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    @BJHope I love the two moments you pointed out. In the first, even though HB could have interjected and reminded everyone that he was in the Marines, he sat there and watched SYJ, waiting until she asked him for help. He didn’t offer unsolicited advice and didn’t seek to show off his Marine experience. In the second, he teased her a bit about her piano playing but then patiently helped her remember the part and even acquiesced when she asked for an easier note. HB’s actions (not just in these two examples, but in our treasure trove of Binjin interviews and BTS) show that he is a gentle, patient, and even yielding man. He’s not flawless I’m sure - but the qualities he has are as close as can be to what SYJ has said she wants in an ideal partner (thanks to @celest1al and her translation of that latest interview). She seems to be somewhat of an alpha female - and I’m not saying he’s not an alpha male, but his masculinity is of the quiet and gentle kind (rather than loud and dominant). He listens to her (in this case, listening comes as a packaged deal with staring ), he’s attentive to her (from staying ahead of wardrobe malfunctions to making sure she doesn’t trip over wires to picking snow off her hair and clothing and so many more), he has fallen victim to her eye smile thus making all her weird moments cute, he is passionate about and dedicated to his craft, he has strong life values (from what I’ve observed, he doesn’t take the easy way out in life), and they find each other hilarious enough (or full of enough jam) to laugh together all the time! SYJ is a very strong and independent woman who knows her worth - she doesn’t need a man who doesn’t add value to her life and especially one who detracts from her value. But HB is secure enough IMO to cherish someone like her and all that she has to offer. SYJ’s success and accomplishments could be intimidating to a lot of men, but I think HB is truly drawn to her talent, beauty, and above all, her lively and fun loving personality (my deluluness has me thinking for sure that he couldn’t help but fall for her eye smile and infectious laughter). I don’t necessarily believe in soulmates (or in this case SEOULmates, sorry couldn’t resist) but I definitely believe in compatibility, connection, and timing. And I think Binjin have hit the trifecta!
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    Hi. I saw a post in twitter that says people are going overboard already in analyzing everything too much and try to connect it to BinJin. I think they are somewhat correct (sorry), just like the earlier post about HB's assistant and Jennyhouse post. Maybe we are reading too much between the lines and maybe we are already invading their privacy for posting their accounts or posts and relate it about HB and SYJ's happening. It will be a good news if it is really about them and I am sure the BinJin nation will be jumping up and down and social media will surely explode of tweets, likes, shares, etc. But we just have to be mindful not to screenshot and post those kinds of stuff. They (people around and close to Binjin) might feel offended and harassed and it might result for them not to share anything and be afraid that whatever they post fans will assume it's about HB and SYJ "big reveal". I am just afraid that we will push them (BinJin) further back instead of coming forward. I do not want another denial statement from either parties. I think and 100% sure that they are a couple already, getting married? probably in their minds or even planned out stuff already. So let's just be a bit more responsible, cautious and mindful in posting. Checking their friends and staff social media are okay, but screen shoot them and post it in social media i think is not necessary. There's club and forums like this that we can discuss or brainstorm instead of publicly posting it and people will start grabbing them and reposting it. Just my thought. Sorry. No offense to anyone here. I just want us to be extra careful on what we post publicly so we will not scare them off.
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    Whenever I encounter comments that doubt the intimate relationship between Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin, I wonder how they could dismiss so much evidence. HB is known as a man who avoids touching his female costars, yet with SYJ he touched her at every occasion he could. During the TN promotions, he moved her from one side to another, he held her hand in front of the bus and tapped her on the shoulders in front of everyone. He told her to cover her legs before she sat, something that most men would not do to a colleague. He moved her water bottle so she won't trip on it and gave her the microphone. His attentiveness was over the top compared to how he was with other actresses. He repeatedly said he wanted to work with her in a romantic comedy or melodrama with her. In the Esquire interview in 2019, he said he was looking forward to acting with her in the same room, looking into her eyes and breathing the same air. How odd to say this about a mere colleague. Moreover, he left the wrap up party for his drama early so he can fly on New Year's Eve to see her. Just imagine a guy who has been working daily to complete a drama, had to attend a wrap party for the drama, and had booked a ticket on that day to go to her. Any guy in love who had that kind of schedule would have been exhausted and the normal thing to do even if in love is to take a few days break and then fly over, but he did not do that. He could not wait one more minute away from her. That is PASSION. In LA, they were spotted shopping together and before the grocery pictures they were spotted numerous times. Their agency denied they met in LA until the photo evidence. Their first denial was proven false, so the rest of their denials became a mute point as well. After this, neither of them took on other work other than their joint project, CLOY. During CLOY, HB continued with his uncharacteristic touching of his co-star. Outside of scenes, he side hugged her, removed snow from her hair, touched her head and squeezed her side and arm. He never did this with his other co-stars he did not date. I looked and looked, and could not find footage showing this behavior. What I found is how this man had tried really hard to not touch female co-stars during BTS. Then, there are the famous thumb rubbing every time he had SYJ's hand and most importantly the back hug that out did all other back hugs. He actually put his hands on her chest, something too intimate and inappropriate between colleagues and she did not protest. To me that back hug was a way to distinguish this work from others, a statement that said I am with my loved one. I think they did it as something to look back on. Also, seeing how HB was jealous when MCs brought up her former leading men, it is likely he wanted to do something that made their scenes more intimate. This is why the viewers responded so strongly to CLOY. The love between the leads did not seem acting, there were elements of intimacy beyond what the scenes required. Lastly, HB showed once more how SYJ is special to him by talking about her without being asked and remembering a compliment she made two years ago. At the Baeksang Awards, they walked together at the end of the ceremonies, he tried to get closer to her during the official pictures and at the TikTok, he talked on her behalf saying, "we cannot repay you that much." What I mentioned is just a small amount compared the many observations people here and in other places have made. To doubt this couple's real love, you would have to be really biased against their coupling. Thank you everyone for the correction on SYJ being in Bangkok early January 2019. The point remains he left Korea in December 31st to spend time with her regardless of the country she was in.
