times.. but after this morning, every last bit of our sanity has gone to air.. so brace yourself.. LOL..
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    Lee Min Ho plays Dancing Universe as bgm. Tkem Osts: ...are we a joke to you?
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    This forum is very lucky to have you @celest1albecause your translation is from a POV of a shippr. I know you are accurate in your translations but you also are able to read between the lines and this gives our hearts more reason to flutter. Belated happy birthday (you were born "one day in June"!), may you continue to do the Lord's work for those of us not fortunate to speak our OTP's native tongue! Your input is priceless! @Felizak@tlucky you to have seen their relationship blossom from back in the TN days and have been a firm believer in this ship, I strongly believe that their love story was already in full bloom during CLOY- their baby and their gift to to the world. It is their love story to tell for how else could there be so many parallelism to their real lives, not to mention the Easter eggs that are so much fun to discover, I love Crash Landing on You so much and still cannot get over it but I super love HB and SYJ's love story even more! This forum has given many of us a front row seat in seeing that further flourish. To the senior shippers who have built the foundation of this ship-- THANK YOU for not only being there from the good old days but also for staying on.. From a first time shipper who 6 months ago would never in her wildest dream think she would be pouring her thoughts about 2 non English speaking individuals to strangers in a public forum at a time when she should be sleeping! My heart is grateful. Sail on beautiful BinJin ship!
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    I just realized, for KGE/JTE, this is expectation v reality Expectation: LG on Maximus in his glorious jacket of doom, with the flowers Reality: LMH in his short shorts on a bike with flowers Our expectation: LMH in leaves Reality: takeout fried chicken and rewatching TKEM and measuring shadows
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    Oh my god, am currently picturing LMH riding the bike with flowers and Choco in the basket like effing Little Red Riding Hood on his way to see KGE
  24. 34 points
    We (shippers)admired how Lee Min Ho just shut the haters off by proving them wrong once again? I mean not everybody is capable and willing to risk something for their love. He's such a brave man for showing us who he really loves. Kim Go Eun's man is a man. what's wrong with liking someone for our girl? yes we like him BUT WE LOVE HIM EVEN MORE FOR OUR GIRL. Haters can . ********* Lee Min Ho shares a video taken during a ride and fans flood him with birthday wishes for Kim Go Eun Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun shippers found their way to The King: Eternal Monarch star's recent Instagram post's comments section and flood it with birthday wishes for the actress. Written By Dishya Sharma His comment section @codeserotonin
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    I just found out there are many OIMs lurking here and talk about us being delusional and toxics on twitter. Hahahahahahah
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    Honeymoon phase of every relationship is amazing ( varies from relationship to relationship) but the toughest part is consistency esp in K industry. While I trust our Royal couple coz theyŕe absolutely genuine and down to earth who values family, but I dont want to take risk. Can we all pray for MinEunś long lasting relation? A relationship with loads of love, happiness, understanding, mutual respect, success not to frget about cuddles, kisses and kids. I never prayed for my ex relationship and now Im praying for Mineun
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    I definitely second this!! Gosh I can't stop laughing at all chingus posts here. At this rate, I might be caught red-handed! Here's their conversation while walking: LMH: All my fans and your fans are congratulating you Happy Birthday on my IG video this morning. KGE: Oppa, why did you post that video? You see you made some of your fans angry. LMH: I want to tell the world about us. Don't worry about the angry fans, there are more supporting us than them. I am here for you every step of the way. KGE: I appreciate the post you did this morning. It's the best birthday message ever. I am so touch you did that, although, of course I do have my worries. LMH:(stroking her hair) Don't worry, I have thought about this, so trust me. KGE: Oppa, how about we post photos of just you to pacify some of your not so happy fans? LMH: Ok, let's do that. So, that's how the story of the second posting comes about. It is KGE's idea!!
  28. 33 points
    Actually i think he really likes the attention, and he is happy about fans reactions, because he isnt deny dating rumors , he didn't close comments section instead he reposted on Facebook and weibo for more fans reactions there, He knows what he doing , he is intentionally fueling shippers at the detriment of the possessive minoz who think every post is for them. Why the heck will he wake up and post a love song bgm at 4 am whilst on a hoverboard or bicycle ride at han river for his fans, to celebrate what exactly or convey what exactly to them? the lyrics of the song have no bearing whatsoever with fan love moreso coming from someone who loves sleeping. He is genuinely in love and happy and his actions is bursting from his heart, i can imagine him doing so much more if not for his status restraint. So lets not stop celebrating today because its confirms more that they have more supporters than the minority haters,
  29. 33 points
    This makes me even admire him more. He does all he can to protect his girl and gain acceptance from his fans. Well done. So thoughtful and sweet. Without acceptance, it’s really difficult for the relationship to work. He foresees it, and figures a way out to make it work. This is what’s significant in a relationship. We work hard to make it happen. Our Captain. You did it!