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    @BJHopeI love your post, but I just highlighted these bits here! Love that they both want to build the other person up. They can depend on each other but are both supportive of the other's independence. And I bolded the two sentences because it was poetic and beautifully written. Thank you! @Intuition1 I am in complete agreement with you here. That they're acting not out of assumption, but by direct permission! @cloyfan I absolutely love your whole post, but I just want to take a moment to appreciate your seoulmates pun... @jacdayans I saw this too so I did some research and I am just confirming what @GogoRoboto already said before people start taking this too seriously. This Twitter account juxtaposed the English translation from the caption of SYJ's hairstylist's IG food truck post from yesterday and HB's assistant's IG story from today. It wasn't the same time. Also, HB's assistant uploaded a follow up IG story related to that D-day pic and it looks like he had a personal thing. So bottom line, this point is reaching and we shouldn't take it as a crumb.
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    Me again the police inspector. I do understand the feeling of wanting it to take this overboard but I feel there are certain discussions brought up here that : a. a lot of theories from here are being spread in other social media and without any source of credit b. there a lot of monitoring still from the tabloids for the newcomers friendly reminder . We had a denial by speculations spread to the tabloids no one wants a repeat story. c. We bring off topic convos here and post information of third people Invading their privacy it doesn’t matter if Twitter is huge and vast we still can be better within limits in this platform d . There are two clubs created , allowing for more thorough discussion without pried eyes and delulu discussions? The BinJin club will accept today more new members to promote the clean up and well security of the thread please those who have been active on the thread , have enough posts in the last 10-20 pages here from the post prior to mine if you don’t want your activity tracked you can ask to join the club in the club section. I can do my part and help out but please please we need to remind ourselves that thin line that we seem to cross every time . We are almost there ..... why make it hard for them again?? A lot of people read the thread . Just remember . There is a line between life and fiction and act accordingly. We are classy right?? PS : call me party pooper but unfortunately I’m not the only one who feels this way , only I’m more brave to voice my discomfort . Respect their privacy when they literally hand you out their news yeah???
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    I see that there's no new breadcrumbs today. So, I made another video edit of Lee Gon and Tae Eul on my youtube channel. Please do watch and subscribe for more edits! Hope you like it. Here's the link:
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    In a ZOOM meeting, one day in June. COO: Sahjangnim, there's an exceptionally high volume of traffic in social media following the Baeksang Awards. The CIO, CCO and others pipe in. Twitter is abuzz! So with IG and FB. The are saying you were cold and stiff at the BAA. BAA released BTS video of you stealing glances with SYJ. There is also a video of JHI approaching SYJ. Listening to them, the CEO, merely nodded from time to time. He sometimes raised his eyebrows but mostly gave them a slight smile, his dimples peering in. CEO: So what's the agenda for this meeting, why did you call one? CFO: Sahjangnim, we need your signature on some papers. Should i pouch them to you? CEO: Sure send it over to the set, i have a short break in the afternoon and I can review them and sign off on them, then have it sent back to headquarters. CCO: Moving on Sahjangnim, I've drafted a statement that we could issue as your dating rumors can start anew. CIO: I've also compiled a list of people we should DM as some of their social media account went a little overboard. Rumors should be nipped in the bud. COO: Plus a warning to the media is in the works, we need to put them in place, like Dispatch... The CEO puts on his bubble face, then lets out his air and nochalantly states: There is no need to issue any statement. No warning to the media either. And certainly no DMs. Arassi??? And as they all exploded with arguments at the same time, the CEO's screen goes blank. He left the meeting. Early the next morning, as the COO,CCO, CFO, CIO and chief of whatever log on to their social medias....it's all over the place. While everyone was fast asleep, Son Ye Jinssii slayed with her IG likes! Jaws dropped! And that is why from now on, this is officially know as: THE POST VAST SENT YOU A DM ERA. Thank you for cutting me some slack with this delulu post. I think I miss working, but I am going back next week, so indulge me with this please.
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    Hiiiii @Whitecheddarpopcorn @nqread No worries this MT will not be abondaned. Everyone here i guess are most welcome to post something interested as long as we follow the rules, avoid sensitive topics ( (like exes) and no spamming. If we stick to that then I guess we are fine. There is no new shipper or old shippers here, we are the same. And there is No something called too delulu coz being here, signed up our self and talking about others people life is already delusional. So happy shipping and have fun! credit: binjinsgrocery twitter acc. If we Judge from what i just posted above, (the picture) i should be in asylum bY now. Cause we all know that picture is not real but i still save it, what i should do is report binjinsgrocery acc (i won’t do that ) coz it spread fake information. But i didn’t so let us delusional together, not that much tho hehehehe X
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    I always thought she and HB really bonded and got to know each other well in their bus trips together during TN promo. On this day she's super cute, she looks so excited to do the promo tour with HB that she forgot to put on some pants lolols why is the chronology important? What matters is she strongly denied the rumor with this guy so it is clear as day she was just doing her job when she accepted back-to-back projects with him. Even if the rumor happened in between i dont think she would be bothered by it, as she said many times before she always get rumored with her drama/movie pairing because of great chemistry.
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    WARNING: You may need tissues https://www.instagram.com/tv/CB-JwoHJt9X/?igshid=8akalv2b3k5h
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    Mommy and Daddy reaction when they found out we are thinking too much. I love you mommy, i love you daddy!
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    "People who live in glass houses should not throw stones".. With due respect and without generalizing the entire SK population I simply laugh at the words of those hypocrite people who secretly drool at nudity but act high and mighty to put down an actress profession. I lost most of the respect for this so called conservative people who crashed the net after "beheading kiss" when they basically mudslung the beautiful story line of TKEM all along for their sheer ignorance to understand the concept of parallel world. Me coming from a far more conservative society where even a liplock is considered taboo didn't find anything offensive in "Muse" (maybe I was mature enough to understand whats the movie is about rather than focusing on explicit scenes like most of these teenage haters still focusing). I was directed to this movie when I saw multiple hater's comments on Goblin youtube videos under every appreciation comment for KGE as " Oh did you watch Eungyo? you will change your opinion about KGE, she is not innocent as she looks..." , so its basically immense jealousy talking here as the saying goes "Only good fruit -bearing trees are stone pelted"… I bet KGE will have a last laugh here and her awards and career graph is solid enough proof while these faceless hate mongers dwell on their hate without having anything better in life. Its a pity they don't have anything new for the past 5 years to put her down, without realizing they are only making her more famous and stronger and with more international viewers rooting for her. Thanks to them I was able to see other movies of her to realize what a wonderful versatile actress KGE is!! And being in the same industry and with more experience, LMH knows how this entertainment field works. Whether he watched or will watch her works in future, I am damn sure about one thing…this man will support and protect his beloved to the end of the world. So all you haters can take a hike and instead spread some love!!
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    Have my eyesight weakened??. How come I not notice this earlier.??. I m not talking about binjin in the pic below but instead referring to the Nego poster behind them.. Honestly after watching this poster if I had gone to the theater back then expecting some romantic action flick , imagine my horror only to witness Binjin for only five minutes in one frame with Min Tae Gu ended up being dead.. I m sure this must have happened with many people.. On top of that, the way Binjin acted during the promotions must have convinced the audience that it would include some romance as well... ohhh if only Min Tae Gu had lived then this hug scene would have made it to our screen. Anyways...we got CLOY ...and I can't ask for more... Thank heavens for making Binjin realise that it would be great injustice if they don't showcase their electrifying chemistry in another project . .. Although we got dozens of Ri-Ri hugs in CLOY but they kind of gave an innocent and untainted vibe..Whereas this MinTaeGu-HaChaeWon hug is *cough* *cough*.. sooooo hotttt.. I mean look at the caption :"It is not over untill she gets what she needs".. .. oopsss..pardon me.. I have again shifted to delulu land... This drought is hitting hard although it has been only few days but Binjin nation has enough patience and skills to recycle old reciepts to keep us sane!! PS:...loll!!! I think this one is edited... Didn't I say Binjin nation is extremely skilled.
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    Wow...CLOY domination continues in Japan. Another Naver article related to how CLOY is being recieved there and comparing its popularity to that of Winter Sonata level which brought the first hallyu wave . CLOY is not only popular there but it is loved by critics as well. The largest Japanese review site gave it a score of 4.6 out of 5. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/001/0011707895
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    I know that MY is very insistent and focused on getting what she wants, but I have to admit I still really disliked it when MY went to the her cursed house and fell asleep hungry while KT was having his cozy rooftop barbeque with his family, the 2nd FL, and her mother. When MY finally gives herself a butterfly hug, imagining that it's KT who is holding her, it just made me really, really sad for her.