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    Y’all, all I have to say is girl is smitten by her man! I’m not buying that narrative of more than 3 people present! It’s her birthday and they are most definitely taking a simple but romantic stroll early morning. If she is the one behind the camera, which she is, then she simply cannot get enough of him. She’s literally snapping so many photos of him and that tells me she’s completely and utterly smitten by him. They so cute! Unless Kim Bim, WDH, or JIW wants to prove they were also there by posting photos, no one can convince me the photographer is not kge. In fact, I might even go as far as to say she was the one who posted those photos. The white border is so her . You know what that means? That means they are to that level
  31. 32 points
    I'm happy with any post from LMH on KGE's birthday. But two posts?!!! Halleluiah!!! In my mind (like a voiceover from TKEM), LMH is like: Today, of all days, I want to have the first and last say. I want to be the first thing you see in the morning and the last you see at night. In this very special day, my day starts and ends with you. (So this is why I did what I did, don't glare at me like that!) *you can insert anything after this.
  32. 32 points
    I’m dizzyyyy from all the reading. Also super duper tired from twerking to all of the comments. Can you guys please calm down just a lil bit and let me sleep in peace knowing I won’t have tonnes of pages to backtrack tomorrow? Just kidding, keep the bread coming guys lol. I’m gonna hit the sack now and rest my bootay. Gonna have sweet dreams fo soh.
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    Remember guys I said on the main thread while the drama was airing that I would disbelieve in anyone who told me that LG's babymama is not JTE and back then I was just playing around but now not anymore It's official..
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    Apparently Minoz fans gave him a similar looking cake on LMH's birthday and MinGo fans didn't know and gave KGE that cake on her birthday. All these coincidences. Their views are making our thread more popular. They can lurk all they want. You see, unlike them, I won't waste my time to lurk on their twitter posts.
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    Lee Min Ho won’t let me rest in peace. All day yesterday, I spent 18 hours on my phone in this thread and now I wake up after a restless night (only 4 hours of sleep) to this! Take it from a photographer. The shadow you see is the person taking the photo from the back side view. Look at the posture closely and you’ll notice they are probably holding up a camera/phone (anything). If you’re wondering why the shadow shows up in front of him when the photographer is clearly in back of him, just trust me , it’s possible. Since we’re all used to this, plot the position of lmh and kge on an (x,y) graph. Lmh is (0, 4) and kge is (4,0). Her shadow shows up to the right of him but is lower than him. She is further out on the x axis while he his further up on the y axis. Get it, got it? Good! Thank @AgentQuake for showing up here. I’m back to TKEM craze analyzing and connecting everything with math
  36. 32 points
    So from photo 1 we can't see anyone's shadow Photo 2, the one with the borders, we can only see his shadow Photo 3, we see someone else's shadow but we can't tell who. As someone mentioned, it does seem long but we can't tell how the original source may look like as shadows can look longer base on location of light source. If we can see his shadow from this image we would be able to make some comparison. Edit: We see 3 shadows from the 3rd photo.
  37. 32 points
  38. 32 points
    I just tried to figure out where the sun is to see whose shadow the clear explanation is that he’s walking home from KGE’s place ok he wanted to exercise so he went the roundabout way is also afraid we’ll track him down going the usual route I mean we’re measuring shadows so
  39. 32 points
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    Talking about KGEs ig post...why do i feel that these four pics..signifies...she celebrated with these 4 important scenes 1. Celebrate with friends 2.celebrate with love one 3. Celebrate with family 4. celebrate with fans.....
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    Dear everyone, I'd like to ask you guys to welcome me on this ship. May I? First of all, let me introduce myself. I'm SUPER SUPER new to this kind of 'thing', honestly I actually registered just now and decided to hop on and talk to you all! I've been a silent reader (even not registering to soompi forums before) since the second half-near the end of TKEM drama. I got addicted to reading all of your analysis, rants, and everything here since the drama ended because it felt too hard to move on and I found peace in finding a lot of people feeling the same as me. Once I did find myself delusional and I didn't want to even comment because simply this "shipping" thing is not my thing. Being a fan at the first place isn't my thing also, tbh. I just love movies, film production, and acting in general. I love watching and discussing about it with my people, but that's it. I never got myself into this kind of forum, so it's all new to me. Sorry guys! But I love Ggone's works. Okay, I'd start calling myself a fan of Ggone (who am I fooling by saying not a fan while the fact I registered to join this ship, right?). I knew her since Goblin. It was remarkable for me honestly, and I thought everyone did a great job, but still my eyes stuck on ggone. I started watching her works after that: A Muse, Canola, Coin Locker Girl, and now TKEM. I think she's just excellent and every single time you watched her movies (or dramas), you can get a totally different vibe from her; and that's what I define as great acting skill. You can never see any other actress playing her character since she made herself into one. She always becomes one with the characters. But honestly, TKEM is a bit different. It felt odd at the beginning, it's like she's not into JTE really at the first place, I saw her as Ggone (idk why???); and I kept on watching and waiting for Luna in order to be able to compare two different characters of her. I was really ready to criticise her for this drama. But, yeah, I can't. At the end of the drama, I just feel too biased to talk about her acting. So I jump to conclusion, here (in TKEM) JTE is just mixed personality between Ggone and JTE, just Ggone being herself pretending to work as detective. On the other hand, everything is different about LMH. I watched his previous dramas and movie before, but honestly, his acting never impressed me much (sorry Minoz, here, really sorry!!!). Spending 2 months watching TKEM, I feel like his acting skill improved much. SO SO SO MUCH that I even shout "OH HE CAN ACT" while watching. His eyes speak emotions, something that I'm really surprised from him. No wonder he got huge fans all over the world, I must admit. All of my frustration whether Ggone being so natural or the acting was just too easy for her; and the impression of LMH acting lead me to watch every videos of interviews, swoon videos, bts, everything. And I can't stop shipping them. HELPPPPP I've been holding myself for weeks not to talk to you all and ended up writing this long message begging to get on board I give up guysssss Obviously you can see why. The trigger is definitely this morning's video. I've been trying to be logical but I can'ttttttt anymore. That's it. Annyeong, everyone, would you like to welcome me? Anyway, if really any of her staff or anyone from BH & MYM is here to watch our moves, I'd like to say Happy Birthday Ggone. Good work everyone!