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    We are drowning in candy sweetness cuz of Jennyhouse..... I had happy dreams and woke up feeling cheerful this morning cuz of all their Insta liking actions, almost like it was agreeing with YJ's previous Insta-likes. Call me delulu, but I think there's a BIG DOSE of reality in these delulu Jenny candies. As we are not YJ, and she is also harder to read compared to HB, I wanted to put what I think she might have felt via those questions. Cuz seriously, that's possibly what went through her mind and her heart at the start of their getting to know each other stage. The stage where she appears rather shy and more girly than usual, knowing this guy here is likely interested in her, and showing her mega signs that she can't miss LOL!! In chinese, it's called "Ai-mei" (meaning ambiguous feelings, mainly about love feelings of new couple) or some call it Pink Bubbles. Binjin showed a LOT of those! Colleagues ---> Friends ---> Kindred Spirits ---> Soulmates ---> Partners for life. That basically sums it all up! Looks so simple, but not that easy to happen in ones lifetime. I am celebrating in advance, but just wanna say how happy I am for HB and SYJ. Thanks for sharing your personal story, cuz it lends an even stronger credence to Binjin's shared humour. Still remember YJ saying "We both like comedies" and how she says he has a sense of humor (I hardly hear this from his other co-stars lol!). That YJ interview and what she said made us think back all of Binjin interactions, that 's why we get kinda emotional over it.... @PrettyNoona LOL!! You've made me laugh so much with this new Emoji Binjin story!! Hope everyone clicked in and read it, cuz its GOLD!! Keep them coming cuz we have so many new candies, so that should inspire more Emoji stories from you!! ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! I can actually imagine all these Jennyhouse ladies who are close colleagues and friends with YJ, showing her all the BJ posts and pictures all over Insta, and them laughing over it. And then asking YJ if they can LIKE them and YJ said OK lol (disclaimer: This is entirely my own Delulu imagination, and may or may not be true lol) Love your whole post!! That video of HB quietly showing YJ the correct way to salute, and also YJ jumping to HB's defence when he was teased about "swearing" has always been 2 of my favorites!! I also feel that HB's soft-spoken and quiet ways sometimes transfer over to YJ, cuz she also seem to be calmer and quieter esp when she talks to or addresses him. In the same way, HB also becomes more lively and playful at times, matching YJ's personality. They really are a portrait of mature love, knowing when to give and take, when to tease and defend, and always seem to know deeply about the other. @sussieh I do think Binjin's story is really like a fairy tale, esp to us Binjin Shippers. Just one thing to point out - that the Tweeter account you quoted has actually posted a LOT of negative HB stuff in her account earlier (she seems to have deleted them now after she was called out by other fans). She does have some nice Binjin posts, but many times I think she stretches the truth and then claims/ insists they are facts. So do read her tweets with a big pinch of salt. @BinJin99 I read your reply about what this tweet account posted. I won't comment on whether what she said about YJ is correct or not as some of these fans assumptions are grey anyway, but this account is NOT a HB fan. I would say she is actually more a YJ fan if you read the rest of her posts. Would be best not to take to heart what this tweet post as I find most of them an overstretch of info. I was trying to highlight the parts in your post that I like best, but ended up leaving most of it there cuz it just tells such a complete story of Binjin, esp the alpha male/ female discussion we had previously. Both HB and SYJ are strong, kind and leaders in their own way, just that the way they express it outwardly is different. Most importantly, they are secure in themselves and also self-aware, yet willing to "bend" and "adjust" as needed so that they fit each other perfectly (as much as possible) without losing the core of their values and unique personalities. I do think though, that there was not as much adjustments needed, cuz they already fit each other in many ways.
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    Thank you for pointing out that an Alpha male can be gentle. The main difference between Alpha males and Beta males is initiative. Alpha males are known for leadership, and taking risks, but in the media they had inaccurately portrayed Alpha males as obnoxious, chauvinist and aggressive.
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    Hi! I got rejected by the club, but it's ok. I don't really say much anyway. I just love reading and getting updates about binjin. Just a small favor though, please don't abandon this thread and continue updating here please. Good day and happy shipping
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    It's that hand. The nod. Oooohhhh the feels. Rain and Kim Tae Hee dated for 5 years. He was 30, She was 32. But they kept a low profile about it. I think KGE will be the type who will insist on something similar. LMH in the other hand is the type who may not expound on his relationship but he will confirm it on his own terms and in his own time. I see it as him taking the lead. That's why even without any crumbs, the sunset pic in LMH's IG and the beach pics for both still make my heart flutter.
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    Not sure if anyone ever posted this but I'm so glad to know that KGE lives independently which means if LMH finds the time to visit her, it's totally possible for them to have some meaningful quality and private time at her place.
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    Disclosure I am a fan of KGE long time. I never watched LMH before TKEM. You know who i used to think will suit our girl before LMH? LEE Seung GI. I watched his shows first not the dramas. I always thought he is best suited for her and hoping a drama with them as leads. Bang here comes LMH into the scene. I thought why he? Boy how wrong i was? First i watched the Press conference. That sparked my interest and they say rest is history. First i entered the rabbit hole of tkem and first time in my life boarded this delusional ship and sailing on and on. In this journey i met so many interesting ladies shared laughs, anxiety, tears and happiness. First and last things i do in a day are to check this thread. Now I am reading pages from starting which i skipped as i joined around 250 paged in this thread. I am laughing loudly while reading those msgs. People who have missed reading earlier pages, request you to read them. Hoping and wishing for Kim Goeun and Lee Minho wedding and happily ever after. Thank You all Your VP
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    I’m near comatose from the overdose of candies and jennys. To you shippers who “unveiled” the Jenny connection” a gazillion thank yous! Sleuthing at its finest in the thread and logical deduction now invites us to think that if a close friend of SYJ thinks it fine to openly Like BinJin photos (and those with bridal captions!! YEOWWW), it’s all systems go for DOCK! Thank you also to @Baylackfor sharing the vid on HB piano playing “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. What emotive playing and I’d bet my bottom dollar HB knows the lyrics of that song too! This makes me think of these few images that may not be talked about much but to me, reveal some tender moments, the subtle sweetness between them: In vid 1 at Min3:20, SYJ asks HB if her salute is correctly done. Instead of making a big deal of that since he was a Marine after all, HB quietly shows her how. In vid 2 Min 0.20 onwards, she isn’t as familiar at the piano as he is and again, no big show of his skills as he quietly plays for her the piano keys. HB’s soft-spoken ways with her says that he is not interested in being “I’m the big man and I know things” but rather, he wants her to always come out looking good. He’ll help her if she asks for it and is supremely proud of her when she shines. SYJ may often play the clown but is sensitive to HB too. In pic 3, HB is being teased by EVERYONE from the MC to the Director and even the audience are going at him. SYJ knows that teasing is part and parcel of promo meets but skilfully deflects the over-tease by highlighting his good qualities like “he doesn’t get angry”. Post-Baeksang, critics complained that HB was cold towards SYJ and that things might be amiss at ship BJ. SYJ knew better and gave her thumping answer via her InstaLikes spree, signalling to everyone that BJ was fine and she was happy. What a master stroke. And NOW, post-spree, those who work closely with her are more daring about acknowledging BJ. I can picture SYJ and HB having a good laugh when they see this slow but mounting reveal. I’ve often thought that to gain a fair measure of the BinJin relationship, we need to put on filters to sift out the noise and observe all the signs in the stillness of our mind ~ how HB and SYJ respect each other, support each other, laugh together, eat-too-much-together, are magnetised to each other, want to be in each other’s life. They are a portrait of mature love. A tapestry of trust and passion. They have built this glistening, sturdy ship ... and we are all on board ... thank you for the privilege BinJin and….AHOY, dock in sight!!
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    So gals some amazing news I got to enjoy..::.: I had a word with the florist today and she told that she thinks kge likes red roses/flowers because MYM told them to make a bouquet with red roses and flowers for kge ..... so my conclusion is it was LMH who told to make the red bouquet for kge..... why would MYM specifically say red ????? so it’s LMH gals ...... take it however you wanna enjoy....
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    Aside from @scrawford, I’m calling each and every single one of us out! We all doubted our ship before TKEM aired! I was feeling sad for our couple when I noticed we started this thread two weeks after the drama started while other ships are already sailing and their drama is still a month away. MinEun really proved us wrong! In conclusion, what they have is real. Otherwise we would not have been convinced! In conclusion, we are the best ship out there
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    Prepare your self, credit: yejinstan twitter acc We all need one of these On the day when they announce, the Mword
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    @wolfie26 thank you for issuing your reminders, again and again. It is easy to be carried away by our imaginations with regards to BinJin, especially in this time of the pandemic, either needing a distraction from anxiety of our times, thinking of better things to occupy one's mind, or just because that's the way it is. It is fun. It is shipping. However, we must remember that HB and SYJ are real people. Just like you and me, they have their values and aspirations, they have likes and pet peeves, they may look perfect in our eyes, but they are human too, with quirks, with flaws and certainly with boiling points at one time or another. So let's not push them too much. They might find our BinJin investigations amusing up to a certain point, but please not to the point of annoyance, or at worst, creppiness. In my heart I know they are aware that we ship them, as actors and as real persons, they are such a beautiful couple, inside out. I am sure they are grateful. Let us value their privacy by not overstepping our boundaries.