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    Yes...it was huge PR setup and strategy from the start of the pres con. I can see it as well having a glimpse of entertainment world myself . I’m very grateful that they’re surrounded by loyal people who understand and support them endlessly. Why do you think the BTS and Netflix promotions are heavily edited? even photo session video is being kept from public. So I have no doubt whether the ship has sailed or not. What we have seen is beautiful love story, not just between LMH and KGE, but also love and loyalty of people around them, and us for sure . It’s a beautiful orchestration by God, don’t you think? Now, let’s hope and pray that they fight as hard to keep their relationship works.
  43. 32 points
    Conclusion: LMH is also a shipper, he ships himself with KGE
  44. 31 points
    the new haircut. she is glowing indeed c fab ♛
  45. 31 points
    OIM be like: His shadow took his photos *runs*
  46. 31 points
    All I know is LMH better get himself a JOB soon because 1. I need a new show or movie 2. Clearly he’s reached new heights of trolling after just one month and now gets his non-KGE entertainment from us dying LMH go back to work otherwise you’ll kill off all your fans with heart attacks It’s also summer for a lot of us so heat stroke is also a possibility and put some pants on your legs are doing things to me
  47. 31 points
    To me, this is a positive sign ... He is acknowledging that he DOES NOT MIND the comments that were being bombarded on his SNS .. all the HB wishes to KGE, etc, etc ...., hence the posts ... If I were annoyed, I probably won't want to post more of similar ones so soon -- please correct me if I am wrong? Oh Min Ho-ssi .. what are you doing to me??
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    I so agree with you dear she is so humble I just was seeing her looks she really doesn’t care about her outer appearance and that’s what I love about her..that casual home styled outfit and not some fancy setup and the best was those glares it was so bubbly and realistic.....that’s how we celebrate at home with our loved ones.......she always made me feel like she is one of us not some big shot celebrity (which actually she is) I just loved the way she did not display all the gifts and than fancy pics but more of intimate pics with every pic depicting family,friends,love and fans she just had tears in some pic in her eyes seeing so much love and affection from everyone around..... she is a true star ...period
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    I cannot with you fam. I woke up 6am to find out lmh posted a romantic video clip in his ig. On kge bday. On kge's birthday. Actual birthday, not days after. With that song. I died. Then i immediately went to this forum to find out i have more than 5 pages to catch up on. Then i need to face the reality that i need to work. But im forever distracted coz i just cant catch up. This thread is on fire. 14 hours later, after laughing, crying, obsessing, and dying with you guys, ive finally caught up! Happy birthday to our baby girl! Thank you captain lmh for ensuring that our hearts are taken cared of today. This is beyooond our expectations. Thank you for all the talismans and prayers. Thank you kes. Thank you universe! I hope we get an engagement news next. Im more than happy to sacrifice my working hours. RCLs rock!
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    Welcome! @here Anne don't worry because i once also shared your opinion. I used to think LMH is famous mainly because of his exceptional look instead of his acting. Most of my friends have become his fans since BOF days till now. But when i saw him in TKEM i just like... wow! if LMH were a flower, then he would be in full bloom! I also grow to respect him because i saw how he treated KGE. When haters attacked her during TKEM early days, he posted their photos. He also cared for her, as seen in ep 15-16 BTS. Not to mention that on queen's special day today, in his own subtle way he kind of confirmed what the whole world has been waiting for; that queen is indeed someone special for him. It's nothing explicit or such, but i considered it a grand gesture coming from him. He always had choice to hide it or anything but he didn't. He's proud of her and he shows it. LMH is blessed to meet a woman like KGE, but KGE is also blessed to meet a man like LMH. He went all the way for her within his capacity, i believe she will be a happy woman to be loved like that.
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