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    We have got new Binjin crumbs today... YJ's new Manyo update...and later on Vast also posted a random pic of Binnie from the Smart CF i guess. I don't want to go delulu over this but sure it is fun to witness so many coincidences regarding same day updates.
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    Life is too short for us to barely love as much as we could. Hence, there must really be a Higher Being who sees to it that people find each other at the right place and time. For this man, who is such a bright light to the public and for sure to his family and colleagues, but who is also searching for that one person to fill his heart and soul. To share his dreams with and fulfill them into a beautiful reality. Someone to laugh with, to add the jam to his life. And for this woman, brave and confident, who has solidified her world and could easily rest on her laurels. In her heart she also wants someone to share her life with, to simply have a shoulder to lean on, to have someone to hold her hand, be serious with or be silly with. To be someone's sweet jam. Whatever Higher Being that governs us must have looked towards them and saw what a masterpiece it could be to bring them together. Thus the magic began.. And we watched from all over the world. Watched them be shy with each other first, slowly getting to know each other. He stared at her, we stared right along, mesmerized. She gave him her sweet eye smiles, and we could almost hear their heart fluttering. Hence, we all be like... And the magic continues to sparkle. We all hope it lasts for a lifetime. Yeah I know, it's all cheesy and jammy, that's why its so magical and why we are caught up so much. Happy shipping everyone!
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    I also think there's a lot of of relationship hints already plastered in their Instagram post. LMH's Insta 1) 22 Nov 2019, I saw something beautiful, autumn picture. This is a getting to know stage 2) 31 Dec 2019, in Busan. This is memorable for him because they took each other's picture or atleast took it perhaps at the same time with their crew. 3) 16 Feb, The King with a heart. Could be a confession. 4) 2 March, Spring picture, LMH being impatien or excited. Waiting for KGE's yes and at the same time for TKEM to air. In the solo key word interview, when asked about Romance, he answered TKEM. For him this drama is about romance. 5) 17 April, TKEM started airing. In his picture he has that toy KGE won for him at the arcade. Clingy much. 6) 8 May, This picture has some form of significance. Of course he enjoyed all the hand holding at "the making" but why post on 8 May? Unless this is their MU stage. Not yet bf/gf but I think more of he knew then KGE also likes him. 7) 15 May, he posted that solo picture which also happens to be that time he first met KGE on the set. That platform is where they both sat down laughing as evidenced in one of the fancam BTS pictures. 8) 22 May. Posted the holding hands picture. He obviously got the picture from her insta since it's the only picture in his feed with a border. There's a huge chance they are already together here. I hope so at least. I will stop here and share the rest of thoughts later.
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    I worry for his chest What were they doing? So cute! Lmh tries to touch kge, she stops him, he tries to touch her head, she ducks by going down, she’s laughing while her hands are on his chest and then she hits his chest several times while laughing. After he threw the gun and they held hands, there’s a part where he reaches his hand over to her. It looks like he cupped her face with his hands. Why are they so cute?!
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    What!? 6 minutes drive!? Ohhhh, LMH is such a lucky guy indeed
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    @Prerna 1) He doesn’t plan on ever letting go of her hands. I hope she knows that. 2) We sail under one flag and one captain. Not that he needs it but we’re giving him the green light. I love seeing Minoz and Arjenia get along.
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    Dropping by here in our main thread just to congratulate all royal court ladies. This is another successful #RoyalGiftProject. Check your Instagram accounts you might see the AD and share it here in our thread.
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    jongkook sunbae X somin hoobae
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    thanks chingus! please put in your votes for the submissions that moved your heart, made you think or you just loved! this is not based on the drama -- so if you haven't watched it, you can still vote on whichever submission you loved. you can pick three and to make it fair, this is closed poll - so we can't see who voted for what! re: @Hanyeoun participants: @Sushimi @angelangie @phikyl @mademoisellesia @im0202 @Jillia @Lawyerh @Alice Wonderland @UnniSarah @celebrianna @vangsweetie637 @Nodame @taeunfighting @joccu @superspace @yamiyugi @YongZura⁷ special mentions: @LeftCoastOppa (sorry! ) @slarti ~ thanks for your post; was looking for kdramas but that jdrama sounds interesting. thanks for chatting and clicking those buttons chingus; please do vote! @0ly40 @Table122000 @alleram95 @tas82 @bairama @snowlou @triplem @Sarang21 @partyon @stroppyse @Sejabin @Bejaffled @BaeViee @dramaninja @sadthe1st @kokodus ..... Poll will close Monday 29 June Korea time 11 PM
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    Let's be thankful to KES for showing us how wrong we are and for @graceyco for starting this thread because honestly even if I shipped them early on, I would've never started a thread on my own. We would've all been going crazy stranded in the ocean shipping alone.
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    Chingu, it was just an old post i wrote long before TKEm aired on LMH main thread. Basically i was saying how i was low-key wanting them to date in real life. So it has nothing to do about their compatibility. I was already a fan of both of them and when i heard they are being casted together, i was hoping they would date. This was all before the teaser/trailer released, so i am gonna be honest here, I'm a bit proud that i already ship them before seeing them together. And the moment i saw their first SBS interview, where LMH giggle up the wazoo, i was like "Bingo!!!" he is smitten
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    Omg , the way he take off his jacket & warped it around her is hot , the way she look at him wow
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    So guys I just saw the begin again 3 and I just realised that kge is quite an emotional gal.....she said when she heard lady Gaga sing the song “ l’ll never love again” she was in tears unaccountably.....than Henry told that she has a very emotional voice as if she is in pain or is a emotional soul....: so I feel that LMH knows About it,,,, I think after 8 months he doesn’t need anyone to tell him that ....that’s the reason he has to be extra precautious with his act ie. if it’s insta updates,,,,his acts in bts ,,,,his interviews and comments for her....: I don’t think he will take the liberty to just act all this up and make kge face 2016 again...: he is in-fact over protective and her secure angel..::: look at the way he is telling his mngmt to take care about things which are going overboard on social handles..:: I dunno what future they have or even if they are thinking about it YET but I am happy that he has been a perfect man and protected her from everyone..:: I pray to God that both of them get a sense of there importance in each other’s lives like we all 1000000000 shipppers are seeing and god bless them with the most divine emotion in this world..:::
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    Good morning! Just making a short intermission to my busy Monday found this on twitter and i had to check Ye Jin’s IG and the IG account in question. so if this is true, I think Ye Jin will be a part of Mediheal too could that be Ye Jin? It’s a newly created account and it is following Ye Jin as well. BINJIN for Mediheal??!!
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    Hi RCL Unlurking to tell that i just drag my 75yr old mother in law into the ship hahahaShe love all the skin ship but could not go through the heavy story of tkem. Owned a netflix account, easier to fast forward according to her liking . My husband disbelief that i could drag his mother into this lol. I did drag him tho, but he more to the science, so he cant accept the jumping universe and time travel part . Btw, u all are great at finding stuff to feed us lurkers. THANK YOU!! I really hope and pray the couple love boat sail tru in real life without a burden from us shipper. Miss them very much back to lurking until i hear good news (confirm couple, dating, marriage).
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    @shazai I agree with JR and the Jekyll/Hyde personality. I think that she's not a very nice person and that she and MY don't get along because MY never fell for her fake personality. I think MY has a knack for seeing through people to their inner selves [like with the Zombie Kid book and how she DOES actually understand the inner workings of GT, even though he said that she'd "never understand [him] until the day she died"] I think in their childhood, JR probably tried to be her fake nice self with MY, MY didn't fall for it and then JR probably turned on her and started acting like her true self. JR's mom seems very fake to me also. She wants GT as a son-in-law so she's being super nice to him right now but I feel like as soon as GT makes his choice [and it's not JR] that she's going to turn on him. Her interaction with ST after GT yells at him seems like foreshadowing to me. She went from being all nice and trying to lure him out from under the table with a carved bunny to literally trying to yank him out when he wasn't doing what she wanted. Contrast that with MY who just saw quietly on a bench with GT in the previous episode and asked him how long ST's freak out episodes tend to last. I don't think MY is antisocial either, rather I think that she might be on the autism spectrum. But instead of being low functioning, like ST, she's high functioning. As for family dynamics, I think MY's dad blames her for MY's mother's death because MY was probably in the house when it happened. Her dad seems to possibly blame her for not "saving" her mom and wanted to kill her for that. This is someone who seems to be so obsessed with his wife [which is where MY probably gets her obsessive tendencies] that he built a house for her that is super isolated in the middle of the forest. Supposedly, it was built so that MY's mother could "focus on her writing" but what if that's not really the case? If her father has obsessive tendencies like MY, he could have built that house in the middle of nowhere more to isolate MY's mother than to give her a place to write free from distractions. And if MY's mother became depressed enough due to her isolation from the outside world, then it's plausible that she could have committed suicide while MY was home but her father was not. MY was a child at the time and had no way to save her mother, but her father wouldn't care because the object of his possible obsession was gone. @Not Me In my opinion, GT connects with the Zombie Kid story because he IS the zombie kid. I think that MY based that book off of GT himself and what she saw from him when they were kids. Just a thought with the butterflies; We see that GT ran away from MY after he saw her ripping the wings off butterflies but what if she was doing it for ST? It's possible that she had somehow met ST or learned about his fear, and knowing he was GT's brother, she could have been trying [in her own way] to protect him. If she gets rid of the butterflies for him, then he's safe because they can't get to him anymore.
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    if someday we're gonna get a happy news, for sure KES is the real Lady Noh with her talismans lol. i bet her sense as a romance writer for ages and also has good bonding with both of them, already felt it at their private script-reading especially from LMH's side. some lines and things of their characters like she took some references from LMH and KGE in real. and she was too generous for the ending even more generous than Secret Garden..that vows and aged hands is on another level of perfect who would've thought she would pull this kind of ending after Goblin and Mr.Sunshine lol. my shipper logic telling it's either she loves them that much as this is their comeback and second collaboration or she wants LG-JTE's fate also works for LMH-KGE TKEM has its flaws but i'm forever grateful for this pairing.
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    same sentiment. I don’t post much, I just want to read binjin updates. So hopefully this won’t get abandoned.
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    Not sure if this was already posted here, but these are new still cuts for tonights episode. Can’t wait! Am I the only one obsessed to the point where I cant function anymore and they’re alllll I think about? Gaaaah
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    It's Okay To Not Be Okay filming location Inside of Go Moonyoung's "cursed castle
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    Okay, I know I said I'm moving on but I made the mistake of coming back and reading some of the more recent posts. So I'm getting on my soapbox. While I agree that we don't know what will happen in S2, I don't agree that anything can happen in S2. There has to be consistency and narrative logic. The foundations are already in existence. In fact S2 will be much harder to do than S1 because of all the expectations especially with regards to continuity. The show has rules that it has set up for itself already and if it breaks those not only will it make a lot of people angry, it will completely change the nature of the drama itself... and not for the better I imagine. It's still going to be a medical drama where relationships of all kinds play a role. I'm not expecting it to turn into a sci-fi show about alien medical tech. I certainly would disagree strongly that Jeong-won could change his mind down the track about Gyeo-ul because the show doesn't service romance, it services character. When I look at Jeong-won's character I don't see him as someone who jumps from relationship to relationship. That's Jun-wan we're talking about and these days he's ready to settle down with his significant other. Jeong-won has never dated anyone before and so for him to break that pattern, it had to be something completely different for him. The fact that he is a 40-year-old Catholic virgin priestly aspirant is highly significant. That's the essence of who he is. That should always be our starting point. I read a comment yesterday that his feelings for Gyeo-ul aren't necessarily anything particular special just because he kissed her since he's an empathetic guy. (At least that's how I understood it) My counter argument is this: Why haven't we seen Jeong-won kiss more women in the show if that is the case? If there is nothing unique about what he did at the end of Episode 12 with Gyeo-ul then we should have been privy to him kissing other women before that as proof that Gyeo-ul is nobody special to him. And then what do we make of the ER flashback of him running to her and struggling to cross the line? He didn't kiss the girl all that easily either. He struggled for a really long time... at least six months to get to where he finally did. I'm not trying to persuade anyone here to jump on the WinterGarden bandwagon if they're not already on it. If you're not convinced by it, no amount of persuasion on my part is going to convince you. All I'm saying is that there's a purpose to the romance here beyond putting two attractive people together. Romance is never the endgame in this drama. One of the innumerable things I do like about the WG thing is that Gyeo-ul was always a quirky choice. She's not conventionally good-looking and she's not afraid to do the hard stuff or get her hands dirty. It's certainly what I really like about her. And it makes me appreciate Jeong-won all the more because he can see past all that. It's the Christian side of him that comes through shining. Looks aren't that important. It's the heart. I love all of that. I love that Jeong-won and Rosa don't flaunt their wealth and live modestly. There's a quote of a quote I love from one of the Lord Peter Wimsey novels: "...when a plain-looking woman is loved it can only be very passionately." I think we also need to look a lot more closely at Song-hwa's character too and why she wouldn't be interested in Jeong-won romanticaly. She's the quintessential Mentor/Counsellor. She's far more mature and wiser than he is. He's a manchild (that's something the show emphasizes repeatedly) and that's possibly one of the reasons why he would be attracted to someone like Gyeo-ul who simple-minded and inexperienced about romance. But anyway... I said all this 200 pages ago and elsewhere. Song-hwa's dynamic with Jeong-won is similar to what she has with Seok-hyeong. It begs the question... why not Seok-hyeong? The drama started with the two of them in his house. He's really close to her, listens to her advice and they often sit close together at meals. She knows his history. His mother really likes her as well. Of course I love his dynamic with Min-ha and I'm very supportive of it. But I have to ask the question. As I've said this before the show making Song-hwa an independent single career woman is a good move. But I also agree that she doesn't have to be single for the rest of her life. However, for her to change her mind about any of her male besties, the show would have to do a lot of work. That's an entirely different beast with very serious ramifications. At least with regards to Ik-jun, some of the work has already been done.
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    @BinjinAddict and in that interview SYJ cleverly dodged the question about how HB and RJH are similar or what his charms are even though she has said again how HB was the most appropriate person to play him and they are 100% alike (he will protect you no matter what) And I would say in general, during CLOY era compared to TN era, SYJ was much more careful when talking about HB. During TN interviews she spoke more freely in complimenting him but was much more muted and careful during CLOY.
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